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friday, may 13, 2011

Helpful Tips for Seniors

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College Dorm Room Checklist:

Buy what you need and stay on budget Mini-fridge & Microwave

For storing your caffeine supply and late-night munchies, a mini-fridge is a necessity in every colle ge dorm room.

Found in Walmart stores for $156.9



This item is essential for research papers and finding your new college friends on facebook.

Found in Walmart stores for $328.00

Oversized Calendar

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Don’t want to forget those importa nt due dates? Hang up a calendar and have a marker ready to scratch off the days till graduation.

Found in Walmart stores for $14.95 Shower Basket

Whether living in a dorm that offers community showers or honors dorms with private bathrooms, a shower bucket is every college student’s necessity for everyday cleaning and grooming.

Found in Target stores for $5.99

Door Hangers

To prevent tripping on bath robes and winte r coats, attach adhesive clothes hooks on doors or walls .

Found in Target stores for $7.99

Vol. 16 Issue 6  
Vol. 16 Issue 6  

The last issue of the Roar for the 2010-2011 school year, including senior pages.