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october 08 - october 21, 2009 VOLUME 9 : ISSUE 21

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The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009 (970) 875-1057

about the cover Artist: Dale Boberg

october 08 - october 21, 2009 volUme 9 : issUe 21

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This cartoon pokes fun at Steamboat’s reputation for heavyhanded law enforcement in a town with little crime and compares it to Oak Creek – a town that disbanded its entire police department in 2008 after the residents realized that the primary objective of a police department should be to protect and serve, not harass and punish.

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Right Next to 7-11 on Hwy 40 & Elk River Rd.




“We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity.”-Ann Coulter

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The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009

CMC Life

Rockin’ the Mud Season

Here are some shenanigans involving CMC students including a skate competition, high ropes course and ski team training. Look for more pictures and events in upcoming issues-Vince, CMC Liaison

TGR re:SESSION Tour Comes to Steamboat VinceFerenczy

The Local • Steamboat Springs

To the untrained eye, the “boat” may seem like just another overly-condensed, tourist-driven ski town in the Rocky Mountains. What many people fail to realize is this small little town has more to offer than meets the eye. It seems like every day there is something happening, whether great or small, which leads to some ridiculous shenanigans, and even better yet, awesome memories. This past Friday evening, the new Teton Gravity Research (TGR) film re:SESSION, kicked off some serious winter vibes and left the audience craving snow. With no shortage of brewski’s, the Sheraton ball room was jam-packed with action sports enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the adrenaline-packed film fest. The evening began with some phenomenal local films, full of radical jibs, pillows, tree skiing, and big mountain snowmobiling. Although the event was similar to watching a movie at the cinema, the part that made it “Steamboat Spectacular” was the passion that the crowd exerted throughout the showing, demonstrating their shared love for

winter sports, as well as a nice cold brew. After each scene one could experience the response of the crowd in such depth that it was feasible to imagine being one with the screen, or better yet, capable of performing similar actions on the slopes. Each destination around the world held some of the most insane skiing and snowboarding to ever hit the screen. Being that the intensity of the sport dramatically increases annually, this year definitely lived up to that high standard of extreme snow sports, setting the bar high. The TGR Film and the Steamboat Mountain Film Fest served to add to Steamboat’s already amazing mountain life. Here is a town where hundreds of people from eclectic backgrounds can sit in a room and mesh together due to the one thing that drives them— SNOW! After viewing the thrilling films, it’s easy to see just how incredibly motivational these types of events can be, as demonstrated by the groups of snow enthusiasts who drove up to Buff Pass to hit up some small jibs and log rides this past weekend. Special thanks to the Steamboat Mountain Film Festival, the Sheraton, and TGR for putting on an outstanding and memorable evening. “Go f*ck yourself.”-Dick Cheney

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009 (970) 875-1057

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“In terms of the economy, look, I inherited a recession, I am ending on a recession.” -George W. Bush

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009

Meet the locals

Chelsea Yepello - 'Scopes to Live By: A Steamboat local since monkeys could walk on two feet and has been the Scope lady for five-ish years. Chelsea is the only known survivor of the governmental experiment of ingesting Pop Rocks and soda at the same time.

Editor-in-Chief - Thomas Reuter: Thomas is a Colorado Native and a resident of Steamboat since 1993. He and his wife, Kimberley are fueled by love for each other, travelling and the outdoors.

Michelle Dover - Get Lit: As the Circulation Manager at Bud Werner Library and the facilitator of the Library Book Club she freely enjoys talking books all day. She has six children, a dog Julie and a fish named Che.

Senior Editor-Joe Carney: Layout, Boatload of Entertainment, Movie Reviews and Calenders.

Lena Franzen: - According to Astrology: Lena originally from Sweden, has been a Massage Therapist here in Steamboat since 1986. She has been practicing Astrology since 1995. Her office is on 2955 Village Drive (corner of Walton Creek Road).

Paul and Ellen Bonnifield - Our Story: Researching and writing together for over 35 years and they still like each other. Writing, he is loquacious, she taciturn; verbally, they reverse roles. Both enjoy the outdoors, laughing and dancing.

Aimee Kimmey - Comic Stripper: Born and raised in Evergreen, Colorado I moved to Steamboat in 1993. I fell in love with the Mountain, but I stayed for the community. The sheriff in my life is my husband Scott, aka my tech support and web designer.

Inebriated Informant: The Inebriated Informant seeks solace in the large bosom of The Steamboat Local. Due to his near-continuous inebriation he chooses to hide his identity in anonymity - like Batman.

Jonah Weil - "Walks Like a Duck" Comic Strip: Jonah Weil, 12, is the cartoonist of “Walks Like a Duck.” He lives in Boulder, CO, but he enjoys visiting Steamboat often. He is a student at Rocky Mountain School.

Dr. Dawn Obrecht - Dr. Dawn's Rx: Dr. Dawn is the only MD addiction medicine specialist on Colorado’s western slope. She is a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and teaches a course to medical students at CU Denver.

Chris Walsh- The ? Comic: A sketchy comic scribbler for The Local since 2001, Chris enjoys chick drinks, anything with curry, and break dancing. When he’s not rangering, he’s guitaring, skiing, or oil painting with little-bitty brushes.

Dagny (silent "G") McKinley - Audrey Rose: With an MFA from Naropa University and a past filled with ‘real’ jobs, she can no longer get her head out of the mountains and her heart away from adventure.

Justin Barker and Teresa Villarroya Bronchal: Justin Barker has left town again to chase the almighty dollar in Saudi Arabia. Teresa Villarroya Bronchal is waiting. Will he come back mounted proud upon a gleaming horse flying down out of the sky or crawling on his belly up from out of the sand?

"KatNThaHat" - Sports: T.D. Counts aka “That guy”. Snuck over the pass in 2000 and was hooked. Now on the radio, 1230 am ESPN radio, Monday and Thursday, 4-6pm. Born in Pasadena, CA, raised in Long Island, NY and a graduate in psychology from UWGB.

Scott L. Ford - Do You See What I See? Columnist for The Local since January 2003. Retired from CMC, he is currently a volunteer in several Yampa Valley economic development projects. He is married with three adult children and a chocolate Labrador Retriever, Tobias.

Nacho Neighbor: Graduate of Lehigh University and best described as a “practicing hedonist”. He likes his beef rare, martinis shaken, and his women conscious. He is all about Routt. His mantra: If you’re gonna be stupid, ya gotta be tough!

Charlie Holthausen -  Captain Carburetor's Shop Talk: Born in northern NJ, he has called Steamboat home since 1995. Founder of Black Diamond Automotive and Master certified for over 25 years. Recently he has been working on building an “Art Car” for the Burning Man Art Festival.

Leslie Faulkner-Steamy Boat: Leslie likes licking lollipops while lustfully longing for luscious lovers.

Angela Ashby- is a Broker Associate with Prudential Steamboat Realty and is Steamboat’s first certified EcoBroker®. She is currently co-chair for the Yampa Valley Sustainability Council and was a member of the Technical Advisory Committee for the Green Building Program.

“Look, when I was a kid, I inhaled frequently. That was the point.”- President Obama

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009 (970) 875-1057

Editor’s Notes - Thomas Reuter

Work for the Government ThomasReuter The Local • Steamboat Springs A couple of weeks ago I read about the contract renewal for the high school’s resource officer, Josh Carrell. $66,000/year plus benefits. I am amazed by this. This is really a lot of money. But I’m not bringing it up to complain about how much money it is or to suggest that Josh is not deserving of it. To the contrary, Josh and I went to high school together and I think he is a great guy. The school district and police department couldn’t ask for a better person to fill the job. Rather, the reason I bring it up is because I never considered working for the government when I was growing up. My entire family was in small business and I was always encouraged to pursue a similar path. As a result, I have chosen to be in business, and I enjoy it. But I

must admit that I’m not sure I would offer my children the same advice and encourage them in a similar direction. It turns out that making money is actually pretty hard. To put it in perspective I’ve tried to come up with a really simple business model to make $66,000/year. Imagine you sold sodas and bottles of water on a busy street corner where it was 100 degrees all the time. If you bought your products at Sam’s Club for 25 cents each and sold them for $1, you would quadruple your money on each sale. But still, to make $66,000 in one year you would have to sell one bottle every two minutes for 10 hours each day for 365 days. (Every 4th year you could take February 29th off for a vacation.) And this doesn’t include benefits. It also doesn’t take into account business permits, licenses, automobile expenses, phones, and all the other costs associated with

operating a business. It also doesn’t take into account the real world of rainy days or the fact that you would have 8 competitors on the same block after the first month if you somehow could sell this many sodas to pedestrians. The point is, I sure think I’m going to teach my children to work for the government rather than for themselves. Forget struggling to grind it out and sell stuff and file paperwork and balance books and write checks and collect bills and do payroll. It sure seems to make more sense to advise them to get a government job, go to work five days a week (or four in this economy), do a good job, and collect a hefty paycheck every two weeks. And get lots of awesome benefits to boot – paid vacation time, pensions, health care, etc. Oh, and unlike in business, if the economy turns south and tax revenues decline they’d actually get a raise. A raise! (A great deal of fuss has been made

about all the City employees taking a 10% pay cut recently, but no one seems to point out that a 10% pay cut coupled with 20% more time off due to “furloughs� equals more than a 10% hourly pay increase.) Any which way you look at it, it’s a sweet deal to be a government worker. But maybe I’m just being a complainer. It’s hard to be in business when the economy is rough. Hopefully, when the boom times come again, as a businessman I’ll figure out a way to ride a geyser of money to the top of the financial pyramid and marvel at the sacrifice of all the government workers toiling away below me. In the meantime, though, I must look up at them with envy and hope that someday my children might be so lucky as to realize this new American dream.



“I can press when there needs to be pressed; I can hold hands when there needs to be -- hold hands.�-George W. Bush

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009

-To the person who turned in my memory stick at the library. Can I buy you a few hundred drinks? I’m on my way to download all of those important pictures to disk. You rock! -To the person that found Froofy the Dog and returned her to her house on 7th St. We looked for her for 2 hours and returned home after giving up and she was in the yard. Thanks - but you should have called and said that’s what you were doing! -To KFMU for putting on a great tourney and to my team “THE SHORTY DRY DIRTY’S” for winning it all while always having fun and keeping it classy NO HATING! -Mega respect to da peeps who organized the Kitball Klassic and to Kit for the years of fun activities she provided for us.. -To Scott Ford’s articles for being clear and thoughtful, and for explaining complex, controversial issues in an engaging and entertaining way -- whether us readers agree or disagree with his point of view.

-Internet generated “Flame Wars” in the Props & Gripes sections of The Local. (If you don’t know what a flame war is watch this, Let’s be adults people! - Vehicle registration that went from $15 last year to $60 this year... and I have the same car!

-Save your beer can pop tops and take them to the hospital, one pound=one hour of chemotherapy- Lets drink to cure cancer!

Props, Gripes, Smidgens &Hmms... Are submitted by the community Send submission to: or visit Check it out and leave a comment about anything in The Local. Let us know about stories, file an unclassified ad, post a calendar event, and support your local columnists. And since we don’t believe in censorship, the site will be open for you to post anonymously. Please be civil so we don’t have to change this policy. But rest assured that no observation or complaint will be removed if it is coherent and on-topic. Have fun and let us know what you think! “My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building.”-Ann Coulter

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009 (970) 875-1057

Our Story

How We Did It Back Then: Part II Ranch Wives Paul&EllenBonnifield

The Local • Steamboat Springs In the last issue I failed to give credit where credit was due. The illustration of a team of horses pushing a plunger over a stacker was loaned by Bill Fletcher. In 1949, when his father and uncle came west looking over some ranches before purchasing one they stopped in Saratoga, Wyoming, where the photo was taken. Bill, thanks a million. Southern Routt County in the 1950’s was a hard place to make a nickel. Despite big talk of sheep and cattle wars, it was common for individual ranchers to run both sheep and cattle. Everyone milked cows by hand, sold cream, raised chickens, and had a big garden. Often the women milked the cows, separated the cream, fed the chickens, and weeded the garden. About four o’clock each morning Mrs. Viele got up and started the fire in the big kitchen coal and wood stove. Then she made cinnamon rolls. The rest of the family got up about 5:30. By the time morning chores were finished she served a big breakfast of eggs, meat and hot rolls. She also roused three small children, dressed and fed them. In those years it was not unusual for the hired man (so long as he was single and native) to stay in the house with the ranch family. He

had a room upstairs or in the basement, and the rancher’s wife made his bed, cleaned his room, did his laundry and cooked his meals. She “didn’t mind,” she always said. “It only took a minute.” The floors were swept with a broom and mopped by hand. The washing was hung on the line. Mrs. Viele always put ironed table cloths on the table, and her family’s shirts were ironed. Even the handkerchiefs were ironed.

until almost meal time. She then rushed to the house, set the table, and finished cooking the food. She often had to make some gravy, mash potatoes, and God only knows what else before the men arrived. The men washed up outside when possible, came in and sat at their places. After the woman served the food, she sat in her place. The room became silent while everyone ate. There

“About four o’clock each morning Mrs. Viele got up and started the fire in the big kitchen coal and wood stove. Then she made cinnamon rolls.” She did it to show her pride in her

family. Often the ranch wife did up the dishes, straightened the house, washed the cream separator, and started a big lunch before heading for the hay field. Again, she “didn’t mind helping where she could.” Somewhere between 10 and 11 o’clock, the hay was dry enough to stack. The rancher’s wife worked in the hay field

might be conservation before or after the meal, but rarely during it. The diners were polite and respectful. Food was requested, “Please pass the . . .” followed by “Thank you.” Common table conversation was about livestock and the weather. It was the same record played over and over. I remember Mrs. Starbuck saying, “Lord, I wish we could talk about something besides cows.” We kept right

Green acres

Political Words:

Locals Speak Out! KatNThaHat The Local • Steamboat Springs So, I mentioned that we would touch on some political topics and I would reach out to some of our local athletes for their input and opinion. I was not exactly sure how I would incorporate all the information I received into the black page. I told loyal readers of the black earlier that politics is something that I really don’t get into that often. Except now that I got a little KAT on the way. Born-on-date = 12-6-2009, I realized I better start paying more attention to affordable housing [wink wink], daycare [oh my goodness], South Routt Shuttle Service [Thank you Diane Mitsch Bush], Bike trail expansion, road construction [Hwy 14 & 16 could use a little work] and I really would like just 1 more night club on the mountain so I can get my boggie on, but we’ll address that at a later date. Maybe after my political partner R. Rende helps me disband the council and return to a Mayoral type of legislation. I was told there was a Mayor of Steamboat at one time and I have been told history has a way of repeating itself…So with that said, I should allow one of our locals to get a little rant in the black. You might be able to figure out who it is, if not ask me next time you see a brother on the street:

Feedback from local athlete on Political issues in Steamboat: Thanks KD, What-up Jack!!! Hey Tony, I know what you are feeling and believe me it gets much stronger when that little guy is here and in your arms! I’ll give you a little on local politics....1st--it sucks that us South Routters don’t get to vote on anything including city council...we can own a building in the middle of Lincoln, but can’t vote on our taxation. 2nd--day care “availability” has come around due to unemployment (good thing), but the cost still seems to hover between $50- $70 per day (pay even when they’re sick???? I guess that’s the norm). It is why many are staying home... 3rd---I wasn’t a supporter of 700 at first, but I have to admit I have been swayed a bit. It is LONG-term growth for Steamboat’s community and condensing growth on the West side is not a bad thing. Maybe a bigger push for public transit might come out of it all. I still have concerns, but 700 seems to really be interested in addressing concerns. It would give people like us here in the South Routt townhomes or in condos and opportunity to buy a home if that is your choosing. Not us...we crazies up here in Bldg 11 are going to pack this place full and make it work till we’re old and’ll definitely make Lang gray. Road construction: it had to happen. Let’s just hope they hit their deadline. No mention of CR14 in anything for right now. So that’s my thoughts on a few local issues.... cuz’ I have a lot of respect for these young people who have jobs and kids that are taking their time to run for Council. Personally I wouldn’t subject myself to that kind of harassment, but then again, it’s not my choice since I am just a lowly South Routter. Peace, Kathy D ( Jack says Hi) Keep on keeping on KD. I’ll holla, MEOWWWWWWT

on talking about cows. I guess that was all we knew anything about. After lunch the men went about sharpening sickles and doing minor repairs before heading back to the field. The wife cleared the table, washed the dishes, put them away, and set out her supper. Then she also headed back to the field. Loy Kier told me that “her daughter Beverly was such a good baby.” She was not very old when Loy started taking her to the hayfield and put her down in the shade of the stack. Loy then went off on a dump rake and her husband Bud stacked the hay. The baby slept or played like a baby while mom and dad worked in the field. At regular times Loy checked on the baby. No one asked how the new mother was doing. And if they had, she would have told them, “Oh I’m doing fine.” After getting in from the field, Loy peeled, cooked and canned the peaches delivered from Grand Junction. She also picked and canned the vegetables she had grown in her garden. In her spare time (whenever that was) she canned jelly. While men put up hay to get livestock through the winter, the women were canning food to get their families through the winter. Unlike the men, the women never seemed to get tired or out of sorts. Ranch wives were held in the highest esteem by referring to them as “Mrs. . . . ” She wasn’t just a common person.

Why Sustainability Isn’t Political AngelaAshby EcoBroker® While everyone is in the political head around here, there is something that really isn’t political but rather a smarter way to live. Be honest, don’t we all want to sustain ourselves in this awesome valley? Don’t we all want to cherish and preserve this place for our kids, grandkids, family, friends, pet and ourselves? If you answered yes to any of this, it doesn’t matter if you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent. It is simply about living in a manner that helps sustain our western heritage, beautiful mountains, plentiful waters, clean air and consider methods that might even enhance it. It is about opening your mind, educating yourself and getting involved. What brought you here to the valley? Why do you stay here? Why do others come to this valley? Is it the mountains, the western heritage, the sense of community, the skiing, the fishing, the hiking, the biking, the bluebird days, the kayaking, the wildlife, the hunting, the open space, the mountain air or the water? Sustainability is about so many things that it isn’t alternative any more. Take it to its simplest form; to preserve for yourself and future generations those very reasons why we all live here and why others visit here. So, if western heritage speaks to you, then

“I had other priorities in the sixties than military service.”-Dick Cheney, on his five draft deferments

get involved with the Community Agricultural Alliance. If water is your thing, get involved with Friends of the Yampa or help with the Water Conservation Program underway. If bicycle friendly efforts are important to you, hook up with Routt County Riders. If connecting with a naturalist is important, learn more about Yampatika. If you want to see more recycling efforts, go to the Yampa Valley Recycling Meetings. If you are interested in a number of sustainability issues, get to the Yampa Valley Sustainability monthly meetings. Don’t expect others to make it happen. Make it (whatever your passion) happen for yourself! Finally, when it comes time to vote for your leaders consider what is important to them and does it align with your sense of sustainability? Does he or she support green building efforts, open space, water conservation, advances in renewable energy, job creation, healthier schools, safe roadways, etc? All of these things are important and smart to maintain our lifestyle here and to keep it alive for the tourists, which as we know is a huge economic driver. It is smart to convey that we have these efforts in place and are trying to be progressive reaching from the ski area to the ranches in the valley. This is just about being smart not political. So, be smart and make sure who you vote for is smart too!

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009

do you see what i see?

The Annexation Agreement - The Housing Goals. The Difference between the Ideal and the Real ScottFord

The Local • Steamboat Springs In my last column I outlined the land use decisions in the late 80’s and early 90’s that resulted in the development of the West Steamboat Springs Area Plan (WSSAP). This document is the road map guiding the annexation process. The WSSAP can be synthesized down to three primary overarching goals when it comes to annexation: I. Establish a development pattern that simulates traditional forms that have worked successfully in Steamboat Springs such as Old Town. II. Provide a minimum of 33% of the aggregate number of housing units to working people of Steamboat Springs who qualify for Community Housing in accordance with the City’s Inclusionary Zoning regulations through collaborative private/public partnerships. III. Ensure the fiscal impacts on the citizens of Steamboat Springs are minimized and the benefits to the community are commensurate with or greater than the impacts on the community. The proposed annexation needs to be viewed in the context of accomplishing these goals. If it does not accomplish these goals we must ask ourselves, “What are we doing and

why?” Over the past two years, using the WSSAP as a map, the developer and city staff have drafted an annexation agreement hopefully with very few areas of ambiguity. Although the WSSAP can be subject to interpretation, the provisions of the annexation agreement cannot. If a dispute arises in the future nothing in the annexation can be subject to interpretation about what the original intent was. The first goal is relatively easy and accomplished through neighborhood design. What the developer is proposing will do this. The mixed-use neighborhoods (residential/commercial) planned are as cute as a button. The neighborhoods look like a great place to live. The last two goals of the WSSAP, however, are very challenging to get done. The WSSAP goal of 33% of the homes being “affordable” as defined by the Community Housing regulations was determined early in the process as undoable. The goal has been scaled back from 33% to 20%. This was amajor disappointment for many involved in the development of the WSSAP. In the annexation agreement, the 20% goal is going to be achieved by having the developer

donate 12.5 acres to the City. The City or its designee will develop the required “affordable” or “subsidized” units on this land. These “subsidized” housing units will be available to local households earning 80% or less of the annual Area Median Income (AMI) as defined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Is the City capable of building approximately 400+ “subsidized” housing units on 12.5 acres without it costing a ridiculous amount of money? Who knows? It is likely that City Council will require the developer to increase the dedicated land from 12.5 to 15 or 17 acres in the hope of making the 20% goal a little easier to achieve. Although the “subsidized” housing goal is welldefined, “attainable” housing is not. Attainable homes are those that a typical Steamboat Springs working family could afford. Attainability measured in the actual numbers of homes to be built and actually specified in the agreement may be impossible. How will the goal of attainability be accomplished? The developer is targeting to have attainable homes priced between 400% and 600% of AMI. Currently the household AMI is $80,600.

This simply means that in today’s dollars, homes in the proposed development would cost $322,400 to $483,000. We need to keep in mind that this is an aggregate average. The lowest and highest cost will not necessarily be these amounts. There likely will be a whole range of prices depending on product offering. Trying to specifically dictate the number of “attainable” housing units the developer must build and any income and/or residency requirements of who can purchase these homes would require an army of bureaucrats. Now that would be silly. So will the proposed annexation agreement accomplish the “subsidized” housing goal of 20%? Likely yes, if the City can pull it off. Will the agreement accomplish the goal of creating enough “attainable” homes for Steamboat Spring’s working families? This is best described as an absolute, definite, possible, hopeful, maybe. From a pragmatic perspective, the “subsidized” and “attainable” housing outcomes associated with the annexation are likely the best that can be hoped for. It is the difference between the ideal and the real. That is how I see it! Next Issue: The goal of keeping the fiscal impacts revenue neutral to local residents, minimizing the impact and maximizing the public benefit.

deep roots

The Politics of Food EricaOlson The Local • Steamboat Springs Eating is a political act. Every time we eat, we vote not only with our dollars, but with our very selves, the nutrients that will become part of our bodies. Our choices have far-range effects, from economic to environmental. Buying local food means more money for local economies: every dollar spent locally generates twice as much income for the local community. Less shipping means less reliance on petroleum, which benefits our country as a whole. A 2005 UK report analyzed the environmental cost of each step of food production (such as the clean-up costs following pollution or loss of profits caused by erosion damage) and calculated that if all foods were consumed within a 20km radius of their production that it would save £2.1 billion a year in such costs. The environmental cost can be measured in factors other than dollars. The above-mentioned report discovered that the distance that organic food often travels to our plate creates environmental damage that outweighs the benefit of buying organic. Buying local food can allow farmers to grow seasonally and experiment with a greater variety of foods, which contributes to re-establishing soil health and disease resistance and lowers pesticide use. Last, local food just tastes better! The longer food is allowed to ripen before harvest,

the juicer and better-tasting it is. Recently-harvested foods are also higher in nutrients than those that are allowed to sit. This leads to the body needing less; eating less contributes to environmental and financial savings. What’s not to love? Unlike so many things that are out of our control, how and what we eat is a decision that we make multiple times a day. Even if we all made the decision to buy 10% of our products locally, that would begin to make a huge difference in our communities. Let’s start thinking about voting with our forks, not just our wallets. October 15 &17th: part two of the From the Ground Up educational series, partnering Yampatika and Deep Roots. This workshop is on “Garden Gold”: soils, compost, mulches and amendments. Call 871-9151 for more info. Proposed chicken ordinance! The City of Steamboat Springs Department of Planning and Community Development has created a draft ordinance to allow up to 5 chicken hens on single-family lots within city limits. The current Community Development Code prohibits poultry in these zone districts. Come make your voice heard at the City Council hearings on 10/20 and 11/3!

“There are a lot of bad republicans; there are no good democrats.”-Ann Coulter

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009 (970) 875-1057

Dr Dawns Rx

Focus on the Issue Dr DawnObrecht

The Local • Steamboat Springs Do you care what political views others hold? Do you care what religious beliefs they embrace? Should everyone be just like you? Are you in charge of their preferences? Think everyone should go to college and all women should work outside of their homes, leaving all child rearing to??? Or the opposite, all mothers should stay home full time, pulling warm homemade cookies out of the oven just as Jr. walks through the door from school? Should everyone have the same dress code as you do? Should all people have a dog? A child? How far do you take these prejudices? If the best orthopedic surgeon in town is a member of a political group, religion or race you object to, and you have a broken leg, would you allow him or her to help you? I hope so. Likewise, if you want recovery from addiction, would you let experts in the field, regardless of their politics, hair color, food preferences or anything else, including their past behaviors, teach you how to recover? Those who have found their own recovery and learned how


to live happy, healthy and productive lives without the use of alcohol or other drugs are the experts. Unlike treatment for the broken leg, appendicitis, or strep throat, there is no surgical procedure or medication to cure addiction…but there IS recovery. The recovering addict is not necessarily expert in anything else (although he may be a talented musician or athlete, famous author, or well respected lawyer, clergy, educator, etc.), but he knows how to not use drugs. If you want to learn how to live life drug free, remembering that alcohol, too, is a drug, learn from someone who has done so…regardless of his politics, religion, socioeconomic status, profession or lack thereof. Stories of individuals removing campaign buttons before entering 12 step meetings and of refusal to discuss religion or other volatile subjects while in support groups indicate how seriously they take recovery. Healing from addiction is about healing from addiction. Period. Those who have done this know how to focus on the issue. The point is that if we put aside prejudice and judgment, we can respect personal differences…even in politics. We can then become

“I’ve now been in 57 states — I think one left to go.” -President Obama

open to learning, giving and accepting help for something specific, from someone with whom we otherwise have little in common. 12 step groups, at last count 125 different ones addressing recovery from assorted addictions, or dealing with mental illness or abuse, have no opinion on issues outside of the purpose for which they were established. The tenth of the 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous includes a specific warning that, “no A.A. group… should ever express an opinion on outside controversial issues, particularly those of politics, alcohol reform, or sectarian religion. The A.A. groups oppose no one.” 12 step groups have existed with this policy and helped millions recover from alcoholism and other addictions since the 1930’s! Something must be functioning quite well…perhaps sticking to the issue, in this case, recovery from addiction to alcohol. The rest of us can take a clue from these traditions and attend to our goals without allowing irrelevant distractions. Put aside personal prejudices and focus on the issue. For those who want to recover from addiction, learn from those who have been there. Want to

work on physical health or have a happy marriage or learn a new skill? Find someone who has done it successfully and ask how they did it. Hint: if you are using alcohol or other drugs to cope with life, you will not be able to work effectively on anything else. Take care of the drug problem and other stuff will fall into place… with some time and hard work. We all get the same 24 hours in a day; how we use them is up to us. With very rare exception, addicts have access to recovery; how you use, or decline to use a recovery program is up to you. Dr. Dawn’s book, Mission Possible, A Missionary Doctor’s Journey of Healing, is available for $15 on Amazon. Past articles can be accessed on her website at Dr. Dawn Obrecht is the only MD addiction medicine specialist on the western slope of Colorado. She is a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and her office is in Steamboat Springs. She teaches a communication course to medical students at the University Of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver and can be reached at 970-846-8479 or docdawn@hotmail. com. Copyright Dawn Obrecht 2009

DagnyMcKinley The Local • Steamboat Springs As Audrey Rose made her way west towards the edge of town she saw a deer shooting across the hill in front of her. Behind the rack of antlers another creature followed. Cougar and deer blurred across Audrey Rose’s line of vision, the cougar only feet from the deer. Deep inside Audrey Rose something itched, then tickled, then wriggled up towards her nose. Her sneeze exploded, reverberating across the landscape, spooking the cat. Part of her had wanted to see the kill, watch the cougar feed yet part of her was grateful the deer would have another day of life. The stag panted, watching her. Aside from the breathing, not moving a muscle. Audrey Rose felt her own breath, deep and irregular, excited, stimulated. Recently, she had heard of six mountain lion sightings either on roads or trails and her mind began to wander as her feet began to move away from town. Boulder, CO had its fair share of cougar incidents, attacking runners, children, even walking into a home and snatching up a dog. The incidents were blamed on habitat loss for the cats. Without their roaming grounds and with less space to find prey, they had to find new sources of food. Was this happening in Steamboat? Was it finally getting overcrowded? Were mountain lions to become as common as bear sightings? Another thought went to the landscape. Animals predict weather better than humans; did they know this was going to be a

LaceyTrout The Local • Steamboat Springs I wasn’t sure what to write about this issue, even though we were told it would be a political issue awhile back. Then the other day I checked the mail and in with the bills and junk mail was a flier about how the new taxes on energy would affect us all. The front of this flier simply said “Haven’t we lost enough already?” which peaked my interest. I opened it and started reading about how these tax hikes would potentially cost Colorado 579,401 jobs. A snap shot of the jobs at risk included the industries construction and mining. I thought to myself, our county can’t take another hit there. The more I read, the more appalled I was that Congress is even considering this. I went to the web site where I learned even more that made me shake my head. Some of you may be thinking that you don’t work in construction or at the mine so who cares. Well here’s the thing, the more taxes these companies have to pay, the higher prices they’re going to charge the general public. And we are all dependant on energy, even those

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009

audrey rose

The Future long hard winter and were storing up on food from whatever sources they could find before the freeze set in? She was reminded of the quote “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” – Chief Seattle. So how did these graceful, powerful creatures relate to our existence? At the base of life are three basic needs, air, water and food. With any single one missing we would not exist. Not the cougars, the ants or the humans. With the growing population and upcoming elections, Audrey Rose felt maybe the cougars were a sign of unrest, of something out of place. Looking into the air, Audrey Rose couldn’t see anything, technically, but there were bits of smog and pollution that were gathering, that rumbled through town with the 18 wheelers. At night, light pollution was rampant. The glow from the city could be seen miles away. Birds were flying astray, attracted by false light and

unable to follow their true course. Asthma rates were increasing. While there was still fresh air in Steamboat it was nothing to be taken for granted. There were enough buildings still emitting vast quantities of pollution into the air and enough new pollution from each new car that moved here. Ten years ago, Audrey Rose drank from

every stream, bathed in every lake she came across. Now she searched for the source of streams to quench her thirst. Giardia afflicted humans and animals alike. The amount of toxins running into the streams from pesticides sprayed on home lawns and insecticides were tainting the fish. Pharmaceuticals left traces of hormones in the water affecting those

downstream from Steamboat. Could there be a world where the water was clean again? Where drinking from a stream was no longer a luxury but a right taken for granted? Were the cougars getting sick from the water they were drinking? Were the frogs, the fish? And the food. The food she had most recently taken from the mouth of the cougar. At least she knew the deer would be pesticide and hormone free. Not as much could be said about the foods in the grocery store. What would happen if the mountain lions developed the ability to breed at an earlier age because of the hormones they ingested, like is happening with girls? How would that affect their population? Would they start to come to town looking for food for their young? Would they teach them that they were more powerful than humans, that dumpsters and exposed garbage were easy feeding grounds as the bears have learned? As Audrey Rose left the mountains and headed for the desert, she wondered what precautions would be taken by the new government of Steamboat to ensure the safety of their citizens, to make them aware of the dangers of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics, and what would the city do to protect open spaces, and wildlife so cougars could follow their instincts born of centuries to hunt prey and not garbage? To stay elusive and therefore safe? Would Audrey Rose be able to stay elusive and safe until her return? She decided to head off the road for a while and search the hills for answers.

routt less travelled

No New Taxes on Energy who drive the hybrid cars. It’s the trickledown effect. Not to mention the “smaller guys” will go under, then everyone they employ will be looking for work. If you think our unemployment is crazy now just wait and see if this passes. What happens to it then? This tax hike has been wrapped up in pretty paper and presented as a shiny present to the American people. Politicians want you to believe that by placing higher taxes on energy we will cut our dependency on foreign oil. Also they’re claiming that these tax hikes will make us find more environmentally conscious avenues. However, that is not the case, if we could become independent from oil over night, this would work, but that’s not possible. The best thing America can do right now is develop the resources we already own, use them and in the mean time start finding ways to become less dependent on oil for the future. If we were to develop the natural gas and oil that we have right here at home on federal land it would generate about 1.7 trillion dollars in revenue for the government. In a time when the deficit is at a record high and people are hurting why wouldn’t we take advantage of what we already have? I’m reminded of a poem titled Death

and Taxes in the last issue of The Local. Basically when government and taxes are smaller,

people flourish. So tell Congress NO taxes on energy, we simply can’t afford it.

“Man is by nature a political animal.”- Aristotle


The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009 (970) 875-1057

Captain Carburetor’s shop talk


CharlieHolthausen The Local • Steamboat Springs Dear Captain Carburetor, I read your last article when my family and I were visiting Steamboat. I am 16 years old and starting to look around for my first car. We live in Independence, Missouri and I found a 1992 Honda Civic on Craigslist. Here is my dilemma - the Honda owner said that it needs a head gasket and some other smaller repairs. Do you think I could replace a head gasket myself? I am a little mechanically inclined and so is my Dad. He has agreed to help, we have small garage/ barn and a good collection of wrenches and sockets. signed, Bugman in Missouri Dear Bugman, I think this would be a great project for you and your Dad. The Honda Civic is a great car and very well designed. They seem to run forever and get fantastic gas mileage. These attributes are the reason Honda’s are so popular and they keep their resale value very well. I did a quick search on Google and found lots of great articles and information on the Honda Civic engine and a step by step site for replacing the head gasket. In the late 80’s and early 90’s Honda did have a problem with their head gaskets. If you take on this job, be sure to use only Honda Motor Company parts. The head gasket itself has been redesigned and Honda has the part.

When you get the head off, look for groves or channels worn into the head or block surface, from the hot exhaust gasses blowing through the bad head gasket area. Even if you do not find any visible damage, have a local machine shop check the cylinder head for a true and flat surface. While you are ‘in there’, it makes sense to check and replace other wear related parts like the fan belts, engine timing belt, water pumpand idler pulleys. Also be sure to flush out the cooling system and change the oil and filter. When I worked for a Honda Dealer in Torence, California, we would also install a fresh set of Honda or NGK spark plugs. Bugman this is an excellent way to learn some good mechanical skills and it’s really good to spend time with your Dad. I have always loved “father and son” projects with my Dad. They are times I hold close and will never forget. Thanks so much for writing to me, I hope this reply will help you to take on this project. I don’t see any downside and the upside is all win win. -You get to learn about tools and engines. -You get to share a project with your dad. -You might even be able to sell the car in a year or so for a profit. There is nothing wrong with fixing up a car and getting paid for it! Please let me know how your project is going, -Captain Carburetor Send your car questions to captaincarburetor@ Charlie Holthausen is master ASE certified with advanced L1 certifications and over 40 years of automotive repair and diagnostic experience.

Ask a mexican

Garfield: ¿Gato Racista? GustavoArellano OC Weekly Dear Mexican: In Garfield strips in the funny pages that appeared earlier this year, Garfield is wearing a sombrero and taking siestas. While cute and all, isn’t that the sort of thing we have been striving to stop? What was Jim Davis thinking? Maybe he needs a refresher course in not making pendejadas. Odio Odie Dear Wab: Garfield is still around? Have editors finally exiled it to the viejitos comicstrip page alongside Gasoline Alley and Mary Worth? Or is it stuck among ghoulish strips that’ll never die such as Peanuts and The Family Circus? I hadn’t read Garfield in years until your prompt, and I gotta admit—I laughed at the sombrero. Cheap, unfulfilling laughs like only the fat cat can provide, but rizas nonetheless. Garfield puts salsa on the sombrero’s brim? ¡ Jajaja! Garfield gives a mouse a sombrero because he makes cheese quesadillas? Hee-hee! And Garfield, if I remember correctly, does nothing but eat and sleep, so to accuse him of taking siestas for anti-Mexican purposes no es bueno. We Mexicans need to make peace with the sombrero, to realize that, outside the cornet associated with the Daughters of Charity and the Green Bay Packer cheesehead, it’s the funniest hat around and that its use by gabachos doesn’t always signify Mexican-bashing (combine it with a mustache, and you have a diferente story . . .). Eternal vigilance is the price of a conscious Mexican in this country, Odie Hater, but don’t make Davis out to be another Joe Wilson. Oh, and final piece of advice? For your comic-strip needs, the Mexican recommends to his gentle readers La Cucaracha and 9 Chickweed Lane. Dear Mexican: I’ve been with my Mexican boyfriend for more than three years. However, at the beginning, I had problems getting along with his mother, and now that I’ll get to meet the mother of his mother, it seems things might get rougher with her. I

try my best, but it never seems good enough. What should I do? I also have difficulties understanding that mi novio is looking forward to scaring the first boy who would approach his young sister. Por favor explain to me how to seduce la familia! Saludos Desde Quebec, Canada! Dear Facebook Friend: I’ve answered this question before—go through the ¡Ask a Mexican! archives in my book for further consultation. One major point I forgot to explicar only because it’s so obvious—but for you Canadians, I’ll explain slowly—is that in Mexican culture, the mother is queen, and la abuelita is empress: even more regal, more difficult, more beautiful and more terrifying. Proceed with caution—tell her she looks like Maria Félix, but DON’T mention the oldage home or the prodigal son who’s only going to show up when she dies to claim his part of an abandoned casa in the rancho. Dear Mexican: My great-greatgranduncle was Colonel William Barrett Travis, the one who commanded the defense of American settlers at the Alamo and one of the first casualties. I’ve been told by a Mexican friend of mine that I should be ashamed of this, but all my life, I’ve been proud of it. What do you think? Descendant of a 1635 Immigrant Dear Gabacho: What do I know? I’m just an unassimilated Mexican who still doesn’t get why millions of Americans continue to celebrate their traitorous Confederate ancestors. Similarly, I don’t understand why you’d be proud to have a slave owner in your family tree—you don’t see many Mexicans boasting of the conquistador blood in their venas, after all. And that whole Alamo deal? Don’t get it. Maybe it’s just a Texas thing, but what was that whole cosa about? Gabachos who came to Texas at the invitation of the Mexican government promising to become Mexicans, then reneging on their vow and being surprised when their rulers tried to crush the resulting secession movement? Sure, General Santa Anna was a tyrannical pendejo, and there’s always something to admire about last stands (see the Battle of Puebla), but the Texas War for Independence was the opening volley in Manifest Destiny. Why, this whole Alamo episode and its resulting discontents sounds just like the 1830s version of the present-day Mexican invasion to me!

The Lunatics are Running the Asylum 12

“I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.”- Charles De Gaulle

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009

inebriated informant

The Counting Coup Paradox InebriatedInformant

The Local • Steamboat Springs The Informant has fallen from the heights of all that was man. By all that was man, I mean chicks used to dig the Informant. Each passing day the fear that he may never score again enters his mind. This fear seems to permeate the Informant’s very being. Making the problem worse is the Informant’s delusional coping mechanism for dealing with this shameful state of being - the “counting coup.” We have all at some point succumbed to this tragic practice. Somehow it’s even considered socially acceptable even though it’s a line of complete bullshit. And that line of course is, “I could have humped her but didn’t.” The Indians of the great planes popularized this strange tradition. A brave or warrior would best an enemy and then say “I coulda killed ya bi*ch!” and then go back to his wampum and brag about it to his bro’s and squaws. This unconsummated threat of death leveled

at an enemy simultaneously demonstrated the bravery and magnanimity of the person delivering it. It also left the enemy trembling in his moccasins and grateful to be alive. This bizarre tradition has been passed down through the runes of time and has now begun to ruin and penetrate the all too impressionable Informant. The Informant however, has never bested anyone physically and then spared their life just so he could brag about it. Instead, he applies this pathetic approach when pursuing females at designated watering holes. This strategy seems like it should work: 1. Approach female. 2. Lie about climbing a large hill outside of town on your mountain bike. 3. Make a funny remark about a recent event, like how your friends got you evicted. 4. Impress her with big words that you don’t know the definition of. 5. Pretend to speak a foreign language (make sure she doesn’t speak it). 6. Tell her you traveled around the world in hot air balloon or served in the Peace Corps or used to be some sort of misguided altruist like a teacher or something. 7. Buy the

female a drink that she doesn’t want but drinks because she feels sorry for you. 8. Continue speaking until you see her getting bored with your bullsh*t. 9. Ask her for her number, which she gives you because she wants you to go away. Once this has been accomplished make a quick exit, return to your friends, and then embellish your story to the point of being so ludicrous that you can use the disclaimer of “people don’t make that kind of sh*t up.” If they believe you then continue to say “ that chick totally wanted me.” Once you have accomplished this feat of a twisted, gender-related fish story, you will be sworn in as one of the ‘dudes’ (modern day brave or warrior) that knows how to score chicks (modern day coup). One slight problem, the paradox of spending all your time counting your would-

be-conquests leads to never actually conquering a damn thing. This can be as frustrating as claiming to your yuppie friends that you can score awesome mental stimulants, i.e. narcotics, only to score nothing, and have them call you a loser. “Not only do you suck at life but you can’t even find drugs, what a do**he!” is what they will say to you. This is depressing when it happens. The only solace from this depression unfortunately is to carry out steps 1-9, thus continuing the vicious cycle that shall forevermore torment the Informant. Note: Image of a coup stick used to threaten an adversary. The Informant tried using one of these to get a females attention and got kicked in the nuts

“The Liberals are the flying saucers of politics. No one can make head nor tail of them and they never are seen twice in the same place.”- John G. Diefenbaker


The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009 (970) 875-1057

burly babe

The Not-So-Oval Office… SarahColeman The Local • Steamboat Springs

Fun Folks + ExcEllEnt knowlEdgE + grEat ValuEs = cEllar liquors downtown


Beer • Wine • Liquor Wine Tasting 3-6pm every Saturday Downtown Steamboat

730 Lincoln Ave. 970-870-8466

“A billion here and a billion there, and soon you’re talking about real money.” - Everett Dirksen

Are you too busy to workout? Do you often find yourself saying I just don’t have time today? Does working out get put at the end of the list all the time? I ask you to ask yourself the next time you are feeling this way, think of the busiest person in the world, President Obama, and think again. Not only is he the busiest person in the world, he has a family, and a few other minor things on his plate like world wars and recessions. Yet he always manages to slip in a daily workout. During his campaign he worked out 6 days a week for about 45 minutes not to mention playing with the famous White House dog, shooting hoops with his 6’4” body guard, and having time to take Michelle (whose arms still continue to make headlines) to dinner or drop the kids off at school. Speaking of presidential issues, with health care the way that it is the best thing you can do for yourself is to stop health issues before they even start. What I mean, is prevention! Prevention is the key to staying healthy and happier longer not to mention it will keep you out of the doctor’s office, which means less money out of your pocket and a longer life. So, get on it and get out there and make exercise a priority to YOU. I would like to take this opportunity

to reflect on a client of mine. She is a very extraordinary, strong woman, over the age of 70 who was flung from her horse last summer. She was an avid exerciser and followed a “Blue Zone” style of eating and living pattern up until the accident. Due to her amazing physical strength, she only suffered small injuries and was back in the gym and on the horse (so to speak) in no time at all. She amazes me everyday with her strength and confidence because she has chosen to prevent injuries by working out and being healthy. Let her be a guide to all of us. Speaking of guides, back to the President. I stress, once again, that if he can do it, YOU can do it. Not only for longevity of life but lower doctor bills and a clearer head. Obama states, “The main reason I workout is to clear my head and relieve me of stress.” So, the next time you are thinking about skipping your workout, think of the man in the Oval Office shooting hoops or running down to the Lincoln Memorial. Let’s take the “oval” out of all of our lives. Simplify your daily routine to make exercise a priority. If Obama can do it, so can YOU! And think, even you could be the next president or at least as strong and healthy as him anyway.

Sarah Coleman Personal Trainer, Fusion Fit CrossFitter, Steamboat CrossFit Outdoor Enthusiast, Everywhere.

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009

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“Politics is more difficult than physics.” - Albert Einstein


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Wyoming Aero Photo aka: “Fly the Boat”

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK No Stairs • No Hallways All units Drive-Up Access

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Aerial photography for Maps, GIS and beautiful prints for your home and office. ......................................


• All Steel Fireproof Buildings • 24 House Access • Security Lighted • After Hours Rentals

• Outdoor Space (Cars, RVs, Trailers, Etc.) • 3 & 6 Month Discounts • Paved • Fenced


2504 Downhill Drive (off of Hwy 40, Steamboat Springs)

Save your beer can pop tops! Take them to the hospital. one pound=one hour of chemotherapy Lets drink to cure cancer!

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009

If you have a photo you’d like to see in The Local, send it to It might even make the cover!

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Drop off/pick up at Resort Dry Cleaning On Thursday 5:30-6:30 pm ........................................ Drop off/pick up at Token Threads Fridays 5:30-6:30 pm

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Congrats Kickball Champs! sh!

Happy B-day Jo


“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”- John Kenneth Galbraith

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009

According to Astrology october 08 – october 21

“Balance and Harmony in our Community” LenaFranzen The Local • Steamboat Springs

forward in our community and personal life, in a more humanitarian and caring way. ( Jupiter in a trine to the Sun.)

October 8 - 9: We are starting this two week period with trying to get down to business in order to take care of things. But at the same time we are pushed to break free from our psychological inhibitions, and that can feel a bit interruptive and unsettling. We might also be experiencing emotional upsets and anger around this time. We want to actively care for the things that are important to us, which also gives us a sense of security. But other people might not feel like we do, and that can be upsetting. Our upsets might be out of proportion to what is really going on. Good idea to find ways to release our upsets before we deal with other people. The debate on Steamboat 700 will probably heat up around this time. And so will other political and personal issues. (Mars on the South Node of the Moon. Uranus and Neptune in stressful aspects to Venus.) Hopefully we can use this energy in finding our courage and intelligence to move

October 10: Mercury the planet representing our mind, is moving into the sign of Libra today, which means we will all be thinking and communicating in diplomatic ways, avoiding conflict at all cost. We are seeking fairness and balance and we might have a hard time making up our minds and making decisions. Today we feel an urgency to probe deeply into the political questions. We are not sure what information we can trust. (Pluto square Mercury.)

NachoNeighbor The Local • Steamboat Springs Raise your hand if you can’t find weed in this town at almost any time. I see. It seems those with their hands up are in the 6th grade and below. And even some of you probably have a better connection than most of us. Problem is, Mom and Dad are in jail and won’t give you the key to the stash until the house has been searched and deemed not a crime scene. The “medical” marijuana proposition has been quite the stir lately, as a few enterprising lads have done here what not many other places in the state have done. Open up shop. I’m quite surprised that our community leaders got caught with their bowls empty…er…pants down as it were, as it pertains to governing the popular movement in our state. I believe that the law was first meant for chronically ill or those with debilitating disease. It seems now that two or three “doctors” on the Front Range have picked up, hell they’ve booted the ball and are sprinting after it! Didn’t they learn anything from Goodfellas? Any fool knows that once you hit a big payday don’t be flashy and attract unwanted attention. But nooo, these guys are handing out cards like free candy at a sex offender’s house. Not that many of you aren’t in “need” of weed. From what little I’ve seen as to the cross section of those getting cards here in Colorado, it seems to be the Howard Stern demographic, 18-30 year-old boys. It seems that most of their hall passes are for pain. Yes Gracie, pain can be debilitating, but I’m thinking that your bum 19 year-old knee isn’t what the framers of the legislation had in mind. But hey

and deep today. (Pluto in a square to Venus.) October 11: The political discussions are continuing and the facts are getting clearer. ( Jupiter in aspect to Mercury.) October 12: Good day to get some work done. (Saturn sextile Mars.) October 13: Today the city council might be feeling like there is a lack of funds or desire, as they vote on Steamboat 700. But on the other hand they feel confident they can come up with creative solutions. What will the vote be? (Saturn meets up with Venus. Mars sextile Venus.) October 14: Healing is taking place on a political level and among groups of people. Fairness and balance is the goal today. (Chiron trines the Sun in Libra. Venus moves into Libra.) October 15: Our desires for justice, responsibility and loving relationships are intense

October 16: Mars moves into Leo today. Over the next months we will actively seek out fun and creative expressions. We are feeling bolder and are ready to take some risks. Our need for harmony in our relationships is strong today also. (Neptune in a trine to the Sun.) October 17-19: New Moon in Libra. Our relationships are very important to us now. We realize we need other people and we have to find ways to get along. October 20: We are optimistic and enthusiastic today. New ideas and realizations are coming through, and we are able to improve our relationships through intelligent and objective communication. ( Jupiter trine Mercury.) Lena appreciates your questions and feedback. You can e-mail her: (

nacho neighbor


more power to ya’ if you were one of the lucky ones who have received your card. I have severe arthritis in my knee and am bone on bone in a little hot spot of joy. I’ve tried every chemical known to man to make it go away and not have the side effects of narcotics ruin my day to day life. I thinking about going for the “card”. As a pain killer, “da’ dank” is good, but Percocet doesn’t make me want to empty the fridge every three hours. Alcohol isn’t too good unless you add the Percocet, and then the only thing you are good for is flying airplanes, and operating heavy equipment. So there are things to consider when addressing your pain. How bad is it? Do you want to risk your personally privacy and perhaps lose some of your freedoms? I’m not EVEN talking about jail, furthest thing from my mind! Just think, if you go on record as a registered pot smoker, it might be like plastering it on your face book page. A pic of you and some guy name Mylo blowing a fatty in Jamaica. Employers like that. Insurance companies love that. Federally funded program managers live for it. Seriously, whether or not your privacy is compromised remains to be seen. But there is a clash between state and federal law. The card is issued by the Colorado dept. of Health. The only other people who know are you, your prescribing doctor and the person behind the counter and the “dispensary”. I like that term. Sounds like you’re getting your weed at the nurse’s office at school. “Nacho Neighbor please report to the

‘dispensary’ immediately,” the intercom blares. Then all of your friends bust up in the back of the class and then they hound you on the playground for a nugget. Feeling me yet? You want to go around with a nugget legally in your pocket and think you are cool? Many of you indeed are the reason tigers’ eat their young. Legalization? Sure. Where do I sign? Tax the shit out of it and we will be in the black in two years and have insurance for every man, woman and child. That is if they don’t reject you for admitting that you smoke pot. But legalizations aren’t where we are at quite yet, and I’m not sure the proper method is rushing the door like at a Who concert. I’d like to think that some of you Howard Stern fans wish to start a family some day. Let’s say you even have enough gumption to get your lazy stoned ass off the couch and actually start a business, and then want to get life insurance to protect your family in case you get hurt. Line 12 may very well be a deal killer. Have you ever used……………? You can lie, but make sure you quit for a month before the blood test, and prey they don’t want a hair sample. I guess you could pull a Britney and shave, but it might look stupid when you don’t have 50 million to buy some cool hats. Now I’ve gone and actually done some research. (Say it ain’t so Nacho) Yes, I realize it is a stretch for me rather than going off half-cocked. (non-sexual reference please) I did travel over to an industrial part of town that is not operating at street level on Lincoln Ave. or

Yampa St. between 3rd and 13th Streets. There is no marijuana leaf on the sign. All is good with the sign Nazis and local authorities. I addressed my concerns about privacy to the lad there and this is what he told me of his personal situation. Like Jackass this is his own results, yours may differ and if you try this on your own, you ARE on your own. The lad said that he told the truth on his applications for health and life insurance that he self medicated with cannabis and was provided coverage with no strings attached. He also noted that this was pre-card. He noted that the matrix used for those using cannabis are no more likely to die anytime sooner than those using alcohol etc….I get that and personally agree, but the stigma and connotations with the rest of society haven’t come that far. Now, that being said, if he had applied for the card first and then went for insurance would the outcome have been the same? We won’t be able to answer that question here. The genie is already smoking the bong. I can’t really believe that a life insurance company or health insurance company would check with the Colorado Department of Health as part of their routine, but in the future who knows? Knowing governmental agencies like I do, I think it will be some time before they all get along and provide a complete picture of a person any time soon. That being said, there are 102 professional baseball players that were told that the results to their drug test were to be kept secret. Now some of them wear the scarlet letter. To quote Clint Eastwood, “Do ya feel lucky punk? Do ya?” All I’m saying is the grass may not be greener. (Huge pun intended!) Individual result may vary.

“Every politician should have been born an orphan and remain a bachelor.”- Lady Bird Johnson


The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009 (970) 875-1057


Love Me or Leave You ElliotSilberberg The Local • Steamboat Springs Small town politics can be rough on the old ego, given there’s no place to hide. In places where everybody recognizes your face, you have to be tough or a little crazy, to put yourself on the line. I know two people (I’ll call A and Z) who left Steamboat after losing local elections. They were both relatively new to town. That probably made them especially prone to interpreting defeat as the wrath of the community against them. Deep down the election was a popularity contest, or a referendum on the proposition, “How much do you love me?” It goes to show: Alpha blowhards though politicians often may be, at the core many are tuna melt. This happened a generation ago, when Steamboat was more of a cow town and polarized. At the county level, post-hippie, cowboy-wannabe, tenderfoot newcomers like A were trying to cut their teeth as good old boys. More than votes, that was apt to get them a punch in the mouth. At the city level, new breeds of slickers, like Z, were pushing to contain growth, but it was a hard sell. Then, like now, the town had dollar signs in its eyes. A lost a race for a county seat. He hadn’t a prayer or a wing to send it on. To win at the ballot box, you had to be Routt born and bred. After losing, A soured on Steamboat and hit the road. It was his decision, but he felt tarred and feathered anyways. Z lost a close race for City Council and he


took it hard. I was a reporter at the time and, by chance, was the one who notified him he’d lost. I was covering the election returns. Z, his opponent and their backers were camped inside the old, cramped city offices downtown, nervously awaiting the precinct results. The race was neck and neck and came down to the ballot count in the last precinct at the Catholic Church on Oak. They were late tallying up. It was almost 11 pm and no one had shown up. The tension in the room was palpable. It dawned on me that, before leaving their precincts to deliver the vote counts, officials post the results in a window. I said I would run over to see if they were up. I hightailed it there and stood outside in the dark. Sure enough, after a few minutes, two hands, a piece of paper and roll of scotch tape appeared at a window. I struck a match to see. Poor Z. He’d lost by a small margin. I ran back to city offices with mixed feelings: excited to have my scoop and announce it to the two people most affected, and sad my man had lost. Entering, I did the right thing, walked over to the winner, shook his hand and said, “Congratulations.” His supporters broke into cheers and started whooping it up. I looked over at Z. He seemed smaller, really wee. His supporters looked like something the cat drug in. Soon the precinct official trundled in. He couldn’t understand why everyone ignored him and why there was a party on one side of the room and an apparent funeral on the other. Losing by a whisker was little consolation to Z. He had other problems too, but election defeat was what stuck in his craw. Z lasted about a year, then he quit town for good.

“Mothers all want their sons to grow up to be president but they don’t want them to become politicians in the process.” - John Fitzgerald Kennedy (D)

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009

Scopes that are not political... because the stars are not left or right winged... they don’t have wings at all... they’re just balls of gas.... ChelseaYepello • The Local • Steamboat Springs Aries

This fortnight you will be excited to realize that you really can ‘set it and forget it.’ Wow. That was the best four easy payments of 19.95 you ever spent!


Although you ask the same question a million times in a million different ways, you will still only get the same answer a million times in a million different ways.

March 21- April 19

April 20 - May 20


You are cool enough that you don’t have to try to be cool anymore. OK, actually, you might want to wear your dark shades at night a little while longer.


And now a word from the robots; Boop bop bee boop bop. Bee boop bop bop boop. Wow. Now that was inspirational


Looking back, it has been a much harder journey than the difficulties you are dealing with now. It seems like a bummer, but it will just become another part of the puzzle and will eventually fit neatly into place.

May 21-June 20

June 21 - July 22

July 23 - Aug. 22


Take a deep breath and hold it in. Ok. Wait. Eventually you are going to have to breathe out... Oh geez. Don’t take it so literally. You’re going to pass out.


Your sneakiness seemed to work a little better when the people around you had their eyes squeezed shut and their fingers stuck in their ears.

Aug. 23 - Sept. 22

Sept. 23 - Oct. 23


Oct. 24 - Nov. 21

Sagittarius Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

capricorn Dec. 22 - Jan. 19

In the end, a mustache is the make or break of your almost super bad ass outward attitude. But please do not take the mustache lightly, it can either make you, or just make you look like the creepy weirdo no one wants to sit next to on the bus Really though, although you don’t understand it, some people can’t just shut off the past that is so ingrained in their head. It has become such a deep part of them that if they did want to change, it would take a long, long time. You might just have to accept that. You have calmed down and looked at the situation in a better light. Yes, it still bothers you, and there may be no guarantee that the way you feel will ever go away, but now at least it doesn’t feel like it’s tearing you apart at the seams... At least not all the time.

aquarius It’s like giving a monkey drumsticks in a room filled with cymbals. Just Jan. 20 - Feb. 18

worse. Maybe add some screaming children and a mixed tape of Yoko Ono singing.


You made your bed, now you have to lay in it. Hmmm. But you just made it, so why would you lay on it and mess it all up again?

Feb. 19 - March 20


Get lit

Dreaming of Politics MichelleDover The Local • Steamboat Springs I had a dream last night that an old friend, Jason, came to tell me about some particular corruption occurring in the political arena. Of course, I never got the secret or don’t remember it, but the dream combined two words that are just as conjoined as peas and carrots in my mind; politics and corruption. Tis the political season and I am not implying any such thing is occurring in our slice of the American Dream. I insist on neutrality in this area, but thought I might recommend some recently published books that are more daring in their opinions. I have included a book that is on order for the library that the old friend, Jason Salzman, who never told me the corruption story, recently published. Jason Salzman and Michael Huttner. 50 Ways You Can Help Obama Change America The 2008 presidential election was historic in that it reflected Americans’ overwhelming call for change in the United States. Now, the millions of people who worked hard to elect Barack Obama are asking themselves, “What’s next? How do we keep the momentum going?” 50 Ways You Can Help Obama Change America by Michael Huttner and Jason Salzman answers those questions. “In 50 Ways You Can Help Obama Change America, Michael Huttner and Jason Salzman have given us a practical handbook on how every American can do something for our country. This book should be required reading for anyone interested in making a difference and helping President Obama get our nation back on track.” --Senator Edward M. Kennedy George Scialabba What are Intellectuals Good For? : Essays & Reviews George Scialabba, a columnist for the Boston Globe and contributor to the Boston Review, Dissent, the American Prospect, and the Nation, is admired by a circle of discerning readers. Scialabba evaluates a large gallery of twentieth-century intellectuals. The book also includes two essays on intellectuals and politics and concludes with one on moral consequences of our species cyber-evolution. He brings the review-essay to a state of high development, incorporating elements of memoir and skillfully deploying the wide range of literary and historical reference he commands. James Carville ; with Rebecca BuckwalterPoza 40 More Years: How the Democrats

Will Rule the Next Generation A lead campaign strategist for both of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns, Carville has plenty to say regarding Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential run (though he’s careful to note that she’s the politician “I admire the most”). He also believes that if Pres. Obama follows the path set by Bill Clinton, enacting “solid, sensible policies,” Americans will accept him as “the Real Deal.” Glenn Beck and Joe Kerry Glenn Beck’s Common Sense: the Case Against an out-of-control government, Inspired by Thomas Paine Thomas Paine was an ordinary man who changed the course of history by penning Common Sense, the concise 1776 masterpiece in which, through using extraordinarily straightforward and indisputable arguments, he encouraged his fellow citizens to take control of America’s future -- and, ultimately, her freedom. Nearly two and a half centuries later, those very freedoms once again hang in the balance. And now, Glenn Beck revisits Paine’s powerful treatise with one purpose: to galvanize Americans to see past government’s easy solutions, two-part monopoly, illogical methods and take back our great country. Patrick Tyler A World of Trouble: the White House and the Middle East--from the Cold War to the War on Terror In this remarkably readable history of U.S. involvement in the Middle East from Eisenhower to Bush II, Washington Post reporter, Tyler uses an up-close, journalistic style to depict the power struggles and compromises that have defined the past half-century. Tyler draws on newly opened presidential archives to dramatize the approach to the Middle East across U.S. presidencies from Eisenhower to George W. Bush, showing how each president has managed to undo the policies of his predecessor, often provoking anger against America. Newt Gingrich with Vince Haley and Rick Tyler Real Change: From the World that Fails to the World that Works Newt Gingrich says it’s time for citizens to demand results from our elected officials. He shows how America can achieve transformational change from a government of bureaucratic failure to a government that can meet the challenges of the twenty-first century. As a first step, Gingrich busts the pernicious myth that America is divided between conservative red states and liberal blue states. As Gingrich points out, the American people are united on almost every important issue facing our country--including immigration, taxes, defending America, and freedom of religion. Gingrich reveals why the Democratic Party can’t deliver real change and why the Republican Party won’t.

“Being in politics is like being a football coach.You have to be smart enough to understand the game, and dumb enough to think it’s important.”- Eugene McCarthy


The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009 (970) 875-1057

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thursday OCTOBER

Paul(Crocodile Dundee) Hogan was born today The H1N1 (Swine) Influenza Vaccine is expected to be available by mid-October; once available, it will be available at regular Flu Clinics for eligible groups. (October 1December 13) at Steamboat VNA. 9:00am – 1:00pm for Adults age 18 & up, 1:00 pm -4:00pm for Families

Speed Networking RSVP Required: or 875-7000. Members: $10, Non-Members: $25 3:30-4:30p.m. @ The Boathouse October 8th

“Parenting Tweens ‘n Teens Without Tearing Out Your Hair” to 15 & 22nd (Thursday evenings from 6 – 8 pm). Save $20 – register before 9/29/09: Call 871-4567 or email to register. Nondenominational community bible study for women. 9-11 AM @ Concordia Lutheran Church. For more information contact Martha, 871.4751.

From the Ground Up. at Yampatika’s Legacy Ranch. Sponsored by Yampatika and Deep Roots, this new series of hands-on gardening workshops begins with empty ground and ends with a productive heirloom vegetable garden. For information, please contact Yampatika at 871-9151. Dance & drum classes 5:30-6:30 p.m. mixed-levels djembe drum 6:30-8 p.m. mixed-levels dance @ The Depot. $15/class. Info: Jen Lowe, 846-6377 or visit the Steamboat Springs African Dance & Drum Ensemble online at www. The meditative ‘centering prayer’: United Methodist Church hosts a meditative lunch break practicing “Centering Prayer” from 12:15 to 12:45p.m. at the church at Eighth and Oak streets. Contact Pastor Matt Krier at 879-1290.


Tap House – Karaoke

please contact Yampatika at 871-9151.

2444 or

tion Day!!!

Boathouse Pub – Martini Night $6 Martinis @Tweettheboat 5:10 pm. Free Beer

Boathouse Pub – Bloody Sunday $4 Bloody Mary’s, $4 Mimosas. Sunday NFL Ticket in HD with drink specials.

Tap House- Live Trivia, Bar tab prizes!

Evel Knievel was born today




monday OCTOBER


The 2 liter bottle was born today Leif Erikson Day John (I am the walrus) Lennon was born today @Tweettheboat 5:10 pm. Free Beer.


saturday OCTOBER

World Mental Health Day David Lee Roth was born today. BABYTIME 10-10:30 AM @ Bud Werner Memorial Library. This drop-in program is free and no registration is required.Visit or call 879.0240 for more information. Tap house- Miller Lite Ladies Night. Every Saturday, the Tap House teams up with Miller Lite. Bartenders will be serving up $2.50 Miller Lites. @Tweettheboat 5:10 pm. Free Beer.



National Coming Out Day Luke Perry was born today, coincidence? IGLESIA EN ESPANOL 7 AM @ Steamboat Christian Center. FREE DOCENT-LED TOURS FOR THE ART EXHIBITS. 2 PM @ The Art Depot. From the Ground Up. (daytime), at Yampatika’s Legacy Ranch. Sponsored by Yampatika and Deep Roots, this new series of hands-on gardening workshops begins with empty ground and ends with a productive heirloom vegetable garden. For information,

Tap House Live Poker TOURNIE. KFMU Monday Night Football, Promo Free entry, play for points and prizes. @Tweettheboat 5:10 pm. Free Beer.


tuesday OCTOBER

Sammy Hagar was born today. West African dance & drum with master teacher Moustapha Bangoura, star of les Ballets Africains. 5:30-7 pm mixed-levels drum class. 7-8:30 pm mixed-levels dance class The Depot $15/class. Info: Steamboat African Dance & Drum Ensemble online at “Power Lunch” fast-paced networking lunch. Attendees will be seated according to industry to offer the most successful outcomes, referrals and lunchtime success stories. Three Saddles at the Sheraton Steamboat. $20 includes lunch. Tap House – Wing Night Boathouse Pub 9:30 PM @ $1 Bud Draft Night @Tweettheboat 5:10 pm. Free Beer.


wednesday OCTOBER

Peace Corps Birthday Roger Moore was born today. ASTROLOGY CLASS for beginners is starting to be held once a week for five weeks in the KFMU-building on Village drive and Walton Creek road. $125-. Please contact Lena Franzen, 970-879-

“Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives.”- John Stuart Mill

@Tweettheboat 5:10 pm. Free Beer


thursday OCTOBER

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day Frederick Nietzsche was born today. Bud Werner Memorial Library will host the hilariously talented storyteller, Bonnie Phipps, for a free all-ages show in Library Hall 6:30 pm “Parenting Tweens ‘n Teens Without Tearing Out Your Hair” to (Thursday evenings from 6 – 8 pm). Save $20 – register before 9/29/09: Call 871-4567 or email to register. Tap House – Karaoke

Tashlich service C 10am, 3pm. Conducted by Steamboat Springs Jewish Congregation, C Har Mishpacha. All members of the Jewish community and their guests 8 are invited. For location and more information about joining Har Mishpacha, please call 879-2082 or visit

BABYTIME B 10-10:30 AM @ Bud Werner t Memorial Library. This drop-in program is free and no registration is required.Visit or call 879.0240 for more information w W Wedding Expo REGISTER 11:00 am - 2:00 pm. The Art Depot, 1001 13th Street. T Bells, bouquets, bustles and more! L Choose your location, book your p photographer, taste cake, hire a professional, smell flowers. Free @ Entry. Great Prize Drawing & B Bridal Goodie Bags. Register to win a HONEYMOON!

National Feral Cat Day

Tap house- Miller Lite Ladies Night. Every Saturday, the Tap B House teams up with Miller Lite. Bartenders will be serving up N $2.50 Miller Lites. S 1 @Tweettheboat 5:10 pm. Free a Beer. a i sunday 18 w OCTOBER 8

Flea was born today.

Alaska Day

Rosh Hashanah Services 7pm, conducted by Steamboat Springs Jewish Congregation, Har Mishpacha. All members of the Jewish community and their guests are invited. For location and more information about joining Har Mishpacha, please call 879-2082 or visit

Chuck Berry was born today.

@Tweettheboat 5:10 pm. Free Beer.

Boathouse Pub – Bloody Sunday $4 Bloody Marys, $4 Mimosas. Sunday NFL Ticket in HD with drink specials.

Boathouse Pub – Martini Night $6 Martinis. @Tweettheboat 5:10 pm. Free Beer.


friday OCTOBER


saturday OCTOBER

Alternative Newspaper Apprecia-


@Tweettheboat 5:10 pm. Free Beer.

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009

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monday OCTOBER

Chris Kattan was born today.

Children’s Danceworks Fall Session October 19 - December 18. 8 week session. Classes in Creative Dance for Parent/Toddler and ages 3 - 9, Creative Ballet for 5 - 7 years, Boys Hip Hop & Girls Hip Hop for 6 - 9 years, Modern Jazz for Pre-Teen - Teen, and a Boys Only! Workshop with guest teachers for 8 - 12 years including African Drumming, Hip Hop, Fitness & Agility and more! All classes held at Northwest Ballet Studio, 326 Oak St. For more info: or call Wendy @ 736-1005 or 846-4450 REGISTER NOW! Tap House Live Poker TOURNIE. Free entry, play for points and prizes. @Tweettheboat 5:10 pm. Free Beer.


tuesday OCTOBER

Bela Lugosi was born today. Northwest Ballet Fall Classes September 8- December 10. 13 week session. Beginning to advanced Ballet classes offered for ages 7 through adult. For more information & registration visit or call 871-1880. Classes held at Northwest Ballet Studio, 326 Oak St.

Tap House – Wing Night Boathouse Pub 9:30 PM @ $1 Bud Draft Night



wednesday OCTOBER

Alfred Nobel was born today. Beginning Modern Dance for Adults! Starts October 21st. Wednesdays 4:45 - 5:45 pm @ Northwest Ballet Studio, 326 Oak St. For more info: visit www. or call Wendy @ 736-1005 or 846-4450 Tap House- Live Trivia, Bar tab prizes!

Up & Coming Speed Networking RSVP Required: or 875-7000. Members: $10, Non-Members: $25 3:30-4:30p.m. @ The Boathouse December 1st

Ongoing Basic Mat Pilates: Mondays & Wednesdays 11:15am-12:15pm This class provides an introduction to the underlying principles of Pilates movement. Find safety, fun, strength, flexibility & awareness in a beautiful setting over looking the Yampa River.

Intermediate Mat Pilates : Monday & Wednesdays 12:30-1:30pm. NEW - now offered twice a week! Challenge your body in multiple planes of movement to gain strength & flexibility, as well as balance & coordination. Improve your sports & daily activities injury prevention as well as overall improved body tone are great benefits! Ongoing classes at the Yoga Center of Steamboat 701 Yampa St. in Steamboat (12 person maximum). Drop-ins & punch card welcome. Pamela Turner, MSPT: 819-3570 or ZUMBA Classes begin Monday August 31st and are as follows: Mondays 5:15 PM-6:15 PM at Steamboat Pilates Yoga and Fitness and Thursdays 8:30 AM -9:30 AM at northwest ballet studio. There will be no class on Labor Day. Please call 970.390.1150 for more info. $10/class ASTROLOGY CLASS for beginners is starting to be held once a week for five weeks in the KFMU-building on Village drive and Walton Creek road. $125-. Please contact Lena Franzen, 970-8792444 or Life Drawing Class from 9-Noon Every 2nd and 4th Friday (each month) at The Artists’ Gallery of Steamboat, 1009 Lincoln Av. Drawing from the human form from live studio model. Class Fee: $12. Critique and Instruction upon request. Tables, light, & model provided, BYO supplies. RSVP to inqui- Mondays-VNA offers drop in clinic 12-4 PM for FREE Pneumonia Vaccine and FREE health consultations to uninsured, low income adult smokers or asthmatics. Come to 940 Central Park Dr., Suite 101 or call 879-1632.

Adopt Me!!!

VFW POOL LEAGUE: Leagues 3 nights/wk. 8 and 9 Ball formats. Contact Michelle for more info.

Tuesdays-VNA offers drop in clinic 12-4 PM FREE to uninsured, low income adults needing vaccination against hepatitis, HPV, tetanus, measles, chicken pox, shingles, pneumonia and influenza. Any adult with risk factors may qualify for hepatitis vaccination at $0-$14/ shot. Come to 940 Central Park Dr, Suite 101 or call 879-1632 Thursdays-VNA offers drop in clinic 2-4 PM for adolescents ages11-18 years, for any recommended vaccine at $0-$14/shot. Come to 940 Central Park Dr, Suite 101 or call 879-1632. Parents must be present for children under 18 years and should bring vaccine records. WOMEN’S EVENING CLIMBING with Jen Lowe. Every Wednesday 5:15-8:15pm $20 cash/check only. Practice climbing and belaying under the supervision of a guide in these evening clinics. Women only. Prereq: belaying experience. Sign up by noon Tuesday before. www., 970-8708440

Riley is a diabetic declawed sweetheart. The diabetes requires one easy daily shot and a special diet to maintain his health. He is a beautiful gray color and has a quiet sweet little meow. He is gentle, loving and very affectionate towards adults and kids and LOVES to be brushed! He was surrendered due to some aggression towards other cats so he would probably like to live in a one-cat home (although he doesn’t do that bad with our other cats at the shelter!). In a home with more than one cat, he just needs a room with a nice window to look out. If you want to give a special home to a special cat, come meet Riley!! Steamboat Springs/Routt County Animal Shelter (970)879-0621 • Helping homeless animals, like the one above. Donations welcome.

Save your beer can pop tops!

Take them to the hospital. one pound=one hour of chemotherapy Lets drink to cure cancer!

ThE AnciEnT ArT Of KAmA SuTrAmAKing LOVE BETTEr...

• kama Sutra massage oils, honey dust, stimulating balm for men and women • kama Sutra board games, deck of cards, playing dice and dVds • Classy and super functional toys by world famous doc Johnson adult novelties in STOcK nOW! 117 8th St • Open 7 dayS a week thrOugh mud SeaSOn

879-LOVE (5683) “Politics is supposed to be the second-oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.” - Ronald Reagan (R)


The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009 (970) 875-1057

Night Life Venue

Thurs Oct. 08


Fri Oct. 09

Sat Oct. 10


Me & Ed’s Music Machine

Sun Oct. 11

Old Town Pub



Halloween Fashion Show & Dance Party

Ghost Ranch

The Luv Brothers

Chris Watson $5. John Gibbs/Randy Kelly HH

The English Beat W/ Judge Roughneck



DJ Also Starring

Game Night

Mahogany Ridge

Tasty Vittles


Eric Barry, Kirk Martenson, and Dab Karpel


Thurs Oct. 15


Fri Oct. 16

KFMU Monday Night Football Promo

Bob Gulley

Sat Oct. 17

Mixed Breed

Mixed Breed

Sun Oct. 18

Old Town Pub


DJ Seefelt, DJ Dark Eyes, DJ Case

The Ragbirds

Ghost Ranch

The Hammer Smith Band $5

Cash’d Out $5. John Gibbs/Randy Kelly HH

The Informants $5



DJ Also Starring

Game Night

Mahogany Ridge

Worried Men


Matt Clark Band

Potters Wheel BYOB happy hour Friday’s 5pm-8pm. Snacks provided. Cheaper than therapy and just as effective!

Rex’s American Grill & Bar - 3190 S. Lincoln Ave. (next to Holiday Inn) 4:20 to 6 p.m. daily. $1 off all drinks and half-price appetizers

Big House Burgers and Bottle Cap Bar 4:20 to 6 p.m. daily. $1 off bottled beers; half-price appetizers

Riggio’s -1106 Lincoln Ave. 5 to 6 p.m. daily. $2 Stella and Newcastle drafts, half-price martinis and selected specialty drinks, half-price appetizers

The Epicurean- 3 to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday get a glass of wine for half price with the purchase of an appetizer Mahogany Ridge Brewery & Grill 4 to 6 p.m. daily. Half-price drinks and $1 tapas. Late night happy 9-11. Mazzola’s Italian Diner- 5 to 6 p.m. daily. $1 off all drinks, half-price pizzas and appetizers at the bar Old Town Pub- 4 to 6 p.m. daily. $2 Bud and Bud Light drafts, 50 cents off other beers and well drinks. Over the Hump Happy Hour on Wednesdays from 4pm-6pm with free apps & snacks (while supplies last) and $1 Bud & Bud Light drafts. happy hour in the bar with Megan - 11:30am-6pm M-F happy hour prices on beer, wine & wells. Bottomless bloody mary’s on the weekends

Rio Grande Mexican RestaurantBario Menu 4-6 pm. Drinks- $5 Rio Margarita. $2 Pint Draws (you call it)$1 off Riojito, Matador or Sangria.$3 Cuervo Silver Kami Shots. Food-$4 Mini Queso Deluxe. $4 Botano Taco (steak, grilled or smoked chicken, mahi mahi). $4 Side Salad. $5 Mini Nacho (steak, chix or cheese).$5 Mini Quesadilla (steak, grilled or smoked chicken, veggie). $5 Flautitas. $5 Bowl of Soup (homemade green chile or tortilla soup) The Tap House Sports Grill- 3 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. $1 off all draft beer pints, $2 off all draft beer pitchers. $2-Drafts and Well drinks from 9-11 seven days a week The Tugboat- 3-6 pm. $1 drafts & selected half price appetizers Yacht Club- Happy Hour on the lawn/deck, Everyday 36p.m., discounted drinks, margaritas, beer & wine, with food all day. Bocce Ball anytime. Some Happy Hours compiled by the Steamboat Pilot.


Tues Oct. 13

KFMU Monday Night Football Promo

wed Oct. 14

Wing Night

Live Trivia

Pat Waters

Jay Roemer

Trevor G Potter

Danny Shafer

Mon Oct. 19

Sam Ayer

happy hour specials

The Boathouse Pub- 609 Yampa St. 3 to 6 p.m. Everyday. Buy one drink, get one free; $1 off appetizers (the bar runs specials nightly, including half-price appetizers on Mondays)

Mon Oct. 12

Tues Oct. 20

wed Oct. 21

Wing Night

Live Trivia

Pat Waters

Trevor G. Potter

Trevor G Potter

Pat Waters

Band spotlight The Chris Watson Band Ghost Ranch Saloon on October 9th The Chris Watson Band will make its third appearance in Steamboat this year and their second stop at the new Ghost Ranch Saloon on October 9th. The band played to a sell-out crowd in July and declared it to be one of their favorite Music Venues. Chris just finished two shows with .38 Special on the opening weekend of the State Fair of Texas, and has been featured at four blues festivals in the last three weeks. Chris’ high energy music makes this 23 year old hot guitar player and songwriter a crowd favorite with all ages. Chris’ new CD, Just For Show, is currently being played on 143 stations in the US plus in Australia and Europe. It is currently in syndication to 105 stations in the US with an audience of over 2,066,000 and 25 stations in British Columbia.

“The more you read and observe about this Politics thing, you got to admit that each party is worse than the other. The one that’s out always - Will Rogers

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009


Film Reviews

the Hammersmith band ghost ranch saloon october 15th A high energy, yet authentic style of electric blues with jazz and rock influences, the Hammer Smith Band is an L.A. based Rockin’ Blues band. The combined virtuosity of these musicians (harmonica, guitar, bass and drums) creates a fresh, explosive sound that has wide ranging appeal. HAMMER SMITH’s versatile, ingratiating blues harmonica style with his genuine rhythm and blues band makes it obvious that they were born with the blues running through their blood. This band is a real treat, red hot and rockin’ R&B music at its best by real musicians. There seems to be no dearth of harp players on the increasingly competitive blues circuit. But few anywhere have the

world-class chops of harmonica wizard Chris “Hammer” Smith. And none can claim, as he can, to have recorded with Paul McCartney, Sammy Hagar, Smokey Robinson, Dolly Parton, Julio Iglesias, John Tesh, and Michael Jackson, and played on soundtracks for some of the biggest commercials and television shows ever aired. After years of L.A. studio work, Smith is kicking his solo career into high gear. Smith began playing harmonica in the late 1960s. He studied along the way with harp-master Rick Epping, and found a mentor in blues legend Sonny Terry. The Hammer Smith Band, formed in the early 1980s, plays a high-energy brand of electric blues basted with a sauce conjured from the roots of Cajun, country, jazz and rock. The group has opened for such blues legends as Bonnie Raitt, Albert King, Big Joe Turner, B.B. King, and Johnny Winter. For Booking and Information write to “”

Band spotlight Australian Guitarist Michael Charles

Old Town Pub October 22nd Known for his phenomenal guitar performances, and truly spellbinding his audiences, Australian blues rocker, Michael Charles brings to stage and to life, songs from a discography of 23 releases along with some of the best loved covers. The three time Grammy elected artist is currently on his Recall 2009 Tour celebrating the release of his newest compilation, “Recall“ along with his 2008 Grammy elected album , “I‘m Nobody‘s Fool. 2009 has taken him to; Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota. Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Montana, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba Canada, and to Australia to perform major festivals and key venues. Hailing originally from Victoria Australia, Charles is no stranger to travel. In the height of his Australian career, Charles received a message from a long time hero of his, Mr. Buddy Guy. Mr. Guys management requested

Michael to come to America and perform on stage with Buddy at Legends! A true highlight of his career, this two week trip has lasted for 20 years. Along with performing with the likes of Buddy Guy, Phil Guy, James Cotton, Willie Cobbs, Junior Wells, Eddy Clearwater, and touring with Jimmy Dawkins, Michael also took his own band and made his way to the stages of the Chicago Blues Fest, New Orleans Jazz and Blues Festival, Philadelphia Blues Fest, Memphis Tennessee Crossroads Conference, New Orleans Cutting Edge Conference, Route 66 Summer Festival, Taste of River North, Taste of Midway Island Lake Fest, Bolingbrook Festival, Taste of Midway, Catfish Days Festival, Wilmington Blues Fest, JK Harrison’s November Blues, Round Lake Streets of Summer Festival, and Maywood Blues Festival, Ship & Shore Fest, Arizona Blind and Deaf Childrens Foundation annual fundraiser, Ship & Shore Fest, Maywood Family Fest, and Pako Fest.

Just in case you’re wondering, Chuck Norris has transcended the ethereal plane. He is now orbiting the earth controlling our fate. Each film that is created now must receive his stamp of approval. If it does not, then it receives a deadly roundhouse kick to the face. HHHHH = Chuck Norris Worthy HIIII = Roundhouse Kick to the Face

Zombieland Ruben Fleischer’s brilliant homage to serious and zombie parody films. This raucous and artfully grotesque examination of four lonely warriors of the apocalypse is one of the funniest movies of the year. Woody Harrelson as the ultimate warrior, zombie killing machine, Jesse Eisenberg as the meek paranoid introvert that has codified how to survive the machinations of the undead, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin as the cheeky con artist sisters surviving by their wits. Together they form the four comedians of the apocalypse. Each blood and drool soaked scene displays a new way to destroy the undead. The title of the film is exactly what the world

has become, not in the sense that the land is covered with zombies, but instead the world is an actual amusement park of macabre delights. The mythos of the zombie stems from the voodoo religion in which someone is rendered mindless by a powerful sorcerer. In this film however, no one is controlling the amazingly fast undead. They were instead created by a media frenzy-esque abomination of mad cow disease! Oh yeah and Bill Murray has the greatest cameo of all time .-Love Carney


Film Reviews “Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed.” - Mao Tse-Tung


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The Lunatics are Running the Asylum

Aimee Kimmey

Stupid Hard Sudoku


“These days many politicians are demanding change. Just like homeless people.”- George Carlin

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009

Walks like a Duck

The ?



“Four in a Row” somewhere in there, there’s a sequence.

by Matt Jones


1 Day parts: abbr. 4 Budgetary setbacks 8 Farm pest 13 ___ and greet 14 Hearing-related 15 It may have an aftershock 16 XI times XI 17 Former bank option, for short 18 Lopsided win 19 The fear of being naked 22 “The other,” in Spanish 23 Catch, as a perp 24 L-___ (drug used in Parkinson’s treatment) 28 Estrogen receptor, to geneticists 29 Rap sheet abbr. 31 “Well, ___!” 33 Cause of a mutation, maybe 37 “This is the way the world ends / Not with ___...” 39 Revolutionary leader with a suit 40 Eye exam response 41 Field that may include feminist theory 44 Seep through 45 Tablet 46 Square root of nona49 They’re in a pantheon 50 Org. for kids with great grades 53 Embark 55 Music releases like “We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes,” and “Narrow Stairs,” to fans 57 Buddy 61 Guy whose motto was “Take two”? 62 Big blue and yellow store 63 HLN host Jane ___-Mitchell 64 Up to no good 65 Take a load off 66 Electronic bracelet site 67 Parched 68 Banned pesticide


Used left or right, I get to travel, over cobblestone or gravel. Used up, I vie for sweet success, used down, I cause men great duress. What am I? (Answers to Sudoko, Riddle and Crossword can be found on page 37)

1 Hydrocarbon radicals with six parts carbon 2 Soap opera comic strip set in a hospital 3 Time served 4 Cattle drive guy 5 The Beehive State 6 Shakespeare’s “___ of Athens” 7 It can take a dive 8 “___ Teen Hunger Force” 9 Little Labrador 10 Owns

11 “MADtv” actor Barinholtz 12 P.D. sleuth 13 Janis Joplin’s “Me and Bobby ___” 20 Slot machine fruit 21 “In the same place,” in footnotes 24 “Robinson Crusoe” author Daniel 25 With excess in the warehouse, maybe 26 Chest muscles 27 Commedia dell’___ 30 They print receipts 32 Brainstorming product, hopefully 34 Bike tricks involving flips over handlebars 35 “Can ___ least see my options?” 36 Overthrow 37 Staring 38 Kiss south of the border? 42 Actress Russo 43 Former Senate Majority Leader Tom 47 Pushy to the max 48 “Where ___” (song by Beck) 51 Product of Jordan? 52 Cooktop range 54 Car mentioned in “Fun, Fun, Fun” 55 Take a catnap 56 Sometimes you just can’t do a thing with it 57 Actress Gardner 58 “Two and a Half ___” 59 Variety 60 Hairspray alternative ©2009 Jonesin’ Crosswords (

“I’ve been in the Bible every day since I’ve been the president.” -George W. Bush


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TheBIZ Business ads Starting at $25/issue Full Color!

Color classifieds Starting at $25/issue Includes two bold lines and around 20 words.

freebies free furniture, 2 beds, 2 dressers that I would like to go to a good home. Folks can call 8706381 or 8466381 to see and arrange pick up.

LegaL Happy Hour

Free legal advice! Call to sign up.

(970) 879-6200 ext.13 randall Salky, esq. McGill Professional Law

found & Lost Camera for The Local. Casio ex lim 8.1 megapixels, Green. little digi. It has awesome photos of Travis Pastrana so please return. 875-1057 Found:Young, long-haired grey cat. Yellow/green eyes. Near Tamarack. 870-0392.

Ride Board Ride to Scottsdale, one-way or round trip, will help pay for gas, 808-282-5731.

For Sale Wave Sport kayak and ore for sale. Comes with skirt, two WildWasser 4ft.float bags and a mesh bag for storage of said items. The kayak measures104 inches long and 2 feet wide in the middle. Worth over $400. Selling for $200 OBO. Call Allison at 846-2782.

Camper. 16ft tandem. $500 OBO. 970-819-7927

Snow Tires! Set of 4. 195-75R14. $100. 970-819-7927

1991 Sportster. 1200CC. $4000.00. 970-819-7927 Women’s cruiser bike w/bell and air pump, $150, 808-282-5731.

36 (970) 875-1057

Free section 20 word limit please!

K2 Public Enemy 170cm skis, $125 808-282-5731. LTD 155 Snowboard, $100, 808282-5731. New GE Cafe 30” OTR Microwave. $400. Alison at 970.819.0308 36’ tube T.V. for sale $75 or best. Remote control, works grrreat. Call Ryan 970.846.8397 Heavy Duty Whirlpool Electric Clothes Dryer - $ 85; Microwave - $ 10; 870-0887 Professional Pro-Form Crosswalk Treadmill with advanced features, Power Incline, Heart Rate Monitor, Exercise Programs, Cooling Fan, All the options, Folds for storage. Can help deliver. New $1499. Asking $400 OBO.Call 879-2408. Cargo Brand Wooden Bunk Beds, with premium mattresses, excellent condition, very sturdy, guard rail, ladder and full length storage drawer. Can help move. New $800.00 Asking $395. OBO call 879-2408. Outback Trading Company Ltd” “Swagman” oilskin riding coat with hood, and packs into own pocket (not made in Australia) – Short length - Size: XL - $100 Ph: 8706171 – steamboatvicki@hotmail. com. Camping Permit for the White Rim - Valid 12 – 16 October 2009 $30 - Call Brad – (970) 390.9618.


Boer Does and Bucklings, Billy goat. Assorted colors and varieties. 970.819.1661

For RENT Free rent on main street Oak Creek. Bring me a creative idea and I will give you FREE rent!! 970291-9555.

Deadlines: All unClassifieds are due by the Tuesday before print. Payment for all color photo ads must be made before ad will be printed.

able- 970-736-1144. Roommate Needed Large 4 bd 3ba home, roommate will have 2 bd w/private bath. $525/ month and share cable/internet and electric bill. NP, NS. Amazing space with amazing views! Call 970-2911209 for any questions… Room for rent in downtown 3B apartment close to bus route and college. NS NP $450.00 included utilities. Month to month available with $450.00 deposit. Call 8469108. Room for rent with family in downtown Steamboat. We have a cat and 2 busy athletic teenagers. No smoking, pets, drugs. Perfect for SSWSC athlete or heading for the powder! Furnished, wireless internet, all utilities, month to month, references required. $650 + deposit. 970-846-9425. Downtown studio, new, nice, private decks, all utilities cable & Internet incl., $900/mo, laundry on site, pets considered, no smoking or partying, 970-846-3012. Mobile home in Dream Island, cutest mobile home Steamboat! Private landscaping, huge deck on river, roof never needs shoveling, $35,000 970-879-6303. Steamboat: West Condos, walk to gondola, October free!! 1 Bd Studio, free cable/internet, pool/hot tub, laundry in basement, NS/NP. $850/month + elec.Year’s lease preferred. Call Jim (970) 734-6363.

FOR RENT: Two Ranch

houses, 8 miles from downtown on Elk RIver Rd. Furnished or unfurnished. Winter lease (Oct-May). Pets and horses considered. Possible discount for light caretaking available.

Four Seasons Storage Oak Creek Store and protect your schwag all winter long. Multiple sizes avail-

“And they have no disregard for human life.” -George W. Bush, on the brutality of Afghan fighters

Email ads to: Call: (970)-875-1057

• 3BR/3BA:$1900/mo. Newly remodeled. Granite, sub zero appliances, fireplace, wood floors, great house! • 1BR/1BA:$800/mo. Newly remodeled. Call to inquire at 970.879.1661 or email

más información, o hacer una cita, llame a la VNA en Steamboat marcando el 879-1632, o visítenos en 940 Central Park Drive, suite 101; o en Craig, marcando el 824-8233, o visitando 745 Russell Street. Llame al 8717678 para hacer una cita para cualquiera de los programas ya sea en Steamboat o en Craig.

Great location on Yampa River, 3Br/1B Mobile Home, Large yard, Great Ranch views, Quiet park, Fireplace, W/D, Garage, $ 995/mo, 870-0887.

Tenemos vacunas disponibles contra la Hepatitis para adultos con ciertos factores de riesgo. Al completar la serie de Hepatitis B se obtiene protecciòn contra esta enfermedad de transmisión sexual. Para màs información llame a VNA al 879-1632 o al 871-7678 si no habla inglès.

message board HPV is the most common sexually transmitted virus and is important because it can cause cervical cancer in women. The VNA provides the vaccine for FREE to eligible low income, uninsured women age 1926 years old. Please call the VNA for more information in Steamboat at 879-1632, 940 Central Park Drive, Suite 101 Information is also available at If you do not speak English, call 824-8233. Hepatitis Vaccinations are available to adults with certain risk factors for $0-$14 sliding fee scale. Completing the Hepatitis vaccination series provides protection from this sexually transmitted disease. For more information, call the VNA at 879-1632. VNA Services Offered • Your child can receive vaccinations at VNA (0-$14):VNA, 940 Central Park Dr., Suite 101, Steamboat 879-1632 or call 8717678 if you do not speak English. • Spanish/English Interpreter available for clinics El VPH es el más común virus transmitido sexualmente. Pero el VPH es importante principalmente porque puede causar cáncer cervical en las mujeres. La VNA también puede suministrar la vacuna a mujeres de pocos ingresos entre las edades de 19-26 años que no tengan seguro médico bajo la cobertura del Programa de Asistencia a Pacientes de la compañía Merck. Haga el favorde llamar a la VNA para averiguar si cumple con los requisitos. Para obtener

VNA Servicios Disponibles • Su niño (a) puede recibir vacunas en ($0 y $14):VNA, 940 Central Park Dr., Suite 101, Steamboat 879-1632, pero llame al 8717678 para hacer cita si no habla inglés. Intérprete disponible para clients que hablan español.

Oak Creek: 2 bedroom, 1 bath house. Remodeled 2008. Kitchen, bath, carpet, tile, doors, trim, paint. Tons of storage, washer/dryer, mud room, fenced yards, carport, shed, friendly neighbors. 10 minutes to Stagecoach Reservoir, 15 to Flat Tops. Great view of Thorpe Mountain from back deck. Must see! $190,000. .......................................... robert Yazbeck Coldwell Banker • Silver Oak LTD (970) 846-7685

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009

Routt County

Auto Swap

Listings only $20! Send in a photo of your vehicle along with a 30 word or less description to


2004 Polaris RMK 151 new motor, ready to rip. $2400.00 or best. Ryan 970.846.8397

YAMAHA RAZZ SCOOTER,1995,49CC,RUNS WELL,$275.00- 879-3608

Studded snow tires and wheels mounted and balanced 8 lug 265.70.17R load E. Fits 3/4 ton dodge less than 4000 miles $1200.00 or best, Call Ryan 970.846.8397

1972 BMW R60/5 motorcycle, 29,900 miles, classic toaster tank, garaged. $3,600.00 (970) 846-3675 or (970) 870-6316

2002 VW Passat 4 Motion Heated leather seats, sun/ moon roof Blue w/ black int, rain ativated wipers 110K mi. $7950.00 Call 970-879-6898

1995 Subaru wagon 165 k runs good AWD great for Steamboat winter. $1000.00 call Ryan 970.846.8397

Moving, must sell, death in family, 1990 Volvo 740 wagon, $1500, 808-282-5731

1990 Jeep Wrangler YJ in almost mint shape. 110k miles, 5spd., 4 cly., Black, some xtras. Everyday rider. 720-352-6463

1998 Suburu Impreza 159,000 miles New Windshield $3000 OBO (970)819-3075

Answer to Riddle: A Thumb.

“I’ll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office.” -George W. Bush


The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009


“Except for the occasional heart attack, I never felt better.”- Dick Cheney (970) 875-1057

The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009

2911: 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, Blue, Automatic, 76k miles. $3,500 Down + tax

2809, 2003 Jeep Wrangler X, Black, Automatic, 62k miles w/Hard top + partial soft top $4,500 Down + tax (add $450 for winch)

2816: 2005 Buick Rendezvous, Gold, Automatic, 58k miles $2,800 Down + tax

2829: 1998 Pontiac GrandAm GT 2-Dr. Coupe, Green, Stick, 94k miles. $1,200 Down + tax

2892: 2000 GMC “Jimmy” Sport, Gold, Automatic, 122k miles; 60k miles O.N.e $1,000 Down + tax

2915: 2002 Jeep Liberty SUv, Blue, Automatic, 136k miles. $1,500 Down + tax

2799:1999 isuzu Trooper Wagon, White, Automatic, 98k miles rebuilt engine $1,500 Down + tax

2813: 2004 Jeep Wrangler X, Black, Stick, 62 k miles $4,500 Down + tax add $2,500 for Hard Top and $450 for winch


! Sold

!!! Sold

2677: 2000 Jeep Wrangler Se Sport , Stick, Red, 83k miles Soft Top. $2,500 Down + tax

2851: 1997 Ford QuadCab XL 1500, White, Stick, 127k miles. $750 Down + tax

2708: 2002 isuzu Rodeo, Red, Automatic, 75k/miles. $3,000 Down + tax

2694: 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Maroon, Automatic, 60k miles. $3,500 Down + tax


! Sold

2833: 1995 Chevrolet K-1500 BonusCab Pick-up, Automatic, Red, 135k miles. $750 Down + tax




#2883,1999 Toyota Tacoma, SR5 XCab, Stick, Tan, 123k miles $2,500 Down + tax

!!! Sold 2861: 2000Subaru impreza 2.5RS Sedan, Red, Automatic, 66k miles, “Salvage” $2,000 Down + tax


! Sold

2715: 1998 Chevrolet 2500 BonusCab Longbed, Auto., 7.4 litre v-8, 108k miles $2,000 Down + tax


2881: 2001 Toyota Tacoma, XCab, Stick, Tan, 107k miles $3,500 Down + tax

CheCkpoint Auto SAleS (CAS) offers first time car buyers and others with challenged or damaged credit an opportunity to get “ON Track”. CAS offers an easy entry program that starts by filling out a short questionnaire about your employment, residence, and available down payment. hoW Do i QuAliFY? • You must be over 21 • Have a job • Live in the area • Have a down payment and pay sales tax • Buy full coverage and GAP insurance • Complete a loan qualification form hoW MuCh DoWn pAYMent? A cash down payment is required on every vehicle financed through Checkpoint Auto Sales’ “ON Track” credit program. Usually, the more money you put towards the purchase price of a vehicle, the more expensive a vehicle you can buy. The minimum down payment you must make is only $750 + sales tax. However, some vehicles require as much as 25% of the purchase price as a down payment.

“On Track” Credit and Warranty Program



! Sold

2873: 2004 Dodge Durango 9-psngr.Wagon, Automatic, Blue 82k miles. $2,500 Down + tax

2750: 2003 Ford expedition XLT, White, 4.6l engine, 70k miles. $4,000 Dowm + tax

2875: 2005 Chevrolet Cargo Astro van, Red, Automatic, 55k miles, w/shelves $3,000 Down + tax

2729: 2001 Chevrolet Tracker LT, 4-Door, v-6, Silver, 71k miles. $1,500 Down + tax

2912: 2001 Buick Century Sedan, Tan, Automatic, 69k miles. $1,200 Down + tax

2913: 2002 Chevrolet S-10 CrewCab Pickup, Green, Automatic, 89k miles Shortbed $2,500 Down + tax.

!! old!




! Sold

! Sold

2763: 1995 Subaru impreza Coupe, Green, Stick, 132k miles $750 Down + tax


! Sold

2814: 2005 Jeep Wrangler Sport, Silver, Stick, 55k miles, $4,500 Down + tax Hard & Soft top add $450/winch

2740: 2001 Oldsmobile Alero GLS Sedan, White, Automatic, 63k miles $1,800 Down + tax

2692: 1997 Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon, Green, Auto., 158k miles rebuilt tranny $1,000 Down + tax



2878: 2001 Subaru Forester Wagon, White, Automatic, 52k miles $2,500 Down + tax

“Three words:Vice President Oprah” –President Obama


The Local • Vol 9 issue 21 • october 08 - october 21, 2009 (970) 875-1057









H BASH! : EURO-TR AS Oct. 24th /SAT RI: Oct. 30TH /F M.J. Battle! Extravaganza! T: Prince vs. Nov. 7TH/SA /BEAN’S BDAY TTERS BALL s DANCE OFF! HA in D lla MA Vi : il oes&Ev Nov. 14th/SAT de Superher RTY! ma A me Ho P T: DS Nov. 21st/SA e NER th ! of e rty ng Pa ve S Re : Y JAM Nov. 28th/SAT n / PA-JAMM PARTY! ng John-A-Tho AS Lo XM T: / SA h/ uld 5t Co Dec. eater That The Ugliest Sw Dec.12th/Saet: Mambo’s is puttin’ the F.U. back in FUN! We


know you’ve been waiting for it! Every Saturday (with the exception of the FRIDAY NIGHT ZOMBIE PROM OCT. 30TH) we’re taking out all the tables and having a full on dance party w/ drink special & giveaways!!


“It is true, I worry about the hype. The only person more over-hyped than me is you.”-President Obama, to Jon Stewart

Issue 9.21  
Issue 9.21  

The Local Issue 9.21 (October 8-21, 2009)