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Front cover Living the dream… Naturally Tiles can supply these stunning Italian 100% porcelain tiles. Featured is a modern, outdoor wooden-look deck tile and an external swimming pool tile. Both meet all R-rating standards for outdoors and pools. For more information and inspiration visit Naturally Tiles at 13 Mandeville Street.

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Lovin’ local talent Finding ‘the one’ Your wedding photo shoot Bro-tox: Men’s gift of the jab

CUISINE Indian cuisine at its finest Hooked on flavour Tasty lunch or tempting tapas Recipe: Fruity, creamy & caramelised


26 February 2015 vol 18


Shades of grey Folk rocks the simple life Making people smile Happiness is cool comfort




Popular beach no Mistake Deric’s shop of wonders Wilma Laryn and the Cracroft Chase Vineyard

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The Hero of the relaxed kitchen Designer bathrooms: Advice and inspiration The simple style of Italian fashion




Second Mark 2 in production Spine tingling thrills


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oincidence and serendipity always intrigue me. Take for example a small comment Riley Richards made in our 'Five Minutes With' interview in this issue. He said, “I started song writing when I was 11 years old, but I didn't have a lot to write about... not a lot of experiences to draw from at such a young age.” It was a simple, honest answer to my question and it made me ponder on 'life experience'. That very night I watched a movie called Adult World, it's about a young graduate who wants to become a famous poet. A brief précis of the movie is that, although the protagonist is fiercely determined to succeed, she learns, through failure, that creativity cannot be achieved by prescribed methods. Creativity of worth has to be drawn from life experience, your own personal and unique interpretation of the world; and that you must be driven by your own desire to portray those feelings in a creative expression that others may relate to. A humorous dialogue I stumbled across also helps describe life experience: “What is the secret to your success?” “Good decisions” “How did you learn to make good decisions?” “Experience” “Where did you get your experience?” “Bad decisions.” Famous inventor Thomas Edison's success was the result of thousands of bad experiences, known to most of us as “failures”. He showed how he embraced life's experiences with one of his famous quotes: “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” Of course we can also learn some of life's experiences vicariously and so I hope you enjoy this issue – check out Riley's interview, he is an impressive young man who is clearly very talented. There are also articles about the lifeguard volunteers at Taylor's Mistake, the tenacity of Robert McCormack, the inspiration behind Greg Young's luxury holiday home build in Fiji, Ana Comerlato's passion for photography and Shane Ainsworth's building flair, to mention just a few. Enjoy a good read and the opportunity of seeing aspects of life through others' eyes.

Think about it… “One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning.” - James Russell Lowell

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FIVE MINUTES by Angela Bennett

five minutes


Riley Richards


hristchurch has a new star on its radar. 18 year old singer/songwriter Riley Richards released his debut single For You at the end of January and it immediately featured on New Zealand pop charts. It’s an infectious three minute slice of bright, summertime pop with a catchy hook, matched by an upbeat vocal delivery. It has captured people’s ears and is receiving significant radio airplay. Riley is self-taught on the guitar and ukulele and has been singing and song writing since he was only 15. Fresh to the music scene he is making his mark and one to watch as he is set to release more of his original music this year…

How old were you when you discovered your love of singing/music? There are a lot of videos of me singing when I was about 3 or 4 but I guess I really got into it when I was about 8. I knew all the words to ‘Grease’ songs and that’s pretty much how it started. When did you start teaching yourself guitar and ukulele and how did you go about it? I was 13 when I first taught myself how to play the ukulele. I would do covers and upload them to YouTube and I would perform at school events. Once I got serious about experimenting with song writing, I taught myself the guitar. Music is a very natural thing for me and I managed to figure out how to play different chords... I have to confess YouTube is really helpful when it comes to learning an instrument. When did you begin writing your own songs? I started song writing when I was 11 years old, but I didn’t have a lot to write about... not a lot of experiences to draw from at such a young age. At about age 15, I actually started appreciating the songs I wrote and put a lot more soul in to song writing and that inspired me to write more. Were you involved in music at school? I studied music at school and loved being involved in performing at showcases and school events. I also played lead roles in school musicals which was such a fun experience. 6 February 26, 2015 Metropol


What is the inspiration behind your debut single For You? It’s pretty much the story of my last summer, and moving on from high school. I wanted to have no regrets so I played on that idea of being fearless. I wanted it to be upbeat and make people smile and feel good.

Who has inspired you in your musical endeavours? I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, The Beatles and various other artists from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s that my parents loved. Now I find I draw inspiration from authentic artists like Ed Sheeran, he is real and relatable. When song writing, my inspiration comes from my own experiences, it is great being able to express myself through my music.

What did you enjoy most about the creative and recording processes? Recording in a real studio for the first time was exciting. I found it fascinating seeing my song evolve, starting from lyrics and a tune in my head to becoming a structured song, to recording the melody and layering harmonies and adding vocals. I really enjoyed the creative process of selecting which instruments to use and hearing it all come together to be a fully produced song. What has the feedback on your single been like? I’m happy that my song is doing well in the NZ music charts. So far feedback has been really good and positive… but maybe that’s just my mum trying to encourage me. How would you define your music style? Ultimately I’m a pop artist but my music crosses over into other genres like R&B and Blues. I certainly would love to explore other music genres too as my music career develops. Where have you been performing and what’s it like performing live in front of big audiences? I’ve been performing mainly to smaller audiences up to this point in my music career, but I recently had the opportunity to do a live recording at Orange Studios which was my biggest gig yet. I found the bigger audience quite scary but very exciting. Something about performing to a bigger audience creates a real buzz and it pushes me to perform at my very best.

I hear you are releasing more of your original music this year – what are your plans? At the moment I’m co-writing a song with my producer, Brad Banks, and I am really excited to get back to the studio to record it so you can all hear it! My next single has a power anthem feel to it, playing on the idea of freedom. It is quite different to ‘For You’ with more a modern bluesy/gospel vibe which will show a different side to me as an artist. I think people who liked the first single will love the second one. I would also really like to get an EP out by the end of the year. What are the greatest challenges in breaking into the music scene? Finding people who believe in your potential enough to help you get started. I am so grateful for all the people who have believed in me and given me all the opportunities that I’ve been given so far. Also, I think it can be a challenge to build a fan base and get your name out there when you are brand new to the music scene. What is one thing you would like to see in the ‘new’ Christchurch? A theme park! More places for teens to spend time together and chill. I would love to see a big music festival for young and local talent to showcase what they can do.


What is your proudest achievement? Having my song played on the radio is a pretty proud moment for me. Even just hearing my song finished and listening to it and thinking “I actually wrote that!?” What is your favourite item of clothing? My gold watch. It doesn't tell the time but at least I look cool. If you could go back and tell your ten year old self something, what would it be? Don’t be naughty at school.

What were you doing the last time the thought went through your mind, ‘I shouldn’t be doing this’? Every night when I’m still awake at 3am thinking about the next song I’m going to write. What is one thing that Metropol readers would be surprised to know about you? How about three: I don’t like cake, I’m a rebel and I do great impersonations. What’s next on the wish list? I want to keep releasing new music and my ultimate goal is to record an album. I'd love to reach a bigger audience so maybe spend some time in America or the UK. My dream places to go are L.A or New York.

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Canterbury’s classic cars take centre stage February 6-8 saw a weekend of classic car racing, hospitality, food and fun as the SKOPE racing team battled it out against more than 200 classic cars in the annual event at Mike Pero Motorsport Park.




1. David Silk, Sir Robert Stewart, Alexandra Stewart, Janey Evett 2. Raymond Taylor, Haylee Brennan, Brad Allsopp 3. Greg Buist, Justine Wallace 4. Sam & Martin Kennedy 5. Steve Hagerty, Ewan Clemett 6. Janelle Cavanagh, Matt Withers, Chloe Morris 7. Andy Lyell, Don Belliss, Martin Kennedy 8. Howard Wilson, Warrick Graham, Dave Godfrey 9. Kirsty Gillespie, Jarred Skelton 10. Steve Roberts, John Brown, Nigel Denby 11. Kerry Knight, Jenni van Soest




Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Welcome to 2015 from

The Russley Village‌ What an exciting year ahead for all at The Russley. Starting in April the completion of the 3 story Rolleston Apartments, many of these units are already secured. In October the Bealey Apartments will be completed following that the Russley Homestead in December, this will be the magnificent centre of the village. A 3D model of this year's construction is available for viewing. Contact Nola Lamb on 03 982 8280

8 February 26, 2015 Metropol

A hacking ring has stolen up to $1 billion from banks around the world in what would be one of the biggest banking breaches known, a cybersecurity firm says. The hackers have been active since at least the end of 2013 and infiltrated more than 100 banks in 30 countries, according to Russian security company Kaspersky Lab. Read more at


$1 billion stolen



1.6 billion coffees a year National Nielsen Scan data shows decaffeinated coffee sales have grown by 7% since 2013 and now represents 3.5% of total supermarket coffee sales. With New Zealanders consuming approximately 1.6 billion cups of coffee in 2014, decaf now represents a significant portion of the total coffee category.


The dark web

A new search engine being developed by Darpa aims to shine a light on the dark web and uncover patterns and relationships in online data to help law enforcement and others track illegal activity. The project, dubbed Memex, has been in the works for a year and is being developed by 17 different contractor teams who are working with the military's Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency. Google and Bing, with search results influenced by popularity and ranking, are only able to capture approximately five percent of the internet. The goal of Memex is to build a better map of more internet content. Read more at

When in Rome… Forget about going commando in Thailand or wearing noisy shoes in Capri and if you are visiting Singapore, think twice about that packet of chewing gum in your pocket. These are just a few strange laws that tourists should know about. Read more at


500 million dollar woman At 39 years old, Marissa Mayer is the CEO of a $US40 billion company. In terms of personal wealth, she's made at least $US500 million. That's $US300 million at Google and another $US200 million or so at Yahoo. How did she put together such a successful career so quickly? That's one of the main questions she answers in her new book, “Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!” For sale on Amazon. Read more at Business Insider.

293 Cranford St. St. Albans Christchurch Ph.03 3667137

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By Hans Petrovic

Popular beach



Although somewhat out of the way, best accessed by taking the road over Scarborough Hill at Sumner, Taylor's Mistake Beach has become a surprisingly popular place to visit during the summer months.


n a normal sunny day, you will easily find 500 to 600 people there, and that figure rises to 2000 or 3000 on a really hot day. “We're getting busier and busier. It's a safe and peaceful place to come to,” says the patrol operations manager of the Taylor's Mistake Surf Life Saving Club, Mike Smith. Fewer visitors braved their way there for a couple of years after the earthquakes because they were worried about coming over the hill but the beach has now regained its popularity. People go there for the day, with many venturing further on the Boulder Bay and Godley Head walkways. You will also find mountain-bikers traversing some of the great bike tracks, and paraponters taking off from the top of the hills. “Taylor's Mistake is renowned for its clean, clear water, good surf and a great beach. This makes it especially popular during the hot summer months, particularly when a nor'west is blowing, as the bay provides great shelter from this blistering wind,” says Mike.

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“Taylor's Mistake is unique because despite being a bay beach, it is a prominent surf beach. We've had ve-metre swells here. We often get a rip going in and out of the bay during large surf.” Thanks to the surf lifesaving club, it is also a very safe beach – especially for youngsters, for whom the club offers activities, particularly teaching water safety to boys and girls aged from seven to 14. Those aged under six can also take part with an older sibling. “Today, there are about 130 kids in the club. The ratio of boys to girls uctuates, but it's generally about 50-50” says Tisha Jamieson, club captain and junior surf co-ordinator. “We teach them surf skills and beach awareness – how to deal with currents, rips and waves. It's all very familyorientated, with mainly local kids but some coming from as far away as West Melton.” Parents must be present and aware of their children during training sessions. Every year, juniors aged from nine to 13 are required to attempt a 200-metre swim. Once this has been successfully achieved, they will be awarded their 200-metre Swim Badge, which must be sown onto their togs or caps. The badge must be visible to ofcials at carnivals and championships as they will not be able to compete without them. Club members of all ages take part in carnivals and championships, three of which are held at Canterbury surf lifesaving clubs each year. The major annual event at Taylor's Mistake is K Day (Kesteven Cup Day), which will be held there on Saturday, February 28. “K Day has become a total team competition with the best of the club's senior athletes taking part. This is a fantastic opportunity for the juniors to see how it is all done and makes for some very exciting racing. I will be on the beach and am more than happy to spend time explaining what is going on,” says Mike. Life guards are on duty at Taylor's Mistake Beach from 1pm to 5pm every Saturday, and 11am to 5pm on Sundays and public holidays. The patrol season ends on March 8. “15-to-18-year-olds make up about 80 per cent of our lifeguard patrol. We try to empower the youngsters to do the job and like to keep them interested,” says Mike.



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In fine festive form… T



he Waipara Valley Wine & Food Festival at Glenmark Domain is set be another show stopping event on Sunday 22 March. Just 45 minutes north of Christchurch at the beautiful Waipara Valley the festival hosts more than 20 regional wineries, and popular boutique brewery, Brew Moon. Geoff Shier, Chair of Waipara Valley New Zealand, says “the region is well known for producing some of New Zealand's premium pinot noirs and award winning aromatics: riesling, pinot gris and gewürztraminer. Chardonnays from the Valley are excellent too”. It is also an opportunity to sample wines from wineries that don't have a cellar door, attend master classes and speak direct to the winemakers. This year a record number of local food producers will more than satisfy appetites with whitebait, venison, Mediterranean, spit roast, cheese, waffles and more. Festival Chair, Richard Murchison suggests “that you get a group together and book a spot in the new VIP area offering a perfect view of the main stage in which to enjoy the great line-up of entertainers”. Live performances throughout the day will include Tami Neilson, The Johnny Possum Band, The Goldonies, The Humdingers, Shayna King, Jamesons, Doc Sanchez, Red Hot & Dixie and Polo Sweater, hosted by Funky Hot Mamas. Get a group together and catch a bus from Discovery Travel. Tickets are available at, Ballantynes, Amberley Super Liquor, The Palms, and other Dash Ticket outlets.

The Goldonies

Cindy-Lee Sinclair When you list with me you'll be at the top of my list

Tami Neilson >

Metropol in association with the Waipara Valley Wine & Food Festival has a double GA pass to the festival to give away. To be in the draw to win email with ‘Waipara Valley Wine & Food Festival’ in the subject line. Entries close 6 March and the winner will be notified on 9 March.

Se av rvice ail ab d un le i no ts w

Location, Luxury, Lifestyle.

Freedom to enjoy yourself and live life the way you choose Central to specialty shopping, social and leisure activities, we have available now a 2 bedroom, beautiful architecturally designed Villa, with all exterior grounds and maintenance done for you.

Giving a motivated, energetic and dedicated approach to real estate!

View our new purpose built community centre which includes an indoor heated swimming pool spa, gymnasium, library, theatre and lounge room, dining and cafe area. This provides a fantastic venue for movie nights, concerts, indoor bowls, parties, exercise classes, plus so much more.

Cindy-Lee’s existing clients can attest to her friendly disposition and passion for the industry. They desribe her as loyal, proactive, professional and detail oriented, and she is known to follow through on her promises.

Contact Cindy-Lee today: 175 Papanui Road, Merivale, Christchurch P: 03 355 6677 M: 0274 888 616 E: 12 February 26, 2015 Metropol

Phone Donna Monk 03 351 0974 or 021 241 9979 131 Wairakei Road, Bryndwr, Christchurch






Rydges Latimer celebrates 1st year The Honourable John Key unveiled a plaque to celebrate the official first year of full operation for Rydges Latimer Christchurch recently. Guests enjoyed the excellent hospitality, canapĂŠs and refreshments the Hotel is renowned for.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Rob McGufficke GM Rydges Latimer The Honourable John Key Peter and Ali Knight Rebecca Scott, Selina Kurade, Abhiskok Kurade Isabella, Melanie and Lily McGufficke Jude Knight, Peter Knight, Olivia Knight Denise Robertson, John Key, Justine Smith Rebecca Scott, Briar Balderstone, Sarah Ball, Abhiskok Kurade, Joseph Napoleon 9. Melanie, Rob, Janice and Geoff McGufficke 10. Olivia Knight, Kim Spargo, Debbie Holmes 11. Adam Salter, Daniel Greenfield 12. Melanie McGufficke, John Key, Rob McGufficke





10 9

Photos by Wendy C Photography - for copies email:

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Summer’s Sunday fun Merivale’s No. 4 Bar is the place to be this summer and the bar and restaurant was certainly the place to be on Sunday February 8. Featuring G&Ts, gin martinis, gin cocktails and lads and ladies in their Sunday best – yes you guessed it, Gin Sunday.



1. Donna Yee, Keely Jamieson 2. Luke Piper, Chloe Sabbadim 3. Tig Mansfield, Giana Fyfe, Annabelle McKerchar, Si McMenamin 4. Jacquie Eyles, Jan Eastgate, Sue Frey, Janet McMurdo 5. Sophie Chambers, Vanessa Fleming 6. Ross Sheppard, Sherrill Harsent, Rex Gibson 7. Heather Early, Licourice (dog), Chris Toy, Tereza Bojanovska 8. Rasa Gecaite, Ramvyde Adohaityte 9. Phil O'Dea, David Grice, Kate de Pass, Frank (dog) 10. Mark & Michelle Farmer

6 10


Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

14 February 26, 2015 Metropol



Ambitious murderer or heroic King?

anterbury Repertory Theatre's 2015 production of William Shakespeare's play The Tragedy of King Richard the Third coincides with the ceremonial burial of the remains of the real King Richard III, which were found beneath a car park in Leicester in 2012, more than 500 years after the death in 1485 of the last English king to be killed in battle. Director Julian Anderson's concept for the play is “to allow the man to emerge from the propaganda surrounding the king. The idea is to put elements of the Richard that later historians have discovered back into the play and make it, as Shakespeare wrote, The Tragedy (note, not history) of King Richard the Third”. No hunchbacked comic villain then, for this production of Richard III. On the contrary, the Repertory cast have been encouraged to explore the nuances of Shakespeare's text informed by a grounding in established historical fact. Ultimately, the audience has to make up its own mind as to whether Richard really was the ambitious murderer he was portrayed as,or was he a worthy, maybe heroic king of late medieval England? Richard III opens on 13 March and runs until 28 March at the Elmwood auditorium. Bookings are through Eventfinda: or 0800 BOOK TIX (289 849)


Dance work plus home & garden tour


culptor Llew Summers and visual artist Robyn Webster open their stunning property in McCormacks Bay for Lucid – a unique and innovative new dance work. Choreographers Fleur de Thier and Megan Platt use inspiration from Llew' and Robyn's art to create an integrated live performance. Lucid allows the audience to watch a full length dance work followed by time to explore the home,

studios and personal art collection of sculptor Llew Summers and visual artist Robyn Webster. Featuring professional dancers Julia McKerrow, Madeline Krenek, Sarah Elsworth, Chancy Rattanong, and musicians Bina Klaus and Lizzie Cook, with appearances from Candice Egan and Hagley Dance Company, Sarah James and Jessica McLachlan. Tickets $25 and booking available at

Beautifully located right beside the heart of the Merivale shopping precinct with its many cafes, McDonalds, boutique mall, doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies and adjacent to the Metro bus service and taxi rank.

4 McDOUGALL AVENUE, MERIVALE Enquiries encouraged: TELEPHONE 03 3555 888

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Hagley Park gets electrified Electric Avenue is Christchurch’s newest music festival. Featuring 20 acts across two stages Hagley Park was transformed by a massive light show, giant video walls, themed bars, carnival rides and an amped up atmosphere.

1. Greg Cassidy, Paul Foster, Hamish Thorne 2. Alice Harris, Amanda Cassidy, Gabrielle & Libby Aberhart, Gina Dynand 3. Josh Smith, Adele Cleverley (Highly Flammable Entertainment) 4. Lana Searle, Tane kumeroa 5. Ruth Vos, Lia Minkley 6. Gearard Whoriskey, John Thornton, Eamon Towey, Oliver Derryman 7. Danielle Buckley, Marcus Woodman 5



Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Making Our Place- Your Place Ilam Lifecare facility provides a beautiful homely environment. Keeping your independence in ultimate comfort & security at the same time. Providing a comprehensive level of service to help you stay in your Studio/Apartment as long as possible.

Serviced Studios & Apartments 28 Ilam Road, Christchurch

2015 THE YEAR OF OPPORTUNITY Smart Marketing will save you thousands

When Selling Your Property Call Debra Hakaraia 0275 620 420 Thank you for your ongoing support! For Facility Care Ph. Facility Manager 348 5305 For Serviced Studio & Apartments Ph. Kathleen 021 2211 991 Ilam Lifecare is a registered Retirement Village under the Retirement Villages Act 2005

16 February 26, 2015 Metropol

Make the Smart Choice

Metropol February 12, 2015 17


Owning your place in the sun Julia Ashmore-Smith is a highly-respected real estate consultant with Bayleys Canterbury. In light of the great summer we have had she talked with Metropol about the merits, or otherwise, of owning your own place in the sun…

Julia Ashmore-Smith

People often ask me about purchasing a holiday home. Is it a good financial investment or simply a luxury that we justify because we want it and it's fun?


y family's own holiday home in Akaroa was a place where special memories with my family were made. It was a place of fun and laughter and a way to re-connect with simple pleasures. It was where we allowed ourselves to wear the 'bach uniform' of T-shirts and jandals. So I really understand why others want to enjoy and own these kinds of experiences. There are certainly advantages to owning a holiday home - unlimited access, the ability to go away spontaneously without forward planning, not having to pack a car full of everything but the kitchen sink, and you can rent the place out when you are not using it. But there are also some downsides - the

Island tranquillity: View from a Waiheke Island bach


hidden costs of insurance and maintenance, doing the accounts if you're renting it out, and the capital growth may not be what you are looking for. The reality is that a holiday home is not the same as a free holiday - one way or another you are paying for it. However, for me it all comes down to the life we want to lead. In 2012 a UK health study showed that holidays help reduce blood pressure, improve our sleep and assist us with managing our stress levels better. And such benefits continue well past the end of the holiday. I have many friends and clients who experience the great health benefits of taking breaks away in their bach. They say that “they

feel happier”, are “much less stressed”, have “increased levels of confidence” and “achieve greater results” from taking time out. It is not the value of the bach that determines how much fun you have, but how much you value the bach. So if you are thinking of owning a holiday home, then I believe it is worth exploring the benefits to your mental health. What better investment can there be than feeding your soul, enjoying life and living longer.” Julia currently has properties available to purchase in Akaroa, Duvauchelle, Diamond Harbour and Golden Bay. Contact her on 027 243 5543 or (03) 375 4828. Email

Bach on wheels 18 February 26, 2015 Metropol


New Year - New Baby - some advice from Dr Sarah Wakeman The New Year and holiday break is often a time to contemplate what is important and make plans to get started on things we have been putting off. As a result I often see women in the early months of the year having decided 'this is the year for a baby – let's make it happen'.


f you are thinking of having a baby – or that you might want a family in the near future I would recommend the first thing you do is seek information – to get an understanding of your own unique situation. It is also good to start some folic acid, 0.8mg daily and think about your lifestyle – reduce caffeine, stop alcohol and aim for that perfect Body Mass Index. Other areas I recommend are: Age: The Biological Clock is the most important factor when having a baby. Young women without fertility problems have about a 25% chance per month of having a baby naturally if they try at the right time of the month. This falls to about 12% at age 37 and 5% at 42. Today, we are seeing more women over 40 wanting to have their first child. It is possible, but you are also more likely to need help. To work out your chances visit our biological clock at How long to wait before seeking help: The online Biological Clock or App can also

tell you how long to try naturally, before seeking help. For example if you are 39 years old you should consider seeking help after 5 months, and should definitely be seeking advice after 1 year. Every month counts when you are getting into your late 30s. Fertility timeframe: Today we have the Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) test to estimate Ovarian Reserve. This test can help predict how many eggs you are likely to obtain during an IVF cycle and can help identify who may experience early menopause. Like most tests AMH is not perfect, so you'll need the help of a fertility specialist to interpret the results. Other health conditions: If you have other conditions such as Polycystic Ovaries or Endometriosis it is also recommended you seek advice early to understand their potential impact on your chances. It's important for the male to be tested too. Of the couples we see, approximately 50% are experiencing fertility issues that stem from the male – so if it is

Dr Sarah Wakeman MBChB, FRANZCOG, CREI Medical Director Fertility Associates Christchurch

taking longer than you think it should, don't leave him at home. Not met Mr Right? You do have options too, and you could benefit from talking through your options with one of our Fertility Associates CREI qualified Fertility Specialists or even calling for a Free Nurse Consult - phone 0800 255 522. There is a waiting time for sperm donors, but if you approach your fertility clinic early, you are more likely to find a donor within your time frame. If this is your year for having a baby – please start the conversation early with your partner and with your GP, or one of our CREI qualified Fertility Associates Specialists. Being informed is the best thing you can do.

Come along and listen to a Fer lity Associates doctor and our team. They’ll cover fer lity issues, lifestyle factors, basic tests, treatments op ons, support and funding. You will have an opportunity to ask ques ons too. We’ll provide a warm welcome and light refreshments. Tuesday 17th March 6pm-8pm at Fer lity Associates, St. Georges Hospital Complex, Level 1 Hia Chambers, 249 Papanui Road, Merivale, Christchurch To register, email fac@fer or call 0800 10 28 28

Metropol February 26, 2015 19


For almost 150 years, Johnson & Couzins has been providing Kiwis with protection from the elements, and although the company's focus hasn't changed a great deal over the years, its range and quality of products certainly has.


Bright future for shade company A

century and a half ago, this family-run shade-design specialist was manufacturing horse covers, hammocks, tents and tarpaulins. Today, it's all about canopy awnings and blinds, aluminium louvres, parasol umbrellas, sun sails and outdoor screens. From small courtyards to large outdoor areas, from domestic settings to commercial sites; Johnson & Couzins provides outdoor shade ideas for any situation. The company's extensive range, innovative in-house

engineers and reputation for stellar customer service, have made it one of New Zealand's market leaders in custom shade design. "Ninety-nine per cent of our work is in outdoor shade products, and given how much we love the outdoors in New Zealand, it's a growing market,” joint owner James Adair says. The company strives to stay ahead of the market by designing and manufacturing most of its products in-house. New products are constantly being developed, offering the very latest in design and quality, and setting new shade trends. Johnson & Couzins' latest innovation is the elegant, ultra-modern Concertina Louvre, New Zealand's first fully retractable roof louvre system. Following a two-and-a-half year development phase, this system was embraced early by the hospitality sector and is now hitting the residential market in a big way. “We're really proud of this product. The sliding roof not only gives you total control of sun, shade and rain, it practically vanishes at the touch of a button. You can even add rain sensors and remote-control options, or hook up your sliding roof to your home automation system.” Concertina Louvres are available in any colour, powder-coated to match your house and can be fitted to any style of building. They are operated by high-quality European Somfy motors and Johnson & Couzins' unique Glide Control System. As well as the wide range of overhead shade products available, Johnson & Couzins also designs and manufactures vertical screens and walls, so you can create a flexible, all-weather home extension – great for entertaining or to accommodate a growing family. Johnson & Couzins has the answer to all your shade requirements. For more information call 0800 664 083 or visit 20 February 26, 2015 Metropol

Metropol February 26, 2015 21


20 years of Armageddon Orlando Jones

Simon Fisher Becker

DJ Qualls


Karl Urban

uperheroes, zombies, sci-fi monsters and real-life anime characters are gearing up to make their annual appearances, alongside real fantasy, fiction and comic stars on the first leg of the Armageddon Expo events for 2015. Christchurch welcomes New Zealand's favourite pulp-culture showcase to the Horncastle Arena on 7 and 8 March. The line-up of international guests from the small and big screens heading to New Zealand includes Alaina Huffman of Supernatural and Star gate fame and DJ Qualls of Z Nation. Kevin McNally and Martin Klebba from Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise are headed this way alongside Simon Fisher-Becker of Dr Who fame, and Armin Shimerman and Kitty Swink of StarTrek: Deep Space 9.

Alaina Huffman

Orlando Jones, currently on our screens as Captain Frank Irving in Sleepy Hollow is coming to New Zealand as well as the stunning Katee Sackhoff from Battlestar Gallactica. Karl Urban and Manu Bennett are returning home and ready to meet fans of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film franchises. Graham McTavish from Outlander and Linda Park of StarTrek: Enterprise will also be making their way here to meet fans. All guests attending will take part in panels, signings and photos, s o fans can hear their stories, get photos and autographs and meet them in person. Not all guests will be attending every Armageddon Expo – so fans are advised to go to the website and check for times and venues.

Still immature at 25 T his year New Zealand's longest running late night comedy show is celebrating its twenty-fifth year at The Court Theatre. Since it was established in 1991 Scared Scriptless has gone through a number of changes but still remains essentially the same; late night improvised comedy based on the suggestions of the audience. In 2014 Artistic Director Dan Bain changed the focus of Saturday night's show to push the performers even harder. "Friday will always be what Christchurch kn ows and loves about Scriptless: short, improvised games and scenes, played fast and risky. But with a company that has the experience within it that we have, it would be a waste to not make the performers work at their peak. So, last year on Saturdays we started improvising entire plays" says Bain. This year's Saturday season opens with the return of the fan favourite Soapland Street. Other highlights of the upcoming season include Pirates! And you are the Superhero – an audien ce member will star in the show as the hero the city needs. Book at


SEAN GARWOOD Country Life Exhibition 26 February - 10 March

Now a Branch Office of



The Art of Fishing, Oil on Panel 800 x 630 mm framed

Hunting and Fishing, Oil on panel 930 x 770 mm framed

Trusts 245 Clyde Road, Ilam, Christchurch Ph: (03) 351 4140 Fax: (03) 351 4144 22 February 26, 2015 Metropol

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Cnr Riccarton Rd & Paeroa St Open 7 Days Phone: 348 0064 Email: Web:


21 Luxury Motel Units in the

By Cheryl Colley


AUTUMN stock

Arriving daily Sizes 8-22

9 Gerald St, Lincoln. Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm Sat 10-4pm Ph 325 2390

Meals Available All Day Restaurant Booking Essential

Work, stay & play

Heart of Lincoln

The Selwyn District is the fastest growing district in New Zealand. It’s a great place to live, work and play with a fantastic quality of life, great communities and thriving businesses.


uch a growing population needs conference, event and sports facilities. In Lincoln there is the Lincoln Event Centre, designed to suit all sorts of occasions. It’s hosted everything from marching championships, to gymnastics, from rock and roll competitions to Judo and Tai Kwan Do. There are also conference facilities at Lincoln University, at the Baptist Church and at the nearby Vineyard @ Rossendale. But anyone organising conferences and events knows that finding suitable accommodation close at hand is of paramount importance. In Lincoln you have the perfect solution - Lincoln Motel - within walking distance to the event centre, the university and the church.

6 Maurice St Lincoln P. 03 974 1620

Stunning Rustic Homeware for Entertaining...


A must see on your next visit to Lincoln


Gift Box 19 Gerald Street Lincoln OPEN 7 DAYS


Lincoln Motel is the only motel in Lincoln; it’s just two years old and offers luxury, comfort and excellent service in its spacious 21 units. The motel bedrooms can be configured to cater for large numbers for sports events, and groups can make use of the barbeque and large tables outside. A special conference rate, that includes breakfast, can be arranged directly with the motel. There is free high speed WiFi in the rooms as well as iPod stations – all part of the extra finishing touches that hosts Craig and Colleen Beswick have included in their motel. Indeed no expense has been spared when it comes to guest comfort. Craig and Colleen will provide their friendly and hospitable care to everyone. “We love meeting new people,” Craig explains. “This industry allows us to meet people from all walks of life and from all around the world and to provide them with service of the highest standard and professionalism.”

Every Sat 10 am to 1 pm Local Farm Fresh Fruit/Vegetables/Produce, Delicious Artisan Baking and an array of Unique Handcrafted Gifts. Great family friendly market with monthly themed community events. Upcoming Events - Summer Fete Sat 7th March - Fun Competitions, Puppet Show, Games & Live Music. See full details of events on Facebook


Metropol February 26, 2015 23



By Hans Petrovic

Blood, sweat & tears pay off The opening of Grenadier House, at 98 Moorhouse Avenue, is a perfect example of the total commitment it takes to own one's business and to overcome the frustrations involved in revitalising Christchurch.


ecause of the rejections and difficulties he and his team had to deal with, Robert McCormack, the CEO of Harcourts Grenadier, considers the opening as one of the proudest moments of his business career. “But we did it for Grenadier, for the people who work for Grenadier – and for Christchurch,” he says. Seen as a major step in securing sites for people working within the CBD, Grenadier House, which has 140 persons working in it, was officially opened on December 16 by the Prime Minister, John Key. And it certainly was a long process to find just the right building within the commercial business sector. Robert has been in the real-estate business for 36 years, starting as a sales person and then moving into management. When the Harcourts group franchised their offices 23 years ago, he purchased Grenadier, which eventually became the most successful Harcourts franchise worldwide.

Robert McCormack and Prime Minister, John Key, at the opening of Grenadier House. Before the earthquakes, Grenadier had 13 offices in Christchurch, with the head office in a five-storey building at 271 Madras Street, between Gloucester and Armagh Streets. It was the February 2011 quake that did most of the damage, with Grenadier losing its Barrington, Sumner, Lyttelton and Avonside

offices, as well as Grenadier property management at the corner of Papanui Road and Bealey Avenue, and the Grenadier's Castle in Madras Street. The Avonhead, Ferrymead and Beckenham offices survived but needed considerable work done. “We laid off a lot of staff and lost a huge amount of agents. We felt our business could never come back to what it was before the earthquake,” says Robert. With the loss of the Madras Street head office, Grenadier was fortunate enough to own a suitable property at 492 Moorhouse Avenue to move into. It also started work immediately on negotiating for resource consent for a new state-of-the-art building on the original site in Madras Street. The Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery, Gerry Brownlee, was there in January 2012 for the foundation pile-driving for the first commercial building to commence rebuild within the CBD since the earthquake. The event received major media coverage.


Architectural design and build service 24 February 26, 2015 Metropol


w w w. m i k e g r e e r h i l l s . c o . n z

Delivering quality through craftsmanship


GRENADIER PURCHASED THE BUILDING FOR $7 MILLION, PLUS $2 MILLION FOR TOTAL OFFICE FIT-OUT. THE TWO-STOREY, 1561SQM SITE NOW HOUSES ALL BUSINESS DIVISIONS, MAKING IT A UNIQUE ONE-STOP-SHOP IN REAL ESTATE IN NEW ZEALAND. However, in June of that year, Robert received a phone call from Brownlee, advising him that the Grenadier House rebuild had to stop as it was now situated in CERA's new Eastern Frame green plan for Christchurch's CBD. “This meant we couldn't build there. We had invested $1.3 million dollars and 18 months of blood, sweat and tears. I thought things were over. The carpet had been whipped from under our feet,” says Robert. “We almost gave up but we had to make the best of what we had or the business would have stagnated.” Robert had to go back to the drawing board and completely reassess the future of Harcourts Grenadier and that of all the people who had worked for him, which was about 200. Last February, Pace Project Management told Robert of a new building at 98 Moorhouse Avenue that could accommodate the entire Harcourts Grenadier real-estate business, thus

Patricia Bowden, Principal of the Harcourts Grenadier Accommodation Centre (standing) and receptionist Lydia Kronwetter. securing the future of those who would work there. Grenadier purchased the building for $7 million, plus $2 million for total office fit-out. The two-storey, 1561sqm site now houses all business divisions, making it a unique onestop-shop in real estate in New Zealand.

The divisions include residential sales, residential property management, an auction department, commercial and industrial sales, business brokerage, commercial and industrial property management, Grenadier's administration, desktop publishing, marketing management, public relations, media releases and communication, Grenadier's corporate offices and an accounting department. Also included are state-of-the-art auction rooms which, with new technology and facilities, are bigger and better than any others in New Zealand. They look particularly impressive with the walls covered with big pictures of trams in New Regent Street and Cathedral Square. “In these state-of-the-art auction rooms, we want to depict both the future of Christchurch and also remember part of the CBD as it was,” says Robert.

Fine China for High Teas Stunning dinner sets to fit beautifully into your home Total Food Equipment




218 Moorhouse Ave Phone 03 3666912 Metropol February 26, 2015 25


By Lydia Truesdale

Highway to a new 'YOU' There are various things that clients want from their gym, but there's only one thing that Christchurch gym Bodyfix wants from its clients: to try. They know that little changes in exercise can result in big changes in lifestyle, and they're committed to motivating Canterbury into achieving a happier and healthier way of being.


015 sees some exciting new additions at Bodyfix. Owners Kirsten Gullery and Moana Williams have introduced both a new membership plan and a new class workout to the mix to keep things interesting for those of all levels.

As they explain, you have to start somewhere, and both beginning and maintaining regular exercise is made that much easier with a variety of classes and facilities to enjoy. “The benefits of exercising far outweigh the costs, and more and more people are beginning to realise this and seek out our help and expertise.” The '8 Weeks To a New You' membership programme is fairly self-explanatory. It offers eight weeks of full access to Bodyfix


and includes one personal training session each week, meaning it's an ideal option for those wanting either a short-term commitment or to trial something new, all under expert guidance. Cl ients are particularly enjoying the paradigms of the programme, with regular monitoring to keep them on track and push them while still allowing days to take it at their own pace. Brand new all-rounder class, 'Move Fix', has been designed as a “good fun workout

for anyone” that challenges without overwhelming. The combination class incorporates step, high and low aerobic work, and finishes off with strengthening, toning and stretching. Again clients work at their own pace, increasing the intensity as their fitness allows. “We're always looking at ways to help get Cantabrians exercising, whether that's in offering regular promotions or nurturing clients through a personalised fitness program,” say Kirsten and Moana. “Bod yfix is so great because the people there really care about your health. They want to help you help yourself. I started Spin classes, which I'd never done before, and they pushed me beyond what I was used to. I did weights classes and also Yoga. At Bodyfix it's not just about clipping the ticket, it's about overall health and I take my hat off to the team for having such a great attitude,” says one member. For more information including class timetables see or pho ne (03) 389 9892. Bodyfix can be found at 450 Tuam St, between Fitzgerald Ave and Stanmore Road.

See in store for a full range of promotions. Offers available until 28 February 2015 or while stocks last. Terms & conditions apply 26 February 26, 2015 Metropol

PH 366 1829 or 0800 662 769 (0800 0MC POWER) 100 GASSON STREET CHRISTCHURCH



Methode Pour Homme The current men’s hair trend is softly styled, smoothed coifs for an effortless swept-back look.


ontinuing its popularity from 2014, the emergence of men’s hair being longer on top is holding its prevalent reputation. To achieve this look, stylists are keeping the sides short and even, tapered in just above the ear, leaving the top long and pushed back. This cut maintains its clean look while growing, needing only a little maintenance every four to six weeks. For styling, work La Biosthetique Cream Clay through the longer lengths and give it a quick blast back with a dryer. To complement this year’s most popular men’s styles, H&B Hair Art & Beauty, in partnership with La Biosthetique, is offering seven essential products for men’s grooming - the Methode CONTINUING Pour Homme range. Formulated with ITS POPULARITY precious ingredients and a light FROM 2014, THE frankincense fragrance, this range EMERGENCE OF delivers luxury hair care for H&B’s male MEN’S HAIR BEING clientele. Whether you are opting for the LONGER ON TOP IS popular clean-cut look in 2015, or your HOLDING ITS own individual look, La Biosthetique can offer a product to give you a wellPREVALENT groomed, fresh finish! REPUTATION. H&B Hair Art & Beauty not only stock La Biosthetique’s Pour Homme range, but are now offering hot shaves and specialised barbering. You can book appointments, check promotions, and buy products online at, or alternatively pop into the salon or call (03) 381 8939.

Metropol February 26, 2015 27

28 February 26, 2015 Metropol


Shades of grey This winter's tonal trend is the ever favourable neutral grey. The mix of light and dark grey marle brings sophistication and elegance with an urban feel.


his look can be softened with Parisian accessories or enhanced by teaming with sharp black military inspired pieces. A versatile wardrobe of grey hues will make a statement this winter. Do not fear a colour-free ensemble – there are plenty of shades of grey to bring vibrancy to the look. Stockist details:

Clockwise from left: Witchery Stripe Blanket Wrap, RRP$279.90, Witchery Jasmine Tote, RRP$129.90, Witchery Fringed Wrap, RRP$129.90, Witchery Vivian Sneaker, RRP$169.90

Metropol February 26, 2015 29


FOLK ROCKS Do you ever wish you could just live the simple life? No, we don't mean chasing sheep and herding cattle in the high country… we mean the real simple life, like back in the day before twitter and reality TV.


ell now you can. Fashion has gone folk and we're loving the revival of folk festival-inspired style interpreted stunningly by Cooper this winter. Folk fest style always brings out lots of hats, beautiful muted colours, loads of juxtaposing texture and fringe. It also brings out a daringly casual, carefree style that is effortlessly chic and sexy.


Cooper Winter 15 is a collection of flowing silk kimonos and artisanal handicraft that brings a hint of soul to modern luxury. Thi nk free spirits riding on horsebacks in romantic florals and wanderlust adventurers draped in oversized cardigans. And remember that even though what is old is new again – don't take it too far this winter or you'll risk having people wonder if you've somehow timetravelled from the 19th century. So ditch the patchwork skirt and the clogs, put down that accordion and take a look at Cooper's fabulous folk inspired pieces…


Making a difference

Serious about pampering... Serious about skin care Serious about pampering… Serious about skin care

Ph 0220462009


30 February 26, 2015 Metropol


10 Webb Street, Merivale 03 365 3630

│ 10 Webb Street │365 3630 │




























the simple life


Special Offer.. Indulge Pedicure 1 hr A deluxe pedicure including a foot soak, exfoliating treatment and foot massage. Nail trim and tidy, ď€ nish with a polish of your choice. Gift vouchers also available please ph:




Look younger and improve your self esteem Metropol February 26, 2015 31


Making people smile Change is afoot at OrthodontiX, the aptly named Canterbury orthodontic practice. After some years of being the sole specialist in the practice, Ronald Sluiter is to be joined by Sophie Gray, who has just completed her post-graduate specialist training in Clinical Dentistry (Orthodontics).


“There here is growing demand for orthodontic treatment now, not only from children and teenagers, but also from adults,” Ronald explains. “With Sophie starting with us in mid-March we will be able to provide even better service for our patients with more days at each branch and no need for the practice to close should one of us be away at a convention. I see the practice becoming a combination of new knowledge and ample experience!” Sophie has great credentials: originally from Christchurch, a third generation dentist following in her mother's and grandfather's footsteps. After graduating as a dentist she lived in Auckland and Christchurch for three years, working in both hospital dentistry and general practice. She returned to Otago and completed her Doctor of Clinical Dentistry last year. While studying, she developed a special interest in craniofacial growth and focused her thesis research in this area. One treatment that both Ronald and Sophie will be using with their patients is the Invisalign teeth-straightening system. “This method of re-aligning teeth is especially good for adults,” says Ronald. “In my opinion it's the most convenient way of transforming people's smiles without interfering with their every-day lives.” The treatment consists of a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners (or

braces) that are changed every two weeks for the next set of aligners. Each aligner is individually manufactured for an individual's teeth and for that individual alone. As each aligner is replaced the teeth will move - little by little, week by week - until they have straightened to the final position recommended. “I've had great success with Invisalign since I began using it back in 2002 – and world-wide the product has been prescribed for over three million patients. That's an enormous endorsement.”

Before treatment

After Invisalign teeth straightening technique

Sophie Gray


A confident smile and increased self-esteem aren't the only benefits of correcting a smile with Invisalign - oral health can be positively enhanced as well. OrthodontiX has clinics in Merivale, Cashmere and Ashburton. Call 0800 678 463 to make an appointment.

Transform your smile FREE



03 337 3373 32 February 26, 2015 Metropol

03 337 3373

03 337 3373


By Rachel Smith

Our hands share the stories of our lives – they tell the tale of what kind of work we do, our recreational activities and any bad habits that we may not wish to share.


t e-nails in Merivale they spend their days giving hands and feet, the attention that they deserve. “When the weather is good you want to show off your feet,” says manager Catee Wang. They offer a wide range of services at the welcoming nail salon on Papanui Road, with their spa pedicure treatment a favourite with many of their clients. The spa pedicure takes a standard pedicure to the next level - the half hour treatment includes shaping nails and tidying up feet and heels, as well as a generous lower leg massage and expertly painted nails. When it comes to colours e-nails recommend shellac gel polish because it quite simply looks great for longer. They have a vast selection of bright colours available, and with

the polish set to last for two weeks without chipping, it is perfect for long days at the beach. Shellac also dries straight away under UV light, meaning you can slip straight into any footwear when you leave. They also offer acrylic nails, for a thinner and narrower look and for those who want longer

nails. Catee says that many of their clients, who have routinely used acrylics, are now making the move to shellac instead. The salon itself is set to be revitalised with a fresh new look in the coming months. An extensive interior ret is planned, including new chairs, work consoles in stylish neutral colours, as well as new spa pedicure chairs and ooring. While their standard hours are daily 9am – 5.30 pm and late night until 7pm on Thursday, Catee is happy to cater to their clients' needs, particularly when there is a special event such as a wedding planned. To make sure you don't have to wait for your expert nail care, give the team at e-nails a call on (03) 355 2863, to book your appointment.

Be nice to your nails Brighten up your Mother’s Nails

(Conditions may apply)

Manicure & Pedicure Shellac Acrylic

Stephen Goodenough Photographer


a kristen stewart

school of make-up Metropol February 26, 2015 33

Deric's shop of wonders We all know objects from the past have a story to tell - but there has to be someone to tell that story. At Portobello Antiques, Deric Blackler is the man keeping the past alive - his store is the place for an interesting yarn, a glimpse at some of the more quirky moments in history and then you can always shop - yet it's the looking, the discovering that will fascinate most.


ecently relocated to The Tannery, the store (previously in Tuam Street) is a total treasure trove that screams politely of the passion and eclectic nature of its owner. Check out its write up on where it talks about the "wild, wonderful and fancy which unravel daily at Deric's shop of wonders, where each antique comes imbued with its own essence of myth and fairytale. Deric is not just a shop-keeper but a mother hen guarding a treasure chest of history, his head overflowing with the tales behind each antique that will make your jaw drop." The greatest thing about Portobello is that Deric chooses to purchase locally, meaning he talks to the people he buys from. He learns the history of the

Previous store


piece, knows the story and his encyclopaedic brain stores those details away ready for an interesting yarn with a perspective buyer. The other great thing about Portobello is the prices they are realistic, which means owning a quirky, fascinating or totally practical part of history is within reach. From furniture through the ages to silverware, art, ceramics, lamps, jewellery, toys, collectables, clocks, coins and so much more. Each piece is there because Deric likes it . There is no theme to his store beyond that of interesting objects of desire and folklore. One of the noteworthy items in the store is a lock of hair from Napoleon Bonaparte -


3 Garlands Road, The Tannery Ph.0274 775 060 34 February 26, 2015 Metropol


174 Cumnor Tce, Woolston Ph. 03 377 1772 Cell. 021 023 53897


wrapped in a piece of paper dated June 20, 1823. Written on this paper is the story of how this lock happened to be in the highly decorated box that that has been handed down from generation to generation within a family, from grandmother to granddaughter. Deric explains that items like this (of which he has numerous) were “get out of jail free cards”. When a young woman married, this was passed to her so that if she needed to escape the marriage she could sell the item giving her the money to do so. Another fascinating piece is an artwork from the mid-1800s of dolls. In the picture there are five generations of handmade dolls featured,

going back to 1710. The oldest doll in the picture sits on the shelf in Deric's store, in pride of place beside the painting. The story of the artwork is captured on the back of the picture, and with the extra information Deric provides you feel completely entwined in the history the piece represents. From the simple to the sublim e; from a brass thimble to a full feathered Amazonian head dress or a 1650 Bellarmine urn, the collection is as diverse as the people walking through the door. Portobello Antiques has long been a part of the Christchurch landscape and Deric is happy to again have a home for the store that was

violently evicted by the earthquake from its Tuam Street home on February 22, 2011. With his wealth of experience and knowledge, Deric is available to do valuations and is always happy to receiv e a call from anyone with pieces of interest they may want to sell. Deric has also recently turned his hand to taking Edison light bulbs and fashioning them into a variety of lamps and hanging lighting features. The other items you will find in store that are new are a selection of club-style, handmade leather sofas - but they look so authentically old they ooze years of old-world charm.

Fashion & Homeware Raw Nova offers a carefully curated mix of stylish, edgy and effortlessly cool NZ and Interna onal designer fashion and homeware for you and your lifestyle The Tannery 3 Garlands Rd, Woolston Phone 389 8704 OPEN 7 DAYS from 10am to 5pm Metropol February 26, 2015 35


Graphic content: Winter stripes Stripes are back for another season. Thick or skinny, horizontal or vertical, stripes are here to stay. Walk the line this winter with bold, fashionably stylish stripes.


etz-ke, developed in 2006, has some soft contrast stripes to transition your wardrobe into the cooler months. It's a label that has fast grown an avid fan base that enjoys the brand's fantastic fits, playful colours, prints and reasonable price points. The brand’s success now sees the label stocked in 95 retail outlets across New Zealand and even more internationally including Australia, China, Japan and Rarotonga. Ketz-ke Christchurch stockists: ¥ Hunters and Collectors ¥ Vivacious ¥ Urban Surf ¥ Dfusion ¥ Ballantynes For more information go to

Buy any two Keratase products

For any Occasion

& receive


Kiehls hand creme! Worth $29

Tailoring for men & women. With your measurements & design, we can help you create the garment you want!

Hire any piece of equipment and get an extra

4 WEEKS FREE HIRE! p. 03 338 8877

one size does not fit all (Formerly Oddbodz)

SHOP 52 WESTFIELD MALL RICCARTON PH. 341 7995 Open Hours: Mon, Tues, Wed 9-6pm Thurs-Fri 9-9pm Sat 9-6pm Sun 10-6pm

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Ph. 027 329 5029


Treatment plan letter

Orthodontic assessment Jaw scan (if indicated) Digital photos

If treatment is thought necessary further records will be required to formulate a treatment plan.

Letter will specify: Treatment options Costs Timeframes Retention Expectations

Records appointment ($175)

Orthodontic treatment is performed by Grahame Dutton who is a General Dentist with a special interest in Orthodontics. A Once all the information has been Gift Vouchers Available specialist referral maybe required. analyzed the treatment options can be discussed. Jaw Scan Lateral Ceph xray Study models Photo series 36 February 26, 2015 Metropol

22 Bartlett Street, Riccarton. (Hagley Park end of Riccarton Road)

Phone 03 348 5488


Happiness is

Cool Comfort

It's often said Scandinavian people are some of the happiest in the world, so it makes sense to take a walk in their shoes…


rawing inspiration from materials such as fur and velvet, while incorporating the trend of patent, ECCO®'s autumn/winter 2015 collection is an eclectic, hybrid range of footwear. With a creative and classic selection of wardrobe essentials including sneakers, booties, loafers, highheels and menswear-inspired boots, the collection encapsulates elegance, while still giving you the warmth and comfort to go about your daily life.


THAI MASSAGE... THE THAI WAY Now in Store! Iris Coat

Escape from reality: 30 minutes GERnetic Facial 30 minutes Thai Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage PLUS foot massage PLUS head massage

Normally worth over $159.00

NOW $109.00 of March

Until the end

Elegant wool blend

Like Viva La Moda

Phone now to order a Gift Voucher or make an appointment

0800 379 4315 Shop 12, Rolleston Square, Rolleston. Phone 3471151 Mon- Fri 9-5 Sat 10-4


Barrington Phone 331 8131 Metropol February 26, 2015 37


Cosmetic dentures for a more youthful look

How important are cosmetic dentures? “Very” according to Gilbert Matravers of Merivale Denture Clinic. Every day they treat patients who have emphasised the ageing process through wearing dentures with inadequate facial support.


atural changes occur in the gums and jaw over time. Bone beneath the gum gradually begins to change shape and shrink. Gum shrinkage gives rise to a more drawn look, increased lines and thinning lips. "The principle behind cosmetic denture care is not only to making well-functioning, comfortable dentures but also to create dentures in such a way as to achieve the best possible cosmetic outcome." The framework of the prosthesis is used to give maximum facial support for a more natural and youthful appearance, improving the jawline, giving better lip support for fuller lips and enabling the patient to smile again with confidence as they look younger and healthier. With over 35 years’ expertise in handcrafting dentures, the practitioners at Merivale Denture Clinic have a keen eye for recognising the tell-tale signs of denture related ageing. Their cosmetic dentures are designed to maximise the improvement of your appearance with some amazing results being achieved. They also offer the option of anchoring the




lower denture with implants for the ultimate in stability. The lower denture clips firmly in place but can be easily removed for cleaning. To ensure you are getting the best from your dentures it is important to get them checked regularly. Gilbert Matravers and his team at Merivale Denture Clinic are committed to using the best techniques and materials to give you dentures that not only look natural but are better fitting


and better functioning so you can smile and eat with confidence. Merivale Denture Clinic is conveniently located on the corner of Mansfield Avenue and Papanui Rd with patient parking at the rear of the building. If you are concerned about your dentures, need advice or would like to receive a complimentary check-up call (03) 355 4704 for an appointment.

“Someone has to make the best teeth...”

Merivale Denture Clinic The Denture Experts Combining over 35 years experience with leading edge technology to handcraft the finest quality, natural looking dentures

Gilbert Matravers Clinical Dental Prosthetist

Want a great body for summer? Internationally qualified therapists. Our services include: õ õ õ õ õ

Facials Manicures Pedicures Waxing Glycolic Peels

õ õ õ õ õ

Top secret nutrition is a leading provider of weight management and sports nutrition.

Gel Nail Extensions Tin ng Massage Spray Tanning Electrolysis

*Complimentary check ups

Our guarantee is in your smile Ph. 355 4704 206B Papanui Rd, Merivale 38 February 26, 2015 Metropol

76 Kendal Ave, Burnside 027 384 5663 Email for brochure:

Health 2000 Merivale Ph: 355 9333

Ph:355 9333 Avonhead Ph.358 1181 Health 2000 Health 2000 Barrington Ph. 332 0450


Creative talents H

A stellar line-up of established and emerging local and international fashion designers will take to the runway for iD Dunedin's 16th anniversary shows in April.

Unveiled – iD Dunedin Fashion Week's new campaign imagery. Photography & Styling: Emily Hlavac Green. Creative Direction & PostProduction: Luke Johnston, BrandAid. Video: Joe Gallagher & Claire Campbell, workspace. Model: Clementine George, Ali McD Agency. Makeup: Aliana McDaniels, Ali McD Make Up School. Hair: Tash Van Leeuwen, Aart on St Andrew. Photographers Assistant: Jamie Russell. Clothing & Accessories: Company of Strangers.

osted on the platform of Dunedin's captivating Railway Station, the iD Dunedin Fashion Show is an entertaining, world-class night out celebrating the best of Dunedin, New Zealand and international fashion. The Show also features emerging talent from the Shanghai University of Engineering Science, the Otago Polytechnic Fashion School and the winners of the iD International Emerging Designer Awards. The iD International Emerging Designer Awards is New Zealand's largest fashion design competition. In proud partnership with Otago Polytechnic, the iD International Emerging Designer Awards offers a glimpse of the future with some of the most talented and innovative next-generation designers. Thirty finalists from the world's most prestigious design schools present their collections and vie for prizes in what is one of the most anticipated events of the week.

Tickets to the iconic iD Dunedin Fashion Week are for sale now online at or from the Regent Theatre, Dunedin.

Dr Ken Macdonald, Specialist Dermatologist MB ChB (Edin), FRACP, FRCPE, FRCP (Lond), FNZDS

Specialist Skin Cancer Surgery Cosmetic Surgery - Facial and Eyelid - Liposuction & Vaser Laser Procedures - Sun Damage, Hair Removal, Veins, and Rosacea Lines, Wrinkles, Acne Scaring, Scars, Stretch Marks Dermatology & Cosmetic Medicine

PHONE 03 377 1010 241 Clyde Road

SOFT SILKY FEET at your fingertips

Scholl Express Pedi So gentle on your feet and easy to use BE IN TO



WORTH $10,000

with the purchase of any Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi*

Simply complete the entry form at the counter to be in to win! Promotion runs til 30 April 2015

*conditions apply - see entry form

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File $49.99

Kendal Pharmacy

64 Kendal Ave, Burnside Phone 358 8714

Metropol February 26, 2015 39


Luxury label for little ones Merino fashion brand Perriam which was launched by Wanaka fashion designer Christina Perriam in Tarras last October has now launched Little Perriam, an exciting, fresh new babies' and children's merino clothing label.


ittle Perriam replaces Christina's hugely popular babies and children's label Suprino Bambino as she continues to deliver her new brand's overall vision. With similar design elements to Suprino Bambino, like fun prints, bold colours, touches of Liberty fabrics and ontrend designs, the Winter 2015 range of Little Perriam is expected to continue to be a hit with parents and kids. "We are excited to make the transition from Suprino Bambino to Little Perriam after the successful launch of the Perriam brand," Christina says. "We've started to gain a loyal following with repeat customers since Suprino Bambino came out in stores in February 2014. People love the quality, durability of merino and attention to detail, the wooden buttons and other quirky design elements." Like Suprino Bambino, Little Perriam has a range for babies - aged 0 to 2 years - and

a children's range for ages 2 to 6. The babies’ range features cute onesies, cool prints, and a unique stripe.

For the rst time, the stag's head hoodie that is a best-seller in the children's range will also be made in babies' sizes. The children's range includes the stag's head hoodie, fun print tops with striped sleeves, nautical stripes and signature girls' dresses with a feminine, girly design. There are 25 styles in the Winter 2015 collection, which will be sold online at, at the agship store in Tarras and at select retail outlets around New Zealand. “Perriam is about luxuriating in life - taking time to enjoy the beauty amongst the busyness of life. The heart of my brand is my family and the place I grew up, Bendigo Station in Central Otago. Little Perriam is an important part of this story, just as children are important in any family. All my garments are made with high quality NZ merino and this is particularly essential for little ones, who need durable, natural clothing."

10 Clyde Road, Ilam, Christchurch


40 February 26, 2015 Metropol


There's only one thing which could make for a better working week than a three day weekend and that's knowing that your children are in good hands.

Rich, fun-filled learning environment T hey don't come much better than Buttercups Preschool, offering a fun and inviting learning environment. Buttercups is nestled comfortably in a fully licenced purpose built facility at 109 Centaurus Road, Huntsbury, where play is the foundation for learning. Ann Corkin and daughter-in-law Sarah Corkin take a holistic approach to teaching; an approach which results in a rich and stimulating environment. “We've developed a strong, experienced teaching team, with a wide range of strengths,” Sarah says. Included in the team are a Montessori trained teacher and a Primary trained teacher, a teacher with strengths in physical education, (currently introducing Yoga to the children) and another with a strong focus on music. “The teachers have a great mix of skills and experience, which culminates in a rich learning environment.” Now in its second year of being open, Buttercups Preschool is established, with a strong focus on child-directed learning. Monthly planning meetings ensure all the teachers are up to play with current interests, allowing them to plan accordingly. “The value of child-directed learning is that the child is learning about what interests them,” Sarah says. “By making those decisions children are more open to learning, and with such a diverse


teaching team we are able to explore many interests throughout the day.” Capping enrolments at twenty-five children ensures each member of the Buttercups family gets quality one on one time with teachers, and great teacher to child ratios allow teachers the ability to cater more specifically to each individual child. “We have a real focus on relationships,” Sarah says, “which ties in with our holistic approach to care and education, encouraging families to be involved in the children's centre lives.” Children participate in age-appropriate group times for additional learning, important for the 3 ½ to 5 year age group preparing for school. Free play is a key component of the daily routine with a wide range of engaging activities, including a large sandpit and playground. A vast deck space features a number of recreational activities while creative arts, innovative games, music and movement, baking and excursions are also popular ways to spend the day. Open from Monday to Friday from 8am 5:30pm, with the 20 hours ECE subsidy available and full meals provided, Buttercups Preschool has limited spaces available. Please get in touch with Ann and Sarah to find out more, phone (03) 332 2746 or email

Christchurch Obstetric Associates SPECIALISTS IN MATERNITY CARE

Afliated with Fertility Associates Colin Conaghan

Geeta Singh

Providing a full range of care including pre pregnancy advice, antenatal care, labour, birth, and post natal care Consulting at: Ashburton, Hokitika and Greymouth

“Our passion is to provide a warm, nurturing environment for children between two to five years of age.” Limited spaces available

Michelle Bailey

Jane Fielder

Angela Beard

Hiatt Chambers, 249 Papanui Rd, Christchurch 8014 Ph. (03) 375 4060 Fax: (03) 375 4061

P. 03 332 2746 109 Centaurus Rd Huntsbury, Christchurch W: E:

Open: Mon- Fri 8am-5.30pm

Metropol February 26, 2015 41


By Cheryl Colley

Hot off the catwalk… new season's 'must haves' Y

It's a great name for a boutique that features the very latest in fashion trends. Craze Boutique in Kaiapoi is a kaleidoscope of colour as the autumn and winter garments arrive. There are weekly deliveries of new stock and owner Sherie McKinlay says there is no way winter will be grey and dull this year.

es I have black pieces and navy pieces, and black and white striped outfits, but there is also magenta, powder blue, pretty pink and lots of florals and dramatic prints. Stripes are a must-have in this season's winter wardrobe too.” Winter white is also a key trend, layered tone on tone with trousers, tunics and jackets. Or match skinny jeans and tonal prints with a throw-on coat for easy winter outfitting. “There are lots of fun pieces coming in constantly from chunky knits and hoodies, to

multi-coloured scarves and wonderful Minx ankle boots, as well as funky, bling accessory jewellery.” Indeed the stock at Craze is fun, very pretty and bright and its range is chosen to suit all moods and occasions – from the lazy weekend to the more formal. It boasts designers from New Zealand, Sydney, and Los Angeles. New for this season are garments by streetwear label Federation, and sophisticated feminine labels Cooper Street, Sophie Pink and Honey & Beau. Because the stock at Craze is replenished frequently there is always something fresh and new. So every time customers visit they will find something different to tempt them. It also means that Sherie is able to keep a rack of sale items available.

Sherie McKinlay


“Kaiapoi is booming. There is a real buzz here and we are delighted to be a part of the revitalisation of this town providing cuttingedge fashion as displayed on the latest catwalks.” Craze is located at 172a Williams Street, Kaiapoi. Phone (03) 327 2157.

Lola vs Harper

Your local friendly book and gift shop since 2007

Elwood Oneoneseven Pink stitch

Come in and checkout our range of luxurious, Christchurch made Merinomink clothing, gloves & socks

Wish Minty meets Munt Love stitch What woman want Blacklist

Open daily 9am - 4.30pm

Please book ahead for the High Tea Menu

Cupcakes Cabinet fare for lunch Gifts Tea garden Fine china 53 Main Street, Oxford. Ph. 03 312 3432 Open 7 Days 10am – 5pm Follow us on Facebook to see latest products & special offers

42 February 26, 2015 Metropol

Like us on facebook

76 Main St Oxford Ph. (03) 312 1416

Ladakh Cooper street Federation Elliatt Honey & beau

172 A Williams St Kaiapoi P. 03 327 2157


For quilters to covet

By Cheryl Colley

“It's on my present wish list.” “I would certainly love to take it home and have it in my sewing room.”


he “it” that the staff at Quilters' Quarters in Rangiora are longingly coveting is the HQ “Sweet Sixteen” Handi Quilter. “It's the best-selling sit-down long-arm quilting machine on the market today,” says Quilters' Quarters owner Pauline Forrest, “and we have one here in-store for people to try out. What makes it so great is the sixteen-inch throat space that gives quilters room to work on even a king-size quilt. It is an absolute dream to use.” The Sweet Sixteen sells for $11,9 90 and such is its reputation that the Quilters' Quarters team has already sold several. Along with the new machine the store is selling embroidery threads especially designed for machine quilting. They come on a long spool and are variegated eliminating the need for changing spools. Another associated product is the Hobbs brand of quilt batting. This is premium quality batting made in Texas and known for its exceptional strength and durability. “Hobbs Bonded Fibers are t he industry leaders in quilting product development through staying in constant contact with their customers,” Pauline explains. “We are delighted to stock their premium products.” Quilters' Quarters are running their popular craft classes again this year. Most classes begin in early March. There are still places available, but they are filling fast. Phone (03)


313 6765 to reserve your place. The “Learn to Sew” class is particularly popular especially with young people. There are also “Learn to Knit” and “Learn to Crochet” classes as well as bag and cushion making one-day tutorials. There is a list of the classes online at Whatever your crafting needs you can be

sure to find what you are looking for at Quilters' Quarters. Contact the store directly by phone or by emailing z. Quilters' Quarters offer a loyalty card system – spend $20 and earn a stamp. After 10 stamps you will get $20 off your next purchase. It won't be hard to fill a card quickly with so many wonderful things to choose from.

A touch of Kiwiana

Moochy $149 Pearl/Grey, Sky, Black/White, Origami

Follow us on facebook

just one of the many unique designer fabrics now instore. Also available a large selection of sewing accessories


Quilters Quarters

162 High Street, Rangiora Ph (03) 313 8444

A treasure trove for the craftsperson


9 High St Rangiora Ph. (03) 313 6765

Mon - Fri 9.00am - 5.30pm Sat 9.30am - 4.00pm Sun 10.00am - 2.00pm

Telephone. 03 327 8029 Metropol February 26, 2015 43


Design drawings by Ignite Architects

HEADING NORTH Rangiora Rangiora was abuzz last week with the first design drawings by Ignite Architects released by Mandeville Properties of the new Farmers building. This eagerly awaited two storey building is currently at resource consent stage but it is hoped building will start in April with a targeted opening of the middle of 2016 planned. Farmers will take up most of the ground floor along with four other speciality stores and a large space in the upstairs area for commercial office sp ace. The majestic Rangiora Town Hall is also due to open at the end of March. One of the first events in the Town Hall is a concert by the Warratahs with many in the district looking forward to the two-theatre cinema opening.

Oxford Another Town Hall to reopen shortly is the grand Oxford Town Hall. The building has been strengthened and repairs completed as this wonderful Town Hall at the centre of the community is returned to its glory. Oxford will continue to showcase all it has to

As the Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre is open Sundays this has seen some Kaiapoi shops open also. Blackwells is enjoying being sandwiched between the Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre and Coffee Culture. Blackwells is open now from 10am to 2pm on Sundays and they are well into their Summer Sale as autumn stock starts to arrive.

Popular markets and events offer with the 110th Oxford Annual A&P Show with “Royal” event status on 4 April. This is a great day out and the town is really on show as it celebrates town and country coming together.

Kaiapoi Kaiapoi celebrated its opening recently of the Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre which is home to the Art on the Quay Gallery. Currently it is showcasing six uniquely handcrafted art murals about aspects of New Zealand history, especially relating to the wool industry by Mary Kelleher. The Murals appeal to all ages and is on display until 3 March.

Want to lose weight? MAKE IT HAPPEN!

It's a very busy time for events in the Waimakariri. The popular Ohoka Market continues every Friday and is now joined by a Rangiora Twilight Market Friday evenings from 4pm to 8pm. The Swannanoa Country Fair is on 1 March and then the sporting events take over with two large triathlons, the Rangiora to Kaiapoi Fun Run and two cycle races to compete in or simply enjoy watching. Woodford Glen will also be roaring to the sound of engines several times during the month of March. Quite simply, Waimakariri has it all… and then some. For more information go to w



hang one on your arm today!

Purposely built and architecture designed brand new building and playground. Passionate qualified ECE educators. Focus on individual care-educa on and we provide high staff ra o. Experienced ECE music teacher lead Chef cooked lunch. 20 hours free ECE for 3-5 years old. Sessions/full days available. Opening hours: Monday –Friday 7.00am-6.00pm

Phone: 03 2601023, 021 02951364 414 Williams Street, Kaiapoi 44 February 26, 2015 Metropol

By Sarah Waldron - Visit Waimakariri

Lose weight Quit smoking Improve your game Manage your health or pain Improve your dating & relationships Defeat phobias Resolve life long issues

Sahera Laing Personal Development Coach

027 207 7262


The Only 7 Day Pharmacy In North Canterbury

15 ASHLEY STREET RANGIORA OPENING HOURS Open every day 8.30am-6.30pm including Public Holidays


Ph 03 313 8280

Fax 03 313 8209

the Good Street Deli Delicious filling breakfast @ Good Street Deli

with excellent coffee and an eclectic range of gourmet fare to browse a destination café for a great breakfast & lunch 2a Good Street, Rangiora. Ph 03 313 7388 Mon to Fri 7:30-4:30 Sat 9-3 Sunday closed




Lucy Finch

RUBYSPRING brings you simple and sophisticated white t-shirts that simply look fantastic! Our T-shirt designs pair perfectly with jeans, and will also compliment any work, evening or weekend outfit. - 022 429 0597 Limited Time: T-shirts purchased during March are now $32.00 (normally $42.00).

64 North Avon Road, Richmond Ph. 389 1712

SALE NOW ON Fredrick Ashley

Fendalton Mall, Memorial Ave. Phone: 03 351 5892



NZ artist Amanda Cass artwork now available in gorgeous cushions and pendants. Available from

Lucy Finch 64 North Avon Road, Richmond Ph. 389 1712

New Zealand made, beautiful handcrafted, interchangeable buckles and customised leather belts.

Summer Fashion Lavish Clothing Gallery Ph. 021 0296 5394

16 Colombo St, Cashmere Christchurch. P.03 332 0003 Metropol February 26, 2015 45


Mementos & keepsakes


history of

Wedding mementos, souvenirs or favours – whatever you like to call them – are not a new notion. They were developed centuries ago to "share the wealth" so to speak. If you have ever attended a wedding, you probably left with a small token or reminder of the happy day. Match books emblazoned with the couple's names and the date of their wedding were often a staple at weddings. These days however, anything goes. From crystal wine glasses to votive candle holders, golf ball tees and everything in between is acceptable as a wedding memento.


n early days, mostly in European countries, aristocrats would finish off the wedding festivities by sending guests home with a small gift. It was hoped that the happiness of the wedding couple would 'rub off' on the guests by means of a souvenir of the event. In many cultures it was believed that everything the bride and groom touched would bring good luck so sharing and giving of a gift was one way for the bride and groom to bestow good luck on their friends and family. Traditional mementos consisted of a box made of porcelain, crystal or metal (gold, silver, pewter) that contained sweet treats. For

this reason they were called 'bonboniere', bonbons being candies, in French or 'bomboniere' in Italian. There were usually five confections in the box to represent fertility, health, wealth, happiness and longevity. Sugar at the time was expensive so receiving a gift of confections was an honour. As time progressed the tradition of giving mementos was adopted by other social classes. It was not just for the upper class aristocrats any more. It was adopted to prove that the hosting family had the financial means to provide gifts and to share the good luck of the newly-wed couple.



462 COLOMBO STREET SYDENHAM CHRISTCHURCH 8023 46 February 26, 2015 Metropol

03 366 1232

MON-FRI 9.30AM-5.00PM SAT 10.00AM-3.00PM



Continued from previous page Rather than providing a bonboniere, a family of modest means would often select simpler gifts to give as mementos. Almonds were commonly given as wedding gifts to signify good luck in their life together. Coating almonds became popular and the sugar coated almonds were called confetti. Now confetti has a different meaning but at one time it was meant as sugar coated almonds. Wedding memento options Picking a wedding memento holds no boundaries. A traditional gift of five almonds has been replaced with trinkets and themed articles. Depending on the type of wedding, any type of memento can be obtained. Destination weddings can be decorated with seashell keepsakes, people who like golf can have golf related trinkets, while the more traditional bride and groom can offer chocolates or individual picture frames for their guests. Depending on the budget and type of wedding to be held there will be a wedding memento to suit the ceremony.


Metropol February 26, 2015 47


‘the one’ Y ‘


local talent S

oulstyle Organic Hair Salon is renowned for its high-end, organic colouring and cutting and its immense commitment to buying local, and supporting other local organic businesses. This model is a stunning local girl, the photographer was the salon's stylist Bex, the jewellery is Soulstyle's logo, designed and crafted by a talented jeweller based in Southshore. The hair is of course done by Soulstyle, using professional organic products. While in the destination salon, you will be served Canterbury produced organic tea and Switch coffee and you can browse the retail range of Christchurch made soaps, body scrubs and oils. Your reading choices are also NZ made and celebrate organic and green lifestyles, like Good Magazine and Life & Leisure. Treat yourself! Google Soulstyle Organic Hair Salon for more information.

our perfect wedding dress is waiting at Wilkins Bridal. With over 200 stunning gowns to choose from, finding ‘the one’ may seem daunting, but the professional and knowledgeable staff will ensure that your shopping experience is relaxed, stress-free and, of course, successful. Store Manager April Meredith says that when a bride finds that perfect dress, “It's a one-of-a kind, magical feeling that can elicit tears or cheers of joy. I take personal responsibility for the happiness of my brides, who all want to look gorgeous for the singular moment in their lives that will live on forever.” Bridesmaids are also well taken care of at Wilkins Bridal with a large selection of gowns from Alfred Angelo and Sorella Vita. Contact April now to make an appointment phone (03) 377 8595, email or view the latest collections at

International Brands & Superior Styling Elegant NEW Shop Wilkins Bridal Christchurch Stockists Of: Essense Sophia Tolli Mancini Stella York Alfred Angelo Mon Cheri Angeline Martina Liana Drides Desire Sorella Vita Bridesmaids Alfred Angelo Bridesmaids

Exhibiting at the Dream Wedding Epo Sunday March 15th At The Atrium Hagley Park Netball Centre 10-4pm

47 Rodney Street, South New Brighton 48 February 26, 2015 Metropol

P. 388 8277

By appointment only Bridal: 03 377 8595 7 Pilgrim Place Behind Dennys Restaurant Off Moorhouse Moorhouse Ave Ave Off

Your wedding photo shoot


It's always nice to know what you're in for when you have your wedding photos done as this will prepare you mentally.


mportant questions to consider prior to your big day would be what style of photos you prefer as this can be traditional, spontaneous, arty etc. Another question would be whether you'd prefer colour, sepia or black and white photos; with or without frames or a mix of everything. This all needs to be discussed with your wedding photographer before the wedding day - besides the fact that he/she needs to know what your preferences and requirements are, the photographer can give you some guidance and advice on must-have shots so that the photos you imagine can take on real life form. Although there are many hair styles to choose from, keep in mind that you'll have to look at these photos for ever, so I would advise against anything very different or extreme (the kids will probably just tease you about this later!). If you want your wedding photos to be timeless, go for a classic, simplistic hair style that would be easy to manage throughout your photo shoot and day. It's important to have a trial run with your make-up to avoid last minute disappointment. You know what you feel comfortable with, again, this needs to suit your personality. You want to mingle with your guests feeling comfortable and self-assured. Your wedding make-up should complement you, not change you. You need to feel comfortable, and most importantly be yourself so that your unique personality will reflect in the photos. But a girl needs all the help she can get and if a few props will help you to relax and have fun – why not! Take some props with you or ask the photographer to supply some interesting objects that you can use during your photo shoot, for example a hat, colourful sarong (that will double up to keep your dress clean in case you have to get down and dirty), a wedding invitation, your garter, a cigar for the groom etc . Give your photographer some healthy attitude and the right tools to be creative.

Weddings Special Occasions Races

Park Ave

Your Best Dress Address


363 Lincoln Rd Addington Next to mobil service station, Moorhouse Ave end Carparking along side the railway line Phone 374 5858 Open 6 Days


Metropol February 26, 2015 49


Spicing up proceedings Your wedding day is coming up, it's one of the most special days of your life and a day when you, quite rightfully, want all eyes on you. So when it comes to the hen's night, why not give yourself the eye candy for a change?


es, Topless Waiters aren't just for the summer months! In fact, what better way to get temperatures up and hearts racing in the cooler months than setting your eyes on a topless waiter or two? Surprise the bride-to-be, surprise the birthday girl or surprise all your girlfriends at once. Launched in Christchurch early last year, Topless Waiters can make any event a memorable one, offering waiters who are professional, well groomed and great at serving food, mixing drinks, co- ordinating some fun – even getting the barbecue cranking. Better yet, they're available all year! “Whether you have a corporate product launch, ladies nights, baby showers, civil unions, garden parties, fashion shows, social events, promotional launches, corporate functions or just about anything you want to add some spice to, we can help,” owner of Topless Waiters Christchurch Kimberley Yeatman explains. “Afternoon cocktail parties and high teas are extremely popu lar and we've even put together a new promotional rate for bar owners and corporate companies who are wanting to launch new products/brands etc, so they can get in touch to enquire about the special rate.” While all the standard events are covered, Kimberley and her handsome team are extremely versatile and can work with any specific requests. “We can work with you to tailor your event,” Kimberley says. “Our waiters can facilitate and participate in games, prepare and serve fo od, mix drinks and even cook your barbecue – all while looking super sexy and wearing, well, not much at all!” Find Topless Waiters Christchurch on facebook, or find out how a topless waiter can make your event that much more special by phoning 0800 TOPLESS (867 537).


family portraits weddings conferences events homes & gardens

Jane Wyles Photography 50 February 26, 2015 Metropol 027 245 245 8193 027



Bro-tox: Men's gi of the jab By Lydia Truesdale

Bro-tox. It's a new-age thing. And while Christchurch has been a little slow to catch on, it is growing in popularity as men seek to maintain and enhance their appearance. Dr Phil Frost from specialist Botox® and appearance medicine clinic, Face Value, talks us through it.


“Maintaining aintaining a youthful appearance is not only about exercise, diet and fashion… it concerns skin care and anti-ageing modalities as well,” he says. Male celebrities like David Hasselhoff and Simon Cowell have admitted to indulging in Bro-tox, Botox for 'bros' or men, to stay presentable and employable in an age of aesthetics. Generally the frown and the forehead are common target areas for Botox treatment, and, particularly for lean men, the use of fillers to restore the volume their faces


held in their younger years. It's understandable that men might have previously been put off by the unnatural looking results of certain high profile celebrities, but with ongoing advancements in the industry they can now be confident in the fact they won't walk away looking de-animated, frozen or 'plastic' faced. The key is to not over treat, Phil explains. “Men are now more conscious of their appearance and are increasingly turning to cosmetic procedures for subtle enhancements… for them it's not a case of changing their looks, rather projecting a healthier, youthful look.” At Face Value the treatment begins with the initial consultation, examining the face and

Everyone will notice - no one will know! All injectables performed by Dr Philip Frost

Botulinum treatments Dermal Fillers Lip Rejuvenation Collagen Induction Therapy

Plasma Replacement Therapy Minor Surgery Advanced Medical Skincare Products Treatment for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

sometimes old photographs of the client to determine how they looked previously and what would be a desired natural-looking outcome. Phil's male clients come from all walks of life: builders, doctors, lawyers and so on. Often their wives or partners have had procedures done and encouraged them to do the same. Whilst when he first began in this medical specialty some 15 years ago it was rare to see a male client, these days around 10 percent of his practice is made up of males seeking to maintain/improve their appearance. One could say it's a 'menaissance'. For more information see For appointments phone (03) 388 8806.



Call us today for a no obligation consultation 03 388 8806



363 PAPANUI ROAD MERIVALE Metropol February 26, 2015 51



Central Otago winery th celebrates 25 Central Otago's Chard Farm Winery celebrated 25 years on the farm this month with a VIP wine tasting, birthday party and a family-friendly locals' Open Day.


elebrations were held last weekend, and in a 'nod' to the community that has supported the business over the decades, all proceeds from wine sales on the Open Day will go to local primary schools. Director and winemaker Rob Hay said he, wife Gerdi and family enjoyed celebrating the landmark anniversary. “I first set eyes on the farm in August 1986 after returning from Germany where I'd studied winemaking,” he said. “I fell in love with it and started managing it as an orchard, but when I had an epiphany one balmy Central Otago evening and envisioned it as a fully-planted vineyard I think more than a few people thought I was mad. “We were advised not to plant anything there at all, or at best stick with some obscure early-ripening Germanic variety of grape, but we persevered and with a lot of help from family, friends and locals we got there.” “The winery's gone from 200 cases produced in 1989 to over 40,000 cases produced annually. Chard Farm wines are exported to over a dozen countries and we're proud to say that our pinot noirs are found on many top restaurant wine lists throughout Australasia.”

Stunning Chard Farm Winery today, set high above the Kawarau River in Central Otago

52 February 26, 2015 Metropol


INDIAN CUISINE at its finest Coriander's restaurant in Edgeware, a local favourite for superb Indian cuisine for the past seven years, has just had a gentle makeover.


new Bollywood movie poster wall, new flooring, and lush and comfortable new leather chairs means the decor now reflects the luxurious style of the recently opened Coriander's at 222 St Asaph Street. It's a great move. The glamorous new inner city restaurant and bar is proving really popular, with people flocking in for lunches, snacks, drinks and evening dining. Leisurely meals or quick fixes are both looked after with ease and large groups are a specialty. “People really appreciate the decor, too,” says owner Amardeep Singh of his latest venture. As suits a suburban restaurant, Edgeware Coriander's has a more casual atmosphere with an emphasis on dining. Open for lunch and

dinner, it is BYO as well as licensed. Both venues are open for takeout meals, with online ordering the best way to go. “Ordering on line is very popular and works well,” says Amardeep. “And of course the dishes are of the same high standards that we serve in the restaurants.” Just go to the website find the “order on line button” and follow the simple instructions. The menu is extensive, with almost all the Coriander's favourite dishes available, including their signature sizzling platters.

You can pick up your fresh hot Indian feast from the restaurant or have it delivered. Details of pickup and delivery hours and delivery areas are all clearly spelled out. Restaurant reservations can also be made online. So suburban or inner city, eat in or take out, lovers of fine Indian cuisine can get their fix almost any time. Edgeware Coriander's is open 11.30am till 2pm and 5pm till 10pm daily. St Asaph Street is open from 11.30am until late daily.

Coriander’s New St Asaph Street location NOW OPEN!

Coriander’s Ethnic Indian Restaurant Come in and Experience an Exquisite Array of Delicate Flavours!

Phone 0508 111 001 St Asaph


Fully licensed NOW OPEN! 222 St Asaph St, CBD Christchurch Phone Bookings: call 03 365 5557 Opening hours: 7 Days 11.30am-12.30am Lunch: 7 Days 11.30am to 4.30pm Takeaway pick up 41 Welles

BYO & fully licensed 76 Edgeware Rd, Edgeware Village Chch Phone Bookings: call 366 7223 Lunch Monday-Friday 11.30am-2.00pm Dinner 7 Days from 5pm-10pm.


Hanmer Springs

BYO & fully licensed Shop No 8, 70-76 Rolleston Dr, Rolleston Square Rolleston, Christchurch Phone Bookings: call 03 347 2315 Lunch Monday-Friday 11.30am-2.00pm Dinner 7 Days from 5pm-

Fully licensed Shop 5/30 Cnr Conical Rd Hill & Chisolm Ave, Hanmer Springs Phone Bookings call 03 315 7616 Lunch Monday-Friday 11.30am-2.00pm Dinner 7 Days from 5pm-10pm

Kaikoura BYO & fully licensed 17 Beach Road Kaikoura Phone 03 319 6844 Lunch Monday-Sunday 11.30am-2.00pm Dinner 7 Days from 5pm-10pm.

Come in and Experience an Exquisite Array of Delicate Flavours! Metropol January 29, 2015 55 Metropol February 26, 2015 53

CUISINE Japanese style crispy chicken and Thai influenced mango salad with a touch of chilli, Nonya chicken, minced pork and prawn dip with sticky rice patties served with fresh greens – these are just three of the signature dishes you may find on the lunch menu at Fusion @ The Asiatique. The name is apt – Asian fusion is the secret of the fresh and tasty dishes at this Wordsworth Street restaurant, thanks to the influence of the team of chefs from who hail from Thailand, Malaysia and Japan.


wner Jackie Hendricks is passionate about serving delicious, genuinely authentic flavours from Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and Malaysia. While she serves up traditional dishes, many signature dishes are quirky fusion like the Japanese chicken served with Thai sauces or salads, using the best of local produce. “I find the fresh ingredients then I design the menu,” she says. Not surprisingly there are exciting daily specials, and regular customers can keep an eye on what's cooking on the Fusion @ The Asiatique facebook page. When Metropol calls, the lunch menu consists of eight dishes including salmon sautéed in lemon miso paste, roast duck in red curry with lychees and grapes (all peeled!) and grilled eye fillet salad with a lemon chilli dressing and fresh herbs. All are very affordably priced at $15 to $25 and all are freshly made to order. “We grind our herbs and spices every time. The customers can smell and taste it and know its fresh – right down to the galangal and lemongrass,” says Jackie. “I pride myself on the freshness and bringing out the character of each ingredient in a dish. I can make a fresh lively Nonya curry that would make a Peranakan mother in law proud.” This care and passion for flavour follows right through to


every detail. Dishes are served with bowls of fresh herbs and even the spicy ginger, garlic, chilli sauce and chilli vinegar placed on each table are house made. And if the dishes on the menu are not tempting enough, the cabinet contains Malaysian chicken curry, chilli pork and French beans plus those perennial favourites, butter

Asian street food at its best Set your taste buds to 'bam!' when dining at Fusion @ the Asiatique which, true to its name, serves up a killer mix of Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese. Sydenham's latest, this fusion hybrid hot house focuses on fresh, tasty and nutritious food in super comfy surrounds.

FUSION @ THE ASIATIQUE 54 February 26, 2015 Metropol

50 Wordsworth St, Sydenham Open Mon-Fri 9am-3pm Like us on

Phone: (03) 365 0163

chicken and mango chicken. There is certainly an abundance of deliciousness to choose from in this bright, cheerful restaurant. A few favourite dishes are: Nonya Chicken Curry, Crispy Chicken with Mango Salad, Nonya Prawn and Pineapple Curry,Crispy Chicken with Spicy Carrot Salad and Minced Pork Dip with Sticky Rice.


Cocktail Mary's mixologist



Mary's Mixologist Scottie Ronalds shares the secret behind making a sensational Citronella Mojito...


Also super popular are the mouth watering cream puffs. Tiny, delicate and smothered in custard and cream, these are made by the Japanese chef, and confirm what many already know, that when it comes to pastry and sweets, the Japanese are experts. Fusion @ The Asiatique situated at 50 Wordsworth Street is open 10.30am to 3pm for dine in or take out. “People are coming in for lunch and buying takeout meals for dinner,” says Jackie. “It's quality home cooking to take home.”

The Mojito is a traditional Cuban cocktail which Scottie Ronalds consists of just five simple ingredients, making it the perfect at home cocktail. People have been enjoying this Cuban classic on hot sunny days for years, its relatively low alcohol content and refreshing palate totally hit the spot. Bloody Mary's version has got a Citronella or Lemongrass infusion for that extra citrus kick.

Glassware It is best served in a high ball glass which does justice to the different ingredients used in Mojito. It is slightly taller than an old fashioned glass and slightly wider than a Collins glass. Glassware is available from Total Food Equipment.

How to make a Citronella Mojito... 60ml Bacardi 4 lime wedges 8-10 mint leaves 45ml lemongrass infused simple syrup Soda Methodology 1. Squeeze lime wedges into the glass. 2. Put the mint leaves on one hand and clap, this will help to release the aroma 3. Fill half the glass with ice, pour over Bacardi and simple syrup. 4. Stir the mixture using a bar spoon, add more ice and top up with soda. 5. Garnish with mint sprig and smashed stick of lemon grass. How to make Lemongrass Infused Simple Syrup Combine equal parts sugar and water in a bottle. Shake until the sugar is completely dissolved. Smash 4 sticks of lemon grass with a rolling pin add to bottle and leave to infuse.


Bloody Mary's is now online so check out where they will be publishing all the Mary's Mixologist recipes on their site for easy reference.

With its intriguing French/Asian country decor ('60s-style chrome chairs upholstered in red and white polka dots, gleaming dark stained timber, granite topped tables, and antique copper utensils) Fusion @ The Asiatique is a delightful place to dine in or to wait while your freshly made take-out meal is prepared. “It's a happy foodie place and my food is happy food that you eat to enjoy every mouthful,” says Jackie.

Metropol February 26, 2015 55


Fruity, creamy & caramelised A delicious baked French dessert Method Preheat a fan-forced oven to 180C (190C without fan) Grease a 1 litre flan dish with unsalted butter and dust with a little superfine sugar. Set aside. Place the silvered almonds onto a lined baking tray, place into the preheated oven and toast for 10 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from the oven and set aside to cool. Meanwhile, place the dried apricots into a medium saucepan and pour over the verjuice and water. Add the scraped vanilla seeds and pod, place over a medium to high heat, bring to simmering point and allow to cook for 5 minutes until the apricots are plump and soft. Remove the apricots and vanilla pod from the liquid, discard the pod and roughly chop the apricots and place in a bowl. Continue to simmer the verjuice liquid until it has reduced to 2 tablespoons, then remove and add to the cut apricots. In another mixing bowl, place the flour and sugar, whisk in the milk and cream, add the eggs and whisk until smooth. Place the chopped apricots into the base of the flan dish, then pour over the mixture, sprinkle the toasted almonds over the top and place into the preheated oven. Bake for about 30-35 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow to stand for 5-10 minutes. Then serve warm with crème fraiche.


atasha MacAller, author of Vanilla Table – The essence of exquisite cooking from the world's best chefs, shares this delicious recipe by Maggie Beer…

Apricot, Almond & Vanilla Clafoutis Serves 4 1 tsp unsalted butter, for greasing ½ C slivered almonds ¾ C dried apricots ½ C verjuice ½ C water 1 vanilla pod, scraped 3½ Tbsp plain flour, sifted 1/3 C superfine sugar 1/3 C milk ½ C whipping cream 3 free-range eggs, large 1 C crème fraiche to serve

Only NZ Restaurant

with South Devon on the Menu! Traditional Japanese Cuisine from the Tomi Family

2 Colombo St Cashmere P. 964 2880 Bookings Essential

Ph: 03 377 8028

76 Edgeware Rd Edgeware Mall ChCh

Open 11.30am until late Monday to Friday 10am to late on Saturday and Sunday

Cnr Roydvale Ave/Wairakei Rd, Chch Ph: 358 7978 Open every day 7.30 - 5pm Winner of the Café of the Year Award Christchurch / Canterbury Region 56 February 26, 2015 Metropol

Wilma Laryn and the


Cracroft Chase Vineyard By Hans Petrovic

Although a fulltime resident in New Zealand since 1996, Wilma Laryn still keeps herself busy promoting the language, culture, films and food of the country of her origin – Italy. And that is on top of spending a lot of her time at the Cracroft Chase vineyard and winery, hidden away in a little valley in the Port Hills, at the far end of Shalamar Drive, off Cashmere Road, which she has developed with her husband, Alessandro.


uring the past three years, she has been particularly concentrating on teaching Italian to people of all ages on behalf of the Dante Society of Christchurch. “We had two beginners' classes in the first year and now we have six classes each week on three different levels – beginners, post beginners and intermediate,” says Wilma. Classes are held at St Ninian's church, 9 Puriri Street, Riccarton, for further information, check the website, A committee member of the Dante Society, Wilma was president for several years and has also taught Italian cooking classes. Although these are not being held at the moment, the society hopes to start them up again. The society also has free screenings for members of recent Italian films at St Ninian's at 7.30pm on the last Wednesday of the month. The Dante Society of Christchurch is part of an international organisation established in Italy in 1889 with the aim of promoting Italian language and culture throughout the world. Since 1999, Wilma has produced and presented “Cartolina”, a programme on Italian culture and life, on Community Radio Plains FM96.9, which is broadcast on alternate

Wilma and Alessandro Laryn Wednesdays at 7.30pm and repeated the following Monday at 10.30am. A mathematics teacher back in Italy, she turned to music in Christchurch, starting her collaboration with Canterbury Opera in 1998, as the chorus's Italian diction coach. This led to working with Southern Opera and also with the University of Canterbury, where she covered the Italian section of the course on European Languages for Musicians. In recognition of all this work, the Italian Government conferred on her in 2005 the title of Cavaliere dell'ordine Stella della Solidarieta Italiana (Knight of the Order of the Star of the Italian Solidarity) for her work as a teacher and radio journalist.

With the reopening of restaurants and liquor stores since the earthquakes, Wilma and Alessandro's wine business has also been growing in Christchurch. There are also wider sales in New Zealand and overseas, particularly Australia. The Laryns planted 4500 vines over five hectares in the rich soil of the valley floor in 1998 and the winery was completed in 2003. It now produces an award-winning, very drinkable, dry pinot gris, which comes in two basic styles, Grey Pearl and Wood's Edge, which are suitable for lunch and dinner respectively. “After the earthquakes, there were not many places for people to go, so we decided to open the vineyard and winery – which is only a 15minute drive from the centre of the city – for people to buy wine here and relax outside on sunny days and look at the beautiful countryside,” says Wilma. At this time of year, Cracroft Chase is open to the public from 2pm to 3pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but it is best to check during the winter months. Appointments can be made by phoning Wilma on (03) 337 9339. Metropol February 26, 2015 57


Flavour fusions As post-quake Rolleston continues to take shape, the increasing number of visitors to the area are finding out what local residents have known for over seven years – for great service, even better food and reasonable prices, you can't go past Monkey Spices.



raditional Italian with an Oriental twist isn't something you come across every day but Monkey Spices offers exactly that – and with Japanese owners and Italian chefs, every dish is guaranteed to be authentic, fresh, tasty and sometimes surprising. Owner Chie Mochizuki has fond memories of Italian food from her childhood in Tokyo. “We used to dine at Tokyo's Italian restaurants and it has always been my favourite cuisine. I come from a family of restaurateurs so it just made sense to open a restaurant here that combined my favourite food and my culture.” Now with two Italian chefs on board the

authenticity factor has reached new heights. Between Chie, her husband Taka (also Japanese), and Italian chefs Guiseppe and Davide, the clash of cultures is generating a real creative buzz in the kitchen. And the everevolving Monkey Spices menu is the culmination of that creativity. Since the arrival of Guiseppe and Davide, the Italian dishes have been further refined in a traditional sense and, in true Monkey Spices style, new flavour combinations that promise to excite and inspire have been added. However, the biggest change is the addition of a new Italian-style tapas menu – still with the restaurant's signature Oriental twist.

Italian chefs Guiseppe and Davide

“We found that some of our regular customers were starting to order a few entrees as their meal rather than a single main dish. I think that people often like to share when they go out and experience different flavours. It's a trend we are noticing and it's how we like to dine too.” New additions on the tapas menu include prawn and avocado croquettes, caprese pinchos and a mini laksa quiche. Most dishes are between $6 and $9 and Chie recommends enjoying them as an entrée or to select a few and make it a meal. Even better, order lots and share with your table. Each dish is flavoursome, fresh and delicious.

Fendalton’s Favourite Café THAI RESTAURANT & COURTYARD BAR

Dine in or Takeaway


Gluten Free options Weekend Breakfast Specials Underground Coffee Fully Licensed

* Wheelchair access * Takeaways * Private rooms * Wheelchair access * BYO wine & fully licenced Mobile Teppan yaki and Gourmet japanese cuisine


Book Now 021 965 281 03 347 7444


58 February 26, 2015 Metropol

PH.(03) 355 6229

We welcome all visitors to the Cricket World Cup Fantastic NEW MENU. Pop into our friendly cafe & relax with your favourite coffee. Located at top end of Riccarton Rd. Only walk away from World Cricket Venue. Present this advert to receive one FREE Drink! 35 Riccarton Rd P. 348 1984

Open 7 days Mon-Fri: 0730-430pm Sat-Sun: 0830-430pm

Fendalton Village Mall Cnr Ilam & Clyde Rd Ph. 351 4414


excite foodies

BETWEEN CHIE, HER HUSBAND TAKA (ALSO JAPANESE), AND ITALIAN CHEFS GUISEPPE AND DAVIDE, THE CLASH OF CULTURES IS GENERATING A REAL CREATIVE BUZZ IN THE KITCHEN. On the main menu, diners can choose from Napoli-style stone-fired pizza, a range of freshly made pasta dishes, as well as a small selection of meat and veg dishes. All pasta is made fresh daily with the likes of the gnocchi and ravioli appealing to those who enjoy a more delicate and refined dish. Whereas, for diners who want wholesome, hearty Italian fare, then it's hard to compete with traditional bolognese and carbonara. For regulars, Haojao crispy chicken pasta is

always a favourite with its combination of crispy chicken and smooth fettuccine. Also popular with regulars, and for good reason, are the sporadic, invitation-only degustation dinners. As testament to their love of entertaining, for special occasions, Chie and Taka close the restaurant to the public and invite a select group of regulars to enjoy a seven-course degustation dinner at a very reasonable price. “It's a way for us to thank our regulars and

also to try new things. We love to experiment but we always maintain the same high quality no matter what we are preparing. We always aim to provide food and service to a very high quality but without the fine-dining prices,” Chie explains. Monkey Spices is open Tuesday to Sunday from 5.30pm. Fully licensed and BYO wine only. 70-76 Rolleston Drive (Shop 9). For more information phone (03) 347 7444 or visit

Warm & inviting Delectable Food - Great Coffee

PURPLE WEKA Café & Bar A centrally located café with its own twist on Kiwi café dining. Providing you with a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy great coffee and some real Kiwi (Weka) Kai like Nana used to make. Plenty of car parking. Don't be a bird brain…. Get your Weka fix!


Fabulous food, quality wine, great coffee

Large variety gluten free Free range eggs Homebaked fresh bread Daily specials

Hours: Mon - Wed 6am - 4pm Thursday 6am - 4pm Friday 6am-4pm Sat & Sun 8am - 4pm

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Jagz of Kaiapoi

48 Fitzgerald Ave

Ph (03) 366 0258


Fully Licensed




359 Lincoln Rd Addington P. 339 2020 Open 7 days

Sovereign Palms 416 Williams Street Ph: 03 260 1618 Metropol February 26, 2015 59


Tasty lunch or tempting tapas O

nce, when Jax Hamilton was confronted with rows and rows of food stalls, she just couldn't decide what to order. Her friend suggested the raclette, as she had never tried it. She said it was partly curiosity that drew her to this enigmatic stall selling food you would normally eat off-piste after skiing all day. “Imagine cutting a large round Edam in half, heating one half with a hot blow torch and then scraping the melted cheese over prosciutto, warm onions and new potatoes. So simple, yet so divine! This recipe is from Union Jax Back to Blighty, with food photography by Stephen Goodenough. Raclette Tapas Style Serves 4 knob of butter 1 Tbsp olive oil 1 red onion, thinly sliced 8 medium sized new potatoes, cooked and diced ¼ C small gherkins, roughly chopped Salt and freshly ground black pepper 100g Gruyere, grated 100g Edam, grated 8 slices prosciutto or Parma ham ½ tsp smoked paprika Method Melt the butter and oil in a frying pan and toss in your onion. You don't want to cook them, just warm them through and take the bitterness out so you still get a nice crunch in the finished dish. Toss them around now and again in the warm butter for about 5 minutes Preheat your grill to 200C. Scatter your diced potatoes in the bottom of a large dish; or if you're making tapas, use 4 individual ovenproof dishes. Top with a layer of the cooked onion and sprinkle over the gherkins. Season with salt and freshly ground black-pepper. Mix your cheeses together and sprinkle half over the

potatoes and onion. Cover with a couple of slices of prosciutto, then top with the remaining cheese and a dusting of paprika. Place directly under the hot grill. Cook until the cheese has melted and oozed through the layers of gorgeousness! To serve Serve with a tossed green salad and a cold bottle of beer.

It's only Parma ham if it comes from Parma Prosciutto or Parma is dry-cured, thinly sliced ham. Although steeped in Italian tradition, nowadays it is used in hundreds of different dishes across a wide range of cuisines – in platters of antipasti, folded over fresh pizza, in sandwiches and salads, wrapped around your favourite meat, or old-school with balls of sweet and juicy melon. If you're talking to an Italian about Parma ham, they will tell you that only ham produced and cured in the hills around Parma can, by law, be called 'Parma' ham… and that it is made from only four main ingredients – pork, salt, air and love.

60 February 26, 2015 Metropol


Discover why New Yorkers love 'em "We love bagels… and pizza. Always have. And, as them wise folk say, do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life. So, Wholly Bagels and Pizza was born, which meant we could spend every day enjoying making them, baking them, spreading them, filling them, eating them and of course preparing them for bagel lovers like yourself!"


ow this thriving NZ born business has set up home in Christchurch - the first Wholly Bagels and Pizza franchise to hit the South Island - but Christchurch master licensee, Zhe Zhang says the Creyke Road store is the first of more that will pop up around the region this year.

Jono There's a reason this bagel and pizza franchise has become an iconic name - firstly they get into a New York state of mind, with all the recipes utilising the techniques perfected in the Big Apple. After being baked to perfection, take one of the 13 flavoured bagels from sesame seed and wholegrain through to jalapeno, cheddar, and chocolate chip, and add delicious fillings. There are 19 of these be it a gourmet or classic filled bagel. Be it a breakfast, lunch, creative, mini, veggie or a naked bagel ready for spreading cream cheese all over or dunking in one of the

soups - the choice is yours. In addition to shop sales, there are numerous catering and corporate options, snacks, coffee and takeaway food. Then there is the pizza! Just like the bagels, the ingredients will make you salivate, they're made using authentic, traditional methods. Size is everything to New Yorkers, so the New York style pizza only comes in large (14 inch, still bigger than most other pizza places) and jumbo sizes (20 inch or half a metre or 'massive as' in Kiwi speak). Made with tradition in mind, the pizza is never overloaded - all ingredients

to NEW urch! ch t s i r h C Bagels

are given room to shine on bases that are deliciously thin and crispy. So to check out New Zealand's “most passionate” providers of bagels and pizzas head to Wholly Bagels and Pizza, corner of Creyke Road and Ilam Road, phone (03) 351 0883, or visit And, if you think you have what it takes to make your mark selling New York style bagels and pizza and want to be your own boss, join the team. Contact Zhe Zhang at or phone 021 880 274.

Great gifts, Great Coffee...

Gold Award Winner



GOT GUESTS TO IMPRESS? or ravenous troops who deserve a lunch or catering treat?

Save the day - we can deliver a beautifully presented platter of filled bagels an antipasto platter, seasonal fruit platter or a brunch of delicious pizzas Then ... blow their minds with cakes and slices to finish!

Creyke Rd, 136 Ilam Rd, Ilam

P. 3510883



café & gifts Rolleston Shopping Centre Rolleston Ph 347 3314 Open 7 Days

376 Riccarton Rd Church Corner Mall, Upper Riccarton P. 341 7421

Metropol February 26, 2015 61



The hero of the relaxed kitchen Vintage, eclectic, shabby chic, retro, beachy – many words describe the many faces of this kitchen style that is a world away from sleek finishes, custom designed cabinetry and integrated appliances…



lements include cupboards, tables and shelving that rarely match but all have a sense of nostalgia and timelessness. Layering creates the look, with kitchen accessories and tools, in a mix of colours and finishes, on display but there is usually one hero piece that anchors the space. Top of the 'hero' wish list, in a growing number of cases, are Smeg's freestanding retro styled cookers and the brand's iconic refrigerators. The key to their popularity, says Smeg, is the beautiful vintage styling that melds seamlessly with the most efficient 21st century technology. The FAB28 and FAB10 refrigerators, for example, feature automatic defrost, crystal quick-chill shelves, tropical rating and the choice of left or right-hand door hinges. The cute FAB10 is an under-bench model designed for drinks – it has bottle shelf, adjustable can holders and door shelving compartments. This model comes in a choice of black, red and panna. The FAB28 features customisable drawers and keepers for salads, vegetables, meats, dairy, bottles and eggs plus a dedicated chrome wine rack. The Victoria freestanding cooker, in black or cream, is worthy of its hero status in terms of both styling and performance. With a gleaming enamel finish it houses two six function 70 litre capacity thermoseal ovens, 2700W electric grill, seven burner gas hob and a generous storage drawer.






Persian Rug Gallery Christchurch’s oldest local handmade rug store at 62 February 26, 2015 Metropol

231 Brougham St Ph. 365 7693 (Opp Sydenham Park) * Conditions apply. Selected stock only.

SALE ON NOW OPEN 7 DAYS 9.30 -5.30

It’s time to move on and leave the repairs of your home to us... From start to finish we will help you to OPT OUT with your EQC repairs then project manage and oversee your job from start to finish




Following the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, we have repaired nearly 500 homes, helping Christchurch residents get on with their lives.

Opting out with iconstruct was the best decision we ever made! From the moment we contacted Ben to get repairs underway it was a stress-free and simple process. We were always well informed along the way and the fact that we were given a timeline before the work started was invaluable, especially when trying to organise our temporary accommodation. Nothing was a bother for Ben and the team, they were always very easy to contact and we even had some additional work done on our house at the same time. The process was far simpler than we could have imagined and the end result was fantastic.

– Jason & Elesha Ennis Read references from our many satisfied clients on our website.

We are a painting and project management company based in Christchurch, New Zealand, focusing on painting, building, renovation, and earthquake repairs in the residential and commercial sectors. In an industry with something of a reputation for unreliability and quality control issues, we can help you by removing the hassle of organising and working with trades-people and contractors. We offer a complete management and oversight service, from project start through completion; allowing our clients to rest easy knowing their work is carried out professionally to a high standard. Our skills and experience mean we have the tools needed to see your project through to completion, whether it’s a renovation, alteration, or new build. We handle the entire process on your behalf, keeping you informed the whole way through.

We can help you with: • Opting-out on your EQC or Insurance Repairs • Project Management and Oversight of Job from Start to Finish ! FREE CONSULTING

Opting Out can speed up your repair process, and gives you greater flexibility in how those repairs are handled. Opting out is a safe and simple process If you are one of the many still waiting on your earthquake repairs, please contact us to learn how we can help you.

iconstruct 1/81 Magdala Pl, Christchurch

PH 021 618384

CHRISTCHURCH LTD licenced building practitioner (LBP) & master painters


Designer bathrooms: The world of home renovations can be an overwhelming place. It is difcult to know where to begin, what options are available and what the best products are for your needs.


ffering advice to assist home owners in designing their perfect bathroom is the favourite part of the job for the team at Edward Gibbon on Cranford Street. “I love helping them create their bathrooms,” says Brooke. For Brooke, Charlotte, Martin and manager Lesley, who make up the retail team at Edward Gibbon, this means continually learning about the new products available through ongoing training with their suppliers. “There are lots of things we need to nd out to get the right product for the customers,” says Lesley. Often these are things which the customer may have never thought about, particularly for existing homes - do they have mains or low pressure water, what is the existing plumbing and can this be easily altered, and what is the budget? “Toilets are one of the most complicated products,” says Lesley, with the details of the plumbing of the current

toilet important information for any renovation work. One of the most crucial parts of the design process is the style of bathroom that the customer wants to create. Often this is dictated by budget, with the team at Edward Gibbon able to share their knowledge of the products available in order to nd exactly what each customer requires. Their extensive range of products cover the basic necessities of vanity, shower and bath, with these being simple or statement pieces, including the well-known brands such as Engleeld, Athena, Michel Cesar, VCBC, St Michel, Caroma and the large collection of products from Plumbline and Robertson. “Plumbers really like Methven,” says Lesley, with the New Zealand brand popular for both its high quality and 20 year warranty. For those looking for something a little different there is much to choose from -

Specialising in beautiful home staging and interior design

Phone 348 3285

295 Blenheim Rd

Jess: 021 879 777 Viv: 021 392 371

Sally Ibbetson Design Interior Design & Soft Furnishings Since 1985

Need help with your house? Give me a call, for new customers the first one hour consultation is free. Phone 021 286 0668 or 03 421 5668

established 20yrs 64 February 26, 2015 Metropol


Advice & inspiration

By Rachel Smith


the extreme ceramic thinness of Catalano washbasins, counter top basins from Bagno design, and DCS towel rails with eye-catching functional design. Lines such as Hansgrohe create European designs that make use of the latest technology and creative ideas from designers such as Philippe Stark.

“They've got simply fantastic design,” says Lesley of Hansgrohe. Their latest pieces include the Raindance Select shower range, with the ability to alter the shower settings at a touch of a button. Edward Gibbon also stock the finishing touches for any bathroom, with a diverse selection of mirrors, towel rails, bathroom accessories, and lighting and heating. The team work closely with their

colleagues; Tania looks after the domestic customers in store, and Elliott and Leo in the trades department, with close relationships formed with regular customers. This is a relationship which benefits all – plumbers are happy to offer professional advice to the team or customers, and the team are happy to refer their customers to a plumber they trust. Edward Gibbon are able to

provide the great quality products that customers want, at a budget that works for them, and provide excellent service. Edward Gibbon is open six days a week – retail from 8am – 5pm, and trade open from 7.30am on Monday to Friday, and both open on Saturday 8am – 4pm, with Head Office, Housing Group and Trade operating from their Kingsley Street premises.

WE LOVE CLEANING! That’s what we do best!

Aluminium windows Aluminium doors Thermally broken windows and doors Architecture series windows and doors Hardware for windows and doors

Kaiapoi Aluminium Joinery


Please call us for free no obligation quote on

027 333 8255

1261 Main North Rd Bridge End Belfast

Ph. 323 7808

RICHARDS BUILDING ...your choice for tiles.

naturally tiles

- naturally

13 Mandeville St Ph: (03) 343 0933 Christchurch

New Architectural Homes

Building Repairs

Project Management Commercial Fit Out Large & Small Renovations, Restorations & Alterations Brad Richards 021 025 10654 Metropol February 26, 2015 65


The simple style of Italian fashion Soft Italian linen and the light wash of French antiques create a memorable space at The Old Meadery. Set amongst the historical Havills Meadery in Fernside, Anette and Graeme Drewery collect items they love. Always on the hunt for treasures, they have become expert at seeing what a piece can become, forming contacts across Europe to source one-off fashion and homeware pieces.


heir fashion line comes direct from France and Italy, providing a selection of finely woven linens in natural shades of white, blush, rich yellows and dark blues, and a luxurious range of knitwear. The pieces are made for layering, where soft coloured knitwear teams perfectly with white linen shirts, and a range of linen pants. “There're always little bits arriving,” says Anette, who has the envious job of unwrapping their fortnightly parcels of fresh garments. For summer wear there are simple yet striking dresses, delicate tops, and feminine touches of lace mixing with the clean lines of linen. The pieces are as well suited to special occasions, such as mother of the bride, as they are for comfortable summer wear, with a waiting list for some of the more popular knitwear pieces. The new season's heavier weight range will be arriving from March, with Anette currently offering a 20% sale on summer stock to make room on the rack. As well as space in The Old Meadery itself, a room has been set aside in their own historical home so customers can take their time and enjoy the surroundings while trying on clothes, and experience the complete look created by their Bianca Lorenne bed linen and home textiles range.


Within the store there are more textiles, bright sun hats from Madagascar, the beautiful Danish home design magazine Jeanne d'Arc Living, and a wide array of French vintage antique pieces. “It transforms them back into life,” Anette says of the chalk painting work which she completes herself on pieces such as armoires and large mirrors. Visit Anette and Graeme at The Old Meadery, open daily 10 – 5pm, give them a call on (03) 313 1366, or check Facebook to see what is newly arrived in store.

French Vintage Chic Boutique The Old Meadery has an eclectic collection of wares for home and garden Exclusive Italian and French Designer clothing French Brocante and Antiques, bianca lorenne bedlinens

Hours: Open Daily from 10am or by appointment

The Old Meadery 66 February 26, 2015 Metropol

273 Plaskett Fernside

Ph 03 313 1366


Home office haven 2 1

"Tintin" Orange Soda. instore at Art & Frame Kathryn Furniss' painting 'The Two Of Us', available at Little River Gallery.

4 3

Short on time. Hire or Buy online from our new and improved website

Textured original 1200x1200 $495. Et elle 292 Clyde Rd.

Now at Modkids, 88 Williams St, Kaiapoi, Canterbury. Ph 03 327 2626.


Green, blue, white pots from $12 available from Querky Style, Main Road, Cust.

he best thing about home offices, small and large, is that you're the boss and you make the rules. Freedom has a selection of crisp and clean office finds that provide the perfect canvas. It's important, however, that due care is taken when selecting the basics – a table needs to be large enough to spread out as your work dictates while chairs need investment in line with hours clocked – your back will thank you later! Keep things uniform with matching filing and rubbish systems, en sure cords are tidy and out of sight then place a clock in plain sight so you can marry that elusive work/life balance. 1. Brandon Office Chair in white, RRP$139 2. Cancun Desk in white wash, RRP$899 3. Coco Round Wastepaper Bin in chocolate, RRP$24.95 4. Casablanca Clock in black, RRP$149 For more information visit

handcrafted furniture for kids and teens

Going to the Wildfoods Festival ? Buy your costume now, from Groovy Costumes. It doesn’t have to be only food that’s wild!

Groovy Costume Hire 270a Cranford St

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20% OFF

Personal design service New Zealand made 88 William St Kaiapoi p. 03 327 2626


More instore at 130A Riccarton Rd

Ph. 348 6600 Open 6 Days

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Main Road, Cust

Ph 03 310 2325

Open Wed - Sun10-4pm

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ay hello to the FUJIFILM X-A2 – the first X series model to sport a 175 degree tilt making it perfect for selfies! Rotating the tilting LCD by 175° automatically focuses on the subject's eyes allowing Kiwis to shoot self-portraits that make the most of the famed X Series image quality, with an emphasis on reproducing even and smooth skin tones. Key Features: Ÿ Fast and accurate autofocus – Eye Detection AF, Auto Macro AF, Multi-Target AF Ÿ All new kit lenses with a minimum working distance of 15cm for macro photography Ÿ Unique Classic Chrome film simulation mode Ÿ Outstanding colour reproduction For more information go to X-A2 twin lens kit from RRP $1,169.99

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By Sally Blundell

Take a base of contemporary bach aesthetic, add a measure of traditional Pacific design and a good splash of island sophistication and the result will look something like the new luxury holiday home designed by ADNZ member Greg Young of Christchurch's Young Architects, for two families seeking an island retreat on an idyllic site at Denarau, on the western coast of Fiji's main island, Viti Levu.

Designing a Pacific F

rom the outside the Marina Point holiday home appears to be a series of four simple bures – the traditional wood and straw huts found across Fiji and the Pacific – but here made of plastered concrete and complemented by an outdoor pool, extensive plantings and lighting. To meet the clients' needs, the bures incorporate a private living area for each family and a central shared space, all inter-connected by timber boardwalks that give a relaxed resort-style feel. On the inside, luxury living in a tropical environment is given full expression, balancing the fantastic views and airy countenance (the bures are naturally ventilated using louvres, large doors and breezeways) with a cool intimacy and traditional Fijian designs and materials. The simplicity of the structures is given added depth with a range of native timbers, woven mats, controllable lighting, island motifs and vivid earthy tones. “The environment is critical,” explains, Young. “You need the openness because of the temperature but it also has to be comfortable, both physically and emotionally. The inside is

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where you have all the texture, the warmth and the relaxing, welcoming aesthetic. “It was a real challenge, getting right back to basics and thinking about why you were doing things rather than doing things simply because you do it. The outside is really bright so you want the inside to be more of a haven away from all that brightness. So rather than making it bright and light as we would in a colder climate, we closed it in by using darker timbers. The whole design exercise is a complete reversal of what we do in Christchurch.” Further complicating the process was Young's determination to include a distinctly Fijian vernacular – this in a popular region of Fiji dominated by western style resorts and holiday homes that look straight out of the pages of a Gold Coast real estate brochure. "Fiji has lost a lot of its village feel and many of its traditional responses and ways of living. So for me it was important to do something that was appropriate for the setting and for Fiji.” To understand the local cultural context he sought the advice of family members who manage a resort in Fiji with its own


Island retreat... "FIJI HAS LOST A LOT OF ITS VILLAGE FEEL AND MANY OF ITS TRADITIONAL RESPONSES AND WAYS OF LIVING. SO FOR ME IT WAS IMPORTANT TO DO SOMETHING THAT WAS APPROPRIATE FOR THE SETTING AND FOR FIJI.” cultural/historical show village, “so I was able to talk to the guides as to the historical reasons why they do certain things and apply those to a modern building. For example, the chief or medicine man's home will have a much higher pitched roof with a lot more prominence than anyone else, and the way they install their posts has strong cultural significance historically. We applied that to this design: prominence was given to the meeting place rather than the two sleeping bures.” Throughout the interior the artisanal nature of traditional materials and building techniques is evident. Construction materials were sourced locally wherever possible to ensure cultural integrity and to reduce costs (building materials brought into Fiji are heavily taxed). As well as using a range of native Fijian timbers, the bures incorporate hand-woven flax ceiling panels as seen throughout the Cook Islands, Tonga, Vanuatu and Fiji. “In New Zealand you see manufactured versions but in Fiji we really wanted them to be hand-woven. We used locals and local skills as much as we could – it gives something back to the communities. It is all part of the journey.” It was a journey shared closely with the

owners, one of whom Young has already designed a woolshed conversion and a Gothic revival brick and stone home in the heart of Fendalton in Christchurch. “So all completely different projects but he is a very hands-on client. He has a good eye; he understands balance and space and was very proud of his involvement in the design (of the Marina Point holiday home). It's all about relationships and there's a real synergy that can be gained in knowing you are meeting the clients' brief and then meeting their expectations when they finally start using the building. It is all well and good coming up with spaces that work and materials they like but when they are actually living there it is a completely different response.” Credits: Article - Defign magazine. Photography Diederik van Heyningen of Lightworkx Photography, phone (03) 377 5080. 'Marina Point' was designed by ADNZ member Greg Young of Young Architects, phone (03) 384 7879. For further information on ADNZ members go to the 'Find a Designer' section of the ADNZ website And to keep up with new information visit the ADNZ Facebook page

To read more on some of the top architectural designs in New Zealand over the last year, purchase Defign magazine by contacting ADNZ direct on (03) 358 0112 or

Your solution for low maintenance fencing... SMART, ROBUST, COST EFFECTIVE. We design, supply & install! P. 021 912 826 E. Metropol February 26, 2015 71


Beauty and the build You've all heard the stories of the gourmet chef who lives on two minute noodles… so does the rule of thumb transcribe to builders? Well quite simply it doesn't, at least if head of local construction firm Ainsworth Builders' director Shane Ainsworth's newly built home is anything to go by.


estled comfortably in Strowan's Halton Street, the striking home to Shane, wife Jemima and their two beautiful daughters, has taken detail to the next level. The first thing you notice as you come up the driveway is the elegant Heritage Tray roofing profile, a standout feature of the property's exterior. Rustic cedar detailing and large barn doors separating the living room – one of three living spaces – create a classic luxury lodge feeling within the interior. A children's play room extends off from the open plan living and dining room and a large outdoor space, featuring an outdoor fire place and large louvre system, opens up from the living room. A wide American oak staircase takes you

upstairs to three of the five bedrooms, including the elegant master bedroom and fully tiled ensuite – one of three bathrooms – accessible through a walk in robe and featuring a sizeable double shower. Interior styling by Alex Goodger from Kit and Caboodle has the family home looking like it's jumped off the pages of a magazine and a local photographer herself, Jemima has captured the stunning detailing in these images, with more available on the website. Local firm Canterbury Painting's Hayden McDonald and Phil Thompson, Darren from Lifestyle Joinery, Lane Watson Plumbing and iWire all played important roles in the build, while foreman Grant Knaggs supervised the project from start to finish. To view the property for yourself contact Shane directly on 021 796 255 or visit



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By Lydia Truesdale


Colourful life a creative journey Ana Comerlato has lived a colourful life. At her young age, she has already ventured off from her hometown in South America, travelled to many countries across the globe and studied photography in Australia.

Her love for variety is reected in her portfolio. In it you will nd wedding scenes, pregnancy and model portraits, family shoots, commercial photography and landscapes; there is no limit to what she can immortalise in print. Between photo-shoots for clients and photo documenting her own adventures Ana is constantly expanding her photographic knowledge and skills. When she isn't working with clients she is orn in Brazil, it's no wonder Ana has a thirst for exploring and inspiring others wi th regular photo-posts on her diversity and culture. It's people's passion for life facebook page. and what it leads them to discover that inspires These acquired skills enable her to eloquently capture moments her, and ultimately set her off on a creative journey between families and couples and the likes, and they also that she shaped into a career. ensure that commercial jobs are completed with a distinct Now settled in Christchurch and running her edge. photography business, Comerlato's As Canterbury rebuilds itself, and in turn requires Photography, Ana's world experiences updated imagery of new or renovated premises, Ana have proved benecial. She hones the carefully uses her skill set to make almost anything appear ability to understand and capture the photogenic – people, buildings or otherwise. essence of each moment, producing She understands that art is art and per spectives may works of arts to be kept as treasured differ, hence she offers photo packages that give clients mementos. access to all the photos taken. The packages generally “I love to photograph everything… include one large print of the client's choice as well as a CD people, places, moments… there are so many drive with the remaining images, though the packages can beautiful things all around us,” she says. be personalised to clients' specic needs and wants. “It's important we commemorate these Phone Ana on 021 203 7434 to arrange a booking. special memories so we can look back on Keep up to date with Ana and her photography on them and share them with others.” Photographer Ana Comerlato


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Colour goes bold, Fashion trends always come full circle and this season's home furnishing trends are no different… And no one knows this better than flooring and home furnishings retailer Hubbers – they have been in the business for 50 years this year. Karin Hubber, daughter of founders Lloyd and Chris Hubber, explains; “The latest trends to come out of the European collections are now hitting the shelves and many of them are striking a familiar chord.”


ubbers stocks a wide range of quality home furnishing products from the best local and international brands, and can transform any interior space from dull and dreary to vibrant, stylish and fashionforward. In terms of colour trends, Karin says, “We are seeing more than just bold, floral patterns there are also muted hues of colour blended together. Navy and subtle greens are making a return along with mustards and soft yellows. These are thrown together with blues, greens and soft mauves.

“Fabrics are following the same lines – soft colour palettes with splashes of bold, like red. Duck egg blue is still a favourite but there is also lots of navy in the mix.” Fabric prices range from $30 per metre right through to designer-end pricing. Not to leave the kids out, a browse through Clarke and Clarke's Storybook fabrics provides great inspiration; these fabrics are the perfect choice as they carry children right through the ages – not just kiddie prints. Another big trend according to Karin is imported paper, and Hubbers offers over 100

books to choose from. “The most popular ranges are Harlequin and Anthology, which features recycled glass papers, and also the Momentum books, which have copper papers. “Metal, wood, glass and copper are very big this year, and we can't leave out the botanicals for an amazing effect too. It's all about getting the right mix on your walls to complement your furniture – combining the old with the new. The selection is so huge it can be daunting, so allow plenty of time to browse the books.”

Property management the way it SHOULD be done! “Tessa and her team at Quinovic are amazingso professional, fair to both parties, innovative problem solvers and I'm proud to be a client, thank you” (Robert- multiple property owner) Tessa Watson Owner - Riccarton Office

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When it comes to floors, solution-dyed carpets are still the biggest sellers. “Their performance is outstanding and they are available in variable pile heights and fashionable shades.” However, laminate flooring sales are increasing every year. “Houses have better insulation now and hard flooring is a great look in kitchens and living areas. We recently took on the new Godfrey Hirst range of wood and laminate flooring as seen on The Block, which is also proving to be popular.” To complement the laminate and wood floors, Hubbers also stocks a large selection of matching vinyl planking floors for the wet areas of the house. Karin says that the company is seeing a lot of home furnishing activity, particularly in Christchurch. “A lot of interiors are being renewed as a result of the rebuild and earthquake damage. Often this is difficult for people who have not been exposed to it for many years but our staff have the knowledge and expertise to help and are great at putting it all together for our clients. It just removes the anxiety and we all need that.” Hubbers mobile vans carry large ranges of products but there is so much more to see in store. The tile area of Hubbers' Christchurch showroom has been revamped and features a whole wall of tiles of all colours and sizes at very competitive prices. “At Hubbers we recognise that time is precious for our customers, so we have provided all the products we have available in one store – Dulux paint, wallpaper, carpet, wood, laminate, homewares, bedding, vinyl, tiles, curtains, blinds and accessories to go with all these products.” Hubbers also stocks some of its own design ranges out of the UK that retail for less than half the designer ranges available in store. Before making any changes to your interior, spend some time at one of Hubbers' expansive showrooms in Christchurch, Rangiora or Blenheim. For more information, visit or call (03) 348 2954.


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By Cheryl Colley

The 'skinny' on geothermal heating No need for heating to cost the earth. Let the earth do your heating…


ay the words geothermal and heating and people in New Zealand inevitably think about the Wairakei thermal power station. But that link is a misconception when referring to geothermal heating systems. These types of heating systems are gaining popularity around the world and local Christchurch company, Next Energy Ltd, began bringing this heating solution to New Zealand in 2007. It is actually available not only to people in hot springs areas, but in most areas of this country. The main criterion is having access to an area of land that can be used for what is called “the captor field”. So when you think Next Energy Geothermal don't think geysers. Think instead of the latent low temperature heat that is in the ground all around us, unused, but accessible wherever we live. Soil is a living system that contains massive amounts of energy that is constantly being replenished from sunlight and rain. Even if the temperature in the air outside is -5C, a metre underground the earth can still be warm at +10C. So if you are looking to build in the near future consider a geothermal system. This is

SOIL IS A LIVING SYSTEM THAT CONTAINS MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF ENERGY THAT IS CONSTANTLY BEING REPLENISHED FROM SUNLIGHT AND RAIN. made up of three essential components - a “captor field” to capture the heat from the ground, a ground source heat pump to force the transfer of heat, and a heating system (such as in-floor heating) to distribute heat. Next Energy supply a complete turn-key service from initial advice on insulation to full heating design, installation and servicing. All components are sourced from leading European manufacturers and have been chosen for their energy efficiency. Next Energy pride themselves on being the specialists in the market and have already established good relationships with the architectural community, many of whom provide testimonials on the website You can contact Next energy on 0800 RENEWABLE (0800 736 392 253).

The future is in your hands, choose geothermal heating when you build...

Next Energy ‘captor field’

Next Energy ground scource heat pump


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P. 03 338 1081 M. 027 338 1081 A M A Z I N G K I T C H E N FA C E L I FT S E. E.

Why Geothermal? Next Energy Geothermal harnesses 'FREE' energy from the ground Geothermal is totally renewable with minimal impact on the environment Next Energy Geothermal has superior performance than other renewable heating solutions Geothermal has the added benefit of being invisible and unobtrusive· You own the energy source, future proofing against rising energy costs.



0800 RENEWABLE (736 392 253)

home of geothermal heating 76 February 26, 2015 Metropol

Ph. 03 341 7711

CHRISTCHURCH SHOWROOM: 145 Blenheim Rd Ph. 348 8358 Open 7 days 9am-5pm AUCKLAND SHOWROOM: 21 Davis Crescent, New Market Ph: 09 5247959.

w w w. u r b a n o i n t e r i o r s . c o . n z

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By Ben Selby

Fierce new Ferrari A new Ferrari is always news. So this is it, the 488 GTB. Due for official unveiling at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show in March, the 488 will be the long awaited evolution of the stunning 458 Italia first seen in 2010.


t first glance, nothing much seems to have changed. Take a second look and you see wider rear air intakes and a redesigned front and rear splitter. As with the new California T, the 488 GTB will get the turbo treatment, making it the first mid-mounted turbocharged Ferrari since the legendary F40 supercar of 1987. The 488 is also the latest car to adopt the GTB (Gran Turismo Berlinetta) nameplate which started with the 308 GTB of 1975. With a smaller capacity than the 458, each cylinder makes 488cc exactly hence the name, the 488 will have a 3.9-litre twin turbocharged


V8.The addition of turbo power has meant a power hike to 660HP at 8,000rpm, a lot considering the current 458 Speciale makes do just fine with 597HP. This also means the 488's biggest rival, McLaren's 650S, will be playing catch up. A revised seven-speed dual clutch transmission derived from the 458 will feature coupled to a new 'Variable Torque Management' system. Ferrari claims this will allow the driver to exploit the maximum of the power and torque available across the rev range. Add this together and you have a claimed top speed of 330km/h and the zero to 100km/h dash dealt with in three seconds flat. Other developments benefiting balls-out performance is a second generation Slip Slide Angle Control system first seen on the Speciale, allowing the driver to power slide with no fear of binning it. Production is expected to start in September 2015, so get saving now.

2006 Audi A3 Turbo FSi 2.0 Auto, Full leather ONLY $17,999

2006 BMW 320i MotorSport SW Sunroof, ONLY $19,999


2009 Alfa Romeo MiTo Turbo 1400cc Full leather, 6 Speed, 90km ONLY $18,999

2007 Mercedes-Benz C300 Avantgarde S 3.0 V6, Full leather, 56km ONLY $29,999

Inch Quality European

78 February 26, 2015 Metropol

2005 BMW 650i pana sunroof 4.8L Full Leather, 52k ONLY $37,999

2004 Jaguar XJ6 3.0 V6, Full leather, 79kms ONLY $19,999

2004 BMW X3 3.0 NZ NEW Full Leather, ONLY $14,999

2009 VW Tiguan 2.0TSi 4WD, Alloys, Cruise ONLY $22,999

541 Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch Devin Inch 0274 366076 Shane Symes 0211 289995 Phone 379 9529 1,2,3 YR WARRANTIES 25 Years Experience

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Mark 2 by Callum


he build of the second Mark 2 by Callum is already underway at the headquarters of leading restorers Classic Motor Cars of Bridgnorth (CMC). The first car, a Mark 2 redesigned by Jaguar’s Design Director Ian Callum and reengineered by CMC for his own personal use, was unveiled at the opening of the company’s new headquarters in August 2014, boasting a huge number of aesthetic and technical modifications. This will be the second of a limited run of twelve cars and is expected to visit the US next year. Nick Goldthorp, managing director of CMC, said: “The second Mark 2 by Callum is in production, it is going to be a left hand drive car and the body is nearing completion. We should finish the vehicle by the end of this year.” Each vehicle will be tailored to an individual buyer, who will spend time with Ian Callum to finalise the specification. Nick Goldthorp said: “No two cars will be the same, which makes them more unique. It is all in the small details that can be tailored, including the gearbox, exterior and interior colours. Each Mark 2 can be built as a right or left hand drive car with automatic or manual transmission and can be additionally fitted with power steering, air conditioning, electric windows and different types of wood veneer.”

Second Mark 2 in production

One of NZ's largest European vehicle selections 2004 Aston Martin DB9 6.0 V12 Coupe Now

2011 Audi A7 3.0 V6 TFSI Quattro Sportback Now



2003 Porsche Cayenne S 4.5 V8 4WD Now


Only 50,000kms, Iconic British Sports Coupe, Full Leather Sports Seats, Heated/Electric Seats, 19 inch DB9 Sports Alloys, Push Button Start, ABS/ESP, Factory Aston Martin Command CD/Stereo, Full Electrics etc. Hard to get a low mileage example like this today

Only 59,000kms, 20 inch Sports Alloys fitted, 220 KW TFSI Petrol Supercharged engine, 7 Speed Automatic, Quattro 4WD, Rear View Camera, LED Headlights, Comfort Front Seats, Bang and Olufsen sound, Adaptive Cruise Control etc. Stunning look in Black!

A very good looking Cayenne! NZ New, 22 inch Turbo 2 Style Sports Alloys fitted, Full Leather, Electric Seats, Glass Sunroof, Towbar fitted, Remote Locking, Porsche Command CD/Stereo/phone, Full Electrics etc. This will not hang around long at this price, be quick!

2002 Porsche 911 996 Carrera 4 4WD

2013 Jaguar XF S 3.0 TDV6

2007 Range Rover Sport 4.2 V8 Supercharged Now





A very good looking vehicle in Navy Blue Metallic, 18 inch Sports Alloys with Yellow Brake Calipers and Sports Rear spoiler fitted, New generation 3.6 Litre engine, Electric Seats, CD/Stereo with Ipod Connection, Remote Locking, Full Electrics etc. A lot of car at this price!

Diesel Luxury 8 Speed, Latest model XF Diesel S with 8 Speed Gearbox, Excellent fuel economy of 6-7 litres per 100kms!, 18 inch Turbine S Style Alloys, Full Leather, Electric Seats, NZ Navigation, Bluetooth Phone/CD/Stereo/Aux, LED front lighting, Push Button Start, Full Electrics etc. Only 23,000kms! Compare this!

511 Blenheim Road / Ph 03 366 8328 Over 150 more vehicles at 80 February 26, 2015 Metropol


Only 26,000kms from new! NZ New with Full Service History, Glass Sunroof, Roof rails, 20 inch Alloys, Running Boards, Detatchable Towbar, Console Fridge, Leather Heated/ Electric Seats, NZ Navigation etc. Inspection would impress!

AUTO PLUS Formula One is the absolute pinnacle of world motorsport. Whether you factor in competition, technical innovation or the glamour of racing the world’s fastest cars flat out to be World Champion, Formula One is the business. Unfortunately for most, the sensations of a Formula One car can only be experienced by a select few, until now. continued on next page...

By Ben Selby

Spine-tingling thrills W

e at Metropol AutoPlus could count our lucky stars when we were invited to play passenger in a three-seater Formula One Arrows F1 car during the 2015 New Zealand Festival of Motor racing at Hampton Downs. It took us a whole two seconds to say yes. The offer came as part of a new F1 attraction to New Zealand thrills, F1 Rides New Zealand. This gives the average Kiwi racing fan the chance to experience what Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher used to experience every second weekend. For owner Robert Borrieus Broek, the journey for Kiwis to

experience F1 thrills began with a simple overseas trip. “It all started when we discovered there was a lot of interest in New Zealand with Formula One due to names like Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon. We went overseas to buy the ex Gerhard Berger Ferrari 412T F1 car from 1994 and came back with the Arrows as well.” Robert actually found the three-seater car in the classifieds at the back of a magazine. “We contacted the owner who was a specialist in Formula One cars. We then went to the Ascari Race Track in Spain where the cars were kept and secured the car.” At that point there were no Formula One cars in New Zealand. “The Ferrari was the first late model F1 car in New Zealand and the Arrows AX3 gives people the opportunity to see, hear and ride in one.”

AUTOPLUS AUTOPLUS is a complimentary monthly section within this Multi National Award Winning magazine with a Readership of



For Advertising enquiries Contact... Barry White p: (03) 343 3669

For all your VW, Audi and Skoda needs, come to the right people! VW & Audi and Skoda Specialists Christchurch’s ONLY Trusted Volkswagen Specialist 65 Disraeli Street, Christchurch P: 03 365 3733 E:

WOF Full Workshop Service & Parts Metropol February 26, 2015 81



The Arrows name has been a part of Formula One for many a moon, since the late seventies through to the new millennium. The Arrows AX3 began life as a standard single-seater Arrows F1 car, driven by Jos Verstappen and Pedro De La Rosa during the 2000 season. “At the time, Arrows were in need of new sponsorship deals. So they had the idea of converting their single-seaters to carry three in order to take potential sponsors for a ride to get them involved and excited about Formula One. Unfortunately the project became so costly that it finished the team financially. Soon after that, they ceased operations.” As the AX3 was a three-seater, naturally there had to be a second backseat driver. While suiting up with flameproof overalls, I was told

my co-pilot would be someone who actually competed in Formula One during the 1980s.Think of eighties F1 and living legends like Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet and Keke Rosberg spring to mind. Huub Rothengatter competed in Formula One from 1984 to 1987. It was a brief stint but he still managed to go wheel to wheel with his colleagues at circuits like Monaco, Spa and Monza, driving for Spirit, Zakspeed and the Italian Osella teams. He was a quick driver, just lacking in competitive cars worthy of his talents. Despite a short career, he moved on to Formula One management, promoting fellow Dutch driver Jos Verstappen. Despite experiencing, first hand, one of Formula One’s golden eras, our ride in the AX3 Arrows was still emotional for him. “It is the first time I have been in a Formula One car since 1987,” he said with a grin.

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