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Marauders exercise peaceful protest DANIELLE KREIDER News Editor It was a perfect day for the "Walk for Love" on Thursday, April 5. The walk was for all athletics teams, a few student organizations, alumni, members of the community, and also some generally concerned students. The men of the track and cross country teams participated as a team. They were walking for what they love in hopes of continuing to make a statement. Michael Parker and Connor Veres were the organizers of this event. During the walk, they took turns with the bullhorn stating the MYTHS used by the administration to justify the cuts. The walk went from the SMC, down by the pond, and ended at Biemesderfer Executive Center. President Francine McNairy was previously engaged for the day and was not available for comment. MU Police Chief Pete Anders joined them on the walk, along with another officer and the District Attorney from Lancaster. The walk is a demonstration of a peaceful protest. “Our main goal is to bring notice to our cause. Obviously the teams are upset, however, we are known for our congeniality and generosity, and have been driven to lengths of outspokenness with which many of us are uncomfortable. We realize though that saving our teams

is a cause worth fighting for, and we are willing to go to great lengths to save our programs,” said Michael Parker. “We have seen a great support base build over the past few months. We had over 7,000 signatures on our petition from every U.S. state and more than 40 countries. Also, we have had much national attention on many well-read websites and newspapers as well as our appearances on ESPN radio and Costas Tonight. This overwhelming influx of support and interest is just what we had hoped for and we hope to continue to build support for our teams,” said Michael Parker. There has also been opposition to their efforts as stated by Michael Parker: “Unfortunately, any time you do something radical there will be opposition, and our case has not been an exception. Obviously, with what we are claiming about the administrators at our university, we have drawn negative feedback from them, and they have understandably tried to throw small obstacles in our way here and there to deter us from continuing our fight. It is unfortunate that reasoning, facts, and cooperative efforts still will not sway them and that they are being so closed-minded in the situation. "We have also seen poor reception from some in the community and students. I,

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DANIELLE KREIDER/ SNAPPER Students walk for what they love in hopes of continuing to make a statement with their brightly colored signs and their bullhorn.

Mr. WIXQ crowned Mr. Millersville Parker and Young Christian Kriebel takes 2012 title featured on Costas Tonight show

DANIELLE KREIDER News Editor Mr. Millersville 2012, an event sponsored by Millersville University's Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), started off with an interesting opening number: Beyonce’s song “All The Single Ladies.” The event was hosted by Lauren Bollinger and Gina Masciantonio, both members of PRSSA. The event took place on Tuesday, April 10 and was held in the Student Memorial Center's Multipurpose Room. There were four contestants involved in the competition: Christian Kriebel, Mr. WIXQ; John Scargall, Mr. Her Campus; Jamaine Leslie, Mr. Alpha Phi Alpha; and Ryan Haugh, Mr. TECA. The judges of the event included Dr. Thomas Boyle, chair of the communication and theatre department; Janet Kacskos, director of communications at Millersville University, and last year's Mr. Millersville winner, Matt Listner. The contestants were judged in three categories: beachwear, talent and formal wear. Kriebel sported a superhero outfit for his beachwear, while reciting the opening of "The Wild Thornberry's" for the audience. The remaining three contestants wore swim trunks, in addition to Haugh, who wore a bleach blonde wig as an accessory. For the talent portion of the

“It’s really great that we are getting national attention, especially in the capacity that an appearance on Costas Tonight afforded us.”

KEVIN KAISER/ SNAPPER Christian Kriebel is representing his student organization, WIXQ in the Mr. Millersville competition of 2012. He is seen being crowned by PRSSA President Meredith Noll, which sponsored the event. show, Mr. WIXQ sang a medley of different songs in accompaniment with the piano. Mr. Alpha Phi Alpha rapped the song “Shorty Come On Over”

for his talent and also had an intro where he danced. Mr. Her Campus sang “Raise Me Up.” Lastly, Mr. TECA bench-pressed his assistant Jessica.

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“The decision was fairly last minute since they didn't contact us until Monday when the show was on Wednesday, and I was Andy Young, the former forced to take the train because coach for the men’s cross coun- it would have been an NCAA viotry team, and Michael Parker, a lation to travel with my coach to member of the track team, did New York. I bought the ticket an outstanding job on the Costas the night before and hopped on Tonight show, which aired on the train the next day,” said Parker. April 4. Appearing on the show They eloquently explained proves that the the situation issue is startsurrounding ing to be recthe track o g n i z e d team cuts nationally. and repreWhen asked s e n t e d how it feels to Millersville be receiving University n a t i o n a l in a profesrecognition sional way. for their The Costas cause, Michael Tonight Parker said, show con“It's really tacted the great that we team out of are getting nathe blue. tional attenThey were t i o n , putting toespecially in gether their the capacity show and -Michael Parker that an aplooked for Senior, Track and Field and pearance on people who XC member C o s t a s could speak Tonight afon problems forded us. in college It means athletics. Costas told the team that they that we are accomplishing the popped up all over their things we want to accomplish in getting the word out about our searches, so they called them.






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Variably cloudy and unseasonably warm.

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Third place was awarded to Mr. Alpha Phi Alpha, People’s Choice award went to Mr. TECA, and Mr. Millersville 2012 was awarded to Mr. WIXQ.






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2 News THE SNAPPER April 12, 2012

Student Senate Recap BECCA DEVERTER Senate Member

April 3, 2012 at 11:05 P.M. A suspicious person was reported in the Quad outside of Hobbs Hall. A report was filed. April 4, 2012 at 9:05 A.M. An informational report was taken for an MU policy violation at Tanger House. Pictures were taken and a report was filed. April 4, 2012 at 9:16 P.M. A traffic stop was conducted for a stop sign violation at Prince St. and Cottage Ave. April 5, 2012 at 11:15 A.M. A vehicle was booted in the Ann Street lot for unpaid tickets. A report was filed. April 5, 2012 at 7:04 P.M. A traffic stop was conducted in the Pucillo Gym parking lot for an expired inspection, safe speed, and the odor of alcohol. Two verbal warnings were issued for traffic offenses and a PBT was administered. The results were negative for alcohol. April 5, 2012 at 8:34 P.M. A traffic stop was conducted at the Pucillo and Penn Manor High School intersection for failure to stop at a stop sign, safe speed, and change of address. One traffic citation was issued for the stop sign violation and two warnings were issued for the other offenses.

April 6, 2012 at 12:07 A.M. Took part in an agency assist for a gas leak at 1201 Hillview Ave. They assisted with the crowd and traffic control. A report was filed. April 6, 2012 at 4:46 A.M. Took part in an agency assist for a shooting at 10 S. Prince Street in Lancaster. They assisted with an evidence search, and a report was filed. April 6, 2012 at 7:54 P.M. A traffic stop was conducted at George and Frederick Streets for a red light violation. One written warning was issued. April 7, 2012 at 12:51 A.M. Suspicious persons were reported at 105 Pucillo Drive. They were checked for warrants; they were okay. A report was filed.

At the April 4 Student Services Inc. meeting, the request to build a new dormitory was accepted. This new dorm will be placed between Burrowes and Lenhardt Hall, and will resemble a suit-style arrangement. A committee regarding the construction of this dorm will be forming soon, and Student Services Inc. would appreciate student participation so that they can know about the different student concerns and needs that will arise before and during the construction of this dorm. Along with that, a request proposal for the rebuilding of all nine existing dormitories has

April 9, 2012 at 1:46 P.M. A motorcycle accident was reported on James Street. The victim was transported to the hospital, and a report was filed. April 9, 2012 at 11:57 P.M. A burglar alarm went off in the Boyer building. The area was checked; it was determined to be a false alarm. A report was filed.

On April 11 at 2:30 P.M. there will be a student Housing

Marketing Study in SMC room 118; student’s names, e-mail addresses, and cell phone numbers will be needed.

Congratulations are in order for Josiah Donaldson, who has recently been inducted into the Student Senate. We are all very excited to hear the new ideas and contributions that Donaldson will bring to Senate. Anyone can submit photos of themselves representing Millersville to the get.involved website to be held in the SMC Atrium. If there are any questions or concerns about the University, feel free to email the Millersville University Student Senate at, or come by one of our meetings on Thursday nights at 6:30 P.M. in SMC room 118 and let your voice be heard.

Today in history

April 7, 2012 at 8:14 P.M. Misuse of emergency services; the caller was warned and a report was filed. April 8, 2012 at 6:28 P.M. Michael Hinkley was issued a citation for having a suspended registration at Creek and Centennial Drives. A report was filed.

been submitted; if this request is approved, construction on all of the residence halls will begin in the year 2014.

LEAD STORY The Civil War begins, 1861 AMERICAN REVOLUTION British repeal hated Townshend Act, 1770

COLD WAR President Franklin D. Roosevelt dies, 1945

MUSIC Bill Haley and the Comets record "Rock Around The Clock", 1954

CRIME Galileo is convicted of heresy, 1633

OLD WEST First gentile governor arrives in Utah, 1858

DISASTER Fire threatens Massachusetts oil refineries, 1908


GENERAL INTEREST The Fort Pillow Massacre, 1864 President Roosevelt dies, 1945 First man in space, 1961 First launching of the space shuttle, 1981

AUTOMOTIVE Founder of classic British sports car company is born, 1888

HOLLYWOOD First movie “palace” opens, 1914

CIVIL WAR Fort Sumter fired upon, 1861

LITERARY Legal thriller writer Scott Turow is born, 1949

SPORTS Lawrence Taylor drafted by NY Giants, 1981 VIETNAM WAR Rostow recommends escalation of effort, 1961 U.S. Embassy in Cambodia evacuated, 1975 WORLD WAR I Canadians capture Vimy Ridge, 1917


FREE Yourself 5K Run/Walk April 14, 2012 at 9:00 A.M. SMC Promenade On April 14, the Wellness Center at Millersville University will hold its annual FREE Yourself 5K Run/Walk to promote and raise funds for fitness and nutrition programs on campus and in the surrounding community. This event is open to the public. Registration is required; the pre-registration fee is $12 for Millersville University students and $15 for non-students. Registration on race day is $20 for everyone. Public Weather Awareness Day (PWAD) April 14, 2012 at 3:00 P.M. Pucillo Gymnasium This free event will feature free food, iPod and Kindle raffles, live demonstrations, interactive experiments, a weather balloon launch,a chance to be on the green screen, opportunities to meet with professional Meteorologists and more! Strong Ladies United Together (S.L.U.T.) Walk April 19, 2012 at 6:15 P.M. SMC Promenade April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The Empower Peer Educators at Millersville University will be hosting its first annual S.L.U.T. Walk (Strong Ladies United Together) to advocate for the end of victim blaming on Thursday April 19, 2012. Opening ceremonies will begin at 6:15 p.m. at the Student Memorial Center Promenade, followed by the walk, which will begin at 6:30 p.m.

Who will be the future faces of Student Senate?

Kelly Mathiesen, candidate for President Dedicated, Determined and Confident. These are just some words that describe me, Kelly Mathiesen, and reasons why you should vote for me for Student Senate President. I believe I am the best candidate because I genuinely care for the students and what they have to say. If elected, I will advocate for every MU student to the administration.

Ryan Tigro, candidate for President I am the best candidate for Student Senate President because I have a passion for this University and its people. The three years I have had at Millersville have led to the best experiences of my life. My goal is to give back to the University and enrich the student body.

David Loconsole, candidate for President This is my third year as a dedicated student and as such, I have accumulated experience essential to the position of President. I have good relationships with the Faculty and Administration, as well as the communication skills necessary to relay information to and from the student body.

Justin Miller, candidate for Vice President As Vice President, I want to do more than just write down the concerns of students; I want to find effective ways to relay the answers back to them. Communication between administrators and students is lacking and that will be my main focus. I’m Justin Miller, and I’m listening

Maribeth Jaeske, candidate for Vice President If you want your Vice President to be a strong leader with a vision for change, I’m your choice! As VP I would commit to voicing your concerns to administration and be a figure you can rely on! VOTE MB FOR VP and your voice will be heard!

Shaina Smolowe, candidate for Vice President As Vice President, I will seize the responsibility of determining and addressing student concerns. I will transform the belief that students do not have a say and create an open and welcoming platform so students know they have a strong voice on our campus. I will make sure that Student Senate and myself continually reach out to all branches of campus to achieve this.


Jordan Smith, candidate for Treasurer Hey MU! I'm running for Student Senate Treasurer because I want to make a difference here at Millersville. I want to make sure that as Treasurer, Student Activity Fee money gets distributed adequately to clubs and organizations. In addition, I want to start a large fundraising push for Student Senate that can help Student Senate move away from using the Student Activity Fee money to sustain ourselves.

Rebecca DeVerter for Recording and Correesponding Secretaries I will be an effective Recording Secretary because of how detail oriented I am. Not only do I never miss any details, but I am also very prompt, organized, and complete everything on time. My organizational skills will allow me to run an effective Public Relations Committee, and I have great plans for activities that will get the rest of the student body acquainted with Student Senate.


Elections will be held on April 18 and 19 via your MAX account


News 3

April 12, 2012

The dedication rages on at Millersville From Peaceful Protest, front page personally, understand that to them our cause may seem silly and not worth fighting for and that our recent outspokenness may seem to cross lines. However, I hope that they will come to understand a few things: 1. We have only spoken the truth in our statements (unfortunately, unlike our Administrators), and we have plenty of facts to prove this. 2. That we do not mind their skepticism because it means we are getting the word out and we would all be more than willing to give them the facts that have brought us to our conclusions and 3. That Track and Field and Cross Country mean as much to us as the most important things in their lives and that is why we devote hours each day for years participating in these sports. "I would agree that there are many things wrong in Pennsylvania right now, and that education is, as it should be, the first priority for students at Millersville; the arguments against our cause that I have

heard. I have personally, along with my teammates, fought for education's integrity in our state by fighting Corbett's cuts last year by running to the capitol, and have gleaned more than most from my education as is evident by my acceptance to Yale and Harvard for Ph.D. programs next fall. However, without the experiences which my sports have afforded me, I don't believe I would have gotten as much out of my education as I have. This is why I so strongly believe in saving sports, so that future students can gain all that I have from Millersville, and maybe more.� They are also planning events for the upcoming weeks. On April 17, they are planning on having a contingent of athletes travel to the convention center in Lancaster to attend the Presidential debate and to try to bring awareness to their cause there. Students will also see plenty of on-campus activities and propaganda, and students

are more than willing to contact Michael Parker to learn more or to help with these functions. What the team hopes will transpire from all this was stated by Michael Parker in the following: “Our first and primary goal is to save the Track and Field and cross country teams at Millersville. This has inevitably led to further goals though, which include the salvation of the future of athletics and other opportunities at Millersville, and the identification of the problems within the Millersville Administration which have led to the killing of our programs. "We have attempted to, through a private donor, donate $300,000 to the university to save the programs and fund them for the next three years. This would be doable because, unlike the Administration has been saying, the savings by cutting the programs will be about $120,000, only about $90,000 of that being state money and the rest student senate allocation. DANIELLE KREIDER/ SNAPPER

ABOVE: Students begin the walk at the SMC Promenade including all athletics teams, a few student organizations, alumni, members of the community, and also some generally concerned students. LEFT: The walk went from the SMC, down by the pond, and ended at Biemesderfer Executive Center. The event was organized by Michael Parker and Connor Veres.

To save athletics, we have also proposed a long-term plan in which donors to all athletics at Millersville would pool money into an athletics fund to alleviate the fiscal burden of athletics on the university. And still, in tough budgetary times, the Administrators still say 'No.' "This would make sense if there were some other motive to killing the programs, but since we have solved the budgetary side with our donations and fund plan, and have proven that the reason of Title IX compliance which the Administrators have used is moot because Millersville is in compliance and has never had a complaint on the front, we are not sure why they will not work with us.

October 6, 2011

Another pertinent point is that upwards of $15 million dollars has recently been rescinded from the university because of the Administrator's non-compliance with our efforts by private donors. Unfortunately, this leads us to two conclusions: that the Administration at Millersville is not capable of making logical and informed decisions budgetarily, and that they are more interested in their public image and seeming as if they have not made a mistake rather than working with us to save opportunities for students at Millersville. "These are unsettling truths because it does not merely stop with our team, but rather permeates to all of this campus.

This situation proves that our Administrators are more interested in finding funds for buildings and promoting their legacies than providing for students at this university, and I hope that this is a point which no one who loves Millersville takes lightly. Still, through it all, we sincerely hope the Administration will come around to reason and work with us to save opportunities at Millersville. These programs, along with the other opportunities at this university, which now seem to be in jeopardy, are what make Millersville a great place to learn, and if these Administrators continue in this fashion, I greatly fear for Millersville's future.�

4 News THE SNAPPER April 12, 2012

The discussion heats up on NBC

Founder of Auntie Anne’s to speak at civic leadership award ceremony ing her company. From humility to success, she opened a nonprofit counseling center. She’s a philanthropist; she doesn’t care about the money or the fame. Hopefully she’ll tell our guests that the world isn’t just good, it’s also bad and ugly.” Leaman also hopes that Ms. Beiler will drive the guests to want to give back to the community, along with influence from the other recipients as well. This year’s winners include: Tabor Community Services, Community Action program of Lancaster County, Mr. Joe Vulopas for the founding of a suicide prevention group, Ms. Ashley Christman for presenting leadership roles for the Girl and Boy Scouts of America, Dr. Kimberly Mahaffy for creating the “We Belong” mural project, Dr. Stacey Irwin, creator of Project Green Lancaster and Sustainability promotions, Dr. Melvin R. Allen, founder of Project Forward Leap, and of course, Ms. Anne Beiler for notable international comm u n i t y contributions. L o r i L e a m a n stresses that this award ceremony is not only for Anne Beiler, but for the local award winners as well. She hopes that students will come out tonight to support their peers, faculty and other award winners for their hard civic work and community services. The event begins at 7:00 P.M. in the Lehr Room, Bolger Conference Center at Gordinier Hall. Free pretzels will be given to all attendees and the event is free; however, RSVPs are recommended.

ZOEY MILLS News Writer

From Costas show, front page cause and that people are noticing. Heck, the NCAA president, Mark Emmert, the Executive Director of the BCS, Doug Flutie, and Bob Costas all said that the decision the Administrators made and the way that they made it were unprofessional, uninformed, and absurd. If those men aren't considered authorities on college athletics then I don't know who would be.”

In addition, the team does hope that this appearance on the Costas show will spark some type of response from the administration. Michael Parker also stated, “As I mentioned on the show, the Administrators at fault in this situation are President McNairy, VP for Student Affairs Dr. Aminta Breaux, VP of Finance Roger Bruszewski, and Athletic Director Peg Kauffman. I hope that this and the other media coverage we continue to receive, some

of which may include more appearances like on Costas Tonight, encourages them to step up to the plate and to correct their errors. "President McNairy has been especially quiet on the issue because she does not want this to have an affect on her reputation, but this is beginning to be counter-productive with all of the attention we are drawing. It is my hope that for the sake of the Administrators' careers and the well-being of Millersville's


reputation that these four soon come forward to right their wrongs and work to come to creative solutions on the matter. Otherwise, I fear that the damage to both will be irreparable, and the teams would hate to see something like that happen. As I said, our goal is to save our teams at our beloved university, and we hope that changes will be spurred to save Millersville's integrity and quality as an institution of higher education.”

Film maker creates a buzz DANIELLE KREIDER News Editor There are many aspects that go into the making of a movie and Micheal McAlexander, a university professor, feature film director and screenwriter, shared some of his insights during a lecture he gave on Monday, April 2. McAlexander is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mass Communication at Frostburg State University in western Maryland. Two summers ago, McAlexander started working on his feature directorial debut, which is titled A Lesson of Love. A Lesson of Love is set in the mountains of Appalachia and is the story of Thomas Aquinas Moore, a professor from Los Angeles recruited to teach at a small-town college. He falls in love with Abigail Meeks, a deeply religious local woman. The unlikely love is torn apart by one’s commitment to faith and the other's devotion to reason. They both must overcome deep-rooted fears and age-old prejudices to hold on to

Today, at 7:00 P.M. in the Lehr Room in Gordinier Hall, the Civic and Community Engagement and Research Project (CCERP) will be presenting the Distinguished Civic Leadership award ceremony. Heading into its fifth year, Anne Beiler, founder of Auntie Anne’s pretzels company, will be speaking and presenting numerous awards to community leaders, Millersville students, and Millersville faculty. The Distinguished Civic Leadership award ceremony recognizes charitable work done around the community in the hopes of influencing others to do the same. Each award recipient and the nominees presented work of significant charities and donations to the community and demonstrated a positive impact on the community. Nominees could have been local, regional, national, and international. There were 28 nominees this year: 24 from the Millersville area and four being regional or international. CCERP hopes that Ms. Beiler will discuss her trials and tribulations of starting the company. From selling the pretzels in a single farmer’s market stand to selling the pretzels in over 1,000 mall based stores, Ms. Beiler shows a great amount of integrity. This is why Ms. Beiler was CCERP’s first choice for a speaker. She shows such a great amount of philanthropy and selflessness, it is unforgettable. Lori Leaman, sponsor of the ceremony, says, “I hope she talks about the reason for start-

“I hope she (Anne Beiler) talks about the reason for starting her company.” Lori Leaman Assistant to Associate Provost for Civic Engagement

the love they desperately need. It is essentially a love story, but a dark story that has a happy ending. It took McAlexander about 18 months to put the screenplay together, but the dream of creating his own feature-length movie started a long time ago. “I’ve wanted to do a feature film as long as I can remember,” he said. He talked about the creation cycle and the five steps that it involves: the development, the pre-production, the production, post-production, and the distribution. McAlexander proved to be a very informative speaker, and he took student questions at the end of the lecture. The film is currently being sent to film festivals to try and create buzz about the movie. They are also trying to gain the film some exposure in hopes to possibly interest a distributor or network that may want to buy the movie. For additional information visit Professor McAlexander’s website at

Have a story idea? contact

e onlin dule sche urse iller o c e /m Se buck


ABOVE: Acclaimed film maker, director, screen writer and professor presented for a group of TV 2 students about making his film, “A Lesson of Love.” LEFT: Zoe Bournelis, a local actress, talked about the casting process of the movie and her experiences on the movie set.

“FREE Yourself ” 5k run celebrates eleventh year MARIA BARCOSKI News Writer On Saturday, April 14, the Wellness and Women’s Center will be hosting its 11th annual 5K Walk/Run. The event starts at 9 A.M. and participants will meet in the Student Memorial Center promenade (located near the clock tower). This year, the theme of the run is “FREE Yourself.” Usually, this run is held during the fall semester and focuses on an anti-smoking

theme. “This year, it’s about getting people involved in fitness,” according to the GA of the Wellness Center, Trey Little, who is organizing the event. “FREE stands for Fitness, Running, Exercising, and Eating healthy.” The run/walk starts at the SMC clock tower and continues to the golf course, around to Duke Street, and behind the SMC to end back at the clock tower. An average 5K run takes under 20 minutes, but participants are welcome to walk the course as well. Little expects about 80 run-

ners this year. “So far, about 40 have pre-registered, but a lot of people register the day of the run,” he explains. The deadline has been extended for pre-registration at a discounted rate of $12 for Millersville University students and $15 for others. “We’ll still be accepting applications for pre-registration Thursday and Friday,” says Little. Applications can be found online or in the Wellness Center. Race day registration is $20 for all participants. There will also be tables set

up and other activities for those who choose to attend but not walk or run in the race. The MU Fitness Center, Wellness Center, and sponsoring companies will be hosting tables on health and fitness. The race will promote and raise funds for fitness and nutrition programs on campus. It is also a great way to build the Millersville community. “It brings people from campus together,” explains Little. Students, professors, and community members are all able to participate in this event.

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Classes start May 21 Register today 215.968.8100 12056


News 5

April 12, 2012

PASSHE business plan winners announced

Daniella Singleton places in top 25


Assoc. News Editor “Anchor Promotions,” an entertainment promotions company that thrives on giving back to the community, philanthropy and music, was also Daniella Singleton’s vision for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education’s (PASSHE) Student Business Plan Competition. The competition allows students throughout the 14 PASSHE universities to make the most of their creative talents by crafting a simulated business plan. Singleton, a senior and broadcasting major, placed in the top 25

out of over 230 entrees. The PASSHE Student Business Plan Competition Committee looks for students within the state system that are interested in starting a new business. Students that are interested in entering in the competition will have three opportunities to submit their “Intent to Compete Form” during the spring, summer and fall semesters. Plan finalists were selected in October, with the award ceremony taking place on March 2. A team of independent judges selected the finalists in Harrisburg after the students were required to make a formal

MU collaborates with Penn Manor Comets LAURA MAGINLEY

Assoc. News Editor

PHOTOS COURTESY OF VICTOR CAPECCE AND SINGLETON ABOVE: Singleton received a plaque for her placement in the business plan competition in Harrisburg on April 2. LEFT: Singleton is seen posing for a picture prior to the award ceremony of which she placed in the top 25 out of over 230 entrees.

presentation. The grand prize is $10,000. Singleton developed the business plan in “Theatre Management,” a course taught by communication and theatre faculty member Dr. Victor Capecce. Capecce was a member of the committee for the competition and had his students create a business plan and idea for their final project. Many other students from Millersville submitted business plans, although Singleton was the only one to make it to the top 25. Singleton notes that she has never had to write a business plan before, despite having a solid idea of what she wanted to do. “I actually utilized a lot of skills I learned in my Public Relations 2 class with Dr. Theresa Russell-Loretz to write the actual plan,” explained Singleton. She said that the submission and competition requirements were very straightforward and direct in what they were asking for. The Ware Center at

Millersville University Lancaster is home to off-campus classes and more notably the performing arts. Musicians, dancers, films and other artists make appearances at The Ware Center and showcase their talents on a regular basis. The director of the Center, Harvey Owen, took on Singleton as an intern. She used the skills learned at the internship throughout the course of the competition. During the competition Singleton had the opportunity to meet several important people in the PASSHE world, including John Cavanaugh, chancellor of the PASSHE school system. It was the networking skills and the overall competition that Singleton explained as being key during this chapter of her life. “This experience taught me a lot obviously about business plans and starting a successful business, but beyond that, being a finalist in the competition taught me a lot about professionalism and marketing yourself,” said Singleton.

Collaborating with Millersville University’s backyard neighbor, Penn Manor High School, Social Work majors at MU are working in pairs with the high school students in a mentoring program. The program started at the beginning of the 2011-12 school year, in which mentors and mentees attended a training session at the Student Memorial Center organized by the Millersville Mentoring Alliance Program (MMAP). Currently, there are 20 mentor/mentee pairs, with all of the mentees being in 10th grade. Plans are currently being developed to determine whether or not the program will continue next year. Throughout the course of the school year, the pairs meet up once each week for about 30 minutes and focus on how school is going, more specifically with their teachers and any topics outside of school. The time limit also acts a tool for the high school students to practice being punctual, which will prepare them for the professional world. “We can basically talk about whatever we want. I normally begin with grades and let the conversation flow naturally into whatever may be on my mentee's mind,” said Denisha Morton, an MU mentor. The goal of the program is to provide Penn Manor students with a connection at school that might increase their overall engagement and improve grades

and attendance. Penn Manor students are not the only people benefiting from this program, as Millersville University students are learning a lot from this experience, too. Morton admits that the first couple of visits with the students were like “pulling teeth,” but soon her students opened up a lot more and expressed that they wished they could talk to her more often. The age gap between the mentor and mentee is something worth noting, because as college students, the age gap is not that large. There is also a social event held once per month for all of the students involved. Some of the events include trips to Barnes and Noble, bowling, and writing circles. It has also been documented that the program continues to receive positive feedback from both the Millersville and Penn Manor students. “I love being a mentor! My girls make my day! My meetings put me in a good mood. I’m always excited to tell people of the program and what we do in the program. I feel like I have a purpose in these girls' lives, and one of my mentee's refers to me as her sister when people see us together in the high school. My other mentee wants me to continue to work with her and to see her graduate,” explained Morton. Contact Melissa Ostrowski or Deb Meckley at Penn Manor High School to learn more about the program.

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6 Opinion



April 12, 2012

Having a bad dream on Good Friday

Brandon Lesko

people were enjoying some sort of recreation outdoors. The sidewalks that had been packed with students just hours earlier were all but empty. It was as if the rapture had come and spirited away 80 percent of the student body. Obviously, the reason for the lack of human presence was that

lucky, and the school isn’t forced to cut classes due to budget constraints, I should be able to graduate in a year’s time. Then I won’t have to worry about the budget problems, right? Not so fast. Unfortunately, when you end up making 20 percent cuts to ed-

Assist. Opinion Editor On Good Friday, I entered my room like I do every Friday for an afternoon nap. Before I sank into a deep slumber the campus was teeming with people walking to and from classes, and my dorm hall was, as usual, full of noise and shouts exiting from various rooms (usually concerning frustrations over a game gone awry on Xbox Live). When I awoke several hours later, I wasn’t sure if I was awake or still dreaming. I walked out of my room and down a deserted and eerily quiet wing of my dorm building. Exiting into the parking lot I found that most of the spaces were vacated. At least I wouldn’t have a problem finding parking, I thought to myself. As I rounded the corner of Hull and approached the quad I was surprised to find that on this beautiful, sunny day, only three


they’d all gone home for Easter weekend. However, as I stood there observing my surroundings, the thought occurred to me that this is what this campus could look like in just a few years. And not just Millersville’s campus, but all college campuses for that matter. I know the topic of Governor Corbett’s budget proposal is getting to be old news for most of us. Some of us just simply don’t care. If I’m

ucation funding every year or so, you end up crippling the ability of those institutions to function. They not only have to cut teachers, classes, and entire programs, but they have to raise tuition as well to cope with the increasing financial burden they must shoulder. That financial burden is then passed on to the students. I don’t know about you, but one of the reasons I chose to go

to a state school in the first place was to receive a good education at a price that wouldn’t leave me financially crippled into my forties. On top of increasing tuition prices, the dear Governor has also decided that it is necessary to reduce the amount of state grant money available by 5 percent. Excellent idea! So as you cut the school’s funding and make tuition hikes inevitable, you then decrease the amount of financial aid we receive so that the poorest of us won’t be able to attend at all. And they call the Democrats elitist? Not only would grant money be reduced, but even community colleges will feel the pinch of the latest attack on higher education. According to the new proposal, their funding is to be reduced by 3.5 percent. That may seem paltry compared to the 20 percent the PASSHE schools are expected to receive and the 30 percent that Penn State, Pitt, and Temple are supposed to see, but we must remember that the community colleges operate on smaller budgets and provide access to education for thousands of people who could not get it any other way. Their importance is greatly overlooked. So you still may be thinking, “Why should I care?” Well, I don’t know. Maybe you shouldn’t. You certainly don’t have to. It’s your

Rhea Mitchell

Samantha Dutton Opinion Editor

Zachary Staab Assoc. Opinion Editor

Staff Writer

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Trapped in your body Karli Van Duzer

Email: opinion@

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Brandon is a junior English major. He is the assistant opinion editor.

Living in fear

Editorial Board

The Snapper 6 S. George St. Millersville, PA 17551

choice whether or not to worry about the future of education in Pennsylvania. I do know that as I stood on a deserted campus on Friday, I felt for the first time the immediacy and potential impact that budget cuts can have. Sure it was an imagined scenario, but it isn’t hard to picture a future where colleges are running at 30 percent capacity because their students can’t afford to attend and the school can’t afford to operate. Or one where a university closes its doors altogether and offers nothing but online classes, or none at all. I don’t worry about myself. I know that I will graduate before the worst effects of a down economy and relentless budget cuts take their toll on this institution. However, I worry for the students who are freshmen now, or who will be entering college in a few years. Will they be able to enjoy the things about this school that I love? Like small class sizes, personal relationships with my professors, and relative ease knowing that I’m not being strangled by debt. Unfortunately, I can’t tell the future, and I’m not the Governor. All I’m hoping for is that what I imagined on Good Friday was just a bad dream.

Staff Writer Many of us have been at a point in our lives when we thought maybe we're not pretty enough or hot enough or even good enough for someone else to love us. For most of us that feel this way, it is usually due to seeing models, actresses, and singers looking thin and beautiful. At first, most of us think this is just technology enhancing these people but over time, we start to think that we can look just like this if we do what they do, which is not eat. When girls and even guys see celebrities in magazines and on TV we start to think that if we were as thin as them maybe we would be beautiful too. When people begin to think these things, they get it into their heads that they need to lose weight in order to be beautiful, and to lose weight they need to starve or they will never look like the celebrities they see on TV. These people

then begin to find ways to eat less and less or not eat at all. Most people that become anorexic begin to turn to websites for inspiration. These websites are usually titled Proana so others don’t realize they are about anorexia. They refer to Ana as a goddess who supports them and leads them to a beautiful life. There are not just Pro-ana websites but also websites with lists of things to do and not do that will help you lose weight. While some of these tips are good if you’re trying to lose weight in a healthy way, others seem too crazy to even think about. Some people believe that it is the person's fault and that they are just sick or something. However, I think that if celebrities didn’t publicize that women need to be thin to be beautiful, then not as many women would try so hard to be thin. If photo-editing didn’t make celebrities look so thin then maybe women wouldn’t think they need to be that way too. Celebrities such as Candace Cameron Bure, Kelly Clarkson, and Sandra Dee have suffered from anorexia but say they are now healed. Other celebrities who have suffered have died when they refused to get help. Some celebrities are thin, not because they are anorexic or anything else, but

because they work out and eat right. However, since there are so many factors that encourage women to look thin, and because some can’t do it by simply working out and eating right they turn to other things. If the media didn’t make appearance so important then people would not feel forced into situations where they would hurt themselves. The media and celebrities are not the only influences on this kind of behavior, though. A person’s friends can also play a significant role. If a person’s friends also have anorexia they will be more willing to give into the pressure. Even if a person’s friends are not anorexic they will probably hide it from them. Most people who become anorexic say they will stop when they reach their ideal weight, but they never do. They fall into an ongoing cycle and feel trapped, afraid that if they stop, they will gain the weight back and never be able to go back to their thin bodies again. Those who do get through this disease have normal lives but every now and then think that maybe their life was better when they were anorexic. They always struggle with trying to live a normal life. Karli is a freshman majoring in sociology. She is an Opinion Writer for The Snapper.

Can fear overtake the best in us? This question poses an extremely contemporary issue, that many unknowingly facilitate everyday. Simply by participating in modern society, select groups of powerful and alluring individuals have created an environment in which we are constantly living in some level of fear. This fear can be widely subjective. Many of us are at a place in life where there are many unanswered questions, yet grave decisions need to be made as well. Deciding a professional path can cause a significant amount of anxiety for some. Anxiety is a direct response to fear. Therefore, worrying if your major will provide a stable future employment outlook is a level of fear that has manifested due to the rash decisions of capital loan sharks. Fear not only affects us on minute levels, but also on a much grander scale, particularly involving our feelings of security. Similar to many prior generations, we fear that the end of the world is quickly approaching. However, our century is faced with the knowledge that we are progressing the decay of our delicate planet. Death is the most common facet of life that humans are fearful of. Although there are valid implications as to why this is true, what sense does

it make to be present for a lifetime and rarely be present? Our security is not only feeling strains universally, but also nationally. Recently I viewed a video on Youtube that eloquently presents this exact issue. During a segment, scientists analyzed the changes in global climate patterns with various energy frequencies. They found a few standout areas on the graphs, and when placed on a timeline of the past few centuries the largest spike occurred on September 11, 2001. The data assessment essentially stated that following the terrorist attacks an immense number of people began emitting higher energies correlated to fear. As the segment continues, it sweeps the globe displaying more and more heart-wrenching footage. The moral of the video is to promote awareness of cosmic energies and mindfulness. When we are aware of the effects that even our entertainment plays on the global society we are creating, we will hopefully begin second guessing the purpose of a show like “Doomsday Preppers.” Each of us has the ability to decide to live in joy or fear. Yes, there are quite indifferent odds presently; however, that is no reason to continue subscribing to a less than satisfactory way of running our society. Take it upon yourself to find your personal levels of fear, and discover how you can take action to fill these areas with some optimism. The world can only become a better place if we return to a place where good can easily equalize, even surpass, the evils we are faced with. Rhea is a sophmore majoring in print journalism. She is an Opinion Writer for The Snapper.

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Too much pressure for students Zack Staab

enjoying life. The most disabling result was my inability to concentrate, wind down from a stressful day, and simply enjoy the surroundings in this beautiful world we inhabit. My hectic lifestyle ruined my ability to calm down and analyze my surroundings, while considering how fortunate I am to live in a safe area Assoc. Opinion Editor abundant with friends, family and opportunities. As busy college students, it I have begun to realize that can be difficult to relax and reminisce about our past expe- the most important aspects of life do not include the things riences, future ambitions, and we most consume ourselves ponder our current emotional with. Not being tardy for and physical state. We are work, applying for jobs and often forced to completely reading all 100 pages of that consume ourselves with enthralling scholarly article for schoolwork, a job, or daily class are all important, but routines that threaten to sabowhat significance do they have tage the very satisfaction of in achieving individual happiour experiences. I recently ness and enlightenment? Sucfound myself in this predicacess at work and school might ment. I consider my life to be harbor immediate satisfaction rather standard in comparison or happiness; however, these to normal college students, so trivial achievements do not I thought other students may promote long-term emotional have suffered through the fulfillment. It’s my feeling same process. that emotional enlightenment Most recently, I found mycan only be derived from self struggling to work three within, where outside factors jobs and take five college don’t have any place or beclasses. Not only did I have a difficult time remembering the longing. Exploring and evaluating days I worked, homework asyour emotional and mental signments, or other engagestate is surprisingly challengments, I was having difficulty ing; relaxing without the buzz

of a cell phone, noise from your roommate or other stimuli is challenging. During the events of a day, we rarely spend a few moments simmering within the confines of our brain. In fact, we are so consumed with technology, school work, and jobs that contemplating anything other than what we must accomplish during the day is almost impossible. We must temporarily eliminate these factors in order to consider our true unabated feelings, thoughts and current emotional state. For me, my daily routine became almost unbearable and I would constantly strive to find a way out, a way to enjoy the world, my unique life, and all the hidden gifts that are easy to overlook. The only thing that worked for me was consciously forgetting about the hassles of my frenzied life and concentrating exclusively on the splendor of life. By sitting or resting in a secluded spot away from distractions and playing peaceful music, perhaps smooth piano riffs or nature sounds, I am able to disengage myself from reality and let my mind blissfully relax while naturally enjoying the sensations my body wistfully produces. My practice may sound

weird or foreign, but this pastime is commonly referred to as mediation; it’s a way to escape from the material world, and naturally rejuvenate and gain a new appreciation for life. Many people feel uncomfortable or unnatural meditating because they aren’t used to letting their mind take over and not concentrating on worldly events. Meditation takes practice; you’re probably not used to escaping into an emotional abyss. I agree, it can be a little scary, but what do you have to lose from merely attempting a mediation experience? The reason I meditate is because I, like most college students, lead a stressful and complicated lifestyle. For some, meditation can even be a religious experience. Others use incense and practice yoga as a form of meditation. There are many guided meditation videos available on YouTube, or you can just try it yourself. Everybody meditates a different way; it’s just a matter of finding the way that works for you and enjoying your newfound peace and serenity. Zachary Staab is a junior majoring in Public Relations. He is the Associate Opinion Editor for The Snapper.

Staff editorial: Fifth-ranked safety

April is bringing more than just showers; it’s also bringing college students awareness on the serious topic of sexual assault. In this tightknit community of adults, the probability of sexual violence is more prevalent. Women are not the sole victims, though they are often the primary targets; even men can experience it. When they do, it leaves behind irreparable pain and suffering. This can happen to not just you, but to people you know and love. Millersville does a great job in promoting awareness on sexual violence and ways to combat and prevent it from happening to you. Their message is to educate both men and women on how to defend themselves against these unwanted situations and how to recognize it before, during, and after. But it’s hard to comprehend the impact of sexual assault when it is taken lightly, used often in jokes and pictures all over the Internet and television. The fact that someone who has been affected will never be the same is completely disregarded. Thankfully, the Millersville University Police Department has not ignored any calls for preventing sexual assault, and in the end, increasing the feeling of safety on campus. Their presence is definitely felt on campus, as Millersville University was ranked the fifth safest college in Pennsylvania. The small police department

is a correct fit for this small university. A scenario that The Snapper goes through concerning safety on campus starts every Tuesday night. We work diligent and hard into Wednesday, providing a weekly paper

for them. Others have come from Philadelphia or a large urban area where they feel safe on campus. In a populated area such as Philadelphia, people are accustomed to others saying weird things or approaching them in an un-

for our loyal readers. But we don’t see the outside realm from about 6 P.M. until 12 to 3 A.M., varying upon many factors often beyond our control. Point being, we are outside when everyone is sleeping, and probably become the most vulnerable people to trouble. However, most of the staff feels safe walking back to their living quarters after a tough Tuesday night. These members originate from Lancaster or its surrounding area, so nothing has really changed

comfortable situation. There are even members who feel safer at home than campus. Despite these feelings, we still manage to see squad cars roaming the streets late at night. Their presence is visible all day, actually - morning, evening, and night. There is also the blue light poles and the favorable buddy system that only add to how MUPD continues to emit a sense of security for those who walk the campus grounds. But there is always room for improvement. With the re-


cent kidnapping in one of the dormitories and other assaults happening around campus, there is clearly a hole in security. There is an understanding that controlling whether these things happen or not is beyond our grasp. It only depends on how we react to these situations. Some suggestions could be additional blue light poles being installed on campus, police units securing a certain area late at night, and security cameras being installed in the stairs and elevators of dormitories. Luckily, the sense of safety felt on campus has not changed as a result of the recent crimes. There are going to be people surrounding us every day. So it’s our responsibility to be aware of our surroundings and know what is going on. We cannot control what happens, but we can definitely have an input into increasing security. Report suspicious or vicious activity on campus to MUPD; it may be a small campus, but the police department is also small, and the student body greatly outnumbers them. Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings and what is going on, so the fifth ranked safe vibe on campus stays or even increases over time. The Staff Editorial is part of our ongoing pursuit to be the voice of the student body here at Millersville.

April 12, 2012

Quote of the Day “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

Texting kills relationships Sam Dutton

around text messages. Proper communication is one that occurs face to face or, at the very least, over the phone where it is much easier to interpret the feelings of the person you are communicating with. This practice of good communication is being lost to the modern methods of communication. Over-analyzing is another issue that is often encountered with text messaging. Being a girl, I know we are famous for over-analyzing a text message from a guy. We tend to try and decode every word. What about the issue of being text happy? I tend to diagnose people with this when I receive more than four text messages in an hour. If I get six, then they are a creeper. It is overkill. I am sure you are all familiar with the famous auto correct cases that occur

Opinion Editor Want to know the key to ruining a relationship? Texting, simply put, is the answer. While society marvels at the mass influx of technological developments and the easy process of communication, texting can be seen as an evil antagonist to relationships. This issue of texting while facilitating the communication process exemplifies the idea that sometimes the easy way is


not the answer. I have had my words misinterpreted through text message, where I intended to sound sarcastic my words were interpreted as those out of anger. Misinterpretation is easy to do, especially with the inability to hear the tone or see the facial expressions of the sender. As I discussed the issue of texting with my fellow Snapper staffers, we all came to an agreement that texting is an impersonal form of communication. Yet society continues to build their relationships

through texting. Humor is found within the confines of these mistyped text messages. Phones now have the capability of correcting spelling themselves, often replacing words we planned on using with other words. While texting may be useful in arranging a lunch date or sending a quick reminder, I do believe that it is a surefire way to destroy a relationship. Sam is a junior majoring in History. She is the Opinion Editor for The Snapper.


Page 8

Thursday, April 12, 2012

MU’s Civic and Community Engagement Research Project DANIELLE WEAVER Features Writer

John F. Kennedy once said, “Leadership and learning are indispensible to each other.” The concepts of leadership and learning are brought together right here at MU by the Civic and Community Engagement Research Project (CCERP). Senior Molly Caldwell describes CCERP as “a bridge between the campus community and the Lancaster County community as a whole.” CCERP wants all students, regardless of their major, to be civically engaged. CCERP sponsors four different centers, each with a different focus: • Experiential Learning and Career Management: The center that most students are aware of, ELCM includes the Internship Office, Volunteer Central, Career Services, and hosts different fairs/forums throughout the year. • Center for Public Scholarship & Social Change: They produce and distribute community-based research (every year they produce a “Quality of Life Report” about Lancaster County); includes the Polling and Research Office, Engaged Scholars Program, and the Reflect and Connect Series. • Entrepreneurial Leadership Center: Not yet opened, they are committed to encouraging and creating entrepreneurial opportunities, and will be housed in Washington House. Check the CCERP website for details about their opening.

PHOTO COURTESY OF MILLERSVILLE.EDU The Washington House on George Street is the headquarters for the Civic and Community Engagement Research Project. They are committed to linking the community to Millersville. • Walker Center for Civic Responsibility & Leadership: Based on the idea that students will become equipped to become active leaders in civic affairs; includes the Civic and Community Leaders Professional Development, Voter Assistance & Poll Worker's Project, and

Government Internships. Every year, through Walker Center, ten students take a four day trip to Washington D.C. for civic skills training. In past years they have met with Congressman Joe Pitts, some staffers from Senator Robert Casey’s office, and MU alumni who work in D.C.

The group takes a charter bus down and jumps right in. They take a tour of the Capitol Building, led by the Honorable Ron Sarasin, President of the Capitol Historical Society. Caldwell says this tour is her favorite part of the trip because “you never know who you’ll see from the House bal-

cony or what they will be voting on.” Everyone is welcome to check out CCERP – it is not just for government majors. “There is a place in CCERP for absolutely everybody,” says Events Coordinator Lori Leaman. The different events held by CCERP and its different centers allow students to meet not only friends, but also leaders. Max Vasquez, an MU senior, says he enjoyed a trip the group went on regarding the Federal Reserve. “It was cool cause they were willing to try and spell out what they were all about,” Vasquez said. CCERP’s biggest event is the Distinguished Civic Leadership Awards Banquet. MU has gotten some famous speakers for the event (including Ben from Ben & Jerry’s). This year Anne Beiler, more commonly known as Auntie Anne, will be giving the keynote speech, and she is bringing free pretzels for all attendees. The awards are for “people who have done great things in their community,” says Caldwell. The awards will take place on April 12, 2012 in Lehr room (Gordinier Hall) at 7 P.M. and everyone is welcome. If you cannot make it to the awards banquet but still want more information about CCERP, check them out on the MU website at:

MU’s number one fan: Mike Fry


Many students know him from the Upper Deck dining hall where he serves omelets with a smile, and others know him from the sidelines where he enthusiastically cheers his beloved Marauders on. Michael Fry has been working at Millersville University for 25 years. He knows practically everyone on campus and almost everyone knows him. Fry started working at Millersville for a brief time when he was still in high school. He and his cousin saw an advertisement at Millersville University asking for help when the students moved into their dorms. They helped carry student’s bags for move in day and Mike immediately became taken with the school. After graduating from high school, Fry went on to work at the Columbia Diner. He then worked at the Goodwill store for a time before coming back to Millersville University. Mike started out in housekeeping and then decided he wanted to work in Dining Services. He was originally in the dish room, until his supervisors asked for him to work in the front. At first Fry was reluctant to make the omelets, fearing he would not be able to, but he quickly caught on and has been impressing students with his flipping abilities ever since. “I like doing the omelets, it gives me a chance to see everyone,” says Mike. Fry is also an avid sports fan and loves to attend the games on campus. When asked about his favorite sport, he had difficulty deciding. He settled on his top four: volleyball, baseball, lacrosse, and soccer. Fry loves to attend the home games at Millersville

University and even goes to some of the Penn Manor games as well. Junior softball player Jamie Motsko says, “Michael is such a sweet person, and he makes the best omelets. He’s always at our home softball games, and he makes up cheers using our names that rhyme perfectly.” Fry is an unofficial recruiter for the Millersville teams. “I go to coaches and say, this person looks pretty good,” he says. He then encourages those students to come to MU. He is also a great motivator. “I love to make everyone smile and get them to do their best. Sports are fun.” Fry even encouraged 2005’s Miss Pennsylvania, Nicole Brewer, a previous Millersville student who won the Miss Millersville contest, to go as far as she could. She went on to compete in the Miss America pageant in 2006, making it to the top ten and eventually losing to Miss Oklahoma. She is now a local television journalist on CBS channel 3. In 2003, Fry won the Sara Lindsley Person of the Year Award for his dedication to and pride in Millersville. “One day I got a letter in the mail about attending this banquet, that I’d been nominated. I was so surprised. I didn’t know why they chose me.” Former Student Government President, Kristen Albright, wrote a three page letter about Mike deserving the award. According to Fry, she said, “Mike was always so friendly. He helped me break out of my shell.” Even now, Fry is brightening students’ days with cheerful hellos, some small talk, a smile, and a great omelet. Thank you for touching the lives of so many Millersville Students.

What do you think about Rick Santorum dropping out of the 2012 presidential race?

“I feel like him dropping out was cowardly.” Melissa Sell

“Thank God.” Heather Whyte

“I don’t really care.” Jair Edwards

“It was probably in his best interests.” Maribeth Jaeske

RHEA MITCHELL/SNAPPER Mike makes your omelets the way you want them. Visit him in the Upper Deck sometime.

“Personally, I thought it was a good decision.” Ryan Tigro

9 Features THE SNAPPER April 12, 2012

Travel the world with MU senior Bri Kozior

PHOTO COURTESY OF BRIANNA KOZIOR Bri is on a hilltop valley with the breathtaking view of Salzburg, Austria in the distance. ently than we do in America, JULIE RAFFENSPERGER and their main focus in life

Associate Features Editor

Imagine you had the chance to sky-dive in Australia, try new Italian dishes in the heart of Rome, or see for miles from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Would you do it? Here at Millersville University, this is not only a possibility, but it is strongly encouraged. Not only can you take classes overseas, but you can also complete an internship. Taking advantage of this opportunity is entirely up to you, but there is no doubt that it is an excellent chance to gain a once in a lifetime experience, adaptability, and self-confidence. One student in particular, who is a senior at Millersville University, has travelled to fourteen different countries in the past two years. Some of these include Germany, Australia, Mexico, France, Canada, and Italy. She comments, "I’ve always had a desire to go to new places, and study abroad seemed like the perfect opportunity. Pennsylvania is a speck on our huge planet; how could you not want to explore what’s out there for all to see?" Brianna recalls fond memories of all the places she has been, and she claims Italy to be her favorite. She explains how the people there appreciate things differ-

seems to revolve around friends and family. This is a part of their culture, and it seems as though it cannot fully be understood unless you are there to see it for yourself. She explains, "I became enamored with everything about that country. It's such a beautiful place and a different lifestyle from the United States. I believe they appreciate things more there--food, family, time on earth, nature--and I try to bring those qualities to my life as much as possible." Aside from simply observing the life-styles of these many different countries, Brianna has acquired a great number of skills which would not have been possible had she not studied abroad. She learned how to speak conversationally in five different languages, and became extremely adaptable to different situations. In addition to this, she became well-rounded and entirely independent. After gaining more experience, Brianna finally felt comfortable enough to back-pack through Europe by herself for about two weeks. She commented, "I didn't walk alone at night and always made sure I knew where I was going so I didn't wander off somewhere I shouldn't have been. But traveling alone is not for everyone. You really have

to know what you're doing and have some sort of experience in other countries before you just jump into it. Some people need a travel buddy to figure out how to get around, where to stay, or just to keep them company so they don't feel so isolated in a strange city." Along the way, she even met some friends with whom she still remains in contact which definitely added to her experience in a positive way. Finally, when asked what she would say to readers who are on the fence about traveling or studying abroad, she responded: "There is no reason to be on the fence about traveling. It is the greatest experience you will ever have, and the best gift you can ever give to yourself. It will enlighten you in ways you never knew possible, and give you experiences and memories you could never get anywhere else. Just do it." So for those of you who have contemplated visiting new countries, Brianna Kozior is one of many who would advocate the experience. For information about studying abroad, head over to The Office of Global Education & Partnerships in the Cumberland House of George Street. They will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible, and provide you with the necessary information needed to start your own memories abroad.

PHOTO COURTESY OF BRIANNA KOZIOR While modeling professionally in Australia, Bri decided to take some time off to visit the zoo.

PHOTO COURTESY OF BRIANNA KOZIOR While visiting a variety of countries, Venice, Italy proved to be Briannas favorite of them all.

Invisible Children Cover the Night with Kony 2012 HAYLEY ADDESA Features Writer

PHOTO COURTESY OF ELONPENDULUM.COM Due to the similarities between campaign posters, the Kony poster received more views than normal. Its based on Shephard Faireys campaign poster for Obama.

Due to the recent popularity of the Kony2012 YouTube video, Kony has become a household name in a matter of days. For those of you who do not know him, Joseph Kony was born in Uganda and is the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army which has been abducting children from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and other African countries since 1987 and forcing them to be soldiers in his army. Kony was indicted for war by the International Criminal Court in 2005 on 33 charges including murder, enslavement, rape, pillaging, and forced fighting. His whereabouts are currently unknown even though every effort has been made to find him. His brutal tactics also involved forcing the children to kill their own parents and/or siblings, as well as using the captured young girls as sex slaves. It’s estimated that Kony has abducted 66,000 children and killed over tens of thousands of people, mainly the families of the abducted children. The nonprofit organization, Invisible Children, is working hard to make sure

that this reign of terror comes to an end. Now more than ever, Invisible Children is determined to stop Kony. So on April 20, 2012 they have set up a widespread action plan called Cover the Night. According to the website, Cover the Night is a global movement with the goal of taking all the information online to the streets of cities everywhere. If you’d like to participate, there are a few steps in this process, starting with registering in a city near you. After doing so they ask that you do something to serve your local community, therefore gaining the right to spread the message of Kony. Invisible Children’s organization recommends a trash pickup, or organizing to work somewhere that already helps others such as a food bank. The next step is to get political figures to help put an end to Kony’s reign: call them, write them, do what you need to do. Invisible Children cautions that you make it clear what you have to say and the politicians hear you. Finally, on April 20 be ready to go to action, putting everything together - go out and do community service, make sure you have contacted your political leaders, and be prepared to spread the mes-

sage. The key is to make sure not to acquire enemies, and to get permission to spread the message in a non-harmful way. The point is to get the message out and not to cause more problems. No one needs to get into legal trouble for advocating the issues. So hang posters, make shirts, or do whatever you can to get the message out to the masses. Once it is all said and done, Kony will be famous, better yet he will be infamous. The masses will know of his crimes and maybe inquire into more information as well. If the goal is achieved then more and more will take interest and that means more will help put a stop to it all. We are helping a legacy of over 30,000 children who have experienced true horror; these are children who know fear. They have been taken from their homes, beaten, forced to kill, raped, and even murdered. Taking part to get this message out is not an effort wasted. Helping the children who have only had the chance of knowing the cruelty of Kony deserve a chance to live a normal life. Kony stripped them of their childhood. Spread the word and stay informed. On April 20, 2012, Cover the Night.

THE SNAPPER April 12, 2012

10 Features

Looking to get involved in community service? Check out these organizations: Swim for a cause with the Tidal Waves of Ephrata MELANIE GREAVES Contributing Writer

After a winning season, most athletes take advantage of their time off by doing things they cannot do during the season; the last thing on most of their minds is when they are going to get back on the field or in the pool. This is not the case for the 115 swimmers on the Ephrata Recreation Center Tidal Waves swim team. After finishing their season as the Central Penn Aquatic League Division 2A Champions, the Tidal Waves are diving into fundraising by organizing an inaugural "Swim for a Cause" to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Pennsylvania. The mission of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Pennsylvania is "to provide a loving home-away-fromhome for families of seriously ill children and support to organizations that directly improve the health and well being of children in our community." The Ronald McDonald House Charities' mission is what attracted the Tidal Waves to the charity in the first place.

Lesley Groff, a swim team mom and the event coordinator for the fundraiser, said, "The swim team motto is 'Families Supporting Families.' So the team thought we could support the families staying in the Ronald McDonald House because one day it could be one of our own in need of assistance." Donations have been made by friends and families of the Tidal Waves, as well as local businesses. Groff said, "We [Tidal Waves] are hoping to raise as much as possible, at least $1,000 for the RMHC." The team is also going to donate their time to the charity by going in and making dinner for the families that are staying in the house. When asked about why people should donate to the Ronald McDonald House, Madeline Fritz, a member of the Tidal Waves, said, "There are so many people who don't get to do all the stuff we get to do because their bodies are not healthy enough, so we should help them any way we can." Everything at the Ronald McDonald House of Central Pennsylvania is donated, from the beds the families sleep on to the food they eat. The families in the house do

not pay a single cent for anything. This allows the parents to give 100% of themselves to their ill children being treated at the Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital. There are many ways for college students to give back to the charity. There is the obvious way to give back, by donating money, but that is not the only way. The Ronald McDonald House of Central Pennsylvania collects tabs off of cans, recycles them and then gets a check back for the profits. After a weekend it would not be difficult to go and snap the tabs off all of the cans and put them in a bag. Another unique way college students can help is by recycling old magazines and catalogs through the organization. The Ronald McDonald House of Central Pennsylvania has raised over $182,000 dollars since 2004 by recycling 5,700 tons of glossy paper. "Swim for a Cause" will be held on April 27, 2012 from 7 P.M. to 11 P.M. at the Ephrata Recreation Center. For more information or to get involved email megreave@marauder.millersvill

Lancaster’s Riddle Quest

PHOTO COURTESY OF SWIM FOR A CAUSE This is the logo for the Tidal Waves Swim for a Cause event. The Ephrata swim team finished their season as champions of Division 2A. They hope to raise at least a $1,000.

Make a difference at the Milagro House in Lancaster House, commented, “I really like how the Milagro House isn’t just about giving women a place to stay, but it’s about helping them and their children grow by offering the GED program along with tutorials on how to organize certain There, you will see a button labeled, “Volunteer.” If you click on that button, an entire Are you looking for a way to list of ways to help will pop up give back to your community? for you to choose from. Are you interested in making a Depending on your desired difference right here in level of involvement, you can Lancaster County? help the women by simply There is an organization giving monetary donations downtown that is not very or even working with the well known but does a great Probably one of the things women one-on-one during deal to offer their help to tutoring sessions. those in need. A group of students that makes this organization It is called the Milagro from Millersville, including truly unique, and not like House, and it is a place for myself, are already working other shelters, is that its homeless mothers and their with women at the Milagro children to go when they House by way of small main goal is to educate the have nowhere else to turn. tutoring sessions. women. The Milagro House offers At these sessions they them a place to live and are learning valuable leshelps them to get back on sons, like how to put their feet. together a résumé, for Features Writer Probably one of the example, that will help things that makes this them get jobs once they organization truly unique, earn their degrees from the aspects of their lives.” and not like other shelters, is Milagro House. The Milagro House believes that its main goal is to educate One of the students, Mike the women. that the women should learn to Sohl, had a few things to say When a woman signs up to be independent, working moth- about the Milagro House as ers, and they believe an educalive in the Milagro House, she well. tion is the key to that. must also agree to continue “It’s been a pleasure workBut aside from bettering her education. It does not ing with the Milagro House. I their education, these women even matter where she last was think what got our group interalso have to learn better parin her level of education. ested in working with this nonenting skills, considering they The Milagro House provides profit was their passion to help have children to think about. women with the education necwomen and children in essary to earn their high school Most of these women will be Lancaster City. single parents when they leave diploma or their GED. They provide not only shelIf they already have one of the Milagro House, so it is ter for them but also give them those, the Milagro House works important for them to be able an opportunity to get an educawith the women to look at their to juggle an education, possition. It is a remarkable organibly a job, and taking care of options for a post-secondary zation that serves the their children. education. Lancaster area with love and If you are interested in vol- compassion.” Junior Kayla Forgrave, who unteering for the Milagro is currently active in helping House, visit their website at the women at the Milagro


Features Writer

Dena Paffas

PHOTO COURTESY OF COMPASS MARK Past student participants, happy after a long day figuring out riddles and stamping passports.

ALYSSA MARTELLI Contributing Writer

Were you looking for a fun way to explore Downtown Lancaster? Would you like the chance to win prizes up to $3,000 in value? Well on April 21, 2012, you can be a part of the quest for fun! At Millersville University’s Ware Center in Lancaster there will be a scavenger hunt that will take you through most of the historical city. You will be able to visit different businesses, museums, and galleries, just by solving a riddle! The event is hosted by Compass Mark, a Lancaster non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance children’s social and emotional abilities. The Executive Director of Compass Mark, Dave Bender, says, “Everyone is looking for a way to regain a sense of community…to connect…to be part of something vibrant and good. Riddle Quest is a mini-adventure, a chance to quench your thirst for discovering or rediscovering all that is good about Downtown Lancaster and the people who bring it alive.” Millersville University’s

PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) will be part of the quest in Lancaster volunteering for Riddle Quest. They have been working closely with Emily Mace, Millersville alum and the current Youth Services Specialist at Compass Mark, to help Millersville students register for Riddle Quest. PRSSA members will be working the day of the event to stamp the team passports and help solve riddles. Millersville student, Alyssa Dodson, has been interning at Compass Mark since January. She has done a lot of work in preparation for Riddle Quest. The event headquarters is The Ware Center. Laura Micciche, Event Coordinator at the Ware Center, says that working with Compass Mark is part of their mission to “encourage collaboration” with the local community of Lancaster. This is where your team will be given your passport, a map, and the rules of the game. Then off you go on an adventure throughout the city to different historical locations! There are about 40 riddle stops throughout the city. At each riddle stop, there will be a volunteer there to

assist you and get your group the next riddle. Your team does not have to visit every location. The ending point of the quest is Tellus360, 24 East King Street. Every $5 raised from this event will go towards a prevention program called “Future Generations” which helps the youth deal with life issues. Future Generations is an after-school program for students aged 10-14 where they have a safe place to be creative and themselves. This program provides tutoring for the students and encourages parents to enjoy the program also. Last summer the program had the opportunity to visit colleges for education and career choices. This enabled the students to explore future options available to them after graduating high school. For Riddle Quest, registration is recommended. You may even get more prizes by registering early. It costs $25, which is $5 a person if you get a group of 5 of your closest friends. The event is April 21 from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M., rain or shine. You can register by visiting

PHOTO COURTESY OF FIGLANCASTER.COM A place for homeless mothers and their children when they have nowhere to turn.

11 Features THE SNAPPER

April 12, 2012

Lancaster’s Habitat for Humanity visits Nicaragua SIERRA ALEMAN Contributing Writer

On March 17, 2012, Abbey White and her husband set out to accomplish a mission: to unite with a group from the Sacramento Habitat for Humanity for a common goal, the goal of helping to change the lives of a family in Nicaragua. The group would be working in collaboration with the Nicaragua Habitat for Humanity. Abbey White is the volunteer coordinator for the Lancaster Area Habitat for Humanity. Currently she is in the application process of becoming a Global Village leader, so in the future she will be able to lead trips with Lancaster Area Habitat for Humanity. This was a good way for her to experience a trip before she got to lead a group of her own. The volunteers arrived in the town of La Gallina on Sunday, March 18. They worked Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. The homes were built from adobe blocks and laid using a cement and mortar mixture. There were two Nicaraguan masons on site who helped

lead the team in laying the block. The Nicaragua Habitat for Humanity staff also assisted in leading the team and teaching them how to build an adobe block home, and they helped in translating a lot of the information since not many of the volunteers knew Spanish. The family Habitat assisted in building a home for was a family of 12. The father has been diagnosed with a kidney disease, and due to this, is no longer able to work his job at the local sugar mill. Currently, the family is living in a one room, 10’X10’ home with the kitchen area on one side and a small divide with a mattress and blankets that they all sleep on at the other side. The family’s income is less than $2 a day which makes it rather difficult for them to improve their situation. Abbey arrived back in the LAHH office on March 27. That day, I got the chance to ask her about her experience and what it meant to her. She responded, “While we were in Nicaragua, we had a chance to meet the Mayor of La Gallina. “He thanked us for coming to help their village and the families that are living in these

desperate conditions. “He spoke of how this village was a forgotten village and what it meant to the families living there that someone cared enough to come to help transform their lives for the better. “It is humbling to see the conditions that many of the families of La Gallina are living in, and while there is still work to be done we can know that one more family’s life has been transformed, and that one individual's life from Lancaster County was transformed as well.” In the world today, there are thousands who live in these unfortunate conditions. More than half the world’s population lives on less than $2 a day. It is hard to imagine that kind of lifestyle, especially as a citizen of the United States. There are problems in the world that are far more dire than our own, and the first step to fixing them is acknowledging them. Habitat for Humanity has taken the initiative to not only acknowledge the problems the less fortunate are facing, but essentially are doing something to change things for the better of mankind, one family at a time.

PHOTO COURTESY OF LANCASTER AREA HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Recently the LAHH traveled to Nicaragua to build an adobe block home for a family of 12.

Autism Awareness Month DIY: Dr. Oz’s at home LIZ GRIER

spa treatment

Contributing Writer

One in every 88 children is diagnosed with autism. One in every 54 boys is also diagnosed with autism. One to 1.5 million Americans lives with an autism spectrum disorder. What is autism? Many young people do not know what autism truly is and means for people who are diagnosed with it. The easiest way to explain autism is that it is a group of complex brain development disorders. Difficulties in social interaction, both verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviors are some of the characteristics of autism. Autism usually appears within the first three years of life. However, it can be diagnosed any time after that. The month of April has been named National Autism Awareness month. People have been celebrating this since as early as the 1970s. This month is supposed to be used to educate the country about autism and the issues within the community. Within the community here in Millersville, people are trying to help raise awareness for this cause. Here on campus, the sorority Alpha Xi Delta spends a lot of time helping the organization Autism Speaks. Within the past 2 years they have raised over $20,000 for this organization, and they are not stopping their support any time soon. 2011 charity queen, Kaila Folk, talked about why this is so important to her. “Our sorority’s philanthropy is Autism Speaks and we care very deeply for it. Every year we want to raise as much money as possible to help all of the people affected by this. My stepbrother is autistic, so I myself have a very close connection to this organization.” Autism is very important here on Millersville’s campus. There are a good amount of

college student’s pocket. Plus, the college student can have fun making the spa product. The first product is a skin exfoliating scrub. The best scrub to use is a sugar scrub because it is gentler than other scrubs. Sugar scrubs exfoliate the skin but do not damage it,

less red grapes, one cup of fresh cranberries, two teaspoons of grapefruit juice, and one envelope of unflavored Most college students, includgelatin. ing the ones at Millersville A blender is needed to mash University, do not have much and mix the ingredients until free time. they become paste. It can be College students are busy done by hand too. Let the with schoolwork, exams, paste chill for forty-five minpapers, extracurricular utes until it thickens. The activities, jobs, job fairs, paste should sit for ten internships, and spending until applied to Many college students minutes time with their friends. skin. Once the mask is on School also brings an the skin, leave it on for fifspa a of need dire in are extreme amount of stress teen minutes, then rinse to the lives of students. day or two. It relieves the off with warm water. Every student needs The last at home spa and college of stresses something to relax the treatment Dr. Oz had was stress and calm nerves: spa helps the mind and one's the milk and honey bath. treatments would be a This is actually a foot bath. great solution to this probThis bath helps relax tired overall well-being.” lem. and sore feet. The milk The only drawback is and honey bath also rejuthat spa treatments are venates dry, calloused very expensive. Many colskin, and minimizes irritaJunior lege students do not have a tion. The cinnamon ingrelot of extra cash sitting dient helps blood circulaaround to pay for a spa tion in the foot. visit. The ingredients to this Therefore, college students leaving the skin soft and foot therapy are three to five can do at home spa treatments. smooth. The ingredients to tablespoons of honey, one teaDr. Oz came up with this idea. produce this scrub are one cup spoon of vanilla extract, two Creating spa treatments is of brown sugar, a third cup of tablespoons of baking soda, much more inexpensive than almond oil, a teaspoon of liqone teaspoon of ground cinnavisiting a spa. uid vitamin E, and a teaspoon mon, half a cup of orange Students can use these spa of vanilla extract. juice, and a whole cup of milk. treatments in the comfort of The ingredients should all First mix the ingredients, their own home, apartment, or be combined but the brown then fill tub with warm water dorm. This is even more consugar is added in last. For best and pour in the mixture. Let venient because college sturesults, use this scrub in the the tired feet soak for ten to dents can perform these treatshower, applying it in circular fifteen minutes. ments when need be, whereas motions on the skin. Many college students are spas are only open certain Dr. Oz’s next successful at in dire need of a spa day or hours; students may very well home treatment is called the two. It relieves the stresses of be in class, with an organizared grape face mask. The college and helps the mind and tion, internship, or sports grapes and the cranberries one's overall well-being. activity during these hours. both contain vitamins A and C. Unfortunately, the spa is way Some ingredients are necesVitamins A and C protect the too time consuming and expensary to help the body and skin from the sun. Also vitasive for college students. mind. They will rejuvenate the mins A and C may prevent skin That is why an at home spa college student for the next discoloration and aging. treatment is a great idea: it is day. These treatments will The ingredients to make the cheap, efficient, and fun, aside save hundreds of dollars on a mask include one cup of seedfrom being very relaxing.


Contributing Writer

Kelly Hess

PHOTO COURTESY OF DOGS4AUTISM.BLOGSPOT.COM Autism is a group of complex brain development disorders. students that major in special education and autism affects them every day. Senior education student, Kerri Ward, discussed her experience in the class room with special needs children. She said, “As an education major, I have to take special education classes and I have kids integrated into my classes with special needs. I think it is very helpful and educational to have the kids actually in the classroom with us.” After talking to admissions counselor, Rachel Bontempo, the importance of the Millersville Special Education program was identified. Rachel explained, “The Millersville Special Education

program is one of the best available in the state. It helps to prepare students to be some of the best special ed teachers around.” April is also National Volunteer month. A great way to get out and help for National Autism Awareness month is to participate in one of the many walks in Pennsylvania. There are a few different cities that are holding walks this month: Pittsburgh, Ligonier, Altoona, Blakeslee, Allentown, and Philadelphia. The walk in Allentown is going to be held on Saturday, April 21, and you can register at So get out and help support autism this month!

PHOTO COURTESY OF CUTTINGBACKKITCHEN.COM By mixing brown sugar, a third cup of almond oil, a teaspoon of liquid vitamin E, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract, you can create your own sugar scrub.

Arts & CULTURE Thursday, April 12, 2012

Page 12

BARE: the pop opera takes to the stage this week


Come see BARE on April 13, 14, 19, 20, 21 at 8 P.M. and 14, 15, and 22 at 2 P.M. BARE is student-directed by Becca Douglass and deals with sexuality, teen sex, and religion. ABOVELEFT: Josh Dorsheimer plays the stern Priest. ABOVERIGHT: Peter Ferraiolo (Peter) and Seth Sponhouse (Jason) begin a secret romance at their strict Catholic boarding school. BOTTOM:Peter is bullied by the other students after a personal moment with God. The students struggle to come to terms with their identities in a world that may not accept them.

Poetry Aloud:A time to share your inner thoughts with kindred spirits Anne Shaffer Staff Writer

On April 6, 2012, the Millersville University Creative Writers Guild hosted the third Poetry Aloud event for April’s First Friday. The event took place in the Grand Salon in the Ware Center and began at 6 P.M. It concluded around 8:15 P.M. Though the event was open to the public, the majority of the readers were members of the Guild. Readers were assigned times and were given approximately five minutes to read in order to accommodate the number of performers. Also present were three guest readers, one of which was Millersville’s own Dr. Caleb Corkery, accompanied by the first Poet Laureate of Lancaster, Barbara Strasko and Diana Savage, a communications specialist and also a Poet Laureate. Strasko and Savage are both involved with poetry in and around Lancaster. Savage, the current Poet Laureate of Lancaster, has organized several Spoken Word events and acts as the co-director of the Spoken Word Festival at the Theater of the Seventh Sister. She also has judged several poetry competitions and taught writing workshops. Strasko is the Poet in the Schools for Lancaster’s Poetry Paths program. Unlike the poetry slam that took place last semester on

November 4, 2011, this Poetry Aloud event did not require performers to memorize their pieces and deliver them theatrically, though readers did devote energy to making sure the tone of their works matched the tone of their performances. The rules also did not demand that only poetry be read. A few people read short works of prose, while some delivered long poems and some read several pieces of their poetry. Subjects varied from sports to identity issues, from love to the art of writing itself. Some of Strasko’s poems dealt with finding identity in the time of the hippies, and some members of the Guild spoke of the difficulties of writing. The Creative Writers Guild was formed in the spring of 2011 by Tyler Barton and Eliot White, and now is an official university organization that includes thirty members. It meets weekly for members to share their writings and receive feedback on their works. Not only has the Guild hosted the Poetry Aloud First Friday events, but it has also hosted several on-campus readings. Meetings are open to all Millersville students, staff, and alumni, and take place Tuesday nights at 9 P.M. in room 210 of the Chryst Building.


The first Poet Laureate of Lancaster, Barbara Strasko, is the Poet in the Schools for Lancaster’s Poetry Path.


ABOVE:Dr. Caleb Corkery performs as a guest reader. BELOW: Tyler Barton recites one of his poems.

13 Arts&Culture THE SNAPPER

April 12, 2012

“A Day Without a Mexican” Caleb Bressler Staff Writer

“A Day without a Mexican,” a film directed by Sergio Arau, surrounds the controversy of illegal immigration in the United States. Styled to look similar to a documentary, the film details a fictional story of the disappearance of all people of Latino descent in California. The film was part of the Humanities Film Series, and was shown in conjunction with an English class’ reading of the play “A Day of Absence.” “A Day of Absence” is about another fictional event where AfricanAmericans vanish from a Southern town leaving only Caucasian citizens. “A Day without A Mexican” appeared to structure its basic plot-line on this play. The film begins with a tearful woman discussing the disappearance of her husband, who is from Mexican descent. From here, audiences are introduced to a variety of characters, a number of whom are followed throughout the film. Once identities are mostly established, almost all Latinos in California completely evaporate, and no one knows how or why. Attention soon goes to Lila, an anchorwoman at a television station who has not vanished despite her Latino heritage.

Soon, the state falls into chaos. Jobs requiring menial labor are abandoned, stores close, and the state is soon desperate for the return of the Latino population. People go so far as to stand at the border holding lights, hoping for people to come across. Just exactly what the film is arguing for is up for debate. Amnesty is never mentioned, causing confusion of whether the film is arguing for amnesty or simply that illegal immigrants should have work visas and be allowed to stay in the United States. Regardless, the film definitely suggested that illegal immigrants are imperative to the United States. To back up this claim, the film showed the mess California would fall into if all people of Latino descent vanished. This argument, however, is immediately faulty. By making all people of Latino descent vanish to support the argument that illegal immigrants are needed, the film essentially equates everyone of Latino descent with illegal immigrants. Despite that a number of the Latino characters were Americans, the film made as little distinction as possible between them and illegal immigrants. Not only was this insulting to Latino Americans, but it was an incredibly misleading tactic.

Regardless of one’s stance on illegal immigration, the film distracted from the real issue and instead set up a straw-man argument, depicting the illegal immigration debate as basically a debate of “race warfare.” Indeed, the film had very little, if any, intelligent discussion on the actual debate of illegal immigration. Instead of objectively addressing the opposing viewpoint, the film resorted to blatant stereotyping of the contrasting side. Characters who opposed illegal immigration were portrayed as one-dimensional, bigoted, ungrateful wretches. Indeed, the stereotypes were so over-thetop they made the filmmakers seem petty. For example, after people of Latino descent have all disappeared from California, illegal immigration adversaries throw a celebratory barbecue. The film’s motives for arguing for amnesty, or work visas, are also questionable. It almost seems that the film’s only rationalization for allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the United States is that they provide cheap menial labor. In the beginning of the film, a California senator’s wife hires two presumably illegal workers to fix the house because “they were cheap.” The senator promptly throws them out. However, at the end of the film, after fruit is rotting on the ground from not being picked

by “undocumented workers,” the senator wants the missing people back. Indeed, even images associated with illegal immigrants in the film, such as the fruit, are generally related to menial labor. An indignant, pro-illegal immigration character even uses the argument that the money illegal immigrants make for the economy offsets their cost to the United States. This being the case, the film, at the very least, has a questionable viewpoint; at the worst, it is reducing people to mere commodities. After the film, there was a brief discussion time with the audience. Reactions to the film were generally unfavorable, some citing the poor film-making in general. Indeed, there were subplots and skits which were useless and added nothing to the plot. Some other complaints from the audience were that the film was “too long” and, despite its attempted comedic edge, not funny. In closing, the film is definitely not worth seeing. It does not seek to inform or educate people about the issues surrounding illegal immigration or amnesty. The film’s use of distracting, manipulative, insulting tactics is disheartening. In short, it is Hollywood at its worst: a shallow, cheap view of issues that merely disrespects its audience.

How to: A savory oatmeal dish Olivia Synoracki Staff Writer

Ingredients: 2 cups rolled oats 1/2 cup walnut pieces, toasted and chopped 1/3 cup natural cane sugar or maple syrup 1 teaspoon aluminum-free baking powder 1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon fine-grain sea salt 2 cups milk 1 large egg 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted and cooled slightly 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract 2 ripe bananas, cut into 1/2-inch pieces 1 1/2 cups huckleberries, or mixed berries Preparations: 1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Then generously butter the inside of an 8-inch baking dish. 2. In a bowl, mix together the oats, half the walnuts, the sugar (if using), the baking powder, cinnamon, and salt. In another bowl, whisk together the maple syrup (if using), the milk, the egg, half of the butter, and the vanilla. Next, arrange the bananas in a single layer in the bottom of the prepared baking dish. Sprinkle 2/3 of the berries over the layer of bananas. Cover the fruit with the oat mixture. Then drizzle the

milk mixture over the oats. Scatter the remaining berries and walnuts across the top. Put it in the oven for 35 to 45 minutes, until the top is golden brown and the oat mixture has set. Remove from oven and let sit for a few minutes before drizzling the remaining melted butter on the top. Not only is this dish delicious, but it is also a healthy choice for breakfast or an afternoon snack. If you are not a fan of the fruits that are added, then you can always replace them with fruits of your preference, or you can remove the fruit altogether. However, the berries add sweetness. The bananas soften the oatmeal and are a great balance to the sweetness of the berries. The walnuts give the recipe some crunch. For those who do not like oatmeal because of the mushy texture, this could be a great substitute. Baking this dish allows the oats to become crispy and golden so there is no need to worry about mush. If you want to make it a bit sweeter, including some brown sugar and milk to this dish can definitely add to the flavor. If serving this as a meal, it can serve 6 people. However, you can serve twelve people by putting it out for a brunch spread. Full of flavor and easy to make, this dish should definitely be on your list of new recipes to try.

Upcoming Events Soulful Expressions: A Celebration of Women with Amanda Diva, jessica Care moore and Ursula Rucker, spoken word artists When: April 12 at 6:30 P.M. Where: Pucillo Gymnasium Lectures with a Twist: "In a Different Light, Reflections and Beauty of Wise Women of Color" When: April 12 at 7:30 P.M. Where: The Ware Center, 42 N. Prince Str. Lancaster The Dolphin Club presents: Flipping Through the Channels When: April 12 at 8 P.M. and April 14-15 at 2 P.M. Where: Pucillo Gymnasiu Pool Millersville University Single Reed Symposium When: April 13 at 7:30 P.M. Where: The Ware Center, 42 N. Prince Str. Lancaster All Campus Musical Organization Production: BARE: A Pop Opera When: April 13-14, 19-21 at 8 P.M. and April 14-15, 19-22 at 2 P.M. Where: Rafters Theatre, Dutcher Hall Black Student Union Spring Concert: Wale When: April 13 at 8 P.M. Where: Pucillo Gym Day of Percussion When: April 14 at 8 A.M. Where: The Ware Center, 42 N. Prince Str. Lancaster

Cabaret in the Sky Series Presents: “Glorious Easter” When: April 14 at 7:30 P.M. Where: The Ware Center, 42 N. Prince Str. Lancaster Jazz and Java When: April 14 at 7:30 P.M. Where: Lehr Room, Bolger Conference Center, Gordinier Hall Senior Recital: Ryan Nicholls When: April 15 at 2:30 P.M. Where: Ford Atrium, McComsey Hall The Ware Center Film Series: Rejoice and Shout When: April 16 at 5 P.M. and 7 P.M. Where: The Ware Center, 42 N. Prince Str. Lancaster Friends of Ganser Library Lecture: Michael Lavigne, author When: April 17 at 7 P.M. Where: Lehr room, Bolger Conference Center, Gordinier Hall Senior Recital: Tyler Hart When: April 17 at 7 P.M. Where: Ford Atrium, McComsey Hall Empower Peer Educators Program: The Date When: April 17 at 8 P.M. Where: Club de’Ville, SMC Reflect & Connect Series: Global Rights/Human Rights When: April 18 at 5 P.M. Where: Ford Atrium, McComsey Hall

Black Student Union Step and Fashion Show When: April 14 at 6 P.M. Where: Marauder Court, SMC

Humanities Film Series: The Yes Men Fix the World When: April 19 at 7 P.M. Where: Myers Auditorium, McComsey Hall

Day of Percussion: Evening Gala When: April 14 at 7:30 P.M. Where: The Ware Center, 42 N. Prince Str. Lancaster

Concert: Millersville University Keystone Singers When: April 21 at 7:30 P.M. Where: The Ware Center, 42 N. Prince Str. Lancaster


Baked oatmeal is an inexpensive dish that can be shared.

WIXQ OFFICIAL PROGRAM GRID // SPRING 2012 Time\Day 1:00am 3:00am



Metal Wednesday




Bob Saget

The People's Elbow

Adam Krull

Bananas in Pajamas

The 330 Late Night

Dance Floors & Dinosaurs





3:00am5:00am Untitled 101

5:00am 7:00am

Indie/Alternative Dreadlocks of Love


12:00pm 2:00pm 2:00pm 4:00pm

4:00pm 7:00pm

7:00pm 10:00pm

10:00pm 1:00am

The Vault

Mullets & Morning Wood

7:00am 10:00am 10:00am 12:00pm

De Cozmik Shewulfz


Classic Rock/Variety Variety What You Got There Majestic Night Riders

Rock Hard in the Morning Rock "Carnival of Feet"


Tuesdays With Cory

Alternative/Jazz The Uncle Muss-Kulls

Puttin' On the Fitz

Metal/World DMT

Variety Yeti Feasts

Alternative Rock Saturday Limbs

Pizza Party

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Barbarian Rage

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Pop/Metal Dr. Teeth & the

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Electric Mayhem Catalyst

Variety "Oldies But Goodies" 4-

The Gypsy Frequency


Hour Indie/Electronic Halcyon


Joe & Jenna

Ceasar Salad

Indie Hunkered in the Bunker

Variety Electric Sex

Metal Grim & Frostbitten

Variety Nightlight Variety

Variety Critical $hitz

Rock Epic Radio Time

Metal Turn On. Tune In. Drop Out.


tive A Day in the Life

6:45 Moar Caubell

Indie/Dubstep Mixology

Variety Wham Jams

Variety Daylight

Indie/Folk/Alternative Saturday Morning

Variety 1.21 Gigawats




Indie Metal Daze


Cartoons Variety



14 Arts&Culture THE SNAPPER

April 12, 2012

Build your own adventure in the world of “Minecraft” Rachael Ward Staff Writer

In this day and age of video games, creativity is rare to come across. Many story elements have been used before, and game mechanics are based on what has successfully come before them, such as how Halo defined first person shooters. However, every now and again a game comes along that is not only creative, but inspires creativity in the player. This past year, one such game has met this criteria: Minecraft. Developed by Markus “Notch” Persson and his company Mojang, this sandbox-building video game is both simplistic and massively complex. From the main menu, the player is given the choice between two modes, survival and creative. The player is given an avatar to

explore the generated world they are placed in. From there, the player is free to explore his or her surroundings and collect resources to create structures and tools. Depending on the mode you choose, the conditions of the world vary. In survival, you are given a very limited amount of resources and must literally survive. In order to do this, you need to create shelter, find food, and find materials to construct tools that you will need while you explore your surroundings. The difficulty of this increases when you discover that the world of Minecraft is not a safe place. Come sundown, all sorts of monsters and horrors emerge out of the dark and hunt you down. If it is your first day in the game, this makes preparations for light and shelter even

more imperative, due to the fact that you will not be strong enough to defend yourself. This challenge is very exhilarating, making every moment you spend in the game world interesting, since you do not know what will pop out at you. Creative mode is a bit kinder to new players, since you are automatically given every resource you can collect or make in the game. An extra edge is taken off by unlimited health and food points, so you do not have to worry about them as you would in survival mode. Thanks to this, the player is given much more creative freedom on what they can build. What exactly can you build in Minecraft? While there is a limit on what you can put together, players have created very intricate and grand structures. For

example, one player constructed a to-scale replica of the Starship Enterprise, while a group of players created a steam punk themed city. If you have the resources, the player's power of creation is near limitless. These constructive projects can also be done in survival mode, but you are limited to use resources you have collected. Although Minecraft is not the best looking game, it does serve the purpose of making the crafting of buildings much easier. Minecraft can take some getting used to, but it is a game that is only limited by the imagination. This lego-like game is incredibly addictive and fun and is more than worth the $30 price tag. To purchase, go to, download it, and experience it for yourself.

Titanic 3D

Mirror, Mirror

Project X

John Carter

Wrath of the Titans

American Reunion

The Hunger Games

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax


A boy and a girl from differing social backgrounds meet during the ill-fated maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic. 12:40, 3:50, 4:40,


An evil queen steals control of a kingdom and an exiled princess enlists the help of 1:10, 2:55, 3:45, seven resourceful rebels to win 5:30, 6:25, 8:05 back her birthright.



3 high school seniors throw a birthday party to make a name for themselves. As the night progresses, things spiral out of control as word of the party spreads.


Transplanted to Mars, a Civil War vet discovers a lush planet inhabited by 12-foot tall barbar-

12:25, 3:30

PG-13 ians.




Perseus braves the treacherous underworld to rescue his father, Zeus, captured by his son, Ares, 1:30, 4:05, 6:35 and brother Hades who unleash the ancient Titans upon the world. Jim, Michelle, Stifler, and their friends reunite in East Great Falls, Michigan for their high school reunion.

1:15, 2:15, 4, 4:55, 7:10, 7:45

Set in a future where the Capitol selects a boy and girl from the twelve districts to fight 1, to the death on live television, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her younger sister's place for the latest match. A 12-year-old boy searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the

2, 3:10, 4:10, 5:10, 6:20, 7:20, 8:30

12:35, 2:50, 5:05. 7:15

PG girl of his dreams. To find it he must discover the story of the Lorax, the creature who fights to protect his world. A fisheries expert is approached by a consultant to help realize a sheik's vision of bringing the

Salmon Fishing PG-13 sport of fly-fishing to the desert 1:05, 3:35, 6:15 in the Yemen and embarks on an upstream journey of faith and fish to prove the impossible possible.

21 Jump Street


A pair of underachieving cops are sent back to a local high school to blend in and bring down a synthetic drug ring.

1:55, 4:30, 7


The world in Minecraft is yours to shape - build yourself a small home or join with friends and create anything you want.

“I Am Charlotte,” into the life of a college student Katie Pryor Staff Writer

From acclaimed writer Tom Wolfe, author of “Bonfire of the Vanities,” comes the novel “I Am Charlotte Simmons.” Although this novel is a few years old, as a college freshman, I found it accurate in its depiction of college life, adjusting to a newfound freedom, and knowing who you are in the world. The novel follows Charlotte Simmons, an intelligent but naïve and sheltered small-town girl who is attending her freshman year at Dupont University (a fictional university that Wolfe describes as "Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Duke, and a few other places all rolled into one”) on full scholarship. Charlotte, because of her naiveté, winds up hating Dupont because of the partying and superficial ways of the students. At the same time she ends up loving it as well because, academically, she feels recognized and gets constant praise from her professors. However, she soon becomes entangled with the wrong boy, and towards the end of her first semester, all of her dreams, potential, and hope for her future seem to spiral out of control. The novel also has several subplots, all involving boys that Charlotte meets and forms some sort of relationship with during her first semester at Dupont. There’s Jojo Johannssen, a star athlete who is struggling academically and goes to the aid of

a tutor named Adam, who forces him to write a paper for him. However, Jojo gets accused of plagiarism for this paper, and his friendship with Charlotte seems to make him want to reform his slacker ways and motivates him to want to do better in school. Charlotte, whether she realizes it or not, seems to form a deeper bond with Adam. Like Charlotte, Adam is also a brilliant student who comes from a rural, working-class background and dislikes Dupont’s reputation as a party school. He gets Charlotte involved with the “Millennial Mutants,” a group of academics who are against the emphasis of partying, anti-intellectualism and athletics from the Dupont student body. However, it is her relationship with frat boy Hoyt Thrope that seems to drive her over the edge. It is revealed in the novel’s prologue that during the commencement ceremony the year before, Hoyt caught an unnamed Republican governor (who was speaking at the ceremony) in a scandal, which only increased his popularity at Dupont. Hoyt sees that Charlotte is another naïve freshman who longs to be cool and popular in a big university, and it is the consequences of this relationship that will not only hurt Charlotte’s squeaky-clean reputation, but her academic future as well. There are many qualities to this novel that I loved. I loved

the satire of college life Wolfe puts into this novel, such as the life of the Greeks, the pressure for athletes to do well both academically and on the court or field, and of course the antics of Charlotte’s promiscuous roommate Beverly, who often comes back late to their dorm room with a male lacrosse player and “sexiles” Charlotte for the night. I also really loved Wolfe’s observations of the sexual, social, racial, and cultural statuses of students. There is one part in the novel where Jojo feels pressure to improve his grades because of an up-and-coming AfricanAmerican freshman basketball player on the team, and his coach even threatens to bench him his senior year (and hurt his chances of making it into the NBA) unless he changes his ways. The way Wolfe sees it, college basketball coaches never take level of experience into account; any college basketball coach would rather have an AfricanAmerican player on the court, regardless of age, because they seem more fit for basketball than white players. However, it is the likeability of the main character and the believability of the novel that seems to be the novel’s main flaws. Despite Charlotte’s humble background, she comes across as a total snob and is often very critical and rude towards those around her, whether it may be intentional or not. Although it would have been too predictable

for Wolfe to make Charlotte a sweet and naïve freshman, in the end, she still has no reason to pass such critical judgment over people. In fact, I even felt as though she deserved some of the things that happen to her towards the end of the novel. Even though I come from a small town myself, I found it hard to sympathize with her at times. I also found the climax of the novel somewhat hard to believe (spoiler alert); how could a simple college student single-handedly take down one of the most popular and well-known students on a college campus? Not only that, but this grabs national news as well? The depictions of certain groups are also unfair. Not all sororities and fraternities are made up of snobs and partiers. Not all athletes are slackers (in fact they are some of the best students I know on this campus). Though some of these stereotypes may be true for certain, larger colleges, not all of them ring true here at Millersville. If you are looking for a juicy read about college life, this is the novel for you. I must say though, that I first read this book as a senior in high school, and it caused me to temporarily second guess whether I wanted to go to college or not after graduation. However, as I read it now while I am surviving my first year of college, I find it to be simply a clever satire of college life, and I do not take it as seriously as I did a year ago.


The story follows Charlotte Simmons as she goes to Dupont College. The conflict of academics vs partying is addressed.


April 12, 2012

Baylor University basketball programs face sanctions

Star women’s player Brittney Griner isn’t siding with Baylor either


Brittney Griner speaks out on when she was first recruited.


The Baylor women’s team has just recently won a National Championship. However, there happiness may have to be put on hold due to current sanctions that may rock the men’s and women’s basketball programs. A recent investigation uncovered more than 1,200 impermissible phone calls and text messages during a 29-month span. It is reported that men’s and women’s coaches Scott Drew and Kim Mulkey and their assistants accompanied them in impermissible phone calls and texts. The ESPN network obtained a copy of the summary disposition, which was written up and produced by the NCAA enforcement committee and Baylor. This isn’t a new occurrence at Baylor considering the basketball

program faced countless penalties prior to this alleged sanction. It all started back in 2008 when the women’s basketball program was in the process of recruiting their now top star Brittney Griner. The NCAA enforcement committee has sent a long summary of its findings against Baylor all the way back in October. The committee could announce infractions as early as this week whether or not additional penalties will be levied. With more investigation into this recent sanction the calls made to Baylor on Monday morning were not returned by anyone. The 66-page document was filled with secondary violations, as well as, listing a number of other school’s who have gone against proper recruiting protocols. The NCAA enforcement committee said that this report contains “major violations” due to the frequency at which the phone calls and text messages

occurred. Both the men’s and women’s programs are looking at a combined 738 impermissible text messages and made 528 impermissible calls over a span of nearly two-and-a-half years! To make matters even worse for Baylor University, the men’s assistant coach Mark Morefield is said to have committed an even worse offense by attempting to influence two AAU coaches to tell the NCAA false and misleading information to try to cover up the series of text message violations. With all this raucous occurring in the program the assistant to the men’s team, Marck Morefield, resigned in July 2011. Aside intertwined in the report is the conclusion that men’s coach, Scott Drew, didn’t monitor his assistants very closely to make sure all regulations were being followed. It was said in the report as a “failure to monitor” by the institution, which found 405 additional impermissible calls and texts from nine different sports, ranging from football all the way to the equestrian program at Baylor. These nine sports programs are reported in the report as breaking NCAA regulations from January-July 2011. All coaches who are being investigated have been slapped with penalties by Baylor University. Those penalties that were self-imposed by Baylor may be accepted as “okay” for the NCAA committee so they will not have to further punish coaches. The penalties to coaches made by Baylor goes as followed: 1. Mulkey -- whose 2011-12 squad went 40-0 and won the NCAA title -- will be prohibited from recruiting off-campus for the entire summer recruiting period (July 131). 2. McKinney hasn't been allowed to make recruiting calls to prospective student-athletes since Jan. 1. 3. The ban will be

lifted on May 1. 4. Baylor's women's basketball program lost two of its 15 scholarships in 2011-12. 5. Baylor's men's program lost one scholarship for both the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons. 6. Drew and Tang were prohibited from making recruiting calls from Jan. 1-Feb. 29 of this year. 7. The maximum number of official visits allowed to the men's basketball team in 2012-13 was reduced from 12 to seven. Also at issue was Baylor's use of Teleflip, a conversion software program that enables someone to send an email from their phone to the cell phone of a prospect, coach or parent. Baylor's coaches said a former Baylor compliance officer provided erroneous information that those messages didn't count as text. Although most of the impermissible contact was made in 2007 and 2008, the report also indicated similar calls and texts were sent by Morefield in July 2010. Morefield sent the texts to non-scholastic coaches (i.e. summer-league coaches) during a time period when contact was prohibited. In late findings, Morefield then claimed and said that he didn't realize the texts were impermissible. The report also indicated that, in 2007, four men associated with recruiting services were paid between $200 and $500 to cover Drew's elite camp, where they were charged with selecting the camp's all-star team and evaluating each of the prospects. The practice violated NCAA rules and regulations, and the failure of Baylor's compliance office to monitor the camp was noted in the report. Baylor punished itself by canceling its elite men's camp in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. By the canceling of the sports camps, Baylor would not be able to conduct illegal recruiting and fall under the radar due to self

imposed punishment. It is also noted that there was impermissible contact between Mulkey and Griner is among the secondary violations detailed in the report. During Baylor's 2007 women's basketball elite camp, members of the coaching staff spoke with the Griners about the basketball program, academic requirements and the school in general both before and after the camp -- a violation of NCAA rules. This went hand in hand with the men’s teams violation of elite camp procedure, as well. In addition, during the spring and summer of 2008, Mulkey had impermissible contact with Griner's father when the coach

and parent sat by one another at various AAU games and discussed what Brittney's experience would be like at Baylor. Brittney Griner played on the same AAU squad as Mulkey's daughter, Makenzie Robertson. Brittney Griner and Robertson are currently teammates at Baylor. For more information on the Baylor Bears facing possible NCAA sanctions, Brittney Griner’s report, and the future of what will come of the men’s and women’s basketball teams feel free to visit There you will find more of the 66-page document report that states all charges against the Baylor basketball programs.


The Baylor Bears are looking at multiple sanctions/penalties.

Miss ‘em? The Attention football fans! It’s coming. fighting Phillies are back again! AUBREY SCHWALM Sports Editor

Can anyone say millions and football in the same sentence? Yes, all the talk is true. There is a new College Football Hall of

KAYLEE DUGAN Sports Writer

The Phillies finally had their opening series this past weekend, but I do not think their offense knew it was not spring training anymore. The Philadelphia Phillies hit the road for their season opener against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Roy Halladay took the pitching mound for the Phils in the season opener on Thursday, April 5. Without Halladay’s amazing pitching the Phillies

Fame being built. The $82 million, 75,000 square-foot Hall of Fame will be built and ready for viewing in 2013. At the moment, due to rumors and the budget cut, the committee is in the process of redoing the drawings of the Hall of Fame. There will be

major changes to the drawing phase. Whether or not the 3D theater, tunnel entrance, or the thirdfloor interactive features will be slashed, we will have to wait and see. However, anticipation of where the new Hall of Fame will

would not have won this one. Halladay pitched a beautiful shutout that only allowed two hits in his eight innings. The pitching stayed strong in the ninth when new Phils closer, Jonathan Papelbon, came in for the save. The seventh inning came around with a score, finally. Ty Wigginton hit a single to get on base, which was followed by John Mayberry Jr. getting a double to put Wigginton on third. Then it was up to Chooch, aka Carlos Ruiz, to bring him home, which he did on a sacrifice fly


The new hall of fame is expected to bring in a large number of annual visitors to Atlanta.


The Phillies look to kick of their 2012 season with wins!

to right field. The disappointing part of this inning was that with Mayberry still on base they could have had another run if Freddy Galvis, Chase Utley’s fillin at second, would have done anything other than hit into a double play, but he did. With the score at 1-0, the Phillies won their first game of the season. In the second game of the series, the Phillies were not as lucky. Even though the first inning looked promising for some small ball offense, this inning was the only time the Phils could get on the board. Shane Victorino singled, followed by another single from Placido Polanco, which then allowed for Jimmy Rollins to sacrifice bunt and move Victorino to 3rd and Polanco to second. Hunter Pence then stepped in with a single to bring Victorino home. The Phillies once again left two men on base with one out in this inning. On Saturday, April 7 Cliff Lee pitched seven great innings. His only downfall was a wild pitch in the bottom of the 6th, which was the only run the Pirates scored on Lee. The bullpen was put to the test with Kendrick, Qualls, Stutes, and Bastardo all getting

a chance. They hung in there but the offense just was not stepping up, so they went into extra innings. Joe Blanton, a usual starting pitcher for the Phillies, came in to pitch the tenth inning for the Phillies and ended up allowing Alex Presley from the Pirates to bring in his teammate from third. The Phils had fallen short 2-1 for their first lost; the losing pitcher was Blanton.

The Phillies offense finall decided it was time for baseball season to start on their last game of the series against the Pirates on Easter Sunday. Vance Worley pitched six solid innings for the Phils, and with the help of Hunter Pence’s homer and double, they were up 2-1 in the 6th. Then in the 7th the Phillies scored two more but the Pirates answered with two, bringing the score to 4-3.

be located can put football fans at ease. The location of the hall can be seen in these new photos. The actual site will be across the street from the Embassy Suites Atlanta at Centennial Hotel, which is currently the Georgia World Congress Center Green Parking Lot. The location is key; not only is it in the heart of Centennial Park, but it is also a few blocks away from the amazing Coca-Cola Museum, Georgia Aquarium, CNN Center, Georgia Dome, and lastly the Phillips Arena. The current College Football Hall of Fame is located in South Bend, Indiana. The Hall of Fame only attracts 60,000 people annually. People hope that with this new location there will be a rise in annual attendance. Atlanta Hartsfield attracts much more people, bringing in 75.9 million visitors per year, and the city of Atlanta hosts over 16.5 million tourists each year. The move of the College Football Hall of Fame as well as its success and exposure is expected to be huge.

Letting the bullpen into the game was probably a mistake because they let the Pirates not only tie it up in the 8th, but then take the game in the 9th. Hopefully the offense and bullpen step it up in the home opener series against the newly named Miami Marlins. The Phillies hope to have another winning season. Let’s go Phillies!


The Phillies always have a powerful team lineup with lots of talent and skill on the field.

16 Sports THE SNAPPER April 12, 2012

Follow Marauder coaches Track fight continues strong through the social media TY WALDEN

Contributing Writer


Associate Sports Editor

Coaches of collegiate sports across the nation have turned to the popular social networking tactics of Twitter to keep their athletes and students up to date on the latest team news. Millersville Baseball head coach, Jon Shehan, falls into the category of tweeting coaches, with numerous updates of player’s performances, landmarks, and overall records. Several other coaches have taken advantage of this massive online modification in athletic

disclosure, including those of such sports as soccer, basketball, and swimming. The convenience of being regularly informed on one’s school sports teams has flowed

from one university to the next, including the University of Kentucky, whose basketball head coach, John Calipari, tweets routinely celebrating the team’s recent NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship win. The idea of using a social networking site as a device to keep students acquainted with their school’s athletic programs has been an innovation in the past decade and is continuing to grow. For more information on Millersville coaches be sure to visit the athletics website. Under “social networks” will be a list of numerous coaches’ twitter accounts. It takes no more than a few clicks to become one of many followers who are informed every day on their team’s progress.

“Coaches of all collegiate sports across the nation have turned to the popular social networking tactics of Twitter to keep their athletes and students up to date on the latest team news.”

Chris Norton

Associate Sports Editor


The men’s and women’s track teams display powerful emotion as their season closes.

Women’s golf team competes

Write for the Snapper! Visit:


The women’s golf team headed to the one day Gettysburg Invitational where they faced 37 other women competitors all striving for victory. Representing Millersville was sophomore Amber Rohrer, who tied for seventh place, and freshman Rachel Yurchak, who finished in 16th place. For Rohrer this seventh place win at the invitational put her at four consecutive top-10 finishes.


Women shoot well over par.

She shot an astounding 20-overpar, or 92 on the par 72, at the competition. The other two competitors, who finished in a seventh place tie with Rohrer, were Susquehanna’s Lindsey Kass and Gettysburg’s Lauren Sobotka. Millersville’s Rohrer trailed the leader, McDaniel’s Morgan Koopman, by only nine shots. The Marauders' other competitor, Yurchak, finished in a three-way tie for 16th place. She registered at 27-over-par. Yurchak’s relentless effort place her in the top 20 of all four of the spring competitions she has competed in. The Marauders will finish out their season on Monday, April 23 as they prepare for the Alvernia Invitational, where they hope to win big.

Times have been tough for the Millersville track team, but it is great to see the team as well as the student body do their best to fight back to keep the program. The track teams competed in the Metrics and Combined Events Challenge over the weekend at Biemesderfer Stadium, in which eleven different athletes qualify for PSAC. This event could possibly be their last home meet, and the cuts have made it difficult for the team in general. “This process has been the hardest thing to deal with,” says Andy Young, the assistant coach for the men's distance runners. “It feels like attending a funeral.” As reported on February 14, 2012, the men's indoor and outdoor track teams, as well as the men's cross country team, are being consolidated in order to strengthen the existing teams' competitive opportunities as well as have a secure financial future for the whole athletic department. The potential of not having a track team in the future has been hard for the student athletes involved. “It hurts a lot because I can't transfer because of my major, so it's like an abrupt end to my track career,” says Melvin Fields, a sophomore who competes in the sprints/jumps events for Millersville track and field. By cutting the track program, Millersville will be saving about $200,000. But the Millersville athletes and student body are doing their part to fight for the track program. There has been a rally involving the press that was held in late March in front of the stadium. There have been students around campus wearing t-shirts with the simple word "fight" on the front as a sign that they are on their side. Even the statue in front of the Student Memorial Center has worn one. “I have been involved with raising awareness all around campus about the cuts and get-


Their strong performance fueled eleven to PSAC victories. ting people fired up about it because the only way we can make a change is by letting people realize what is going on,” Zach Kohler says, a senior who competes in the jumps for the track team. But how did they come up with the savings of $200,000? “The reasoning is a bit flawed,” says Scott Weiser, head coach of the men's track and field program. “They are accounting for things that are fund raised for the most part, so it's not saving them as much.” There is knowledge of a donor that has offered a short term and long term solution for Millersville, but wants to see the university take some actions as well. “The donor would like to see the university come up with a long term solution not just for the track team, but for the athletic department as a whole,” Weiser said. “It's a fine opportunity for the university to implement a model that works at other schools [and] that uses ex-

ternal sources of funding for their athletic department. It would take financial burden off the university for athletics.” The current season for track and field appears to be their last one. Both Andy Young and Scott Weiser have enjoyed watching the male student athletes involved in the track and field program “grow up into full-fledged adults, and seeing their process of growth.” “Being a part of the track program is like family to me and we fight for each other,” Fields says. Check the schedule for the Millersville track team on the athletics page to see the remaining meets they will compete in. Come out and support them in the remaining meets they have left. Check out to find out how you can do your part to help the Millersville men's indoor/outdoor track and cross country teams.

Want to practice in Marauder style?

Lacrosse battles Golden Bears AUBREY SCHWALM Sports Editor The Marauders would be up for a challenge, considering they struggled in the win column for the past four to five games. Despite great effort the women have been unable to get out of their losing slump. However, Thursday’s meeting against Kutztown would prove to be a change of tides as the Marauders would clench a victory over the Golden Bears. Millersville would end the game with a score of 11-9, stopping their losing streak and celebrating with a long awaited and deserved win. The lacrosse team puts in countless hours of practice and game preparation to succeed on the field. On Thursday at Kutztown, the Marauders would take their frustration and team dynamic to the next level. Coming into the game, the Marauders were at an overall record of 5 wins and 6 losses. In the PSAC East Conference standings they were at a mere 2 wins and 4 losses. However, they did not let a small losing streak stop them from triumph. They ended up taking their largest margin lead by four goals with the held of Brooke Fisher. With a little less than 8:30 on the clock, Fisher netted a goal which would give the Marauders a 10-6 upper hand over the Golden Bears. But Kutztown was not going to go away that easy. The Bears entered the contest with a 3

wins and 8 losses record. In the PSAC East conference they had 0 wins and 6 tallied losses. Kutztown came with force as they made a late run and scored three straight goals against our ladies. Their three straight goals would cut our ladies' lead from three to only one, which by definition left the score close at 10-9 with the Marauders hanging on to the lead. However, the Marauders would not let the Bears get too out of hand in the scoring department, as the team did some cleanup on the field by shutting down Kutztown. With the assistance of Millersville’s leading scorer Ashley Henderson, the Marauders had no problem finding some relief when Henderson

connected with her second goal of the game and put the Marauders up 6-4. Another Marauder who made a great effort on the field was Caitlin Shannon. Shannon helped by adding three goals in which two goals were recorded in the first half. Millersville’s Fisher also had an outstanding game as she finished with a game-high of four points and rallied with two assists. Fisher would end up scoring the game winning goal for our lady Marauders. The Marauders will continue to prepare and practice for upcoming games. For a more personal look at the lacrosse team do not forget to follow LAX’s Lauren Mateja on her blog, titled "Free Position."


Lacrosse team ends their four game losing streak at KU.


The men’s team hopes to have a good turnout for camps.

KAYLEE DUGAN Sports Writer The 2011 NCAA Division II Regional Champions and College World Series Qualifiers, also known as the Millersville University Baseball Team, are hosting baseball camps for the summer of 2012. There will be two different camps going on this summer, an Advanced Development Hitting Camp and an Advanced Development Pitching and Catching Camp. Both camps are for 7th-12th graders and run on Monday, June 25 and Tuesday, June 26, 2012. They are held at Marauder Park in Millersville and cost $75.00 per person for each camp. The hitting camp goes from noon-3:30 P.M., while the pitching/catching camp is right before that from 9-11:30 A.M. Pitchers will get to experience instruction on mechanics, form, grips, release points, PFP’s, pick offs, location drills, form drills, arm care, arm pre-

vention techniques, and bullpen mound work. Catchers will receive instruction on receiving, blocking, throwing, bunt plays, tag plays, pop-ups, past balls, catching live bullpens, strength and agility, and the mental game. At the hitting camp participants will get instruction on swing mechanics, T drills, soft toss drills, live BP, bunting drills, video work, base-running, and the mental approach to hitting. Registration for the camps is at 8:45 and 11:45 depending on which one you are attending. They ask you to fill out the waiver form found online and bring it with you to registration. If you have questions regarding Millersville Baseball Camp, check the Millersville website at You can also contact Coach Neiman at 717-871-2168 or e-mail him at


April 12, 2012

Men’s baseball took the field against the Mountaineers MATT HELLMANN Contributing Writer

The Marauder baseball team hosted the Mountaineers of Mansfield in a doubleheader Friday, April 6 at Marauder Field. By adding another two wins to their record, this moves them to 7-8 in conference play. Game one, which began at 1 P.M., saw RHP Brooks Rothschild (5-2) face freshman Louis Sick. Rothschild pitched a complete game, posting a three-hitter to lead the Marauders to a 7-1 victory. He posted seven strikeouts while only allowing three walks. It was not just pitching for

Millersville; Rothschild can thank his offense for giving him a comfortable lead. The first inning began slowly for both teams, each earning no hits or runs. The Marauders' second inning is where things really started to heat up. The inning was led by OF Kurt Seiders who hit a stand-up double. Next to bat was Chris Edgars, who hit an RBI single, but due to an error, Edgars ended up on 2nd. 3B Tyler McDonald was next to bat. Going into this game with a seven game hitting streak, he extended that streak to 8 games after he blasted a two-run dinger off Mansfield’s Louis Sick. A se-

ries of singles by Millersville and poor fielding by Mansfield led to a pitching change for the Mounties. Mansfield senior Eric Conway finished the inning for them, but the Marauders where already up 4-0 at this point. The top of the third is the only inning that Mansfield’s bats showed any sort of life. The first hit Mansfield recorded was from catcher Conor Thompson, who singled off Rothschild. Rothschild then walked Dillion Woodworth, putting both runners in scoring position. Next up was Anthony Renz who hit a double into right field, scoring Thompson and moving Woodworth to 3rd. Matt Fisher


The pitching from the mound was only an addition to the Marauder’s success over Mansfield.

was next to bat; he made it to 1st on a fielding error, which subsequently scored Woodworth, making the score 4-2. Rothschild got out of the jam when Jon Moser hit into a double play to end the inning. The Millersville offense left two on base in the third and had a 1-2-3 inning in the fourth, but the fifth inning is where they really pulled away. Zach Stone took first base after being hit by a pitch. Dan Johnson was then walked. Seiders was next up to the plate. A passed ball moved Johnson and Stone to 2nd and 3rd. Next pitch, Seiders connected on a two-run triple, which put him just a home run away from hitting the cycle. That forced Mansfield’s coach Harry Hillson to take Conway off the mound in favor of Joel Worthington. Millersville scored one more run off a Chris Edgars RBI single before the inning was over. Millersville scored their final run in the bottom of the sixth. Mike August was first to bat and hit a double. Seiders reached on base because of an infield error which scored August, bringing the score to 8-2. Rothschild tried to close the game out in the top of seventh so the offense would not have to go back on the field: thus conserving energy for game two. Rothschild did just that in arguably his most impressive inning. His last inning was almost identical to his first, facing only three batters and getting two


Marauders displayed an astounding hitting performance.

Monumental performances for both men’s and women’s track and field CHRIS NORTON

Associate Sports Editor


Associate Sports Editor

Ann Ko vac s Track and Field

The men and women’s track and field teams had a historic performance this past Saturday at the Millersville Metrics, having three different winners and eleven athletes with PSAC-qualifying results. The three runners who stole the spotlight were Elicia Anderson, Becky Novak, and Zach Kohler. Anderson finished first in her 3,000-meter race with a time of 9:48, while also qualifying for the PSAC Championships with her accelerated time. Novak, despite not recording a qualifying time, placed first in the 400-meter hurdles finishing with a time of 1:09. Kohler refused to go unnoticed by taking the overall win in the decathlon, scoring a total of 5,856 points to end the two-day event. In the decathlon, Kohler shined in almost all aspects of the track and field events, achieving first place in the 110meter hurdles with a 16.28-second finish, placing third in the discus event tossing 29.75 meters, and finishing second in the pole-vault event at 3.75 meters. On top of these versatile achievements, he also registered a third place finish in the javelin throw with a heave that sailed 37.89 meters, and finished seventh in the 1,500meter run with a time of 5:15. Two members of the women’s team that aimed to impress were Katherine Lennex and Whitney Savoy, who both qualified for the PSAC Champi-


Eleven different Marauders raced to the finish and qualified for the PSAC Championships. onships in jumping events. Lennex had a second place long jump of 5.28 meters while Savoy took third in the triple jump with a leap of 10.62 meters. Recording a 12.97-second finish in the 100-meter dash, Lennex tied her PSAC qualifying time, with the exact same time she finished with in the Shamrock Invitational. Three other distance runners qualified, two being from the men’s team and one from the women’s. Zach Mains was one of those athletes finishing in fourth with a time of 32:47 in the 10,000meter run. Connor Veres and Sarah Mulvey both had qualifying times in the 3,000-meter hunt, with Mulvey finishing third by a time of 11:49, a nearly two-second improve-

ment from her season-best. Veres’ time of 10:17 placed him seventh in the event. In the Metrics, sprints and short distance runners had five PSAC-qualifying times, three of them being Marauders. Andrew Langston finished 11th in the 200-meter dash with a time of 22.79 seconds, Erin Mason qualified in both the 100 and 200-meter dashes, as did Abby Schneider, who placed sixth in the 100-meter dash by a time of 12.78 seconds, and 13th in the 200-meter with a time of 26.31 seconds. Mason placed 12th in the 100-meter with a time of 13.04 seconds, and 10th in the 200-meter finishing at 26.09 seconds. Finally, in the throwing events, Millersville was represented by two qualifying

throws from Kelli Farris and Justin Berg, who had already qualified prior to this event. Farris placed third with a toss traveling 43.64 meters, setting a new season best. Berg was able to launch a 45.51meter throw, placing him seventh and keeping him just a meter shy of his season best. Both the men and women’s track and field teams proved that competing on their home turf was no challenge. The next event consists of the Mt. SAC Relays in Walnut, California from April 12-14, and the Mondschein Multis at Kutztown University on April 12-13. With the numerous qualifying times and several records broken, Millersville is off on the right foot.

Softball manages a win at Shippensburg What is your major? “I am a Math major with concentration in statistics and actuarial science..” When did you start playing Softball? “I started track and field in 6th grade.” What do you like to do in your spare time? “I like to watch movies, listen to music, and hang out with my friends with my free time.” What are your future plans? “My future plans are to become an actuary or statistician..” Do you follow professional Softball or Baseball? “The only professional track I follow is Joe Kovacs who is competing in the upcoming Olympic Trials. He attended my high school and I like to joke with people that he is my brother since he is so good and we

PHOTO COURTESY OF MU ATHLETICS have the same last name, but we really have no relation!” If yes, who is your biggest influence? “Joe because he went from a no-one thrower from my little town and he ended up winning the Big-10 Championship for shot put and is now in the national spotlight with the Olympic Trials..”


After a two-game sweep at Bowie State, Millersville’s softball team came out strong for a

doubleheader at Shippensburg University. The Marauders won the first game against the Red Raiders, 3-2, but unfortunately dropped the second game 3-1. In game one, the Marauders scored their first run in the

What was the highlight of your season? “The highlight of my season was breaking the school record with my first ever hammer throw. It was unbelievable!.” What is your biggest accomplishment in Softball? “My biggest accomplishment is just doing track and field in college. I never expected to be on the team, let alone be as successful as I have been. It is an experience and an accomplishment just to be a member of the track team here at MU.”


On the road the women proved triumphant in game one.

third inning. Allison Chew scored her first of two when Ally Homa reached on a fielding error. After Chew’s score, Millersville was held hitless until the seventh inning, almost resulting in a 2-1 decision for Shippensburg. Sophomore Taylor OdellSmith hit her first home run of the season straight away center to tie the game at two. Ashley Cantiello hit a single that got Chew across the plate and put the Marauders ahead for a 3-2 lead. Alicia Hughes pitched a perfect bottom of the seventh to secure a game one victory for Millersville. Hughes had a great game, allowing only two runs on five hits, no walks and four strikeouts. In the second game, Millersville went down 1-0 in the bottom of the first. Millersville’s lone score came from a sacrifice fly in the fourth

inning by Stephanie Kulp that sent Gabbie Berry to home plate. The Marauders continued to fight, now with a tie game. Pitcher, Sarah Bertoni, singled to jam the bases full of Marauders. Unfortunately, the next two Marauders at bat popped and flied out allowing the Red Raiders to escape the inning still tied, 1-1. Shippensburg only allowed one base runner for Millersville in the final three innings. The Red Raiders scored two runs in the bottom of the sixth inning to secure a 3-1 victory. The split drops Bertoni, who pitched a complete game for Millersville, down to a 6-11 record. The Marauders are now 3-5 in the PSAC East and 14-22 over all. Continue to follow the Marauders softball team as they proceed toward a winning season.

The Snapper


Track crosses finish line! Page 17

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Marauders fall short in series split against California KELLY CAPIZZI Sports Writer


Millersville could not find a spark in their back to back losses against California on Saturday.

Millersville’s softball team had a home field double-header against California (PA) on Saturday. Cal-U came into the double 24-6 after winning its past three of four games. Millersville came out strong in hopes of defeating the Vulcans, but fell short in both games with scores of 21 and 3-1 respectively. In game one, the Marauders could only get four hits off of Vulcan pitcher Hope Spancake. The hits came from Ally Homa, Gabbie Berry, Ashley Cantiello and Danielle DiFilippo. Cal-U got a 2-0 lead with scores in the first and fourth innings. Alicia Hughes pitched a strong game, allowing just two runs on six hits and striking out four batters. Hughes’ teammates rallied behind her in an attempt to steal back the game in the sixth inning. Berry’s hit knocked Wendy Wolff in for Millersville’s sole score of the first game.

Cantiello hit a single to load the bases with only one out. The next two batters had pop ups that allowed the Vulcans to emerge from the sixth inning unscathed with a 2-1 lead. Spancake contributed largely to the Cal-U victory with twelve strikeouts. Millersville came out solid, looking to split the doubleheader. An early, strong offensive attack by the Marauders caused the Vulcans to go through three pitchers in just two innings. Chew started the game with a single off of Cal-U’s game two starting pitcher, Kaitlyn Schillings. Homa bunted and advanced Chew to second base. Next, Cantiello hit a single that sent Chew home to put the first score of the second game on the board. Schillings walked DiFilippo and ended her day at Millersville. Madison Casher came in to help Cal-U out in the first inning. The Vulcans tied up the game at the top of the second. In the bottom of the second, the Marauders' pitcher, Bertoni,

doubled and Wolff singled, putting Millersville in position to score. The position put a fear into the Vulcans' head coach, Rick Bertagnolli, who then pulled Casher to put in Spancake for her second game. Spancake shut down the Marauders and set up Cal-U for two more runs in the third, bringing the score to 3-1. Freshman Bertoni kept Millersville in the game, allowing just three runs and seven strikeouts for a complete game. The doubleheader losses brought the Marauders to 14-24 overall. The Marauders still have a chance of making the playoffs with eight of their next ten home games against PSAC East competitors. First up against Millersville is West Chester on Tuesday at 2:30 P.M. The Marauders softball team looks to recover from the tough back-to-back losses and get their season back on track with as many wins as they can achieve.

Women’s tennis shuts down WCU Rams Brian Black pitches complete shutout AUBREY SCHWALM Sports Editor

The women’s tennis team keeps on rolling. Over the weekend the Marauders hosted West Chester University. The Rams proved to be no match for our Marauders as the women cleaned up in the doubles matches. Millersville improved

vanced to 3 wins and 2 losses. West Chester came into the matches with the upper hand having won 8 matches while losing 9. The Rams' PSAC East division standings are now knocked down to 2 wins and 3 losses thanks to the Ville’s excellent execution on the court during Saturday’s matches. Our doubles team, which in-

court. Not only did they improve their record to 10-5, but they also managed to stun opponents Ali Fetter and Brittany Counts. With this win, both Plowman and Prager were awarded the No. 1 team for Saturday’s competition. In addition to a great performance, No. 2 team Kara Fisher and Kelsey Waite also registered a “W” in the doubles


The women’s tennis team swung themselves to victory in their matches against the Rams. their overall record to 5 wins and 10 losses. In the PSAC East standing conference they ad-

cludes Melissa Plowman and Samantha Prager, continued to impress and defeat on the

category. They paired up and stuck it to their opponents as they finished with an 8-4 vic-

tory. Not far behind were Elizabeth Wagner and Alexandra Heller. Both women swung themselves into the winners category as they were able to claim the No. 3 spot with their 8-2 win. As for our singles competitors, Plowman and Prager, Millersville came out on top. Plowman, who was in the No.1 spot, and Prager, who was ranked No. 2, both served up losses to West Chester on the court. First, Plowman showed off her incredible skill as she notched a win and advanced her overall record to 9-6 thus far. Prager also recorded a straight-set win. Also for Millersville was Fisher, who completed her second win during Spring competition. Fisher had a 6-2 and 6-0 win to earn her the No. 3 spot. Anna Ageyeva also placed as she was ranked No. 6. She pulled off a win as she triumphed over the Golden Ram’s Rebecca Thiel. She would end her Saturday with a 8-6 victory. Saturday was a day of victory for our Lady Marauders. A big congratulations goes out to both the coaches and players for an outstanding performance. For more Marauder tennis action please check out Millersville’s athletics website.

Men’s tennis team loses in West Chester’s come from behind win KAYLEE DUGAN Sports Writer

The Millersville men’s tennis team fell a little short against the Golden Rams from West Chester on Saturday, April 7 at the McComsey Tennis Court. The Marauders started with three wins at the top of the singles lineup, but it was not enough to beat the Rams, who ended with a score of 5-4. Millersville received wins at number 1, number 2, and number 3 singles and number 1 doubles. West Chester dominated the bottom portion of the lineup, however, and got what they needed to become 8-8 overall and 2-2 in league play. This win allows West Chester to take the playoff position as the number 4 seed. The Marauders have two PSAC matches left for this season, and they are both at home. They will host Edinboro on Friday, April 13 and Mercyhurst on Saturday, April 14.


Black’s performance was not enough to compensate for batting.

ESTELLE REIDLER Sports Writer On Saturday, April 7 the Marauders took on the Mansfield Mountaineers in a doubleheader game at Shaute Field. The Marauders took the win for the first game 4-0, but were denied a sweep with a 6-0 loss in the second game of the day. During the first game junior pitcher Brian Black had an excellent performance as he kept Mansfield at just two hits and two walks for his first complete-game shutout of the season. While the pitching was keeping the Mounties at bay, the Marauder batters were having trouble backing Black up, until the fourth inning that is. In the fourth, sophomore Zach Stone sacrificed a hit to get runner,

junior Evan King, to home plate. Millersville milked their onerun lead until the seventh inning, when the first four batters for the team registered either a walk or hit. Then freshman batters, Kurt Seiders and Tyler McDonald, and senior Chris Edgar, all drove in runs. The first game ended 4-0 in favor of Millersville. In the second game it was Mansfield who got the advantage and defeated the Marauders 6-0. In a complete situation reversal the Mansfield pitcher blanked the Marauders, only allowing them three hits and two walks over the course of the game. Mansfield scored a run in both the third and fourth innings. The game was then put out of the Marauders' reach, with the Mountaineers scoring four more runs in the sixth.

“While the pitching was keeping the Mounties at bay, the Marauder batters were having trouble.” -Estelle Reidler


Millersville men’s tennis suffered a devastating loss to West Chester on Saturday, April 7th.

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