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The Valley, May 2014

Back Talk by Dr. Joseph Kauffman

The Time Is Coming required to get pertussis vaccines in these bills). Legislation has been introduced in Illinois (HB 4406) that would require day care centers in the state to mandate all day care workers get federally recommended vaccines. Last year, influenza vaccine mandates for all healthcare workers in New Jersey (NJ A 2172/S 1464) was vetoed by the Governor after vocal citizen opposition, but the Pharma-Medical TradeGovernment Health lobby is back again this session with a vengeance. A proposed new law (NJ S 1176) would require healthcare facilities to require all personnel to get an annual flu shot or be fired and denied new employment.

get HPV vaccinations and the bill also is trying to raise the overall HPV vaccination rates in the state. All sixth grade students in Kentucky will be required to get HPV vaccine if the lobbyists pushing KY HB 311 get their way. Some of the most disturbing bills are out of New York: NY A 497 and NY S 3134 would make it possible for doctors to give minor children vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases (such as hepatitis B and HPV vaccines) without their parents’ knowledge or consent if the minor child agrees to get the vaccine. Missouri (MO SB 748), Nebraska (NE LB 460) and New York (NY A 4221) all have bills filed that would require meningococcal vaccinations for students in different age groups.

Mandates and Ignoring Parental Rights Meanwhile in Indiana (IN HB 1236), some legislators want to pass a law mandating that all boys

Papers, Please? Since the 1990’s, the National Vaccine Information Center has been warning Americans about the systematic erosion of civil

Part Two

Get Vaccinated or Get Fired Health care workers, teachers, daycare employees and students in NINE states are targets of new legislation that proposes to force children and adults to get federally-recommended vaccines or suffer economic and other sanctions - from denial of employment and education to denial of parental rights to be informed if a minor child has received one or more vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases! Health care workers in Illinois (Il SB 1610) and Massachusetts (H 1975) may be required to get flu shots every year in order to keep their jobs. If either of the Vermont bills pass (VT H 114 or VT S 103), Vermont would become the first state in the country with pertussis containing vaccine mandates for teachers that could result in teachers being fired for declining vaccination (daycare workers in Vermont are also being

liberties and violation of privacy and informed consent rights when citizens are forced to participate in government-operated vaccine tracking systems without their voluntary consent. The Centers for Disease Control continues to report on and support the expansion of Immunization Information Systems (IIS). These electronic medical record monitoring systems are used to identify, track down and harass those not compliant with the federally recommended child and adult vaccine schedules to enforce use of a growing list of vaccines promoted by public health officials, pharmaceutical companies and medical trade groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Iowa (IA HSB 530), Indiana (IN HB 1352) and Missouri (MO HB 1445 and MO S817) all have bills that will require doctors and other vaccine administrators to enter vaccine records into state vaccine tracking registries operated by government health officials. Foster Parents’ Informed Consent Rights Attacked Some legislators don’t want to accept laws protecting vaccine informed consent rights from last year’s legislative session. For ex-

ample, last year the Arizona legislature passed a common sense law giving foster parents the right to make voluntary vaccination decisions for their own children and still be foster parents. This was particularly helpful in cases where the children of foster parents had medical contraindications to vaccination or had filed non-medical vaccine exemptions. Now there is a proposed law (AZ SB1243) that would basically repeal this law and instead force foster parents to vaccinate their biological and legally adopted children or be denied the right to be foster parents. Restricting Vaccine Exemptions in Oregon Last legislative session, the state of Oregon suffered a setback when OR SB 132 was passed and eliminated the religious exemption to vaccination. The new law requires parents and guardians, who file a nonmedical exemption for their child after Mar. 1, 2014, to receive state-approved “education” about vaccination before being allowed to file the exemption. If a parent already has a non-medical exemption form on file with schools and daycare facilities, the form does not need to be resubmitted. Only parents

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