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The Valley, May 2014


Ed’s Railroading News by Ed Forsythe

I’m sitting here reading a letter and magazine from The Fort Wayne Historical Society about the #765 Berkshire steam engine that came through this area last year. As I read these items I realize my Valley Newspaper article is very, very late again. So I’ll get back to reading just as soon as I’m done typing. The mammoth steam engine made history again last year when it became the first steam engine excursion train to travel around the Horseshoe Curve since 1977. Every public trip that was made last year was a sold out success. Membership in the historical society nearly doubled as many of us became aware of this engine’s society work. I heartily encourage all of you to look into joining so you can follow up on the happenings of the #765 engine as well as having the ability to get involved if and when it does return to Central Pa.

Unfortunately, as of this writing the Berkshire will not be returning this year, but hopefully sometime very soon. One thing that is returning again is the Rockhill Trolley Museum’s weekly running of trolleys for all of us to enjoy. Yes, the weekend operating schedule is posted on the museum’s website, so take a short ride and enjoy a trolley ride back into history when everyone rode trolleys to work, the store or for an outing at the End-Of-The-Line Amusement Park. Coming up in downtown Lewistown on May 17th is the Mifflin-Juniata Arts Council event with workshops, children’s art displays, local musical talents, the Mifflin County Model Railroad Club’s scavenger hunt around the layouts, and other events happening. Make plans to get involved with this fine group’s efforts to

showcase many of the local talents. Watch the local papers, listen to the local radio stations, etc. for further information coming forth. It promises to be a very exciting day of art enjoyment. Remember, art is not just paintings and sculpture, you can find art in everything. So come have some “Scavenger Hunt” fun looking for artistic details on the Railroad Club’s layout from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. As always, Happy Railroading, Ed a


FIBER FESTIVAL MAY  17  &  18  2014  

Free Admission                  SAT  9-­‐5  &  SUN  9-­‐4                        Free  Parking  

Over 40  vendors  offering;  

Fiber, roving,  yarns  and  finished  products    


FREE Demonstrations  daily  

Including: Spinning,  crocheting,  needle  felting,    knitting,  tri-­‐loom,  weaving,  and  much  more.   Being  held  at:  

CLINTON COUNTY  FAIRGROUND   In  The  Commercial  Building   98  RACETRACK  ROAD   MILL  HALL,  PA  17751    

Contact: Brenda  Schenck       Cell:  207-­‐240-­‐4269   Find  us  on  Facebook    

Central PA  Fiber  Festival   Food  will  be  available

May 2014 the valley new online  
May 2014 the valley new online  

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