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friday, may 13, 2011

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Getting Hooked

Anglers find relaxation, solace in outdoor recreation By Anna Huff Sports Editor A bucket of minnows, tackle box full of lures and a freshly picked package of worms may not seem appealing to many, but for fishers, it is the perfect ingredients to make a successful day on the water. “I started fishing as soon as I could pick up a pole,” senior English teacher Richard Wilson said. He was taught by his father and now is passing down the tips that he learned to his children. Senior Scott Jones also learned to fish from family. “I was taught by my dad when I was five,” senior Scott Jones said. “I love fishing because it gives me a time to think and be on my own, and it was something all the guys on my family could share and do together.” This is where Jones learned tips such as if the wind is blowing from the west the fish are more prone to bite. Junior Ashley Weir also finds it as a way to spend time with her family. “My family started to fish more often three years ago when we got our boat,” Weir said “ I enjoy being out on the water and the feeling I get when I’m about to reel in a fish.” Fishing is a sport based off of strategy and tolerance. It can be described as a battle of patience. Once the tension in the line is just right, then it is time to pop the rod and reel in the fish. For Weir she believes that her pink fishing pole is what gives her luck out on the water. “If you want to have success fishing, the ability to have persistence and being able to adapt to changes is crucial,” Wilson said.

Fishing can be a solitary sport or social, it is just flexible to your mood, Jones said. Many stories are made while out on the water fishing. “I have had a lot of laughs and good stories from fishing,” Jones said. “anything from getting a hook caught on my leg to catching an alligator.” Jones is not the only one with strange stories. “My favorite memories while fishing would have to be with my dad and brother,” Wilson said. “I remember one specific time it was cold and raining outside, and somehow my brother ended up falling in the water.” Along with going fishing because of the stories, many go as a way to be outside. “My ideal fishing weather is sunny, but not too hot,” Weir said. “It is hard to find where the fish are sometimes so I like to be comfortable while I senior SCOTT JONES wait.” While Weir enjoys the sun, Jones thinks differently. “I like fishing when a storm is coming because the atmospheric pressure is low which makes the fish feed,” Jones said. Even if fishing entails a high tolerance for patience, the soothing comfort it provides makes up for that. “Some people hike or camp, but I fish,” Wilson said. “It is my way to be outside.” Senior Kameron Kitchens uses fishing as a way to bond with his friends. “It is a calming hobby to have especially with a good buddy like Scott Jones,” Kitchens said. Jones said fishing can be enjoyed by people of all ages. “My advice to anyone that has never fished before is to try it. You will not regret it,” Jones said.

“My advice to anyone that has never fished before is to try it. You will not regret it.”

Senior Kameron Kitchens displays the fish that he caught on Tuesday, May 3. Kitchens believes fishing in the morning provides the best results. PHOTO BY ANNA HUFF

Fish Out of Water Crappie: Swim in large pools; versatile feeders (usually eat insects, worms and minnows) Best fishing for these in spring and fall

Large Mouth Bass:

Grow typically 4 to 6 inches Usually seek protective cover such as logs and rocks Likes quiet, calm water Best fishing in the spring

Perch: Seniors Kameron Kitchens and Scott Jones fish in the morning on Tuesday, May 3. Jones said he learned to fish from his family and has been avidly fishing since he was five years old. PHOTO BY ANNA HUFF


Can be caught anytime of the year Yellow Perch is the most common type in Texas Can be aggressive biters Usually use an anchor hook to catch

Vol. 16 Issue 6  
Vol. 16 Issue 6  

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