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New research on ginkgo biloba excites researchers


or decades scientists believed brain damage with age, after a stroke or injury was irreversible and brain neurons could not be repaired. In more recent times, new research has shown that neurons can grow back with the right conditions and that a special extract of gingko biloba (EGb-761 or Tebonin) has been clinically found to assist in this. The implications for stroke recovery are obvious, but researchers also know many of us suffer from undetected “micro-strokes” that over a period of time slowly reduce our cognitive function. Tebonin is prescribed worldwide as a natural supportive agent for a healthy brain and cognitive function. It supports healthy mental performance, concentration, focus, alertness, motor function and to help with many conditions, including tinnitus (ringing and noise in the ears), vertigo and normal balance. Tebonin improves microcirculation and helps the blood flow reach those critical places it needs to get to. It is a potent antioxidant and makes the red blood cells more pliable and capillary walls

more flexible. Tebonin is one of the most widely studied and researched herbal products in the world and is the only ginkgo biloba extract manufactured via a patented multi-step extraction process. Each small tablet contains a highly concentrated 50:1 extract to give you a therapeutic clinical dose without having to take a large amount of the herb. Of 25 ginkgo biloba products on the market and tested by a major medical journal, only Tebonin passed all five of the test requirements. Ten brands didn’t meet any requirements and the rest didn’t pass more than three out of five requirements. Tebonin is the only ginkgo biloba extract shown to activate all areas of the brain and is considered the gold standard in ginkgo. Tebonin has been trusted by millions of consumers worldwide for over 30 years, with more than 8,000,000 tablets consumed each day. Tebonin and further information is available from the natural health advisers at Marshall’s Health and Natural Therapy in New Brighton. Phone 388 5757. We are always happy to help!


ith eight clinics throughout Christchurch, there are hundreds of people who can now eat, talk and smile with complete assurance, thanks to the team at Duchenne Dental. Their talented clinical and technical teams believe in providing advanced denture care so that their patients can leave with dentures that feel comfortable, look perfectly natural and are suitably secure. They use current, state-of-the-art technology. So whether you need full or partial dentures, replacements or brandnew, they will create dentures that are a precise fit for you. They combine digital

scanning technology and injection moulding techniques with handcrafting to make sure that their patients leave them with dentures that won’t cause ongoing painful ulcers or slip in their mouths. Their kind and encouraging service leaves their customers “feeling like a celebrity...and their follow up care is exceptional”. Some clients turn to them in desperation but leave feeling “transformed”. If you too want to eat, talk, smile with confidence, phone 03 375 4444 or visit www.duchenne.co.nz to find the clinic closest to you and book your complimentary consultation.


Live life confidently with advanced dental and denture care. Canterbury’s leading company specialising in complete denture services.

8 CONVENIENT CHRISTCHURCH LOCATIONS: Merivale Beckenham Fendalton Linwood Kaiapoi QEII Dental Dentistry with a Smile Halswell Dental

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Paulger Courts Retirement Village

TEBONIN is the No 1 Ginkgo Biloba extract in the World with more than 8 million tablets being consumed every day. It is also the most researched herbal extract with more than 60 controlled clinical studies & over 400 scientific studies. It has been shown to have excellent efficacy, safety & tolerability. Millions of consumers have trusted TEBONIN for over 30 years to support blood flow, capillary health, brain health & performance.

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TEBONIN is a highly concentrated proprietary herbal extract of Ginkgo biloba leaves that has proven superior to other brands under scientific scrutiny.

Bringing You the Best in Natural Health


110 SEAVIEW ROAD (Just past C.N.B School) • PH 388 5757 We are Always Happy to Help! - KNOWLEDGE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE -

Enquiries welcome. Please ring Robyn MacDonald on 338-9164 weekdays Spreydon, Christchurch



Studies on TEBONIN Show: - Improved Brain Performance & Function up to 30%. This includes improvement in mental sharpness, focus, attention, concentration, understanding, memory & recall. - Reduces errors made & mental stress. - The only Ginkgo shown to increase activity in all areas of the brain. Can help restore brain function after a brain injury such as from a stroke. - Helps relieve tinnitus (ringing & noise in the ears), vertigo, dizziness & supports normal balance. - Improves blood flow to all areas of the body. MAIL ORDER - Reduces plaque formation in the blood vessels. AVAILABLE - Protective effect against eyes damage caused by light.

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