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The Valley, May 2014 frustrated dog owner. A must have book if you have questions about your dog’s behavior!

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THE CAT BEHAVIOR ANSWER BOOK By Arden Moore Copyright 2007

by Carleen B. Grossman The month of May brings us National Pet Month! This is a special celebration honoring the benefits that pets bring to people’s lives and vice versa. I have included some very special pet books for you to enjoy during this month....I guarantee that these books will bring smiles to you! CITY GIRL COUNTRY VET By Cathy Woodman Copyright 2012 This book reminds me of the James Herriott books in the 1970’s. Although, this is a novel and not true stories. But I can attest to the vet stories being very accurate since I worked for 8

years as a Veterinarian Technician and all around office helper for a small-animal practice! The story tells about a smallanimal practice in the English countryside where a veterinarian from the city of London goes to be a relief vet while her old school mate Veterinarian friend goes on an extended vacation. As you follow this city vet on her journeys getting used to the locals of the small borough, you will find her not only dealing with the competition from a local veterinary practice, but also adjusting to the ways of the people of the community. The book covers a menagerie of pets including the expected dogs and cats, but also you will meet a loquacious cheery cockatiel, a harry hamster, and even some cows, sheep and a donkey! There is a thread of romance throughout the story as the vet meets the veterinarian son from the local large-animal hospital. And there are even some riveting times as a disaster occurs in the community. Interspersed with a bit of comic relief, this enjoyable novel is written by a woman who began her career working as a smallanimal vet prior to turning to write fiction. She lives in a village in Hampshire, England and this light but enjoyable book touches

realistically on her own experiences dealing with animals while living in the English countryside! THE DOG BEHAVIOR ANSWER BOOK By Arden Moore Copyright 2006 What kind of behavior problems do you have with your dog? This question and many more will be answered in this book written by an animal behavior expert. You will find topics from grooming to obedience for the new or

The Truth Has No Agenda

If only you could understand what elicits purrs and what provokes hisses from your cat! With this great book you can. Written by a cat expert, this book will inform you about the mysteries and thoughts behind cats’ actions. Topics such as catnip, hairballs, dead birds, lap kneading, litter box problems and many more are covered in this interesting guide book!

HOW TO THINK LIKE A HORSE By Cherry Hill Copyright 2006 What motivates horses? How do they experience the world and what makes them happy or what worries them? Journey through the equine mind with this book that tells the basic needs that are dictated by horse behavior and mood. Other topics covered are touching, tastes, flight or fight and responses to sudden movements. This is a very informative book! a

May 2014 the valley new online  

The Valley is a FREE monthly newspaper serving Mifflin and surrounding counties in central Pennsylvania.

May 2014 the valley new online  

The Valley is a FREE monthly newspaper serving Mifflin and surrounding counties in central Pennsylvania.