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The Valley, May 2014


What’s All The Buzz About Essential Oils? by Leah Hutchinson Healthcare in today’s economy is not easy to come by for all Americans. In a study conducted by the Commonwealth fund in 2012, 41 percent of adults (2 of 5 adults, or an estimate of 75 million people) reported that they had a difficult time paying their bills, even with health insurance,

and had been turned into collection agencies or had to change their way of life to afford payment of their medical bills. The truth is, even as a developed and prosperous society, we are still torn between affordability and being healthy. Are you literally sick of this? A microscopic virus can have you down for days and some like me, can’t afford to miss

the paycheck we rely upon, taking care of family, running errands, and accomplishing daily needs. Sometimes our trip to the doctor gets expensive with co-payments and antibiotics, and we can’t forget the price of gas. This is a problem. The amazing news is that there is something that Americans can utilize that could help diminish the problems we

face with our health. doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are a gift from the earth for our health. Essential oils come from a plant’s natural medicine and fight against bacteria, viruses, and diseases that attack the cells. One drop contains hundreds of unique compounds offering powerful chemistry for fighting many different issues we face every day. The fascinating part: naturally our bodies work with the oils and they work on our behalf just as they would for the plants immunity. They not only support our bodies systems, but get to the cellular level of the problem, which helps our bodies balance and heal. If we provide our body with the tools it needs, it will in turn heal itself. Our bodies regenerate new red blood cells every 4 months; furthermore our entire body regenerates itself in 7-10 years! While that process of regeneration is not quite as effective as we age, our brilliant bodies are amazing and have the ability to heal! Prevention is the key, and essential oils are an impressive support to our body! Many essential oils have powerful cleansing properties and are naturally antimicrobial. We have found them to be safer, cheaper, and more effective than modern medicine. doTERRA Essential

“Fair & Balanced” means Spin gets Equal Time

Oils have no additives, fillers, or synthetic chemicals, so there are no side effects. These are natural solutions that have countless uses including pain relief, reducing inflammation, elevating moods, supporting our body through allergy season, restoring cells, and the list goes on. doTERRA offers so much it’s hard to contain the excitement of sharing! I learned about doTERRA Essential Oils from two of my friends Jen Kruba and Jeff Frey. Jen Kruba told me her story on how she uses these incredible oils! Her story was intriguing to me and I wanted to share it with you. Here is just a little background on Jen Kruba. “First and foremost. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist and Wellness Advocate. I have used essential oils for over 15 years. I am unique in the ways I have raised my children. After birthing my son in a traditional hospital environment, I decided I didn’t want to do that again and chose to homebirth my next two children. My children have also had chiropractic adjustments from the moment they were born. I didn’t want to rely on modern medicine for my children, so I looked into alternative medicine.

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May 2014 the valley new online  

The Valley is a FREE monthly newspaper serving Mifflin and surrounding counties in central Pennsylvania.

May 2014 the valley new online  

The Valley is a FREE monthly newspaper serving Mifflin and surrounding counties in central Pennsylvania.