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friday, may 13, 2011

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the soul on a peaceful sightseeing drive down Rock Prairie Road, following it all the way back to Highway 6 near Peach Creek. Embrace the artist within with a scenic photoshoot with friends or family.


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in local culture during First Fridays in downtown Bryan, just off Texas Ave. Taking place on the first Friday of each month, this event is full of music, arts, food, dancing and shows. Watch the local news at the end of every month for updates on upcoming First Friday events.


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Gibbons Creek. This familyfriendly site offers boating, fishing, camping and has a private swimming area.


h yourself by taking a swim

Bryan, located on Sandy Road. The Bryan/College ation Parks and Recreation rvices provide the city with 40 parks. These are great to spend summer days ’s playing frisbee, golf or icnic. Sign up by June 3 to ty league kickball team for ndly competition. To learn ut local outdoor activities, H ar om.



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JJ’s Snow Cones on Briarcrest. With dozens of eclectic flavors such as Caribbean Splash and Coke Float, these low-priced cold delicacies are the perfect Boo summer treat.

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satisfy a sweet tooth craving and visit

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a new “mega game” of hide-and-go-seek, also called “search and rescue,” has emerged among local teens. To play, form two teams, and each team takes one or two people from the opposing team. After setting “territories” and boundaries, the “captives” are dropped off in a secret location. The goal is for the two teams to race to find their missing team member first. Selected drivers must try to “rescue” the captives by receiving encrypted hints of the secret location (proper nouns such as “McDonald’s” are not allowed, but the more vague “the popular restaurant” is acceptable).

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Vol. 16 Issue 6  

The last issue of the Roar for the 2010-2011 school year, including senior pages.

Vol. 16 Issue 6  

The last issue of the Roar for the 2010-2011 school year, including senior pages.