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Semicentennial Showcase

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friday, may 13, 2011

Fiftieth anniversary of annual show exhibits Belle talent by Faria Akram, Features Editor


Titled “50 Years of Fabulous,” the Bengal Belles Spring show celebrated Consol’s 50th year of Belles with performances dedicated to the Belles of the last five decades. “Each dance number in the show corresponded to some characteristic Belles have had in the past 50 years, such as confidence,” senior Maria Lyuksyutova said. Planning for the 2011 show began immediately after the end of the 2010 Bengal Belle show. In addition to the dances, the Belles also invited former Belles and Belle directors to the show to be recognized for the roles they held during their time in the program. The alumnae also emceed the show through taped interviews by Scott Faulk’s Audio/Video Production students. “Belles began in 1961, and we had one Belle from the 60s, and a couple from each of the following decades,” assistant director Jessica Diem said. “They sent in pictures and stories, and we used that to decorate the entrance into the auditorium.” Contacting alumni from decades ago would have been a difficult feat to accomplish without present technology, Diem said. “Facebook has been a huge help in finding old Belles,” Diem said. “There’s a Belle alumni facebook page, and we’ve messaged old Belles and directors and asked them for information on other old Belles as well.” One former Belle is current sociology and psychology teacher Lindsay Zahn, who was a Belle from 1993 to 1996 and became assistant director in 2002. “I loved dance and being involved in the school [during high school],” Zahn said. “ A lot of my good friends were Belles with me.” Zahn then became Bengal Belle director in 2004, but due to the large amount of time and dedication that was a part of the job, she resigned from the position in 2007. “I was a single mom, and it was difficult to manage Belles and everything else in my life.” Zahn said. “I do miss the girls, and buying costumes and going on the fun trips.” Lyuksyutova said that this year’s show was extremely meaningful to her. “The dance technical ability has risen by 100 percent,” Lyuksyutova said. “And [as a Belle member], you give so much to the team and want everyone to do well. It really has been 50 years of fabulous, and I’m glad to be ending on that.” Zahn states that she has high hopes for the next 50 years of Belles. “I hope to see that in the next 50 years, the Belles continue to hold the same values and leadership skills that they have been taught in the past years,” Zahn said. “I hope they carry themselves with confidence and selfrespect, and put everything into their school work and dance, and ultimately make good choices.”

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1. Senior and captain Maria Lyuksyutova performs a high kick during the last dance performance. Lyuksyutova has been on Bengal Belles since her freshman year. PHOTO BY LAURA EVERETT 2. Seniors Sally Kate Humphries, Maria Lyuksyutova, Odessa Appel and Erica Ashmore perform their contest kick routine to the song “Come Fly Away with Me” by Frank Sinatra. The Belles performed the routine at both their contests this spring. PHOTO BY LAURA EVERETT 3. The belle uniforms over the decades are displayed outside the auditorium. Over the past few years, uniforms have become more streamlined. PHOTO BY FARIA AKRAM 4. Seniors Tayler Slocum and Katy Wallace perform the social officer dance dedicated to Tiger Football. Officers coordinated all parties and spirit events for Belles. PHOTO BY AMY ZHANG

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Vol. 16 Issue 6  

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