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capitalist cock, when erect, changes both its shape and the condom’s until they are securely in place together. Punk becomes just another prophylactic on the market, protecting capitalism from beautiful, life-threatening STDs and pregnant revolution. Musical genres, like tactics, have the potential to again become a threat, similar to how propaganda by deed is effective only when specific conditions arise1. But, when faced with the nightmare of capital each morning, it’s far too trying to patiently wait for a genre to regain its lost fervor. Just as capitalism searches for methods to recuperate, we must search for music that gives us vigor for our daily attack. Supposed radicals have been known to go on said search and typically make ill-use of their findings. AND it goes a little something like this: with “radicals” setting their voyeuristic gaze upon some genre, imposing upon it their muddled ideology, neglecting the virtuosity within the musical tradition and finally debuting something pitiful like an anarcho-ragtime outfit. It is likely to be far more rewarding to look into music with a tradition of Live Nigga Shit like, what is today called, classical music. Henri Lefebvre in his Situationist phase, recounts in Introduction to Modernity: Twelve Preludes how classical music was the avant-

“Hip-hop is like today’s bureaucratic union and the rap song is like the union’s innocuous picket-line strike tactic”

26 2. Nono married Schoenberg’s daughter, Nuria. Obsessed fan or descendant? You make the call.

3. ”DARMSTADT SCHOOL” was a term coined by Nono describing his peers who were committed to serial music. Other notable composers belonging to the school were Boulez and Stockhausen.