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Friday October 30 2015

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Leah Perriam

Creating something dark after Brother and sister duo Leah and Daniel Perriam have teamed up to direct, film and edit their own horror movie, Demons Don’t Knock. Fraser Walker-Pearce spoke to Leah about what it takes to create a thriller

RED CARPET: Leah Perriam (right) with co-actress Chloe Jones at the premier of Demons Don’t Knock.

So thanks for having a chat with me. Firstly, you’re a brother and sister movie making combination – that must be quite a unique duo in the horror film industry? Yes, I think it is, certainly because we’ve done absolutely everything ourselves as well. But in saying that, with technology, it’s not uncommon for people to be able to make their own films now. The uncommon part is making them really good and our test audiences think ours is very good so we’re excited. I’d say it’s more of a psychological thriller/horror. It’s not so much blood and guts type film. I know if I was to make a film with my little brother, we’d probably end up fighting and nothing would get done. How do you manage each other and yourselves? Strangely enough we haven’t really argued at all, other than the occasional shortness with each other which comes with sometimes filming until 3am

from lack of sleep. It’s quite funny when outside actors come in and their faces sometimes when Daniel and I talk to each other with the brother/sister relationship. “Leah, you’ve got your fat chin from that angle, sort it out!” I have to assure them that Daniel’s not actually being a jerk it’s just the way we shorthand with each other, we don’t have to worry about being polite or wording things to not be offensive to one another which actually saves a lot of time. There were definitely times when I would have an idea I thought Daniel wouldn’t like, and was going in guns blazing ready to push with reasons it was going in. Daniel then loved it straight away! We have very similar taste which has really helped along the way. What on earth made you want to create a horror movie? Is it your first film? It’s our first feature film but we’ve made short films and some stage shows along the

way. Daniel has a postgraduate diploma in acting from Birmingham, England. I have always just enjoyed acting. We both had small acting roles in the Canterbury earthquake drama Hope and Wire, and Daniel was a featured extra in Lord of the Rings. We used to make comedy rather than horror but I suddenly fell ill at 24 and had some strange near-death things happen, so felt compelled to turn it into something dark. Wow, that’s really interesting. When you were little did you always try and scare each other and play pranks on one another? No not really. We have a sister and two other brothers as well so it was certainly a busy household. Daniel especially wasn’t a fan of horrors. If they’re good they scare you and you wish you didn’t watch them, if they’re bad you also wish you didn’t watch them! But now we love them and watch everything that comes out.

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The Star Weekend 30-10-15  

The Star Weekend 30-10-15

The Star Weekend 30-10-15  

The Star Weekend 30-10-15