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kooky for you There is nothing more refreshing than a new spring/ summer colour palate. Aqua sky, sundance yellow, blackberry kberry cordial, spring green, honeysuckle and red passion are among mong this season’s brights. Draping, ng, layering and manipulated texture re is a key look this season. Beautiful iful lace and florals are also scattered attered throughout the collection on – this look is further enhanced d with fluted ribbons, ruffled hemlines and shirred detailing. Whatever your look, the e KOOKY Spring/Summer er 2011/12 Collection has as it all from casual to corporate and special occasion.

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The ultimate fashion accessory Main South Road, Hornby, Christchurch.

Perfume should be considered as a fashion accessory because of how quickly it is noticed. Arthur Barnett at DressSmart has a large range of genuine discounted fragrances to suit all personalities and social occasions. Here are just a few..

Men’s Fragrances

Women’s Fragrances Juicy Couture Rollerball 7.4ml EDP Juicy Couture 7.4ml EDP Viva la Juicy’ 7.4ml EDP Couture Couture

Was $87

Gucci Rush 30ml EDT

Was $90

NOW $55

NOW $55 Calvin Klein Women’s Fragrance Mini Gift Set

Was $141 Hugo Boss Boss Grey 50ml EDT

Calvin Klein Eternity 100ml EDT

Was $113

Was $138

NOW $75

NOW $79

OFFERS APPLY TO DRESS SMART LOCATION ONLY Dress Smart (shop 415), Phone 03 349 2189. Main South Road, Hornby, Christchurch.

NOW $81

Forever by Mariah Carey 30ml EDP 100ml Body Lotion 50ml Shower Gel Deluxe Mini Parfum Replica

Was $81

NOW $59

Meridian Mall, George St, Dunedin. Ph 03 477-1129 (Cosmetics ext 868), Mail Order 0800-801-129 S1531

Fashion 1-9-11  
Fashion 1-9-11  

Fashion 1-9-11