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DiLucido serenades win at Idol DANIELLE KREIDER News Editor This year’s MU Idol contestants did not disappoint in their overall vocal deliveries on Tuesday night. Contestants sang two songs of their own choice and also contributed in opening and closing numbers. The opening number consisted of a Disney Medley which included songs from The Lion King, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and many more. Next the contestants began singing their first round song choice. The first contestant to sing was Tara Steigerwalt, a senior biology major who sang “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. Next was Colin DiLucido, a sophomore music major who sang “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain. Thirdly went a duet number by Abby Stimach and Felicia Guarriello both juniors and meteorology majors who sang “Bouncing Off the Ceiling” by the A-Teens. Next went Tristan Wilson, a senior communcations major who sang acapella with his acoustic guitar to the song “Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman. In the fifth slot went Julia Roehm, a MU Alum that studied art sang “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele. Next went Michaela Whitehouse, a freshman majoring in secondary education sang “This Is Me” by Demi Lovato. Lastly, went Philip Rooney, a freshman majoring in linguistics

who sang “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie. After the first round was a brief intermission where Expressions Dance Team performed to “Don’t Wake Me Up,” followed by a special performance by MU Idol 2011’s winner John Scargall who

John Scargall, MU Idol 2011 winner and Amanda Reedy, PRSSA member. Song choices for the second round included: Wilson, “Darkest Dream” by himself; Stimach and Guarriello, “For Good” by Wicked; Whitehouse, “I Will Survive” by

and the votes were counted for people’s choice and third place went to Whitehouse, second place (people’s choice) went to Roehm, and the first place winner was DiLucido. Lastly, the contestants gathered on stage for a closing num-


sang “Raise Me Up” by Josh Groben. The second round consisted of the contestants singing their second choice of song with commentary from the judges who were Dr. Boyle, PRSSA adviser,

Expressions Dance Team wowed the audience at intermission. Gloria Gaynor; Steigerwalt, “I ber to the song “We Go Together” Turn to You” by Christina Aguil- from the musical Grease. This era; Rooney, “I Am Alive;” Roehm, event was presented by PRSSA, “Landslide” by Glee; and DiLu- and Blossom Public Relations cido, “Just the Way You Are” by sold baked goods to benefit Church World Service of LanBilly Joel. The judges then deliberated caster as part of their fundraising campaign.

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Strike update STEVE HICKS APSCUF President Dear Students,


Amy Armstrong, a sophomore at Millersville, completed the world’s largest puzzle. rious puzzlers such as Arm- LancasterOnline. DANIELLE KREIDER Once she finished the last strong, since the puzzle once News Editor completed is 4ft by 15ft. The task section of the puzzle, again, Armof completing a puzzle of this strong was overtaken with a great Twenty-four thousand tiny magnitude can be very frustrat- sense of accomplishment. Also puzzle pieces may sound like a ing, time-consuming and tedious, according to LancasterOnline lot of work to some people, but but it proves to be just the oppo- Armstrong stated, "I'm probably one of the youngest persons to not for Amy Armstrong, a sopho- site for Armstrong. According to LancasterOnline complete this puzzle. When it all more at Millersville University. It took her only 10 months to Armstrong said that, "It's soothing fit together, it was amazing. Now complete the world’s largest puz- and comforting. I can't explain it, I can say I've completed the zle (as deemed by the Guinness but I find it extremely relaxing" to world's largest puzzle one and Book of World Records) entitled, work on puzzles. Armstrong did one half times," she said, smiling. As of now she still isn’t sure "Life: The Great Challenge," puz- discover that once she completed zle which is made up of images of the last 6,000-piece section of the where the puzzle will hang or fit ocean fish and animals, hot air puzzle that it did not align cor- in her home. She plans to start balloons, the lost city of Atlantis, rectly with the rest of the puzzle. working on a smaller puzzle next, wild animals, sailboats and the She then contacted EDUCA, the entitled "Tropical Impressions," solar system. The puzzle came in company in Barcelona, Spain, that which is a puzzle of the rain forfour packets, which fit together makes the puzzle. "They sent me est. It is significantly smaller vertically to finish the piece of a new one at no extra charge, than the one she just completed, which was nice because we had it is only 18,000 pieces, so this art, and it cost about $250. This type of puzzle is not to paid about $250 for it originally," should be a walk in the park for be taken lightly, it is meant for se- Armstrong explained, as stated by this young puzzle fanatic.


Colin DiLucido won first place and $100 at MU Idol 2012.

Faculty know you are worried that your professors will go on strike. We know you are concerned about the impact a strike would have on your classes, your finals, and your tuition dollars. After thoughtful deliberation and consideration about how a strike at this time would affect our students, we have decided to postpone consideration of a strike for the rest of this semester. APSCUF (Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties) and PASSHE (Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education) leaders have negotiations sessions scheduled for December. However, there is still a gulf between your faculty and the Chancellor. He still wants a separate pay scale for some temporary faculty. He is still proposing increases in payments for reduced health care benefits. He wants to cut our retirement health care and stop offering those benefits to new faculty. He wants to stop payments for distance education, but has not addressed our concerns about growing class sizes. The Chancellor continues to demand more concessions from

your faculty than the Governor asked from our campuses’ hardworking secretaries, groundskeepers and custodians. These negotiations remain about simple fairness. All of the outstanding issues have a direct effect on the quality of education we provide, as all will impact who is in the classroom and the type of classes that are offered. We know that you understand that the conditions under which faculty work are the conditions under which you learn. We know that you want your university to continue to attract and retain the quality faculty you deserve. We have done our best to try to avoid a strike. We waited over a year and a half before even uttering the word. We gave the Chancellor several opportunities to settle a fair contract, including a two-year extension proposal and the offer of binding arbitration. We offered to pay more for health care and suggested ways for Chancellor to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in health care costs. He rejected them all. We do not want to go on strike. We want to educate our students. However, the core meaning of “union” is one, and we cannot accept the Chancellor’s unsubtle attempts to divide and exploit segments of

our faculty union. The interests of our students are always on our minds. It is why we have waited and hoped that with time we could convince the Chancellor to be fair. With higher education comes the understanding that there are times when people must stand up for themselves. If the only way we can convince the Chancellor to be fair is to go on strike, then we must stand up for ourselves. It is what we would expect of you in the pursuit of fairness. But know that your faculty will only strike as a last resort. You can count on us to continue do all we can to reach a fair agreement. The last two years, faculty and students worked together to turn back Governor Corbett’s historic budget cuts for our universities. We held rallies and met with legislators who know the value of public higher education. We have stood together for quality education. We can now use your help to avert a strike. Please write to the Chancellor at and tell him to settle a fair contract with the faculty. You do not have to argue our side. Just tell him to be fair. The more he hears from you, the more likely he is to change the proposals even he knows APSCUF cannot in wisdom accept. We appreciate your support. Info courtesy of APSCUF

Info courtesy of LancasterOnline

Millersville Weather Forecast

Forecasted by student meteorologists: Eppig, Fowler, Mullinax, Rosenthal, Uribe

from the Millersville University Campus Weather Service


26o Mainly clear and cold.



46o Partly sunny and seasonably cool

48o Partly sunny and seasonable.



52o Partly sunny with a chance of a shower.

For the latest weather forecast, please visit



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Calling all ladies LAURA MAGINLEY Assoc. News Editor November 6, 2012 at 12:03 PM Desmond Moore of Easton, PA was cited for trespassing at Millersville Police station. Criminal charges were filed for defiant trespass. November 6, 2012 at 8:10 PM Chadwhick Cristie of Philadelphia, PA was charged for the possession of paraphernalia on the first floor of Gaige Hall. A report was filed and charges to be filed. November 7, 2012 at 5:59 PM Two students were stuck in the Lenhardt Hall elevator. A report was filed. November 9, 2012 at 12:16 AM Mattew Simyak of King of Prussia, PA was cited for running a stop sign on Brooks Drive and West Frederick. A citation was issued and a report was filed.

November 13, 2012 at 10:42 AM A driver was cited for an expired inspection sticker on the 1st block of James Street. A warning was issued with ten days to respond. November 17, 2012 at 11:36 PM Nicholas Engelnab of Allentown, PA, Matthew Zahora of Pottstown, PA, and Kyle Dentler of Pottstown, PA were cited for underage drinking at Burrowes Hall. Evidence was seized, citations were issued, and a report was filed.

November 20, 2012 at 11:07 PM A driver was cited for an expired inspection sticker on the 1st block of Shenks Lane. A warning was issued with five days to respond.

November 9, 2012 at 10:03 PM Alpha Camara of Reading, PA was cited for driving without a license on Creek Drive at Centennial Drive. A citation was filed and a report was filed.

November 20, 2012 at 2:08 PM Jeffrey Frantz of Newtown, PA was cited for a crosswalk violation on the 1st block of North George Street. A traffic citation was issued.

November 10, 2012 at 7:44 PM The odor of marijuana was reported on the second floor of Gaige Hall. A report was filed.

November 23, 2012 at 5:50 PM Shayne Rothweiler of Lancaster, PA was cited for running a red light on North George and Cottage. A citation was issued. A report was filed. November 25, 2012 at 6:35 PM Gabriel Ovfedo of Lancaster, PA was cited for running a stop sign at the Residence Hall Circle. A report was filed.


LAURA MAGINLEY Assoc. News Editor

affairs at the State University of New York Institute of Technology. Anderson holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physics and a Ph.D. in education. The second candidate for consideration is Dr. Kent Neely, provost and vice president for academic affairs and professor at Western Oregon University. Neely has an extensive background in theatre, his longest position is with the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance at the University of Minnesota where he serviced as the managing director of University Theatre and also as a lecturer. In the past he has served as a dean and professor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; associate dean and professor at Boise State University and Head of the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance at the University of Minnesota. Neely received his bachelor’s degree in speech and theatre at Oklahoma City University and his master’s and Ph.D. degrees in theatre at Wayne State University in Detroit. PHOTO COURTESY OF WOU.EDU/

Six candidates to succeed President Francine G. McNairy have been selectively narrowed down to three. All candidates met with the Council of Trustees (COT) for further consideration, in which three were recommended to the Board of Governors (BOG) and the Chancellor. The COT recommended Dr. John Anderson, Dr. Kent Neely and Dr. Vilas Prabhu. It is anticipated that the BOG will make the final appointment in late November. An overview of the three candidates includes Dr. John Anderson, current president of Alfred State College in New York, which was the first announced candidate. Anderson has previous experience in strategic planning, raising funds, advocacy and recruiting. He also has experience in managing a university budget during the economic crisis and even budget cuts. Additional positions include serving as executive vice president and provost at Hartwick College in New York and executive vice president for academic

Dr. Kent Neely, Western Oregon University, is one of the final candidates for consideration to succeed McNairy.


Performance: Josh Albright, singer-songwriter December 1, 2012 at 7:30 P.M. Biemensderfer Concert Hall, Winter Visual and Performing Arts Center On December 1, Josh Albright, singer-songwriter, will perform an acoustic concert in Biemesderfer Concert Hall at the Winter Visual and Performing Arts Center. This event, which will be held at 7:30 p.m., will feature special guests Sand Castle Kings and the Jeff Grey Band. Artist Talk: Michael Gaydos, illustrator, painter and sequential artist December 4, 2012 at 6 P.M. Art Gallery, Winter Visual and Performing Arts Center An artist talk featuring Michael Gaydos, illustrator, painter and sequential artist, will be held on December 4 in conjunction with his "Collected: 20+ Years of the Illus Gaydos' exhibit will be on display November 12, 2012 through January 11, 2013 in the Winter Center. Career Speaker Webinar: "Active Interviewing" December 5, 2012 at 8 P.M. Computer Webinar Millersville University's Office of Alumni Engagement, Alumni Association and Experiential Learning and Career Management have partnered with a national company to bring MU students and alumni a great career speaker series.


Ashley Harmon, ACMO, won Miss Millersville 2012.

Narrowed down to three

Dr. John Anderson, Alfred State College, is one of the final candidates for consideration to succeed McNairy.

steps. “Don’t worry about having two left feet. This event is all about having fun!” she shared. She attributes the most difficult of planning thus far to the coordination of schedules and ensuring that all participants and organizers are at one place at the same time. Sign ups can be found in the Communication Equipment Room in Bassler Hall (Hash Bulding). This is located across from the TV studio. There will be a meeting for all girls interested on Wednesday, December 5 at 8 p.m. in the Bassler Hall TV studio. For more information on becoming a contestant, contact Shaw at

November 19, 2012 at 4:45 AM A person was suffering from abdominal pain at Lenhardt Hall. The person was transported to Lancaster Regional Hospital. A report was filed.

November 9, 2012 at 12:08 PM Benjamin Burton of Lancaster, PA was cited for a stop sign violation and expired inspection sticker. Two citations were issue.

November 12, 2012 at 8:05 PM Andre Henry of Lancaster, PA was cited for running a stop sign on High School Avenue and Normal Avenue. A citation was issued.

That time of year has arrived again when Miss Millersville seeks contestants for the upcoming year. This year’s event, which will be held on March 6, is looking for girls to represent their organizations in this threepart campus friendly competition. Contestants will be judged in the categories of talent, beachwear and question & answer. This year’s chair of the event, Elizabeth Shaw, began preparations for this annual event early on to ensure for a successful turn out. “I began planning in the beginning of No-

vember, despite the event being in March. It's important to be on top of things, especially with publicity of Miss Millersville,” explained Shaw. Shaw has previous experience with the execution of this event when she shadowed last year’s chair, Kim Landis. “I helped from the beginning stages of planning until the actual event and I had a blast.” Shaw added, “I loved being able to interact with all of the contestants throughout the time we had together. It's so nice to watch all the girls become friends so quickly.” Similar to last year’s event, the girls will participate in a choreographed opening number. Shaw will be guiding the contestants throughout the dance

November 29, 2012

of Bombay; master’s degree in pharmaceutical chemistry, Idaho State University; Ph.D. in pharmaceutical chemistry, University of Texas at Austin and a master’s of business administration in management/ finance, Southwestern Oklahoma State University. For more information on the candidates and to view their credentials, visit sidentialsearch/index.php for updates.


Dr. Vilas Prabhu, Millersville University, is one of the final candidates for consideration.

The third candidate is Millersville University’s own Dr. Vilas Prabhu, provost and vice president of academic affairs. Prabhu has been with the University since 2004 and his primary duties as provost and vice president for academic affairs include providing overall leadership for the University’s planning process and academic policies; overseeing of academic budget, faculty promotion and tenure; serving as the ex-officio on several university standing committees; providing supervision to three deans, among additional duties. Previous positions include serving as associate provost for academic and student affairs and research administration at Southwestern Oklahoma State University; dean, school of arts and sciences at Southwestern Oklahoma State University; chair and professor of the department of pharmaceutical sciences at Southwestern Oklahoma State University and various positions as professor of pharmacy. Prabhu holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, University

The Snapper is seeking interested students for the following positions:

On December 5, the Career Speaker Webinar will feature Eric Kramer, who will present on the topic "Active Interviewing," which will focus on the job search interviewing process. This webinar will be held from 8-9 p.m. EST.

Goodbye rationality, hello WKYK LAURA MAGINLEY

Assoc. News Editor The Whitest Kids U’Know will provide a sigh of relief to the campus community during the busiest week of the semester on December 5. The comedy troupe, which is comprised of Sam Brown, Zach Cregger, Trevor Moore, Darren Trumeter and Timmy Williams, is known for their sketch-comedy television show and film “Miss. March.” Moore, the head writer for The Whitest Kids U’Know for the

and writing. Williams, of South Dakota, attended film school in August of 2001 and met Moore in the city. Trumeter grew up as a military brat and began acting at the age of 9. While working on an independent film he met Cregger and was invited to a Whitest Kids U’Know show. Trumeter was immediately intrigued and determined to be a part of the troupe. There are several recurring characters, which include Jerry Bronham, Satan, Abraham Lincoln, The Boss, Billy Matherson, Caleb SuperDog, Fat Black Woman and Adolf Hitler.

Associate News Editor Circulation Manager Copy Editors Writers



The Whitest Kids U’Know, a comedy troupe, is scheduled to entertain the University community on Wednesday, December 5. past five years, is also a staff comedy writer for ImaginAsian TV. He is also the world’s youngest published cartoonist with his book entitled, “Scraps.” Brown met fellow Whitest Kids U’Know members Moore and Cregger in the Brooklyn dormitory where they all resided at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He also served as associate producer at ImaginAsian TV. Cregger, of Virginia, was always interested in music, acting

Tickets are available for purchase at the main campus ticket office, which is located in the Student Memorial Center room 103 and The Ware Center, Millersville University Lancaster. Hours at both locations are Monday – Friday 9 a.m. -4 p.m. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m. in the Student Memorial Center- Multipurpose Room. Children under 17 years old must be accompanied by a legal guardian. Info courtesy of

THE SNAPPER November 29, 2012

News 3

Marauders hit high notes

from Serenades, front page


LEFT: Tara Steigerwalt belts out to Christina Aguilera’s “I Turn to You.” BOTTOM LEFT: Philip Rooney showed his mellow side by singing “I Will Follow You into the Dark,” by Death Cab for Cutie. RIGHT: Guarriello and Stimach perform a duet to the song “Bouncing Off the Ceiling,” by A-Teens. BOTTOMCENTER: Michaela Whitehouse reprised Demi Lovato’s “This is Me.” BOTTOM RIGHT: Tristan Wilson sang acapella with accompanied acoustic guitar.


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Obama looking for support in PA JEFF MASON Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) President Barack Obama will launch a multipronged push this week to garner support for his proposals to solve U.S. fiscal problems, meeting with business executives at the White House and visiting a small business in Pennsylvania to press his case. Obama has sought to go on the offensive since his re-election on November 6 in the fight with Republicans over the "fiscal cliff" - a combination of tax increases and spending cuts that would go into effect next year if the two sides do not reach a deal to stop it. As part of that effort, the White House released a report on Monday showing the impact that middle class tax increases would have on consumers and the retail industry. On Tuesday, a White House official said, the president will meet with a group of small-business owners. On Wednesday he will host an event with "middle class Americans who would be impacted if Congress fails to act

to extend the middle class tax cuts," the official said. He will also hold a meeting with business leaders, something he has done previously. On Friday, he will visit a manufacturing facility of The Rodon Group, a small business that is a

manufacturer for K'NEX Brands, a toy company with products including Tinkertoy and Angry Bird Building Sets. "The president will travel to Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, to continue making the public case for action by

visiting a business that depends on middle class consumers during the holiday season, and could be impacted if taxes go up on 98 percent of Americans at the end of the year," the official said. Obama's visit and his meetings at the White House are designed to put pressure on cong r e s s i o n a l Republicans to extend tax cuts for middle-income people while ending them for families who make more than $250,000 a year. Gaining the support of the business community is a key part of Obama's strategy. Reinforcing that, the White House released an analysis by its National Economic Council that said millions of small-business owners would suffer if the middle class taxes went PHOTO CURTESY OF MHBROADCASTER.ORG up next year.


Kevin Clash accused of having sex with a 16-year-old boy.

Elmo puppeteer accused of Long Islanders paying for nothing Sex with underage boys KRISTINA SGUEGLLA CNN

The Long Island Power Authority is assuring outraged customers that their latest electric bills with normal monthly charges are no mistake, despite some being in the dark for days or weeks after Superstorm Sandy.

President Barack Obama campaigns in the rain in Chester, Pennsylvania.

rectify it -- go out and do real readings -- don't go taking more money out of our pocket when we already lost so much," Saporta told CNN on Monday. Saporta received bills that have him fuming. The first was a bill for the Long Beach home he had moved out of on October 1, after alerting LIPA he was moving and before Sandy hit, in the amount of $649. That, he said, is double what he usually pays for the home, which sat in the

they think is appropriate and then wait for the exact reading to pay the difference, she said. Saporta said Monday he was having trouble getting in contact with LIPA, period. "I can't even get them to acknowledge my existence on Earth rather than address what is what," he said. "Until I get some sort of clarification on what is owed and what is going to be done, I am going to continue ignoring them,"

"This is a pretty much what I believe all utilities do in the event of natural disasters and storms." Flagler says LIPA is holding bills for those affected by flood, like those in the Rockaways area of Queens. And she said for this month all late payments will be waived. Meanwhile, as the cleanup continues from Sandy, officials in New York City put residential owners and landlords on notice



A truck drives through water pushed over a road by Hurricane Sandy in Southampton, New York, on October 29, 2012. Customers are being billed are "based on the estimated reading of (their) energy use from the same month the year before," LIPA spokesperson Elizabeth Flagler said Monday. "(The) next actual meter reading will reflect the amount of electricity (customers) have used since (their) previous actual meter reading, and it will automatically adjust ... charges," she told CNN. Opinion: Let's not forget Superstorm Sandy's victims LIPA customers are questioning why their electricity bills postSandy reflect a full month's use of electricity, and don't account for the days that customers were without power. LIPA customer Jonathan Saporta complained about receiving three full electricity bills for his various properties on Long Island. Sandy victims facing more loss Sandy leaves health concerns in wake Was Hurricane Sandy a wake-up call? Sandy tree washes up, gets decorated "Even if they said they would

dark most of the month. Saporta also received a $281 bill for his new Great Neck home, despite being 14 days in the dark for the billing month. And he received a $1,700 bill for his storm-ravaged Long Beach restaurant, Jake's Wayback Burger, which Saporta said was totaled in Sandy, and hasn't been reopened since before the storm. "At this point, with a major disaster, with so many people losing so much of their livelihood, they can't go around to do estimated billing and hold all that money," he said. Flagler said there are two ways for customers to help themselves. First, she advised customers to do the digital meter readings themselves and call it in to customer service to get a new bill that will be regenerated in two weeks. She did mention, however, that conducting the reading was difficult and that there is an educational video on LIPA's website to address how to do it. Second, customers can pay what

Saporta said. LIPA has been widely criticized for its communication with customers in weeks after Sandy. In the midst of complaints LIPA's Chief Operating Officer Michael Hervey resigned earlier this month and Bruce Germano, the vice president of customer service, announced Monday that he will leave the utility at the end of the year. X. Cristofer Damianos, who served on the LIPA board, also stepped down, LIPA spokeswoman Elizabeth Flagler said. Flagler said the estimated billing this month was a direct response to Sandy, and not the way LIPA typical bills. "All LIPA and national grid employees were reassigned to support elsewhere in efforts to restore power. That's why the bills have been estimated," she said. NJ governor puts Sandy damage at $29.4 billion "It's not the first time bills have been estimated. They were estimated last year after (Hurricane) Irene," Flagler added.

that they must make "necessary repairs to provide electricity, heat and hot water to their tenants." Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Department of Housing Preservation and Development Commissioner Mathew M. Wambua said building owners who need assistance can sign up for the NYC Rapid Repairs program. "As temperatures continue to drop, endangering the health and safety of the tenants in storm damaged buildings, these essential services must be restored as quickly as possible," a statement from Bloomberg said Monday. "Owners who fail to promptly correct hazardous conditions themselves or do not sign up with NYC Rapid Repairs to restore essential services to their buildings will be subject to the commencement of enforcement proceedings."

The puppeteer formerly behind the "Sesame Street" character Elmo faces a new accusation of having sex with an underage boy, a week after a similar allegation prompted him to resign from the iconic public television children's program. In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, a man identified only as John alleges Kevin Clash engaged in oral sex and other sex acts with him when John was 16 years old. The suit seeks at least $75,000 in damages. The suit alleges the incident occurred in either 2000 or 2001 when John, who is from Florida, visited New York for modeling opportunities. John came to know Clash, then 40, through a telephone chat line for gays on which Clash claimed to be a 30year-old named Craig, according to the suit. John returned to New York when he turned 18, and he and Clash renewed the relationship, the lawsuit said. "Mr. Clash believes the lawsuit has no merit," Clash's publicist, Risa B. Heller, said in an emailed statement. It is the latest charge levied against Clash, now 52, who resigned on November 20 from Sesame Workshop, the company behind "Sesame Street," after

nearly 30 years on the show. His resignation came the same day Cecil Singleton filed a claim seeking more than $5 million in damages from Clash. Singleton claims he met the then-32-year-old puppeteer in 1993 in a gay chat room when he was 15. It added that on numerous occasions over a period of years Clash engaged in sexual activity with Singleton. The newest allegation comes about two weeks after another man recanted his claims that Clash had sex with him when he was 16 years old. The man later said the relationship was consensual. Clash had denied the allegations and acknowledged a past relationship with his first accuser. He added the pair were both consenting adults at the time. The Elmo character debuted on "Sesame Street" in 1979, 10 years after the show premiered and introduced the now-iconic characters Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster, among others, to American children. While Clash was the third performer to animate the child-like shaggy red monster, Sesame Workshop credits him with turning Elmo into the international sensation he became.


Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) with Elmo on the House floor

7 National & World THE SNAPPER

Heartbreak at Big Lagoon beach


Flowers laid in memory of the Kuljian family.

JASON DEARER The Associated Press Howard Kuljian and his family were out for a walk on a damp, overcast morning at Big Lagoon state beach on Saturday, playing fetch with their dog Fran as eightto-10-foot surf churned the water just feet away like a washing machine. Kuljian tossed a stick that took the dog down to the water's edge, and in an instant, authorities said, a wave swallowed it, setting off a nightmarish scramble. In the end, Kuljian, 54, his wife Mary Scott, 57, and son Gregory "Geddie" Kuljian were all engulfed by the roiling waters after trying to save the dog, then each other. The two parents' bodies were later recovered, but the Coast Guard called off a search for the boy. The Humboldt County coroner's office said Tuesday that the body of the 16-year-old boy still had not been found. The couple's 18-year-old daughter, Olivia, and Gregory's girlfriend could only watch from the beach as the horror unfolded. The dog later made its way safely back onto the beach. Mourners wore green again on Tuesday in a gut-wrenching tribute to teenage boy. Students at Arcata High School wore his favorite color as they tried to come to terms with the sudden, tragic loss of the well-liked family. "His parents treated me like I was one of their own. They treated everyone like their own children no matter who it was," said Jacob Swindle, a close friend of the family.

More than 1,600 people "liked" a Facebook page set up by the teenager's friends called "Wear Green for Geddie" — using his nickname. Dozens tweeted tributes with the hashtag (hash)WearGreenForGeddie. "I will always remember him no matter how long," wrote Emmalaya Owen on the Facebook page. "Especially how he was such an upbeat happy person or how he tried to put up 'Be Happy' propaganda posters he drew around school." At Big Lagoon beach, a short drive from Arcata, signs posted near the parking lot warned beachgoers not to turn their back to the surf and to pay special attention to sneaker waves. A steep slope of beach leads to the water's edge, where waves break with a boom right on shore. Officials warn beachgoers not to turn their backs to the water. On Saturday, as the family walked along the beach, Howard Kuljian threw the stick and the dog gave chase, said Dana Jones, a state parks district superintendent. Seeing his son in the water, Kuljian leapt to action, and disappeared into the frigid water. Gregory managed to pull himself back onto the sand, but after realizing his father was drowning, both he and his mother went in to save him. A nearby bystander called police. By the time help arrived, it was too late. Jones said the officer wasn't able to get to the family members because of the high surf.

November 8, 2012

Tobacco companies lying FREDERIC FROMMER The Associated Press A federal judge on Tuesday ordered tobacco companies to publish corrective statements that say they lied about the dangers of smoking and that disclose smoking's health effects, including the death on average of 1,200 people a day. U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler previously had said she wanted the industry to pay for corrective statements in various types of advertisements. But Tuesday's ruling is the first time she's laid out what the statements will say. Each corrective ad is to be prefaced by a statement that a federal court has concluded that the defendant tobacco companies "deliberately deceived the American public about the health effects of smoking." Among the required statements are that smoking kills more people than murder, AIDS, suicide, drugs, car crashes and alcohol combined, and that "secondhand smoke kills over 3,000 Americans a year." The corrective statements are part of a case the government brought in 1999 under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations. Kessler ruled in that case in 2006 that the nation's largest cigarette makers concealed the dangers of smoking for decades, and said she wanted the industry to pay for "corrective statements" in various types of ads, both broadcast and print. The Justice Department proposed corrective statements, which Kessler used as the basis for some of the ones she ordered Tuesday. Tobacco companies had urged Kessler to reject the government's proposed industryfinanced corrective statements; the companies called them "forced public confessions." They also said the statements were designed to "shame and humiliate" them. They had argued for statements that include the health effects and addictive qualities of smoking. Kessler wrote that all of the corrective statements are based on specific findings of fact made by the court.

explicit findings that the tobacco companies perpetuated fraud and deceived the public regarding the addictiveness of cigarettes and nicotine," she said. A spokesman for Altria Group Inc., owner of the nation's biggest tobacco company, Philip Morris USA, said the company was studying the court's decision and did not provide any further comment. A spokesman for Reynolds American Inc., parent company of No. 2 cigarette maker, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., said the company was reviewing the ruling and considering its next steps. The statements Kessler chose included five categories: adverse health effects of smoking; addictiveness of smoking and nicotine; lack of significant health benefit from smoking cigarettes marked as "low tar," ''light," etc.; manipulation of cigarette design and composition to ensure optimum nicotine delivery; and adverse health effects of exposure to secondhand smoke. Among the statements within those categories: "Smoking kills, on average, 1,200 Americans. Every day."

This court made a number of

"Defendant tobacco companies


British American Tobacco, maker of Lucky Strike, is making a comeback in the Philippines. intentionally designed cigarettes to make them more addictive." "When you smoke, the nicotine actually changes the brain — that's why quitting is so hard." "All cigarettes cause cancer, lung disease, heart attacks and premature death — lights, low tar, ultra lights and naturals. There is no safe cigarette." "Secondhand smoke causes lung cancer and coronary heart disease in adults who do not smoke." "Children exposed to secondhand smoke are at an increased risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), acute respiratory infections, ear problems, severe asthma and reduced lung function." "There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke." Justice Department spokesman Charles Miller said the department was pleased with the order. Matt Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, called it an important ruling. "The most critical part of the ruling is that it requires the tobacco companies to state

clearly that the court found that they deceived the American public and that they are telling the truth now only because the court is ordering them to do so," Myers said in an interview. "This isn't the last word, but this is a vitally important step because this should resolve exactly what the tobacco companies are required to say." In July, a federal appeals court rejected efforts by the tobacco companies to overrule Kessler's ruling requiring corrective statements. The companies had argued that a 2009 law that gave the Food and Drug Administration authority over the industry eliminated "any reasonable likelihood" that they would commit future RICO violations. In her ruling Tuesday, Kessler ordered the tobacco companies and Justice Department to meet beginning next month to address how to implement the corrective statements, including whether they will be put in inserts with cigarette packs and on websites, TV and newspaper ads. Those discussions are to conclude by March.

Problems with task force on Child Protection MARK SCOLFORO Associated Press

Pennsylvania should enact sweeping changes to its child abuse laws, including stronger penalties for failing to report the crime, a legislative commission concluded Tuesday after a year of study prompted by Jerry


David Heckler announcing the findings from the Pennsylvania Force on Child Protection.

Sandusky's arrest on molestation charges. The Pennsylvania Task Force on Child Protection recommended rewriting state law, redefining what constitutes child abuse and expanding the list of people who are required to report suspected abuse. "We propose a transformation in the way information concerning child abuse is handled and maintained, the way in which crimes against children are investigated in parts of the state, and the way in which those with a responsibility for the well-being of children are trained," said David Heckler, the Bucks County district attorney who chaired the panel. The recommendations are nonbinding and will probably require a set of as-yet-unwritten bills for the Legislature to consider when it convenes for a new two-year session in January. "Strengthening these laws must be done as soon as possible, but we should recognize that it cannot be done overnight," Heckler said. The Republican leader in the state Senate praised the report and said he expected some bills would move to the governor early next year, saying there would be swift action in some cases. "We are fully prepared to commit the time and effort necessary to make our state safer for children," said Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi. Sandusky, a 68-year-old former Penn State assistant football coach, is serving a 30- to 60-year state prison sentence after being convicted this summer of 45 counts of sexual abuse of 10 boys. He maintains his innocence and is pursuing appeals. Heckler acknowledged that the Sandusky and Roman Catholic priest molestation

scandals provided the impetus for the creation of the task force but said the panel took a wider view. "What we did here is not a knee-jerk reaction to anything. It is a seizing of the opportunity to look at the whole system" and gather advice from experts, he said. One of its proposals, to increase the use of investigative teams from various fields for child abuse cases, may have prevented additional victims after Sandusky's acts drew the attention of police and child welfare workers more than a decade before his arrest, Heckler said. "I firmly believe if there had been a multidisciplinary team in Centre County in the late '90s and early 2000s, that you would have heard about Jerry Sandusky then," he said. None Dr. Cindy W. Christian, a child-abuse pediatrician at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and professor of pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania, said the proposed expansion of the definition of child abuse in Pennsylvania is central to the recommendations. The present definition "is so narrowly defined that what is child abuse in every other state in this country is not necessarily child abuse in Pennsylvania," said Christian, a task force member. Under current law, children have to show they experienced severe pain in order to substantiate abuse claims. The 11-member task force said that requirement should be eliminated and a lower bar established. Other highlights of the recommendations include enlarging the pool of people labeled as "perpetrators" under one state law. Task force members said such a change would get more

children help from county agencies, help authorities identify more abusers, provide a more complete picture of the amount of abuse and likely lead to more criminal investigations. The task force also suggested setting harsher penalties when people who are required to report abuse fail to do so. Those who should be required to report suspected abuse also should be expanded to include college administrators and employees, coaches, lawyers and computer repair people who encounter images of child abuse, the committee said. The definition of sexual abuse also should be expanded to include sexually explicit conversations, the panel said. Under the recommendations, more people would find themselves subject to the child endangerment criminal statute, including anyone who knowingly acts to prevent police or child welfare workers from learning of abuse in order to protect someone. Task force member Jason Kutulakis, a Carlisle attorney, said he considered the most pressing recommendation be the expanded use of multidisciplinary investigative teams and additional child advocacy centers, so that they are located within a 90-minute drive of any Pennsylvania child. Three Penn State officials face related charges for their actions in response to complaints about Sandusky acting inappropriately with children in Penn State showers: the university's former president Graham Spanier, former athletic director Tim Curley and former vice president Gary Schultz. Each has said he is innocent.

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November 29, 2012

Editorial Board Samantha Dutton Opinion Editor

Lifetime movie-in-waiting: Petraeus scandal Brandon Lesko

forces in Afghanistan quite well. When Petraeus returned from war in the fall of 2011, retired from the Army and the new head of the CIA, he began his affair with Broadwell. It supposedly ended in the summer of 2012. Here’s where it gets confusing. The affair was apparently discovered when Broadwell began sending harassing emails another woman, Jill Kelley, Assoc. Opinion Editorto who happened to be good I could have written about a friends with Petraeus, Marine multitude of topics this week. Corps Gen. John Allen (more on There’s what looks like a failed him soon), and the rest of the democratic experiment in Egypt, high ranking commanders at a still-impotent government try- Central Command, it would ing to avoid the fiscal cliff, and seem. Kelley, feeling threatened by to top it all off, those darn Israelis and Palestinians have emails that essentially warned been at it again. What I’d really her to “stay away from my man,” decided to write to Gen. like to address though, is the Lifetime movie-in-waiting that is John Allen, for some reason, and to tell a friend of hers in the David Petraeus “scandal”. the FBI. The FBI then began inWhat in God’s name hapvestigating these emails and pened? I have trouble even geteventually it all led to General ting through one news article Petraeus being a naughty boy about the affair, or affairs as it indeed. Petraeus decided to reseems, without smashing my sign from his post as head of head off the desk in frustrathe CIA after news of the scantion. It is almost impossible to dal and ongoing investigation understand exactly what is broke. going on, the story is that comFurther investigation has plicated. uncovered a disturbing picture Apparently, while Paula of life for military elites. It Broadwell was writing her biogseems that Petraeus may not raphy of Petraeus, ironically tihave been the only one enjoytled, “All In”, she ing extramarital activities. understandably got to know There is reason to believe that the then-General in charge of Jill Kelley and John Allen may

Brandon Lesko ___________

- The Snapper Staff

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ment and military service are not uncommon. I do not have a problem with the fact that Petraeus had an affair. Though detestable, dishonest, and unbefitting of a man of his courage and intelli-

This story is one of the oddest I have encountered in a long time. We probably scratch our heads and wonder, “Why would a guy at the top of his career ruin it all over something as predictable and avoidable as an affair?” The answer to that question is probably the fact that Petraeus thought he could get away with it. The fact of the matter is that affairs at the highest levels of govern-

gence, he did what many men today and throughout history have done. I do have a problem with the fact that he ended up abandoning his post as head of the CIA, however. During Kennedy’s administration, I wonder if we could even count the number of women he had in the White House. Thought it was probably well-known that he had many affairs, it never threat-


ened his job security. Martin Luther King Jr. had affairs with other women, though nobody ever wants to acknowledge that piece of history, but did that ever make people demand he give up his position as a civil rights leader? Of course not. So why is it different with Petraeus? Though investigators did find a small amount of classified material in Broadwell’s home, there was no danger of her leaking it and it posed no threat to national security. President Obama came out and said that the affair posed no threat to our security and that no major leak of intelligence had occurred. So there goes the only viable reason to have the man step down. To believe that our politicians, generals, or intelligence community leaders are above the same vices that every person succumbs to is naive and unrealistic. It is a projection of a fantasy and unrealistic expectations upon those who lead us. The shock, in this case, shouldn’t be over the fact that Petraeus had an affair, it should be over the questionable investigation by the FBI and the possible political plays at work that brought Petraeus down. Brandon is a senior majoring in English. He is an opinion writer for The Snapper.

Unheard voice Unsettled Middle East

Cat Ardes

Assoc. Opinion Editor

The views and opinions expressed in the commentaries and the advertisements are solely those of the individuals.

have been involved, though any physical contact has not yet been proven. If proof of an affair is established in the future, Allen could face military prosecution since adultery is a violation of military law.

Staff Writer As you all know, on November 6 people around the country gathered at the polls to vote for the next president. Excitement and anticipation was built up throughout the day which brought many people to their television screens that night to find out who had won. The morning of Election Day, I walked to the local fire house so excited, eager, and happy to use my right to vote for our next president. As I entered the building I was greeted by very nice people guiding me where to go. I told them my name and after a few moments of the woman swiping the pages in her book back and forth looking for it my heart began to sink and I knew then that my name would not be there. She told me “I’m sorry, I don’t see your name.” In response, my face grew red with anger, frustration, and disappointment. A man pulled me to the side and did some phone calling to see if there was a mistake but he found out even more. Not only was I not in the county’s system, I wasn’t even registered in the state. I hate to admit it but I left the building with tears in my eyes,

so angry at the people I had put my trust in to take my form and put it through the system, but they couldn’t even do that. I filled out my registration form in September, so I was not one of the last minute registers. Actually, I filled out my registration form at a table on campus in the SMC and if they had correctly taken my form to the registration office, then someone at that office did not do their job to make sure they had every single form. You might say, “Well didn’t you receive a confirmation in the mail beforehand?” My honest response, I actually did not know you were supposed to receive a confirmation. So out of my ignorance and trust in other people to get one thing done for me, I ended up missing out on a great opportunity. Though I have thought this through about whether it is my fault or not (I really don’t like to put the blame on other people) I have come to the conclusion that someone made a big mistake and it wasn’t me. Since Election day, I have heard of more and more people this has happened to and it makes me so angry. They say you learn through experience and, well, this was a rather harsh wake up call. If I could suggest one thing through my experience, after you send your registration form in, no matter where or how you do it, follow up and check online if you are registered. Cat is a junior majoring in film sstudies. She is an opinion writer for The Snapper.

-Dar r yl W. Per r y The conflicts between Israel and Palestine have been going on for such a long time, it’s difficult to know when one conflict stops and another one starts. The latest exchange of missile fire is no exception. Operation Pillar of Cloud (or Pillar of Defense, depending on what report you read) officially began on November 14 “after Gaza militants fired over 100 rockets at Israeli cities and towns over the course of several days.” However, if one looks closer, they will see that both sides were involved in the aggression. Palestinian’s in Gaza were being shot by the Israeli military, Palestinian’s then detonated explosives near the Israeli military. On November 8, the Israeli military clashed with Hamas and during the raid a 12 year old Palestinian boy was killed by gunfire coming either from a tank or helicopter. The two sides exchanged fire for several days and then Hamas reportedly fired over 100 rockets into Israel on November 10. There were supposedly talks of a cease-fire on November 12, which the Israeli military claims was broken after a dozen rockets were fired from Gaza. Responsibility for those launches was “claimed by smaller groups, including a radical Salafi organization that rejects Hamas’s authority.” On November 12, Jason Ditz of wrote, “The reality is that Gaza poses no real

‘threat’ to Israel. Even before getting the US to pump money into their Iron Dome system the rockets rarely hit anything, and if they did the glorified fireworks in the Gaza arsenal usually did minor damage to someone’s roof at worst. In addition to being the impetus behind more US aid, Gaza is also a chance for Israeli hawks to grandstand. A prolonged Gaza armistice would imperil that policy.”

leaders, said the truce agreement included protocols for maintaining a cease-fire in the case of cross-border violence between Israel and Gaza.” Baskin told Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper that provides “coverage of Israel, the Jewish World and the Middle East”, that senior officials in Israel knew about the pending truce agreement, yet approved of the assassination, knowing it would terminate the truce and escalate the conflict with Gaza. Baskin said, “I think that they have made a strategic mistake, which will cost the lives of quite a number of innocent people on both sides.” In less than a week, nearly 50 Palestinians (mostly civilians) have been killed and hundreds injured; 3 Israeli civilians and no military combatants have been killed.. Baskin added that Jabari’s assassination “killed the possibility of achieving a truce.” I agree that it was a mistake to assassinate the man with whom a cease-fire was being negotiated and agree with Ann Harrison, the Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme for Amnesty International, who said, “All sides have to step back from the brink in order to protect civilian lives.”

All sides need to step back from the brink in order to protect civil I believe the Israeli’s knew this, which is why they assassinated Hamas commander Ahmed Jabari just hours after he received the draft proposal of a permanent truce agreement with Israel. John Glaser of writes, “Israeli peace activist Gershon Baskin, who helped negotiate the release of Gilad Shalit and maintained contacts with Hamas

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6 Opinion THE SNAPPER November 29, 2012

America’s little girl: Caylee Anthony Sam Dutton

Opinion Editor Our country sat on the edge of its seats spectating the worst of shows---The Casey Anthony Trial. That’s what it was after all wasn’t it? People flocked to the courthouse in Orange county Florida, camping out, and even brawling for tickets to the trial, like they would a show in Las Vegas. Playboy sought out the suspect to do a photo shoot with them (it was turned down), books were written, facebook ran rampid with posts of the latest trial information. It seemed

that everyone knew of the trial and everyone had an opinion. I faithfully watched every portion of the Casey Anthony Trial, something about the bright-eyed little girl, found dead pulled on my heartstrings. Later I even participated in a porch light vigil in memory of the little girl. Myself as well as others connected with little Caylee envisioning our cousins, or sibilings in her place. This was a beautiful innocent little girl, that fell victim to a terrible fate. As evidence was uncovered along with the trials many twists and turns and the lies after lies Casey’s involvement became pretty apparent. We watched with heavy hearts wondering just how a mother could hurt her own child? Caylee became America’s little girl, and it seemed that everyone wanted justice in her name to be served. But when the verdict was read my mouth hung open

in shock, the last thing I ever expected was for Casey Anthony to get away with murder, but that is exactly what she did. I remember that horrible smile on her face when she found out that she was not being held accountable for the death of her daughter. Though the trial may be said and done I don’t believe justice was served, but I do believe that spending a lot of money on a good lawyer can win almost anyone a court case. Just when it seems that Casey Anthony was just a distant memory new evidence has surfaced. It appears that some evidence was overlooked including Google searches found on the Anthony family computer for “foolproof” suffocation methods on the last day that Caylee was found alive. Although these google searches again bring speculation into the Casey Anthony

A timely warning

Corrie Mckenna

ance did you include in your essay that you didn’t plan on pursuing a degree but pursuing a criminal record? You’re actions hurt only yourself. Here’s how the situation plays out: You’re walking on clouds, feeling like a million bucks because you “successfully” stole a bio major’s laptop, that had her final thesis paper

siting in prison and not next me to Sociology 101.” –Brookwood resident “You stole my Xbox and the Millersville borough found you. Did no one tell you, you can’t play video games in a cell?” – Wellness resident “We are just as broke as you are. We are all broke college students. Go get a job and give me back my stuff that I worked

Kimberly Canella



on it, and that fresh pair of Jordan sandals. Only to find out there is now a warrant out for your arrest and your bail is set at $50,000. Pretty sure that Xbox you took won’t cover that bail. Messages from the victims: “I am not happy about the way you disrespected my property and stole from my apartment. They will find you and you will be punished for the crime you have committed.”- New Brookwood resident “You took away the feeling of security I [used] to have about my apartment. Now every noise in the middle of the night causes panic.” – Wellness resident “I am thankful you are now

every summer break to pay for.” – Wellness resident This is a timely warning to students who may be considering the get rich quick scheme of stealing from fellow students. You do get caught and do get prosecuted so think about it, is that new set of speakers really worth throwing everything away? Millersville seize the opportunity… not other peoples things.

I pulled onto the block where Rachel’s house took address and the feeling of “home free” began kicking in. That feeling however, was quickly replaced by fear and angst when the treacherous lights of the police began flashing right behind us. We hurried to put our remaining clothes back on as we were still partially nude, a clear red flag. I only managed to get my shorts back on by the time the officer made it to my window while Rachel, riding shotgun, only had on a shirt that could have easily been mistaken as a bib or napkin. His first question was the one I feared most: “Have you been drinking tonight?” I told him no even though I was certain he knew. After a brief discussion about where we were and what we were doing he walked backed to his police car to process our IDs. A few short minutes later a second squad car showed up at the scene with a third one appearing shortly after from what seemed out of nowhere. I began looking for my cigarettes and was immediately questioned about what I was doing for fear that I was looking for a weapon, even though I’m certain you would need to have a Bond-like accuracy with a gun or a death wish to pull a weapon on 3 cops.

I had never actually seen a breathalyzer in real life before this night. I would have liked to keep it that way, but on this night I forgot to bring my luck with me. All I could do was hope that the breathalyzer would somehow malfunction in my favor and report nothing but zeros in my bloodstream. I was not so fortunate as the cop turned the tool around to show that my fate was sealed. The cuffs came on and I was thrust into the back of his vehicle and forced to watch my two friends get interrogated and my car searched. Consequences of drunk driving have never been a concern of mine before this unfortunate incident. What I failed to realize though, is that when you drive after drinking it only takes one miscalculation or the tiniest folly to allow the law to meddle in your life, and wallet, as much as they please. This happened, as I said last Memorial Day and it’s still ongoing with no clear end currently in sight. Between the court fees and the fines added to the price tag of my lawyer the financial burden has crossed the two-thousand mark and is still climbing. Three months after my arrest my friend Chris told me of a get together one of our friends was

Kimberly Canella is a senior social work major. Corrie Mckenna is a senior social work major.

Sam is a senior majoring in History Education. She is the opinion editor for The Snapper.

Sports the Great Unifier Aaron Sanders

Staff Writer

Contributing Writers As a previous victim to one of the many break-ins occurring in off-campus areas such as Hillview Avenue, University Drive and West Charlotte Street, I feel strongly about the topic of break-ins affecting Millersville students. 9 times out of 10 the suspect or suspects get caught and they turn out to be Millersville students. Students stealing from students, classy! Where is the sense of community among our student body? We are all supposed to be in this journey together, pursuing a degree in a field we are passionate about, while making long-lasting friendships and having a damn good time doing it. Yet somehow bad eggs fall through the cracks and get accepted into what is supposed to be our prestigious student body. Question to current suspects and ones who have already been caught: When you were filling out your application for accept-

Trial it would be difficult to pinpoint her to the computer searches. Interestingly enough it ties into the death of Caylee Anthony who prosecuters argued was poisoned with chloroform and then suffocated. It also appears that whoever completed the search on suffocation also clicked on links to articles about suicide by poision and putting a bag over one’s head. However the defense argues that the google search was completed by her Casey’s father who had attempted suicide. Although this is interesting uncovered evidence that fits well into the crime committed it probably isn’t enough to try her in federal court (since she can not be retried in state court). Justice may never be served for America’s bright eyed little girl Caylee Anthony.

November 22 was a great evening for me. Thanksgiving provided a break that was greatly needed, but I was more interested for the arrival of the 22nd. Why, you may ask? The Philadelphia Sixers hosted the Oklahoma City Thunder. This was a highly anticipated game that caught the eye of many people around the nation. On a whim one day, my friend suggested that we take a trip to see the basketball game and I agreed with jubilance and excitement. I had not been to a professional basketball game since I was a child, and I vaguely recall the intensity and team loyalty that resonated throughout the arena during that time. Kevin Durant is one of best basketball players in the world and he was the main attraction of the night. Durant is known for his efficient scoring and meticulous ball handling. At a height of 6 feet 10 inches he receives notoriety and respect from fans and other players alike because of his humility and work ethic as a superstar. Normally these qualities are considered to be

paradoxical in a superstar player but on Saturday Kevin Durant proved to be an exception to the stereotype of famous athletes. In fact, one of the security guards had to stop Kevin, Durant had walked up to a child

test, Westbrook was handling the basketball so gracefully that it surprised me. It was great to hear the cheers and chants for the two teams overpower my sidebar conversations. This is what basketball does; it unites people from different cultural and economic backgrounds. There were Democrats and Republicans conversing with each other. I saw people from different races indulge in a cup of domestic beer while comparing the stats of the two competing teams. I though it was an interesting observation because sometimes as Americans, we are influenced by rhetoric that is presented to us by the media and the political machines. They tend to frame different groups as polar opposites, or a threat to the status quo. But in reality how much different are we? I have the notion that divisiveness is employed to create fear. Fear can be a powerful, yet a precarious tool. I think of sports as a beacon of the “melting pot” that we claim to be as a country. It was amazing to see how a couple thousand sports fans could come together and enjoy themselves and each other’s company. What was most important about Saturday's game was that I met new people that have different perspectives on life and politics. But the commonalities we had in regards to sports transcend any marginal differences.

I think of sports as a bea con of the melting to shake his hand before the game began but he was deterred. This gesture did not surprise me but it definitely made a permanent impression on me. His actions were a display of the great person that he happens to be. Durant imposed his will on the Sixers, scoring bucket after bucket. In concert with Durant, you have Russell Westbrook, the Point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is also considered to be one of the best players in the NBA. His showmanship and durability as a player reveals his dedication to the game. For the duration of the con-

Aaron Sanders is a senior majoring in Government He is a staff writer for The Snapper.

The hard path to alcohol responsibility Kyle Walker

Staff Writer Don’t be an idiot! There we stood in an empty field next to a church, the with half a bottle of Tanqueray in our stomachs. It was this past Memorial Day and my friend Chris, his girlfriend at the time Rachel, and I decided that we should celebrate America and honor her troops past and present with a bottle of gin and a session of streaking. We felt as though we were on top of the world (when in reality we were only on top of York) looking down at our fair hometown with a sense of exaggerated glory. Eventually the time came to put on some clothes and move the celebration to Rachel’s house. We stumbled into my car and headed back ignoring the simple reality that not one of us, more importantly me the driver, was the least bit sober.

having at her house. I told him there was no way I would be driving that night and he agreed. Off we went thinking I had made the only responsible choice that would be necessary that night. The booze was flowing and the laughs were roaring while thoughts of legal repercussions were gone from my mind with the comforting feeling that my keys wouldn’t be necessary. Around 1 in the morning I ran out of cigarettes and Chris was getting hunger pains so we decided to make a trip out for smokes and Mickey D’s. I wasn’t keeping track of how much liquor had been entering Chris’s system and when asked if he was able to drive his response, “of course,” was enough for me. I regained consciousness to the sound of Chris screaming my name and noticed that I was on the ground staring up a tree. Disoriented and confused, I laid there a minute more before yelling back and looking to the right of me and seeing the undercarriage of the jeep we were in. I got to my feet and gazed at the scene before me. Chris’s jeep was on its side with a tree a quarter ways through it. Debris from inside the vehicle was scattered all across the road including a tire, a sound system, and my friend

Chris. I found him on the opposite side of his car, sitting next to it covered in blood with his forearm broken in a 90° fashion. I began wondering what I must have looked like as Chris looked as though he had just been attacked by a bear, or perhaps the tree we had just collided with. He was on the phone when I found him, telling his girlfriend that we would not be making it back to the party. Still in a hazy state of confusion I looked around and noticed that about half-a-dozen people had come out of their nearby homes to see what had happened and if everything was okay. One of them asked me if my friend and I were alright and if I had a cell phone to call for help. I let him know that we were at least okay and handed him mine. Fifteen minutes later Chris and I were put on gurneys and shipped to the hospital. I was unable to walk for two weeks and Chris ended up getting steel rods put in his then perpendicular forearm. Still to this day neither of us can adequately explain how I ended up in the spot I awoke at; though we both agree that the roll cage had to have narrowly missed squashing my head like a grape. If we each got a dollar for every time we were told of

how lucky we were to be alive we could have easily paid our staggering medical expenses without help from our insurance companies. We also got our fair share of legal repercussions as well: Chris got slammed with a DUI and I received an underage drinking charge to add insult to injury. More court fees, more fines, and more checks written out to my attorney. As a result, I now spend most of my nights downtown with a large red light on behind me. Alcohol is around for many reasons: it’s fun to consume, it makes things interesting, and helps keep rehab centers in business. But there are a number of regulations on it for many reasons as well, and a couple of them make sense. We all see the signs and warnings against drinking and driving. We hear it from our worried parents and drab health teachers from years past. I tell my tales of DUIs and drunken near-death experiences not as another one of these superficial warnings, but to warn you what is really around the corner if you drive around it impaired.

Kyle is a freshman majoring in journalism. He is an Opinion Writer for The Snapper.


The Snapper

Page 7

Thursday, February 29th, 2012

Scheduling do’s for next semester ALI CHIAVETTA Features Writer

It’s that time of the semester again, when you must decide your academic fate for the next couple of months. Registration can be either stressful or exciting, depending on your amount of preparation. Each student is given a time slot based on their amount of current credits and the first letter of their last name. By checking the schedule ahead of time to make sure you know the time of your allotted registration slot, you can avoid the stress of being unsure of when to register. When your day comes, be sure to get online a few minutes ahead of time to be prepared.

With registration, you need to move quickly, and by getting a head start on other students, you may be more likely to obtain your desired classes. Before the big day, it is a good idea to make a mock schedule. By checking the Millersville website, you can check what classes are being offered, when the classes meet, and which professors teach them. By doing this ahead of time, you can prepare your ideal schedule as well as a back-up schedule. Many times, students do not get all of the classes that they want, so it’s a good idea to have some back-up classes, rather than being waitlisted. Being waitlisted for a class means that the class is already full by the time you attempted to register for it, but that there is still

KEVIN KAISER/SNAPPER A typical Millersville students schedule looks like this and includes the date, time, room number, and professor.

MARISSA INCITTI/SNAPPER When preparing to schedule, make sure you make a backup, especially if you are late on the list to schedule.

a chance that you may get into the class if another student drops it. In most cases, if a spot opens up, they will inform you via email and/or text message that you are now eligible to register for the class. You have twentyfour hours to confirm your inclusion into the class, or your spot will be given to the next student on the waitlist. Be sure that you meet with your designated advisor before your registration time, in order

to get assistance on class selection for the next semester, and to get your TAP number. Your TAP number is your unique registration code that is necessary to enter into the system before you are allowed to add or drop classes. Many students encounter the names of professors they’ve never heard of while doing their pre-registration class search. To remedy this in a simple way, you can take a look at

This website is an unofficial guide to professors of all subjects at schools across the nation. By looking up the professor in question, you can find ratings and reviews done by other students. Though these reviews are subjective, it is helpful to see what the overall opinion of this professor is before signing up to take their class. As well as rating the professor, many reviews describe the workload, and whether or not the class is

an “easy A.” By checking on these factors ahead of time, you will be able to map out your semester, and roughly plan how much work you have ahead of you. So, by mapping out your classes and professors ahead of time, as well as securing your TAP number and registration slot, you should be prepared for registration. Best of luck to all who are registering!

The final stretch is suddenly upon us

ERICA MAXWELL Features Writer

As the fall semester begins to come to a close, most students are feeling the pressure to end the term on a good note. Classes are winding down and syllabi may have to be altered to make sure the class ends at a certain point in the curriculum. The entire semester can be stressful, but the last few weeks before finals seem to really affect students and professors alike. When asked how she felt about the last three weeks before final exams, Elizabeth McMullen said one word could cover her feelings: “stress.” She explains that no other point in the semester challenges her as much as these last few weeks. “The end of fall semester is the worst part of the year without a doubt; I think it’s because Christmas break is so close we can almost taste it so we try to rush the semester which just stresses us out more.” McMullen continued to explain that since it’s her junior year she is very grateful for professors being sympathetic to the stress she is feeling. “My professors seem to just understand, in a way I believe they may be feeling the stresses as well, but I have had many professors tell me to just take a step back and relax.”


MARISSA INCITTI/SNAPPER Making a countdown to the end of the semester helps keep some students sane.

Counting down the days to Thanksgiving break, then finals, and ultimately Christmas break has become a way students get through the stress. “One more week until break” or “only one more exam before finals” has become a way to cope with the many assignments students are given during the final stretch of the semester. Daniel Watson, a senior this

year, knows this all too well. He explains that the countdown on his kitchen wall in his Brookwood apartment has become the only way he is keeping sane. “Without my countdown I don’t think I would make it through the many presentations and exams I still have to get through this semester. The Christmas break countdown is without a doubt my favorite

As the semester winds down, students want to have a reaction something like this student.

one to watch wind down, I just keep thinking if I can make it to that point then I am in the home stretch to graduate in May,” he says. Watson explains that many of his friends have these countdowns in their academic planners and in their various living spaces. “One of my professors actually gives us a countdown every class till finals, it seems like he is ready for break too and prob-

ably for a new set of students as well.” Watson keeps a smile on his face while he talks about the end of fall semester but some students aren’t as thrilled. Kayla Williams, a freshman this semester, said she was actually more stressed at the beginning of the semester than she is now. “I was freaking out the first couple weeks and just now feel like I have a hold of things, and now it will be

changing again. Maybe it’s because it is my first year, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be freaking out and stressed again until the beginning of spring.” Stress can be a part of any student’s college experience. The key is to make sure you talk to your professors and don’t let the stress or the pressure get to you.

How are you preparing for finals this semester?

“Studying, reading, and reviewing.” Claire Tinsman

“ I’m not yet...” Travis Patterson

“Definitely going through my notecards.” Robert Bradley

“Going over all my notes.” Nancy Lapkiewicz

“Finals?” Amanda Reedy

“It’s two weeks away, so I’m not too worried.” Cody McLaughlin

8 Features THE SNAPPER November 29, 2012

What to do with Thanksgiving leftovers pumpkin pie? Why not turn it into a parfait? Here is a quick ten-minute recipe to turn that pumpkin pie into something a little different (recipe courtesy of Robin Miller):


Thanksgiving leftovers—you either love them or you hate them. But in reality, they are not as bad as you think. Leftovers just need care. The problem that most people have with leftovers is that they have no idea what to do with them or even know how to store them. Storage of leftovers is extremely important, especially for safety reasons. However, with proper storage, you can make sure they are still as delicious as they were on Thanksgiving Day. provides guidelines and tips for storing your leftovers. In order to stay safe and avoid food poisoning, you should keep these guidelines and tips in mind: - Refrigerate turkey, stuffing, gravy and other cooked side dishes within two hours of serving - Carve turkey meat off the

PHOTO COURESTY OF ARTICLES.ORLANDOSENTINEL.COM Thanksgiving dinner usually includes a turkey, but that turkey is usually too large, leaving lots of leftovers.

bones before refrigerating. Place the meat and stuffing in separate containers. - Divide leftovers into smaller portions and refrigerate or freeze in covered, shallow containers for quicker cooling. To get the most taste out of your leftovers, you need to know the refrigerator and freezer life of your meals dishes. According to, these Thanksgiving foods can last you for quite some time. - Turkey: Fridge life is 3-4 Freezer life is 2-3 months.


- Gravy (homemade): Fridge life is 1-2 days. Freezer life is 2-3 months. - Cranberry Sauce: Fridge life is 10-14 days. Freezer life is 1-2 months. - Stuffing (cooked): Fridge life is 3-4 days. Freezer life is 1 month. Storage is the most important thing when it comes to taking care of those leftovers. But you may be wondering, “When I eat those leftovers, what can I do with leftovers to not make them so boring?” Well, there are many possibil-

Lose the turkey weight with these slimming tips capsules taken orally and can purchased at most drugstores. However, it is advised that any person under the age of 18 should not take the extract. Not only does the extract help you lose weight at a healthy rate, but recent studies have also shown that people who consumed the green coffee bean extract had better control

JULIE RAFFENSPERGER be Associate Features Editor

Clicking through channels on the television, listening to the radio, flipping through a magazine, or browsing through the Internet. No matter what you do, you are bombarded with images every day about not being the "right" size, or you see the latest pill to drop ten pounds in one week. It is nearly impossible to escape the images the media puts out on a daily basis. What is most troublesome is that many of the weight loss fads are unhealthy, unnatural, and may do more harm than good. Conversely, a recent study has found a natural aid which can help people lose unwanted weight. A substance called chlorogenic acid, which is naturally found in coffee beans, has been scientifically proven to improve the body's ability to lose weight at a healthy rate. Dr. Mehmet Oz, a famous Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon, author, and television personality, found in his own study that participants using the bean's extract lost an average of two pounds per week, whereas others who did not use the extract lost only one pound. The average amount of weight loss is about 18 pounds over a time period of 22 weeks. Coffee beans are naturally high in chlorogenic acid, but levels are at their peak before the beans are actually roasted. Dr. Oz reported, "Green coffee bean extract helps speed up weight loss, new scientific research reveals that green coffee bean extract is a powerful anti-oxidant, and it significantly contributes to weight loss and blood sugar control." Adding this extract to a healthy diet and exercise can aid your body's metabolism rate. The International Business Times stated, “"Unfortunately, traditional brewed coffee doesn't serve as a good source of chlorogenic acid. While roasting green coffee beans removes its naturally bitter taste, it also removes a significant portion of chlorogenic acid. Hence, green coffee beans remain one of the best natural sources for chlorogenic acid." The extract from the beans can be bought in the form of

might work but damage your body's natural equilibrium at the same time.” While studies have shown the extract to be effective, it may be smart to wait until more time has passed, allowing scientists and researchers to broaden their knowledge about the extract and any other effects it may have on the body. When trying to lose weight, be

PHOTO COURTESY OF SPWALLPAPERS.COM Unroasted coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, which has recently shown to increase weight loss, especially among women. of their blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels, and cholesterol levels. Senior Brianna Weaver states that, “I think people would try it because it is a natural and easy solution to losing weight, which is something that many people are searching for.” It is true that many people wish to lose weight, which is especially difficult in America where food is quick, cheap, and everywhere. Nick Villalta, a Millersville University senior, claimed, “It is probably not FDA approved so there is no telling what side effects those tablets can have. It

smart. Aim to shed pounds at a healthy rate, which can be done by eating right, working out, and having patience along with a great deal of motivation. Adding this new extract to your diet may be just the kick you need to get rid of those last few unwanted pounds. If it is not for you, then keep your eyes and ears open for healthy, natural aids which can help you lose weight. Do your research and never be caught as the victim of unhealthy diet fads or weight loss pills.

ities. Food Network has an endless supply of recipes on their website, which will be sure to get rid of those annoying leftovers once and for all! If you go through the list, you will be sure to find a recipe that catches your attention. Some ideas are listed below. Turkey recipes: Turkey potpie; Turkey Bolognese; Grilled Turkey, Brie, and Apple Butter Sandwich with Arugula; Turkey Soup Side-Dish recipes: Sweet potato squares, Stuffing Frittata, Potato Croquettes, Deep-fried Cranberry-Sauce Fritters And are you looking for a creative way to spice up that

Ingredients 2 cups pumpkin pie filling (scooped from cooked pie) PHOTO COURESTY OF KITCHYCOOK2 cups vanilla ice ING.COM cream or frozen Making your sweet potatoe leftovers into yogurt, softened 8 tablespoons squares can create an interesting dessert. whipped cream or Repeat layers of pumpkin and whipped topping ice cream. Top with whipped 4 tablespoons candied walnuts cream and candied nuts. or pecans To view this recipe online and other recipes deal with Directions Thanksgiving leftovers, visit Spoon 1/4 cup of pumpkin into 4 tall glasses. Top with 1/4 cup t h a n k s g i v i n g - l e f t o v e r of ice cream or frozen yogurt. recipes/package/index.html.

PHOTO COURTESY OF EATINGONANAPKIN.COM To make leftover dessert, add pumpkin filling to frozen yogurt.

Black Friday madness ANNE SHAFFER

Assistant Features Editor

Along with turkey, cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes, shopping on Black Friday is another popular Thanksgiving tradition practiced by a massive number of people across the country, often causing devastation in Wal-Marts and Targets nationwide. Now, however, the popular shopping day is squashed between two new shopping holidays, commonly called Gray Thursday and Cyber Monday. Gray Thursday isn’t necessarily a new fad; according to the New York Daily News, Kmart started opening on Thanksgiving Day over 15 years ago. However, the term has only recently become popular. According to 2 Minute Finance, “Gray Thursday” as a term only really took hold a few years ago. Unsurprisingly, Gray Thursday has caused some controversy. 2 Minute Finance says that in 2011, “some retailers experienced a public backlash…for requiring employees to work the evening of Thanksgiving, when many families are still enjoying a turkey dinner.” According to a study done in 2007 by the Britt Beemer of America’s Research Group, only 11 percent of Americans will consider going out to shop on Thanksgiving Day, so retailers run a fairly significant risk by opening when people are unlikely to come out to shop. The same study says that more than half of Americans go out on Black Friday. Gray Thursday, according to the Chicago Tribune, is taking things a little too far for a great many Americans. In 2011, Anthony Hardwick, a Target employee, created an online petition called “Tell Target to Save Thanksgiving” and collected at least 200,000 signatures. Dozens of other petitions followed suit. The Tribune also states that a study done by claims that 87 percent of people surveyed believe that stores should stay closed on Thanksgiving. The Huffington Post says that Thanksgiving has now become a “staging area for Christmas shopping” and continues, very scathingly, “America’s retail industry…sees in every blank space a billboard, in every suburban meadow, a mall, in every screen—big or small—a banner ad. And in every ‘non-working’ holiday, a time for more shop-

PHOTO COURTESY OF DIGITALTRENDS.COM Black Friday crowds are notoriously large and occasionally violent. ping.” It also places blame on companies for causing the “fanaticism” of Black Friday and the other new shopping holidays, using marketing to convince people that they need or want the things these retailers are selling. However, Black Friday is an important time for retailers to rake in income for their employees and executives. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), holiday sales for 2012 are projected to rise 4.1 percent from last year and will total $586.1 billion if the NRF is correct. The NRF also states that “the holiday season can represent anywhere between 20-40% of annual sales.” The holiday season includes 61 days from November to December and the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. This year, there are three more days between Thanksgiving and Christmas than there were last year, making a total of 33, which gives shoppers an extra weekend to complete their shopping and wrapping. Historically, Black Friday was officially coined in 1966 in an ad in the American Philatelist, a Philadelphia newspaper, but it has been the start of the holiday shopping season since the 1930s. However, since the economic recession, bargain shopping has really become a priority to most shoppers; the tragedies, including stampedes and even shootings, on Black Friday can be attributed to frenzied shoppers seeking the greatest bargains. Some of this problem could be alleviated, theoretically, by

“Cyber Monday,” which is the first Monday after Thanksgiving. The term was only officially coined in 2005 and signifies the online shopping sales which take place on that day. published a press release in 2005 that stated, “While traditional retailers will be monitoring store traffic and sales on Black Friday…online retailers have set their sights on something different: Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, which is quickly becoming one of the biggest online shopping days of the year.” CNN however, discredits this claim, saying that “Cyber Monday” is a “marketing gimmick,” at least according to some consumer electronics experts. Andrew Lipsman, director of industry analysis at comScore, a company that monitors internet traffic, says that Cyber Monday has never been the biggest ecommerce sales day. Usually, he says in the CNN article “Why ‘Cyber Monday’ is mostly myth” that a Monday in December is usually the biggest day for ecommerce. Probably, this is because shoppers are seeking to wrap up their last minute Christmas shopping. Whether you braved the Black Friday madness or played it safe behind your computer screen, the shopping holiday kicks off the Christmas shopping season and extends a decades-old tradition of one crazed shopping day into a weekend shopping bonanza.

THE SNAPPER 9 Features November 29, 2012

Writing a novel is fun with NaNoWriMo

PHOTO COURTESY OF CHICAGOIST.COM The NaNoWriMo logo represents typical writers utensils. This may sound too good to be MARISSA INCITTI true and for some it is. The Features Editor catch for writing a novel, which is defined as 50,000 words or For many aspiring novelists, more, is that you only have the it’s hard to find the time to 30 days in November to write actually write, however the your 50,000 words. Budding month of November offers a novelists would have to write unique opportunity to do just roughly 1,700 words a day, to that. meet the required word November is National Novel amount. Writing Month, (more commonFor senior Ellen Dochat, that’s ly referred to as NaNoWriMo) no problem. She and 36,843 where anyone has the chance to other participants were able to write a novel. NaNoWriMo is the complete their novels by 11:59 world’s largest writing event p.m. Nov. 30 last year. and nonprofit literary crusade. “This is my third year particiThere are no judges, no prizes, pating and it wasn’t easy, espeand entries are deleted from the cially the first year.” server before anyone even That seems to be a recurring reads them. trend. NaNoWriMo had its hum-

ble beginnings in the summer of 1999 when founder Chris Baty, a former editor for a business travel site, decided he wanted to write more. Twentyone participants from the San Francisco Bay Area got together in a cafe to try and write novels in a month. According to the NaNoWriMo website, their motives were far from the normal “we want to write novels.” Instead they began their quest in order to “make noise.” The 21 participants knew they were in for pain and embarrassment but were surprised to find that they had fun through all the anguish and tears. They also all managed to complete their novels in the allotted time. “Fun was a revelation. Novelwriting, we had discovered, was just like watching TV. You get a bunch of friends together, load up on caffeine and junk food, and stare at a glowing screen for a couple hours,” says Baty. The second year, NaNoWriMo was moved to November to take advantage of the weather. That same year, Baty decided to implement some rules for the novel writing. “From my years of work as an editor, I knew that having a set of unbendable rules and a merciless deadline was absolutely essential in giving writers the mental focus and shared sense of toil necessary to tackle daunting projects.” The rules for participating in NaNoWriMo are short and sweet: Write a 50,000 word or

The devastating effects of Frankenstorm

PHOTO COURTESY OF BLOG.NEWSCOM.COM In Seaside Heights, New Jersey, a roller coaster which used to be on the coastline, is now in the surf.

HAYLEY ADDESSA Features Writer

The strong winds and perpetual rain that battered the Northeast may not have affected Millersville University directly, but many students and their families have been affected in some way by this terrible storm. The devastation left by Hurricane Sandy has resulted in flooding, power outages, and complete destruction of trees, homes, and cars. Luckily, the Lancaster County region did not experience the worst of the storm. The storm forced Millersville University to close campus Oct. 29 and 30. While some students went home during this two day span, many decided to stay on campus. For those who stayed on campus, many of their families could not escape the damaging effects of the storm which resulted in many power outages. For Millersville University freshman Kelly Milligan, the storm raged on outside the win-

dow of her room in Gaige Hall. “We were told to stay in the building if we could, so we ended up stocking up on snack food at the Anchor and eating what we already had in the dorms so we wouldn’t have to walk outside during the storm,” Milligan said. For Milligan, staying on campus became the better option because her home in Havertown, Pa. lost power for several hours. For LaShaunta Smith, the campus building she currently lives in experienced some flooding in the basement. This flooding was little compared to what happened at her West Philadelphia home, which lost power for three to four days. “The generator blew out during the storm, so my family had no lights or hot water. My mom lit some candles to try to cope through the storm,” says Smith. Sophomore John Doran, who lives in Gilbert Hall, decided to brave out the storm at his home in Royersford, Pa. His family lost power until Wednesday, leaving Doran feeling bored and wishing he was still on campus.

One student who wishes to remain anonymous lost more than just power when the storm hit. Although her regular home was left intact, her family’s beach house in Long Island, New Jersey experienced excessive damage. Furniture inside of the house was turned on its side, the boat was gone, and a line now marks how high the water was inside the house, a constant reminder of how quick and furious Sandy was. All of her neighbors were affected around the area as well. Despite being hit by a tragic natural disaster, there are several relief efforts that have taken place to assist those who have been faced with devastation and loss. What we can learn from Hurricane Sandy is that although disasters happen, we must be prepared to support one another and rebuild each others lives. Check out to donate and help with the relief efforts.

more novel beginning Nov. 1 to Nov 30, start from scratch (no previously used works can be used), write a novel (if you consider your work to be a novel, NaNoWriMo considers it to be one too), be the sole author of your novel excluding citations, write more than one word repeated 50,000 times, and you must upload your novel between Nov. 25 -30 for word validation.

the novel craze along. With more people participating, more structure was needed as the popularity of NaNoWriMo grew. The third year alone saw 5,000 participants – something Baty and the computer servers were not ready for. In fact, their web-host demanded that they find a new home because they were well over the bandwith allotment that they were actually stealing resources from other

pants with 3,074,068,446 words logged. They even added a new addition: Camp NaNoWriMo for the month of July which acts as a summer camp-themed noveling challenge. There is also the Young NaNoWriMo’s which focuses on students from K-12 and provides teachers a tool to help get their students excited about writing. Of course the ultimate consequence of participating in

PHOTO COURTESY OF BOOKINTHEBAG.WORDPRESS.COM Chris Baty, the creator of NaNoWriMo, started the event with a group of friends and it went global. If you complete your novel in the 30 day period, you are sent a t-shirt. Because of the growing buzz surrounding NaNoWriMo and the novelty of the web, Baty reluctantly agreed to allow one of his friends to create a website the second year running. The total participants went up to 140 as word of mouth passed

websites on their server. They were also hacked a few hours into the event which created more problems. Yet they managed to sail through and the birth of the modern NaNoWriMo began. NaNoWriMo has now been in existence for 14 years and is still going strong. Last year they had almost 300,000 partici-

NaNoWriMo leaves the author with a novel. Many of the former and current WriMo’s (as they are affectionately called) have actually had their works published, some of them are even bestsellers. Who knows? Maybe yours could be next.

How you can help victims of Hurricane Sandy


Hurricane Sandy took the northeast region by complete surprise and proved that anything can happen. Here in Pennsylvania there were many without power and some who had to wait quite some time for it to come back. Aside from outages there were downed trees, broken windows, and debris everywhere; it was simply a mess. We were lucky; unfortunately, areas of New Jersey and New York were left in ruins from the terrible storm. Efforts to help those who were most impacted have sprung up in full force and they still need lots of help. As college students, it’s a little harder to step up in situations where supplies are needed, but even the smallest amount helps. One of the main funds specifically set up to help the victims of New Jersey is the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. This fund collects donations of money, food, and clothing; they also offer the option to volunteer. All of the donations will go to the immediate relief efforts of those affected. The main purpose of the fund is to step in where insurance, FEMA, and the Red Cross stop so that all communities devastated by the storm can be rebuilt and continue on with normalcy. Monetary donations can be made directly on the website,, or can be sent in by a check payable to Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. Don’t be discouraged by “broke college student syndrome;” any amount will help. To donate food, contact the Community Food Bank of New

PHOTO COURTESY OF NYMAG.COM Goodwill is collecting clothes and other items for Sandy victims. Jersey, and again, any little bit will help and be much appreciated by the victims. Clothing donations can be made through the Goodwill. Before donating, make sure clothes are washed and not terribly worn down. Coming to the end of the semester is a perfect time to make donations like this. When you clean out your room for winter break, take out things you no longer need and gain the benefit of having less to take home or bring back. Aside from donations, the Fund is also accepting the help of volunteers. If interested in participating, email The American Red Cross is not only working alongside the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund, they are also working single-handedly to collect money and donations for the victims affected by the storm. If you visit the main website you can choose to visit a special section dedicated to the Hurricane Sandy relief. The American Red Cross is openly accepting any donations of any

amount. The site offers the ability to enter in any amount the donator chooses. The Salvation Army is always accepting donations no matter what is happening in the world. They have stepped up and also started accepting donations for the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. The Salvation Army will be accepting monetary donations of any amount and, as always, will be taking in clothing and household supplies. They ask that any clothing or supplies to be gently used, just like the Goodwill donations. Hurricane Sandy took everyone by surprise. The strength and power of the storm was devastating and left so many with nothing. The least we can do is step up and help out those in need. Anything helps and all is appreciated. Take the time to clean out your closet before you leave, or save that five dollars you were going to spend on a knick-knack and donate it instead. Help those victims get back on their feet again.

PHOTO COURTESY OF DAILYGAZETTE.COM The Red Cross organized relief with sticky notes and color coded them based on peoples needs.

Arts & CULTURE Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Page 10

EPAC’s “Spring Awakening” shocks audience numbers. This proved to be quite effective during the more emotional or angst-fueled musical numbers such as “The Bitch of Living,” “The Dark I Know Well,” and “Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind.” However, the best part of the show was the cast, which consisted of mostly high school and college students playing the hormonal adolescents. Despite their youth, the entire cast was lively, talented, and handled themselves very professionally. In fact, a few of the cast members were students from Millersville University. The main character, Wendla, is played by Penn State student Kate-Lynn Scheib, who portrays her character’s naïve and pure nature well and has a great singing voice. Josh Kirwin plays Melchior,

were during the song “The Word of Your Body,” where their characters’ passionate feelings for each other start to develop, and the infamous sex scene at the end of act one, with Scheib being hesitant and frightened and Kirwin convincing her to go through with it. Vince Fazzolari plays Melchior’s best friend Moritz. At first, his character seems like the comic relief of the musical. His neurotic and clumsy antics make for some very funny moments in the first act, but he becomes one of the more tragic characters during the second act of the show. Certain events unfold that leave him confused, desperate, and depressed, and his inner turmoil comes full circle during the painful ballad “Don’t Do Sadness.” Millersville’s Peter Ferraiolo plays Ernst, a naïve boy who’s

“The Dark I Know Well,” where her voice shakes with anger and fear as she sings about her abusive family life. “Spring Awakening,” a comLast but not least, ing-of-age musical based on the Millersville junior Amy Ward German play by Frank plays Ilse, a girl who ran away Wedekind, was performed at the from her abusive father and Ephrata Performing Arts Center now lives as a Bohemian. in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, from She portrays both the October 25 to November 10. toughness of an abuse victim When “Spring Awakening” and the innocence of an adolesfirst opened on Broadway, it cent girl who’s indulging in her shocked audiences with its dark new sense of independence. portrayal of adolescence, child Her musical numbers, such abuse, pregnancy, rape, homoas “Blue Wind,” “The Dark I sexuality, and suicide. Know Well,” where she accomIt also featured Lea Michele panies Buck, and “The Song of and Lancaster County native Purple Summer” are some of the and EPAC veteran Jonathan most emotional numbers in the Groff as the two main characshow, and she has an exceptionters, who both went on to star in al singing voice. “Glee.” In fact, if it hadn’t been for Although set in Germany in Scheib, who had prior experithe late 19th-century, “Spring ence of playing Wendla, Ward Awakening” features a much probably would’ve made a permore modern alternative rock fect Wendla. soundtrack, I got the which adds to chance to talk to the angst the Ward about her characters are experience in going through “ S p r i n g and gives the Awakening” a few musical a days viewing the unique edge. musical. In fact, it is She says a surprise in Fernandez offered itself that an her an audition area as conserafter he saw her vative as play Ivy in Lancaster ACMO’s 2012 County would spring musical, even put on “Bare: A Pop such a controOpera.” versial musiShe later got a cal. callback, where This proshe read lines for duction of both Wendla and “ S p r i n g Ilse and sang Awakening” “Mama Who Bore was directed Me” before being by Edward given the role as Fernandez, Ilse. who obviously However, even put a lot of with her many thought and years of theatre creative genius and musical expeinto this musirience, playing cal. Ilse proved to be a The sets challenge for her. are minimal “I was already but effective, very familiar with PHOTO COURTESY OF EPACS FACEBOOK PAGE with a few all the songs,” desks, tables, Ephrata Performing Arts Center performed “Spring Awakening” from Oct. 25 - Nov. 10. Ward says, “but it and a tall stairtook me time to case, with the orchestra partial- a charismatic and intelligent seduced by a gay fellow class- feel comfortable with my charly hidden on a platform at the youth and Wendla’s love inter- mate (Quinn Corcoran) in a acter and her background.” top of the staircase. est. short but particularly funny Still, the musical was a great The use of lighting was also He’s a strong singer, has a scene. experience for her, especially very amazing. The stage was captivating stage presence, and Young EPAC veteran being able to work with bright during the non-singing does an impressive job tapping Madison Buck plays Martha, a Ferraiolo and Christina Rivera, bits, but it would darken and into Melchior’s dark and com- girl who is afraid of telling any- another Millersville theatre stuhave flashing lights of red, pur- plex psyche. one that her father beats her. dent who was part of the ensemple, and blue during the musical Their best scenes together She especially shines during ble.

Katie Pryor Staff Writer


ABOVE: Ethan Shearer, Joshua Kirwin, Quinn Corcoran, Peter Ferraiolo, and Jeremy Ebert BELOW:Amy Ward, an MUstudent, plays Ilse.

“I got a lot closer with Christina and Peter, and it felt great to do another show with them after ‘Bare,’” she says. When asked what she’ll take away from her first musical production at EPAC, she says, “Don’t be afraid to take chances, and if you’re offered an opportunity, take it. It’ll bring you great things.” One strange thing to note about the musical was that all the adult roles such as the parents and the teachers were played by two actors (Susan Barber and Larry Gessler). Though they played all their

roles well and with great comedic timing, it did get confusing figuring out who exactly they were playing at certain times. Still, this is a very minor complaint on an otherwise stellar production of “Spring Awakening.” Everything in this musical works, from the settings, orchestration, lighting, choreography, acting, and singing. Fernandez pushed the envelope and took plenty of risks, and the risks definitely paid off in the end.

Junior Recital: Kelly Davis and Jenn Kelman Olivia Synoracki Staff Writer

Sunday, November 11, Kelly Davis and Jennifer Kelman united to perform for a crowd of people in Murley Recital Hall at the Visual and Performing Arts Center. Preparing for this performance is a great task, considering, as Kelman explains, “a Junior Recital is a huge milestone for music majors to reach in [their] college career.” Because this exhibition is held in high regard, there is a lot time put into planning such an event. To start off, both Davis and Kelman were required to assemble 30 minutes of music from an array of composers. After collecting this material, music majors must receive approval of their recital from select faculty members through a process known as the “recital hearing.” This whole procedure requires much time and effort. Kelman herself put countless hours each day into practicing for this recital. On the day of the performance, Murley Recital Hall was packed. Even after the show began, audience members kept filing in, causing more chairs to be added so that everyone would have a seat. The room full of anticipation, Kelman took the stage in a stunning, floor length navy-blue dress, full of jewels.

While sparkling, she sang her first song with the accompaniment of Joan Allen on the piano. A mezzo-soprano, Kelman first sang a few songs from renowned composers such as, Antonio Vivaldi and Franz Schubert. While singing Schubert’s Der Tod und das Mådchen,

Kelman exemplified her skills while fully expressing the ferocity brought forth in the song. In contrast, Kelman’s interpretation of Schubert’s Lachen und Weinen, translated to Laughter and Tears, was much more emotional. After Kelman performed, her recital partner, Davis, took a place on stage and played a few


Jenn Kelman and Kelly Davis perform Ingrid Michaelson’s “Be O.K.” as their closing piece.

numbers from composer Johann Sebastian Bach on the guitar. While performing his Minuet in G major, Davis encompassed Bach’s work of the Baroque period by presenting the song in a slow manner. She chose to slow the song as to stay true to the dance that would have been performed along with this song during the Baroque era. Wearing a dark plum, floor length dress, Davis looked very elegant as she expressed the music of Bach while strumming each chord and creating a melodic sound. In fact, much of the music Davis played during the first act of the performance was very soft, simple, and peaceful. The whole first section of the recital represented various composers from the early classical era. The second act was, therefore, more modernized. The very last two songs of the recital were fun and bubbly. Kelman’s personality shined through in her performance of Taylor, the Latte Boy. Her facial expressions and energy made this song very enjoyable to watch. The last song of the afternoon was presented by both Davis and Kelman. Together they joined in performing the song “Be OK” by Ingrid Michaelson. With Davis on the guitar and Kelman singing, the two had the audience members smiling from ear to ear.


Kelly Davis performs various Classical pieces on guitar.

11Arts&Culture THE SNAPPER

November 29, 2012

Upcoming Events

An inside look at MU theater group ACMO Olivia Synoracki Staff Writer

through a performers eyes.”. The Director of Showcase is not the only one who has to work hard in order to accomplish a successful show. The cast plays a prominent role in tightening up loose ends to establish themselves for the concert. After auditions, rehearsals start, allowing the cast to learn their songs and become comfortable with them. Usually rehearsals begin in September and go up until the show. This period of time is a big commitment for the cast, knowing to expect being pushed to the limits, as well as late rehearsals. Ward knew that the Showcase would be a big commitment for her cast, yet, she commends them for the work they put forth to accomplish her vision for the 2012 Showcase. On a final note, Ward wanted to leave her cast with a message: “To my cast, I want them to know that I couldn't ask for a more talented group of people. I appreciate all the time and effort they have given me and I am so lucky to have so many people be involved in my first director position. Hard work pays off and you deserve a great show so that is what you will get!” Although the Fall Showcase has a long process till the opening night, it is being on stage in front of a large audience that makes the whole experience worth while. Even though I get nervous every time I step out onto a stage, I still love performing.

Every year, the All Campus Musical Organization (ACMO) works hard to produce four major shows. These performances, which are directed, choreographed, and managed by students, give the Millersville community a chance to see the talent ingrained in our university. As a member and board executive, I can honestly say that being involved in these productions has provided me with an experience of a lifetime. For the past two years, I have participated in the Fall Showcase, the first performance ACMO presents every fall semester. The Showcase usually consists of Broadway musical songs. However, this year there was a collaboration of songs from a wide array of genres, including Indie Rock, Broadway, and Pop. Just a few weekends ago, the 2012 Fall Showcase was performed in downtown Lancaster at the Millersville Ware Center. Songs such as, Poison and PHOTO COURTESY OF ROSS YOUNG Wine by The Civil Wars, Seize Johnny Guignet performs in one of the ACMO Fall the Day from the musical Showcase numbers. Newsies, Valerie by Amy performing has. Holiday Benefit Concert, ACMO Winehouse, and Oh What a Night ACMO’s second production has decided to raise money for from the musical Jersey Boys has already made its way into Toys for Tots. were all brought to life on the the works and rehearsals start A much smaller production stage. this week. than the Fall Showcase, the holiYet, to create a spell-boundWith the Holiday season day concert still calls for dediing experience for the audience, drawing near, the Executive cation and effort. it is not enough to just walk on Board agreed that a Holiday Together, the cast will stage and sing a song; the proceBenefit Concert would be a fresh rehearse long hours to prepare dure is much more time-confor the celebrasuming than tion of the holithat. days. T h e These two w h o l e events are only process of part of the ACMO’s Fall activities ACMO Showcase is involved in begins the throughout the s p r i n g academic year. semester S p r i n g before, when s e m e s t e r the Executive includes more B o a r d shows for memdecides on a bers to perform director. in or for audiFor the ences to view, 2012 show, i n c l u d i n g we chose Musical Mad Sarah Ward Libs and Legally to fulfill the Blonde the position, Musical. believing she The big would create show of spring a memorable is Legally performance Blonde. As for both cast ACMO’s first and audience performance in members. the new Visual Ward’s and Performing song list was Arts Center, this another reamusical will be son she was very pink! chosen for Although the job. Her the show is not vision was to until next create a semester, audishow where the cast PHOTO COURTESY OF ROSS YOUNG tions are just around the corcould relate As the Fall Showcase comes to a close, the members of ACMO look forward to the spring ner. to the songs, semester where they will perform Legally Blonde:The Musical. Wanting to while adding pick the cast before fall semestheir own twist to the mix. When the stage lights hit my new idea for the organization. Director, Katerina ter is finished, Director Seth Her first time directing, face, I forget all my nerves and Ward now understands the pres- zone into the place I know and Bergerstock recently held audi- Sponhouse, plans for this to be tions for the event and has com- a great show. sure and responsibility that love, music. ACMO always strives to comes with running a producIn the past two years that I bined an all-star cast to bring make our performances as protion like the Fall Showcase. have been involved in ACMO, forth the Holiday spirit. The show, which will be per- fessional as they can be. Yet, we As she went through the the Fall Showcase has been a formed on December 5 at make them fun, entertaining, process of making the rehearsal huge part of my life. schedule, working with the cast, Getting involved in this 8:00p.m. in Dutcher Hall, and enjoyable for both the cast and unifying the concert, Ward organization has taken up much includes a variety of holiday and audience. Each time I perform with learned more about herself. In of my time, but every minute songs, all the way from Santa Baby to Mary Did You Know. ACMO, I know that I will come her words, “My eyes have has been worth it. Along with the holiday spir- out of a show smiling, knowing opened up to more about perAlthough the 2012 Fall formance in the eyes of those Showcase has come to an end, it comes the gift of good cheer. that my time in this organizathat judge us, rather than that does not mean that my time As a philanthropy for the tion is worth every minute.

Senior Recital - Christina Berg When: Fri, November 30, 2012 @ 07:30 PM Where: Biemesderfer Concert Hall, Winter Visual and Performing Arts Center Ware Center Cabaret in the Sky: Erin Cruise When: Sat, December 1, 2012 @ 07:30 PM Where: The Ware Center, Millersville University Lancaster, 42 N. Prince St., Lancaster Josh Albright: Singersongwriter When: Sat, December 1, 2012 @ 07:30 PM Where: Biemesderfer Concert Hall, Winter Visual and Performing Arts Center Performance: Millersville University Wind Ensemble and Concert Band When: Sun, December 2, 2012 @ 02:30 PM Where: Murley Recital Hall, Winter Visual and Performing Arts Center Holiday Concert: Red Rose City Chorus - "A Barbershop Christmas" When: Sun, December 2, 2012 @ 03:00 PM Where: The Ware Center, Millersville University Lancaster, 42 N. Prince St., Lancaster The Ware Center Film Series: In the Family When: Mon, December 3, 2012 @ 05:00 PM Where: The Ware Center, Millersville University Lancaster, 42 N. Prince St., Lancaster

The Ware Center Film Series: In the Family (second showing) When: Mon, December 3, 2012 @ 08:00 PM Where: The Ware Center, Millersville University Lancaster, 42 N. Prince St., Lancaster Critical Thinking for Finals Workshop When: Tue, December 4, 2012 @ 03:00 PM Where: Meeting Room B, Lyle Hall The Ware Center Film Series: The Imposter When: Tue, December 4, 2012 @ 05:00 PM Where: The Ware Center, Millersville University Lancaster, 42 N. Prince St., Lancaster Artist Talk: Michael Gaydos, illustrator, painter and sequential artist When: Tue, December 4, 2012 @ 06:00 PM Where: Art Gallery, Winter Visual and Performing Arts Center Celebrate Kwanzaa When: Tue, December 4, 2012 @ 07:30 PM Where: Reighard Multipurpose Room, Student Memorial Center Concert: Glorious Sounds of the Season When: Fri, December 7, 2012 @ 07:30 PM Where: Steinman Hall, The Ware Center, Millersville University Lancaster, 42 N. Prince St., Lancaster Concert: Glorious Sounds of the Season When: Sat, December 8, 2012 @ 07:30 PM Where: WVPAC, Clair Performance Hall

Ryan Tennis releases “Pack Light but Bring Everything” Luke Helker Staff Writer

right? The song has a great southern rock piano solo breakdown that gives the song vitality. The next song, “Fight Song” might be my favorite on the album. It's super catchy, like most of these songs, and really drives like no other song on the album. I don't want to go over every song on the album, so just know that it's charged with a great musician’s great songs and no reason to not love it.

It is important to know that Ryan Tennis is actually a football player-turned-singer/songwriter. You would think that a football player-stereotypical jock would have no clue of what good music is or how to write it, but thank goodness Tennis decided to go down the musical path. The album opens up with “Sunshine and Shade” and “I Can't Wait”, two anthems with inspiring choruses and ideas. “ W a l k On” has a slow, rustic, country feel to it that drives into the ground. “ W a k i n g Dream” open up with some a cappella harmonies and then goes into a soft, mysterious tune with PHOTO COURTESY OF RYANTENNIS.BANDCAMP.COM beautiful lyrics and I would say the big tracks to thought-provoking themes. The next song brings us back pay attention to are “Sunshine into the more laid back fell of and Shade,” “I Can't Wait,” “Fight things. “Already Been Down this Song,” and “Huddle Up and Hold Road Before” is a clear cut basic On.” Regardless, all of the songs blues rock tune. He writes songs that feature a here are amazing and I can't recfull band on the record, but a lot ommend this album enough. Ryan is a great musician and of times he goes solo on tours. “Madeline” is the big love an all around great person - fun to song on this album. To be fair, a talk too, very down to earth, and lot of these songs have a love really loves the music he writes. theme to them, but this is the Please go out and pick up this only one that mentions a name, album or see him live if he comes which usually means something, to your area.

12 Arts&Culture THE SNAPPER

November 29, 2012

Life of Pi

A young man who survives a disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and

PG discovery. While cast away, he

“Titanic: Lost in the Darkness” coming soon Caleb Bressler

could turn sideways, but what could be seen was limited. It was impossible, for instance, to look at the ceiling A new computer game, directly above, unless the game “Titanic: Lost in the Darkness” is specifically allowed players in the works. to click on a particular spot. Currently being conA recent YouTube video structed by the independon “Titanic: Lost in the ent gaming developer ORM Darkness’” game’s channel Entertainment, it is very gives a very good impresmuch an example of a sion of the movement, grassroots game. skimming about the ship The game is a firstwith cheery Tchaikovsky person adventure game music playing in the backonboard the 1912 ocean ground. liner Titanic. Despite some outside Plot details are still speculation, the game will sketchy, but the game actually exist according, to appears to be legitimate the Tumblr page. and definitely something However, due to the to be excited about. time-consuming nature of Literally, nearly every sinconstructing the game, they gle foot of the ship is aren’t sure when people will going to be in the game. actually be able to play it. Photographs and tours “We do not have a of pieces of the game are release date yet,” the already available to see, Tumblr page says. giving people a chance to “Depending on how long it see what the game will be takes, what comes up, it like. could be late 2013-early From the videos and PHOTO COURTESY OF TITANICA.ORG 2014 at the earliest.” screenshots, the game The game will include a realistic portrayal of the entire ship. How playable the looks amazing. game will be is yet to be At times, rooms almost seen, since it is, in a sense, not catch the real thief.” lar website. look like photographs. The movement on the ship yet a reality. However, it definiteThey do, however, have a Simply comparing photographs from the original Titanic, Tumblr page, boasting dozens of is similar to a first-person shoot- ly represents a grassroots game, and the almost indistinguishable photos, tidbits about the game er game. Players can look up, and watching it grow is certainly down and all around, which is dif- an interest for most people with ship Olympic, will show how and videos. The game also has a YouTube ferent from many first-person an interest in building computer strikingly precise this game is. The paneling mirrors the channel and a Facebook page, adventure games which only games. Also, for anyone with an original ship and even the carpet- with links to both of these on allow limited vision. It is also a very different sys- interest in the Titanic, this game ing color is debated by the game’s their Tumblr page. The Tumblr page gives a brief tem of movement from another is definitely something to considcreators. On the Grand Staircase, the description of the plot, saying game from the 1990s, “Titanic: er playing when it eventually heaters glow. The wall lamps in that “It will essentially be like Adventure out of Time.” In this comes out. the reading room cast realistic Sherlock Holmes on the Titanic, earlier Titanic game, players light and shadows upon the walls. The paneling in the A La Carte Restaurant is dazzlingly accurate. Despite the high-quality of the game, it does not have a regu-

Staff Writer

though with no Sherlock, but plenty of mystery. You’ll play from the perspective of a man suspected of being a thief who sneaks aboard the Titanic to

A group of teenagers look to save their town from an invasion of North Korean soldiers.

Red Dawn

Rise of the Guardians

Jab Tak Hai Jaan



Brandon Lesko Assoc. Opinion Editor Mine eyes have once again seen the glory that is Daniel DayLewis. Lincoln, starring Day-Lewis in the role of the 16th president of the United States, tells the gripping story of his final months in office and his oversight of the ending of the civil war as well as the passage of the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery. Director Steven Spielberg allowed a star-studded cast that includes David Strathairn, Sally Field, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Hal Holbrook, and James Spader to showcase their immense talents while not diminishing the importance of the plot. Speaking of plot, this is a film that has an abundance of it.

While it is biogr a p h i c a l , Lincoln is not a biography per se. It does not focus on the whole of A b r a h a m Lincoln’s life, but instead on the daily innerworkings of a wartime White House and the political machinations necesPHOTO COURTESY OF UA.EDU sary to attaining the abolition Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Lincoln in the Steven Spielberg directed film. of slavery. his goals. scenes of Honest Abe telling Viewers might be shocked, Some of the best scenes jokes, tales, and moral parables or not, to find that the use of by far were those that captured to get across his points to others. arm-twisting and vote-buying the intense debates and furious He is seen deep in thought or was much more commonplace emotions of the men (white debate with his cabinet one and apparent at the time, and Northerners) that quarreled over minute, and the next he is playsomething that Lincoln was by whether or not to emancipate ing with his son or consoling his no means above using to achieve African Americans once and for wife over their lost child. One


Lincoln talks with his wife Mary Todd played by Sally Field.

all. Throughout the film, it was impossible not to draw connections between the political struggles of the past and those of the present. For example, the bitter differences over the 13th Amendment and the hostilities that have arisen over today’s Healthcare Reform Act. This was something I am sure both Spielberg and screenplay writer Tony Kushner intended. The film manages to do what few biopics have achieved: It brings it’s subject back to life in a believable, if not haunting way. Day-Lewis brilliantly portrays a figure that most Americans have come to think of as a strong, commanding hero as an eccentric, humorous, and vulnerable man. Lincoln is brimming with

cannot help but watch and get the sense of a man who was wise and caring, deeply sorrowful, engaged and yet removed at the same time. Day-Lewis makes it easy to suspend your disbelief long enough to imagine that you are watching lost documentary footage of Abe Lincoln as he really was. As a grandfatherly figure that was always understanding. That would always offer an encouraging story or a pat on the shoulder, and as he leaves the room you sit there and think, “there goes one of the greatest men that ever lived.” Expect Lincoln to earn numerous nominations this award season, including multiple Oscar nods, most likely for best picture as well as acting, directing, and screenplay.

2:15, 4:55, 7:50



When the evil spirit Pitch launches an assault on Earth, the Immortal Guardians team up to protect the innocence of children all around the world.

1:55, 4:30, 7:00

After the birth of Renesmee, the Cullens gather other vampire 12:40, 1:20, clans in order to protect the 2:05, 3:40, Breaking Dawn- PG-13 child from a false allegation 4:20, 5:05, Part 2 that puts the family in front of the Volturi. 6:40, 7:20, 8:00


Daniel Day-Lewis brings Lincoln to life


forms an unexpected connection with another survivor ... a fearsome Bengal tiger.






After finding and losing his true love in London, Samar Anand defies death by becoming a bomb disposal expert for the Indian Army. Returning to London after 10 years, he suffers amnesia after an accident. Will he be reunited with his love? As the Civil War continues to rage, America's president struggles with continuing carnage on the battlefield and as he fights with many inside his own cabinet on the decision to emancipate the slaves.

An airline pilot saves a flight from crashing, but an investigation into the malfunctions reveals something troubling.

A video game villain wants to be a hero and sets out to fulfill his dream, but his quest brings

PG- havoc to the whole arcade


12:20, 3:55, 7:10

Bond's loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under 1:05, 3:05, attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter 4:10, 6:25, 7:30 how personal the cost.

where he lives.

The Sessions

12:05, 3:50, 7:25

A man in an iron lung who wishes to lose his virginity contacts a professional sex surrogate with the help of his therapist and priest.

12:45, 3:45, 6:50

12:50, 3:30, 6:00



November 29, 2012

Men’s ice hockey stops Crusaders in their tracks CHRIS NORTON Sports Editor On Saturday, November 17th, the Millersville Ice Hockey team squared off against the Susquehanna Crusaders in what would be a completely onesided event. The Marauders demolished Susquehanna offensively by a score of 13-2. Early in the match, Cyle Knopf and Bobby Snyder both managed to score within one minute of each other, establishing a comfortable two-goal lead. On the ensuing faceoff, with the Crusaders still trying to catch their breath, Austin Reaser skated past the exhausted defense and shot the back into the back of the net. Now three goals ahead, Millersville began to realize that their opponents’ morale was gradually diminishing.Midway through the first

period, the Marauders suffered two key losses. Joe Vendetti, attempting to block a speeding shot, injured his hand on the play, sending him to the hospital. Shortly after that misfortune, Jonnie Collins took a powerful check from a Crusader which in turn, injured his knee and lower back. Collins was forced to sit out for the remainder of the game. With their peers evidently down, Knopf, Josh Feehan, and Zach Juliano stepped up and took advantage of a power play to increase the already substantial Millersville lead by three. Towards the end of the first period, tensions began to rise among the two teams. Tim DiRgueris was called for a penalty, which lead to a Susquehanna power play. The Crusaders could not afford to pass up the opportunity, and they did not, scoring to cut the Marauders’ lead to five. However,

Millersville did not let the goal discourage them. Read Bohon continued his scoring success shooting a puck that deflected off of Snyder’s stick and into the net. After a change in goalies from Eric Hench to Dustin Jagiela, the Marauders refused to let off the throttle, scoring six more goals to put the score at 13-1. Susquehanna finally answered the barrage with one final goal which proved to be ineffective. Amidst the carnage, freshman forward Feehan had two goals, thus showing his skill and determination in the line. The Marauders are pitted against the University of Pennsylvania next week on Saturday, December 1st in game that has potential to be a barnburner. Information courtesy of

Lesinski and Franz named All-PSAC East players after impressive season ANTHONY JADUS Staff Writer


The team looks to continue to improve for their next season.


With 13 goals in the game, the Marauders were given an overall record of 9-8-1 on the season.

Determination, hard work, and persistency are three words to describe the efforts and successes of players Jessica Franz and Katie Lesinski in this year’s volleyball season. These two players led Millersville to the PSAC tournament this year, which is great because the Marauders have not seen tournament action since 2005. It takes star players to achieve such a successful season, and the Millersville team had it. The talented, athletic team of women stood strong this year, and with Franz and Lesinski

playing as well as they did, they were sure to have a good season. The efforts of both Lesinski and Franz didn’t go unnoticed because both were just named to the All-PSAC East Second Team this year, and they are both very deserving of such a title. Sophomore Katie Lesinski was an All-PSAC pick last year as well as the PSAC East Freshman of the Year last year, so with her stats from this year’s season, it’s no wonder that she was picked for the All-PSAC team yet again. This season she posted a team high 300 kills which gave her the eighth ranking in this category in the PSAC. She racked up a team high 865 swings with a .154 hitting percentage as well. She also had five assists and seven aces on the year.

Defensively Lesinski played extremely well also with her 105 digs and 40 total blocks, 7 of which being solo. Right along side Katie Lesinski was junior Jessica Franz who had another superb season. Of the two setters that made the second team, junior Jessica Franz was one of them. This season she tallied a career high 913 assists which ranked her sixth in the PSAC. Franz’s 913 assists were only 178 less than the 1,091 she had in her freshman and sophomore years combined so for her she had an absolutely fantastic year in the assist category. She also added 61 kills on her .238 attack percentage, which was the highest attack percentage of any player on the team

with at least 180 attempts. As far as defense went, Franz posted 218 digs and 13 total blocks (all assists) to reach career-highs in all categories. Jessica and Katie represented Millersville well this year both having fantastic seasons. Millersville had the third most representation in the PSAC East this year, which was great for the school. Overall both players played a great season of volleyball, and they both deserved their spots in the All-PSAC East Second Team. They will both look to build from these great performances next year and make sure that they follow up with another successful season.

The Snapper


Volleyball players named All-PSAC East Page 13

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Coates named All-PSAC East Women’s swim team places after record-setting season third in successful weekend RYAN WOERNER Staff Writer

On November 13th, Marauders return man David Coates was honored after a stellar season of fielding punts and kicks with an All-PSEC East Second Team mention. Coates was nearly the lone bright spot during a season in which not much had gone right for the Marauders. After beginning their season with a 47-17 win, Millersville dropped 9 of 10 to fall to 2-9 on the year.

Coates, however, never slowed up, setting multiple school records as a return man. A sophomore running back and return specialist, Coates became the first Marauder to be honored as a return man since 2004 when Bakari Brown took the honors in 2004. Coates also set the records for kick returns (45) and return yards (1,156) by a Millersville player, averaging nearly 26 yards per return on the season. That average was good for 33rd in the nation, while his return yards led not only the PCAS, but Division II in its entirety. In ad-

dition, the mark was good for sixth best in school history behind only former San Diego Charger Dondre Gilliam and Kevin Cannon, who owns each of the top four spots. During a 56-14 loss to West Chester in September, Coates took a kickoff 97 yards for a score, the second longest return in the division this season. He also recorded five returns of at least 40 yards, and three of at least 60. A record-setting season of kick returns by Coates also included 34 rushes for just over 100 yards.

ANTHONY JADUS Staff Writer What a weekend for the Millersville women’s swimming team. All season this fiery, passionate team has put in the effort, and they have swum the extra mile. This weekend Millersville placed third out of six all Division 1 schools with only Campbell University and host Radford University getting more points than them. This day showcased many great swimmers from Millersville with many records being broken throughout the day. Brigid Mary McDonnell broke her own school record of 2:26.07 in the 200-yard breaststroke with her shattering time of 2:25.55. This feat came in the last day of the Highlander Invitational, but there were more great performances shown by other Millersville swimmers as well. Swimmers Janelle Laudermilch, Jade Wise, and Adriana Rodriguez all swam extremely well also, each surpassing their personal bests in the 200-yard breaststroke. In addition to this,

Laudermilch and McDonnell’s finishes were PSAC qualifying times. Other personal record-breaking times included Kavanaugh and Bridget Dooling finishing at 2:16.81 and 2:22.15 respectively in their 200-yard backstroke. The 400-yard freestyle team of Brigid Kavanaugh, Amanda


McDonnell broke her own record in the 200-yard breaststroke.


Coates’ record-breaking season was enough to gain the attention of his coaches and peers.

Marauders feast upon Nittany Lions for Thanksgiving win sion II basketball world. Then, it’s those creamy mashed potatoes… Not only has Millersville won three games in a row and turned the start of their season around, but they’ve done Two days before Thanksgivit with flying colors. After a ing, stomachs were rumbling, rough two straight losses to kickturkeys were trembling and parstart the season, the Marauders ents were cooking, but how have shifted their focus on the about the Millersville’s men’s defensive side of the ball. In rebasketball team? They were sult, they have mashed their last rolling – for their third straight three opponents 197-135, not to game. mention winning by an average On Tuesday, the aroma of of more than 20 points in this looming turkey, mashed potastretch. toes, stuffing, sweet potato Next on the menu came the ircasserole, gravy and pumpkin resistible stuffing… 6’-9” center pie set the Marauders (3-2) over Elijah Obade had another domithe edge, causing them to wipe nating performance for Millersville on Tuesday, building his team-lead both in rebounds (69) and blocks (11). In the game against the Nittany Lions, he pulled in a career-high 19 rebounds. In addition, the Millersville senior gave his opponents a little taste of what was later to come, stuffing 4 shots. His scoring didn’t tarry either, scoring 11, which solidified his 12th-career double-double before the 115 in the stands. Have enough room for some marshmallowtopped sweet potato casserole..? Penn State Harrisburg was limited to a 28.6 shooting percentage and was carried by their junior guard, William Doyle, with his 18 points – all of which were from three-pointers. In fact, the only lead his team had was from his three 3:50 into the game to make it 5-2. From then KEVIN KAISER/SNAPPER on, Millersville took conWith the blowout win, the team heads into their next game with confidence.

ALEX GELI Staff Writer

out Penn State Harrisburg (1-2) 70-49 at home in Pucillo Gymnasium. First, the classic turkey… Before it is laid to rest, purchased, stuffed and eaten, the Wild Turkey is blanketed by feathers, fastened with a beak and shielded by a tail fan. Another common characteristic – which probably isn’t favored among the species – is a red, fleshy wattle that hangs down from their neck. Well, the turkey and the Marauders of Millersville have this in common. Instead of a sack of skin dropping down, however, it is Millersville dropping a threegame winning streak on the Divi-


The Lady Marauders continue their season against Lock Haven. trol, going on a 21-5 run. Instead of marshmallows, the Marauders used their shooters, Xavier Mumford, (14), Brandon Belt (11) and Anthony Coleman (11) to top off their sweet victory. What would everything else be without puddles of gravy on your Thanksgiving dinner plate..? Not

Thomas, Grace Magerr and Sarah Bernhardt placed third overall in the event and recorded a school record with a time of 3:36.48. The fantastic foursome beat the previous record set at 3:38.88, which just continued to add to the overall success that Millersville had on this day. Millersville continued their

only were the Marauders streaking in the first half, but their biggest lead came from a layup from Mumford with 12:06 to go in the second half. The score read 55-31 and allowed Millersville to take a ride on the gravy train until the final buzzer stopped and their winning

success with senior Sarah Bernhardt recording a NCAA “B” cut time in her 100 yard freestyle event with her 52.54 time. This time allowed her to get first place, and she got the second fastest time in school history which was only .18 seconds slower than her own record of 52.26. Even more success on the day was seen in Amanda Thomas and Grace Magerr who each got personal bests in the 100 yard freestyle event. Overall this weekend was a very successful one for Millersville and with all of the record-breaking swimming going on, it’s pretty easy to see why. Their season continues again on November 30th against Lock Haven at 5:00 p.m., so look for Millersville to continue this great swimming, and look for them to build from this performance moving forward.

record began. Better loosen that belt buckle, because the pumpkin pie is on its way… For dessert, the Marauder basketball team will have to wait until December 1st where they will begin their PSAC competition at 2-1 Lock Haven.


The Marauders raced up and down the court, eventually going on a 21-5 run securing the win.

The Snapper, Vol. 88, Iss. 9  
The Snapper, Vol. 88, Iss. 9  

The Snapper is Millersville's student-run newspaper since 1925.