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The Valley, May 2014


Is There A Solution To The Failures of Obamacare? In my second year of nursing school, our instructors told us that patients were supposed to be called clients; doctors were supposed to be called providers. Health care relationships moved from a personal interaction to a business transaction. Then, it was called an HMO. Now it’s called the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Both have a played a role in the erosion of our healthcare system. Both are a part of the continuous assault on our personal freedoms. Under Obamacare, there is a loss of freedom to choose our doctor; to choose our insurance company, and to choose what health care services we receive. This matters to every one of

us. 250,000 Pennsylvanians will be losing their coverage under this system. President Obama promised that we could keep our doctors. But, too often we’re finding our doctors don’t participate in the exchange and our hospitals are opting out. President Obama claimed insurance would be more affordable. Really? Many insurance companies will not break even on the exchanges. Aetna and Coventry Health Care cancelled plans to offer insurance in the exchange when they could not charge premiums high enough to cover their costs. Cigna pulled out of the federal exchanges in Pennsylvania. And United Health Care abandoned us completely and

took their business to New York. Those insurance companies that don’t relocate will be forced to pass the skyrocketing costs onto the hard-working families of Pennsylvania. The individual insurance rate has risen in Pennsylvania by 28 percent. Dr. Paul Nancollas, an Eye Physician and Surgeon in Lewistown, PA, and also my husband, told me that patients who have health care insurance from the exchanges are finding that the antibiotics they need for their eye infections are not being covered. Not only is Obamacare destructive to people, but it threatens an already struggling economy. Highmark has laid off 520 employees in PA. And the estimated cost of Obamacare is 3 -7 trillion dollars over ten years. We will be paying for this failed plan for generations. If President Obama feels his

signature health plan is so great for this country, then why is he delaying portions of this law until after the elections? He is leaving people in limbo without any health insurance coverage. This is just what he claimed wouldn’t happen. Progressives have said our health care choices are better. But when our choices are taken away? When premiums and taxes skyrocket? When small businesses are suffering? People are being laid off because of increased costs to businesses. People are losing their insurance! Is that BETTER? There is a solution to our health care issues. It is called the Health Care Compact. This is an interstate compact between two or more states. The Health Care Compact doesn’t set limits on our choice of doctors, doesn’t dictate who provides our insurance. And it leaves us in charge of our own health, unlike Obummercare. Two years ago many legislators in Pennsylvania rejected the Health Care Compact. They stated that they did not want a better solution at that time to our health care problems and that they were planning on accepting Obamacare. However, several states HAVE approved the Health Care

Compact, including UT, KS, OK, TX, MO, IN, AL, AK and SC. States that have passed legislation on the Health Care Compact include MT, AZ and MN. States that have hearings underway include OH and LA. States that have introduced Health Care Compact legislation include CO, FL, TN and NH. To learn more about the Health Care Compact go to www. You can also go to the link: https:// Health-Care-Compact-Pennsylvania/181702348532414 for the latest on the PA efforts to adopt the Health Care Compact. I got into nursing over 20 years ago because I wanted to help people. Medicine was about caring, about one person caring for another. Under Obamacare that standard is a thing of the past. However, we can bring back our high standards with the Health Care Compact. That’s why we have to keep fighting, in order to bring personal choice, the doctor/patient relationship and humanity back into medicine. Lisa Nancollas, Mifflin County Tea Party Patriots PA State Coordinator Tea Party Patriots a

May 2014 the valley new online  
May 2014 the valley new online  

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