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Millersville receives signature “swan swirl” ice cream flavor LAURA MAGINLEY Assoc. News Editor Have a sweet tooth? Millersville definitely does, as it celebrated its 250th anniversary grand finale on Sunday afternoon at the Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia. This occasion marked the end of a yearlong series of events celebrating the town’s founding in 1761. The town’s quarter century birthday party included balloons, an extensive guest list of 100 people, and a signature flavor of ice cream created by the Turkey Hill Experience called “Swan Swirl.” This vanilla-based ice cream has a mixture of fudge and marshmallows. Millersville has seen a diverse amount of baked goods over the course of the year, including a visit from the Cake Boss. Renee Schlotzhauer, owner of Bella Manse, baked and decorated an elaborate three-tiered cake, along with a fleet of orange-topped cupcakes, for Sunday's finale.

Entertainment was provided by the Penn Manor High School brass quintet. Co-Chairs of the Millersville 250 committee, Steven DiGuiseppe and Mary Ann Gerber, showed their appreciation to about 50 donors, sponsors and supporters that helped make this an unforgettable anniversary. Throughout the year, over 3,500 people attended the celebratory events including: a kick off celebration in February, Lancaster Barnstormers baseball game, and the infamous parade during the snowstorm in October. There has always been a unique connection between the Millersville Borough and Turkey Hill. The Millers purchased their land at the same time the Frey family, the founders of Turkey Hill, bought theirs. This would make them Millersville’s first neighbors. In addition to Turkey Hill participating in this celebration, a limited edition book about Millersville’s history is now available for purchase at John Herr’s Village Market and Wiley’s Pharmacy.

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PHOTOS COURTESY OF LANCASTER ONLINE LEFT: A colorful cake was made to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Millersville. ABOVE: The Turkey Hill Experience named an ice cream flavor, “Swan Swirl” after the town of Millersville. This vanilla based ice cream has a mixture of fudge and marshmallows.

Multi-million dollar “shark” personality shares entrepreneur advice MARTEENA OLIPHANT News Writer

DAVID LU/ SNAPPER A three car crash occurred around 5:45 P.M. on Tuesday, November 22 at Model Avenue and George Street. The last car in a line of three could not stop and rearended the car in front of it, and continued a chain reaction of this sort. No injuries were sustained, and all three vehicles were towed. George Street was closed for about 30 minutes until the cars were removed from the road.

Will it be a white Christmas? LAURA MAGINLEY Assoc. News Editor It was quite a surprise when snow took over Halloween weekend, in addition to the Millersville Community’s 250th Anniversary Parade. Should this weather be a cause for alarm in the upcoming winter months? Eric Horst, Director of Millersville University’s Weather Information Center, says that the October snowfall was very

rare. “This was only the third measurable snow on record in October, dating back to as early as 1926. The last time we saw snow in October was in 1972," Horst says. Horst does not believe that the October snowfall held any predictive elements; it was just a rare occurrence. Horst also says, “I do not expect there to be a lot of snow this winter, it is looking to be rather ordinary.” In fact, rain may be more common this win-

Millersville Weather Forecast

ter. This will be good news as far as travel safety, since there are less problems traveling in rain as opposed to snow. The exception, of course, would be if this rain turns into freezing rain and leaves an icy glaze on the roadways. Will there be a white Christmas this year? Horst says that in the Millersville and Lancaster area, the chance of a white Christmas is about 20%. “In other words, we have just two white Christmases per decade.

Forecasted by student meteorologists: Colna, Eppig, Fehr, Morrow, Poremba

from the Millersville University Campus Weather Service

This has not changed over the years, it’s just the way it is,” explains Horst. Not to mention we had a snowy Christmas just two years ago. In regards to winter travel, the best advice is to leave for your destination early and to allow for enough time to drive slowly. Many accidents result when drivers do not adjust their driving for slushy or snow covered roads.


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Mainly clear skies and cold.

Mainly sunny with a few Sunny with passing passing clouds. clouds.

Partly sunny and warm.


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“It takes the same energy to think small as it does to think big…and you must think big,” says Daymond John, who was the keynote speaker for Millersville’s Global Entrepreneurship Week Presentation. Branding expert, author, philanthropist, and creator of the very popular FUBU (For Us by Us) and Coogi clothing lines, Daymond John is a multi-million dollar “Shark,” and has made a very prolific name for himself by changing the face of fashion and inspiring over a decade of music lovers' fashion choices in the late 90s to the early millennium. Introduced by Dr. Jennifer Jester, a professor of music here at Millersville University, Daymond John worked the floor in Lehr Dining Hall as he presented the ways in which an entrepreneur should think and react to his surroundings, as well as how to change the things that he does not necessarily agree with and make them work for him. John believed that “people are born entrepreneurs.” Business minded people come and go, but not everybody has the staying power that Daymond John has exhibited. Daymond John was raised in the Hollis Queens section of New York City in the early 1970s by both of his parents, but had been working since the age of seven, he boasts—he would sell pencils to his friends, rake leaves in the fall, and shovel snow in the winter. When he became old enough, he decided that he wanted to become a part of a

culture that no corner of the world had seen before—the hiphop culture. Daymond John spoke highly of hip-hop. It is not just an entity in itself, “hip-hop is something that you do, it’s something that you live,” stated John. He made a way for himself by identifying the existence of hip-hop within, and from that train of thought, FUBU lived. He was inspired by the first generation of hip-hop in which he came of age, the forefathers being people like Eric B. and Rakim, Run DMC, Slick Rick, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, and a plethora of other MCs—he was inspired by the culture. FUBU sold its first items ever in Seattle and Japan. John would work at Red Lobster’s during the day and, as he would say, “work on his dream at night.” Having friends in the hiphop industry led to the success of FUBU. Iconic rapper and actor, LL Cool J, was one of the first people to invest in the FUBU brand (he would wear the brand in his music videos) because “he believed in the energy that Daymond John and his business partners had displayed.” Between 1995 and 1996, FUBU took off and landed Daymond John on his own stratosphere within the hip-hop movement, which has become so intertwined with the fashion world. More currently, Daymond John is now a “Shark.” He plays on ABC’s “Shark Tank.” The show’s concept involves contestants who are competing to have their businesses invested in by Daymond John and his fellow shark mates. Not merely a television personality, John real-

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2 News THE SNAPPER December 1, 2011

Life lessons with Daymond John


November 15, 2011 at 9:16 P.M. Carl M. Gallagher was arrested at Burrowes Hall for simple assault, public drunkenness, domestic violence, unlawful restraint, and harassment. The victim was spoken with and pictures were also taken. November 16, 2011 at 7:16 P.M. Brian Christopher Robertson, Drew Cameron McCandless, Kyle James Chelius, and Frederick John Glaeser IV were arrested for trespassing on N. Prince Street. The subjects were suspected to have drugs and ran from police. No evidence was recovered. November 16, 2011 at 11:04 P.M. An odor of marijuana was reported in the B-wing stairwell of Gaige Hall. The area was checked; nothing was found and a report was filed. November 17, 2011 at 3:00 P.M. A forged-fraudulent handicap permit was reported in the Chryst Hall parking lot. The permit was seized and the New Jersey motor vehicle commission was contacted. November 17, 2011 at 8:46 P.M. A fire alarm was reported in Burrowes Hall due to burned food in the basement pantry. The evacuation was monitored and the panel was reset. November 18, 2011 at 6:26 P.M. Suspicious activity and the odor of marijuana were reported in the first floor stairwell of Lenhardt Hall. The area was checked, no subjects were found and a report was filed.

The Taming of the Shrew December 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 2011 at 8:00 P.M. December 4 and 11, 2011 at 2:00 P.M. Rafters Theatre- Dutcher Hall Shakespeare's uproarious and unsettling comedy about how things are not as they appear to be in Padua, Italy- neither are the people. Only one thing is for sure: love will bloom among the most unlikely of characters.

November 21, 2011 at 1:38 P.M. A hit and run vehicle accident was reported in Biemesderfer stadium parking lot. Photos were taken and a report was filed. November 21, 2011 at 6:52 P.M. Property was found- a wallet in Byerly Hall, and it was placed in evidence.

First Friday Holiday Celebration at the Ware Center December 2,3, and 4, 2011 at 6:00 P.M. The Ware Center at Millersville University Lancaster First Friday holiday celebration will include Robert C. Allen, guest artist for the month of December, and the Millersville University music department cast of Glorious Sounds of the Season. Classical craftsmanship and innovative design characterize the works of sculptor Robert C. Allen.


Daymond John notes the necessary steps that entrepreneurs must take in order to succeed. November 27, 2011 at 7:43 P.M. An arrest was made on James Street for a DUI, expired registration sticker, and small amount of marijuana possession. Consent to search the vehicle was given, and that is where the marijuana was found. The suspect was arrested and taken to LRMC for blood to be drawn. November 27, 2011 at 10:20 P.M. Suspicious activity and the odor of marijuana were reported in Gaige Hall room 280. Upon arrival the suspects were gone. A report was filed.

From Shark, Front Page ized after a while that he wanted to share his knowledge with people, so he decided to do motivational speaking. He delivered what he likes to call his “Shark Points” to the audience. He noted that any entrepreneur has to set goals in order to succeed, and one must be knowledgeable about the work that they want to do. More importantly, Daymond John emphasized the importance of loving what you do, and remembering that “you are the brand.” Nearly facing bankruptcy after the start of FUBU, Day-

mond John understood the importance of perseverance. “You will lose, but don’t lose the lesson,” John stated. John Lewis, a sophomore at Millersville who heads a branch of his own clothing line at Millersville called “Purple Planes,” was the right audience member for Daymond John’s presentation. When asked what he had gained, and how Daymond John’s presentation had inspired the continuation of his entrepreneurial efforts, he replied, "His presentation gave me insight on

how to tighten my loose ends on what I have to do in order to have a stronger structure for better results. Also, his presence was just the inspiration I needed to push further on my journey to success.” Daymond John is not just someone who is businessminded and forward thinking— he is his own brand. The one thing he left the potential Sharks in the audience with was the encouragement to be audacious, to be innovative, and to “brand yourself.”

Celebrate Kwanzaa December 6, 2011 at 7:30 P.M. Reighard Multipurpose Room, Student Memorial Center The celebration will include African Dance, a traditional Kwanzaa ceremony, and explanation of the history and symbols of Kwanzaa followed by an African feast. This event is free and open to the public.

November 28, 2011 at 8:04 A.M. A theft was reported from the Gordinier spice room. A report was filed.

Biology Colloquium Series: "Horticultural Research, A Public Garden Perspective" December 7, 2011 at 4:00 P.M. Caputo Hall Room 210 Dr. Brian Trader, Domestic and International Studies coordinator at Longwood Gardens Inc., in Kennett Square, PA, will present "Horticultural Research, A Public Garden Perspective."

November 28, 2011 at 3:26 P.M. Criminal mischief to a vehicle was reported in the N. Prince Street garage. A report was filed.


The Shark Tank is a show on ABC in which the ‘Sharks’ invest their own money into innovative ideas.

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Student Senate Recap BRITTANY KIERNAN Student Senate Recorder This week Millersville Student Senate inducted a new member on November 17. Congratulations to freshman Nicole Randall! Student Senate is working very hard on trying to recruit new students to join Senate. If you are interested in making a difference on campus or have great ideas on how to make



TO HELP YOU SUCCEED. Serving part-time in the Air Guard, you’ll have an entire team of like-minded individuals who want to help you get ahead. You can choose from nearly 200 career specialties, and develop the high-tech skills you need to compete in today’s world. You also train close to home, all while receiving a steady paycheck, benefits and tuition assistance. Talk to a recruiter today, and see how the Air Guard can help you succeed.

Millersville University better, then come out to a meeting!

Our meetings are every Thursday at 6:30 P.M. in the SMC

Room 118E (CSIL Office next to the information desk). We love seeing new faces, so come and join us every Thursday! Also, on November 30, Student Senate hosted an Open Forum about Technology and the Library. Thank you for all of those who came out and expressed their ideas! If you missed the forum, but have a question about the library or technology on campus, please email us at


News 3

December 1, 2011

The World in Brief Conrad Murray sentenced to four years behind bars Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced Tuesday November 28 to four years in jail-the maximum sentence allowed under the lawin the death of Michael Jackson. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter three weeks ago after a trial in which prosecutors successfully argued that Murray's reckless use of the surgical anesthetic propofol to help Jackson sleep, without proper monitoring equipment, led to the singer's death. Iranian protest leads to embassy incursion Iranian students stormed the British Embassy in Tehran on Tuesday, breaking down the door, throwing around papers and replacing the British flag with an Iranian one. Iran's state-run Press TV reported that police had the incident under control, but Britain's Foreign Office called the situation "fluid" and said "details are still emerging." Norway mass murder suspect is insane, police say Anders Behring Breivik, the man accused of killing 77 people in a bomb and gun rampage in Norway in July, is insane, police said. He was psychotic at the time of the attacks and during 13 interviews experts conducted with him, they said. He suffers "grandiose delusions" and "believes he is chosen to decide who is to live and who is to die," police announced, saying psychiatrists had found Breivik paranoid and schizophrenic. Complied by Danielle Kreider and Laura Maginley

World AIDS day recognized on December 1st PASSHE schools expand

education to Philadelphia

LAURA MAGINLEY Assoc. News Editor World AIDS Day is held on December 1 every year and creates an opportunity for people worldwide to fight against HIV and show their support for those living with HIV. The day will also commemorate the people who have died. This is the first ever global health day, and was first held in 1988. This day is an opportunity for everyone to hear the facts about HIV and to put their knowledge into action. This understanding can be used to take care of everybody’s own health and the health concerns of others. People can also show their support by wearing a red ribbon, the international sign of HIV awareness. Jonathan Perry, a recent graduate of Johnson C. Smith University, is the first black, openly gay, HIV positive student to speak out at a historic black college or university anywhere in the United States. Perry is a native of Goldsboro, North Carolina and contracted HIV in 2000 while visiting a friend on the West Coast. Perry has been involved in HIV-education programs on campus that helped him out of the



Jonathan Perry, a recent college graduate is scheduled to speak at Millersville about his life experiences being HIV positive. depression that almost took his tude, Diversity, Inspiration, and life. He first told his story pub- Lifestyle. licly in 2002. He has been Lancaster General Health’s quoted in various news articles, Comprehensive Care Medicine magazines, CNN, The New York will recognize World AIDS Day Times, and appeared as a guest on Thursday, Dec. 1 by offering on the Oprah Winfrey Show. free, confidential HIV rapid testAs one of America’s Emerg- ing during expanded hours from ing Activists, Perry recently de- 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. at its 554 N. livered the keynote address for Duke St. offices in Lancaster. Harvard University’s first Unite These hours are in addition Against AIDS Summit. He was to the free walk-in testing days also the first recipient of the currently held each week on Unite Against AIDS Inspiration Tuesdays from 1 to 5 P.M. and Award. on Thursdays from 1 to 6 P.M. Some of the topics that Perry The tests are administered orally discusses include: Unite Against and allow individuals to receive AIDS Summit, Adolescent Sexu- results within 20 minutes. ality, Women and AIDS and Atti-

Starting as early as next fall, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) schools will be expanding and offering new degree completion and graduate programs in downtown Philadelphia. PASSHE is looking for a place to house its education center. Currently, programs are offered in downtown Philadelphia by Cheyney and East Stroudsburg Universities of Pennsylvania. The new PASSHE education center will also include programs from Millersville and West Chester Universities. Two of PASSHE’s strategic goals are to transform how, when, and where learning occurs, and how the universities relate to their communities. This expansion is a part of the achievement of those goals. The reason for this expansion includes the estimated 80,000 residents of Philadelphia who have started and not completed their degrees. With tu-

ition rates and fees lower than most four-year degree programs, this expansion makes the affordable education more readily available. Degree completion programs that can be expected in the new downtown Philadelphia location are business, criminal justice, healthcare management, and social work. Additionally, graduate programs will be offered for those who have completed a bachelor’s degree and hope to further themselves in their careers. The state-owned PASSHE universities are Bloomsburg, California, Cheyney, Clarion, East Stroudsburg, Edinboro, Indiana, Kutztown, Lock Haven, Mansfield, Millersville, Shippensburg, Slippery Rock and West Chester Universities of Pennsylvania. PASSHE also operates branch campuses in Clearfield, Freeport, Oil City and Punxsutawney and several regional centers, including the Dixon University Center in Harrisburg. They offer over 120 areas of study.

Former MU student pursues dreams and receives award LAURA MAGINLEY Assoc. News Editor We are always told to follow our dreams, but how many people follow through? Former Millersville University student, John Rogers, attended the ‘Ville in the fall of 1977 with several football scholarship offers throughout his high school years. After suffering a severe knee injury, Rogers knew that his future as a football player was in serious jeopardy. “As I recall, Coach Gene Car-

penter of MU Football wished me well as I was helped into the locker room. I felt that was a great gesture and remembered how he treated me. I knew that my future as a football player was in very serious doubt," said Rogers. Coach Carpenter invited Rogers to summer camp, but he could not attend due to the rehabilitation process being in the early stages. Rogers studied Special Education at Millersville for three years, and left his senior year to pursue a new dream of his. “Even though I was to stu-

October 6, 2011

dent-teach my senior year, I left school to pursue the golf game which I fell in love with. In my mind, I have always thought that finishing school should have been the first goal and leave the opportunities of the golf business for a later time. When one is dealing with a young man of 21 and trying to convince him/her of waiting for a dream to happen, it gets pretty hard in changing their mind,” explained Rogers. After being introduced to Head PGA Golf Professional, Howard Kramer, Roger was

treated like a son and was offered to use the facility as he worked at the course. “I was intrigued about the golf business and began learning more of the ‘business’ aspect and the ‘people’ aspect of the golf industry,” said Rogers. Rogers was recently named for the PGA National Horton Smith Award, which is given for exceptional contributions for PGA education. “I have been adamant about learning and teaching our industry to [others and] have been the Director of Education for the

Philadelphia Section PGA since 1999,” said Rogers. In this role, he is responsible for organizing and conducting the education seminar throughout the three-state region to the PGA professionals to satisfy their requirements for continuing education. There are currently 41 sections throughout the country, each with their own Horton Smith awards. The PGA of America has 28,000 members and Rogers has won this award six out of the past eight years.

4 News THE SNAPPER December 1, 2011

Millersville housing request denied LAURA MAGINLEY

Assoc. News Editor A rezoning request by Student Lodging Inc. would have allowed the construction of a new housing development project for Millersville University students about one mile from campus, but was blocked unanimously by 50 members of the borough council on Tuesday. They refused to grant Student Lodging representative, Bob Slabinski, a public hearing to present the plan. Student Lodging Inc. purchased the 14.5-acre parcel, lo-

cated behind Grace United Methodist Church on West Frederick Street and near the corner of Duke Street after development plans by previous owners fell through. They were seeking to change the current zoning from R1 to R1-A, which allows for a building of up to 50 feet in height. Residents in the area were not thrilled about the idea of having a building tower over their homes, in addition to their own property values diminishing if this plan was approved. University students would also be in a residential area, which current homeowners did not

welcome. Slabinski was not prepared to make a full presentation until a hearing was granted, but he did speak about his intentions and a willingness to accept conditions and deed restrictions. He also stated that the area of the project is a combination of single-family homes, commercial properties and homes that have been converted to rental housing. Council president Scott Bailey said the council does not have a sufficient amount of information in regards to the impact of the project ‘to greenlight a zoning change,’ whether the

hearing is two weeks from now or two months from now. Mayor Richard Moriarty said he was disappointed that council would not give Slabinski a hearing "to make his presentation," saying he has shown himself to be "a good corporate citizen over the years." Bailey responded that a public hearing is not appropriate for dealing with traffic problems and other unknowns. Council member Phil Gerber told Slabinski the community is not going to accept any change in the zoning. "If that's the case, we'll move along," Slabinski said.

MESO returns as award-winning delegation


Students from MESO particpated in the Capital Area Regional Model Arab League at Georgetown University from November 1213. They returned to Millersville as an award winning delegation. gation consisted of Derek Smith, DR. CRAIG ILGENFRITZ Bjorn Bolte, Alyssa Anderson, Contributing Writer Christopher “Dart” Lederhouse, Richard Lyons, Curtis Martin, Students from the and Crystal Manafi, who served Millersville University Middle as Chair of the simulation’s PoEastern Studies Organization litical Affairs Council. The Model began begin at (MESO) participated in the Capital Area Regional Model Arab 8:00 A.M. on the morning of NoLeague at Georgetown University vember 12, when the student from November 12-13, 2011, delegations started the simulaand they returned to Millersville tion process in an Arab League as an award-winning delegation. plenary session. Over the next two days the The Model Arab League simulation is sponsored by the Na- students worked in their respectional Council on U.S.-Arab tive councils, of which there are Relations and Georgetown Uni- five for five different issue areas (e.g., the Environmental Affairs versity. This year, the Millersville Council and the Joint Defense delegation represented Jordan. Council). The overall objective About 15 other colleges/univer- for each delegation is to pass sities also participated in the resolutions in these councils Capital Area Regional Model. All that reflect the actual interests students had to, per the rules of of the states they represent. At the end of the final day of the simulation, remain in character as members of diplomatic the simulation, November 13, all delegations from the countries delegations came together in the Summit Meeting, where the resothey represent. The Millersville MESO dele- lutions from the councils were

voted up or down by the delegations. The Summit was also attended by Dr. John Duke Anthony, founder and CEO of the National Council on U.S.Arab Relations, and by Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al-Saud. At the end of the Summit, awards were presented to the best performing delegations and individuals. The Millersville Jordanian delegation received four of these awards. Indeed, all of the Millersville students performed at a very high level of excellence in terms of academics, parliamentary procedure, and character. Furthermore, Richard Lyons earned the Best Delegate award for his representation of Jordan on the Environmental Affairs Council; Derek Smith and Bjorn Bolte both earned Honorable Mention awards for their representation of Jordan on the JointDefense Council; and Crystal Manafi earned an Honorable Mention award for her performance as Chair of the Political Affairs Council. These Millersville Students were chosen for these achievements out of over 120 students who participated in the Capital Area Regional Model Arab League. From the preceding, it can be seen that successful participation the Model Arab League requires considerable research and knowledge of the country represented, the Middle East, and world politics. The simulation also requires sound knowledge of parliamentary procedure and rules. The Millersville delegation had been preparing for the simulation since the Spring Semester of 2011. It should also be mentioned that Millersville’s MESO

and its activities will be discussed in the upcoming, updated paperback edition of Dr. James Zogby’s bestselling book, Arab Voices. Dr. Craig A. Ilgenfritz from Millersville's government department is the advisor and instructor for the delegation. Dr. Ilgenfritz and Ms. Lianna Sousa have made the arrangements for this undertaking and the former will accompany the students. Participation in the model is open to students who are members of the Millersville University Middle Eastern Studies Organization (MESO). The students who are preparing for the model have already dedicated considerable time and effort to be successful in this endeavor. This activity greatly enhances the students’ knowledge and understanding of Middle Eastern politics, economics, society, and culture. It also allows them to develop negotiation, diplomatic, parliamentary, and leadership skills. Simulations, as is well known, are powerful teaching instruments, and MESO as well as the Government and Political Affairs and International Studies Departments seek to educate students in the above areas through means beyond classroom instruction. Moreover, MESO and these departments benefit from the fact that participation in the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations’ Model Arab League opens up the possibility of internships with the National Council as well as study abroad opportunities in several Arab states. Additionally, the students have the opportunity to interact and connect with their peers from a number of other colleges and universities.

Robotics team holds 24 awards throughout decade

Meet the Marauders: AJ Saraceno Lucentio in ‘The Taming of the Shrew’

AJ Saraceno (left) depicted in ‘School for Husbands’ Question: What is your current academic standing? (freshman, sophomore, etc.)? Answer: I am a sophomore, I came into college with 24 credits from high school so I am a second semester sophomore at this moment. Question: What is your major and minor (if applicable)? Answer: I am a Public Relations major with a dual minor is History and Philosophy. I am also in the Honors College. Question: What do you want/plan to do with your degree? Answer: I hope to go to graduate school after Millersville and then work in a Public Relations firm. Ultimately I would like to open my own PR firm someday. Question: What is your role in the play 'The Taming of the Shrew'? Answer: I am playing the role of Lucentio, who is a young student who come to Padua to study but his plans change when he falls in love with the beautiful Bianca at first sight. He spends the rest of show trying to win Bianca’s hand in marriage through disguises, plots, and with the invaluable aid of his servants Tranio and Biondello. Question: What is your favorite aspect of this character? Answer: The thing I really love about Lucentio is that I feel I can really relate to him. He’s a complex guy- being the only son of a rich merchant he has a lot of pressure to be successful. When he comes to Padua he really is free for the first time and throughout the show comes out of his shell and becomes his own man. He’s a smart guy but he can be goofy and a little too idealistic. He and I are also different and those differences make him a great challenge to create and play.

Question: How long have you been involved in theatre? Answer: I have been doing shows for the last 8 years. This is my second show with Millersville University Theater. I was last seen as Valere in the School for Husbands. Question: What made you want to try out for this show? Answer: I love doing shows with the University Theater. The directors, actors, student directors, and crew are second to none. I love to act and the atmosphere of theater at Millersville makes it fun and enjoyable for actors and the audience. Question: How do you keep up with school work AND memorizing lines? Answer: It is very difficult. The weeks leading up to the show can be the most stressful of the semester because just keeping up with school work is hard enough but add memorizing and I have no free time. But it is always fun for me to be in the show and we rehearse so much it is easier than it seems to pick up the lines. It is just about having good time management and sitting down and doing it. Question: Describe the play in three words. Answer: Thought provoking comedy. Question: Why should MU students go and see this play? Answer: The main reason MU students should go see the show is because it is hilarious. This cast is so talented and under the direction of our amazing director Laura Howell this show has come together to be something incredible. This is a show that is accessible and funny to all people no matter what their experience with Shakespeare has been. It’s a fun way to spend a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night, or a Sunday afternoon. Come out and enjoy some laughs with some amazing actors!

Lady Gaga revisits Lancaster


LEFT: The ATMAE team at a National Conference in Cleveland. ABOVE: The team designed an extremely sophisticated and large mobile robot (MACDADI). The project took approximately one year to complete, and won majority of the independent awards.

DR. JOHN WRIGHT Contributing Writer The 2011 Association of Technology, Management, and the Applied Engineering (ATMAE) Student Chapter/Robotics Team at Millersville University recently returned from the ATMAE National Conference held this past November 9-12 in Cleveland, Ohio. The team spent the last year developing MAC DADI (Millersville’s Automatic Colorsorter with Dedicated Active Dual-drive Integration), a custom robot designed to retrieve colored ping pong balls, sort

them, and deliver them to designated drop off locations. MAC DADI is the third semi-autonomous mobile robot developed by the team. In 2010, the team won the ATMAE Robotics Cup with SAM (Semi-autonomous Marauder). This year’s design was extremely sophisticated and the largest mobile robot the team has ever constructed. MAC DADI’s control was distributed over three independent microcontrollers running in parallel sequencing a tremendous amount of inputs and outputs. “The project took approximately one year (including the summer) and over 3000

man-hours to complete,” stated Dr. Wright, the team’s advisor. While MAC DADI did not win the overall competition, Millersville’s entry did win the majority of the independent awards, including Best Electrical/Control Methodology, Best Manufacturing, and Best Technical Paper. The team now boasts winning 24 awards across several engineering, technology, and computer science robotics competitions since 2001, when the robotics team was launched. In addition to the robotics awards, Dave Campbell placed third in the Haig Vahradian Technology Challenge (Quiz

Bowl Competition), and Brandon Lalli won the Virtual Welding Competition placing first and winning himself a brand new Lincoln Electric MIG welder. “I am extremely proud of our team and our accomplishments,” says Wright. Twelve team members attended the ATMAE Conference in Cleveland, Ohio; these included: Dave Campbell, Sean Carter, Pauline Gemberling, Jake Girton, Phil Grigonis, Jon Hanson, Robert Hopkin, Wayne Lady, Brandon Lalli, Ritchie Mauck, Nate Miklos, and Bradley Sensenig (Team Captain).


LAURA MAGINLEY Assoc. News Editor It was a shock back in September when pop superstar Lady Gaga came to Lancaster and dined at the Log Cabin Restaurant in Warwick Township and the Bulls Head Pub in Lititz, but the icon made a second visit during the weekend of November 19. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga, dined at the 915 Café on North Plum Street in Lancaster, according to restaurant owner

John Georgallis. “She came with three other people and they had lunch, watched some football on TV and talked to people," Georgallis said. “She was very personable, very nice.” Gaga is known for her outrageous outfits, ranging from wearing lunch meat to Kermit dolls, but this visit consisted of a casual black sweater and black pair of pants. Once she was recognized, she signed autographs and chatted with people. She is dating actor Taylor Kinney, a 2000 graduate of Lancaster Mennonite High School, who has family in Lancaster.

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Jackson’s doctor sentenced to four years 1 out of 4 have HIV By LINDA DEUTSCH AP Special Correspondent LOS ANGELES (AP) -- It was clear that Michael Jackson's doctor was going to get the maximum four-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter before the judge even finished speaking. In a nearly half-hour tongue lashing, Dr. Conrad Murray was denounced as a greedy, remorseless physician who committed a "horrific violation of trust" and killed the King of Pop during an experiment. "Dr. Murray created a set of circumstances and became involved in a cycle of horrible medicine," Judge Michael Pastor said in a stern voice. Pastor said Murray sold out his profession for a promised fee of $150,000 a month when he agreed to give Jackson a powerful anesthetic every night as an unorthodox cure for insomnia. Murray will likely serve less than two years in county jail, not state prison, because of California's overcrowded prisons and jails. Sheriff's officials said he will be housed in a one-man cell and be kept away from other inmates. The tall, imposing Murray, who has been in jail for three weeks, was allowed to change into street clothes - a charcoal gray suit and white shirt - for court. But he wore prison-issue white socks and soft slippers. Jackson's family said in a statement read in court that they were not seeking revenge but a stiff sentence for Murray that would serve as a warning to opportunistic doctors. Afterward, they said they were pleased with the judge's sentence. "We're going to be a family. We're going to move forward. We're going to tour, play the music and miss him," brother Jermaine Jackson said. After sentencing, Murray mouthed the words "I love you" to his mother and girlfriend in the courtroom. Murray's mother, Milta Rush, sat alone on a bench in the courthouse hallway. "My son is not what they charged him to be," she said quietly. "He was a gentle child from the time he was small." Of her son's future, she said, "God is in charge." Murray, 58, was convicted after a six-week trial that presented the most detailed account yet of Jackson's final hours, a story of the performer's anguish over being unable to sleep. Pastor was relentless in his bashing of Murray, saying the physician lied repeatedly and

abandoned Jackson when he was at his most vulnerable - under the anesthesia that Murray administered in an unorthodox effort to induce sleep. "It should be made very clear that experimental medicine is not going to be tolerated, and Mr. Jackson was an experiment," he said. Propofol is supposed to be used in hospital settings and has never been approved for sleep treatments, yet Murray acknowledged giving it to Jackson then leaving the room on the day the singer died. As for defense arguments that Jackson tempted his own fate when he demanded propofol, Pastor said, "Dr. Murray could have walked away and said no as countless others did. But Dr. Murray was intrigued with the prospect of this moneyfor-medicine madness." Pastor said Murray was motivated by a desire for "money, fame and prestige" and cared more about himself than Jackson. The doctor was deeply in debt when he agreed to serve as Jackson's personal physician for $150,000 a month during his comeback tour. The singer, however, died before Murray received any money. "There are those who feel Dr. Murray is a saint and those who feel he is the devil," Pastor said. "He is neither. He is a human being who caused the death of another human being." Defense attorney Ed Chernoff implored Pastor to look at Murray's life and give him credit for a career of good works. "I do wonder whether the court considers the book of a man's life, not just one chapter," Chernoff said. The judge responded: "I accept Mr. Chernoff's invitation to read the whole book of Dr. Murray's life. But I also read the book of Michael Jackson's life, including the sad final chapter of Dr. Murray's treatment of Michael Jackson." Chernoff suggested that Murray is being punished enough by the stigma of having caused Jackson's death. "Whether Dr. Murray is a barista or a greeter at Walmart, he is still the man that killed Michael Jackson," he said. A probation report released after sentencing said Murray was listed as suicidal and mentally disturbed in jail records before his sentencing. However, Murray's spokesman Mark Fierro said a defense attorney visited the cardiologist in jail last week and found him upbeat. The judge said one of the most disturbing aspects of

infection under control By MIKE STOBBE AP Medical Writer


Conrad Murray, personal physician of late pop star Michael Jackson, sentenced to four years of involuntary manslaughter. Murray's case was a slurred recording of Jackson recovered from the doctor's cellphone. His speech was barely intelligible and Murray would say later Jackson was under the influence of propofol. Pastor suggested Murray might have been planning to use it to blackmail Jackson if there was a falling out between them. "That tape recording was Dr. Murray's insurance policy," Pastor said. Defense attorneys never explained in court why he recorded Jackson six weeks before his death. In the recording, Jackson talked about the importance of making his shows on the comeback tour "phenomenal." Jackson's death in June 2009 stunned the world, as did the ensuing investigation that led to Murray being charged in February 2010. Murray declined to testify during his trial but did participate in a documentary in which he said he didn't consider himself guilty of any crime and blamed Jackson for entrapping him into administering the propofol doses. "Yikes," the judge said. "Talk

about blaming the victim!" Murray's attorneys presented 34 letters from relatives, friends and former patients to win a lighter sentence. They described Murray's compassion as a doctor, including accepting lower payments from his mostly poor patients. In their sentencing memorandum, prosecutors cited Murray's statements to advocate for the maximum term. They also want him to pay restitution to the singer's three children - Prince, Paris and Blanket. The exact amount Murray has to pay will be determined at a hearing in January. In the meantime, sheriff's officials said Murray will serve a little less than two years behind bars. A recent change in California law requires Murray to serve his sentence in county jail rather than state prison. District Attorney Steve Cooley said he was considering asking Pastor to modify the sentence to classify the crime as a serious felony warranting incarceration in state prison. "This is going to be a real test of our criminal justice system to see if it's meaningful at all," Cooley said.

Urban Meyer seeks restoration of OU as coach By RUSTY MILLER AP Sports Writer

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Before Urban Meyer could agree to a contract as Ohio State's new football coach, he had to sign something provided by his two college-age daughters and his young son. It was a piece of pink paper on which he promised that he won't overdo it, that he won't work too hard, that he'll take care of himself this time. "This is a contract that my kids made me sign before I was allowed to sign a real contract," he said. "It's tougher than any other contract I've signed in my life." With that out of the way, Meyer was free to sign a six-year deal that pays him around $4.4 million a year, not counting bonuses and incentives. A winner of two national championships during his glittering six-year tenure at Florida, he'll be expected to bring some luster back to a football program that has been tainted by 12 months of NCAA violations, suspensions and a 6-6 record. Meyer resigned as Gators coach after last season, citing health concerns and a desire to spend more time with his family. “A year ago in my mind I was convinced I was done coaching," the 47-year-old Meyer said. Now he's convinced he can balance a healthy life and a highpressure job. “I had a health scare a couple of years ago that made me sit back, reflect," Meyer said of heart and stress problems. "I didn't feel right. But I feel fantastic now."

He also yearned to be back on the sideline at the Horseshoe. "If not for the coaching position at Ohio State, I would not have coached this year," said Meyer, who grew up in Ashtabula, Ohio, about 200 miles from campus. Interim coach Luke Fickell, who took over when Jim Tressel was forced out for breaking NCAA rules, will coach the Buckeyes in their bowl game. Meyer will keep him on as an assistant but declined to say in what capacity. Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said his first conversation with Meyer about the coaching job was by phone on Nov. 20. The two met face-to-face three days later. Things moved quickly from there. "We're blessed to have him as our football coach," said Smith, who said it was luck that he was able to find a candidate with such a sterling resume. Meyer spent six years at Florida, winning national titles in 2006 and 2008. He spent his year away from coaching working as a college football analyst for ESPN and watching his two daughters play volleyball for their college teams. Meyer met with the team on Monday before the news conference and said he was impressed with the players' enthusiasm. Meyer takes over a program that could face additional NCAA sanctions and was crippled by Tressel's forced resignation. The Buckeyes completed their only season under Fickell with a 40-34 loss to Michigan on Saturday that snapped a sevengame winning streak against

their rivals. Tressel was forced out for knowing but not telling his superiors that Buckeyes players likely broke NCAA rules by taking cash and free or discounted tattoos from the subject of a federal drug-trafficking investigation. In 10 seasons as a head coach - two at Bowling Green, two at Utah and six at Florida - Meyer has a 104-23 record. His teams are 7-1 in bowl games, including the Gators' 41-14 victory over unbeaten and top-ranked Ohio State in the 2007 Bowl Championship Series title game. Meyer initially denied all the talk about succeeding Tressel, saying he wasn't interested in leaving ESPN. "He enjoyed what he was doing, but I think he also had the bug to start coaching again," ESPN broadcast partner and former Ohio State linebacker Chris Spielman said. "This was just an opportunity that he couldn't pass up." Ohio State's .500 record this season marked the most losses at Ohio State since John Cooper's 1999 team also went 6-6 overall and 3-5 in the Big Ten. The Buckeyes already lost their string of six Big Ten titles when the school was forced to vacate the 2010 season for the NCAA violations. The school also has selfimposed two years of NCAA probation and offered to return $339,000 in bowl revenue from 2010 and to forfeit five scholarships over the next three seasons. Ohio State is awaiting final word from the NCAA's committee on infractions.

The committee tagged Ohio State with a "failure to monitor" label - second only to a lack of institutional control on the list of most egregious charges against a university. The school could still be hit with a bowl ban, a loss of more scholarships, or other penalties. Ohio State President Gordon Gee was at Vanderbilt when Meyer was in the Southeastern Conference with Florida. "I always viewed him the way many other coaches referred to him as being a goody two-shoes," Gee said in a phone interview. "He was called that because he always tried to do things right, and he was upset if others didn't try to do it right. I have always admired him." But Meyer's teams have not always been so well-behaved. The Gators had 30 arrests involving 27 players during Meyer's six seasons. In his second season with the Gators, No. 2-ranked Florida beat unbeaten Ohio State, coached by Tressel, 41-14, to win his first national title. Two years later, Florida won another national title, beating Oklahoma 24-14 behind Tim Tebow. Meyer said he's not worried about the NCAA hammering Ohio State, possibly tacking on a bowl game ban a year from now. "At the end of the day I asked the same question: Is there anything behind Door No. 2? 3? 4?" he said. "I feel very confident and have great trust that there's not."

ATLANTA (AP) -- Only about 1 in 4 Americans with the AIDS virus have the infection under control with medications, federal health officials said Tuesday. Part of the reason is that about 20 percent of those infected with HIV don't know it. People can have an infection for years without developing symptoms. An infection was once a death sentence, but medications that have been available for 15 years can turn it into a manageable condition, allowing those infected to live longer and healthier lives. However, in its first study of the issue, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found only a small fraction of people are being successfully treated. "The big picture is we could do a lot better than we're doing today," said Dr. Thomas Frieden, the CDC's director. Of the nearly 1.2 million people with HIV, only about 40 percent are getting HIV-fighting medications regularly. Worse, only 28 percent have gotten the virus to low levels in their blood. That translates to roughly 850,000 Americans who don't have the virus controlled, Frieden said. Success rates were lowest in blacks and women than in others, the CDC also found. There are various reasons why more people aren't doing better, health officials said. Some were still early in their treatment, when the virus hadn't been beaten down to low levels yet. Some dropped routine care because of money or other obstacles. Some didn't stick

with it for other, more personal reasons. And, in a small percentage of cases, the medicine may not have worked. The HIV virus can cause AIDS, an illness that destroys the body's immune system and causes about 16,000 deaths annually. In the United States, the number of new infections each year has held steady in recent years, at about 50,000. The CDC analysis was based on several sets of data, including surveys and surveillance reports from 2010 and a study that looked specifically at the medical care of people with HIV. The good news is that once HIV-infected people get plugged into medical care, the drugs bring the virus under control nearly 80 percent of the time, health officials said. But there are still not enough people being diagnosed, and there's a worrisome gap between those who are diagnosed and those who get in - and stay in - treatment, some experts said. "It's not good enough to get them tested," said Dr. Diane Havlir, who runs the AIDS program at San Francisco General Hospital. San Francisco has been unusually aggressive about closing that gap. Patients are routinely tested for HIV at emergency rooms, and everyone who is diagnosed with HIV is offered treatment. Elsewhere, medical treatment can be delayed until their immune system dips to a certain level. On Tuesday, CDC also announced a $2.4 million campaign to encourage HIV testing. It's the government's first campaign aimed specifically at black gay and bisexual men, who account for nearly a quarter of all new HIV infections in the United States.

LL Cool J has double duty at Grammy’s By MIKE STOBBE AP Medical Writer

form during the concert special include such possible nominees as Lady Gaga, Jason Aldean, The Band Perry, Sugarland and Rihanna. Despite hosting and performing at each of the previous three Grammy nominations concerts, LL Cool J said he still feels pressure commanding the show, which is scheduled to air live Wednesday on CBS. "It's live TV," he said. "I never take it for granted. You gotta be ready for it."

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Don't call it a comeback. It's a tribute. "NCIS: Los Angeles" star and rapper LL Cool J is nervously excited to pause from his duties as host of the Grammy nominations concert special Wednesday to perform with a multigenerational group of rappers. "We're doing a special dedication to `The Message,' which is one of the seminal hip-hop records," a sweaty LL Cool J said during a break from rehearsals Tuesday afternoon. "It launched the genre. I'm getting to perform with Grandmaster Flash, Scorpio, Melle Mel and then we brought in Common and Lupe Fiasco. It's this really cool version of `The Message.'" The group practiced their rendition of the Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five 1982 classic in the Nokia Theatre lobby Tuesday before taking the stage to rehearse. Under flashing red and white lights, Grandmaster Flash manned the tables, while Furious Five members Melle Mel and PHOTO COURTESY IDOLATOR.COM Scorpio shared verses with Common, Lupe Fiasco and LL LLCool J, a rapper, actor, and Cool J. entrepreneur is also host of Other musicians set to perthe Grammy nominations.

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December 1, 2011

Editorial Board Samantha Dutton Opinion Editor

Our right to clean water infringed upon Rachel Ward

ral gas, what faith I had left has vanished. According to the Declaration of Independence, it is the right of the people to have their life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Where does it say in either the Declaration of Independence or even the Con-

Arts & Culture Editor

I admit I have not been as active in finding out about what is going on in the country. When I come home after a hard day, I would rather settle down and watch a good movie instead of turning on the news only to get depressed from hearing “things are getting worse.” However, there have been several instances that have caused me to turn my head and pay attention. One of which was the big debt ceiling that no one could seem to make up their mind about. Secondly, the ongoing occupation of Wall Street. Both of these instances have caused my faith in the government to waver. How can grown men and women chosen by us to have the responsibility to make our lives better fight each other like spoiled children, refusing anything that isn’t what they want. However, after watching the documentary “Gasland,” which discusses the effects of hydraulic fracturing to get at natu-


stitution that people who have tap water that is so saturated with chemicals that it can be lit on fire must put up with it for the sake of the wallets of natural gas companies? Josh Fox, the director of the documentary, did a fantastic job looking through this issue

Sam Dutton

Open Possition ___________

- The Snapper Staff

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Opinion Editor Everyone remembers that scene in the Christmas movie Jingle All the Way starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad, where the two fathers fight over an action figure toy for their sons for Christmas in a department store. Well Christmas is in the air! The malls have put away spooky Halloween costumes and replaced them with photos of Santa, Christmas trees, and twinkling lights of all different colors. Many department stores throughout the country looked like the scene from Jingle All the Way this past Black Friday, and I found myself questioning the spirit of Christmas. This is supposed to be the “season of giving,” gathering together with loved ones, being

The Snapper welcomes letters to the editor submitted by students, faculty and alumni. Letters must be typed or legibly written and should be limited to no more than 300 words and signed by the author. Longer submissions may be considered for a guest column. The Snapper reserves the right to cut, edit or reject all submissions.

merry and celebrating family, and if you are Christian, celebrating the birth of Jesus. The meaning of Christmas it seems is fading and being replaced by materialistic objects that society insists “we have to have.” In California, a woman pepper-sprayed fellow customers, striking down the competition as the store opened its doors to Black Friday customers. Videos went viral of “stampede like” entrances into stores with people trampling over one another in an attempt to apprehend a computer or television. Fights broke out in lines outside of stores amongst adults fighting over their spots in line. It sounds trivial, doesn’t it? This is not how Christmas is supposed to be, and it seems we have lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas. It seems that as a society we can only feel happy or fulfilled if we have that big television, a top of the line surround sound system, or the fastest computer, ignoring the concept of giving to others or even more being thankful for the things we have. Many Black Friday shoppers elected to skip Thanksgiving

and spending time with their families and rather chose to

Dacey Horoho

to your destination. If you live in an area that offers any public transportation, USE IT. Not only will you make the world a better place right now, but there are several benefactors. Your health may increase due to the extra walking you may do to and from the transportation. And although

a year, cutting out their car insurance, payment and gas. Each year, we make such monumental changes in transportation technologies, and I can only see them increasing significantly more. Save the world, save your health, save your credit. Use public transportation.

look at flaming water and say nothing is wrong with it? How could you look at a stream which is killing anything that comes near it and say nothing is wrong with it? I only wish I was exaggerating - watch the movie if you don’t believe me. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 signed by George Bush and proposed by Dick Chaney exempts hydraulic fracturing from the Clean Water act and the Clean Air act, meaning that these gas companies can come in, do what they want, and get away with it. That is not even the scariest part. What is scary is that it is only a matter of time before this form of drilling is brought east to PA. What would happen if stuff like this was brought to your neighborhood? What will become of our neighborhoods if these gas companies come in to drill with no restrictions to make sure they don’t harm the surrounding area? I strongly urge you to get all the facts and get in contact with your Congressman and make your voice heard. We have to make them see that we don’t want to repeat the same mistake and protect our home from becoming a wasteland. None of this gas is worth it. None of it. Rachel is a Senior majoring in english. She is the arts and culture editor for the snapper.

What kind of message is being sent to the younger populous when they see that mommy and daddy skipped Thanksgiving dinner to go shopping? We are teaching these children that material objects are more important than spending a holiday with their family. The same was depicted in the Charles Dickens novel a Christmas Carol, where Mr. Scrooge values money over anything else. Later, he learns a valuable lesson of valuing family and friends over money. It seems as if society could learn this lesson themselves, and as we approach the Christmas holiday value the time spent with family and the memories made rather than spending copious amounts of time and money purchasing gifts. After all, electronics and toys can be broken and replaced but these little moments spent with family members are truly one of a kind that, believe it or not, cannot be purchased.

Sam is a junior majoring in History education. She is the Opinion editor for the snapper.

Quotables “Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” -Calvin Coolidge


Contributing Writer When kids turn 16, all they think about is driving a car. Owning a car. Having that freedom to drive, to simply be where they want, when they want, with who they want. But what they may not be aware of is the fact that the various forms of public transportation options are meant to do just that, with a twist. They make our planet safer, healthier and greener. Almost 90% of all transportation in the USA is made by car, and most carry just a single person with each trip. Depending on the area that you live in, public transportation may seem wrong for several reasons. There is one thing that I know for sure: the positives outweigh the negatives. If you live in a major city, you’re probably familiar with buses, subways, and trains along with riding a bicycle or just walking

camp out in front of stores such as Target and Best Buy.


Utilize public transportation


Letters to the Editors

Pennsylvania which is supposed to contain almost limitless amounts of natural gas. However, after consulting a number of people who lived in areas with these drilling areas, he began to hear a very different story. Every person that Fox talked

to suffered from similar problems. Well water was no longer safe to drink due to the high amount of run off chemicals that were used in the water to crack open the rock (arsenic is one of the chemicals in the water) and natural gas was polluting the surrounding area, causing almost lethal health conditions and devastating the surrounding environment. Fox was able to get a lot of one-onone time with a large number of people - people who were always ill since they had moved to the area. People who could see at least four to five drilling sites from their front porch, with dogs and cats that were losing hair and becoming increasingly ill. With such terrible things happening, you would complain, right? That’s what these people have been doing since 2005 when it started. Yet at each and every turn, they are denied any permanent solution except for providing large containers of water which the people must refill themselves, denying that it is the result of the drilling. Even though research clearly matches that the chemicals used in the drilling process is what is being found in the water, the citizens are being told that there is no “proof” to these claims. I could not stomach it a moment longer. How could you

Society forgets the meaning of Christmas

Assoc. Opinion Editor

The views and opinions expressed in the commentaries and the advertisements are solely those of the individuals.

and brought tons of important information on this problem to light. After receiving a letter from a gas company making an offer to lease his land for over $10,000, he began to look into drilling in the Marcellus Shale, the large chunk of rock under

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people may overestimate the expenses that the train or subway may cost, families can save on average 5,000-6,000 dollars

Kim is a Senior majoring in Elementary Education. She is a Opinion Writer for The Snapper.

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THE SNAPPER December 1,2011

Answer your own prayers by taking action Craig Clearwater

Staff Writer “Why doesn’t God heal amputees? If you are an intelligent person, you have to admit this is an interesting question. On one hand, you believe that God answers prayers and performs miracles. On the other hand, you know that God completely ignores amputees when they pray for miracles. How do you deal with this discrepancy?”

I found this quote online and believe it is a fair question. There is not a single documented case of someone miraculously regenerating a lost limb. Why doesn’t God heal this people group? Does God hate amputees? Is this disability beyond the reach of God’s powers? While theists struggle to make sense of this, atheists have a simple answer: Prayer doesn’t work. Research seems to support the idea that intercessory prayer is not effective. In 2006, Dr. Herbert Bensen from Harvard conducted a “Study of the Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayer (STEP)". This was the largest study to examine the effects of intercessory prayer to date involving six academic medical centers and over 1,802 volunteers. The study found that intercessory

prayer had no effect on recovery from surgery.

the individual praying. For example, research suggests that


To be fair, prayer seems to have a positive impact on physical and psychological health of

prayer can lower blood pressure and heart rate. Yoga, meditation, and T’ai chi also seem

to have these positive benefits. Health perks aside; atheists are concerned that prayer can cause passivity. Some feel a sense of peace when they pray and think these positive feelings are confirmation that the prayer has been heard. The individual can then goof off rationalizing that an invisible deity is taking care of the problem. This passive approach is understandable. For many, prayer feels good. It is easy and painless while taking action is often hard and painful. After all, God is all-loving, all-knowing, and all-powerful right? He can just “will” the problem away if he wants, and if he doesn’t then he must have a greater plan. Therefore, I can solve the world’s problems without ever having to leave the comforts of my bed be-

cause God will take care of it. And yet the problems of the world continue. Instead of just praying, I suggest taking action to solve problems. As Robert G. Ingersoll put it, “Labor is the only prayer that Nature answers: It is the only prayer that deserves an answer—good, honest, noble work.” If your sickly aunt Sophie is in the hospital, don’t just pray and go back to bed. Get up and do something. Send her a card, make her a homecooked meal, or visit. Don’t just pray for this country, get up and do something to effect change. Answer your own prayers through action. It is most likely the only way they will be answered. Craig is a grad student studying clinical psychology. He is an opinion writer for the snapper.

Bah-humbug too much christmas Danielle Kreider

BAH HUMBUG, to all the people who try to force their Christmas cheer on the rest of us. Personally, I am a Grinch due to a series of unfortunate events surrounding the Christmas season. But as of this year I am making a conscious effort to change that. A problem I have encountered with this effort of mine is that it is other people's annoying, over-the-top ways of celebrating Christmas that really get under my skin. Not every-

one is so in love with this holiday; some of us just want to survive the holiday and doing that is hard enough without having carols and candy canes shoved down my throat everyday. I just want to celebrate this holiday my way, not everyone else’s way. Why do people become so overly obsessed with “letting out” the Christmas cheer? In my opinion, keep your Christmas cheer to yourself! Not everyone wants to hear Christmas songs 24/7 or watch Christmas movies for 25 days. Give it a rest! We all know what season it is, we all know that Santa is coming….or not. So why the constant reminder all day, every day for an entire

month? All I want to do is hang my stockings by my non-existent chimney with care and scotch tape, put up my tree, which sits off-centered anyway, and avoid the mall at all costs! I specifically do not go the mall at Christmas because it is so obnoxious with the decorations and the music that it makes me physically ill. Look, all that I am hoping for is that all of the crazy, Christmas neurotics out there in the world take it down a notch. I am down for a celebration and all, but not a Christmas bomb!

“Not everyone is in love with this holiday, some of us just want to survive.”

Danielle is a junior majoring in English. She is the News editor for the snapper.

Recent sport scandals: truest revenge is forgiveness

Michael Blackson

Editor-in-Chief I am not alone when I say this semester has harbored some disturbing news, and thankfully, not within our own campus. It is displeasing to know that Penn State and Syracuse – universities boasting two of the best coaches in sports – have been involved in disgusting allegations of inappropriate sexual assault and molestation. However, the brilliant light that is justice has broken through the fog, and it seems these allegations are no longer just that. In an action that has caused confusion amongst ESPN’s law analysts and other lawyers, Jerry Sandusky spoke for the first time since the allegations arose in a televised phone in-

terview on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams on November 14. This interview greatly destroyed – if the allegations had not already – Sandusky’s reputation, despite his denial of being a pedophile. What made my brain tingle was the manner of Sandusky’s tone during the interview, repeating a question about being sexually attracted to young boys, and hesitating to answer another. How could anyone now doubt that Sandusky is indeed a pedophile, or at least a man with some deep, troubled issues within his subconscious? Then there are the recently dug-up sexual allegations on Bernie Fine at Syracuse University. Although this has not been given as much attention as the Penn State scandal, it’s still a disturbing revelation – if not even more frightening than the Sandusky allegations. One university is hit, then another. Who’s next? With the appearance of a recorded phone call in 2002 between victim and former ball boy of Syracuse, Bobby Davis, and Laurie Fine,

Bernie’s wife, confirming these sexual assault allegations, I would not be surprised if there is another revelation in the future.

especially with Jim Boeheim. These two pairs of legendary coaches were inseparable for years in their respective sports. So, when these allegations ar Then I happened to read an article related to the Penn State incident on Yahoo weeks ago that has wrapped my brain around these sexual incidents in a psychological way. Jerry Sandusky was seen as the greatest man to many people who attended Penn State, especially Joe Paterno. Bernie Fine was also seen in the same light,

rived on their doorsteps, almost immediately everyone denied and shot them down. People could not believe that such vile and disgusting allegations could befall these men. Initially, I found those who defended them to be quite moronic, to put it as lightly as I can think. What about the victims? It isn’t every day these al-

legations just arise upon someone and not have some validity behind them. Have some pity for their damaged souls! I raged over those who defended Sandusky and Fine until, as I mentioned before, I read the article I found on Yahoo. It talked about the psychological issue of why Paterno kept the allegations a secret and connecting it to the Syracuse allegations, why Boeheim denied them almost immediately. Doing the right thing is not always the easiest thing, as it read. Not only the self-discourage to become involved in such a disaster, but because of one’s loyalty toward one another that creates a moral universe. Revealing a secret that could destroy a person’s closest friend and long-time associate is one thing that does not settle well with people. Easily, it can describe why Paterno decided not to take moral actions against Sandusky and now, looking at Boeheim, why his allegiance to Fine immediately denied the man he sat next to through innumerable college basketball

games as having performed these vile actions. The psychology goes deeper into loyalty, allegiance, and a sense of a family or community that can be read further if you type in "psychology penn state scandal" at Yahoo! News. With this type of knowledge, I no longer feel anger towards those who defended these men. Feeling sympathy for the victims is necessary, yet the same feeling of sympathy for Sandusky and Fine’s family must also be embraced. None of the families involved asked for these sexual allegations to occur. Justice is swift and merciless, a form of revenge against these disturbed men. But the truest revenge is forgiveness and it is only capable through the human soul; it must be bestowed to the families and the men involved in hopes that they know the wrongs they have performed, and it teaches others a lesson just a couple years too late. Michael is a junior majoring in english. He is the Editor-in-Chief for the snapper.


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Thursday, December 1, 2011

As finals approach learn how to study smarter, not harder MARISSA INCITTI Features Writer

With the holidays gaining momentum, many students are starting to feel the stress of classes winding down, final exams looming, and the pressure to begin studying. It is common around this time to hear of students studying all day and night for one exam and later hear they failed it. Yet they keep coming back to this method even though it has been proven faulty. Why? Because many students were not taught the proper way to study in high school. Here are some more methods students use that are not going to get them the grade, but with a little tweaking, might help them retain the information. The week leading up to exams, students usually gather all the information they think is on their exam. This is great, but 9 times out of 10, they do not bother to really look at any of it.

They stare at the material until the clock tells them they are done and come test time, they “wing it.” Instead, try breaking down the information needed to study, like junior Diane

“But a highlighter is not a scanner. The information will not be transferred to their brains simply by highlighting it.” Gallagher. “I just try to stay on top of things through the semester, then focus on things I found hardest to follow right before an exam,” Gallagher says. Start with a book that was assigned, pausing every once in a while to process the material. Do not put a time limit on

studying unless it is absolutely necessary. Highlighters are a student’s best friend. Students love to use multiple colors throughout their notes and in their books. But a highlighter is not a scanner. The information will not be transferred to their brains simply by highlighting it. Try writing out the key points of the reading material instead. Put the information on a separate sheet of paper so it is easier to find, and it is easier to travel with. If students must highlight, use green or yellow. A study done by the University of Wisconsin has found that these colors may be responsible for stimulating memory retention. Procrastination is the number one reason students do not prepare as well for exams. Some students find ingenious ways to procrastinate, preparing a study space by cleaning their entire room until they are too tired to focus, or setting up

Features Writer


camp in front of a TV to watch their favorite show and re-read their notes during commercials. It is still studying, right? Re-reading notes is not studying. For Science, Math, or Engineering majors, perform problems. History majors can try writing out critical elements of a time period in a paragraph

or try teaching the chapter to a friend or a roommate. English majors can write an essay about the story they were reading, instead of re-reading the entire story. As long as they are thinking about the information, students will do a lot better than by merely re-reading. Lastly, students should

remember to take a deep breath before diving in, and take frequent breaks when studying. Good luck on your finals and enjoy the holidays!

1500, he was walking through the woods when he saw a group of small evergreens. The snow on their branches reflected the moonlight. When he got home, he set up his own small fir tree so he could share the story with his children. He decorated it with candles, which he lighted in honor of Christ's birth. Another story, more factual than the first, states, "In 1584, pastor Balthasar Russow wrote of an established tradition of setting up a decorated spruce at the market square where the

ing from apples, nuts, dates, pretzels and paper flowers. Today, rather than using fire or candles, it is much more common to use white or colored strands of Christmas lights. Instead of fruits, nuts, and paper flowers, we use ornaments, garland, and tinsel. When interviewing students around campus here at Millersville University, they had a variety of different customs of their own. Junior Lindsay Wilson comments, "In my family, we always cut down our tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We like to cut our tree down ourselves, because we love the smell of fresh pine throughout our house. My family does white lights, because that's been the tradition on my mom's side for a long time. As far as ornaments go, all of them come from places we've traveled to, like different family vacations." Another student, junior Maria Alexandrowicz, stated, "My family puts the tree up about a week before Christmas. We put it up on its stand for a couple of days, and then decorate the whole tree as a family once my sisters come home. It's always worth the effort because I love being able to sit around

the tree and watch Christmas movies with my family once we're all finished." Lastly, junior Amanda Reedy spoke about her own tradition: “We have always gotten a real one, usually two or three weeks before Christmas. My family and I always listen to Christmas music while we decorate tree. My mom even has this elf ornament that she always insists on putting on the tree because she has had it since she was little. My sisters and I put up ornaments that we made in school when we were younger, and we usually leave the tree up for about a week after New Years.” As you can see, many families have different traditions when it comes to Christmas and decorating their tree. Through the years, these traditions have certainly altered themselves to bring them where they are today. This year, as we look at the bright Christmas trees in New York City to the lit up tree with the family ornaments next door, we can be amazed and grateful that this tradition is still carried on throughout the world.

Christmas trees then and now and the legends behind them JULIE RAFFENSPERGER

A traditional live Douglas fir Christmas tree with modern decorations that can be found in many homes on Christmas.


Senior Jessica Do, a speech communication and broadcasting major, studies for her public relations class with junior Mark McGuirk, a fellow communications major.

It is nearly December, which means a lot of shopping, decorating, and baking in preparation for Christmas. However, one of the most symbolic traditions of this holiday is the Christmas tree. Every year, truckloads of different types of trees are shipped out to be sold to light up in people's homes. For the more ambitious families, there are Christmas tree farms where you can chop down your own. It is always a hassle to pick out the perfect tree, lug it home, and then spend the evening lighting it up and decorating it with all sorts of ornaments and garland. In the end, however, it always seems to be worth it. On the other hand, not many of us stop to think why this is such a valued tradition in the first place. Surprisingly, there certainly is an interesting history behind it. The history of the Christmas tree starts with a legend which may hold some truth. It is said that Martin Luther began the tradition of decorating trees to celebrate Christmas. On Christmas Eve, around the year

“The history of the Christmas tree starts with a legend which may hold some truth.”

young men would go to socialize with young women. They would dance around the tree, and at the end of the evening set the tree on fire." In that period, people began to put Christmas trees in front of their homes. Back then, trees were decorated differently. People used anything rang-

What would you like for Christmas this year?

“A 42” TV.” Jovon Watts

“A healthy baby.” Ayleen Thomas

“A new car but I’ve “A new already been told BMW M5.” Tarek Richardson it’s not going to happen.” Thomas Blades

“An iPod.” Jamie Shiplet

“Backpacking gear.” Jacque Reed

THE SNAPPER December 1, 2011

Features 10

Artful wedding cakes from Bella Manse in Millersville CHELSEA SHANK Features Editor

Weddings are full of traditions – from the gown to the vows to the “you can totally wear this again!” bridesmaid dresses. With all of the planning that goes into a wedding there is one major detail, one major tradition, that is the center of the reception. The one thing everyone looks forward to indulging in: the wedding cake. Renee Schlotzhauer gets to make bride's dreams come true as she designs their wedding cakes. Her artful and award-winning wedding cake business, Bella

She meets with brides for consultations in her home, where they look at pictures of past cakes and assess whether they even want to order their cake from her or not. They discuss style and design. While some brides have a precise idea of what they would like to have, others are completely clueless or flexible. “I can work with any style – people who know what they want and people who don’t,” said Schlotzhauer. She also makes five cake and filling samples for the future brides to try during the consultation. Fillings are very popular, along with mixing flavors – like having red velvet in the bottom

creamy extra layer that goes over the cake as a basis for icing and decorating. Lancaster County brides prefer buttercream, but fondant is more popular in places like New Jersey, where Schlotzhauer’s sister runs her own cake business – Sweet Grace Cake Designs. Certain designs cannot be stenciled into buttercream, allowing cakes with the fondant to be more intricate. Another day in the cake making process is devoted to shopping all over the place for supplies, since there is no one-stop shopping location for professional wedding cake designers. Schlotzhauer makes her own boards for the cakes to sit on – cutting and painting them at her h o u s e . Making icing takes up a large part of another day, and she generally makes five 20 pound tubs of icing all at once. Each cake is baked two days before the day of the event so it has time to settle before she decorates it. Schlotzhauer said, “It’s kind of like painting a house. 80% of it is prep work – priming, sanding – and the fun part is quick.” The weekends are for deliveries and Schlotzhauer said, “That’s another kind of stress.” With the erratic weather patterns throughout Lancaster – the region she focuses on - in 2011, she has delivered cakes in October snow, heavy flooding and extreme heat. She drives her cakes to the site already put together and very refrigerated. There are five refrigerators in her home to accommodate her creations. She times each delivery so the cake arrives an hour and a half before the reception starts. A graduate of Shippensburg University, Schlotzhauer was a medical social worker before she had her two children. She started out making cakes for her children’s birthdays, before she branched out to special occasion and wedding cakes for others. For the 21 years her husband was in the United States Marines, Schlotzhauer’s cake business moved from place to place as their family moved all around the country. She returned to her hometown in 2005 and was eager to settle down and get to know the local

wedding vendors. That way, Schlotzhauer said, “You have someone looking out for you. They are all awesome, this whole wedding group here.” In addition to wedding cakes, Bella Manse takes orders for special occasion cakes. She limits those orders in the summer to focus on wedding cakes and avoid making mistakes. “The other cake businesses are my coworkers,” said Schlotzhauer, and they will send calls to each other to balance their workload. Knowing other vendors allows for connections in case of catastrophes - so far Schlotzhauer has h a d zero – and it also helps with word-ofmouth advertising. “I’ve never been in one place this long to get this much business or gain moment u m , ” Schlotzhauer said. “It’s word-of-mouth. I don’t do a lot of advertising. I’m reaping the benefit of being here for six years.”

“They can say the cake looks good, but when they say I was really nice to work with – that’s what means the most.” Renee Schlotzhauer


Renee Schlotzhauer runs her incredible wedding cake business, Bella Manse, from her home in Millersville. Manse, is run from her home in Millersville. As weddings have become more and more elaborate and detail-oriented through the years, so have the cakes that go with them. The next time you watch the bride and groom smash a piece of cake into each other’s faces at a wedding while you wait for your piece, consider how much time and effort went into it. During peak wedding season between May and November, Schlotzhauer averages five-six cakes per weekend. She works seven days a week during wedding season, and worked for 23 hours straight one day this summer. Anywhere from 10-15 hours of work go into each cake. “Even on Sundays I feel like I’m already behind and I didn’t even take a day off,” said Schlotzhauer.

tiers and pumpkin spice in the top two. Smaller cakes are also trending now, as many couples choose a two-tier cake for cutting and then have a dessert bar to go with it. Ruffles and broaches are popular accents right now, as another trend is to decorate the cake to resemble the bride’s gown. Around 20 percent of the brides also order a groom’s cake, which is usually something whimsical that shows off the personality of the groom. It could be anything from a baseball cap to a bowling alley to a life-sized Yoda head. These designs present more of a challenge but Schlotzhauer said, “Some of the cakes that I dread making become the ones that I love the most.” Brides must decide between buttercream and fondant – a


One of the trends in wedding cakes today is to have a cake designed to look like the bride’s gown, with accents like broaches and ruffles. She measures success by the feedback she gets from each client – particularly on sites like Wedding Wire where couples can review wedding vendors. While she has fun designing the cakes,

her ultimate goal is to make her customers happy. “They can say the cake looks good, but when they say I was really nice to work with – that’s what means the most.”


Renee Schlotzhauer, the creator of Bella Manse wedding cakes, designed this very realistic Yoda head cake for a groom’s cake. She estimates that about 20 percent of couples order a grooms cake in addition to the traditional wedding cake for their wedding celebration.

Personal trainer incorporates CrossFit workouts CHELSEA SHANK Features Editor

Richard Simmons rocked the spandex. Bob Greene helped Oprah with her ongoing weight struggles. Jillian Michaels worked with Americans vying for the title of The Biggest Loser. Ever since Americans realized the importance of eating healthy and exercising, there have been personal trainers by their sides helping them to meet their goals. So what does it take to be a personal trainer? And what is the driving force in the life of a fitness extraordinaire? For Lance Peifer, a CrossFit certified personal trainer from Manheim, PA, personal training is all about the challenges –and he is always ready for a challenge. After playing basketball in high school and college, he was ready to test his limits in a new way so he began attending the National Personal Training Institute in Philadelphia. “I loved working out and I wanted to know everything about it. I wanted a career that I would be good at and enjoy, and it wouldn’t feel like I was working,” said Peifer. “And also to improve my overall physical performance continually.” Peifer opted to attend classes for one day a week over the course of a year. The program offered by the National Personal Training Institute is flexible and can be completed in six months as well. Four instructors took turns teaching the class of 30 students. Each day consisted of practical teaching followed by two hours of time spent working out and practicing training each other.

The personal fitness training program covers detailed anatomy, physiological instruction, nutrition, and practical experience with professional personal trainers. They also taught the business side of training which includes advertising, finances, and how to gain clients. Students who complete the 500-hour program receive their diploma in Personal Training. During school, one of the trainers put him through a CrossFit workout for the first

“Anybody can do CrossFit, it’s actually a lot of fun to do. It gets you in great shape. It improves almost every aspect of your lifestyle.” Lance Peifer time. “I looked it up online and was very interested in it,” Peifer said. “It was unlike anything I’d ever done before.” He decided to pursue his CrossFit certification by attending a two day seminar where the idea behind CrossFit is taught, along with its methodology. Everyone completed various CrossFit workouts and a written test to become CrossFit certified. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program used not only in gyms but also in military and police academies. explains that, “Our specialty is not specializing.” Instead they combine a wide range of fitness activities that are

necessary to succeed in sports, combat and survival. “Anybody can do CrossFit, it’s actually a lot of fun to do,” Peifer said. “It gets you in great shape. It improves almost every aspect of your lifestyle.” CrossFit workouts can be catered to any kind of person and Peifer adapts the CrossFit training to meet his clients at whatever fitness level they are at. According to Peifer, a good trainer is someone who is able to explain what they are teaching. Solid trainers will not only demonstrate the exercises but be able to explain what part of the body they are affecting and how it pertains to the client’s overall goals. Good trainers are also efficient with time, says Peifer. Good workouts don’t always have to take an hour – sometimes 30 minutes is all you need. “It’s important to understand that every person is different. It’s not all about looks, sometimes it’s about correcting injuries and improving a person’s quality of life.” Watching people meet their weight loss goals and reach new levels of personal achievement is rewarding for Peifer. Personal training is not only gratifying but fun, because you get to remain active and your day is never the same as any other day. In addition to training clients and friends, Peifer is a member of 3rcat, a six-person team that contends in CrossFit competitions along the East Coast. “The competitive angle is what gets a lot of people into it with the competitions. It’s also very challenging and a lot of people like challenges,” said Peifer. “I’m a very competitive person.”

Most recently, Peifer traveled with his 3rcat teammates to Charleston, S.C. in November for Crossfit’s Integrity Revenge competition. “My favorite things about CrossFit are trying to win and also all the free stuff you get,” said Peifer. “The competitions are usually outside so it’s also just fun to be outside and meet all different kinds of people.” Integrity Revenge included five workouts in two days. One of

the workouts required doing as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of seven “wall balls,” and five repetitions of 155-pound clean and jerks. For “wall balls” the athlete begins in a front squat then throws a 20-pound medicine ball toward a target before it returns and is “absorbed” back into the thrower’s arms and they return to a front squat. When Peifer is not training or competing, he still incorporates

CrossFit workouts into his own workout program. He completes workouts from the and other local CrossFit gyms. Peifer said, “I’ve just always been interested in how to improve myself. I also like a challenge and it’s fascinating to see how far you can take your body.”

Arts & CULTURE Thursday, December 1, 2011

Page 11

“Taming of the Shrew”: a comedy that stands the test of time Caleb Bressler Staff Writer

I don’t generally consider Shakespeare very funny. In fact, it is a running joke at my house that the first way to identify a comedic Shakespeare character is by the fact they are not funny. However, after watching a rehearsal for the upcoming production of Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew,” in the Rafter’s Theatre, I must say this production is not only funny, but alive. Instead of watching actors simply try to slog through Shakespearean dialogue, I witnessed the members of the cast enjoying their parts and putting life into the lines. For those who are not familiar with the story, it is first and foremost a comedy. A man has two daughters; one is the badtempered, ill-mannered Katherine and the other is the sweet Bianca. While Bianca is beset with suitors, her father will not allow her to marry until after her notorious elder sister Katherine has a husband. Fortunately for Bianca’s suitors, brazen Petruchio takes it upon himself to control Katherine and marry her. Add this to slapstick, characters in disguises, and a talented cast, you have a funny piece of theatre. The production was so understandable there were times when it was hard to believe it was the original dialogue. This, however, doesn’t surprise the director, Laura Howell. While she says many people are frightened by Shakespeare, she adds that “it’s not a foreign language.” She went on to say that

while it takes the audience a few minutes to adjust their ears to the dialogue, they will understand most of it before long. To make the lines seem more alive, Howell encourages the actors to “act” the dialogue through physical movement and emotion. It works; that I can attest to. Howell, who directed the People’s Shakespeare Project at Millersville in the summer, so impressed members of the faculty with her work that she went on to direct this show during the

“Many people are frightened by Shakespeare... but it is not a foreign language.” Laura Howell Director regular semester. The “Taming of the Shrew” was an excellent choice of show, especially for people who aren’t keen on Shakespeare. While the original show takes place hundreds of years ago, Howell chose to set this production around the 1960s, and before the "cultural revolution” in America took place. While this changes the costuming, the change in time periods does not take anything away from the show. It retains the classic elements while seeking to engage audience members by bringing the show closer to them. No matter what time period the show is placed in, however, Howell believes that Shakespeare is eternal saying that “he has the

wisdom of the ages.” She believes Shakespeare holds endless appeal for people as his plays deal with problems and emotions that are just as viable now as they were when the plays were written. Howell’s passion for Shakespeare clearly shows through in this production, and it seems to rub off on everyone involved. Before the rehearsal began, she encouraged the cast members to have a good time and experiment with their characters. The rehearsal included a runthrough of the first act. The cast performed it with very few mistakes, and Howell only had to interject a few times. What really makes this particular production work is how well the cast got along. This comes through to the audience and makes the production much more accessible and funny. Each member of the cast did well, speaking the language comfortably, and adding emotion to their lines. There is generally more than one thing going on onstage at once, which adds additional layers to the production. During one scene, for example, while some characters are carrying on a conversation, Katherine spitefully rips up a newspaper, to her father’s later annoyance. “Taming of the Shrew” opens on December 2 at 8:00 P.M. Matinees performances are at 2:00 P.M. on December 4 and 11, with an open captioned performance on the 4. 8:00 P.M. performances are on December 2, 3, 8, 9 and 10. Discount tickets for Millersville students with current ID are available at the SMC box office for $5. Tickets at the door are $7 for Millersville students with an ID and $10 for the public. The “Taming of the Shrew” the last University Theatre show of the semester. Next semester, the University Theatre will bring “The Children’s Hour” to the Rafter’s Theatre.


From left to right: Glenn Kraft as Petruchio, and Megan Kelley as Katherina rehearse for the “Taming of the Shrew” debut on Friday, December 2.

“Art of Dying” performs The long-awaited return of at the Chameleon club the “George Street Carnival” Luke Helker Staff Writer A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go downtown and hang with some of the members of the new hard-rock rising force form Canada, Art of Dying. For fans of bands like Three Days

Uproar festival and everything was awesome.”

What brings you all the way out here with Adelitas Way? “Well we're on a six week tour with Adelitas Way, co-headlining with Emphatic and New Medicine supporting us. We flew into Vegas and started the tour in Tempe, Arizona...we spent two weeks in Texas and now we're just working our way this way.”

“We spent two weeks in Texas and now we’re just working our way this way.” Cale Gontier

In 2011 alone, this band has experienced a significant increase inpopularity, being able to tour with such as Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour and Three Days Grace. How exciting has 2011 been for this band? “It's been great man, best year yet. New record came out in march of this took us a long time to get there, you know. We worked our butts off on that record and not to mention, five or ten years before that just slugging it out in Canada and all that stuff before we got signed. So, I think after we finally got a deal, the Disturbed guys found us and signed us to their imprint, Intoxication through Warner Bros. and then we went through this whole process of writing songs for this record and finding a producer, and going to LA and making the record. It's been a long road since Vices and Virtues came out in March. Since then, we've been playing great festivals with great bands and have been touring like crazy and it's been very exciting for sure. It's been a lot of miles and a lot of shows, but it's exactly what we want to be doing, so we're pretty much right where we want to be.”

Bass Player for Art of Dying

Grace, Seether, or even Breaking Benjamin, Art of Dying deliver straightforward, unapologetic hard rock with both glam and grit. The band was visiting the Chameleon Club in downtown Lancaster in support of their newest album Vices and Virtues. The band was also supporting Adelitas Way, who are also on the road supporting a brand new album. I had the chance to sit down and chat with bass player Cale Gontier (cousin to Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace fame) and talk about their new album, touring with some of the biggest names in heavy metal and working with Disturbed. Here's a bit of the interview (to read the full interview, please check my website Is this your first time playing at the Chameleon Club or in Lancaster in general? “Yeah.” Have you played anywhere else around Philly? “Yeah, we were just here on the Uproar tour in Camden...That was a good tour, man, that whole

I was completely unaware that some of the members of Disturbed were involved in their own label. “So we were (laughs)."

Yeah, and I found out that you are the first band signed to that label. Are you the only ones or is there anyone else? “Nope, just us now and their label is called Intoxication Records, and we didn't know Intoxication for a long time either...basically we were an independent band touring around in Canada and Dan Donegan got a hold of our independent CD through a friend of a friend of a friend. He listened to it, got into it and started following us online. He liked all the hard work we were doing, and they are a hard working band, too. Danny really respected that and he reached out to our singer Johnny...his cell phone rang one night he's like like, 'Hey, it's Dan Donegan from Disturbed and just wanted to let you know that I've been following you guys, I love the record, I love what you're doing and I want to work with you sometime.' A few tours went by and then they flew us down to Chicago and said they wanted to sign us, so we obviously said yes. Things have been moving pretty fast since then...going fast but we're having a good time...and it's exactly where we want to be.”

Do you feel like you have a more positive following in America or will Canada always be your home? “Well, we definitely have fans all over North America, you know. I think because we've been spending so much time in the States lately I think maybe our fan base is growing a lot quicker here than in Canada. In the past, we did a lot more touring in Canada, so we got a lot of hardcore fans up there. A lot of that stuff comes down to radio play and I think we got more radio in the States than we do in Canada so it's tough to say. But we do have lots of fans.” So there you have it. Art of Dying is a great, hard working hard rock band from Canada trying to simply play shows. I highly recommend this band to anyone who is a fan of some of the aforementioned bands. Until next time, keep rocking!

Anne Shaffer

that he did not know any people on campus and wanted to create a place where he could meet likeminded individuals. As a method for meeting new The Snapper provides a place for students to practice journalis- people, the Creative Writers Guild tic writing. But until last semes- certainly succeeds. In its first ter, those who wanted to share semester, the Guild had a modest creative writing—poems, short turnout of eight to ten people per stories, and the like—had no meeting. This semester, the number of people per meeting has at place to do so. Fortunately, just because there least doubled. At first, the meetings were relwas no place to share creativity did not mean that people neglect- atively unstructured. The members met to discuss what they ed their creative muscles. Tyler Barton had the idea; Eliot wanted from the organization. White had the vision. These two The plan, according to the four friends established, through what executives, was to make the club Barton has dubbed “grassroots together; the executives rely on advertising,” the Creative Writers the club members to respond to Guild, now wrapping up its sec- them. They run ideas past the organization before making any ond semester. According to Barton, the pres- decisions. It is, in their words, an ident of the organization, there open dialogue. This semester, the meetings were several motives for founding the Guild. One, of course, was are more structured. The four to give creative writers a place to executives—Barton, president; share their work. Another was to White, vice president; Kimmy make a community. Barton joked Saylor, treasurer; and Jess Barnhart, secretary—meet and discuss the topics of the next meeting, and they create exercises for the Guild. For example, for one meeting, some members discussed their literary inspirations; for another, members practiced re-writing and editing. Writers at the meetings are also encouraged to read their works for the other members of the Guild. For those brave enough to do so, The readings provide an excellent way to get feedback on their poems, short stories, and other written pieces. According to HTTP://WRITERS--GUILD.BLOGSPOT.COM the executives, the Test your creativity by contributing to the members are a lot highly anticipated “George St. Carnival” more comfortable

Staff Writer

with each other this semester, and each week there are at least two people willing to share. The Guild also sponsors events, such as the Poetry Aloud event that took place in early November, and smaller poetry readings that take place on or near the Millersville campus. One such reading will take place on Thursday, December 1 at Javateas, beginning at 7:30 P.M. The event is open to the public, and any people who come are also urged to read their work. Of course, the next logical step is finding a place to publish writing. The Creative Writers Guild provides a place to share writing, a place to inspire writers, and a place to get feedback. But it does not provide a place to show the world that the writers mean business. By happy circumstance, Millersville already possessed a venue for publishing. It just needed resuscitating. Millersville has, in past years, published a literary magazine, the George Street Carnival. However, it fell into disuse. Until, again, Barton and White revived it this semester. “You’re not a writer until someone’s reading your work,” White said. That was the motivation for bringing the George Street Carnival back to life—the writers who meet at the Guild, and also any other creative writers, need a place to publish their work. The Carnival is a first step towards publishing at a professional level. All Millersville students are welcome to submit works to the George Street Carnival for consideration. For those who wish to submit, contact Jess Bernhart at m. Submissions may be sent to this email. The deadline for submissions is December 12, 2011. Writing and art are accepted. The Creative Writers Guild holds its meetings in the upstairs classroom in the Chryst building, room 210, on Tuesdays at 9 P.M., and the George Street Carnival meets in room 12 in the Hash building at 9 P.M. on Wednesdays. Students with an interest in sharing or publishing their writing are welcome to attend.

12 Arts&Culture THE SNAPPER

December 1, 2011

Dorm room greenery: a pleasant and personal indoor flower garden Kristen Reinbold Staff Writer

A college dorm room is not the most pleasant place to spend upwards of two or four years of a young adult’s life. They’re small and cramped, pets are usually forbidden, and the company is often less than the best match possible. It is possible, however, to have a few living companions

quite hazardous, so it may be a good idea to ask a sales associate, or do a little research, so you’re aware of exactly what you’re buying. Succulents too, like the Graptopetalum paraguayense, Mother-of-pearl plant or Ghost plant, can be a great choice if remembering to water your plant isn’t among your top priorities. Most of these plants prefer a


Ghost Plants, or Mother of Pearl, are among the many plants recommended for use in college dorm rooms. in a dorm room of your own choosing. They’ll keep quietly to themselves, and they only need feeding once in a while. Sounds appealing? Then try a plant. As the weather gets colder, a little bit of greenery in a room can go a long way to brightening the atmosphere. A few potted plants may even help to freshen the air. An article on cites a study that claimed “work places that had plants had up to a 40% reduction in headaches, sour throats, and coughs. There was also an 84% increase in well-being.” But what if you don’t have the greenest thumb on the block? Luckily there are plants that can survive both the limited nourishment of a dorm room and the busiest of caretakers. The plants listed here are all top-choices for endurance, require minimum care, and are readily available at local garden centers and some supermarkets like Weis or Stauffers of Kissel Hill, and even stores like Wal-Mart. If flowers aren’t something you especially want—or if they excite you or your roommate’s allergies—there’s a wide variety of non-flowering plants that will perform exceptionally well in a dorm. And no, not all of them are cacti, although those are a fair choice. Some cacti flower, and the needles of other can be

them on your windowsill, if you feel like expanding your gardening fancy. The sharp-leaved Snake Plant, or Sanseveria trifasciata, has a variety of domesticated variegations that make excellent indoor plants. This plant’s extremely high tolerance of low light and little water make it an ideal dorm plant. During the winter it requires close to no watering and the species is known for improving air quality. The only caution is to watch the leaves; its other name, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, isn’t entirely in jest. Then there’s the infamous Lucky Bamboo, or Dracaena sanderiana, a plant from rainforest-climates that isn’t related to real bamboo at all. Regardless, it’s believed that these little lookalikes are good luck. Lucky Bamboo can be placed in an inch or two of water with no soil involved, although it grows best in soil. If left in water, the water has to be changed every two weeks. It shouldn’t be given more than an hour or so of direct sunlight, or the leaves will burn. If your living space is lacking a little feng shui, Lucky Bamboo is a great choice. But if you’ve got your heart set on your own little indoor flower garden, there’re a few breeds of plants that can handle substantial punishment and still produce lively blooms. One of the most popular indoor flowering plants is the African Violet, or Saintpaulia. Compact, hardy, and reliable; the African Violet is a great choice for a beginner grower who wants a visible reward for their work. Some variegations of Violet are easier to grow than others; the staff at Stauffers of Kissel Hill’s garden center recommends the varieties with plain green leaves. Cacti are always a relatively

Upcoming Events

safe choice for care requirements, although an article by Carol Thompson of makes a tongue-incheek comment about it: “Successfully taking care of a cactus is one of those out-of-theclassroom tests that helps you discover a little more about yourself. In this case, if it dies you'll know you're less nurturing than a desert.” Humor aside, if you want a flowering plant to brighten up a dreary and dead winter atmosphere, then the Christmas Cactus is a prime choice. Several varieties exist under the name Schlumbergera, but most all flower in the colder months with gorgeous blossoms. Being a cactus, this plant needs a lot of direct sunlight, or it won’t bloom. Otherwise it’s easy to care for and will bloom reliably for years. Last but not least for the inexperienced or ill-lucked gardener, the stately the Peace Lily, or Spathiphyllum, won’t demand too much. Their white flowers are hard to tell apart from the Calla Lily, but the Calla Lilly is a bit more demanding. Peace Lilies are an excellent plant for lowlight situations, so even if your dorm window happens to be facing the wrong direction, the Peace Lily can persevere despite the conditions. Plants aren’t as intimidating as bad experiences can make them out to be, and keeping a few around can help to improve your physical and mental health. Also, other than fish, they’re the only kind of “pet” allowed in a typical dorm. And if you happen to knock one over, at least it won’t be a reproduction of the last moments of Sparky’s fishbowl. Just watch out for over-watering, and you and your greenery may get out of college alive together.

great deal of sun, however; so you may want to avoid them unless you have a window that gets several hours of sun during the day. The Ghost plant is particularly helpful here for the clueless gardener: its leaves will begin to tinge or turn completely purple, depending on how much sun it’s getting. The more color, the better. A second type of succulent well known for its tenacity is the Aloe vera. Used in a wide variety of health and medicinal products, growing some of your own Aloe can be fun, easy, and relatively painless. The gel it produces can even be used raw to treat scrapes and burns. Succulents also propagate with ease, so it’s not difficult to buy HTTP://1.BP.BLOGSPOT.COM one plant and African Violets are a perfect flowering plant that requires low maintenance. end up with a These plants will brighten up any dorm room to create a nice atmosphere. small jungle of

Glorious Sounds of the Season When: Dec 2 and 3 at 7:30 and 2:30 P.M. Where: Millersville University Lancaster, 42 N. Prince Street. Artwork of Robert C. Allen When: Dec 2 at 6- 8 P.M. Where: 42 N Prince Street, Lancaster. No Tickets required. First Friday Holiday Celebration at the Ware Center When: Dec 2 at 6 P.M.

Celebrate Kwanzaa When: Dec 6 at 7:30 P.M. Where: Reighard Multipurpose Room, SMC “Glorious Christmas” Presented by Cabaret in the Sky When: Dec 4 at 7:30 P.M. Where: 42 N. Prince Street. Lancaster. Lancaster Symphony Orchestra’s Holiday Brass When: Dec 7 at 7:30 P.M. Where: 42 N. Prince Street, Lancaster.

Taming of the Shrew When: Dec 2-4 and 8-11 at 8 and 2 P.M. Where: Dutcher Hall.

American Teacher Dan Lancellotti Staff Writer

On November 22, the documentary film American Teacher was shown at the Ware Center on 42 N. Prince Street. Many teachers and education majors attended the event even though it was on the Tuesday night right before Thanksgiving break. The film itself was a sort of counter to the hit documentary Waiting for Superman which attacked the education system and its teachers. This film defends the teachers and puts the spotlight on a select few that truly care about their profession. Matt Damon narrates the eye opening film that lets the audience into the world of education. 90% of public school teachers pay for school supplies out of their own pocket. When one teacher in the film arrived to the school the classroom was empty and she was forced to get everything together on her own. Another teacher was pregnant and trying her best to do her job and take care of her family. She was right back to school after six weeks of paid maternity leave. Another teacher was constantly asked why she wanted to enter the field of education by her friends and family. She explained that there was a stigma attached to the profession and that people look down on it. This, along with the low pay and lack of funding, lead to young, bright students rejecting the field of education. The film explains how teachers often spend as much as sixty five hours per week working. This includes time in school teaching, tutoring, making lesson plans, along with grading papers and homework, as well as any sports or clubs they may be in charge of.

31% of teachers have second jobs, as was the case for a Texas native who was loved by his students. He taught during the day, coached, then went to work at a flooring store. These demands kept him away from his family and his wife eventually divorced him. Another teacher who connected with his kids and really helped them to succeed had to leave the job he loved because of low pay and enter real estate with his family. The movie makes you appreciate teachers and the sacrifices that they make for their students. There are bad teachers out there, and they need to be weeded out. However, the good ones should be paid well for the excellent work that they do. The value of a solid education at a young age is undervalued. Teachers are not appreciated the way that they should be. In South Korea and Finland being a teacher is similar in pay and prestige to that of a doctor or a lawyer in America. Overall this film was very good but at times could be a bit melodramatic. Afterwards the teachers and education majors discussed the message and what could be done in the future to help teachers. One person mentioned that certain districts that pay well attract the best and the brightest from all over the country. There was a discussion about how there was no autonomy, or creative freedoms, in teaching and most of the curriculum is spent preparing for standardized tests. The event was an interesting glimpse into education and how hard it can be. The next time you see a teacher thank him/her for all that he/she does; it will be appreciated.




Metal Wednesday


Heather DeMuth

Max Colvin

Sarah Warner


1:00am 3:00am



Andrew Wagner &

Stephen Salvitti

Kate Whitecomb

3:00am5:00am 5:00am 7:00am Brook Duer & Michael

7:00am 10:00am Ryan Porch

Currier Lindsey Martin

Aaron Slagle

Shane LaPierre

Brian Lada

Crystal Reidinger

Scott Miller

Paula West & Alea

Josh Dyer

Cody McLaughlin

Derek Riley

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Tyler Uematsu & Luke

Andrew Fries

10:00am 12:00pm 12:00pm 2:00pm Nate Strohl

2:00pm 4:00pm

4:00pm 7:00pm

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Vivian Lewis & Shea

Matt Witzel

Keith Grohowski

Joanna Hershey &

Bryan Tuer

High Doc & Mama Roc 4-

Jon Miller

Mazar Daniella Singleton &

Mason Perricone

Andrew Coons

Matt Zart Justin Palmer

Jared Eichmann

6:45 Andy Novak & Sam

Cody Wade & Andrew

Roger Cowden Ryan Hagan

Bobby Bechtel

Pat Ellison

Shannon Sisson,

Tristan Wilson

Williamson 6:45-10 Christian Kriebel

Danielle Francisco & Bri Piccari


THE SNAPPER Arts&Culture 13

December 1, 2011

Fitz and the Tantrums electrify the stage Victoria Powell Staff Writer

ophone, flute, tambourine and two vocalists. You can imagine that this would be a fun show to not only listen to, but also to watch the various instruments on stage. Some might find it interesting that there is no guitar player. Regardless of instrumentation, they were able to create a full and pleasant sound.

Noelle and Fitz knew how to get the crowd involved by engaging us during songs, especially during “Dear Mr. President,” when they guided us into helping out with the “Hoo, Ha” chant. Noelle’s spunky dance moves and diva like vocals make me wish I could be her. She is confident and happy,

Fitz & the Tantrums were resounding with soul from the minute they walked on stage. It was easy to see that Fitz (or Michael Fitzpatrick), the lead vocalist, was very excited to be playing along with Noelle (vocals), James (saxophone & flute), Joseph (bass guitar), Jeremy (keyboards) and John (drums and percussion). Along with many of the songs from their debut record, we were lucky enough to hear a few new songs that the band has been working on. The sound they create brings you back in time with an oldies feel but keeps you excited with fresh vibes and a modern twist. Along with that oldies feel comes the reminiscence of a time when the world was simpler and less worrisome. Although that notion about the past may not be completely true, it is just the way the music makes you feel. The band's energy on stage is positive and that is evident in their music as well. The instrumentation throughout the show VICTORIA POWELL/THESNAPPER consisted of a keyboard/synthesizer, a The Los Angeles Soul/Pop group, Fitz and the Tantrums give a drum set, bass guitar, sax- stellar performance at the Chameleon Club.

but also shows powerful emotions through singing. Fitz and Noelle had plenty of dance moves to cover the whole stage. Sometimes they would come in close contact with each other in a flirtatious way, but then quickly back off or push the other away. When they did things like that, it worked with the music to create intensity and anxiousness about what would happen next. During the second half of the show Fitz & the Tantrums played a cover of "Steady As She Goes" by The Raconteurs. It was fun to hear a more grooving and soulful version of that song, rather than the alternative rock that we are used to hearing. It was an awesome cover, especially because it was not something I would suspect from them. Fitz did not waste too much time talking, but one thing he said was something along the lines of: “We wouldn’t be on stage if it weren’t for the true music lovers like you who come out and support us.” I felt lucky to be part of a special crowd of people who truly love music! I can see where Fitz was coming from with that statement. True music appreciators can definitely appreciate this band because of the high skill level and the instrumentation of the band, but the band is so good that everyone is starting to catch on and enjoy them!

State Radio: using music to change the world for the better Victoria Powell Staff Writer

On Friday, November 11, I took a trip to Philadelphia to see State Radio live at Union Transfer. It was a great show as usual, and my best friend even won a signed banner with the help of Calling All Crows.

old friend and we had grown up together with his family when they lived in Massachusetts for a little while. We lost touch for a little bit and then we met up again when we were in different bands playing the Northeast circuit. Then Mad Dog was playing buckets outside of Fenway Park and I just started hanging with him- listening to him play his

other periods, we put on skates and skated against the ice girls in a relay race. That was really fun. We lost, but we came close. And the bassist in State Radio doesn’t really skate so we were enjoying his falls.

Victoria: Is there some place you have never played, but dream of playing live there in

back… that kind of thing.

Victoria: How did Calling All Crows come to be? Chad: Sybil and I felt like we were doing a bunch of benefit shows here and there for different causes and we felt like if we could organize our own cause, we could be more effective. And so we started Calling All Crows. We have a bunch of people on staff and it’s been really cool to see people kind of take up that torch and help us out with all sorts of different causes. It’s been really special.

Victoria: What bands have you been listening to recently? Chad: I’ve been listening to The White Buffalo, Rx Bandits, Tracy Chapman, [and] The Boorays.


Calling All Crows is a nonprofit organization that was started by State Radio's lead vocalist, Chad Stokes. They work to create change through humanitarian aid, volunteerism and issue advocacy. For this particular show at Union Transfer, all fans were encouraged to bring canned goods to donate to Philabundance. Bringing a canned good earned you a raffle ticket, so of course we brought some canned goods and my friend turned out to be the lucky winner of the raffle prize. On Thursday, November 3, I had the chance to interview Chad Stokes of State Radio. Some people also know him from his former band Dispatch.

Interview with Chad Stokes of the band State Radio Victoria: How and when did you first start to play music? Chad: I started playing trombone when I was 12, then switched over to the guitar when I was around 13 and started playing in bands, you know, all through high school and started from there. Victoria: How did your band (State Radio) form? Chad: Let’s see... Chuck was an

buckets and then talking to him and it turns out I went to high school with his cousin. So we just kind of fell into place.

the future? Chad: Ahh, let’s see. I’d love to play in Mongolia. Out in the great plains of Mongolia, where you can only get there by horse-

Olivia Synoracki Staff Writer

Christmas is right around the corner! Malls have already begun to put decorations up and radio stations have begun to play Christmas music; everyone is getting in the mood for the Holiday season. You may have a favorite Christmas album that you listen to on repeat, but one CD that should be on the top of your play list is Michael Buble’s Christmas, which was released on October 25, 2011. With his smooth, crooner voice, Buble creates a classic holiday album with a twist. He does not just sweep you away with his swing mood, but he ads a little pop music and classical in there as well. The album includes songs such as "It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas," "Silent Night," and "Feliz Navidad." One of the top songs is the classic "Jingle Bells," however, Buble gives it a Bing Crosby feel, jazzing it up with the Puppini Sisters and giving it an oldie but goodie feel. "Santa Baby" is another tune that sticks out on this album. Although this song is normally sung by a woman, Buble makes the original sultry song more

manly. He does this by changing the lyrics around with phrases like, “Santa baby, slip a rolex under the tree,” and “I’ll wait up for you dude.” Overall it is catchy and fun, especially from a guy’s perspective. Another song on top of the list is a duet with Shania Twain. Together they sing an upbeat version of "White Christmas," adding a great beat throughout the song. Going a little more to the pop genre, Buble also includes his own version of Mariah Carey’s "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Like on most of his CDs, Buble included an original Christmas song, titled "Cold December Night." Being light hearted and smooth, the song is very beautiful and a potential favorite for some. The entire album is perfect for getting into the holiday season. Many will even want to listen to it on repeat. Buble has definitely outdone himself, creating a wonderful CD with a variety of stylistic songs that you will not be able to get enough of. With his smooth jazzy tone, Buble gets you in the mood for the most wonderful time of the year.

Victoria: What is one thing that makes you the happiest in life? My wonderful partner Sybil and my little dog Lefty.

Victoria: What advice do you have for musicians who also want to “save the world”? Chad: Just be honest about what you do and try to incorporate what you believe in into your musical career so that it’s not kind of one or the other but you can do both at the same time.

State Radio performs at the Union Transfer in Philadelphia to an excited crowd.

A Bublé “Christmas”

Victoria: Is there anything you would like to add to the end of this interview? Chad: I’d like to say how much we miss our friend Troy Davis who was executed about a month ago, and we hope that the justice system in this country recognizes the wrong in capital punishment.

Victoria: Who inspires you? Chad: The Dalai Lama, Howard Zinn, Gandhi, [and] Jethro Tull. [Also] Loni Anderson from WKRP in Cincinatti- a popular actress from the early 80’s… not really but she is kind of inspiring in her own way


This album offers a combination of familar tunes with a inventive new sound to liven up the holidays.

Shopping blues? Kristen Reinbold Staff Writer

With the Christmas shopping season already upon us, do you find yourself stumped? Is there a particular someone on your list who just eludes the regular gift-giving choices? If you are in need of that unique find, a valuable resource for the holiday shopping experience is your local resale store. They are tiny, hidden away in little suburbs, and they are full of things you cannot possibly imagine. The owners of resale and antique stores are usually friendly, helpful, and willing to haggle over prices. One such store lies on East Main Street of Strasburg, called The Blue Onion. The Blue Onion is full of tea sets, handmade and antique

jewelry pieces, ancient books, tapestries and blankets, home décor, and so much more. It is also home to the world’s friendliest shop cat, a big old tortoiseshell queen. And if you do not know what you want, the owner, Lynde Rezer, is more than happy to help you look or make suggestions. The Blue Onion is open only during the weekends, but the owner is easily available over the phone. The store’s number is 717-687-8235. And if Strasburg is too far a drive, there are other quality resale and antique stores located all over the country. Consignment stores, and places like Good Will and Salvation Army are also great places to find unique or gently used items for your shopping or personal needs.

Victoria: Do you believe that music can change the world? Chad: Yeah, you know, it’s the universal language. I think it can cross borders that nothing else can. Victoria: Where was your favorite place to ever play a live show? Chad: Probably when we played in the Boston garden during a Bruins game in between periods and they just rolled a stage out on the ice. And that VICTORIA POWELL/THESNAPPER same night, that same Chad Stokes, the lead singer for State Radio was able to sit down game in between the and answer a few questions for the Snapper staff.


From antique tapestries to books, this store has something for everyone. Come by and take a look for yourself.

14 Arts&Culture THE SNAPPER

December 1, 2011

MSPaint Adventures reaching the next level in online storytelling Rachael Ward Arts&Culture Editor

those stories remain incomplete, Andrew moved on and refined his rules on reader involvement. For one, he said that he would be

tribute. What separates Homestuck from comics before it is that it has incorporated both music, composed by fans,

Homestuck has also included flash videos into the story, projects that are collaborations between Andrew and readers. Fans of classic video games will also appreciate the short video game-like pages where the reader can take control of a character and explore their environment. All of these collaborative elements have been used to great effect in this comic, separating it from other web-based comics. MS Paint Adventures is estimated to be the longest comic on the Internet, with over 6,000 pages between its four respective series and only continues to increase. Just as the comic stories themselves evolve, so does Andrew’s method of involving the fans of his work and how many different people can work together and create something. Andrew’s direction after Homestuck is still to be determined, but his ideas have gathered a large amount of fans that will continue to support him and his site. For more information, check out

Everyone has a story to tell, from tales of a real experience to a world created by the imagination. The Internet has become a popular tool to share these stories with the world. With every blog or article, writers of various levels of experience share their views and ideas with lightning speed. Unlike print media, Internet storytelling has the ability to not just include writing and pictures, but sound and even video. However, with such a creative tool in the hands of almost anyone, how can you find something new and different from the sea of data? ILLUSTRATION BY ANDREW HUSSIE One man by the name of The titular character of “Problem Sleuth,” Andrew Hussie’s first Andrew Hussie has taken completed comic. He arms himself with his trusty pistol. the concept of comicstyle storytelling and adapted it more selective in his selection of and merchandise that can be into an internet publication that reader suggestions on com- found on the website has resulted in something that mands along with getting rid of has never been seen before. the idea of multiple paths. Back in 2006, Andrew Hussie This refined system resultcreated a website called MS Paint ed in his third comic, Adventures. This website con- “Problem Sleuth” being sists of various web comics completed on April 7th, which parody text-based adven- 2009. While “Problem ture video games in design and Sleuth” had a rocky beginstyle. According to Andrew, the ning of three detectives trycomic is supposed to simulate ing to escape their offices, playing one of these games so the story later grew into a the story is influenced by differ- full exploration of their ficent commands written at the tional world introducing a bottom of the page. What is large number of characters. unique about Andrew’s creation Its success was thanks to is that these commands are not just Andrew but reader reader driven. Meaning that participation. when people want the characters As of April 13, 2009, in the story to do something, it Andrew began his currently will be incorporated into the ongoing comic, Homestuck. comic’s story. This allows the The plot consists of four story to constantly evolve and adolescents as they become change, either elevating the involved in a game humor or introducing a plot designed to recreate the twist. Each suggestion was universe. The story’s scale looked over by Andrew as he is enormous, incorporating drew the outcome of the com- time travel, and the vast mands. world of this unique game. Although, this type of reader Andrew has stated on his involvement is far from perfect. website that most of this Two of Andrew’s initial comics comic’s plot and elements “Jailbreak” and “Bardquest” have already been prewere examples of this due to the planned, along with the fact that too many suggestions commands leading the came in that Andrew was inca- story in the direction he pable to keep up with them and prefers. keep the story coherent. While this has limited the ILLUSTRATION BY ANDREW HUSSIE “Bardquest” in particular suf- amount fans can have on the Art for the eighth album for the comic “Homestuck”. Music is fered from too many multiple story as a whole, it does not paths the story could go. While mean they cannot con- available for purchase from

The rebirth of a classic fairytale Olivia Synoracki

Years later, when the daughter is grown up, she is supposed to return The story of Snow White is a to the town, and famous one. Derived from many save the people European countries, the tale from the curse. On became well known by the arriving at the Brothers Grimm. However, it was town, Emma Swan not until Walt Disney created his (Jennifer Morrison) first feature film, Snow White and meets a boy who the Seven Dwarfs, that the believes the people Princess came to be well known living in this town all around the world. Although are real fairytale Snow White is one of the Disney characters. The Princesses, it has been a long show not only time since she has made an focuses on Snow impact on audiences, especially White, but brings since the movie first appeared in HTTP://WWW.KLEYRTODAY.COM in many other fairytheaters in 1937. Recently, howHit television shows such as “Once upon a tale characters, ever Snow White has made a time” are reviving these classic tales. i n c l u d i n g comeback, returning as the new C i n d e r e l l a , fad of Hollywood. Multiple Meyer’s Twilight series is a great Rumpelstilskin, Red Riding Hood, example of this. What started out movies and TV shows have been Jiminy Cricket, and many others. emerging lately, focusing on as a small publication, the book Another up and coming show quickly gained many readers. The Snow White. Mirror Mirror, set to which concentrates on fairytale obsession with Team Edward and be released on March 16, 2012, is characters is Grimm. This show Team Jacob was already set by a light-hearted version of Snow gives the tales of the Grimm the time Hollywood got their White. Starring Julia Roberts as Brothers a dark twist. Nick hands on the rights to the film. the Evil Queen, Lily Collins as Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) is a Yet once the films were schedSnow White, and Armie Hammer homicide detective who is a uled, Vampires rapidly became as the Prince. Although it is to foldescendent of hunters known as one of the largest obsessions, low the original story of Snow “Grimms.” Being a Grimm, Nick’s coming close to Harry Potter. But White and the Seven Dwarfs, the job is to keep as many know, one phenomena in film will show a humans safe from Hollywood does not stick around more lightthe mystical crea- for too long, especially when hearted side of tures living in our something new and creative is the tale, showworld. All of the brought into the picture. So now ing the Queen’s supernatural char- that Snow White and fairytale desires to acters are the characters are dominating pop marry the ones we known culture, vampires are slowly fadPrince herself, from fairytales ing out. TV series such as The yet trying to rid and the Brothers Vampire Diaries and True Blood, the Kingdom of Grimm stories. Snow White at are bound to slip away as fairyWith the rise of tale characters become stronger. the same time. Snow White and And once the last of the Twilight Another Snow other fairytale movies retires from theaters, White based characters, many there could be a possible end to film expected other phenome- the vampire craze that many in theaters June nas, such as the knew all too well. There are those 1, 2012, is vampire craze, who will try to hold onto the vamSnow White and begin to die down. pire fad, but Hollywood is moving the Huntsman. For years now fast into a new phenomenon, and Unlike Mirror vampires have we can’t expect them to slow Mirror, this verHTTP://3.BP.BLOGSPOT.COM sion of Snow From the look of this poster, Snow White is getting a more been a huge trend down anytime soon. in pop culture and White is anticimedia. Stephanie pated to be mature and edgier look. Is this a good or a bad thing?

Staff Writer

darker drama, including lots of action. This film will provide the legendary tale with a twist. The Queen, (Charlize Theron) upon learning of the fair Snow White (Kristen Stewart), orders the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to kill her. However, when the Huntsman finds Snow White in the woods, instead of killing her, he becomes her protector. Together they go on a journey to conquer the Queen. Not only is Snow White becoming an up and rising icon in Hollywood, but all fairytale characters in general are as well. The TV show Once Upon a Time, which focuses it’s plot around the evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) wanting to get rid of Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and then setting a curse on the whole village to stop all happy endings. Because all happy endings are gone, these fairytale characters now have to endure real life happenings, therefore living in our world. Before the Queen had set a curse on the whole village though, Snow White and the Prince (Josh Dallas) have a baby girl, and save her in time before the curse hits the castle.

Happy Feet Two

Arthur Christmas


On Christmas night at the North Pole, Santa's youngest son looks to use his father's high1:10, 3:40, 7:05

PG tech operation for an urgent mission.

Jack and Jill


Immortals 3D


Puss In Boots

Mumble's son, Erik, is struggling to realize his talents in the 2:15, 4:45, 7:15 Emperor Penguin world.

Family guy Jack Sadelstein prepares for the annual event he dreads: the Thanksgiving visit 1:40, 4:20, 6:55 of his twin sister, the needy and passive-aggressive Jill, who then refuses to leave. Theseus is a mortal man chosen by Zeus to lead the fight against 2:45, 5:20, 7:50 the ruthless King Hyperion, who is on a rampage across Greece. A story about the events leading up to the sword fighting cat's 2:10, 4:35, 7:05

PG meeting with Shrek and his friends.

When a group of hard working guys find out they've fallen vic-

Tower Heist

tim to a wealthy business man's PG-13 Ponzi scheme, they conspire to 1:05, 3:45, 6:10 rob his high-rise residence.

A Very Harold & Kuman Christmas 3D

Hugo 3D


Six years after their first adventure,Harold Lee and Kumar Patel cause a holiday fracas by inadvertently burning down Harold's father-in-law's prize Christmas tree. Set in 1930s Paris, an orphan who lives in the walls of a train

PG station is wrapped up in a mystery involving his late father and an automaton.

The Muppets

12:10, 1, 3:05, 6:05, 7:40

With the help of three fans, The Muppets must reunite to save 1:30, 2, 4, 4:30,

PG their old theater from a greedy oil tycoon.

J. Edgar



As the face of law enforcement in America for almost 50 years, J. Edgar Hoover was feared and admired, reviled and revered.

6:30, 7:10

12:45, 3:35, 6:45

Harold and Kumar Mike London Staff Writer

on screen and it helps to add to the realism of the movie. At the beginning, they start out as estranged friends, but throughout the movie you can start to see their relationship fix itself. This is made all the more believable thanks Cho and Penn's acting abilities. The film can be very raunchy at times, but this does not distract from the humor. Brian Luckenbill, a sophomore physics education major at Millersville, said that he “expected the movie to be a lot raunchier than it actually was. It didn’t come off too offensive and it crossed the line just the right amount.” I would have to agree. Yes, it was a little disgusting to have feces thrown directly at the camera, and with the added 3D technology, right at my face, but there was never a moment where I had to look away because the film was too gross. Many critics online have claimed that this is the most offensive movie of all time. I would have to disagree and just say that yes, it is offensive, but it does not go too far to be funny. A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas is a great film to see this holiday season. By coming out in November, way before the influx of a dozen or so Christmas movies, Harold and Kumar will really get you in the mood for Christmas. It has great leads and awesome 3D humor that many college students will enjoy this year. So check A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas out the next time you and your friends head to the movie theater.

In A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas, the hilarious third installment in the Harold and Kumar trilogy, Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) have not talked in six years since their last adventure together. Harold has moved on in his life, maturing and finding himself married and ready to start a family. Kumar is the same stoner burnout from the previous movies who has had nothing to do with Harold for a long time. That is, until a mysterious package arrives on Kumar’s doorstep labeled for Harold. He reluctantly brings the package to Harold’s house and, once opened, it causes the men to head on another wild adventure. This time the hunt is not for a White Castle burger, instead, the duo are on the search for the perfect Christmas tree. Hilarity ensues as the two find themselves in New York City in a race against time, facing off against mobsters, running into their old pal Neil Patrick Harris (played by himself), and getting drugged, turning themselves into claymation. This installment was shot in 3D, and this technology is a big part of the film. In recent years, 3D movies have become a huge thing, with seemingly every movie turning into a 3D release. Harold and Kumar take this idea and blow it out of proportion. The 3D is so over the top that it works for this movie. The creator of the movie clearly wanted to make a joke out of 3D, causing everything from pot smoke to flying eggs to turn 3D. It really works for the movie and adds to the humor of the film. The two leads have had great chemistry together in the films prior, and this installment is no exception. HTTP://LATESTMOVIEDB.COM Cho and Penn come off as Harold and Kumar set off to find the perfect best friends Christmas tree. Misadventures sure to follow.


December 1, 2011

Scandal causes The Philadelphia Flyers hockey drastic change in team is having luck on the ice x3 Happy Valley KAYLEE DUGAN


versity, its administration, and its beloved football program, Joe Paterno announced personal news as well. The former head coach for forty-six years was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Scott Paterno released a statement on behalf of his father and family announcing the disease. “Last weekend, my father was diagnosed with a treatable form of lung cancer during a follow-up visit for bronchial illness,” Paterno explained. “As everyone can appreciate, this is a deeply personal matter for my parents, and we simply ask that his privacy be respected as he proceeds with treatment.” The positive note in all of this is the student turn-out at the PSU-Nebraska game on November 12. Originally, the student crowd was asked to white-out the stadium for senior day. To rally support for the victims, the crowd showed up dressed in blue. Blue, one of Penn State’s school colors, also happens to be the awareness ribbon color for child sex abuse. While red shirts of Nebraska fans could be seen throughout the 107,903-person crowd, the number of those participating in the blue-out was much greater. At the end of the game, all fans were on their feet to thank both teams for the game. Hopefully some better news will come out of Penn State soon, because University Park could certainly use it.

The news coming out of Happy Valley lately has not exactly been of the “happy” sorts. Between Jerry Sandusky’s crimes, the neglect of university administration, the firing of head coach Joe Paterno, and the student riots, Penn State University is in dire need of some good news. Unfortunately, there is not much available. Interestingly tied to the case was the presiding judge. The judge formerly assigned to the case was District Judge Leslie Dutchcot, an avid supporter of Sandusky’s charity. The Second Mile program even donated finances for Dutchcot’s campaigning for district judge. Many questioned Dutchcot’s motives, as she knew Sandusky through the charity. In a press release from the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts, Judge Robert Scott is the newlyassigned presiding judge. Scott was chosen because “he has no known connections with the Pennsylvania State University, the Second Mile charity, nor any officers or representatives of any of those cities,” according to the press release from November 16, 2011. The question for the football team, of course, will be motivation for their final games. By winning out the rest of their schedule (Ohio State on November 19 and Wisconsin on November 26), the Nittany Lions will be in the first annual Big Ten Championship game. This game would have them facing the Legends Division winner for the inaugural Stagg Trophy (formerly known as the Stagg-Paterno Trophy, but in light of the events, the Big 10 removed Paterno’s name from the trophy). After all of PHOTO COURTESY OF WORDPRESS.COM this news con- Nittany nation is feeling the affects of the cerning the uni- changes that are going on with athletics.

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Sports Columnist The Philadelphia Flyers have won their last three games. On Sunday, November 13 the Flyers took on the Florida Panthers. The Flyers scored in each period, but it was a close game. Danny Briere scored the first goal, with assists from Simmonds and JVR for the Flyers in the first period to put the Flyers up 1-0. The Flyers came out strong in the second period, scoring their second goal. Braydon Coburn scored the goal for them with help from Voracek and Talbot. Bryzagolav, the Flyers goalie, let one pass him in the second allowing Dadonov from the Panthers to score, putting the score at the end of the second at 2-1 Flyers. The third period looked a lot like the second with the Flyers

scoring first thanks to Matt Read’s wrist shot. Then the Panthers followed with a goal from Fleischmann to end the game at 3-2 Flyers. The winning goalie for the Flyers was Ilya Bryzgalov and the losing goalie for the Panthers was Jose Theodore. On Monday, November 14 the Flyers took on the Carolina Hurricanes. Claude Giroux dominated in this game. He took less than one and a half minutes in the first period to score the first goal and put the Flyers ahead 1-0. The Flyers waited a couple of minutes and then had Maxime Talbot score their next goal with assists from Read and Voracek. The Hurricanes’ Dwyer scored to put the score at 2-1 for the end of the first period. The second period started with who else but Claude Giroux scoring once again for the Flyers with an assist from Jaromir Jagr; these two make quite a pair in hockey. Wayne Simmonds, for the Flyers, took advantage of a power play and scored with help from Giroux and Pronger. The Hurricanes’ Ruutu scored to have the score hold at 4-2 at the end of the second. Hurricanes tried to come back with a goal in the begin-

ning of the third from Dwyer but the Flyers answered back with a goal from Matt Read and assists from Voracek and Pronger. The final score was Flyers 5 and the Hurricanes 3, with the winning goalie being Sergei Bobrovsky for the Flyers and the losing goalie as Cam Ward for the PHOTO COURTESY OF WORDPRESS.COM Hurricanes Phiilly won 2-1. The Flyers look to continue after he came to have a great season on the ice. in for Brian assists from Giroux and HartBouche, a former Flyers goalie. nell, finally put a number on Thursday, November 17 was the board. The Coyotes came when the Flyers played the back in the third with a goal Phoenix Coyotes, and it was anfrom Boedker to tie the game at other close game. Ilya Bryzgalov took his spot between the 1-1. But the Flyers’ Matt Read, with assists from Voracek and pipes for the Flyers to face his former team at the beginning of Talbot, scored with less than a minute left to win the game for the game. It was a scoreless the Flyers 2-1. The winning first period with neither degoalie was Bryzgalov and the fense letting up. losing goalie was Smith. Then late in the second period James Van Riemsdyk, with

Pennsylvania NFL teams NBA hits are scheduled to clash the floor LAUREN MATEJA Sports Writer

Pennsylvania has always been the “tale of two cities.” In the western end, we have Pittsburgh, a stalwart defense that gives up just under eighteen points per game. On the eastern side, Philadelphia has grown a reputation for being one of the most explosive offensive teams, currently leading the league in rushing yards per game with just over 170. For the past decade both teams have brought pride to the state. Since 2002, the Pittsburgh Steelers have finished top in the AFC North five times. Despite finishing second to the Bengals in 2005, the Steelers racked up their fifth Super Bowl championship. Super Bowl XL pitted Pittsburgh against the Seattle Seahawks, finishing the season with a 21-10 rout of the NFC champs. It was actually the first time in NFL history that the sixth seeded wild card team won out the post-season. Three years later, in 2008, the Steelers were at it again for their league-leading sixth Super Bowl win. In the showdown in Florida, the Steelers overcame the Arizona Cardinals’ fourth quarter lead with thirty-five seconds left. In the memorable moment, Santonio Holmes tiptoed in the endzone after a Ben Roethlisberger pass to put the Steelers up by three (four after the converted extra-point attempt by Jeff Reed). The moment was followed up by a Cardinals quarterback sack by LaMarr Woodley and a recovered fumble by Brett Keisel, giving the Steelers the 27-23 win. Even in 2010, the Steelers made yet another run to the Super Bowl—their eighth ap-

pearance. Their winning streak in the ultimate game would fall though, as the Green Bay Packers proved to be too much, as the Packer’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers would throw for 304 yards and three touchdowns for a 31-25 victory over the Steelers. The Eagles, on the other hand, have had little to show for their efforts in the Andy Reid era. Since 2001, the Eagles have finished first in the NFC East six times (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2010). In that same amount of time, they have had seven appearances in the post-season (with secondplace finishes in 2009 and 2010). Philadelphia has been to the NFC title match in 2001 (a

Jeremiah Trotter, DeSean Jackson, and Michael Vick donning green jerseys. As of late, Shady McCoy has been nearly unstoppable, leading the NFL in touchdowns, and is second in yards and rushing yards per game. Even this past off-season, Philadelphia added several ProBowlers to the roster, creating what Vince Young referred to as a “dream team,” a team only seen in video games. The play-off picture is night and day as well, just like Pennsylvania’s two storied football programs. If the Steelers win out the rest of their division schedule, they will finish second in the AFC North. This will give them a prime opportunity for either the fifth or sixth wildcard seeds in American Football Conference playoffs. Philadelphia, on the other hand, has a long way to go. Statistically, the Eagles' ability to make the playoffs is incredibly slim, as they have a 3-6 record. Mathematically, though, they may still be able to make it in by a small margin. If they win out the rest of their schedule (including a win against the New York Giants on November 20), the Eagles will come away with the NFC East Division Championship. This would qualify them for the automatic bid. This, of course, will prove to be incredibly difficult. The state has definitely been waiting for the ultimate February match up—an all-PA battle featuring both the Steel City and the City of Brotherly Love. We might just see a Pitt-Philly matchup in Super Bowl XLVI. Given the standings at this current moment though, Pennsylvania might just have to wait yet another year. But on any given Sunday, anything can happen.

“Since 2001, the Eagles have finished first in the NFC East six times.” Lauren Mateja Sports Writer loss to the Rams), 2002 (a loss to the Buccaneers), 2003 (a loss to the Panthers), 2004 (a win versus the Falcons), and 2008 (a loss to the Giants). In 2004, the Eagles ended their season at Alltel Stadium in Florida with a Super Bowl loss to the Patriots. Needless to say, Eagles fans are not exactly thrilled with the lack of rings. The positive note is the player development; there have always been dominating players on either offense or defense through the years. The Eagles have had notable names like Brian Westbrook, LeSean McCoy, Freddie Mitchell, Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens, Brian Dawkins, David Akers,

Philadelphia Eagles Standings Wins: 4 Losses: 7 Home: 1-5 Road: 3-2 PHOTO COURTESY OF CBSWNEW.FILES.COM

Michael Vick Quarterback


Division: 3-1 Conference: 4-5

LeSean McCoy Wide Receiver


The lockout is over.  Decemeber 25th is official play.


NBA fans do not have to wait much longer. Tension is rising as basketball season is soon to be underway. As far as reports have shown, the league and the players association are still in the process of discussing secondary issues along with the players union, which still needs to be reformed. The new CBA must be put to a vote which can only be done among the union members. It is must-have progress that has really put stress on the NBA league. However, talk of a vote really shows how far the men are from playing. This news is a lot better than the past report of the NBA not even being close to a deal. Matt Barnes of the L.A. Lakers says, “For us to come to a vote, it’s close to as good as it’s gonna get. So let’s just go out there and play.” With that being said, the NBA will start a 66-game season which kicks off with a triple header on December 25. As for training camps and practice, this is set to open on December 9. Be on the lookout for our Philadelphia 76ers, as we can hope for them to have a winning season and improve from last year.


December 1, 2011

The women’s volleyball team’s Huss and Lesinksi receive prestigious awards AUBREY SCHWALM Sports Editor


Sa rah B ernha rd t Swimming

Our lady Marauders completed their volleyball season with an even .500 finish. Their overall standings were 18 wins and 18 losses, along with being 7-12 in PSAC East play. With such a successful season under their belts, two Marauder players, senior Allison Huss and freshman Katie Lesinski, swept up an All-PSAC Eastern Division Second Team honor, and Lesinski took home the PSAC East Freshman of the Year award. Lesinski was awarded as the PSAC East Freshman of the Year and it was well earned. She had a stellar season, racking up big time stats that have caught people’s attention. Her records recorded her as smacking 276 kills and checking off 39 serv-

ice aces. With those astounding award. The last known recipinumbers it was no surprise that ent was Beckie Ressler in 2001. she was given such a prestiAllison Huss also did a great gious award and ranked second job this season on the court as in both categories in compar“...two Marauder players, senior Allison ison with her Huss and freshman Katie Lesinski, swept teammates. She also up an All-PSAC Eastern Division Second cranked up the Team honor, and Lesinski took home the heat on the floor by digging 216 PSAC East Freshman of the Year award.” kills attempts. Aubrey Schwalm Lesinski finished her job at the net Sports Editor by tallying 42 total blocks, which landed her as number four on the team in she swept the competition by that department, as well as con- getting appointed as All-PSAC necting with 30 completed asEastern Division Second Team sists. With this award being honor. Although it was her given to Lesinski, this is the final year as a Marauder, she first time in 10 years for a did a great job of showing leadMillersville volleyball freshman ership and strength on the player to receive this type of floor. Not only is this her first

Field hockey’s Rachel Dickinson is named the Rookie of the Year CAITLIN BRANAMAN Associate Sports Editor


Unfortunately, Sarah Bernhardt did not respond to the athlete of the week questions.

B ra d Ben zing Soccer

school. Dickinson stopped two rushes to keep the game scoreless and ensured Millersville’s win. She was awarded her first Rookie of the Week award for the season the following week for her efforts in the game. Dickinson was awarded her second Rookie of the Week award three weeks later for scoring a goal and two assists against the number six ranked C.W. Post and against the fifth ranked Indiana (Pa.). Millersville won both games and earned a ranking of number six. It was later that same week that Dickinson and the defense held a shutout against the Griffins.

Freshman Rachel Dickinson was recently named Division II Rookie of the Year by She was a two-time Rookie of the Week recipient in 2011 from, and in addition to being named Rookie of the Year, she was also placed on their All-Rookie squad. Dickinson continued to receive honors, being named PSAC East Freshman of the Year. She was part of a Marauder defense that was ranked seventh in the nation in scoring defense. Dickinson was one of three players who started all eighteen games this season. She also led the team with 10 points and was tied for a team-leading four goals. In the game against Mercyhurst on September 7, Dickinson scored the game’s only goal in overtime. She played an important role in the game against Shippensburg three days later. The Marauders had upset the number two team with a score of 32 for the first time in 13 years PHOTO COURTESY OF MU ATHLETICS of playing Dickinson deserved the Rookie award with against the

her outstanding season performance.

PSAC award for her entire career, but she was able to play every single set and match this 2011 season. Her stats show her as a killer on the net as she led the team with 295 kills and cleaned up the garbage by digging out her career-high of 370 kill attempts. She became the second student-athlete in the history of Millersville University to finish with exactly 1,000 kills and 1,000 digs throughout her career at MU. Huss also stole the spotlight as she was the first player ever in school history to finish in seven different categories, ranked in the top 10 in each of those categories. Congratulations to both recipients. Your Marauder community and University could not be prouder!

Freshman wrestlers fail to disappoint at the Laker open CHRIS NORTON Sports Writer Freshmen Joel Suter and Josh Ruppert made striking debuts for the Millersville Wrestling team Saturday. Ruppert placed second while Suter took third in the Laker Open hosted by Mercyhurst. Another freshman who was able to star on this day was Greg Noll, pushing deep into the bracket. Ruppert managed to score three falls in his trip through the championship bracket, first pinning Gannon’s Nick Carberry in a short 51 seconds. He followed the victory by then pinning John Carroll’s Jake Vincent in 2 minutes and 54 seconds. Going up against Penn State’s Michael Waters, Ruppert only needed 2:10 to advance by fall. He drew his teammate Noll in the semi-finals for what was one of the most evenly matched bouts of the day. The two Marauders fought through three periods until Ruppert eventually came out on top by a 13-12 decision. The match took a physical toll on Ruppert as he was forced to forfeit the championship match against Penn State’s Kyle Moran due to medical complications. Joel Suter dropped his opening match by a 4-2 decision to Cleveland State’s Tommy Padavick. Suter took advantage of the alleviation with five pins. His first was against Mercyhurst Northeast’s Glenn Borton

in just 56 seconds, and followed with an even better time of 46 seconds against Washington & Jefferson’s James Vautier. After advancing from a medical forfeit, Suter was victorious over Nathan Silvus of Cleveland State, pinning him in 1 minute and 30 seconds. He then advanced to the third-place match with a pin of Charles Sheaffer of Meryhurst in 1 minute and 30 seconds again. In the third-place match, Paul Dnneback of John Carroll was able to challenge Suter, taking him into the third period. Suter, however, scored the fall 29 seconds in. Zac Wawrzyniak-Bush lost his opening match, but was able to win two decisions in the consolation bracket. Freshman Greg Noll was also able to receive a pair of wins by fall in his collegiate debut by pinning Lake Erie’s Adam Horovitz in 3 minutes and 56 seconds, and Doug Hayes of John Carroll in 3 minutes and 46 seconds before falling to Ruppert. With such an impressive day, the Millersville Wrestling team opens its dual schedule December 2 at home against Sacred Heart with confidence. The future of the team’s freshmen looks bright after setting the bar for their opponents. Please mark your calendars for the wrestling matches that are going to start at home for their season. The Marauder community is hoping for a successful year with all the talent on the team.

Men’s baseball looks for another winning season with new recruits are confident that each of these young men fit our program philosophy and will represent Millersville University well in the coming years.” Coach John Shehan and the Shehan credited their excelMarauders Baseball program anlent recruitment to Nolan Neiman nounced the signings for their as well as Bob Preli, and Miles 2012-2013 recruiting class FriGallagher, catcher for the Maday, November 18. Shehan rauders. Millersville is coming off stated, “The 2012 early signing class is one that has our coaching their second PSAC East title in four years under Coach Shehan, staff excited about the next fuas well as the program’s first ture of Millersville Baseball. We NCAA Atlantic Region title since 2000. In attempt to keep the roster fresh, the staff focused on signing strong arms. Shehan stated that his main goal was to increase depth on the mound and fill the void left by the seven pitchers graduating who include Derek Kline, Zach Eckley, Brooks Rothschild, Mike McMonagle, Jason Long, Tyler Horst and Andrew Hunt. The recruits also include some impressive position players who look to fulfill the expectations left behind by another group of graduating PHOTO COURTESY OF MU ATHLETICS players who include outfielder Coach Shehan has another Chris Edgar, first baseman Cartalented group on his hands . los Medina, catcher/first base-

CHRIS NORTON Sports Writer


Unfortunately, Brad Benzing did not respond to the athlete of the week questions.

man Mike Perez, and shortstop Mike August. The recruiting class includes right-handed pitcher Cody Stoneback from Quakertown High School and the AllAmerican Baseball Academy. Stoneback was a projectable recruit, whose goals as a player align directly with the program. Tanner Rahauser, another right-handed pitcher out of Cumberland Valley High School, was signed as well, with hopes of improving the team all-around. The consistency of recruiting righthanded pitchers continued with Matt Binder, Dylan Schaeffer, Mason Roof, and Josh Brogan, who is also a first baseman. Binder, from Haddonfield High School, was named All-South Jersey Group 2 First Team as a junior after posting a 6-1 record for Bob Bickel’s Haddonfield program. Schaeffer, signed out of Hagerstown Community College in Maryland, allowed only eight earned runs and 26 hits in 29.0 innings in his 2011 season. Roof, out of Towanda High School, was an all-league first and second team selection as well as a twotime league champion. Brogan, signed out of Marple

Newtown High School, is known for being a hard thrower on the mound while simultaneously putting up impressive numbers in batting. Other players who plan on positively affecting the team include outfielder Daniel Stoltzfus, shortstop Tyler Orris, and left-handed pitcher Mike Kollhoff. Stoltzfus was signed out of Pequea Valley High School. He was named an All-LancasterLebanon League selection in 2011. Orris, from Cedar Cliff High School, was named an All-MidPenn honoree and team MVP. Kollhoff, coming from Downingtown East High School, is the one left-handed pitcher recruited. He helped his team fight their way to the second round of the district playoffs while posting a 1.87 ERA, a 3-0 record, and 23 strikeouts in 18 innings. These players were all signed for a reason; to improve the Millersville Baseball program. With all their talents combined, Coach Shehan, along with many others, believes the future of the team looks bright.


December 1, 2011

Women slide easily by Slippery Rock istered double-doubles, while Mosley’s double-double was her second in two games thus far. Mosley recorded 15 points and 11 rebounds which provided her with her 21st career doubledouble. Newman had a great game as she competed with Mosley and finished with 16 points and 11 boards. Guard Sophia Waters also added to the final total by putPHOTO COURTESY OF MUATHLETICS ting up 17 points, 10 The women’s team is having an outstanding opening season thus far. of which came in the second half. Waters Not only did they skate by The connected perfectly from AUBREY SCHWALM Rock 81-49, they also had four downtown as she was 3-3. players on the team who Sports Editor Gabrielle Styles also joined in notched double digits in the on the action by scoring 12 Slippery Rock proved to be scoring department. Point points in the contest. With this no match for our women’s basguard Mashira Newman and ketball team on November 20. center Aurielle Mosley both reg- win, Millersville goes on to prove their strength by increas-

ing their record to 2-0 overall and 2-0 in PSAC play. Others got to see some time on the floor, as freshman Shelby Reimer displayed three point shooting as she connected behind the arc on her first shot-attempt. Her scoring was not done. She registered two more shots from the floor, as she went 3-3 during play, which shows great strength in coach Mary Fleig’s freshman recruiting class. The Marauders came out on top the entire game, not letting The Rock get ahead at any point in time. The ladies shot a little over 50 percent compared to Slippery Rock’s 29 percent. Their largest lead of the game was by 36 points. Our women’s team is looking good this season. Please come out and support your Marauders this season. It appears to be the start of another good, long, successful year for Millersville so mark your calendars!


Aurie lle M osley Basketball

Defensive captain Gary Tillman is All-PSAC East Second Team recipient Men’s Basketball

Men’s Soccer

Women’s Basketball

Women’s Swimming


L 75-84

Slippery Rock

L 56-68

Wilmington (Del.)

L 77-80


MATT MOUL Sports Writer

W 1-0

#24 California (Pa.)

W 1-0

#6 Rockhurst

T 0-0 (Ville advances 7-6 in PK’s)


W 62-48

Slippery Rock

W 81-49


W 60-57

Marywood University

W 113.5-85.5


W 127-68

Highlander Invitational


around player, as he helped lead them to back-to-back playoff appearances. In his Millersville career Tillman racked up 149 tackles, 2 sacks, 3 interceptions, and 5 forced fumbles.

As the All-PSAC East Second Team was announced on Wednesday, a familiar name could be heard: Millersville’s own Gary Tillman. Tillman, in his senior year, spent the season patrolling the secondary at Safety. As defensive captain he started all 10 games, and was 2nd on the team in tackles with 62, and also recorded a sack in the season finale. He gave ball carriers fits with his ability to strip the ball, totaling 3 forced fumbles on the season. Tillman was especially strong down the stretch, recording seven tackles in five of the last 6 games, including 13 tackles against Shippensburg, a career best. Being a standout player is nothing new to Tillman. At Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, MD he was PHOTO COURTESY OF MU ATHLETICS named the team’s best all-

Gary Tillman will be missed.

Men’s basketball offense struggles CHRIS NORTON Sports Writer

With their first game in PSAC conference play against Slippery Rock, Millersville started off with sheer speed leading 10-1 early into the first quarter. The Marauders unfortunately could not keep their momentum going, eventually letting Slippery Rock ease past with a 68-56 victory. Coming off of a game scoring 25 points, Millersville’s leading scorer Larry Grant fell short, shooting 0 for 12 from the field. The rest of the Marauder’s offense struggled to

find any breathing room as well, shooting 36.5 percent from the field leading to their second loss in a row. Slippery Rock did not get away easily, however, shooting only 22 of 57 from the field, allowing the Marauders to keep the game close until the end of the second quarter. The Rock held a 36-30 lead at the half, quickly taking advantage by increasing it to 10. They maintained their 10 point lead until Jaymes Miller was able to go on a 12-2 run with two of his team high 15 points. Miller was supported by Anthony Coleman who hit two

baskets as well. Rob Wyley and Elijah Obade managed to each score with Wyley hitting a put-back, and Obade making a layup off of an assist from Coleman to tie the game at 46. Searching for a comfortable lead, both teams continued to answer one another’s baskets, keeping the game tied at 50 until Slippery Rock’s Torrance Timothy made a 3-point shot to give them the lead for good. After another basket from Auburn Reeves to increase The

Slippery Rock 68 Millersville 56

Rock’s lead to 55-51, Millersville went 4 minutes and 35 seconds without making another field goal. This allowed Slippery Rock to go on a 14-2 run that paved the way to their second win of the season. Slippery Rock scored 18 of the last 24 points in the game. Jaymes Miller’s 15 points was a season-high coming off of a four point game Saturday against Mercyhurst. Coleman added nine points from 4-of-5 shooting, and Obade totaled 14 points from 6-of-15 shooting. The Marauders seek to end their two game losing streak Wednesday at Wilmington.


Unfortunately, Aurielle Mosley did not respond to the athlete of the week questions.

El i jah O bade Basketball



Center, Elijah Obade, has been dominate on the boards.


Near the end of the game, The Rock started pulling away.

Unfortunately, Elijah Obade did not respond to the athlete of the week questions.

The Snapper


Women’s basketball is on a winning streak! Page 17

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Benzings’ game winning penality kick save boosts Marauders to Pensacola, Florida ESTELLE REIDLER Sports Writer After 110 minutes of scoreless play, one tied round of penalty kicks, and then a triumphant second round the Millersville Men’s soccer team came out triumphant against the Rockhurst Hawks. This was the second time in 4 years that the Men’s soccer team made it to the NCAA Quarterfinal game, but this year the outcome was one of victory for the Marauders. When the game began the playing seemed relatively even between the two teams, but Rockhurst was quick to strike, taking a total of 6 shots on goal in the first half. The Marauders played a strong defense and with a few good saves from goalkeeper Brad Benzing they were able to keep the score at 0-0 after managing to make only 1 shot on goal in the half. The second half began with a much more organized Marauder offense, and in the period the Marauder’s outshot the Hawks 43. But even with the stronger offensive play neither team was able to capitalize on their shots. The half progressed into a much

more aggressive degree of playing from both sides of the field. When the half ended five minutes of break were given and then the game went into 10 minutes of overtime play. Rockhurst dominated the overtime, taking 2 shots compared to 0 shots taken by the Marauders. The overtime ended and

made the first shot for the Hawks. Then came Marauder senior Ethan Daubert; his attempt was saved by Rockhurst keeper Ryan Bass. Rockhurst shot again and made it, giving them a 2-1 lead. The Hawks kept that lead until the fourth set of shots were taken; Millersville’s John Claffey made his shot, and then Rockhurst’s Joe Huppe sent the ball wide of the net. This was the stop that Millersville needed to keep them in the game. The first round of penalty shots ended 4-4. Then came a round of sudden-victory penalty kicks, meaning that the first team to not make a shot lost the game. The shots were tied at 2-2 after Millersville’s Andrew Dukes and Matt Kadoch took their shots. The third shot was taken and made by sophomore Colby Zeger, who shot left as the Rockhurst keeper went right. John Merlo took the shot for Rockhurst; he sent the ball right and Benzing dove right and stopped the shot as well as ending the game. A victory huddle rushed over Benzing as he ran out of the goal. Rockhurst stood and watched for a moment as the Marauders celebrated their victory. The Marauders will now travel to the Ashton Brosnaham in Pensacola, Florida where they will face off against No. 3 Fort Lewis. So Marauder fans, grab your sunglasses and shorts as we get ready to follow the men to a warmer climate. Let’s go Marauders!

“This was the second time in 4 years that the Men’s soccer team made it to the NCAA Quarterfinal game, but this year the outcome was one of victory for the Marauders.” -Estelle Reidler then there was another 10 minute round of overtime play. In the second round of overtime Millersville played a strongly defensive game with the midfield hanging in the defensive zone rather than pushing the ball forward. Rockhurst once again outshot Millersville this time with a margin of 4-0. When the clock ran out on the overtime play the game turned to penalty kicks. Both teams lined up across the field, the goalies gathered at the net. Senior Pat Baffuto took and made the first penalty kick of the session. Rockhurst’s Mark Magee took and



Throughout the game, both Rockhurst and Millersville battled it out on the field. There were lots of fouls called and even a yellow card was given to a Rockhurst player.

Mashira Newman’s buzzerbeater gives team another “W” AUBREY SCHWALM Sports Editor

The women’s basketball team sure likes to keep the crowd on their feet. Sunday’s game against Philadelphia University was not any different. The Marauders were in a tight battle with Philly as the teams exchanged scoring leads, fouls, turnovers, and steals. It came down to Mashira Newman to save the day, as she swooshed a three pointer from the top of the key, with 1.9 seconds remaining on the clock. This put away the game for the Marauders, with a total of Millersville 60 and Philly 57. It was quite a nail biter. Pinkney showed off her

skills as she played leader on the court scoring a career-high by netting 15 points. She did not stop there as she also went 6-8 from the floor. Mosley had her third consecutive doubledouble to help in the win over Philadelphia. Her offensive skills were also displayed as she tallied 12 points and pulled down a total of 17 rebounds. Other Marauders, Styles and Newman, also finished in double figures to help lift the team to victory. The next time the Marauders hit the floor is on Saturday, December 3 as they play host to Gannon University in Pucillo Gym. Please be sure to come out and support your lady Marauders. You will not want to miss the action!

Millersville Philadelphia

60 57

The men’s soccer team had the game come down to the wire. It was very close the entire way and both teams were evenly matched. Both the crowd and some Rockhurst fans filled the atmosphere with louds chants and screams in hopes of a victory for their school. However, Brad Benzing showed strength and talent with his PK game winning save.

Swim team proves deadly in the water at Highlander Invitational CAITLIN BRANAMAN Associate Sports Editor

The women’s swim team traveled to Radford, VA on Thursday, November 17 for the Highlander Invitational. The Marauders competed against 9 Division I teams, and ended the first day of the 3-day meet in 9th place, having earned 44 points. Sarah Bernhardt earned Millersville’s best finish of the day in the 50-yard freestyle, taking 4th place with a time of 24.32 seconds. She had qualified for the finals with a third place finish and a time of 24.10. Both times earned her a second PSAC qualifying time and a second NCAA “B” cut. Her placing gave Millersville 15 of its 44 total points. The 200-yard freestyle relay earned the Marauders 22 more points, finishing eighth with a time of 1:41.80. Bernhardt, Rebecca Anderson, Amanda Thomas, and Ashley Kichline improved their relay time by 6

“B” standard time. seconds. Earning 41 of the team’s Brigid Mary McDonnell touched 16th in the 200-yard In- daily 48 points, Bernhardt swam the 100-yard butterfly for a dividual Medley with a time of time of 57.62, a second place 2:15.06. She may have earned finish, and 17 points. The team her team only one point with took 12th place in the 200-yard her finish, but she collected her medley relay, earning 10 points first PSAC qualifying time for with a time of 1:54.05. the season. Four more points In the 100-yard Breaststroke were picked up by the 400-yard McDonnell earned her first PSAC medley relay, comprised of qualifying time at 1:09.37. Arielle Walbert, McDonnell, Millersville gained 14 more Bernhardt and Thomas. They points in the 800-yard freestyle finished up day one with a time relay, of 4.09.48, comcoming in prised of 15th. BernDay two hardt, saw the MaVictoria rauders still De Tamin ninth ple, place, though Kichline collecting 48 and more points. Thomas. Points are The not the only relay thing that team the team coltook lected. Sarah PHOTO COURTESY OF MU ATHLETICS 10th Bernhardt colSwimming is having a great season. place lected her Stay updated with MU swimming. with a third NCAA

time of 8:08.97 to finish up day two. Day three, the third and final day, showed Bernhardt earning a NCAA provisional time in the 100-yard freestyle with a time of 52.26 for a third place finish. Her third NCAA “B” cut earned the Marauders 16 points and a new school record. Brigid Mary McDonnell finished 7th in the 200-yard Breaststroke with a 2:29.35, earning 12 points and another new school record. The team picked up 8 more points with a 13th place finish in the 400yard free relay. The relay team, comprised of Arielle Walbert, Emma Viets and Adriana Rodriguez, finished 13th with a 3:54.13. Overall Millersville placed 9th out of ten teams total with 128 points. They were the only Division II team to compete in the Highlander Invitational. The Women’s swim team has off now until the return with a dual meet against Kutztown on January 14.

The Snapper, Vol. 87, Iss. 9  

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