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The Valley, May 2014

Doug’s Rug Spa Changes to Doug’s Rug Care When the Doug’s Rug Spa concept was originated, the marketing plan was very specific. Name recognition and commitment to outstanding service was the mission. Last December, Doug’s Rug Spa’s Facebook business page was shut down by Facebook citing a legal issue of

infringement. It became evident that another rug cleaning business in Spokane, Washington had federally trademarked “Rug Spa.” Because of this, we are going to change the name to Doug’s Rug Care. Located at the main intersection in Pleasant Gap (routes 144

& 26), is the most technologically advanced and nationally accredited rug care facility in Central PA. Doug Moerschbacher, owner & operator of Doug’s Rug Care, is an IICRC ( ), Textile Pro Network certified Rug & Fine Fabric service provider, certified by International Cleaning Registry, and a WoolSafe Service Provider (http://www.woolsafe. org/usa ). Our main services are; buying, selling, repairing, and washing. We offer all of the cleaning methods currently available for rugs: Dry cleaning, Dry Foam, Absorbent compound, Bonnet, encapsulation, hot water extraction, and total submersion washing. We offer guaranteed pet odor removal services as well. There are many different

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types, styles, and constructions of rugs. That is why it can be necessary to use one of, or a combination of. several methods of the aforementioned cleaning methods. We clean each rug individually. We would never wash a rug with other rugs in a tub together. You are kept informed of any special conditions noted during the inspection that are affecting your rug. We use a special machine to dust the rug. Your rug is flipped face down on a collection grid and all of the deeply imbedded dirt, dust, and allergens are vibrated out of your rug. Then the appropriate cleaning method is put to work. In the majority of the cases, it is full submersion washing on our wash floor. We use only the safest & gentlest cleaning solutions on your rug. Our Rug

Care facility has the most technologically advanced drying systems currently available in the industry. Doug’s Rug Care, located at 105 N. Main St, is open for customers to drop off or pick up rugs Monday-Saturday 9am-2pm or by appointment. We also offer pick up & delivery service and can help put your rugs back in place. If you are driving through Pleasant Gap, look for the 8 foot metal Sculpture of T-Rex in our parking lot at the traffic light by the Uni-Mart, Red Horse Tavern (, and the Village Eating House (http:// Please stop in to see all the services for rugs that we offer—you will be amazed. a

May 2014 the valley new online  
May 2014 the valley new online  

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