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The Valley, May 2014


Meet Turk I own two horses, Crockett and Goose. I like horses that can be good for all around use. I feel that each horse must be able to “earn their keep,” although none of them actually “earn” that much. Both of my horses do serve many purposes. They are trail horses, team roping horses, barrel horses,


pleasure horses, and some days they are my therapists. I also have Dynamite Donkey. I bought him for team roping practice, and I still do use him for that. Other than that, his purpose is mostly to entertain…and some days all he does is annoy. This summer, I have the dilemma of what to

Learning to cross the bridge

do with Dynamite when all the horses leave at the same time for an event? It probably would have been easier to just sell the donkey, but what do I do? I buy Dynamite a friend. Meet Wild Turkey, aka Turk. When I first saw him in the trailer, I thought he looked a little wild. I thought since I already had

a Goose, it would be neat to have a Turkey. So he was named Wild Turkey. He came from Fisher’s Sale Barn. He is a 13 hand, 6 yr. old pinto pony. And he is far from wild. He wasn’t very well trained, but is a sweetheart and very quiet. Other than just being Dynamite’s babysitter, Turk has become my summer project pony. My goal for Turk is to get him broke to be one of those great all around ponies, and to find him a kid in the future. So far Turk has learned to move more freely forward. He has learned to step over many obstacles. I am anxious for some nice sunny days and a little less mud so I can see what this pony can do. Hopefully he will be

Making a calm easy trot

“Fair & Balanced” means Spin gets Equal Time

chasing cows soon and maybe getting to go to a horse show. And if you have a kid that would like a good broke pony, look me up in a few months. However, then I will be looking for another babysitter for Dynamite, so maybe I will just end up keeping Turk. Stay tuned. a

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