The Trademark Place

Miami, Florida, United States

The Trademark Place is the brainchild of a seasoned lawyer who is committed to assisting businesses and individuals in safeguarding their intellectual property and branding rights. The founder, Alec Allen Ross, and his team work closely with clients to develop and protect their trademarks, ensuring that they have long-term solutions for maintaining, safeguarding, and enforcing their intellectual property rights. The hallmark of the company services is regular communication, high responsiveness, integrity, and professionalism. Brands seeking an experienced and trustworthy law firm to provide top-tier legal services can rely on Mr. Ross and his team of trademark experts. Alec Allen Ross founded the company in 2023, after gaining extensive experience working as a managing attorney at LegalZoom, an online provider for businesses needing formation services. During his tenure there, he worked with thousands of clients and supervised a team of ten trademark attorneys. Before embarking on his legal career, Mr. Ross volunteered for the Peace Corps, serving in Mali, West Africa. While there, he taught English at the University of Bamako and interacted with students from diverse cultural backgrounds and linguistic abilities. His appreciation for diversity and ability to navigate complex situations made him a skilled attorney, and he quickly became one of the top trademark filers in the country. In 2021, Mr. Ross was named one of the top 10 U.S. attorneys with the most trademark applications. This recognition further solidified his reputation as a leading figure in the field of trademark law. Today, he continues to provide exceptional service to his clients through the company, fulfilling his mission to help businesses and individuals protect their intellectual property and branding rights.