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Budget cuts evoke tears DANIELLE KREIDER News Editor The broken hearts of the Millersville track and crosscountry teams could be felt throughout the SMC atrium during the Student Senate meeting held on Thursday, February 16. Students, faculty, parents, alumni and community members were just some of the people who came out to speak on behalf of the track and cross country teams. But it was the pain and anguish of the team members that could be felt by everyone who was present. On Tuesday, February 14, Millersville announced that it is dropping the men’s cross country and men’s indoor and outdoor track programs to save money. They said that the cuts will save $200,000. This decision affects 30 men who are currently on the teams. Aminta Hawkins Breaux, VP of Student Affairs, stated that dropping the three programs will “strengthen existing teams’ competitive opportunities and ensure a sustainable financial future for the athletics department.” Breaux also stated that “this decision was made after careful deliberation when trying to concentrate diminishing budget dollars,” according to a news release on Tuesday, February 14. Besides the financial impact, Millersville said its decision also factored each sport’s history of competitive success, moving closer to compliance with Title IX and the principles of gender equity as well as improving Millersville athletics' competitive standing. Due to these new cuts, a crowd of about 200 assembled Thursday night to urge the university to rethink its decision to cut the men’s track and cross


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Millersville APSCUF representative gives budget scoop MARIA BARCOSKI News Writer

DANIELLE KREIDER/ SNAPPER The Millersville men’s indoor and outdoor track and cross-country teams refused to sit down during a Student Senate meeting held on Thursday to address the decision to cut the men’s track programs. country programs. About two dozen spoke in support of the program. The associate VP of student affairs, Michelle Perez, attended, but she was unable to provide answers to questions posed by one alumnus. Bob Vasile, a 1983 graduate and a runner, wanted to know whom, specifically, made the final decision to cut the programs. He said, “We don’t mind competing. We just want to know who the opponent is. There’s no transparency here. That’s what we’re looking for. We’re not going to go away until we get answers.” Tom Eckert, a 1975 graduate, questioned the judgment of

cutting the only program at Millersville to win an NCAA championship, which the men’s cross country team did back in 1981. Another alumni, 1973 graduate Jeff Bradley, inductee of the hall of fame, and the men’s track coach from 1979-1986, stated, “My life changed immensely after the cross country track team. This program has produced many, many great young men.” Even some of Lock Haven University’s track team made the 3-hour drive to speak on the Millersville track team’s behalf. Aaron Russell, Lock Haven’s coach, said that when he at-

tended Lock Haven “as a student athlete, it was the Millersville program we looked up to.” Greg Taylor, the parent of a Millersville cross-country runner, said he and his wife would always talk Millersville up, even referring to it as a “hidden gem.” “And then this happens,” he said. “On behalf of parents, we are just disgusted by this decision.” There were two track team members who spoke, definitely leaving an imprint on everyone in attendance. Zach Kohler, a senior and 4 year track team member, tried to hold back his tears as he stood amid his fellow track and cross-country team

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Less than one year after his proposal to cut state school funding by 50 percent – a proposal that ultimately slashed funding by 19 percent – Governor Corbett proposed further cuts of 20 percent to Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) schools. These budget cuts “would bring the state support for PASSHE below the levels for 1989-90! Since that time the student population for PASSHE has grown by about 20%,” according to Millersville University’s Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF) chapter president Chuck Ward. APSCUF represents Pennsylvania faculty and coaches who are devoted to quality education. “Maintaining a strong commitment to public higher education is necessary to ensuring our economic strength in the future, and also to ensuring equality of opportunity for people from all backgrounds,” says Ward. The budget cuts show a lack of commitment to affordable, quality education. For Millersville students, this new budget could mean higher tuition, reduced course availability, and larger classes. Tuition increases are not uncommon; over the last 10 years, Millersville and other PASSHE schools have seen an average of 4.5% tuition increase. However, last year’s budget cuts caused Millersville students to experience a drastic 7.5% tuition increase. Ward warns that “the new proposed budget cut

will likely lead to another large increase.” Higher tuition, however, is not the only negative effect the budget cuts are having on Millersville University. “Just as the number of class offerings have been reduced, the budget cuts are affecting the sports programs,” Ward explains in reference to the recent announcement to discontinue the men’s cross country and track and field teams. “We have been told that there are no immediate plans to cut more… But further budget cuts can change that.” Reduction of faculty members, which can also lead to reduced course availability and larger class sizes, has also been a concern. According to Ward, so far “at MU, no regular faculty members have been laid off. Reductions in the number of faculty have come in the form of not replacing retiring faculty and hiring fewer part-time faculty.” Keeping in mind that the new budget cuts are just being proposed, Millersville stakeholders have an obligation to advocate for higher education. Ward explains that “the students (and their families) are the key group because they are the group that legislators and politicians are most likely to listen to.” Therefore, students are encouraged to call and write to their legislators and the governor to let them know how important education is. Ward also promotes “taking part in collective actions too: attend rallies on campus (some are in the planning) and in Harrisburg (there is one planned for March 28).”

The Galley gets makeover; prepare to sit in style DAVID LU/ SNAPPER

LEFT & RIGHT: Student Affairs is responsibile for providing new lounge furniture in the Galley on February 16. There are a dozen of new leather chairs, couches and end tables on the upper level of the Galley in the TV area. The chairs have swivel desks incorporated into the arms, which allow for easy accessability to do homework and other projects. This new furniture allows for a new allure in The Galley, as the previous furniture didn’t give off a “cozy, at home” feel. Students can now collaborate on projects, or just hang out with friends in a comfortable environment. The new furniture adds a little “something extra” to the grab and go food place that students know and love.

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Student Senate Recap SHAINA SMOLOWE Student Senate Member

February 15, 2012 at 4:05 P.M. Joseph Ramaika and John McAllister were arrested for skateboard violations on the 100 block of Shenks Lane. February 15, 2012 at 8:16 P.M. A traffic citation was issued for a Do Not Enter sign violation at Shenks Lane and Anne Street. A report was filed. February 16, 2012 at 12:20 A.M. A medical emergency was issued for a concussion in Lenhardt Hall. The student was taken via ambulance to Lancaster Regional Medical Center for evaluation. February 16, 2012 at 11:59 P.M. Brian Dingle was arrested for an odor of marijuana from room 142 in Bard Hall. February 16, 2012 at 11:57 P.M. An odor of marijuana was reported in Harbold Hall room 214. They spoke with the occupants of the room and nothing was found. A report was filed. February 17, 2012 at 7:28 A.M. A burglary alarm went off at the Duncan Alumni House. The house was checked and a report was filed. February 17, 2012 at 3:58 P.M. A hit and run traffic accident was reported in Burrowes parking lot. Photographs were taken and insurance information was provided.

February 17, 2012 at 7:33 P.M. An odor of marijuana and a parking violation were reported at 21 South George Street. The vehicle was in the fire lane. February 18, 2012 at 12:30 A.M. Agency assist for an on-foot pursuit on the 300 blocks of High School Avenue and George Street. February 18, 2012 at 10:37 A.M. Suspicious circumstances were reported in the East Loop lot. A report was filed.

This week's Student Senate meeting was held in the SMC atrium to accommodate the large number of supporters for the Men’s XC, Indoor, and Outdoor Track and Field teams. In attendance were a wide variety of supporters from Millersville’s students and faculty, alumni, and even the Lock Haven men’s track team who drove three hours to show their support. During open comment, those who wished to share their thoughts about the status of the track teams were given the op-

February 20, 2012 at 1:21 A.M. A medical emergency was reported in room 347 in Hull Hall. The student was transported via ambulance to Lancaster Regional Medical Center for evaluation. February 20, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. A medical emergency was reported for a suicide threat. A report was filed. February 20, 2012 at 8:35 P.M. A burglary alarm went off in the Duncan Alumni House. The interior and exterior of the building were checked, and the alarm was reset.

close to an hour and a half before a fifteen minute recess was decided. After recess, three more people spoke, and the open comment portion was closed.

Reassurance was given that all questions and inquiries would be answered at the meeting held on February 23. The regular meeting resumed, and an emergency allocation was granted to the American Chemical Society for an annual conference. The meeting was adjourned. If you would like a chance to ask questions or speak about the status of the Men’s XC, Indoor, and Outdoor Track and Field teams, please join us in the SMC Atrium on Thursday, February 23 at 6:30 P.M. You may also send your concerns to

PRSSA reaches for the stars LAUREN BOLLINGER News Writer

February 18, 2012 at 11:11 P.M. An elevator rescue was performed in the sixth floor of Burrowes Hall. A report was filed.

portunity to do so. Due to the overwhelming amount of interest in speaking, this went on for

A Star Chapter, that is what Millersville’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America is working towards. The Star Chapter Award is a distinction that chapters of any size can earn by meeting specific chapter and professional development goals. Some of the Star Chapter requirements include initiating and completing at least one community service project,

strengthening the relationship with the chapter’s PRSSA sponsor, and discussing ethics in a least one chapter meeting. Gina Masciantonio, vice president of Millersville’s chapter, first learned of the Star Chapter Award while attending a national conference in Orlando, Florida this past fall. “I realized we deserve to be recognized,” Masciantonio said. Her goal is for the chapter to receive local and national recognition. To get started on becoming that Star Chapter, PRSSA is plan-

ning fundraisers and hopes to team up with a couple of groups later this semester to offer helping hands in civic engagement projects. “I wouldn't be where I am today without PRSSA,” Masciantonio said of the organization. “Joining was the best decision I made for my college career!” For more information on how to join, “like” MU PRSSA on Facebook or send an e-mail to

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Marauders learn how to dress for success DANIELLE KREIDER News Editor Evidently the new color to be seen in is tangerine! It was the highlighting color of many outfits at Millersville University’s Career Week Fashion Show, which was held on Friday in the SMC MPR. The theme of this year’s show was “Dress for Success,” Millersville’s what not to wear fashion show. The Office of Experiential Learning and Career Management presented this event, and the wardrobe was provided by Bon-Ton, Park City. The SMC MPR stage was converted into a runway for the models to “strut their stuff,” and the remaining floor tables were set up with black and silver bal-

loon centerpieces. In the back of the room was a table with free refreshments such as water, chips, cake and assorted wraps. Also, on the back table were swag-bags full of miscellaneous items such as Mary Kay samples, pocket mirrors, hand lotion, face cleanser, etc. There was also a raffle where they gave away Penn Cinema movie tickets, a leather portfolio, an iPod, a Kindle, and a $100 gift card to the bookstore. Bon-Ton, Maurices, Men’s Wearhouse, Elan Hair & Spa, Debi Schmidt, and Mary Kay independent beauty consultant, provided the gifts. There were ten models for the entire show, 9 of which are current students and 1 alumnus. The models were Edward Caswell, Jocelyn Gilmore,

Marissa Incitti, Katie Knaub, Anthony Stansbury, Luis DeJesus, Rahmel Hamilton, Baindu Jaward, Nicole McBride-Bey, and Namibia Walker. Each model wore 4 different outfits: 1 interview outfit, 2 business casual outfits, and 1 what not to wear ensemble. On the mic were M.C.’s Mr. Dwight Horsey, Assistant VP of Student Affairs, and Ms. Michelle Perez, Associate VP of Student Affairs. D.J. Kevin Kaiser brought the entertainment for the event; he provided the rocking tunes for the program. Halfway through the event there was a 15-minute intermission, during which D.J. Kevin got the attendees out of their chairs and onto the dance floor. For the middle of the day, it was an informative, fun event to attend.

February 23, 2012


Humanities Film Series: Waste Land February 23, 2012 at 7:00 P.M. in Myers Auditorium, McComsey Hall Filmed over nearly three years, Waste Land follows renowned artist Vik Muniz as he journeys from his home base in Brooklyn to his native Brazil and the world's largest garbage dump, Jardim Gramacho, located on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. University Theatre presents: The Children’s Hour February 24 and 25, 2012 at 8:00 P.M. Rafters Theatre, Dutcher Hall When this play premiered in 1934, it caused a scandal. Times have changed, but the impact and implications of the situations that are dramatized in this play are still frightening and powerful. Performance: Millersville University Concert Band and Wind Ensemble February 26, 2012 at 2:30 P.M. Steinman Hall, The Ware Center, Millersville Lancaster In this annual spring performance, the Millersville University Concert Band and Wind Ensemble will share an exciting mix of music to welcome the end of winter. Lectures with a Twist: "Glorious March to Liberty: African American Contributions in the Civil War" February 28, 2012 at 7:30 P.M. The Grand Salon, The Ware Center, Millersville Lancaster For this Lecture with a Twist series event, Hari Jones, curator of the African American Civil War Museum, will present "Glorious March to Liberty: African American Contributions in the Civil War." Jones' presentation will feature firsthand accounts of soldiers and other participants of color during the Civil War.

Today in History LEAD STORY U.S. flag raised on Iwo Jima, 1945 AMERICAN REVOLUTION Friedrich von Steuben arrives at Valley Forge, 1778 AUTOMOTIVE Formula One champ kidnapped, 1958 CIVIL WAR President-elect Lincoln arrives in Washington, 1861 CRIME A remarkable reprieve for a man sent to the gallows, 1885 DISASTER Earthquake strikes Mediterranean, 1887 DANIELLE KREIDER/ SNAPPER

ABOVE: Nicole McBride-Bey struts her stuff at Career Week’s fashion show and models what to wear in a professional setting. LEFT: Luis DeJesus is ready for the beach in his board shorts and tank top, definitely not appropriate for the workplace.

HUGE LIVING SPACES For You and a Roommate ■

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Close proximity to Millersville University Affordable Living – LARGE ROOMS Private balconies and patios W/D in select units

GENERAL INTEREST Children receive first polio vaccine, 1954 Spanish rebels storm Parliament, 1981 HOLLYWOOD Schindler’s List shown uncut on network television, 1997 LITERARY W.E.B. DuBois is born, 1868 MUSIC It's a tie for Song of the Year at the 20th annual Grammy Awards, 1978 OLD WEST Guthrie writes "This Land is Your Land", 1940 PRESIDENTIAL Lincoln avoids assassination attempt, 1861 SPORTS Eric Heiden speed skates into Olympic history, 1980

1424-B Passey Lane Lancaster, PA


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February 23, 2012

The World Track compassion continues in Brief From Track tears, front page

Inside Syria: 'I can guarantee... people will starve to death' Virtually no food has come into Baba Amr since the shelling began more than two weeks ago, activists say. So, the residents who are gathered in makeshift bunkers collect what food they can find there and carefully ration it – though those supplies are running out. Sorry, America: Your wireless airwaves are full The U.S. mobile phone industry is running out of the airwaves necessary to provide voice, text and Internet services to its customers. The U.S. still has a slight spectrum surplus. But at the current growth rate, the surplus turns into a deficit as early as next year, according to the Federal Communications Commission's estimates. In Depth: Fighting the scourge of addiction To watch Whitney Houston's powerful "home going" service on Saturday was to be reminded that she was a one-of-a-kind talent, with a divine instrument that even in death soared above all the other famous voices that gathered at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey, to celebrate her.

members - all dressed in their black warm up suits - and spoke about how the decision is having larger effects than what was originally thought. “By cutting this program, you’re cutting into our hearts,” Kohler said. Michael Parker, a senior and 4 year cross-country and track team member, broke down in tears when addressing the crowd. His tears cut to the core of every being in that room; it was quite emotional. Later he stated, “The University has used this as an excuse. We want the students and community to reflect on this, because it is much wider than just 30 men. It’s a University-wide dilemma. It affects more [individuals] than the administration thinks.” It comes down to the fact that it is impossible to boil down passion; it just does not compare to the dollar. The Millersville University men’s cross-country and track teams are more than just athletic programs. They are a tight-knit family, and families should not be broken up. The track team will be in attendance this Thursday night at 6:30 P.M for the Student Senate meeting. Come out to show support for the team, even speak on their behalf. It is the push to have the administration reconsider these cuts. Not just for the track team’s sake, but for the university’s as well.

The truth about tenure protocol LAURA MAGINLEY

Assoc. News Editor


ABOVE: Members of the Track and XC teams remain standing during Student Senate’s emotional public forum. BELOW: Zach Kohler, a senior becomes emotional during his speech at the SMC atrium last Thursday.

Johnson & Johnson CEO resigns after series of missteps Johnson & Johnson CEO Bill Weldon will step down in April, the pharmaceutical giant announced Tuesday. Weldon, who was with the company for more than 40 years, was for a long period one of the most respected executives in the drug industry. But a series of missteps over the past two years damaged his and his company's once sterling reputations. Complied by Danielle Kreider and Laura Maginley

October 6, 2011

The tenure mystery has been uncovered. As students fill out professor evaluation forms during the semester, the subject of tenure seems to pop into their mind and so does the thought that these forms might not even matter. The idea of professors being "untouchable," once deemed as tenured, is not entirely true, and there are rules and regulations that a professor must adhere by. A professor is able to apply for tenure during their fifth year at the University by submitting an extensive portfolio documenting their accomplishments and performance in three areas: teaching, scholarship and service. These applications are reviewed by the departmental tenure committee and the department chair. The next step is to go to the University Promotion and Tenure Committee on whether to approve tenure. "The University Promotion and Tenure Committee is made up of nine tenured faculty members, no two of whom can be from the same department, who are elected by their colleagues," said Dr. Vilas Prabhu, provost and vice president for student affairs. A final decision is made by the president, who can consult with individuals of their choosing. This could include anybody from the provost to school deans. Faculty members that are currently on the track of being tenured are under close evaluation from their peer faculty and department chairs. T he process, governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and the faculty union the Association of Pennsylvania State Col-

lege and University Faculties, requires student evaluations in every class in addition to observations from other professors twice each semester and the department chair once each year. "Annually, probationary faculty members receive detailed evaluations by a committee of their peers, by their chair, and their dean, which include consideration of their student evaluations and teaching observations," said Prabhu. So, what specifically is tenure? It is recognition by the university that a professor has earned a vested position at the university on the basis of performance of professional responsibilities and contributions to Millersville. "Historically, in the United States tenure was granted to faculty to protect them from unreasonable interference in the free exercise of their professional responsibilities as teachers and scholars," said Prabhu. Universities are open marketplaces for the free and open exchange of ideas, so this concept of academic freedom is important. As far as evaluations go, tenured professors are evaluated every five years through the same probationary process that allowed them to receive tenure. Student evaluations are held in every class, and peer and department chair classroom observations are conducted. Once again, tenured faculty must submit a portfolio that documents their their performance in teaching, scholarship and service. These materials are evaluated by the departmental evaluation committee, the department chair and the dean. Based upon the student evaluation forms given every five years, it is possible that a department may make more frequent "interim" evaluations necessary for a specific professor if the evaluations read poor.

4 Opinion



February 23, 2012

Apple exploits Chinese laborers Zack Staab

products are made. ABC reporters spoke with employees at the factory and analyzed the dreadful conditions workers are subjected to. Employees described their lives in crowded dorms, where workers can live for under $20 a month, and the mind-numbing work that keeps them too tired to think. In a recent New York Assist. Opinion Editor Times article, one worker said After taxes and costs, Apple, his co-workers' legs often Inc. made 25.922 billion dollars swelled so much that they waddled from standing all day. last year (FY 2011). Can you Employees at Foxconn work 14 guess the hourly rate for those who work at the Apple factories hour shifts and get one day off per week. in China? Employees who work Another, more alarming, reat the Apple plant in China alization regarding Apple’s facmake around 25 cents per hour tory in China is the string of with the possibility of incensuicides which recently tives. The average factory worker in China makes 23 cents plagued the factory. 17 Foxconn workers committed suiper hour - that’s roughly two cents less than Apple pays their cide at or near the plant in recent months, which is all the factory workers. The amount proof I need to declare the conof money Apple pays employditions at Apple’s China factory ees in China is not the main as being dreadful. Foxconn, reissue; the conditions these facalizing that there are an abnortory workers endure is my mal amount of people biggest concern. committing suicides at their ABC’s Nightline was granted plant, decided to install suicide access into Foxconn, the facnets and a counseling center intory in China where Apple side the factory.

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When Apple, Inc. makes 25.922 billion dollars in one year, they can afford to increase the wages of their suppliers in China. I am appalled that Apple Inc. rakes in billions of dollars, but can’t create decent conditions for employees

drastic changes need to occur within the company. Increase employee wages and lower the amount of consecutive hours workers are scheduled for that may solve the problem.

who work themselves to death making iPhones. It’s just the world we live in now, in which big corporations take their facilities oversees to make a profit in factories that are less

Sam Dutton

me as well as Whitney’s daughter susceptible to the stealthy grip of addiction. It is common for a child of an addict to feel confused. I constantly wondered what it was about alcohol that made it so appealing to my father, and if given the choice between the bottle or me I know I would not have been the chosen candidate. Bobby will also come to a point in her life where she will resent her mother for the decisions that she made that may



Staff Writer I am sure most people are aware of the Elizabeth Smart case. Elizabeth was taken from her home in Salt Lake City in June of 2002 when she was 14. She was found nine months later in March of 2003. Elizabeth was kidnapped and sexually assaulted during those nine months. Now, nine years later, Elizabeth married Matthew Gilmore after being together for one year. This couple became engaged a month ago in January, but after having the engagement getting widespread media attention, they decided not to wait and marry sooner than planned. They were married at

the Laie Hawaii Temple in front of a small group of friends. Since Elizabeth’s rescue, she has started the Elizabeth Smart Foundation, a program focused on deferring abuse through prevention and education. Even though Elizabeth went through all this at such a young age, she has managed to start a new life, letting the tragedy she went through pave the way to a new beginning. While what she went through is always going to affect her in some way, she was able to move on and has triumphed over one of the hardest things anybody could ever go through. Elizabeth is a great example for those who are going through a hard time now and need help to move on. If she can get through that still have a normal life, then I believe anyone can. By starting a new beginning, you become a stronger and better person than you were before. It is not easy to start your life over again, but after you go through it you will realize that you would not be the person you are without going through what you have in the past.

Zachary Staab is a junior majoring in Public Relations. He is the Assistant Opinion Editor for The Snapper.

similar to that of AA. Ali-non’s primary focus though is for individuals whose lives have been touched by the harsh hand of addiction. It is here we laugh, we cry, and we reflect on our journeys down a bumpy road with our addicts. Some individuals tell stories of growing up in abusive homes with alcoholic parents. They make the executive decision to never drink a drop of liquor in their life, and twenty-five years later they are facing similar situations with their children. It is important for the public to understand that addiction is not a matter of choice; it is a vicious disease that one struggles with every day of their life. I was once told the quote “once an addict always an addict,” which couldn’t ring truer. How many times have we seen Lindsay Lohan in rehab for 3-5 days before headlines make the claim that she is cured? However, before long Lohan is back to doing drugs and making poor choices. I have never once

The world was rocked by the surprise death of super star Whitney Houston. Speculations circulated that her death was at the hands of addiction, which she battled with for years. Whitney confessed to Oprah Winfrey in an interview that throughout the course of her life she has struggled with addictions to marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol. As I watched memoirs of Whitney, reporters kept asking the questions "why didn’t she get more help" and "what went wrong?" While everyone continued to reflect on the life of Ms. PHOTO COURTESY OF TOP SECRET WRITERS met a true alcoholic that was Houston, I was led in a different direction. My thoughts okay drinking moderately. were with her teenage daughter, have ultimately ended her life In recovering from an addicBobby Christine, who now has to prematurely. This behavior is tion consumption of the addiclive her life with the absence of typical for that of a victim of adtive substance is frowned upon one of the most integral figures diction, which is what Bobby because it’s essentially teasing in a girl’s life, her mother. As a Christine is - a victim to a horrioneself. It is important for the child of an alcoholic parent mybly destructive disease. Forgivegeneral public to have an unself, I understand what Bobby ness, which comes later, is still a derstanding of addiction so Christine will be facing in the point that I have not reached in that we can better provide supdays, months, and years to come. my self-recovery of growing up port for the addicts and their One of the first generalizawith an alcoholic parent. families that are very much on tions that outsiders tend to make I can only imagine the diffiis that being an addict is a matter the journey of recovery with culties that Bobby Christine will of choice, which couldn’t be them. have in obtaining closure when more incorrect. Having an addicher mother is dead. For myself, I tion is to struggle with a disease. have sought support in a group Sam is a junior majoring in HisThere is even some thought that entitled Ali-non, which focuses tory. She is the Opinion Editor for addiction can be genetic, making on the basis of a 12 step program The Snapper.

Elizabeth Smart starts new life Karli Van Duzer

expensive to operate. Apple, Inc. could be a trendsetter by making the wages and conditions in their factories the best in China, but instead they impose more of the awful environments that so many other Chinese factories apply. Apple, Inc. makes a ridiculous amount of money. The very least they should do is respect the employees who make the company profitable. Most workers at Foxconn have never even touched the finished Apple product that they slaved over. Wake up Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO who makes millions of dollars each year. The factory workers who make you profitable are suffering and committing suicide because the conditions are unbearable. If you have any heart or compassion for mankind, make the conditions at your factory better and give the workers what they deserve not as employees, but as people.

Addiction is not a choice Opinion Editor

Assist. Opinion Editor


Foxconn, why can’t you comprehend that installing suicide nets and a counseling center does not solve the underlying problem? The conditions at your factory are so unbearable that your employees are committing suicide;

Starting a new beginning does not mean that you have to change who you are or what you believe in. It just means you need to become who you want to be. Elizabeth Smart has made a life for herself because of what happened to her, because it is something she has been through and something she believes in. If people could make a life for themselves about something they believe in and something they personally went through, then this world would be filled with much better people. The people that do have a chance to start their life over again become better people after it, and someone that other people can look up to for inspiration. Elizabeth Smart is an example that everyone can look up to. If you have a position like the one she was in and you were able to get over it and start your life over again, you are an extremely amazing person. Karli is a freshman majoring in sociology. She is an Opinion Writer for The Snapper.

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5 News THE SNAPPER February 23, 2012

Effects of climate change becoming apparent Brandon Lesko

greenhouse effect that makes life on Earth possible and temperatures variable, it is also fair to say that there are an unnatural amount of greenhouse gases being pumped into the atmosphere by various human processes (i.e. automobile and power plant emissions). Despite the fact that the world continues to change around us, the ice caps continue to melt, and weather gets stranger and stranger, it’s Staff Writerstill mostly believed that global warming isn’t real. I must say for the sake of my On September 22, 2010 I credibility that I am not a climanearly lost my life as a violent tologist nor a meteorologist, but I cluster of storms broke out am capable of reading data and across the usually peaceful making general observations, and Muncy Valley in Central PA. As I that is what I offer you. I also am drove, seeking shelter from the not one to quickly buy into any storm, I narrowly missed being one side of an argument. I will crushed by three separate trees say that before my first nearamong dozens that were felled death encounter I once scoffed at by the storm. The two men drivthe idea that mere human beings ing ahead of me were not so could affect the planet enough to lucky, and died. Then on June 9, actually change its atmosphere to 2011 I again came face to face the point of causing weather patwith disaster as another violent terns to shift, and weather events storm, producing 80 mph winds, to intensify. But after being tore the roof off my house with alerted to the possibility that the me still inside it. Luckily, noplanet’s natural balance may be body was harmed. just a bit out of whack, I began to The issue of climate change pay more attention. has its fair share of skeptics and Think back to the beginning believers. Though it is true that of the fall semester. Remember our fine planet has a natural hurricane Irene? Why was it that

it was able to travel so far up the East coast in the first place? Well that would be because of the vastly warmer oceans. Why are the oceans warmer? Because the planet is warmer. Why is the planet warmer? Because natural greenhouse gases as well as the unfathomable quantities we pro-

like Al Gore yet? God, I hope not. Let’s look at more current events. Not even the most disinterested person on campus could ignore the “fantastic” weather we’ve been having lately. These past few months have felt more like an extended fall (and at times early spring with tempera-


duce trap that heat from the sun inside the atmosphere, thus warming the oceans. Warmer oceans mean more powerful and prolonged hurricanes since they feed off the moist warm air. It still isn’t clear whether or not a warmer atmosphere has a direct effect on such weather events as severe thunderstorms or tornadoes. I’ll bet it does. Do I sound

tures in the low-to-mid 50’s) than a bone-chilling winter. In the month of January Lancaster’s daytime temperature was above average 20 out of 31 days and above 45 degrees 14 of those. So far in the month of February, 12 out of 19 days saw a daytime temperature higher than the average, 9 of which were 45 degrees or higher. What happened

to snow in winter? And I don’t mean occasional flurries or a light dusting that melts the next day in the 53 degree sun. Perhaps this “fantastic” weather isn’t so great after all. Maybe it’s a clue that something is seriously wrong with the atmosphere. But what do I know? As I drove home for a visit last weekend, my journey took me along Route 15 North. It’s a beautiful road that winds along the bank of the Susquehanna river for about 30 miles before dumping you off in Shamokin Dam. On the bright, sunny (and warm I might add) day I was surprised to see what at first looked like snow flurries. As they began to hit my windshield I immediately realized these were not flurries at all, but giant mayflies! Vast clouds of mayflies swarming over the highway for miles. Thoroughly disgusted, I began to ask myself, why in God’s name are there mayflies in the middle of February? Their very name seems to suggest that they shouldn’t be breeding for another three months. But then logic kicked in and the answer was apparent. They were breeding for the same reason that the birds are all home already. It’s because the temperatures have been so pleasant that the water is

warm enough for them to lay their eggs and begin breeding. To them it’s springtime! But again, no need to be alarmed global warming isn’t real. I know that in today’s world there are so many things that people deem to be important. More important than something that can’t (according to some scientists, the media, and of course those trustworthy politicians) be proven true. I myself often forget that the very car I drive is a contributor to the problem I am writing about. I am not advocating that everyone stop driving their cars, hold hands, and start wearing nothing but “Go Green” apparel. However, there are things that can be done to stop what I believe to be the most pressing issue humans will ever face. We must preserve the only home we have in the universe the Earth. If you care about your planet, educate yourself on what you can do to help ease the burdens the generations before ours have placed upon it.

Brandon is a junior majoring in english. He is an Opinion Writer for The Snapper.

Bad Economics Rhea Mitchell

Staff Writer

Together we must end dating violence someone they are dating. These aren’t just statistics, these are people you know: your roommates, your friends, your sisters, your classmates. This is a problem we all have to face. My dad used to say that there’s no worse sin than the abuse of power. Whether it was raising a hand to someone weaker, or using any advantage to push people around, he taught me that if you saw abuse, you had an obligation to attempt to stop it. It’s a lesson to remember every day, but especially this February, during Vice President of U.S.A. Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. Awareness is the first step to More than twenty years ago, I read a study of junior high school pushing back against a problem students in Rhode Island that in- this big. When I held Senate hearcluded one finding I’ve never been ings on violence against women able to get out of my head. Stu- more than two decades ago, dodents were asked if a man who mestic abuse in American society spent money on a woman during a was rarely spoken about in public. date was entitled to force her into I’ll never forget the stories of sexual activity. An astounding 25 abuse I heard in over a thousand percent of the young boys said hours of hearings. The brutality of yes – and even more astounding, family members, acquaintances, 17 percent of the junior high and strangers against the women in their lives was absolutely devschool girls agreed. You may think that sounds astating. It was those hearings that led like a long time ago – and it was. But, sadly, dating violence re- to the Violence Against Women mains a very real problem in our Act, and since then annual incicountry – especially on college dents of domestic violence have dropped by more than 50%. But campuses. Today, while in college, nearly for women in college and younger one in five women will be a victim today, the risk is still much too of sexual assault and one in ten high. That’s why I joined with Edteens will be hurt on purpose by ucation Secretary Arne Duncan

Joe Biden

last April to announce historic new guidelines for colleges and universities about their responsibilities under Title IX to prevent sexual assault. Under the federal civil rights law, schools have an obligation not only to respond appropriately when an assault occurs, but also to create a climate on campus that makes such violence unacceptable. I also started an initiative called 1is2many to help reduce dating violence and sexual assault among teens and young adults. We harnessed the power of technology to get our message out, launching a national contest to develop “Apps Against Abuse.” The two winning apps – which will be available later this spring – will let you get in touch with your friends quickly and safely so you can call for help if you need it and stop violence in its tracks. We’ve also made sure the National Dating Abuse Helpline can be reached by text, online, or phone 24/7. Last month, the FBI changed the way the federal government defines rape. The narrow, outdated definition – unchanged since 1929 – said the assault had to be forcible and against a woman’s will to be classified as rape. It’s just not true, and it’s a point that I make on college campuses all across the country. Rape is rape and no means no. No means no whether drunk or sober. No means no whether in the dorm

room or on the street. There is never an excuse. Young women and men alike need to understand this. Under the new definition, rape occurs when there is no consent, and it also includes sexual assault against boys and young men in national law enforcement reporting. These are important changes, but ending dating violence and sexual assault isn’t just a matter of laws and legislation. It’s about education. It’s about attitudes. It’s about your participation. I need your help to address this issue in your dorms and on your campuses. Studies show that men’s ideas about what other men think is one of the strongest determinants of how they act. So guys, you need to speak out. The ultimate measure of a civilized society is how its laws and culture treat the abuse of women. Attitudes can change. Violence can end. But it can’t happen without universal understanding that dating violence and sexual assault will never be tolerated anywhere, at any time, for any reason. Period. That’s all of our responsibility.

Joe Biden is the Vice President of the United States.

There is no doubt that the environment is a high commodity these days, with all sorts of coverage on global warming, the melting ice caps, and endangered species due to the destruction of their habitats. Approaching this upcoming election, many voters are concerned what presidential nominees, and the president himself, will propose as solutions to these issues. However, it is not government officials or lobbyist groups that are banding together here in the states to create a more environmentally friendly society. It is businesses like National Geographic and Shell that are partnering up and allowing real people to communicate with one another to reach the most innovative and energy efficient products. Although I am pleased that these issues are being addressed, The Great Energy Challenge, conducted by National Geographic and Shell, are very similar to websites and outreach programs that governments are handling in countries across the globe. I find it peculiar that in today’s modern society we are all so interconnected, yet we often don’t even look to our neighbors for solutions to the

same problems. Maybe it is that we are blinded by our own priorities, or simply ignorance; regardless, there are numerous countries across the world that are focusing on the real issues at had, such as sustaining the human race. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), developer Masdar has been working in conjunction with UAE diplomats to create the world’s first carbon and waste free city that strictly runs off of renewable energy. By using giant umbrellas in the plaza of various heights derived from the essence of sunflowers, solar energy will be collected during the day and provide shade from the blistering sun. At night the shades will close and radiate some of the stored heat to city dwellers. Several buildings will have adjustable facades in order to receive the most solar and thermal energies. As I looked into the history of the UAE, I discovered that they too stipend much of their budget to protection; however, they do not often actively participate in war and their government officials are more concerned with the progressive movements their nation can obtain. Yet, neutral countries like Sweden have been ranked highest on the charts of eco-friendly countries around the world. Imagine the innovative solutions we could create if our funds were dispersed rationally. Rhea is a sophmore majoring in print journalism. She is an Opinion Writer for The Snapper.

Quote of the day I believe we are now in a struggle over whether or not we are going to save America. - Newt Gingrich

6 Opinion

THE SNAPPER February 23, 2012

PASSHE sounds off on Corbett’s budget proposal Indiana University of Pennsylvania

President Barack Obama, in his January State of the Union Address, laid out an ultimatum for the country’s colleges. “Higher education can’t be a luxury,” he said. “It is an economic imperative that every family in America should be able to afford.” Gov. Tom Corbett agreed with this sentiment in his Feb. 7 budget address: “I think he is right that we need to confront the problem. I think we need to talk about this honestly and without rancor and dramatics.” Corbett clearly does agree with Obama’s sentiment – what better way to convey that affordable higher education is a must than by hacking another 20 percent from state funding? I suppose we should be thankful, right? Last year Corbett’s proposed education cuts were a whopping 50 percent. Wrong. The state legislature approved an 18-percent cut, a blessing compared to the proposed 50 percent. But what was

the result? Your tuition went up more than $400 – arguably a direct result of that 18-percent cut. What would another 20-percent cut bring? Another $400? $500? That’s a nearly $1,000 increase in just two years. IUP Interim President Werner has conveyed both dismay and uncertainty in response to the proposed cuts, saying that, should they come to pass, IUP will be left trying to reduce spending by about $10 million. “It would certainly have some very serious implications for our ability to deliver services that we currently deliver,” he said. How, we should be asking Gov. Corbett, is that “agreeing” with the call for affordable higher education? It’s not. A 20-percent cut would be detrimental to not only IUP, but also the other 13 schools in the State System. What’s more is that our own president has ex-

pressed that he doesn’t know how the school would deal with such cuts. Does that make you angry? Are you concerned about the quality of your education in the coming years. Good. You should be. And you should do something about it. Don’t let your voice go unheard. Call state senators and representatives. Get involved in rallies. Heck, organize a rally. Find out what other schools are doing and get involved or bring their ideas here. Get angry. Get loud. Let Gov. Corbett know that this is absolutely unacceptable. It’s your education, and it’s up to you to defend it. The Penn at Indiana University of Pennsyvlania contributed their staff editorial to the PASSHE schools’ student newspapers as part of the recent proposed budget plan by Governor Corbett.

Bloomsburg University Governor Tom Corbett has recently announced that there will be more budget cuts, which will leave the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) with $330 million as opposed to the $412 million from last year for working and middle class students to receive a quality higher education. Since Corbett has taken office, there has been a loss of almost $175 million, according to the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF). Corbett plans to cut $82.5 million from PASSHE, which will cause tuition to increase at many of the stateowned schools, APSCUF said. This past year, Bloomsburg students had to add $436 to their bill to cover the 18 percent cuts. While the students need to pay more, the salary for Corbett and his workers has been increasing. Last year, the Associated Press reported that state lawmakers received a three percent raise, which put Governor Corbett’s salary to $183,000. He decided to stay at $175,000 and donate to charity, AP said. With the recent cuts, Corbett still employs 55 workers that in total make $4.3 million a year, according to Pittsburgh Post-

Gazette. We at The Voice believe in the mission of PASSHE for state schools to supply accessible, affordable, “high quality education at the lowest possible cost to students.” We do not think Corbett is providing this. According to APSCUF, “the average PASSHE student graduates with over $23,000 in student loan debt.”We at The Voice believe this system will cause the opportunity for students to receive higher education to deteriorate. Students can barely afford upper level education as it is so by increasing the cost, fewer students will continue to go to school. We at The Voice believe as students are paying more for education, we should receive the quality we are putting in. This university is accepting more students than it can provide for, which is discouraging the quality we strive to have. Students are overpopulating classrooms, eateries, and shuttle buses. As Dr. Eric Hawrelak, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, pointed out in a ‘Letter to the Editor’ last week, classroom capacities have gone from a comfortable learning environment to a fight for the last available seat. With Sutliff still

closed, open classrooms in general are difficult to find. We at The Voice believe there should be better accommodations made for students paying an extra $436 because of the budget cuts. Even common eateries on campus have taken a turn for the worse. Places like Roongos and the Husky have excruciating long lines since they have about the same number of employees as they did with students from before over acceptance. The shuttle buses have been overflowing with students as well. The environment we live in throughout the university should provide the quality we are putting our money into. Overall, we at The Voice believe students need to become more aware of the budget cuts. Students need to take action by writing to the governor, uniting with other students, and going to rallies if they don’t want the prices to increase even more than they already have. It is important for students to unite because one voice alone cannot send a message. The Voice at Bloomsburg University contributed their staff editorial to the PASSHE schools’ student newspapers as part of the recent proposed budget plan by Governor Corbett.

West Chester University


Slippery Rock University Budget. When you see that word, you probably want to put down the newspaper and quit reading. It’s confusing, and it doesn’t even affect you anyway right? WRONG. Pa. Governor Tom Corbett’s proposed budget for 2012-13 affects every single one of you in a very big way. Tuesday, Corbett announced his proposed budget, which includes a 20 percent cut, or $82.5 million, of state funding to Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) schools, one of which is SRU. So what does that mean for you, the typical student? Let’s look at the facts. Last year, Corbett proposed a 51.4 percent cut. Thankfully, the actual cut for 2011-12 was only 18 percent. But that 18 percent cut did enough damage to directly affect every single student. Because of the cut, the PASSHE Board of Governors was forced to increase the cost of tuition by 7.5 percent, which we’re sure you noticed when your tu-

ition bill came in the mail in August. Let’s think about this for a second. For the 2011-12 fiscal year, PASSHE schools lost 18 percent of their state funding, which led directly to a 7.5 percent tuition hike along with several cutbacks. Corbett just proposed a 201213 budget, which would include a 20 percent cut of state funding. Assuming that stands and no concession is made by the state legislature, we could be looking at another tuition hike of about 8 percent. That’s a big deal. For some people, that could mean no longer being able to afford college. This is a public institution of higher education. There shouldn’t even be a question of affordability. And a tuition increase isn’t the only repercussion we may have to worry about. California University of Pa., another one of the 14 PASSHE schools, announced Wednesday, the day after Corbett re-

vealed his proposed budget, that they will cut eleven of their 116 administrators. Slippery Rock doesn’t have any plans as of late, but if this budget cut goes through, changes are going to have to be made. So what can you do to help? Send an email to Corbett and your other state representatives telling them why they shouldn’t be cutting funds to higher education. Post on Facebook and Twitter about it. It seems small, but social media has unbelievable power. We’re not sure what the motivation is for Governor Corbett’s apparent tirade against education, but we don’t like it. And it needs to change.

The Rocket at Slippery Rock University contributed their staff editorial to the PASSHE schools’ student newspapers as part of the recent proposed budget plan by Governor Corbett.

Whenever college students hear the words budget cuts, they automatically think: tuition increase. This is a likely possibility since Gov. Tom Corbett said it last year. It happened this academic year. The tuition increase at West Chester University nearly equaled how much an undergraduate student pays for two credits or how much a graduate student pays for one credit (both in-state tuition). Criminal justice majors are learning about criminology, corrections and policing. They are being educated in a classroom that has limited spots, despite the enrollment increase last semester. They hear how budget cuts would affect their university while they learn that Gov. Corbett wants to spend that money on prisons instead. It’s hard to hear this de-funding information in a classroom, only to wonder how the money could go to the prisons instead

of to an environment that prepares students for their careers. All departments are facing these repercussions. This academic year, WCU has allowed a small amount of classes to exceed their enrollment limit. However, some students had to fight for a spot in their classroom. President Greg Weisenstein (WCU) has said the proposed budget cuts could total approximately $9.5 million. Professors have been working without a contract since July 2011. As one of our staff writers reported last week, our university is undergoing construction to build the new Recreation Center, which is not funded through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Such projects are not affected by the proposed defunding. Gov. Corbett suggests cutting the unnecessary funds at universities. Can he clarify this? There is nothing at our

university, or any State System university, that is “unnecessary.” WCU faculty has proven to make some noise and they say no to cutting our funds. Again. Faculty members are encouraging students to have their voice heard by contacting Pa. legislator. They are spreading the news of the rallies take will take place on-campus. South Campus: Wednesday Feb. 29 at 11:45 a.m. 12:10 p.m. in Sturzebecker 116A North Campus: Thursday March 1 at 12:15 p.m. at the Academic Quad (rain location Sykes Ballroom C) Stop by. Make some noise. Prove how important our education is to us. The Quad at West Chester University contributed their staff editorial to the PASSHE schools’ student newspapers as part of the recent proposed budget plan by Governor Corbett.

Facts about proposed budget plan Tom Corbett’s budget plan on higher education 2011 proposed Planned to cut $650 million or 50% in higher education funding. 2011 actual Legislature passed a 20% funding decrease. 2012 proposed Proposed another 20% or $330 million to be cut from the budget.

Millersvile University of Pennsylvania Education is a luxury. It doesn’t come with expensive trinkets, catered dining services, or golden platters encrusted with rare jewels. Education is quite the opposite, but its luxurious quality lies in the faculty who devote their lives to passing their immersive knowledge on to eager students. Their passion for teaching allows their students to pursue their dreams, and someday attain their definition of luxury. Yet, this promise is fading with another strike to education’s funding by Governor Corbett’s latest proposed budget plan. This plan will cut higher education by $1.4 billion – specifically for Millersville University

and the other 13 PASSHE universities, a 20% cut. Similar to last year’s budget cuts, students are expected to face increase in class sizes, lack of available classes, and a tuition hike. In this rough economy, finances are scarce, and jobs are even scarcer. A college degree will only get you so far; it doesn’t always guarantee that you will gain a foothold in your career. What are students to do if they cannot return to Millersville or their respective university? One option is to find a job and save the money to pay for college. But for others, transferring to a community college is the best option to continue their education at a lower cost. Regardless, Governor Corbett is also hitting com-

munity colleges, albeit at a lower percentage. There are numerous other areas that could alleviate these cuts from education: taxing prisons, especially eliminating last meal requests for Death Row inmates; taxing Marcellus Shale, big companies, and the upper class or the 1%. There are even more areas that can be hit and not suffer consequences as great as education does. The biggest consequence is the decreasing classes available to students, important for seniors seeking to graduate on time, and increasing class sizes that will imminently destroy a teacher and student’s personal experience. But this change won’t matter if students are

transferring to out-of-state colleges, which are cheaper compared to the cuts. Instead of losing valuable assets like alumni staying in the state, government officials, such as those in Governor Corbett’s cabinet, could cut their salary. It’s the purpose of the recent discussion to tax the rich, or the 1%, instead of heavily taxing the working class. At that rate, the public would know where the money is going that is being cut. More than likely, the majority of the public is not aware what their hardearned money is being spent on. So, who better to regulate the budget plan than the people who are being impacted by these cuts? Business people, faculty and administrators of

colleges, and even students could possibly perform a better job. They know better than anyone else the current situation of what needs to be cut, and without much thought, Marcellus Shale, the 1%, and other areas of society are sure to be immediately hit. Or perhaps they would see that education is too costly. Maybe the best option would be to follow other countries that allow free education. Even more pleasing is eliminating general education classes, allowing immediate hands-on experience for students who are certain of their career. This would definitely reduce the amount of years in higher education and more time earning your luxury in your field.

Students need a proper, affordable education to succeed in today’s world. It is everchanging, ever-evolving, and is consistently producing the next leaders of the world. Some of the people who make decisions on these cuts are the same people who attended higher education, attained their degrees, and made a difference. Will we see this trend suddenly evaporate with these cuts or will we, the future leaders, thrive through these tough times and prosper? Stand up and let your voice be heard. The Snapper has contributed their staff editorial to the PASSHE schools’ student newspapers as part of the recent proposed budget plan by Governor Corbett.


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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Listen to these feel good songs to brighten the mood HAYLEY ADDESA Features Writer

Top 10 Feel Good Songs… When the Weather Has You Down Let us be honest - it rains quite frequently at Millersville, not to mention in the dead of winter it gets incredibly cold. The weather cannot keep you down while classes are getting into full swing. To get your mindset back to happy, and keep you feeling good, try out these feel-good songs to better your mood when the weather has you down in the dumps. 10. "Bennie and the Jets" Elton John: You have probably heard it at some point, perhaps from someone belting out what they think are the correct lyrics. "Bennie and the Jets" is definitely a song to put on when the weather is gloomy. Whether you know the words or not it is fun to sing along to this awesome song. 9. "Going Away to College" Blink-182: Blink-182 is known for their punk, teenage angst sound. If the weather has you

down you can turn on this song for an upbeat love-song to sing along to, and maybe even add in a head bang or two.

On a cloudy day it is nice to listen to. Maybe you will even be able to so say hello to some sunshine. 2. "Good Feeling" - Flo Rida: The name speaks for itself; this is an epic feel good song. The beat, the lyrics, and everything about this makes it a song to blast on a cold, rainy day for a pick-me-up.

8. "Party Rock Anthem" LMFAO: "Party Rock Anthem" blew up over the summer, and became the anthem to summer 2011. It is so upbeat and easy to dance to that it could get anyone to at least foot tap. 7. "Dog Days are Over" Florence + The Machine: You do not have to be a huge fan of Florence + The Machine to love this song. Her voice alone is optimistic enough to pick up your mood; combine that with the melody of the song and you have about four minutes of joy to your ears. 6. "Don’ Stop Believin’" Journey: Everyone knows the words to this song. Are you in the mood to sing at the top of your lungs? This is your song! One of the classic pick-me-up songs for a slump in the weather. 5. "Domino" - Jessie J: A relatively new song by a relatively


A sound board, also known as an audio mixer, is used to mix sounds and voices in songs. new artist is getting stuck in the heads of many. The catchy tune is so cheerful it will remind you of sitting on a beach with your feet in the sand. 4. "Don’t Stop" ("Color on the

Walls") - Foster the People: If you are looking for a different sounding, yet still chipper song, listen to this. Foster the People have a unique sound that is still very relatable, and if you enjoy whistling along then this is the perfect song

for you, 3. "Hello" - Martin Solveig & Dragonette: You may have heard this song in a commercial before, which is where I found it. It is so peppy from the get go it cannot be ignored.

1. "Send Me On My Way" Rusted Root: If you have ever seen the movie Matilda you have probably heard this song. Everything about this wonderful song works together to make it an unbelievably blissful song. You can dance, sing, hum, whistle, foot-tap, or just smile while listening to it but there is no doubt in my mind that "Send Me On My Way" by Rusted Root will make you happy. Hopefully these songs, as well as others, could play a part in making your mid-winter blues subside and get you through to the much-anticipated spring. Keep on trucking and if needed take a dance break with this top ten.

Keep up with your resolution; come spin while still offering JULIE RAFFENSPERGER activities, the same (if not more) cardio-

of the new people that come in for the class. I love the atmosphere, music, and the general energy that comes along with a For a little over a month now, group workout.” many students around campus Many students on campus have desperately been trying to are hesitant to even try spinmaintain their New Year’s resoning, just because they do not lution of working out. have “experience.” Meanwhile, However, this can become the greatest part about these quite the challenge when your classes is that the instructor workout consists of the same gives a brief tutorial if they repetitive activities. Even with know that there are new the variety of machines and students in the class, equipment the gym has to and will even offer to Spinning has definitely offer, running on the treadmill help set up your bike. or working up a sweat on the The atmosphere of become one of my favorite elliptical can become boring to the room is always very options for working out. When laid back, allowing you anyone after a while. In order to break the lull in I first tried it, I thought to to have the best possiyour workout routine, you myself, ‘Riding a bike, piece of ble workout. may want to try out some of Lauren Meck, junior, cake!’ But I enjoyed eating my was asked if she prethe free, weekly classes that are offered. ferred spinning to other words later, because these The spinning class in parforms of working out classes are no joke ticular is very popular, and is and she had this to say: scheduled Mondays through “Spinning has definitely Thursdays. The classes are become one of my offered during both the afterfavorite options for Junior noon and evening, so it is easy working out. When I to fit them amongst your first tried it, I thought other weekly obligations. endurance and muscular to myself, ‘Riding a bike, piece Spinning was invented back strength. The instructor will of cake!’ But I enjoyed eating in the 1980s by Jonathan lead the group through rides my words later, because these "Johnny G" Goldberg. He develwith motivating music and classes are no joke. Those oped the concept when, after a challenging drills. Participants trainers make me feel like I near collision training outdoors select their own intensity could hang with Lance at night, he designed a stationthrough varying bike positions Armstrong. Not only is it an ary indoor bike which simulatand tension.” excellent cardio exercise comed actual road conditions. He These classes have a variety bined with awesome music, but opened his first “spinning stuof instructors, including the strength training kicks dio” in Santa Monica, CA in Fitness Center Manager Sarah your butt too. It is fun to see 1989. Burcin, junior Kelly Capizzi, guys in there trying it out too, There are currently spinand junior Brittany Catanzaro. because everyone thinks it's a ning classes offered in almost Each instructor teaches the 'girl' thing, but those are all any gym, and gym members class in their own unique way lies.” will even sign up days in and with different levels of As you can see, spinning is advance just to ensure they intensity, so it is simple to find both an enjoyable and effective have reserved a seat in classes one that is right for your level workout. It is a perfect escape taught by their favorite of fitness. from the burden of exams, instructors. When asked to describe her projects, and other forms of The hype of this workout favorite part about teaching stress that come with being in reaps positive results because the class, junior Brittany college. it truly is one of the best workCastanzaro replied, “This is my So next time you are at the outs you can do. It is much second semester teaching spin- gym, pick up a class schedule better for your joints than running, and I would have to say and find a day that is right for ning and other high-impact that the best part is meeting all you.

AssociateFeatures Editor

vascular benefits. In fact, according to the American Council on Exercise, you can burn about 450 calories or more in a 45 minute class. The Millersville University Fitness Center describes its spin class as “a high-intensity stationary bike workout that enhances cardiovascular


Lauren Meck

KEVIN KAISER/SNAPPER Students working hard in Tuesday nights spin class. Classes are held Mondays thru Thursdays.

How do you feel about the men’s track & field teams being cut ?

"I think it’s a drastic change and there could be some issues with the women’s teams." Travis Macchia

"As an athlete I think it’s ridiculous. Athletic teams are a family so this affects every team." Allison Huss

“I didn’t know that was happening and it does not affect me at all.” Jacob Yohn

"I think it’s unfair that students were recruited for track and now they can’t run." Susie Racek

"I don’t like it at all; to cut only men’s running is ridiculous." Corey Marino

"It’s unfair that they’re being cut. Why not make them a club team instead?" Caitlin Robinson

8 Features THE SNAPPER February 23, 2012

Motivation when you need it: personal trainers Dena Paffas Features Writer

the trainers have worked with the sports teams here at Millersville along with Are you looking to helping players rehabilitate get in shape? Do you think Each and every one of from injuries. it is already too late to even For their more serious try and make a change? It is them has taken a course clients with unique needs, never too late to become a they have worked towards on training through the strength training and even healthier you, and the trainers at the Student Fitness competition preparation, American Aerobic Center are ready and willing while also helping regular Association and the to help you out! These guys students with weight loss know what they are talking and nutritional advice. International Sports about, and they are eager to Senior Adam help you get to the place you Medicine Association Gonsiewski, who gets want to be. trained by Kevin Dea, Some of you may not demonstrates his appreciaeven be aware that such an tion for personal training opportunity exists. The SMC when he says, “It motivates Features Writer Fitness Center has about six me to go to the gym more trained and certified personoften and it keeps me al trainers among its staff, focused while I’m at the through the American Aerobic and there are soon to be more. gym. It’s also a lot easier to Association and the Roughly five or six more of get in shape when someone is International Sports Medicine its staff members plan to get teaching you the right way to their certification by the end of Association, followed by a do things.” four-part test to officially deem the semester, giving the gym a Having a personal trainer of them qualified to properly total of about 12 personal my own, there is no doubt in train someone. trainers. my mind that they know what While working as personal Each and every one of them they are doing. My trainer, trainers at the gym, some of has taken a course on training also Kevin Dea, has certainly

Dena Paffas

proved his capabilities to me. Sticking to a routine of three days a week, he plans workouts that range from about 20-

he says, “just a few minutes every couple of days can really do a lot; the hardest part is getting there. You get out

nutritional tips. Whether you want to prepare for a 5K run, or you just want to feel better about yourself, they are truly here to help you with whatever you need. You can choose to have either a male or female trainer, whichever is more comfortable for you, as well as your workout schedule and the specific goal you wish to achieve. The trainer you receive will adapt to your goals and set up a workout plan uniquely for you. If after reading this, you find yourself interested in getting your own personal trainer, all you need to do is visit the Student Fitness KEVIN KAISER/SNAPPER Center and ask! You Personal Trainer Kevin Dea works with a student on her sit ups in the SMC gym. will receive a small slip to fill out your informa40 minutes – that is it. It has what you put into it.” tion, turn it in, and you will only been a few weeks, but he As you can see, the trainers soon be on your way to a bethas definitely made a differhere offer a wide range of serv- ter, healthier you. ence. “It does not take much,” ices, from strength training to

Career Services provides more than fashion advice DANIELLE WEAVER Features Writer

DANIELLE KREIDER/SNAPPER Senior Jocelyn Gilmore struts down the runway in her Britney Spears “do-not-wear” outfit at the career week fashion show.

It is kind of like New York Fashion Week. There are flashing lights, a runway, and LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” blasting from the speakers. Okay, no, it is not actually Fashion Week. But it is Career Week. The flashing lights and the runway are a part of Career Services' “Dress For Success” fashion show. This is the first time Career Services has held a fashion show. What made them decide to have one now? “We found that students make mistakes in what they wear to interviews and in the workplace,” said Margo Sassman, Director of Career Services. Career Services is all about helping students succeed, whether that means in the work place or continuing your education with graduate school. Career Services wants students to be prepared for life after college, so they have Career Week. “It’s a series of fun, free events to help students,” says Debi Schmidt, Career Services Graduate Assistant. The week was packed with helpful things students need: networking sessions, speed interviews, and there was even an eti-

quette lunch to teach students workplace manners. But if you missed out on Career Week, there is no need to worry. Career Services is still around to help. Call ahead and they will critique your resume (there are also walk-in hours on their website), work with you if you are interested in or thinking about graduate school, and help undecided students find a path that interests them. The Office of Experiential Learning and Career Management – which encompasses Career Services, Internships, and Volunteer Central – has a four year program which looks like this: • Freshman year: focus on your future • Sophomore year: set your sights • Junior year: get ready, get set and go • Senior year: seize the opportunity! Career Services has many different events on campus including job and internship fairs, workshops, and even volunteer events. Call Career Services at 717872-3312 to make an appointment or check out their website at erservices/

DANIELLE KREIDER/SNAPPER Student model Anthony Stansbury shows off his casual business “dowear” the last day of career week.

Ride into history on the local Strasburg Railroad MARISSA INCITTI Features Editor

The acrid smell of smoke filled passengers' nostrils as it billowed into the air while late arrivals scurried around trying to find seats in the old fashioned cars. Three short bursts of the train whistle punctuated the chatter, alerting everyone of the impending departure, and a feeling of excited anticipation floated around each car as the train prepared to start. The platform of Strasburg Railroad Station could have been a scene right from the famous Harry Potter movies. Located in East Strasburg, Pennsylvania, the railroad has been around since 1832, making it 180 years old. In that stretch of time, the Strasburg Railroad has seen many a passenger, but its most famous passenger happened to take a ride on February 22, 1861.

President Abraham Lincoln made a stop at Leaman Place on his inaugural train ride while en route to Lancaster. Although his visit lasted only four minutes, his presence brought nearly 5,000 people out to cheer for him and Mrs. Lincoln. The railroad was originally used for passenger and freight transportation, before its main purpose became the freight interchange with the Pennsylvania Railroad. By the mid 1950s, the Strasburg Rail Road was nearing the end of its usefulness due to improved highway transportation and the birth of air travel after World War II. More bad news for the Strasburg Railroad occurred in 1957, when the destruction of tracks caused by a series of storms placed an immediate restriction on the carload freight. The owners were

“On February 22, 1861

railroad and made it what it is today – one of the biggest tourist attractions in Lancaster County. The owners repaired the worst spots on the track and began acquiring historic locomotives and passenger cars from across North America, building up a substantial inventory. They used the old feed mill as a station and then opened the railroad to visitors in 1958. 2008 marked the 50th anniversary of Strasburg Rail Road as a tourist railroad. Having a real life conductor who provides commentary throughout the 45 minute trip from Strasburg to Paradise, PA is one of the many reasons why the railroad is so popular today. Other key members of the train are the ticket collector, the engineer, the fireman, the brakeman, and the parlor car attendant. The real train operators enhance the experience of travel-

President Abraham Lincoln rode the Strasburg train and made a stop at Leaman, drawing nearly 5,000 people out of their homes.”

Marissa Incitti Features Editor reluctant to invest in the necessary repairs, leaving the railroad doomed to crumble. Fortunately for the Strasburg Rail Road, Henry K. Long, an industrialist and rail fan from nearby Lancaster, along with Donald E. L. Hallock, another rail enthusiast, formed a group of concerned individuals to save the

MARISSA INCITTI/SNAPPER The Strasburg train located in East Strasburg, PA getting ready to depart from the station for its short trip to Paradise, PA.

ing back in time to the reign of train transportation. Along the trip, you will pass the Cherry Hill Farms Amazing Maize Maze where in the summer, the train will stop to let you off to enjoy. You are even encouraged to pack a picnic lunch. However, you are not allowed to eat or drink during the trip unless you are traveling in the President’s car or the Dining car. When going over the one and only bridge in Strasburg at 6 mph, the conductor will ask passengers to “lift their feet up to help with making it over,” claiming the weight is too much when feet are on the ground, which could be the reason many Pennsylvanians pick their feet up when driving over train tracks. Arrival in Paradise means a ten minute wait for the other train car to reach you. In the mean time, flipping the seat is advised so the scenery is not backwards and other passengers do not have to stare at strangers, unless making

new friends is appealing. The train will travel backwards on the same route, and deposit you back at the platform. But the fun does not stop there. Along the platform are various shops including the Trackside Café where you can grab a bite to eat, the Treat and Sweet Shop, the Railroad Store, and the Miniature Train Museum. Across the street is the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania where there is everything about trains you could ever hope to learn. The Strasburg Rail Road has special events such as the Cranky Car, A Day with Thomas the Train, Pump Car, Cagney Train, Switch Tower, Wine Tastings and more. Check out their website at for event listings, ticket information, and to plan your magical train ride through the beautiful countryside of Pennsylvania.

Arts & CULTURE Thursday, April 26, 2012

Page 14

“BARE” exceeds expectations on opening night Joie Formando Arts &Culture Editor

On Friday, April 13, I finally found myself in Dutcher Hall for the opening night of “Bare: A Pop Opera.” My expectations were high and my anticipation climbed as I waited for the lights to dim. For a majority of the semester, I have been cast aside by my best friend, who choreographed the show, due to the extensive rehearsals of this “pop opera,” so I was thrilled to finally see the production come together. BARE literally consumed the lives of the actors and production staff members for almost four months. It was all I heard about, so I could not wait for the moment to actually sit down and watch the show. Having no previous knowledge of what BARE was about, other than what my friends have been telling me over the course of a few months, I went into the musical with a fresh perspective. And let me tell you, if you missed out on seeing one of the nine shows, you missed one heck of a performance. BARE, run completely by Millersville students, was truly remarkable and highly professional. Rebecca Douglass, director, and Christine Furey, assistant director, along with the entire cast and crew, deserve standing ovations for this musical. The musicians, hidden in the rafters, also deserve acknowledgement for their hard work and appreciable musicianship.

The show follows the lives of a group of Catholic boarding school students who struggle with sexual identity, religion, and acceptance of not only their peers, but of themselves. Peter, played by Peter Ferraiolo, the central character, is in love with Jason, his best friend, and has to keep it a secret due to his strict religious upbringing. Jason, played by Seth Sponhouse, pushes Peter away throughout the show. He is terrified of what people would think, knowing their secret would cause a major disturbance in their tight-knit Catholic community. He is eventually persuaded by Ivy, played by Amy Ward, to give her “One Kiss.” This leads to teen pregnancy, and inevitably, bullying, revealed secrets, heavy drug and alcohol use, and poor body image issues. Every cast member did a phenomenal job. I found myself growing attached to certain characters and connecting with them emotionally. They were all believable. They made me feel like I was part of the show and they were 100% in tune with their characters. BARE does not just address the “typical” issues of high school students – it goes beyond the stereotypes and shocks you in a powerful way. There were moments of intense desperation and raw experiences that were accurately depicted by the cast. The characters truly came to life and BARE, without a doubt, raised awareness of the hate that occurs on a daily basis in

schools around the world. ACMO’s mission for the year is to fight for equality and they have been working with The Trevor Project, a national organization that provides interventions for LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, questioning, intersexed and asexual) youth. They raise awareness for the It Gets Better Project, which is a YouTube campaign developed to reach out and give hope to teenagers facing bullying and harassment. I laughed, I definitely cried, and I loved ACMO’s BARE. I loved Christina Rivera as Jason’s sister Nadia, who provided extensive comic relief throughout the show, and if Amy Ward decided to record an album, I would buy it. Ashley Harmon played Sister Chantelle, an impartial member of the religious community and desperate to perform a good version of “Romeo and Juliet.” Harmon had subtle one-liners that had the entire audience roaring during the show. I loved Ferraiolo and Sponhouse as a couple. They made me believe in them and root for their relationship. But this was just one couple’s story. What about the thousands of others who feel the same rejection, experience the same cruelty, and struggle with their own identities? Those who attended a performance of BARE aided in the fight to end hate and support equality. In the words of Sister Chantelle, “God don’t make no trash.”


ABOVE:Peter (Peter Ferraiolo) is tormented by his classmates in the first scene. LEFT: Amy Ward and Ashley Harmon. RIGHT:Christina Rivera performs a serious scene.

Friends of Ganser Library Lecture: Michael Lavigne Dan Lancellotti

Assoc. Arts &Culture Editor

Millersville grad and author Michael Lavigne has been very busy. He was on campus to speak to students at the Lehr Room located at Bolger Conference Center, was kind enough to speak with students in a writing workshop in McComsey, and held a discussion for Holocaust week. In his speech at Bolger he discussed his novel "Not Me," which deals with the Holocaust and talked about writing in general. He graduated in 1975 and this was his first visit back. “Well, the place hasn’t changed at all,” he joked. Lavigne originally moved out to Lancaster to have some peace and quiet while he wrote. He spent an extended period of time writing but he just felt that he could not produce anything of value. He told a friend about his frustrations and his friend told him to go back to college. He went to Millersville and learned the importance of taking action instead of just sitting around thinking about it. He had some great relationships with his professors and talked about how powerful and useful the student and mentor bond can be. He had worked in advertising for years but he still had a desire to write. In 2005 he got

"Not Me" published. The novel tells the story of a failed comic in San Francisco named Michael. He flies down to Florida to take care of his father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. His father hands him a box of moldy old journals, but Michael

Michael becomes fixated on finding the truth. He obsesses over his ex-wife, and also deals with his sister’s slow death from cancer while exploring the life of his father. He had no interest in his dad before reading some of the journals, but they grow closer together the more Michael finds out. Memory is a big theme in the novel, as Michael’s father has Alzheimer’s and Michael just has a bad memory. Lavigne mentioned that he has a bad memory and talked about how parts of the book came from his own life. In the novel Michael tries to remember if his sister played violin. Lavigne’s sister had played violin, but he had forgotten this and merely put it in subconsciously. He explained that this will happen: parts of your life will slip into your writing and you will not even realize it. Inspiration from the book came one night while he was laying in bed. He got up and quickly wrote down, “What if my father was Jewish?” That was all he had, but that is how most stories start - with just a single idea.

“Writing gives me a deeper connection to my own humanity, that’s why we read fiction and that’s why I write it.” - Michael Lavigne wants nothing to do with them. When he does eventually check them out he discovers that his Jewish father, who donates to Jewish organizations and is heavily involved in the religion in general, may have actually been a Nazi. The journals are in novel form and Michael has trouble discerning fact from fiction. His father may have even killed a woman that he loved. His father cannot answer any of his questions and

Lavigne explained the act of thinking like a character, stating, “When something came into Michael’s head I wrote it down.” He also stressed the importance of connecting with the characters that you create and write about. “Empathy is the foundation of the ethical mindset; it allows you to connect to characters and events in the novel. To write an honest book a writer must inhabit all its characters,” Lavigne says. To Michael’s father Jews are not people, and it can be tough to get into the head of someone like that. “You must experience their (your characters') suffering to some degree,” he stated. His book deals with grand themes about life and death and one’s morality. His new book is about a little Palestinian kid who becomes a suicide bomber. Lavigne says, “Writing gives me a deeper connection to my own humanity; that’s why we PHOTO COURTESY OF MICHAELLAVIGNE.COM read fiction and that’s “Not Me” tells the story of a man who discovers through old why I write it.” journals that his Jewish father may have actually been a Nazi.

15 Arts&Culture THE SNAPPER

April 26, 2012

Jazz ‘n Java hosts Dr. Russ Peterson Rhea Mitchell Photography Editor

Last weekend, many of the area's seasoned residents received a cultural experience at the Jazz and Java evening event. The night was sponsored by the PSECU and has been for the last fifteen years. The Millersville University Music Department has been a beneficial collaborator with the credit union, successfully providing an outstanding performance of some original and modern jazz pieces. This year was certainly no different. The ensemble featured some of our most talented musicians. The songs showcased various saxophones, the trumpet, piano, guitar, and bass. All of these young musi-

cians were certainly able to outplay the competing hip-hop frenzy that was happening outside the Student Memorial Center. The evening’s guests were catered to delicious hors d'oeuvres and fruits as well as pastry desserts. Guests were given the choice of a few hot beverage selections. All of this food, drink, and entertainment costed only fifteen dollars. It was a great, classy night out for students who choose to partake in a more subtle weekend lifestyle. However, the event consisted mostly of people above the age of 40. Nonetheless, the event entertained about 136 guests for several hours. The performance also featured one of our nation’s most renowned jazz musicians and

scholars, Dr. Russ Peterson. He began his set by firing up the band members, stating, “I bet we can play louder than them!” Following suit from the several pieces prior, the nineteen members of the ensemble played with real passion, and resonated great swinging and bluesy jazz to overcast the thumping from the hip-hop music. The ensemble's music selections focused mostly on Big Band tributes, but the audience raved with a roar of applause at their performance of these classics. Jazz and Java is a great event to welcome the community onto our campus and to experience the passion and talents of our youth, but also to cast off any stereotypes they may attribute to the present

college lifestyle certain students have. In times like these, where millions of dollars are being cut from funding, it is vital that we have the community's support in fighting against the state budget. Without their support at such events, it is imminent that we will lose the privilege of having music and art at our school. The Jazz Ensemble and various musicians are holding gigs and events all over campus. Take some time to stop and read some of the bulletins around campus or check out the university website. You will not regret experiencing an evening of music. It may even become a habit.

Upcoming Events Percussion Ensemble Showcase When:Thu, April 26th Where: Steinman Hall, The Ware Center, Millersville University Lancaster, 42 N. Prince St., Lancaster

American Association of University Women Campus Action Project at Millersville University 09:00 am When: Monday, April 30, 2012 at 09:00 am Where:Student Memorial Center, Room 24

Happy Time Explosion, sketch comedy troupe, presents "Lady Gaga When:Friday, April 27, 2012 at 09:00 pm Where:The Ware Center, Millersville University Lancaster, 42 N. Prince St., Lancaster

Lectures With a Twist: "Jennie Wade's Bad Reputation" When: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 07:30 pm Where: Grand Salon, The Ware Center, Millersville University Lancaster, 42 N. Prince St., Lancaster

Communications and Theatre Alumni Committee Networking Event When: Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 11:00 am Where: Hash Building, Room 212

The Scholarly Publishing Dilemma: What Can Millersville Do? When: Thursday, May 3, 2012 @ 03:00 pm Where:Ford Atrium, McComsey Hall

Film Screening: La Boheme Opera in Cinema When: Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 06:00 pm Where: The Ware Center, Millersville University Lancaster, 42 N. Prince St., Lancaster

Gala Show: "Fashion and Dance through the Ages" When: Saturday, May 5, 2012 at 07:30 pm Where: The Ware Center, Millersville University Lancaster, 42 N. Prince St., Lancaster


ABOVE: Sax players perform one of the many swinging beats. BOTTOMLEFT:Dr. Russ Peterson performs with the Jazz Band. BOTTOMRIGHT:The trumpets and trombones jam out.

WIXQ OFFICIAL PROGRAM GRID // SPRING 2012 Time\Day 1:00am 3:00am



Metal Wednesday




Bob Saget

The People's Elbow

Adam Krull

Bananas in Pajamas

The 330 Late Night

Dance Floors & Dinosaurs





3:00am5:00am Untitled 101

5:00am 7:00am

Indie/Alternative Dreadlocks of Love


12:00pm 2:00pm 2:00pm 4:00pm

4:00pm 7:00pm

7:00pm 10:00pm

10:00pm 1:00am

The Vault

Mullets & Morning Wood

7:00am 10:00am 10:00am 12:00pm

De Cozmik Shewulfz


Classic Rock/Variety Variety What You Got There Majestic Night Riders

Rock Hard in the Morning Rock "Carnival of Feet"


Tuesdays With Cory

Alternative/Jazz The Uncle Muss-Kulls

Puttin' On the Fitz

Metal/World DMT

Variety Yeti Feasts

Alternative Rock Saturday Limbs

Pizza Party

Variety Keeping it Classy with

Barbarian Rage

Variety Brutus Makes a

Pop/Metal Dr. Teeth & the

Sine Waves in Space

Electric Mayhem Catalyst

Variety "Oldies But Goodies" 4-

The Gypsy Frequency


Hour Indie/Electronic Halcyon


Joe & Jenna

Ceasar Salad

Indie Hunkered in the Bunker

Variety Electric Sex

Metal Grim & Frostbitten

Variety Nightlight Variety

Variety Critical $hitz

Rock Epic Radio Time

Metal Turn On. Tune In. Drop Out.


tive A Day in the Life

6:45 Moar Caubell

Indie/Dubstep Mixology

Variety Wham Jams

Variety Daylight

Indie/Folk/Alternative Saturday Morning

Variety 1.21 Gigawats




Indie Metal Daze


Cartoons Variety



16 Arts&Culture THE SNAPPER

April 26, 2012

Keystone Singers perform Mozart Joie Formando Arts &Culture Editor

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a child prodigy of the 18th century who composed Classical music. Most of you are probably thinking, “Oh, Classical music is terribly long and so deathly boring.” How very wrong you are. On Saturday, April 21 at The Ware Center in Lancaster, Keystone Singers performed “Marauding Mozart!” - an entire concert of Mozart’s works. The Keystone Singers are made up of 28 students – most are music majors or minors who are invited to audition for the ensemble. Each singer must pass a complex audition process to earn a spot with the ensemble. The group played with a small orchestra comprised of University members and community musicians. The small-scale orchestra played “Laudate Dominum” with soloist Suzanne Harris, who highlighted the heavenly soprano line that is written for this piece from Vesperae solemnes de confessore in 1780. “Veni Sancte Spiritus” featured Chelsea Snow, Kerri Miliken, Logan Ressler, and Marcus Tavani in this composition that was written when Mozart was only twelve years old. The Keystone Singers then performed the Mass in C, No. 15: Kronungsmesse in six movements. The Mass is a sacred piece, but it was by no means a quiet one. Starting with the Kyrie, soloists included Kayla Klase, soprano, and Jordan Shomper, tenor. The second movement, the Gloria, featured a group of soloists. Brittany Mazzurco,

soprano, Gillian Hollen, alto, Andre Moreno, tenor, and Christopher Hehnley, baritone, performed beautiful harmonic layering in this second section of the Mass. The Credo included soprano Paula Batdorf, alto Samantha Shibley, tenor Andre Moreno, and bass Justin Benson. The Santus was the only section that did not feature soloists, but the Keystone Singers, as an ensemble, creates an elegant, yet commanding sound. Each division of singers could be easily heard. They were so strong that they could easily be heard over the percussion, strings, and brass players of the orchestra. It was evident that their voices could carry through an entire hall. I doubt they needed their microphones. The final two movements, the Benedictus and Agnus Dei, were just as prominent and featured Kayla Klase, Brooke Levesque, Jeremy DeLong, Shaun Ressler, Kate Smith, Erin Donovan, Paul Hughes, and David Mengel as soloists. Dr. Mark A. Boyle, director of Choral Activities at Millersville, conducted the ensemble. There was certainly no lack of passion in this performance – The Keystone Singers and Dr. Boyle play off of each other’s passion for music. Dr. Boyle is consistently animated, which encourages the Singers to be as equally excited and passionate about the music they are performing. Together with the community orchestra, these three parts made up a beautifully musical whole. The concert was the shortest I have ever experienced – the Keystone Singers’ talent is so pronounced that it should have been longer.

Titanic 3D

Mirror, Mirror


Cabin in the Woods




Wrath of the Titans


The Keystone Chamber Consort members play Mozart.


American Reunion

The Hunger Games

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax




A boy and a girl from differing social backgrounds meet during the ill-fated maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic.

An evil queen steals control of a kingdom and an exiled princess enlists the help of seven resourceful rebels to win back her birthright.

Five friends go for a break at a remote cabin in the woods, where they get more than they bargained for. Together, they must discover the truth behind the cabin in the wood A 3-year-old chimpanzee is separated from his troop and is then adopted by a fully-grown male.

2:45, 6:45


1:05, 3:25, 5:45, 8:00

12:30, 2:40, 4:50, 7:00

Perseus braves the treacherous underworld to rescue his father, Zeus, captured by his son, Ares, 2:20, 5:05, 7:45 and brother Hades who unleash the ancient Titans upon the world. Jim, Michelle, Stifler, and their friends reunite in East Great Falls, Michigan for their high school reunion.

Set in a future where the Capitol selects a boy and girl from the twelve districts to fight to the death on live television, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her younger sister's place for the latest match. A 12-year-old boy searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the

PG girl of his dreams. To find it he must discover the story of the Lorax, the creature who fights to protect his world. A fisheries expert is approached by a consultant to help realize a sheik's vision of bringing the

Salmon Fishing PG-13 sport of fly-fishing to the desert in the Yemen and embarks on an upstream

2:10, 4:55, 7:45

12:40, 1:20, 4:20 6:30, 7:30

12:35, 2:50, 5:05. 7:15

12:35, 2:50, 5:00

journey of faith and fish to prove the impossible possible.

21 Jump Street


A pair of underachieving cops are sent back to a local high school to blend in and bring down a synthetic drug ring.

2:30, 5:10, 7:40


Suzanne Harris performs “Laudate Dominum” with members of The Keystone Singers, conducted by Dr. Mark A. Boyle.

MU grad debuts album A new, diverse Jason Mraz Joie Formando Arts &Culture Editor

Dylan Jane, or Lynda Jean, graduated from Millersville University in 2006. Six years later in March 2012, she released her first full-length album, “Paint, Clay, and Other Mediums.” If you see her photo, she resembles Punky Brewster, who she names as an influence on Facebook. Dylan Jane wrote for The Snapper during her college years as an English major, but later switched to English Education. After graduation, she taught briefly in Florida, realizing music is where her passion lies. She now lives in Philadelphia and actively pursues her music career. Her album is “lyrically centered,” as she describes on her website. The acoustic guitar is reminiscent of singer/songwriters from the 1960’s and 70’s and Dylan Jane’s voice sounds like a mix between Brandi Carlisle, Regina Spektor, and Ingrid Michaelson. Dylan Jane is clever with her words, her arrangements, and her use of musical organization. In “Coffee and Tea,” for example, the only sound is the pouring of liquid. Other songs, like “Aboard the Westward Train” have elements that add personality. “Aboard the Westward Train” has a static-y sound, as if you’re listening to an old vinyl record on a turntable.

“I've been drawn to music my whole life,” says Dylan Jane. “In high school I was a drummer. But I never believed I could learn to play the guitar or to sing until much later in life. One day I just stopped thinking like that. And when I needed something to make life worth living it became my saving grace. Once I really picked it up, I never put it down. Now I feel very empty and uncomfortable when it's not within reach and I can hardly stand going a day with out playing.” Every track is completely different from the last. I enjoy her soft vocal tone, which is raspy at times. There is no denying Dylan Jane is musically inclined. Many unsigned singer-songwriters think they can piece together a few tunes that are lyrically inadequate and musically unprofessional, but Dylan Jane sounds like the real deal. Knowing she is an alumni of Millersville and a previous editor of the Arts and Culture section of the Snapper gives her an extra appeal. But I’m not “hyping her up” for those reasons alone. Dylan Jane’s lyrics are vivid, descriptive, and beautiful. They are meaningful and catch your heart when you least expect it. Her voice compliments the instruments used in her songs and the melodies are catchy, but not in the main-stream, sell-out way that our generation complains about. She’s old school - which is what the

music industry needs. “Maya,” for example, is quiet and almost like a daydream. She sings, “Maya sings like a siren, and the people, they come running. But a lady, on a boat makes the sea angry, we are very clever devils indeed. And I just hope I’m not wishing too loud. This world can be a potent dream as we stand here naming everything. It’s the scent of a rose, the taste of honey, American Honey. The softness of a feather, breathtaking scenery— until it all just fades into one.” When asked about her experience at MU, she said, “I loved Millersville's beautiful campus. But some of my most favorite experiences were honestly my literature and writing classes. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from some wonderful professors. And working as the editor of the Arts section at The Snapper was an awesome time too, of course! Sometimes I wish I could go back and rewrite some of my articles though!” Without a doubt, every song on the 11-track album is lyrically perceptive. I could not even pinpoint a favorite - she has quickly become one of my new favorites. If you are a fan of real, raw, and emotionally charged music, check out Dylan Jane’s “Paint, Clay, and Other Mediums” on iTunes and visit her website at

Katie Pryor Staff Writer

I often say that I have a very seasonal taste in music. During the late fall and winter months when my seasonal affective disorder kicks in, I listen to harder music like Led Zeppelin, Evanescence and Pearl Jam nonstop. However, during spring and summer, I tend to gravitate towards soft, acoustic-based, upbeat music such as the Beatles and John Mayer. Jason Mraz’s fourth studio album, “Love is a Four Letter Word,” with its folksy sound and optimistic, sunny lyrics, is already part of my new spring-summer playlist. The album opens with “The Freedom Song,” which starts “Love is a out soft and simple but becomes jazzier as it goes along with the addition of horns. One of my favorite songs on the album is the swaying, laidback “Living in the Moment,” which opens with whistling and with lyrics like “living in the moment / living our life / easy and breezy / with peace in my mind.” It sums up Mraz’s philosophy on life. “I Won’t Give Up,” Mraz’s first single off the album, is one of the slower, more sentimental tracks, but it is uplifting without being too cheesy. The message it carries is to never give up on life, no matter how hard it may

lyrics that describe nights of dancing, drinking wine and going to the shore. “Be Honest” has Mraz on his acoustic guitar and talking to his girlfriend, asking her to always tell him what is on her mind and to always be honest with him, no matter what the situation may be. The album closes with the upbeat and laid-back track “I’m Coming Over,” which is about Mraz realizing that he never got over his ex-girlfriend, and in trying to win her over again, he sings, “I’m coming over tonight / just to say ‘good night’ / I hope you notice / I was never over you.” It is a sweet, happy but unexpected closing to the album. I was expecting something more along the lines of “I Won’t Give PHOTO COURTESY OF JASONMRAZ.COM Up” as a closer, but I Four Letter Word” is sunny and folksy. like being surprised. It often goes without saying that Jason Mraz is not father who “grew his own food and fixed his own car / I watched everyone’s cup of tea. However, for people who are romantics, it all happen in our backyard,” love folksy, happy-go-lucky and even expresses, “I wish I was music, or have seasonal affective a fixer / I would fix you up disorder that translates into inside.” “Everything is Sound” is music taste like I do, Mraz is peranother quirky song on the fect for them. album, but it is also folksy and This album is diverse, relaxupbeat, and is the perfect song ing, fun to listen to, and the to listen to while reading a book songs always seem to put a smile on the beach or doing basically anything outside during the sum- on my face. I would even go as far to say that “Love is a Four mer. Letter Word” is probably the In the slow song “In Your quintessential album of the sumHands,” Mraz shows a more sulmer. This album is now available try, romantic side of himself. It is a very relaxing, beautiful song, in stores and on iTunes. with its swaying melody and get. In “93 Million Miles,” he reminds the listener that no matter how far their life may take them, they can always go back home where they will have a sense of belonging. In a quirky, pop song called “Frank D. Fixer,” he tells the story of his hard-working grand-

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April 26, 2012

Train’s new album and MUbased Morse Coda concert Luke Helker Staff Writer

Train: California 37 Man, what a let down. I was really hoping that Save Me San Francisco was not the end for the band, but I guess it was. Listening to this, it is really hard to imagine that this same band wrote "Drops of Jupiter," "Calling All Angels," and "Cab." For me, it is a tough pill to swallow because I have been a huge fan of Train since their inception. But California 37, the band's sixth studio album, really dumps on the legacy that this band created for themselves, which is bad because I thought the same thing of their last album. To start, I do not like Patrick's voice anymore. It has almost completely lost the distinctiveness and sexiness that helped make the band so appealing to begin with, and the rest of the band completely lost whatever edge they had. I mean, the title track makes the band sound like the Backstreet Boys. They also are trying to milk the ukulele, which is becoming the instrument to play to prove you are a cool and talented musician. It pisses me off because all traces of good musicianship are lost with this album. It sounds like they tried desperately to recreate Save Me San Francisco but with all singles...and failed horribly. I honestly have questioned their sanity at this point - to go from those first four albums to the last album with "Hey Soul Sister" to this. There are no redeeming qualities to this album at all and I cannot even imagine the singles

getting airplay. "Sing Together," which I do not think is a single, is the new "Uke" song and I think it will be everyone's favorite because of the Uke. There are just no good songs on this record though, and that is all that can really be said overall. These last two albums are telling me that Train has completely lost touch with their roots, sold out for mainstream success, and in turn, lost all songwriting abilities. If there are any of you wanting to argue that "Drops of Jupiter" got a lot of mainstream success, then you would be correct. But at least the song was good, the album of same name was good, and they were able to keep writing good radio hits afterwards. This is probably the biggest disappointment for me in 2012, but I guess I should have known. I was just hoping that Save Me San Francisco was a speed bump. I guess not, because I DO NOT recommend this album in the slightest bit. Morse Coda On Friday, I went to the Champ in Lemoyne and got to check out Millersville's very own Morse Coda again. This is the second time I have seen a full Morse Coda set and as much as I would like to say that they are getting better with every show, two shows does not really support that. They blew me away the first time I saw them at the Chameleon Club for the MMP CD release show, but they really brought it hard last night. It might have been the sub-average sound system that the Champ provides, but whatever the case may be, the show was great.

They're transitions were smooth, the vibe was palpitating and Michael Stipe (not THE Michael Stipe of R.E.M.) was strutting his stuff like never before. If you read my review of the MMP show in The Snapper, I compared him to "Jonathon Davis of Korn meets Jim Morrison of The Doors" and I will stand by that claim forever. They even performed a cover of a Doors song, which was phenomenal. Now, I have never seen The Doors live, but I imagine if I saw them doing a small club date before they were famous it would have been just as exciting as Morse Coda's performance. Since most of you reading this probably do not even know who Morse Coda are, it would be a waste of time to go in depth about each song they played. However, I will tell you these key pieces of information: The band will be releasing their debut album, Sublimation, on June 27. It will be released digitally with a few copies pressed onto Vinyl with digital downloads included. The band has a handful of show dates coming up in the summer. They are as follows: May 19 - Lit Lounge in New York, NY; June 1 - The Note in West Chester, PA (with Spotted Atrocious); July 8 - Trash Bar in Brooklyn, NY. There should be a few more TBA, but in case there are not, I highly recommend this band to any of you who like to rock out, period. I mean, this band can appeal to anyone and you would be crazy to miss this band. Please support the local music scene and do your best to check them out.


Train released their first album in 1998 and came out with their sixth album California 37 last year. The new single off of the album is called “Drive By” and sits at #10 on iTunes.


Mike Stipe performs with his band “Morse Coda” at The Champ in Lemoyne, Pa.

The Lion King on Broadway Rachael Ward Staff Writer


Two brothers are cursed and transform into tigers regularly. There is also a love triangle!

“Tiger’s Quest”: letdown “

Anne Shaffer

Assistant Features Editor

“Tiger’s Quest,” the second installment of the Tiger Saga by Colleen Houck, begins when the main character, Kelsey, relocates back to Oregon and tries to pick up the pieces of her life after she left her recent lover, Ren. For those who have not read the first book, it is important to note that Ren, and his brother Kishan, have the unfortunate distinction of also being cursed to turn into tigers (one white, and one black, respectively) for a certain number of hours per day. At the end of “Tiger’s Curse,” the first book in the series, Kelsey had assisted Ren in breaking the first part of the curse so the boys can be human again. And then she left him, justifying her actions by saying that they did not know each other very well, an excuse which felt a little lame. Despite the weakness of her case, she tells him that they cannot be together and flees his home country, India, to try to get over the heartache (which was all, it should be noted, her fault). She is not alone for long, however, before Ren shows up on her doorstep in book two

and invites his brother along to help protect Kelsey from their nemesis, Lokesh, the evil sorcerer who cursed them in the first place. And then the trouble starts. Lokesh’s henchmen manage to kidnap Ren and drag him off to an unknown location. It is then that Kelsey must look to Kishan and manservant/mentor Kadam for assistance so she can break the next part of the curse and rescue Ren. It should come as no surprise that the next step on the plot line is a love triangle. Kishan, of course, develops feelings for Kelsey, and although she tries to deny it (as they always do), it is obvious that she has feelings for him, too. Let the eye rolling commence. The love triangle phenomenon existed long before the advent of the “Twilight Saga,” but since that series’ success, the three-way love fest has been popping up in more and more teen lit novels, to the chagrin of many readers. Houck fell, predictably, into the abyss that is the love triangle and does not even execute it particularly well. Audiences familiar with the love triangle could sniff this one coming from a hundred miles away, as soon as it was mentioned that Ren had a brother.

Based on the reason they were cursed all those years ago (the brothers are immortal, of course), it seems pretty clear that they are doomed romantically: their previous troubles were also over a beautiful girl. Readers are put out by the fact that Kelsey is so cruel to these boys, particularly Kishan. Not overtly, of course, but she leads him on, proven in the number of times she says something along the lines of “Well, if Ren wasn’t in the picture, I would go out with you, but I really just want to be friends.” Beyond the love triangle, the rest of the story falls flat in comparison with the first installment. What looked so promising in “Tiger’s Curse” fades into near nonexistence in “Tiger’s Quest,” with a greater focus on the description of clothing and Kishan’s many assets than the riveting action that was so appealing in the first book. While there are some fans of the idea of star-crossed lovers who will find this book fascinating, there was much left to be desired in this installment, and it will be interesting to see if there is any improvement in the third book, “Tiger’s Voyage.”

When it comes to musicals, Broadway has set very high standards. Whether or not those expectations are met are another story. Recent musicals such as “Legally Blonde” and the "Spider-Man" musical have received mixed reviews due to the story choice and song quality. Musicals that are based off films have more to live up to then just their quality as a musical. However, there is one musical adapted from a popular animated film that has soared above and beyond all expectations: The Lion King. What makes this musical so good? How does it interpret a story that was meant for film? Admittedly, the original film had many musical numbers which are included with the musical. However, what separates

the musical from the movie is that it is even more submersed in African culture, demonstrated by the costume design and added musical numbers. Speaking of the costume design, “The Lion King” has the most impressive costumes and set design over any other musical on Broadway. From the colossal Pride Rock to actors dressed as giraffes as they make their way across the stage on stilts. Normally this would look silly, but the design is made to look incredibly realistic. The audience feels like a part of the savannah. The only costumes that I had difficulty believing were the hyenas, who at times were hard to understand and tell apart. As previously mentioned, the music from the movie is also in the musical rendition. Favorites such as the “Circle of Life” and “Be Prepared” are performed much like they were in

the film. However, there are more than a few extra performances through the course of the story. For example, when Mufasa is talking to Simba while looking at the night sky, the song “They Live in you” is performed, which is later reprised extremely well. There are other really good moments in the musical such as when Rafiki mourns Mufasa and Simba by performing a funeral ceremony complete with African chants. It is almost hard to describe how well thought out and aptly performed this musical is, making it something you really have to see instead of just reading about it. If you ever find yourself on Broadway and want to have a few hours of escape, go to see "The Lion King" musical. It is well worth the time and money.


“The Lion King” musical has excellent source material, but what separates the two is the way the musical uses African culture through costume design and additional music.


February 23, 2012

Kutztown dishes MU squad a loss on the mat CHRIS NORTON Associate Sports Editor The Millersville Wrestling team received wins behind the strength of Brandon Vernalli and Brad Ladd, but it was not enough against a determined Kutztown team, who won seven of their nine contested bouts carrying them to a 36-10 victory. Vernalli gave the Marauders six points by pinning Micah Bollinger after 4:19. He upped his season record to 16-11 with the advantage, giving him a

total of four pins. Ladd controlled his opponent from start to finish, earning an 8-0 decision against Golden Bear Adam Manzoni. The win gave Ladd his 17th win of the season and earned him his first major decision. He now leads the team in victories. The loss put Millersville’s record at 2-13, while Kutztown boosted theirs to 9-4, winning their sixth-straight dual. The Marauders travel to Franklin & Marshall Friday evening for the annual Battle for the Rupp Cup, a trophy named in the honor of the late

Dr. Ted Rupp, who served as both the Millersville and Franklin & Marshall wrestling coach. He founded the Marauders wrestling program and won two PSAC Championships. Millersville hopes to recover from the loss and take home the Rupp Cup for the fourth time in the team’s last four meetings. Of the three matches for the Cup, the Marauders triumphed over Franklin & Marshall each time, and have won their last eight duals against the Diplomats. They seek to take home the name of the wrestling patriarch once again.


The Marauders failed to outweigh Kutztown despite wins from both Vernalli and Ladd.

Upcoming Millersville Sports Events Women’s Track &Field February 25 @ PSAC Championships Millersville Edinboro University All Day Event


Men’s Baseball February 24-25 @ Glenville State Williamston, N.C. 1 6 PM


February 26 @ Glenville State Williamston, N.C. 2 PM

Women’s Basketball February 25 @ Bloomsburg Bloomsburg University 1 PM

Men’s Track & Field February 25 @ PSAC Championships Edinboro University All Day Event

Men’s Basketball February 25 @ Bloomsburg Bloomsburg University 3 PM

Men’s and women’s basketball teams have trouble on the road in back-to-back defeats at East Stroudsburg AUBREY SCHWALM


Sports Editor The Marauders had a devastating loss against East Stroudsburg last Wednesday on the road. Millersville went into the locker room at the first half leading only by four points. However, Millersville could not keep their slight lead as they lost with a final score of 65-58. In the second half, Newman completed a three-pointer to help put the Marauders in the lead with a little less than 3 minutes left in the second half. Newman would pinch the Warriors' lead to only three points with a score of 58-55, but it was not enough momentum for the Marauders to close out the win. Miesha Cousins started the noise in the second half, as she went 2-for-2 from the line, but it was a little too late, as the Warriors had already successfully silenced the Marauders for the first seven minutes in second half play. Cousins' foul shots brought the Marauders back within 7 points but it would not be enough for a victory. Overall the Marauders struggled in the majority of the second half, only shooting 22 points. They also turned the ball over eight times. Those crucial turnovers served to hurt the Marauders as five of those eight came in the first three crucial minutes of the second half. The downfall for Millersville was their shooting from the floor. As a team, they missed seven

Associate Sports Editor


The women’s team struggled on the floor offensively. consecutive 3-pointer attempts in the final dwindling minute. Their misses allowed for East Stroudsburg to take advantage of the boards and rebounding, and connect on the other end with no response from Millersville. Newman still had some fight as she knocked down one last 3-pointer before the side retired with a final score of 65-58. Newman led the game with 19 points for the overall scoring high. Mosley finished with 14 points and 10 rebounds, most of which were done in the first half. Mosley

has completed her 15th doubledouble this season. Cousins' momentum late in the game did not lift the Marauders to a win, but she did bring down her own personal career-high of nine rebounds. With this astonishing loss, the Warriors have broken Millersville’s longest winning streak over a single opponent in conference play. The Marauders hope to come back from the win on their home floor as they will play host to the Mansfield Mountaineers this Saturday at Pucillo Gymnasium.

The Marauders put up an extraordinary fight against East Stroudsburg this past Wednesday, but unfortunately came up short. With 10:30 left in this PSAC East match, Millersville trailed by just four points. Whis Grant, the Warrior’s freshman guard, widened that gap in a hurry with back-to-back three-pointers, eventually sealing the win for East Stroudsburg, and clinching a spot in the PSAC Tournament. Grant’s impressive performance did not shine until the second half when he shot 4-for-4 from the three-point line, giving him a team-high of 19 points. These numbers set a new ESU freshman record for three-pointers in a season. His marksmanship proved deadly for a Marauder team that now sits at 914 overall, with a divisional record of 7-12. The loss ended Millersville’s hopes for a spot in the postseason. The Marauders started the second half off in poor fashion, trailing by as many as 17 points, though a spirited Demond Vance pulled them within four making the score 55-51. Vance, who scored a season-high 24 points, managed to score 12 points in a short six-minute span. His second three-pointer of the stretch brought Millersville as close as it had been since the first half. Grant of the Warriors, how-

Attention: All men runners

let your voice be heard on official record AUBREY SCHWALM Sports Editor Dear Men's Runners, The news that Millersville decided to cut your three running sports due to the limited budget was devastating to everyone. I can only imagine how all of you feel about this. So, being the Editor of the Sports section of The Snapper, I would like to extend a personal invitation to get your voice heard. I would like to do a segment in the paper, as long as it takes, as many weeks as it takes, to tell everyone’s personal story as to why you chose Millersville, how cutting these sports will affect you, and lastly, to explain your personal ties or devotion to the sport of running.

At the Senate forum, some runners stood up and talked personally about things the team had done for them. I feel it is important for EVERYONE to hear who you are individually and as teams. Starting February 23 and onward, please take the initiative to tell your story by submitting a personal biography of yourself and the things I mentioned. By doing this, not only will people get to see that there is going to be a great loss due to this cut, but it will also raise concern/awareness for the future of other sports here at Millersville. Please include your future plans as you individually decide what you are going to do as a student-athlete. This budget cut goes to show that no one is exempt from life-changing decisions. I encourage each and every mem-

ber to submit a biography of himself and I will put a spread or spreads together to get every story submitted on record. To submit your biographies please send an email with the attached article in a document format to In your email I ask that you identify yourself and what team or teams you personally have been/are a part of. It is also important to put your contact information in the email so if there are any questions, my associate or I can contact you. If you have a good picture of yourself that can be run next to your bio please attach that as well. If my associate or I do not receive a picture, we will be contacting you to get a photo taken for this special section. I hope to see an outpouring of submissions, and to start running this section as soon as

I get submissions. So please spread the word to all other runners who are affected. The articles that will be ran are on a first come, first serve basis so the sooner the submission the sooner it is officially on record. Lastly, I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to all who will be affected by this decision. It is an unfortunate event. The Sports section will continue to cover all events extensively in order to support you all in your last official season. Thank you for your time and my associate and I look forward to your submissions. Sincerely, Aubrey Schwalm, Sports Editor Chris Norton, Associate Sports Editor

ever, responded immediately with consecutive triples. The Marauders looked to recover from the devastating blow after an inbound pass to Anthony Coleman, who was caught off guard by Grant, having the ball stolen from behind. Grant then passed it to an eager Matt Tobin who easily made a three-pointer, raising the Warrior’s lead to 13 in under two minutes. Millersville never came within 11 points again. East Stroudsburg shot 12-for-21 from behind the arc while the Marauders struggled, making 3-of-11. The Warriors also took advantage of numerous Millersville turnovers, scoring 30 points off of 16. Millersville senior Elijah Obade recorded his ninth double-double with 19 points and 11 rebounds.

Obade and Vance were the only two players to reach double figures in the game. Larry Grant, the Marauder’s lead scorer, totaled 8 assists but only 2 points from 1of-4 shooting. East Stroudsburg stayed in contending for the PSAC Tournament with an overall record of 169, and 12-7 in the division. It is the team’s sixth playoff berth in their last seven seasons. The Marauders play their final home game this Saturday against Mansfield, which is part of the “Hooping for a Cure” initiative that raises awareness for breast cancer. Despite their postseason dreams coming to an end, Millersville hopes to finish out their season in style.


Only two players reached double digits in scoring.


February 23, 2012

F&M poses as another set back for wrestling team KELLY CAPIZZI

Peace Corps @ Millersville! For more informattiion or to RSV VP P, contact Kimberly Helm at kheelm@peacecorps.go Kimberly @p p g vv..

Be a Vo olunteerr.

Info Table

On Friday night in Lancaster, the Marauders faced the Franklin & Marshall Diplomats in the hopes to gain possession of the Rupp Cup. Unfortunately, the Diplomats won their second straight battle for the Cup. Millersville had previously won 16 of the 20 matches with Franklin & Marshall, including this 29-13 victory. The Marauders earned wins from senior Shane Smith at 184 pounds and junior Brad Ladd at heavyweight. Another gain for the Marauders came from senior, Kyle


Thursdayy, March 1st 10AM - 3PM Student M Memorial emorial Center Cen

Toth, who received a forfeit at 165 pounds. Toth’s forfeit placed Millersville on the board with six points. Smith advanced the Marauders with a 4-2 decision over Diplomat Matt Latessa. This was Smith’s last regular season match at Millersville. After 39 career victories, he ranks 10th in school history. Finally, Ladd earned his secondstraight major decision with a 9-1 win over Diplomat Alexander Henry. This win improved Ladd’s season to 18-10. The Marauders hope for victory at the EWL Championships taking place on March 4 at Clarion.

Sports Writer

B par Be partt of the next nexxt P Peace eace Corps generation. gen neration.



Info Session

Thursdayy, Marrch 1st 5PM - 6PM SMC Galleey Room Room o 202


Solid performances at Susquehanna for both Women’s and Men’s track KELLY CAPIZZI


Sports Writer The Millersville women competed in the Susquehanna Indoor Open on Friday at Susquehanna University. Freshman Jessica Fritsche ran the 60-meter dash for the first time in her career. Fritsche took fourth-place in both the preliminaries and the finals with a final finish time of 8.28 seconds. Fritsche earned a great finish in another new event for her, the 200-meter dash. The freshman placed 12th in the finals with a finish time of 28.19 seconds. Senior Mattie Conaboy took 11th place in the 400-meter finals with a 1:03.19 time. Conaboy’s finish time was the third-best time for a Marauder this season. In addition to Conaboy, soph-

Do you love WRITING?

Sports Writer


The women have been doing great on the track this season. omore Mercedes Ortiz ran the 400-meter dash in the finals for 13th place, just behind her teammate with a finish time of 1:04.11. Ortiz also participated in the 60-meter dash, placing 13th in the preliminaries, but unfortunately did not make the cut for the finals. The Marauders competed the following day at the Princeton Invitational at Princeton University.

Continuing Education Classes

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Financial Accounting Financial Managerial Accounting Intermediate Accounting I Intermediate Accounting II Principles of Mark Marketing eting Organizational Communications Macroeconomics Microeconomics

Color and Culture Ethics Introduction to Poetry Poetry Introduction to Anthropology Introduction to International Studies Introduction to Religion Italian I Italian II Modern Latin America Native American Experience The The Second Age of Empires

Calculus I Calculus II

Family Family PPartnerships artnerships (Education (Education Majors) Majors)

the snapper. com /APPLY

When did you get involved with basketball? “I started playing basketball in eighth grade and stuck with it.” What do you like to do in your free time? “In my free time I like to hang out with friends, play video games, play with my girlfriend, and just try to have a good time.”


What are your future plans? “My future plans are [to] become a successful lawyer and open my own restaurant one day.”

If yes, who is your favorite player? “I love watching Dirk Nowitzki and Kobe do work. I've implemented many of their own moves into my game.”

What is the highlight of your season so far? “The highlight of my season was beating the number one team in the PSAC twice. First, it was Bloomsburg and then Kutztown.” What is your biggest accomplishment in basketball so far? “I would say that my biggest accomplishment in basketball would be playing college basketball and starting as a freshman.”

Mike Perez Baseball


Check us out!


What is your major? “My major is political economics.”

Do you follow professional basketball? “I love watching all levels of basketball. Linsanity!!! Jeremy Lin is the man.”

Summer 2012

Want to add to your RESUME? Write for us!

The Marauders posted strong results in the Susquehanna Indoor Open on Friday at Susquehanna University. Millersville had a limited squad comprised of male athletes participate in the 800-meter run, the one-mile run, the 200meter dash, the 5,000-meter run as well as the weighted throw at the Indoor Open. In the 800-meter run, junior Seth Hibbs secured the third-best finish of the day for the Millersville men’s team. Hibbs had a sixth-place finish with a time of 2:00.91. Senior Andrew Musselman and freshman Devonte King finished behind Hibbs with times of 2:04.36 and 2:11.24 respectfully. Marauders Conor Veres, Matt Taylor, Zach Mains, and Brad

Slaughter competed in the onemile run. Veres came in 14th place and had the third-fastest time this season for a Marauder with a finish time of 4:36.00. Taylor placed 21st with a time of 4:42.28 while Mains and Slaughter finished 23rd and 24th respectively with only 100th of a second separating their times. In addition, Millersville’s Chris Jackson, Jr. placed 13th in the 200-meter dash with a time of 24.14 seconds. Another 13th place finish was achieved by senior Ben Morrison in the 5,000meter run with a time of 17:13.72. Finally, Millersville’s Peter Hafer placed 15th in the weighted throw with a distance of 13.16 meters. The male Marauders competed the next day at the Princeton Invitational in Princeton, NJ.

Ja y mes Mill er

Science/Psychology Introduction to Science Physics I Physics II General Psychology Abnormal Behavior and Experience Paranormal Paranormal and Pseudoscientific Phenomena

TTake ake cclasses lasses at at Lebanon Lebanon V Valley alley C College ollege tthis his ssummer— ummer—

Catch C atch up up o orr get get ahead ahead o off tthe he curve. curve. Transfer credits from a quality liberal arts, pre-professional college. W Transfer We e offer offer four convenient undergraduate class sessions to fit your busy summer schedule.

• TTwo-week wo-week wo Session—May 14 to May 25 • Six-week Session I—May 21 to June 29 • Six-week Session II—July 9 to August 17 • Seven-week Session—May 21 to July 5


V Visit isit us us o online nline a att, ww w, call call 717-867-6213 717-867-6213 o orr 1 1-877-877-0423, -877-877-0423, o orr eemail mail C Christine hristine M Martin artin aatt

Lebanon V Lebanon Valley alley C College ollege | G Graduate raduate SStudies tudies aand nd C Continuing ontinuing EEducation ducation 101 17003-1400 1 01 North North College College Avenue, Avenue, Annville, Annville, PA PA 1 7003-1400

When did you start playing baseball? “I have been playing baseball since I could walk. I remember looking at pictures of myself when I was younger and I always had a baseball bat in one hand and a baseball in the other.” What is your major? “Sociology with an option in Criminology.” What do you plan to do after you graduate? “I hope to play baseball for as long as I can. I also hope to look to find a job in Law Enforcement.” What has been the highlight of your season (so far)? “The team worked very hard throughout the fall and the offseason. All the team challenges and workouts have prepared us physically and mentally for this season.” What is your biggest accomplishment in baseball? “Our team did very well last year and we got the opportunity to play in the DII College World Series Tournament. It was an amazing experience that we will never forget.”


Besides baseball, how do you spend your free time? “ When I have free time, if any, I am usually at home relaxing with my teammates.” Do you follow baseball professionally? “ I try to follow the scores of all the professional games and how people are doing throughout the season. But mainly I follow the Yankees.” If yes, who is your favorite player? “I really like Robinson Canó because, he plays the game the right way. I love watching his swing on video because it is so smooth and effortless.”

The Snapper


Track teams are unstoppable Page 13

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Women’s basketball team claims win on Senior Saturday at Pucillo AUBREY SCHWALM Sports Editor


Senior night was a total success for the Marauders.

The Marauders came off to a slow start for the first half of their Senior day against Mansfield. However, it did not take them long to spice up the action and pull ahead, never allowing the Mountaineers to take a lead. With this great win over Mansfield, that leaves the Marauders with a 31-0 all-time winning record against the Mountaineers at Pucillo. Our lady Marauders advance their winning record to 16-8 overall and 13-7 in PSAC East play. The three seniors who

helped contribute to the win of their final regular season home game were guard, Sophia Waters, guard, Carrie Sheffey, and foward, Gabrielle Styles. At the end of the half, the Marauders went into the locker room with an 11 point advantage over Mansfield with a score of 25-14. The Marauders held Mansfield to shooting only 24 percent from the floor. There were seven rejected shooting attempts from the floor, as Aurielle Mosley handled three of the seven. Overall, the Marauders finished with eight blocks, which contributed heavily to Mansfield's low shooting percentage.

As the second half got underway, the Marauders did not let down the pressure. Both teams upped the anty but Millersville was more successful in scoring as they outscored Mansfield by 10 points with a score of 41-31. Senior, Sophia Waters, had a great game as she netted a total of 11 points and set the overall game high for the day. Coming off the bench with some more points to add to the scoreboard was freshman, Senada Mehmedovic, who scored two 3-pointers. In addition, freshman, Rachel Coulter, contributed with a tray from downtown. With Coulter’s three it upped

the Marauders lead to 66-43. Mosley and freshman, Carly Gallagher, both finished with an even 10 points. Mosley scoring on Saturday leaves her only 35 points away from reaching her 1,000th point. The Marauders have now won 11 straight times against Mansfield. The Marauders go on the road for the rest of their season. They travel to Shippensburg on February 22 and Bloomsburg on February 25. For more information about our Lady Marauders feel free to use the Millersville Athletics website to keep up with the latest news!

Women have a record breaking weekend in the water CAITLIN BRANAMAN Sports Writer Thursday The PSAC Championships this year ran from Thursday, February 16 to Sunday, February 19. This 37th year the Championships are hosted by Gannon University in Mechanicsburg, PA, at Cumberland Valley High School. Eight swimmers from the women’s swimming team qualified, including four of the women eligible to compete in their respective individual events. Sarah Bernhardt, Arielle Walbert, and Brigid Mary McDonnell each qualified to compete in three different individual events. Freshman Ashley Kichline qualified to compete in two. Amanda Thomas, Emma Viets, Adriana Rodriguez and Rebecca Anderson are to take part in the relay events.

Bernhardt and Walbert are the two swimmers on the team to make it to the conference championship the last three seasons. Bernhardt qualified for four individual events, but will only swim the 50 and 100 freestyle, and the 100-yard butterfly. Bernhardt broke three of the school’s records for the third year in a row, and also collected NCAA “B” cut times in the same three events: 50 and 100-yard freestyle, and 100yard butterfly. Walbert qualified for the 200-yard butterfly, the 400yard IM and the 1,000-yard free. Walbert has the 200 fly school record at 2:17.35, and holds the school’s top times in all three of her events. McDonnell was among the qualifiers competing in four events, though she is only competing in three: 100 and 200-yard breaststroke, and 200-yard IM races. She has the

school’s records in both breaststroke events. Kichline qualified for the 100 and 200-yard backstroke, and has the school’s top times in each event. Kichline will swim the 100and 200-yard backstroke events. She had Millersville's top times in each event for the duration of the season. The first day of Championships started on Thursday with the 200-yard medley relay record being broken, and Walbert finishing the 1000 free with a personal best. Kichline, McDonnell, Bernhardt, and Thomas finished the 200 medley relay with a time of 1:50.27 giving them the school record by a full second. Walbert’s personal best was a time of 10:56.73, coming one second short of the school record. By the end of the first day Millersville sat in 12th with 10 points.

KAYLEE DUGAN Sports Writer Friday


A total of eight swimmers from the team qualified.

Sarah Bernhardt received AllPSAC honors in her 50 yard freestyle swim on Friday, February 16, 2012. The next day Bernhardt finished with a time of 24:43 to come in seventh on Saturday February 17, 2012, and she also earned All-PSAC honors. The 400-yard medley relay team to close out Friday was made up of Bernhardt, McDonnell, Kichline and Thomas. This relay team finished in 11th place with a time of 4:01:51, which breaks their previous best season record, and they also broke the school’s record of the 400-yard medley relay by

Runners show Ivy Leagues who’s boss ESTELLE REIDLER Sports Writer Saturday, February 18 the Millersville Women’s Track and Field team appeared at the Princeton Invitational in Princeton, NJ. The women earned a number of individual as well as collective achievements for the team. Individual honors were earned by junior Katherine Lennox and sophomore Brittany Martin. Collective achievements were earned by sophomore Megan Meyer, senior Chrissy Savage, sophomore Becky Novak, and Brittany Martin. Lennox earned a season-best for the women’s track and field team in the triple-jump with a distance of 11.24-meters; this earned her a 3rd place finish. Meyer, Savage, Novak and Martin also earned a 3rd-place finish with a 4X400-relay time of 4:01.24, which was another best for the women’s track team this season. Martin competed in two events for the Marauders during the course of the meet: the 4X400relay and the 800-meter run. Her time of 2:20.78 was the best time posted by a Marauder this season.

Martin finished in 9th with a time of 2:22.17. The Millersville Women’s Track and Field team will compete again in the PSAC Championships at Edinboro University from Saturday, February 25 to Sunday, February

“The women’s team has 21 qualifiers that will be competing in the Championships.”

26. The women’s team has 21 qualifiers that will be competing in the Championships. Men’s Track and Field met Saturday, February 18 at the Princeton Invitational in Princeton, NJ. The meet was a strong showing for the men after its Friday, February 17 Susquehanna Invitational, with personal achievements earned for many of the Marauders. Two of the athletes achieved

second-place finishes. Sophomore Kevin Diflorio finished the 800meter run with a time of 1:57:36, the best from a Marauder so far this season. Senior Zach Kohler finished with a second-place tie after performing the high jump with a height of 1.90 meters. Another highlight of the meet was from freshman thrower Justin Berg, who bested his own season record distance in the weight throw. Going into the Invitational Saturday Berg had a 13.61 meter throw he had achieved at the Bucknell Invitational; for this meet Berg bested himself with a 14.36 meter toss. This distanced throw ranks 4th for Millersville University’s history. Junior sprinter Jeff Robinson also had a good showing at the meet, achieving 11th place in the 60-meter dash after posting a time of 7.25 seconds. Robinson earned a second second-place finish in the 200-meter dash after getting a time of 23.10 seconds. The Men’s Track and Field team will perform again in the PSAC Championships at Edinboro University from Saturday, Feb. 25 to Sunday, Feb.26. The men’s team will have 20 qualifiers competing.


The women’s determination broke numerous Millersville school records over the weekend. over 7 seconds. Thomas and Kichline also participated in a 200-yard freestyle race this time, with Viets and Anderson, to come in with a 12th place finish and a time of 1:41:97. They ended Friday in 12th place with a total of 44 points.

Saturday The third day of competition started on February 18, 2012. Sarah Bernhardt finished in third place in the 100 yard butterfly with a time of 56:98 to break the school record, which was set by her. She also received her second All-PSAC honors in the championship. Brigid McDonnell finished 11th in the 100 yard breaststroke with a time of 1:07:72. This resets the school record

which was also set by her. With this time she will advance to her first PSAC championship finals. The 800 yard freestyle relay also broke a school record with a finish in 10th place with a time of 7:58:18. The relay team consists of Bernhardt, McDonnell, Kichline and Thomas. Bernhardt lead-off time of 1:56:17 broke the school's 200 yard freestyle record. Kichline also reached her personal best in the 100 yard backstroke. Walbert reached a season best in the 400 yard IM.

Sunday The women’s swim team took another three records home with them on the final day of the PSAC Championships, Feb-

ruary 19, 2012. That brings their weekend total to a staggering 10 broken records. They also finished the weekend in 11th place with 107 points. The power relay team of Bernhardt, McDonnell, Kichline and Thomas broke the school's 400-yard freestyle record with a time of 3:38.88 to finish 10th in the event. They had also broken the 800-yard freestyle and the 200 and 400-yard medley relay records. Bernhardt, McDonnell, and Kichline also qualified for finals separately in each of their respected events on the final day of championships. Millersville received 11th out of 13 schools, but more importantly set 10 new school records.

Mountaineers top Marauders BRIAN CORRIGAN Sports Writer

On a day dedicated to the seniors of the team, Millersville (915, 7-13 PSAC) could not handle the stifling defense of Mansfield University and would lose their final home game 94-66. Sophmore Jaymes Miller led the Marauders with 19 points, and senior Mike Seibert also contributed with 17 points including five 3-pointers. “It was a tough way to go out losing the last home game. We didn't play as well as we would have liked and it was a game that we should have won. I think that's been the story of the season, losing games that we should have won,” Seibert said. Mansfield (9-15, 6-14 PSAC) scored the most points by a visiting team in regulation since Mountain State scored 96 in 2002. Elijah Obade would earn his 10th double-double of the season, finishing the game with 13 points and 11 rebounds. With 15:51 left in the first half, Obade received an electrifying alley-oop which looked like it could have sparked some momentum for the Marauders. Unfortunately they would find themselves down 18 points

at halftime going into the locker room 46-28. Mansfield went on an 18-4 run to close out the first half. Turnovers would continue to haunt Millersville throughout the second half as Mansfield was able to convert 19 Millersville turnovers, 13 being steals turning into 27 points. This would be the first road win for Mansfield this season as they were previously 010 during away games. “Hopefully we can end on a positive note and get wins against Ship and Bloom. That would be a plus for the team going forward

into next year with Bloomsburg being one of the top teams in the league,” Seibert said. Mansfield freshman Joe Bell continued his tremendous season, scoring a career high 34 points against the Marauders. This would be the most points put up by a single player against Millersville this season. Along with effective shooting Bell also grabbed 11 rebounds, completing his doubledouble. Millersville will be looking for their 10th win this season as they travel to Shippensburg on Wednesday for an 8 P.M. tip off.


Mansfield was too big of a challenge for Millersville.

The Snapper, Vol. 87, Iss. 13  

The Snapper, Millersville University's student-run newspaper since 1925

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