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BY BRIDGET RUTHERFORD Hornby’s air quality is about to come under scrutiny. Wigram MP Megan Woods is looking into whether an air quality monitoring station should be installed in Hornby. She said there was a growing concern about air quality in the area and is making a submission on Environment Canterbury’s proposed Air Plan. She is looking into whether an air quality monitoring station should be installed in Hornby. “It does come down to this issue of post-quake developments in the west of our city.� Since the earthquakes, more fac-

tories had moved to the area and more people brought more traffic, which were known to pollute the air, she said. “It’s a story of rapid development in Hornby.â€? The move comes after Dr Woods attended a meeting with Hornby residents to discuss the effects omissions from the nearby Ravensdown factory were having on those living in the area. ECan is currently taking submissions on its Air Plan which is looking to come up with an effective strategy to ensure the region’s air quality meets the national environmental standards. • Turn to page 2

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Anzac Day rekindles war memories –p4, p5

Food Flash in the pan is all venison needs GL


Hornby’s air quality under scrutiny


ALWAYS remember the first time my mother cooked venison steaks. For our family, it was a new meat to be enjoyed for its flavour, nutritional goodness, low cholesterol and low fat. It came freshly prepared from the Central Otago highlands and long cooking on high heat meant my mother killed it for a second time. It was tough — like shoe leather.

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Her second attempt was fantastic — two minutes each side then taken out to rest and a slosh of wine, mustard and plum jam into the pan to make a quick, tasty sauce.


Farmed venison became available during the 1980s but as much of it was exported, local prices fluctuated wildly. Today farmed venison is common in supermarket meat cabinets and the price is competitive with other red meats. It has a milder flavour than wild venison — a perfect introduction for newcomers to the taste. Farmed venison is grass fed, although during the colder months the diet can be

supplemented with hay or silage. However, things evolve. Now wild venison — processed and aged at licensed premises — is available from supermarkets and butchers. It’s great to have the choice. The cuts from the legs, saddle and loin are as tender as the farmed variety, and they have excellent flavour. Remove any sinew or membrane before cooking. Because venison is lean,

overcooking will cause t to become dry and tough cook past the medium-ra except when making cas Stewing venison — as w stewing beef — requires low-temperature cookin all accompaniments rea before cooking commen roasting, cook to an inte temperature of 57C and remove from the oven, c with foil and a towel and rest 5-10 minutes before

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WHAT KIND OF INGREDIENT IS NAM PLA, AND WHERE WOULD I BUY IT? Nam pla is another name for fish sauce, one of the basic ingredients in Thai cooking and also popular in Vietnam and Burma. It’s based on

Christchurch Boys’ first 11 defender Patrick Rousse passing the ball during the first round of the new Christchurch schools competition against Papanui High. Christchurch Boys’ had a 2-2 draw at a rainsoaked ASB Park. This week they are up against Burnside High who also had a loss in the first round going down 3-4 to Cashmere High. •Football preview, page 7 PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN

BLINDS...Cleaned, Repaired & Restored...

fermented fish (usually anchovies) and salt, plus water — sugar is sometimes added but not necessarily. In Thailand, fish sauce is often used as a condiment in the same way as we use salt and pepper. You’ll find it in the supermarket or Asian food stores.


Peel 250g garlic and divide it into cloves, cutting large ones in half. Set aside while you make the pickling liquid: Combine 1 & 1/4 cups cider vinegar with 1/2 teaspoon each celery seed


CHILLI VENISON MEATBALLS A family favourite — use less or more chilli according to taste.

Meatballs: 750g minced venison 1/2 cup fresh breadcrumbs 1tsp mixed dried herbs Salt and pepper to taste 1 egg, lightly beaten 2-3 tbsp cornflour Sauce: 410g can tomato puree (we prefer Wattie’s) 1 tbsp tomato paste 1/4 cup each: red wine, malt vinegar, water 2 tbsp brown sugar 1 bay leaf 1/4 tsp each: ground nutmeg, ginger 1 medium onion, sliced 1 long red chilli

Venison recipes – p15 polenta. Sauce: 1/2 cup raspberry jam, sieved 2 tbsp wine or water 2 tsp red wine vinegar 1 tsp cornflour mixed to a paste with a little water 1 cup frozen raspberries Venison: 400g farmed venison medallions 2 tsp each: freshly ground black pepper, olive oil

2 each: garlic cloves, shallots, diced 400g fresh mixed seasonal vegetables eg yellow peppers, courgettes, beetroot, thinly sliced 400g wild venison stir-fry Freshly ground black pepper to taste 2-3 tbsp olive oil 1/2-3/4 cup tamarind chutney

To make sauce, heat jam with wine or water and red wine vinegar. Stir in cornflour paste until thickened. Add raspberries and heat through. Tie medallions into neat shapes, if required. Sprinkle both sides with black pepper. Heat oil in a heavy frying pan. Pan-fry medallions for about 3-4 minutes each side. The meat should still be pink in the centre. Remove medallions to a warm platter. Cover and rest for 4-5 minutes. Remove any ties. Drizzle warm raspberry sauce over the steaks. Serves 3.

Prepare vegetables and place to one side. Pat venison dry. Season with black pepper. Heat a heavy frying pan or wok on high. Add 1 tablespoon of oil, swirling it around the sides. Stir-fry vegetables in batches, until crisp tender. Place to one side. Heat more oil in pan. Stir-fry venison in batches until seared but still a little pink. Do not overcook. Return vegetables to pan. Quickly stir in tamarind chutney. Serves 4.

2 tbsp extra olive oil fo cooking Red Wine Jus: 4 shallo diced 4tbsp olive oil Salt and freshly groun pepper to taste 1 clove garlic, crushed 1 sprig rosemary 1/4 cup balsamic vineg 2 cups each: red wine, beef stock 2 tbsp each: flour, soft butter

Brush venison with oil. S all over with Tuscan sea and black pepper. Place oven dish and refrigerat uncovered for at least 4 Meanwhile, prepare j fry the shallots in oil ove heat for about 2 minute lightly browned. Season salt, pepper, garlic and rosemary and heat thro Add vinegar and coo almost evaporated. Add and cook until reduced thirds. Add stock and si until reduced by two-th again, to about 1 cup. Re garlic and rosemary. Cr flour and butter togethe whisk into jus. Cook, sti until thickened. Makes 1 Preheat oven to 200 venison in a frying pan i oil until browned on all s Return to roasting dish. for 20 minutes. Remove from oven. Cover with foil then a towel. Rest for 10 minut before slicing. Serve wi S

carpet sale Preheat oven to 180 C. Combine all the ingredients for meatballs — except cornflour. Roll into 3-4cm balls. Dust with cornflour. Place in a single layer in a baking dish. Whisk ingredients for sauce — except onion and chilli — until smooth. Add onion and chilli and bring to boil. Pour over meatballs. Cover and bake for 1 hour or until cooked. Serves 6.

ROAST VENISON Restore your oiled CEDAR BLINDS with our re-oiling service. WITH ITALIAN HERBS & RED WINE JUS WILD VENISON STIRFRY WITH TAMARIND Rejuvenate your lacquered CEDAR BLINDS CHUTNEY High-tech Cleaning VENISON STEAKS We clean and repair all types of blinds – WITH RASPBERRY SAUCE Venetians, Cedar, Verticals, Roller, Hollands, d Romans and Pleated – with environmentally e Roll Super Deals n a cle friendly cleaning products. Blinds s $20 r e ll o R a           Room Lots or Temperature Controlled Drying s little from a per blind House Lots Re-oiling & Rejuvenating Fabric Blinds - such as Austrian and Roman Factory Deals    &   Seconds Same Day Pick Up & Drop Off We offer a same-day, pick up and drop off Deals on Uplifted service for most types of blinds. Bookings WE ARE OPEN Secondhand Carpet are required. Mon - Fri 345 Halswell Road, Halswell. Convenient Location Binding Service 8.00am to 5.30pm Ph 322 1046 Drop blinds into us by 9am, at You can find us at Challenge Halswell 330 Cashel Street (near the Ph 377 0770, Fitzgerald end), and collect 330 Cashel St, them at the end of the day. Christchurch 91 Waterloo Road, Hornby apply. See in store for details. New Blind Sales Priced from $30 Conditions apply. SeeConditions     in ends store31st for May details. Offer 2015. and mustard seed, plus 3 tablespoons sugar. Bring to the boil, stirring to dissolve sugar, and boil for 5 minutes. Add the prepared garlic, boil a further 5 minutes before packing the garlic into small sterilised jars. Cover with boiling liquid and seal; leave a month before using. If you have a food question email Glenys at

10 point tyre, brake and safety check.

Great served with creamy

I used Jenny’s Medium Tamarind Chutney made on Waiheke Island and available at selected delis or Premium Game’s wild venison stir-fry is melt-in-your mouth tender and is available online.

I doubled the recipe and cooked two roasts side by side for a dinner party. One was farmed venison and the other wild. Both were tender and delicious. 400g piece venison roast 1 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp Tuscan seasoning 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper

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