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The Truth Teller Inc. Annual Report

In 2019, The Truth Teller Inc. experienced a year of unprecedented growth and empowerment as we continued our mission to raise the trajectory of achievement for African American male youth.


Here’s a look at just a few moments that mattered in 2019. We established a culture of excellence 

We recognize the ongoing critical need for programs and activities that curtail the increasing delinquency and waywardness of African American male youth. The A.P. Torrence Youth Leadership Academy, a week-long summer program, educates and prepares local Atlanta African American youth for leadership. In its 2nd year, APTYLA welcomed 23 elementary and middle school students in 2019, with approximately half of those attending finishing the program.

We planted seeds for success 

We want our youth to become the best versions of themselves. By partnering and expanding our programs with other like-minded public and private entities, we are replicating a collaborative model to serve, mentor and challenge today’s youth. In 2019, The Truth Teller Inc. partnered with The Grove CDC, Inc. to launch the Eastlake Male Youth Initiative, a 9-month leadership and mentoring program for African American males 10-16 years old. EMYI welcomed 24 impressionable young men into the inaugural program.

We brought truth to light


We bring focus and attention to the plight of African American youth. Using research and technology, we manage social platforms that identify and confront the socio-economic and racial disparities in the educational and criminal justice systems that disproportionately impact the African American community. Our Advocates for Excellence Charity Luncheon was an ambitious effort to connect like-minded clergy, leaders and supporters based on our collective desire to make a difference in the lives of our communities and youth. We celebrated our first Advocates For Excellence charity luncheon by hosting 1960 Olympic Gold Medalist, Mr. Ralph Boston, whose drive for excellence and determination inspired millions to reach for the stars.


The work of The Truth Teller over the past two years represents our continuing commitment to reach, teach and empower our young men. 




Students accessed youth leadership programs through The Truth Teller Inc.

Mentors and student volunteers trained to work with youth leaders

Funding received from government grants and private donations

Our work began with a vision for a collective impact that sees parents, students, schools, churches, male mentors,

donors, and community leaders as partners working together to rekindle the drive for EXCELLENCE

“Being a leader takes hard work and dedication and you have to work hard at what you do … I am going to apply all of these qualities to my life.” - D. Spears, 12 years old

“As ususal, I really enjoyed today’s session and meeting my mentor. I’m disappointed the program ends for me in May. I wish there was a way for me to continue [EMYI] through graduation in the 12th grade.” - J. Goins, 16 years old “I have learned that to be a good leader you have to be a good follower. It takes a lot of hard work to be successful. I’m going to use my journal to remind me of the success stories I heard.” - J. Freeman, 15 years old

We feel privileged, yet humbled by the outpouring of support for our youth leadership platform. We look forward to another amazing year, and are grateful for our advocates and supporters who want to be a part of it!



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The Truth Teller Inc. 2019 Year in Review  

It’s been quite a year for The Truth Teller Inc. Here’s a look at the moments that mattered in 2019.

The Truth Teller Inc. 2019 Year in Review  

It’s been quite a year for The Truth Teller Inc. Here’s a look at the moments that mattered in 2019.