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The Valley, May 2014

Time Banks Build Community Time Banks are a great way to build community. We wanted to inform everyone about a great dollar-saving and communitybuilding program that is now available to county residents. Mifflin County PA Strong is a community exchange network or “Time Bank” that enables members to exchange skills, talents and services using gifts of time as currency instead of money. For every hour that someone invests helping a member or participating in a community exchange network program, they put an hour in their “time account.” They can then spend that hour on any service offered by any other member of the network. Everyone’s time is valued equally; an hour’s time provided by a lawyer, plumber, electrician, landscaper, housecleaner, hair stylist, therapy dog handler, baby sitter, or someone that can

simply spend time to help someone else, is banked as an hour. A proprietary computer program is used to post members needs and the skills they are willing to provide to community members, and to keep track of everyone’s time/hour credits. The more members, the greater the pool of services available to everyone. To see how a time bank works, check out the Time Banking segment on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer that aired Jan 15th watch?feature=player_

embedded&v=y-HFfHCCkrI As part of a Rutgers University project, community exchange networks (named similarly with the county state and the word strong) have recently been launched in every county in NJ, NY and PA. Consider joining (it’s free) then spread the word! Community exchange networks or “time banks”, such as this one, have enormous potential if they’re utilized by the members of the community. Questions? Email countystatestrong@ or call (610) 847-2411 Julie M. Fagan, Ph.D. Associate Professor Daniel Murphy ’14 School of Environmental and Biological Science Rutgers University a

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May 2014 the valley new online  
May 2014 the valley new online  

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