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december 3 - December 16, 2009 VOLUME 9 : ISSUE 25

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Special Features Editors Notes: Make $18,710/month in the 14th Judicial District! Pg. 3

Craig Kennedy: Top 10 Ways to market to people with disabilities. Pg. 6

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Why The Telemarker Drops His Knee!

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The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009 (970) 367-7117

about the cover Why The Telemarker Drops His Knee!

december 3 december 16, 2009

volUm e 9 : issUe 25

steamboat springs’ alternative newspaper

Cartoon By: Dale Boberg

Dale Boberg has been drawing cartoons for The Local for 10 years. He is originally from Minnesota and moved to the valley in 1985, embracing what he calls a “duck the ropes” philosophy on life. Dale says that his inspiration for this cartoon comes from two sources: War’s song ‘Why can’t we be friends?’ and the seldom seen bumpersticker that says ‘SNOWBOARDERS: ANNOYING TELEMARKERS SINCE 1985’” When the popularity of snowboarding took off in the 1980s, there began a long-running feud between skiers and riders. Many of the people that originally embraced snowboarding were young punks full of attitude, and they were notorious for careening wildly out of control down the mountain - endangering themselves and the skiers around them. The backlash against snowboarding became so intense that the sport was

“A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money.”- W. C. Fields

Why the telemarker

drops his knee

banned for many years at some ski resorts around the country (although never in Steamboat because we’re cool.) In recent years, the rivalry between the groups has mellowed out a bit as snowboarders have matured a little, and since most ski areas now build awesome terrain parks to corral the more reckless daredevils. Also, many skiers have seen the cool stuff snowboarders do and have joined their obnoxious brethren in attitude and in high-flying, death-defying feats of snow prowess.

The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009

Editor’s Notes - Thomas Reuter

Make $18,710/month in the 14th Judicial District! On Nov 13, Lori Wagner of Craig was sentenced to 60 days in jail for stealing $35,000 dollars from her employer at Axis West Realty. This seemed like a remarkably light sentence for such a large amount of money, so I checked into some other recent cases to see how it compared. The results surprised me, for a couple of different reasons. The first thing that surprised me is that there have been quite a few employee embezzlement cases in the area recently. There were three major Yampa Valley embezzlement cases in 2009. And of course, if three have been discovered, you have to wonder how many others have gotten away with it, or are getting away with it as we speak. The second thing that surprised me is that there is a remarkable pattern to how all of the perpetrators are punished. In fact, based on my findings, my guess is that we’re going to see a continuing increase in embezzlement and fraud cases in the near future. Wagner, from the above sentenced case, was sentenced to 2 months in jail for stealing $35,000. This breaks down to 30 days in jail for each $17,500 that she stole. Back in May of 2009, Shelly Flannery was sentenced to 3 months in jail for stealing $75,270 from Routt County Habitat for Humanity. This breaks down to 30 days in jail for each $25,090

that she stole. (And she was stealing from a non-profit that dedicates itself to helping the impoverished and needy. And it was the second time that she had been accused of stealing from her employer.) From 2004 through 2008, Terri Fatka and Pamela Williams worked at Alpine Bank in Steamboat and stole a total $1.3 million from various customer bank accounts. Each of them were sentenced to 8 years in prison. This works out to 30 days for every $13,541 that they stole. Altogether, if you take the average of these three cases, a person living in the 14th Judicial District (Routt, Moffat, and Grand counties) is sentenced to 30 days in jail for every $18,710 that they steal. And that’s the worst case scenario if they get caught. If they don’t get caught, they just get to keep the money and live it up. A couple of issues ago I wrote a column stating that it makes more sense to work for the government than working for yourself because you can make so much money, recession or not. Well I’ve amended my position on this matter. Forget working for yourself or the government - go get a regular job and steal as much as you can from your employer. It just makes good business sense. You’ll probably get away with it, and if you do get caught, you’ll only go to jail for 30 days for stealing half a year’s salary. The strangest part about all this is that Steamboat has such a strong reputation for being tough on small crime. If you get in a fight at the

bar, or throw a snowball at someone, or get a DUI, you had better prepare for the closed fist of Satan to come crashing down on you in the form of the DA’s office. But coldly planning and executing a major theft from a local business or non-profit will earn you surprising leniency. This leads me to my second conclusion about all this. If you want to have a good time, forget going out and getting drunk and acting like a fool. Go home early, sit down with a pen and paper and hatch a plan for a major heist, then get

Birth control gives me the power to plan my future

up early, go to work and rip off your boss. Going to the bars and getting drunk will just get you in trouble and give you a big hangover. But if you get your act together and scheme against the economic fabric of our community, then you’ll get lots of money to go to Mexico and Las Vegas during mud season. Just don’t steal so much money that your employer goes out of business, because then you won’t have a job when you get back and Steamboat will collapse in an implosion of corruption and greed.

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Honest to goodness Texas style hickory smoked pit barbeque

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Come on Down!

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ThomasReuter The Local â&#x20AC;˘ Steamboat Springs


â&#x20AC;&#x153;A woman drove me to drink and I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even have the decency to thank her.â&#x20AC;? - W. C. Fields

The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009 (970) 367-7117

another one bites the dust

Old Five and Dimers ElliotSilberberg The Local • Milan Italy

y, t u

ng ebrati Vanity l e & C

Re ing Sanity im

Alicia Wright -Esthetician

Stephanie Weiss- Hair Artist

Bella Sol Spa & Body Boutique 970-879-6945 810 Lincoln Ave. Suite 5

not having seen it all, and relief for having seen quite enough. The horror out there doesn’t make us flinch anymore. Older people feel more invisible, because we’re ignored. Young people blank us out simply because our underpants don’t show. They are also extremely busy listening to music or talking on the phone or flexing their pecs or all three. What are they so afraid of that they have to distract themselves 24/7? I think I could swipe a young buck’s wallet more easily


Enhancing B ea

The goodness and gracefulness of older people came home to me the other night while parking my car. It was dark and a tight squeeze. Easing in, I bumped the car parked in back. Then I glanced in the rear view and saw a human form in the driver’s seat. “Oh, no!” I figured. “Here comes a ration….” Instead, the guy, an old five and dimer like me, smiled and shrugged and even opened his window to crack a joke. “These things happen,” was his calming message. A young person might react the same, but I wouldn’t want to bet on it. Youth tends to go bananas at the slightest excuse. I get a lot of good will and zen wisdom from old folks, most of them strangers. Our

band of brothers has been around the block and doesn’t go crazy over nothing. Aging teaches good manners and patience and that what matters most is being here, here and now. A lot of it is humility learned through hard knocks. It’s no fun growing old but what’s to do? Being resigned to not having it all, and to the inevitable, makes us wily and tender and more discrete about what’s worth getting mad over. With the passing of time, there’s regret for

“Abstaining is favorable both to the head and the pocket.”- W. C. Fields

than an old coot’s. Young Blood would be too busy acting busy to know what hit him. One bad part of the economic downturn is that older folks are forced to retire early. Turnover is a great thing, but can also mean a great loss of know-how in the workplace. The energy of youth is inspiring, but without experience kids tend to butt their heads against the wall. I feel their pain, all the dark, clueless years ahead. Poor pups. I hope they take time out from twiddling their thumbs on play stations to read a good book. And I hope when somebody violates their space but causes no harm that they have enough poise to shrug and laugh it off. Awful as it may sound, it’s a sign of growing up.

Editor-in-Chief - Thomas Reuter: Thomas is a Colorado Native and a resident of Steamboat since 1993. He and his wife, Kimberley are fueled by love for each other, travelling and the outdoors. Pg. 3

Senior Editor-Joe Carney: Layout, Boatload of Entertainment, Movie Reviews and Calenders. Pg. 25

Chelsea Yepello - 'Scopes to Live By: Chelsea Yepello has been a Steamboat local since

monkeys could walk on two feet and has been the scope lady for fiveish years. She spends most of her time staring into the sun with the goal of eventually seeing through space and time, and is also the president of a not so secret society dedicated to whoever created the twisty tie. Chelsea is the only known survivor of the governmental experiment of ingesting Pop Rocks and soda at the same time. She hates bananas, raisins, root beer and peanut butter. Pg 28

Lena Franzen: - According to Astrology: Lena originally from Sweden, has been a Massage Therapist here in Steamboat since 1986. She has been practicing Astrology since 1995. Her office is on 2955 Village Drive (corner of Walton Creek Road). Pg. 9

Inebriated Informant: The Inebriated Informant seeks solace in the large bosom of The Steamboat Local. Due to his near-continuous inebriation he chooses to hide his identity in anonymity - like Batman.

Aimee Kimmey - Comic Stripper: Born and raised in Evergreen, Colorado I moved to Steamboat in 1993. I fell in love with the Mountain, but I stayed for the community. The sheriff in my life is my husband Scott, aka my tech support and web designer. Pg. 26

Dr. Dawn Obrecht - Dr. Dawn's Rx: Dr. Dawn is the only MD addiction medicine specialist on Colorado’s western slope. She is a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and teaches a course to medical students at CU Denver. Pg 10

Jonah Weil - "Walks Like a Duck" Comic Strip: Jonah Weil, 12, is the cartoonist of “Walks Like a Duck.” He lives in Boulder, CO, but he enjoys visiting Steamboat often. He is a student at Rocky Mountain School. Pg. 27

Dagny (silent "G") McKinley Audrey Rose: With an MFA from Naropa University and a past filled with ‘real’ jobs, she can no longer get her head out of the mountains and her heart away from adventure. Pg. 11

Chris Walsh- The ? Comic: Likes to draw pictures of himself in awkward situations! Pg. 27

"KatNThaHat" - Sports: T.D. Counts aka “That guy”. Snuck over the pass in 2000 and was hooked. Now on the radio, 1230 am ESPN radio, Monday and Thursday, 4-6pm. Born in Pasadena, CA, raised in Long Island, NY and a graduate in psychology from UWGB. Pg. 21

Justin Barker: Justin Barker has left town again to chase the almighty dollar in Saudi Arabia. His wife Teresa Villarroya Bronchal is waiting. Will he come back mounted proud upon a gleaming horse flying down out of the sky or crawling on his belly up from out of the sand? Pg 20

Nacho Neighbor: Graduate of Lehigh University and best described as a “practicing hedonist”. He likes his beef rare, martinis shaken, and his women conscious. He is all about Routt. His mantra: If you’re gonna be stupid, ya gotta be tough! pg 21

Scott L. Ford - Do You See What I See? Columnist for The Local since January 2003. Retired from CMC, he is currently a volunteer in several Yampa Valley economic development projects. He is married with three adult children and a chocolate Labrador Retriever, Tobias. Pg. 8

Far Flung CorrespondentDean Tresner Is an international boulevardier with an attendant sense of style, wonder and loathing. He’s currently perched at the foot of the mountain. Pg. 21

Charlie Holthausen -  Captain Carburetor's Shop Talk: Born in northern NJ, he has called Steamboat home since 1995. Founder of Black Diamond Automotive and Master certified for over 25 years. Recently he has been working on building an “Art Car” for the Burning Man Art Festival. Pg. 28

DigiGirl Studio- Graphic Design

Official Aesthetic Supporter of The Local

Meet The Locals

Michelle Dover - Get Lit: As the Circulation Manager at Bud Werner Library and the facilitator of the Library Book Club she freely enjoys talking books all day. She has six children, a dog Julie and a fish named Che.

Paul and Ellen Bonnifield - Our Story: Researching and writing together for over 35 years and they still like each other. Writing, he is loquacious, she taciturn; verbally, they reverse roles. Both enjoy the outdoors, laughing and dancing. Pg. 6

Pg. 10

The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009

Angela Ashby- is a Broker Associate with Prudential Steamboat Realty and is Steamboat’s first certified EcoBroker®. She is currently Chair of the Yampa Valley Sustainability Council, member of the Technical Advisory Committee for the Green Building Program.

“Ah, the patter of little feet around the house. There’s nothing like having a midget for a butler.” - W. C. Fields

The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009 (970) 367-7117

Our Story

Memories From the Past: Part III Catching Wild Horses Paul&EllenBonnifield

The Local • Steamboat Springs Be Smarter. A loose horse running free over range it knows can escape a horse carrying a rider unless the rider and his horse are out thinking the loose horse. The loose horse can jump brush easier, turn quicker, travel safer and faster than a horse carrying a man. The horse carrying a load cannot travel as far as a horse without a load. The first rule is to gather only one bunch at a time. A stud can usually keep control of a small number of mares – 3 to 12 and rarely more than a dozen. Old studs may control only one to three mares. Within the Sand Wash of the 1930s-40s there were numerous stud bunches. Near the stud bunch but far enough away that they were safe were the groups of two to four year old studs. They were driven out of the stud bunch. They are too young to successfully challenge the ruler, so they just hang around. Off a little farther are the lone studs. These are the old studs that have been whipped by a more powerful and younger stud. Finding a lone old stud several miles from other horses is common. God, they are battle scared. The old studs, the young studs, and the ruling stud will not peacefully go into a single

bunch for driving. The ruling stud simply will not allow the other studs among his mares and colts. Horse runners cannot put two or three stud bunches together. The lead mares and the studs will fight. It only takes two or three men working together to successfully catch the horses, and too many riders get in each others way. On the day the runners are ready to catch the horses, they will select a bunch a long distance from the trap. Horses near the trap know where the traps are and won’t go near them. The riders start the wild horses in any direction. The wild horses run off. The rider drops from sight and the horses slow to a trot then a walk. The horse runner reappears and starts the horses running again. They must be kept moving but not too fast, and they must

be kept together. Push them too hard and they will scatter. Drive one bunch of seven horses not seven bunches of one horse each. The process is repeated several times. Each time the rider restarts the horses he turns them just a little. The horses are being taught to drive while the riders are learning the precise nature of that bunch – how close the riders can get to them, how fast they travel, how alert, and how strong. Except as they neared the trap, the riders were at least a quarter of a mile from the wild ones. After some time, it often required nearly all day, the wild horses will leave their home range and won’t know exactly where they are. Being confused and having been turned a few times, the rider can now begin working the horses toward the trap. A successful trap must be placed where

the wild horses will naturally go. The runners cannot force the horses into a trap. Often the pens were set on the reverse side of a slope astride a natural game trail. The wings into the pen were made by laying fallen cedar logs with dried snag branches. The wild horses would not attempt to jump the snags. The pen itself was high – about eight feet to keep the horses from attempting to jump out. It must be strong enough to hold the horses when they hit hard against it. A trapped wild horse often throws itself against the fence. The fence material must be flexible enough that the horse won’t hurt himself. The gate must be easily closed. The wild horses were forced into a run as they neared the trap. The idea was to have the horses running hard to get away and have them break down the reverse slope along a game trail. Thinking they were getting away, the horses would run into the trap. Instead of the current method of controlling wild horse numbers, the BLM might experiment with catching wild horses in the old fashion way. Make it a business. Allow a few professional guides/outfitters to bring in small parties of runners. Gather single stud bunches or three year olds. Local ranchers, businesses, and agencies can make a little money, and those paying the bill would have the experience of a life time.

Top Ten Ways to Market to People with Disabilities CraigP.Kennedy

Access Anything • Steamboat Springs In my last article, Travelers with Disabilities: The Untapped Market, I discussed the viability of the disability market and the importance of marketing to this historically overlooked market segment. This segment has been overlooked for so long because there were never any demographics available on how often people with disabilities travel and how much money they spend. Now, thanks to the Open Doors Organization (, we know that this group of travelers spends more than $13.6 billion annually on travel and would spend double that if properly accommodated. With this in mind, and with our economy struggling to recover from one of our worst recessions in recent history, now is the time to take a look at your marketing strategies and consider reaching out to this rapidly growing market of consumers. And here are eight good ways to start doing just that. 1. When developing your initial marketing strategies, be sure to include people with disabilities on your team. People with disabilities (PWD) know what other PWD want. If you don’t include any people with disabilities on your marketing team you may miss this market altogether. 2. Make sure that your company support local accessibility efforts. Get involved with a local project such as a new fully accessible play-

ground for kids or new community center and make sure to stress the importance of including PWD by being accessible. By supporting efforts in your own town you can create a positive image and reputation within your community that says you care about PWD. 3. Affiliate with a national disability organization. There are hundreds of organizations that support PWD such as the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, March of Dimes, and the National MS Society. Pick one of these or a local organization to align your company with and be sure that your employees get involved as well. Whether through an annual fundraiser or a yearly donation, your help will encourage the organization you are supporting to give recognition to your company through their channels and bring more exposure to your particular brand. 4. Integrate people with disabilities as models, actors, and spokespersons in your advertising. By placing a person in a wheelchair or one with a Seeing Eye dog in your advertising you are speaking loudly to the disability community. This doesn’t have to cost any extra money. Simply replace actors and role models with people with disabilities. 5. Know your customer. Know your customer. Know your customer. There is more information available now than ever before on what PWD like to do, where they like to travel, how much money they spend, and what the

“All the men in my family were bearded, and most of the women.”- W. C. Fields

most common problems are. The Open Doors Organization’s Harris Poll is a perfect place to start. ( 6. Make sure that your company knows all of the current statutes and regulations on employing PWD. This is a hot topic right now and often times PWD are just as qualified as non-disabled applicants. Be aggressive in your recruiting efforts and be sure to include diversity and sensitivity training to all your employees. People with disabilities are more likely to patronize a business that employs people with disabilities. 7. Reach out to customers with disabilities through any number of disability publications, radio shows, and the internet. There are dozens of disability related magazines and Ezines that go out to hundreds of thousands of PWD around the country. With the power of the internet you can reach even more of these customers. Remember that there are 55 million PWD in the United States alone! 8. Reach out to customers with disabilities through mainstream advertising avenues. One in five people in the US have a disability. Their Entourage is even larger. The Entourage is made up of friends, family members, spouses, loved ones, care givers, and even acquaintances. These are the people who are sensitive to and who support disability issues.

Craig Kennedy is the President of CK Consulting and is a professional speaker, published author, ADA consultant, and co-founder of Access Anything, a nationally recognized leader in adaptive sports and adventure travel for people with disabilities. He specializes in marketing and education for all aspects of disability travel including recreation, adventure, eco travel, and ADA rights and interpretation, and consults with businesses in resort settings to help them realize their growth potential with respect to people with disabilities, who represent the fastest growing and largest untapped tourism market in the world today., · Please visit our CK Consulting Web site to take a FREE accessibility quiz to find out if you are on the right track. · Please visit our Access Anything Web site for travel information and guides

The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009

deep roots

Giving Thanks EricaOlson Deep Roots • Steamboat Springs Last Sunday, I had one of the most intimate moments of my life. With a turkey. Let me back up. I had a small garden last summer that the grasshoppers decimated, so it was suggested that I raise chickens or turkeys to deal with them. I decided to go with turkeys and to have them butchered out right before Thanksgiving. My uncle volunteered to take care of the butchering, but we had a miscommunication about when he’d be driving up from Denver. With time running out, I contacted my friend Joann; she had raised and helped butcher her own turkeys nearly a decade ago. She had never done the killing herself, but volunteered for this to serve as her first time. I knew it was likely I wouldn’t be able to take that step yet, and so gratefully agreed. We set our plans for the Sunday before Thanksgiving. On that chill, gorgeous afternoon, we stood in the snow and she dispatched two turkeys with as much grace and respect as we could bring to the situation. I realized, holding

Locals from the Past Josh Pearson, a graduate of Steamboat Springs high school in 1997, is a meat snack innovator! He has been dabbling in the art of sunflower seed and jerky flavor manipulation since graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder. His current employer, THANASI Foods LLC, a leading developer and supplier of branded foods, announced today the addition of a new mouth-watering meat snack to its Jim Beam® line of branded snack foods. Jim Beam® Bourbon Glaze Steak Strips is the latest product using the world’s No. 1 Bourbon and will join THANASI Foods’ other award-winning meat snacks in retail locations beginning early 2010. Made with genuine Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon and only the most premium cut steak strips, new Jim Beam Bourbon Glaze Steak Strips are a savory blend of Kentucky spirited flavor and hardwood smoked perfection. Tender and slowcooked, this new steak snack delivers a high-quality and tasty bite. Find out more at “Jim Beam adds a remarkable, distinctive flavor to a variety of foods. Following the success we’ve seen over the years with our Jim Beam® Jerky and Sunflower Seeds, we’re confident our new Bourbon Glaze Steak Strips will win over consumers and retailers everywhere,” commented Justin Havlick, president and CEO of THANASI Foods. “We anticipate the steak strips will be popular with consum-

a bleeding turkey in my arms, that I had never before held something in my arms as it died. I’d never had to do it with a pet, nor had I ever had any sort of livestock growing up, much less raised it from infancy. I thought about how profound an experience the whole thing was—to take responsibility for a living creature at only a day old. To raise that animal with love and caring, to make sure that it was well-fed, watered twice a day, had shelter and clean bedding. To not only decide that it was time for that particular animal to die, but to be part of that process. Then, after all that, to cook and eat the animal. For it literally to become part of me, for its body to build the cells of my own. I know of no other relationship that could even come close to that level of communion other than that of pregnancy and childrearing. Even then, the nature of the relationship is in reverse—it’s a woman’s body giving these things to another, rather than taking them to sustain herself. It is my choice to eat meat. I would make a poor vegetarian, even after all this. It only reinforces my decision that being able to respectfully look my own meal in the eye is the right one. For all of this, I give thanks. ers who already enjoy original flavored beef jerky, as well as those who prefer other forms of meat snacks. THANASI Foods developed and launched Jim Beam® Original Kentucky Bourbon soaked beef jerky and sunflower seeds into the premium snack segment in 2004 and has continued to grow the line’s distribution nationwide. The new Jim Beam Bourbon Glaze Steak Strips will be available at more than 5000 retail outlets in the first half of 2010. Like the Jim Beam meat snacks line, the Bourbon Glaze Steak Strips are shipping in 3.15 oz. re-sealable bags that are available in 8 and 12-count cases, 8-count clip strips, and display shipper configurations. The new item will be a key addition to customers carrying the Jim Beam meat snacks line, including AAFES, Travel Centers of America, Sunoco, ExxonMobil, Hess, and Chevron stores. Like the company’s first product, Jim Beam® Original Kentucky Bourbon soaked Sunflower Seeds, Jim Beam provides the primary flavor component. Unlike many beef jerky products on the shelf, THANASI uses only selected whole-muscle, 100 percent USA-made authentic beef jerky. The beef is smoked and dried after being soaked in Jim Beam, a process which leaves virtually no alcohol in the final product while imparting the unmistakable flavor of the world’s No. 1 Bourbon. Positioned as a premium product, new Jim Beam Bourbon Glaze Steak Strips are USA-made, low in fat, high in protein and contain 0g trans fat. For more info on these delicious vittles contact: Erin Humphries • ehumphries@thanasifoods. com • 720-570-1065 x317

To Ski Season! To bebopping to music no one else can hear. To the lady that made the police report about the mysterious feces in her toilet in West Acres. It made the Jay Leno Headlines bit! To Mike Forney for an awesome Cessna ride over Dinosaur National Monument! Special thanks to Dalton who gave the idea for “You might be a local if...” to Charlie who gave it to Tom. To Sharon’s for reopening in Pisa’s in the morning and using the same menu and prices from 1988.

Why can’t this town use salt on the roads anywhere. I understand that everyone is afraid of rust, but that is why car washes exist, especially for the undercarriage wash! I hail from the UP of Michigan where the snow is insane, and we use salt on the roads and parking lots all winter long to save our cars and bodies from harm. I would rather pay for car washes than get in accidents. Black ice is unforgiving in your car and on foot. Illegal hand balls from French froggy cheating soccer players. People that park on the streets after Nov 1st and force us to give them tickets. Do you think we like being jerks? Park in a parking lot! Psychotic false prophets that try to fight people in bars

Self evident: “A broken ball and a busted nut are two entirely different things.” Overheard after Thanksgiving dinner: “I forgot all about that. I think I have turkey brain.” The Local will not be available in the event of apocalypse.

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“Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake.” - W. C. Fields

The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009 (970) 367-7117

Do YOu see what I see

America’s Health Care System - Unprotected Sex Was The Root Cause ScottFord The Local • Steamboat Springs It happened to me again this week. While in the grocery store I was asked my opinion about the proposed Health Care (insurance) reform bills. I told them, “ I really do not know.” I know that there seems to be consensus that what we have now is not working as well as it could. This conversation started me thinking about how the health care delivery system we have today got began. I am in a search for the “root cause.” Often understanding how things get started is the first step in identifying the fixes that are needed. I am starting yet another one of my knowledge quest. This is a quest to understand how the modern American Health Care system got started. I invite you to join me over the next four columns as I share what I have learned. The current American health care system can best be described as “enormousness”. It accounts annually for about 16% of American’s $14 Trillion economy. How did something this enormous get started? Actually, it all started small. The system we have today was due to the convergence of four key happy accidents. When the effects of these happy accidents are assembled in chronological order, “root cause” becomes evident. These accidents have created a health care system that nobody in their right

mind would have designed. Happy Accident #1 One hundred years ago the American health care system was essentially a palliative care system. The term “palliative care” generally refers to any care that alleviates symptoms, whether or not there is hope of a cure by other means. The vast majority of care focused on masking symptoms and/or reliving pain. The health care delivery system provided minimal curative care specifically in the area of treating disease, i.e., patients with a disease did not get better. They may have felt better but were not made well. That was all about to change. It has been only 100 years since the first drug that actually cured a disease was created. The name of this drug was Salvarsan. This was an arsenic-containing antibiotic drug that if administered to patients early enough in the course of the disease actually reversed it, i.e., a cure. The disease that it cured was Syphilis. So the “big bang” (no pun intended) at the

“Anyone who hates children and dogs can’t be all bad.” - W. C. Fields

genesis of our current health care system was a cure for an STD. The discovery of more drugs primarily antibiotics causes a dramatic shift in the way Americans viewed the health care system. In the 10 years following Salvarsan the expectation attitudes toward health care move from a palliative care system to a curative system. What this means is that folks begin to expect doctors and hospitals (the health care delivery system) to work by “fixing” what ails them. As they got better at “fixing” the demand for health care services started to increase. This increase in demand is most noted in hospital services. Hospitals, which prior to this shift in expectations, were places generally to be avoided if possible. There were typically places where the poor without families to care for them went to die. There were not viewed as welcoming and healthy places to go. Dark and dank would have been a far better description. With the shift in attitudes and expectations about health care, hospitals began to promote themselves as places where treatments that actually make one better took place. Hospitals began to focus on increasing their staffs’

medical knowledge and made investments in technology. By the mid-1920’s America’s population was growing. Growing from immigration, increased birth rate and that Americans were beginning to live longer. Fewer and fewer women were dying because of childbirth. An appendicitis was no longer fatal. There was little risk of scarlet fever killing all the children in the family. As a nation we were becoming healthier. In addition, this was time a time of economic abundance greater than Americans had ever known. They often had the discretionary income to seek out and pay for medical services. As demand for health care services increased along with the ability to pay for it, America’s free market system responded. In the decade of the 1920’s the health care system grew rapidly. This golden age, however, was about to end. The Great Depression results in a surplus capacity as people can no longer afford to pay for services. Happy accident #1 - a cure for Syphilis was discovered. The current American health care delivery system is yet another documented example of unprotected sex. That is how I see it! Next Issue: Happy Accident #2 / The application of marketing genius

The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009

According to Astrology december 3 – December 16

New Breakthrough Realizations LenaFranzen The Local • Steamboat Springs We have been nudged to take a close look at how we live our lives and what needs to be let go of. It’s not always easy to let go of our old ways, it sometimes feels like death, and it can be quite an emotional experience for a lot of us. (Here I’m referring to the Saturn-Pluto square, exact on November 15 and January 31, 2010, but in strong effect in between these dates and again in August 2010.) December of 2009 is the last time for the Jupiter - Chiron - Neptune triple conjunction. Since last spring we have been experiencing high mental activity, that sometimes been driving us crazy, especially at night when we are trying to sleep. The good news is that our mind and understanding of our world has expanded and become more intelligent. Through December we will expand our minds some more. Have pen and paper handy to write down your ideas and realizations. December 3 - 4: We are enjoying our work and our relationships. Good days to take care of business and improve our relationships. (Saturn sextile Venus.) December 5: Mercury the planet of our

minds is moving into responsible and hardworking Capricorn. This means we want to focus on work and our responsibilities over the next months, until February 10. December 6 - 7: We are getting even more serious and we want to dig deep for the answers. It’s also an important time for healing our hope in the future of our country and community. We are also expanding our minds into new ways of thinking. (Mercury makes hard aspects to Pluto and Saturn. Jupiter and Chiron meet up.) Dec 8: Not so much is happening astrologically, we are taking care of business and health. (Moon in Virgo.)

December 9: The Moon is void of course most of the day which means it’s a good day to take it easy. Good day to finish up projects that have already been started on or to go skiing. In the evening we might feel a bit negative or emotional as we let go of old painful misconceptions that has been buried until now. Feel it fully, let go and it will soon pass. (Moon in Libra in hard aspect to Saturn and Pluto.) December 10: We are creative, optimistic and full of energy today. Today we can make things happen! (Mars trining the Sun.) December 11: If you have important things to do that take focus and a sharp mind, do it before 11 am. After that the Moon goes void of course and again it’s a god time to finish up old projects that has already been started on. December 12: Happy Hanukkah! Emotions and thoughts are going deep today. (Moon in Scorpio sextile to Pluto and Mercury.) December 13-15: We have the opportunity to experience breakthrough realizations that will bring change to our lives. Scientists and innovative minds are coming up with

new solutions that will help our planet and humankind. But we might also be experiencing restlessness and sensory overload. It’s hard to calm down the mind. The good news is that we are becoming more intelligent and we are healing old moral misconceptions and judgments. We are breaking free from old beliefs that have been limiting us. Just make sure to ski and exercise so you can relax and sleep good at night. A spiritual practice of meditation, yoga and deep sincere prayer can be very helpful and a necessity for a lot of us. ( Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune sextiles the Sun. Uranus squares the Sun.) December 16: New Moon in Sagittarius. It’s a new beginning for a new way of thinking, maybe a new life philosophy. But we are still at the beginning and it will take time for the changes in our mind to become new ways of actually living our lives. But the changes are coming. Lena appreciates your questions and feedback. She is also available for individual and personal astrology readings. lenasteed@comcast. net

Exploring the sacred

What Have I Done for Someone Today? TimSelby Interfaith • Steamboat Springs A few years ago there was an article written by Jack McConnell, MD. Growing up in the hill county of Southwest Virginia, he was one of seven children of a Methodist minister and a stay-at-home mother. Their circumstances were very humble. Dr. McConnell recounted that during his childhood, every day as the family sat around the dinner table, his father would ask each of them, “And what did you do for someone today?”1 The children were determined to do a good turn every day so they could report to their father that they had helped someone. This was the most valuable legacy Dr. McConnell’s father left with those seven children, for that expectation and those words inspired him and his siblings to help others throughout their lives. As they grew and matured, their motivation for providing service changed to an inner desire to help others. Recently there was a world wide initiative launched to promote compassion and caring for others. Called the Charter of Compassion, this initiative strives to promote and proclaim the principles embraced by every faith, and every moral code. It is often referred to as the Golden Rule. It calls for each of us to treat one another as we would like to be treated, with absolute justice, equity and respect. It begs the question of us each day “What did you do for someone today?” This is not a new moral

directive but certainly one that we need to be reminded of now and again. The Apostle Paul admonished, “By love serve one another.” Another Prophet, King Benjamin, in the Book of Mormon - Another Testament of Jesus Christ said: “When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.”

their lives, while those who lose themselves in service to others grow and prosper—and in effect save their lives. When you really think about it, our greatest happiness comes from serving or doing something nice for others. God has blessed each of us with an inherent concern for one another. Unfortunately we too often become so caught up in the business of our lives The needs of others are we forget what is really important. Now this may be sounding like a sermon, which ever present, and each of is not my intent, but it is really a principle a promise for a happier life. This us can do something to with holiday season I would challenge all who help someone. Mormon read this to find something to do for someone else each day remaining in this Church Website http:// year. No matter how small it may seem, something to share a burden, assist in, Char- do a task, or cheer a discouraged heart. The ter for compassion Web- promise is that your own burdens will feel lighter, your tasks will seem simpler and site http://charterforcom- you will be happier and enjoy the holiday seasons in a more significant way. I heard a poem recently in a church meeting, whose message I would like to The Savior taught His disciples, “For have guide my life: whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but I have wept in the night whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the For the shortness of sight same shall save it.” That to somebody’s need made me blind; I believe the Savior is telling us that unless But I never have yet we have compassion for, and even lose ourselves Felt a tinge of regret in service to others, there is little purpose to For being a little too kind. our own lives. Those who live only for them -author unknown selves eventually shrivel up and figuratively lose

No doubt with the sluggish economy we are surrounded by those in need of our attention, our encouragement, our support, our comfort, our kindness—be they family members, friends, acquaintances, or strangers. This of course is a tall order when we may think, “I can barely make it through each day, doing all that I need to do. How can I provide service for others? What can I possibly do? There are countless ways to help. A smile, a warm greeting, a word of encouragement, refraining from retaliation, treating one another with honesty and fairness are a few simple things that cost nothing but pay large dividends. Think of a simple need someone who is struggling this Christmas season may have and fill it. The opportunities are endless if we pause, look and listen for a moment each day. My friends, may we ask ourselves the question which greeted Dr. Jack McConnell and his brothers and sisters each evening at dinnertime: “What have I done for someone today?” And may we be able to answer that question affirmatively, and make this a pattern for our happiness throughout 2010. Happy Holidays! Tim Selby is the Pastoral Associate at the United Methodist Church where he has served for sixteen years. I have a lovely wife, Kristin, two great kids – Jessie and Brendan, and a crazy dog – Maya.

“Children should neither be seen or heard from - ever again.”- W. C. Fields

The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009 (970) 367-7117

Dr Dawns Rx

Joy Stealers Dr DawnObrecht

The Local • Steamboat Springs Ever feel really proud and happy and want to share your joy only to have it squashed? Is the person you pick to tell about your current elation a joy-stealer? What’s wrong with them? What’s wrong with you for allowing this person to harm you…again? Sounds suspiciously like going to a dried up water hole when you are thirsty: nothing to be gained. Of the two kinds of people it takes to create the above scenario, which one are you? Joy-stealer or squashed prey? It takes both people working together to participate in this dysfunctional and hurtful pact. Killers of joy are unable to celebrate another’s success because they have such minimal sense of self. They can only feel okay about themselves by putting others down, and the method they use requires participation from their victim. Children who grow up without anyone convincing them that they are perfect little human beings, and are not loved for simply being alive and bringing joy and pride to the family, spend their lives attempting to acquire this acceptance and love. As adults, they may escape the pain of self hatred by becoming addicts or workaholics, filling the void with a variety of substances and processes. (See www.docdawn. com, click on Articles, Fill the Void). Another

escape may be to go through life trying to be “something” because they do not feel like “someone.” Class presidents, captains of the team, and adults who excel as professionals, CEO’s, billionaires, top doctors, lawyers and Indian Chiefs are often in this category. They remain dissatisfied with themselves, no matter how much they accomplish or how much they have. Some become joy stealers. This is the “friend” who finds your vulnerability, probably unconsciously, and inflicts her requirement for perfection on you, triggering your OWN old messages of, “not good enough.” A subtle arrangement, you two “friends” (or spouses, coworkers, etc.) fit together like puzzle pieces. The joy thief often looks like this: she grew up in a household which did not adequately acknowledge her. Through no fault of her own or of the adults in her life, she never got the message that she was good enough simply for existing. The family structure varies, but is often missing one or both parents, either through illness, death, divorce, work, addiction, or something else that takes them away physically or emotionally. NOTE: this is not to blame, just to explain. Whatever the scenario, the consequence is that the child develops a very limited sense of self, never feeling able to “measure up” because she is never able to gain the attention and approval of the primary adults in her life. Her world view becomes: “Perfection is the only goal, not only for me (to gain parental

love), but for everyone. Neither I nor you will be happy unless both of us are perfect.” Since no human being can be perfect, the belief that nobody can ever measure up is regularly fulfilled. This leads to hatred, of self and of others, followed closely by expressing the hatred by demanding perfectionism from others. Backhanded compliments with the message that what you do is never good enough is a typical result. Exchanges overheard: You: “I just got a job promotion. I am so happy and excited!” Thief: “It’s about time. You’ve been there forever. Is it a good enough promotion?” OR You: “I just lost that last 10 pounds!” Thief: “Hmmm. I didn’t notice. Oh well, you know you’ll gain it back next week.” OR You: “My race went really well! I’m exhausted, but did my best and am really glad to be finished”. Thief: “You had perfect weather and such an easy race course. Are you really happy with your time?” You then tap into your own fragile sense of self and wonder if you should have gotten a better promotion, if you can keep the weight off, or if you could have had a better race. See how the perpetrator preys on you because of her own pathology and need for perfection? She is sure you will not be happy with yourself,

as you have failed to attain perfection. Don’t allow this thief into your life! Boot her out now! See a future article for more on who participates and how to stop.

Dr. Dawn’s book, Mission Possible, A Missionary Doctor’s Journey of Healing, is available for $15 on Amazon. Past articles can be accessed on her website at Dr. Dawn Obrecht is the only MD addiction medicine specialist on the western slope of Colorado. She is a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and her office is in Steamboat Springs. She teaches a communication course to medical students at the University Of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver and can be reached at 970846-8479 or Copyright Dawn Obrecht 2009

inebriated informant

New Age!?! InebriatedInformant

The Local • Steamboat Springs The Informant, in his perpetual quest for new forms of intoxication, has inadvertently stumbled across new age revivalism. This endeavor may help him achieve true inebriation and therefore enlightenment, through embracing stupidity in it’s highest form i.e. Ramtha. Ramtha is the ancient, Lemurian reptile warrior that J.Z. Knight, the deacon of all that is new age d**chyness, channels. This beast allegedly lived 35,000 years ago and apparently has a great deal of knowledge about generic philosophy and circular prophetic logic. But that sardonic sh*t doesn’t matter because these two hold the secret to attaining a blank slate. I will become so stupid from embracing their ideas that I will actually feel intoxicated all the time - without destroying my brain. In other words, ignorance will truly equal bliss. One slight problem though, this Miss Knight charges an arm and leg for her services. This will not work for the Informant. So how can I channel my own ancient reptile? I have spent the last year ‘channeling’ ancient felines and these beasts have passed on little more than shame and unacceptable hangovers. Will an ancient serpentine warrior goddess slither some obscure knowledge my way? I don’t see why not.


According to legend the ‘Enlightened One’ appeared to Miss Knight in her trailer one evening. Hopefully the Informant will have this kind of luck and some hot lizard lady will plop down on the batcouch next to him. Due to the complications inherent in time travel she will probably be nauseated and will regurgitate slime, various insects and small mammals from the Pleistocene. If I am really lucky some words of wisdom can be sifted out of the bile of my slippery new friend. Of course the Informant is unfamiliar with most ancient reptile dialects so they will simply have to communicate telepathically. The Informant has no idea how to accomplish this feat either, so the entire interaction might just turn out to be a really awkward staring contest. I will probably end up being smacked by her forked tongue as she, being reptilian, attempts to smell me. She will probably get a whiff of my B.S. and move on leaving me sad, alone and prone to making poor decisions concerning tasty libations. As a family member recently told me, “You should call me the next time you have a bad idea, and I will come down and kick your a**.” What this family member does not know is that I just got dissed by an ancient reptile; being the only documented human to have this experience, I think a beer would totally help in dissuading further tangents into the paranormal. Not only is channeling an ancient reptile disgusting due

“Don’t worry about your heart, it will last you as long as you live.”- W. C. Fields

to their lack of time travel expertise but it is also extremely traumatizing due to the proportional strength of a lizard lady. This tragic and disgusting series of events will never lead me to attaining a blank slate and therefore I will never attain enlightenment

by stupidity. But the real question is: Since predicting this series of events, am I really capable of channeling an enlightened beast, but just don’t know it? I should take some LSD and find out!



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tired toes skier’s feet plantar fasciitis achy feet sore heels painful heels

The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009

tender soles tired toes skier’s feet plantar fasciitis achy feet sore heels

painful heels tender soles tired toes skier’s feet tired toes skier’s feet

tired toes skier’s feet plantar fasciitis achy feet sore heels painful heels

audrey rose


DagnyMcKinley The Local • Steamboat Springs Audrey Rose wandered down Interstate 15 towards Los Angeles. The roads were quiet that day. She started out in her red leather pants and faux fur vest but no one stopped to give her a ride. She changed into her sparkly skirt and white tank top but no one stopped to give her a ride. She let her bare feet soak up the heat from the asphalt before she realized it was Thanksgiving. And still no one stopped to give her a ride. The road seemed endless. The sun had no words, the sand beside her had no words. The trash aligning the road had stories but they had been eaten. Thoughts flowed through Audrey Rose’s head but she already knew the tales they had to tell. Images floated up in front of her; her husband Mitch, dark forests covered with pine needles, the first day of ski season. Audrey Rose blinked them away. She was here, now, on a road to find her destiny and for the first time in her life, Audrey Rose felt alone. Completely alone. She tried hugging herself to cheer herself up, but her hands didn’t feel like squeezing, so she gave up. She counted her footsteps, inhaled exhaust of passing trucks. Hours passed, the sun unfurled then curled back into itself. Audrey Rose’s feet led the way for her, off the road onto the sand. Grains shifted for her, imprinted her steps, her weight, held her for a moment before blowing into other patterns. The sky died and left Audrey Rose in the dark.

Audrey Rose lay down away from the noise of traffic. The sand wove around her silently. She looked to the stars but they were silent. The wind blew past carrying millions of stories on its breath, words jumbled, non-sensical. The last waves of heat released from the earth below her, cooling around her, everything cooling. She opened her suitcase and took out a blanket her grandmother had knitted long ago, before her grandmother’s voice was carried on the wind. Everything seemed to be carried away, blurred away.

Hello Audrey Rose called but there was no response. I am alone Audrey Rose whispered. Eyes closed. Audrey Rose saw her self standing on a bluff, the wind buffeting her. Her skirt pulled from her body, her shirt ripped to shreds. Hair tangled into knots. Eyes watered. Watered. Eyes flowed. Eyes flooded. Stories screamed to her; unanswered cry. And her eyes drowned. She could see no more. Audrey Rose awoke to an ant. A single black ant crawling through the gap between her big and second toe. She invited the ant to breakfast, fed it a crumb of a memory, then stood, brushed the damp sand off her cheeks and started walking.

“Drown in a cold vat of whiskey? Death, where is thy sting?”- W. C. Fields


The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009 (970) 367-7117

Burly Babe

Early Season Skiing: It’s a stretch! SarahColeman

Fusion Fit • Steamboat Springs Once again ski season is upon us in all its glory, with few runs and even fewer lifts open. But, it is skiing and you better be ready! If you ignored all the pre-season workouts around town and haven’t managed to get outside since gorging yourself with turkey and wine and pumpkin pie, you are not alone and I am here to help. Even if you are in prefect shape ready to shred the gnar and think you need no advice whatsoever, you are probably forgetting about one thing. Dodging tourists, rocks, and grassy spots aren’t the only things that you need to be aware of this early in the season as you strap on the skis or board for the first couple times. Figuring out where to pee, where to park, and where to have a beer are high on the list but still not the one thing you haven’t thought of. Perhaps you can’t remember what goggles you wear with each helmet or where you put your neck gator after the last day of the mountain. Again, you will figure it out quickly or else you won’t be skiing this year. So, what is it that we all forget each and every year besides which side to put our pass on and if we should take Christy or the Gondi?


It’s a little thing called pre and post shredding stretching. Below are a few exercises to put in the repertoire for both pre and post activity on the mountain. Try a walking lunge, in all your gear, as you walk to and from the car loading up your gear. Try a deep lunge and then pull back for an incredible hamstring stretch. You can repeat this as many times on each leg as you walk in and out of the house remembering all the forgotten items inside. Dynamic stretching, or stretching with movement, helps loosen the joints while creating a little strength training as well (a little bonus for your am routine). Try a few single leg squats while brushing your teeth or rock side to side for a nice inner thigh stretch.

“Hell, I never vote for anybody, I always vote against.”- W. C. Fields

Don’t forget the quads by pulling up on the foot a few times on each leg. Once you have your gear on and are on the slopes, try bending at the waist, touching the toes, and reaching high over-head ten times. People may laugh, people may point, but you will be nice and loose for run number one and even better afterwards! Not fully convinced, try a few post-mountain stretches. Simple ones like a nice forward bend with


toe touch and everyone’s favorite yoga pose, pigeon work very well. Don’t forget your calves. This very neglected body parts needs all the love it can get. Wanna try something new? Maybe a little partner stretching can add new spice to your routine and your relationship (wink wink)! Simply place your feet together in a straddle position and pull each other back and forth. Fun and functional! Add in a soak at the local hot springs and you are good to go ALL day tomorrow once again. Every time I walked out of the house as a kid, my father would say: skis, boots, poles, hats, gloves, goggles, money, pass, pocket stash goodies? I would answer, “CHECK! Oh, and I promise to stretch when I get home!” DO IT… get loose, get flexible and your on mountain performance will change and if it doesn’t, try a few beers or get a personal trainer! Sarah Coleman Personal Trainer, Fusion Fit CrossFitter, Steamboat CrossFit Food connoisseur, My kitchen and yours Outdoor Enthusiast, Everywhere

The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009

Fun Folks + ExcEllEnt knowlEdgE + grEat ValuEs = cEllar liquors downtown

Beer • Wine • Liquor Wine Tasting 3-6pm every Saturday Downtown Steamboat

730 Lincoln Ave. 970-870-8466

“Here lies W. C. Fields. I would rather be living in Philadelphia.”- W. C. Fields


The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009

You Might Be A Local If... • Y  ou remember seeing John Prine on the big stage at the Chief movie theater. • You know that the Safeway used to be at the Post Office and the Post Office used to be at the Pilot Office Supply and that The Pilot has always been from nowhere. • You love the outdoors! • You have a ‘funny story...’ about every other local. • Your childhood picture can be seen in the history museum. • You are still trying to figure out what happened. • You remember when the Space Station opened... the first time... • You used to get a cup of coffee at any coffee shop but Starbucks. • You have rented a house on practically every street in the Boat. • You remember when there was one bus ... no colors to indicate its destination... just the bus. • You can recall where that business was before it relocated... again... and again... and again... • It’s more important to get a ski pass than fix your car... or pay rent... or eat... • You don’t go to the bar on holidays or big events because it’s “amateur night.” • You still crave a Buddha’s Burrito. • Your prom was at the Heavenly Daze Brewery. • You know what WJW and Arrowhead are. • You participated in the local horse wash on Lincoln and 3rd in the City Market parking lot. • You have a DUI • You’ve been pulled-over for going 2 mph. over the speed limit. • You go straight down Heavenly Daze without turning. • You like riding your mountain bike uphill more than downhill. • You’ve been to the hot springs “after dark”. • You’ve had at least one knee surgery. • You go to the Backcountry Ball!


“Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people.” - W. C. Fields (970) 367-7117

The Local â&#x20AC;˘ Vol 9 issue 25â&#x20AC;˘ december 03 - december 16, 2009

Honest to goodness Texas style hickory smoked pit barbeque

XUUH 6KRSaYLVLWR stRoXpVbHy the en th K s H d n N ie R fr P il ta 6 H re ouSr E\WK Downtown receiptfoRr U it WR ShopWK-HvQisV WIRU . Show youZraQnUdHre LS H F ive: ce Smokehouse WR re Q o Z m r R 20 o 6KRZ\RXU$' LYH PRUHDQGUHFH R


U O Y F F O % R 0 5 2 2)r)D 8 2 E <   N N I NCH o ,1 LU 5 7. ( ec 11

+RWXUUGD'\1RYWK /81WKU& RXJK6D Thursday, D Good through h menu prices* *offer good wit

&DOO  75<5,%6 


DteWH a U r E b H le O e H C & & n  w Q wQnWtRoZ and DRoZ mHe' &CRoP ysRQVWU XFio WLRnQ! HRoliDdGa& thReI5 t c u r t WtKhHe(EQnGd of Road ConIsULHQGVa WDLO

Come on Down!


â&#x20AC;&#x153;I always keep a supply of stimulant handy in case I see a snake, which I also keep handy.â&#x20AC;? - W. C. Fields



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The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009 (970) 367-7117

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“I am an expert of electricity. My father occupied the chair of applied electricity at the state prison.” - W. C. Fields

Editor’s Note: Three issues ago The Local mistakenly perpetuated a myth by telling people that they could collect soda can pull tabs and turn them into the hospital for redemption. After receiving many phone calls notifying us that this was incorrect we printed a retraction and explained the nature of the myth. Remarkably, one disappointed reader decided to not let the incorrect information we printed discourage her. She has turned the proverbial lemons into lemonade and launched her own legitimate pop-top collection drive. The following is her account of her efforts.

The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009

Pop Top Collection For Real I have these fliers up around town. A few businesses (BCP, Azteca, Brooklyn’s) are lending a helping hand as well as a few containers for the pop cans they sell to customers. The pop tab recycling program is a fundraising project to help support the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver. The Ronald McDonald Houses in Denver and Aurora are a home away from home for many families who have children that are seriously ill and are undergoing treatment at a local

is something Id like to see continue in the years to come but we need all the help we can get. I know space is limited in the Smidgens portion of The Local and probably in the whole paper too. But could you lend a helping hand and see what you can do to help me out to get the WORD out there.

Any other information just call or email 218.368.766


Steamboat Springs

I was recently in contact with Tom to find out more about pop tab collecting for chemotherapy. It turned out it wasn’t real. I was totally bummed because I wanted to help! But on the other hand I was told, by a co-worker at Ski Haus, that the Ronald McDonald House collects them and turns them into cash to help for their expenses for families staying with them. Tis that time of season to give! After I was denied on my first attempt to help, the manager at Ski Haus Liquor told me if I still wanted to do something to help out in some way I could. Well, with the information about the Ronald McDonald Houses, I’m here to give you some info on what I am doing to help out.

hospital. The aluminum can pop tabs are collected, processed, and sold for cash. The cash received is used to give families a safe warm place to stay while their children are being seen at a local hospital. The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver takes in about $5,000 alone from pop tab recycling. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS. YOU BRING THEM IN AND WE WILL TAKE CARE OF THE REST. Drop off at: Ski Haus Liqour With the support of the community, this

Fun Folks + ExcEllEnt knowlEdgE + grEat ValuEs = cEllar liquors downtown

Beer • Wine • Liquor Wine Tasting 3-6pm every Saturday Downtown Steamboat

730 Lincoln Ave. 970-870-8466



Right Next to 7-11 on Hwy 40 & Elk River Rd.



  s%LK2IVER0LAZAs3TEAMBOAT3PRINGS “I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally.” - W. C. Fields


The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009

Happy Holidays from the Woods family


“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.”- W. C. Fields (970) 367-7117

The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009


far-flung correspondent

Dubai DeanTresner

The Local • Steamboat Springs In the latest financial crisis news, it looks like Dubai World may be going under. Let me start by saying I have always hated Dubai. Just to get to your hotel you have to spend hours in a taxi stuck in traffic jams. Then, assuming you’ve picked a decent one, you’re stuck there. Period. There’s nowhere you can walk to. You might have a lovely dinner in one of its restaurants. But then, when you repair to the bar, you have to watch the locals (distinguished by their white robes) pick up on the Russian sex workers. (Between those girls and the Paki construction workers, you’re talking about almost 90% of the population here.) Well it is what it is. And it’s a shame. I think it was very laudable of the Dubai government’s original intention–when they realized that their oil income was going to run out in a decade or two–to try to transition their economy to a tourism based one. All well and good, but they basically started from scratch with that city. Forty years ago, Dubai was just a dirt road in the middle of the desert. Then they started making their

big mistakes. Why do you create a completely un-walkable, un-sustainable tourist destination based on the very thing you are trying to ween yourself off of? Oil. Now I hear you can have yourself a very good time in Dubai if you don’t mind paying for a $20,000/night suite. But, of course you’re going to need a driver to get you through the traffic to get you there in your rented Bentley. It seems that sort of extravagance went out the window with the rest of the recession. What a surprise. It doesn’t seem a surprise either that all of those white-robed leaders made some very bad decisions. Oil can do that to you. Take it from me. But what worries me is that those mistakes are going to have global consequences. English banks alone have $40 billion invested in that ridiculous real-estate. Does anybody really need an island in the shape of Australia? I think not. Not these days. Of course Dubai World will eventually be bailed out by its sole shareholder, the government of Dubai. And I’m sure that the next time I’m there, I’ll still see a bunch of white-robed elites sitting at the bar drinking Chrystal and laughing with Russian girls.

Rocky Mountain Karate Academy Beginner Karate Classes Start Soon. Sign Up NOW!

M i ch a e l D av i d o n l i n e . c o m

Give me more…

KatNThaHat The Local • Steamboat Springs

Wow, what more can I handle says the soon to be papa, wannabe indoor soccer player – GO MEDICAL!!!! My lady, soon to be mom is focused so I don’t think she will read this… Oh my – women are incredible, amazing, precious, resilient, super-humans!!! My wife, a few days from giving birth to our son, the next great US soccer forward, or dancer or scholar. No pressure, just as long as he is healthy, I’m good. Simple as this; Men could in no possible way handle 9 months of what this process does to the mind and body. But, with that whole life changing experience about to occur, I still have that urge to compete. Like AI, not really “the answer” anymore. Really more like the question mark… I just want to kick the soccer ball around the pitch with the black tops of MEDICAL. AI wants to be a starting point guard n the NBA, again…I think we all know, except maybe AI…he really needs to focus on coming in off the bench. I am still a starter, that’s the difference!!!:>} Ok, what happened to Tiger?Any solid leads, non TMZ related? It does seem like a strange situation. If I am leaving my house at 2:15am, and then hit a fire hydrant and a tree, and the wife smashes the window drags me out and “hovers” over me…Neighbor makes 911 call and states, from the inside of his home; “his neighbor had an accident, he is unconscious, but he can’t tell if he is breathing”… I think we all know where I would end up. But Tiger has the super attorney, and will probably never speak of this incident. Am I the only one seeing some strangeness to this story? How can you tell if someone is

passed out from inside your own home? But can’t tell if the person is breathing or not? Anyone else think his lady jacked him with a right hook to the lip, maybe a shot to the ribs? Remember, you don’t hover over someone unless you just knocked them the F$%K out!!! Like Ali standing over Holmes. We had a short discussion on The Huddle about Serena getting fined. Women’s tennis is a large spectator sport. Especially in the USA now because of the success of the American ladies. Much more so than the men. Women in tennis have finally gotten equal pay at Wimbledon as of 2009. Was the fine too much is what I am asking? Or is this how the sport tells the athlete; “Don’t ever do something like Serena did, or you loose big dollars!” How much was the fine you are asking? $10,000 immediately, $82,000 has been added, along with a 2 year probation, where she must be a courteous upstanding lady on the court or the fine jumps to $175,000. BAM, no questions, debate or appeals. How much do you think Jonny Mac was fined over his career? Quick NFL hit – I have the Saints, who dat – Drew Brees – St. Bernard!!! picked to play in the Super Bowl. Could you imagine if the Saints and Colts met in the big game, both undefeated…That could be fun… I’m still a huge Vince Young -Hook em Horns- fan, and his performance over his buddy Matt Leinart and the Cardinals, outstanding. Really sorry about them Broncos D-town. At least the Raiders game will be close for both of us… And big props to Real Salt Lake wining the 2009 MLS Cup. Donovan is out of the PK club….


Ask a mexican

The Long and the Short (Hair) of It GustavoArrellano

OC Weekly • Los Angeles Dear Mexican: Why, oh, why do most Mexican women cut their long, black hair after reaching the pivotal age of 40? Not only do they cut it short, but they also dye it all shades of the most unnatural hair color for Mexicans: red. My own madre is guilty of this offense, and I see it on all the older women of SanTana! Why is this the case? Why do women in Mexico tend keep their flowing hair and trencitas while women here in the States go for the Bozo look? Please help me with this! A Que Tener Pelo Largo Dear Wab: Mujeres shearing their locks in el Norte has gone on longer than you think—and it’s not just the geezers. “During the 1920s, a woman’s decision ‘to bob or not bob’ her hair assumed classic proportions within Mexican families,” wrote UC Irvine professor Vicki L. Ruiz in her 1999 book, From Out of the Shadows: Mexican Women In Twentieth-Century America. She was specifically talking about young mexicanas following gabacho youth trends to the con-

sternation of their elders, but you can use that same rubric with nuestras mothers and aunts. I don’t have any empirical data on the number of old ladies with short hair in the U.S. since AARP isn’t exactly the Pew Hispanic Center of viejitos, but nearly every elderly gabacha the Mexican has ever met, seen or heard about goes with pelo corto. I’m not a post-menopausal gal, but methinks it has to do with hair loss, a better framing of the wrinkled face and the creation of an easier platform to dye those pesky grays. Since Mexicans take to American habits like we do to Reconquista, it follows que Mexican ladies copy their gabacha peers. But why the outrageous hair colores? For once, the Mexican will not dare answer a pregunta because one just doesn’t question the logic of your mami, whether it’s hair color, superstition or her insistence that Vicks VapoRub and 7-Up cure everything. Dear Mexican: Why is it that Mexicans only want to go back to Mexico after they kill a gringo? Gabe Ocho Dear Gabacho: Such ignorance, such stupidity, such lies! Lou Dobbs, was that you angling for a new job?

“I drink therefore I am.”- W. C. Fields


The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009 (970) 367-7117

out in the boat

• events • theater

• sports • entertainment

Email all listings to:


thursday DECEMBER

Joseph Conrad was born today A public H1N1 Vaccination Clinic will be offered to certain groups of people from Noon to 4 PM at the Steamboat Springs Middle School by the VNA. The clinic is FREE. Spanish interpreters will be provided.Janice Poirot. Public Health.Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association.940 Central Park Drive, Suite 101. Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80487. (970) 879-1632 Dance & drum classes 5:30-6:30 p.m. mixed-levels. djembe drum 6:30-8 p.m. mixed-levels dance @ The Depot. $15/class. Info: Jen Lowe, 846-6377 or visit the Steamboat Springs African Dance & Drum Ensemble online at www. The meditative ‘centering prayer’: United Methodist Church hosts a meditative lunch break practicing “Centering Prayer” from 12:15 to 12:45p.m. at the church at Eighth and Oak streets. Contact Pastor Matt Krier at 879-1290. Tap House – Karaoke Boathouse Pub – Martini Night $6 Martinis





Celebration. 1-4 p.m.Celebrate the future at YVMC’s combined anniversary and grand opening of the $13 million expansion! Riley Polumbus.Yampa Valley Medical Center. 970-871-2546. Holidays in the Rockies 60 artisan vendors, pictures with Santa, a wreath raffle, bbq lunches, and more! 9:00am - 4:00pm. Christian Heritage School, 27285 Brandon Circle 970-879-9008. rradetsky@steamboatspringsarts. com Winter Sports Club Ski Ball 2009 7:00 pm. Olympic cocktail party with drinking, dancing and celebrating! There will be a silent auction. Samplings of Campari, Ouzo, Midori and much more! Tickets may be purchased at the SSWSC offices at Howelsen Hill or by calling 970-879-0695, ext 10. Backcountry Ball Music by Blissful Mayhem. 11th annual benefit ball and silent aution. In support of the effort to create & maintain quiet winter non motorized places to enjoy. Tickets Pre-Sale @ All That Jazz & SpruceUp Hair CMC / FORB Members $20/25. Call 879-8710/879-4947


Larry Bird was born today Pearl Harbor Day Boathouse Open Mike Night: Starts at 8PM, Everyone Welcome Tap House Live Poker TOURNIE. KFMU Monday Night Football Promo, free entry, play for points and prizes.


tuesday DECEMBER

Sammy Davis jr. was born today

Tap house- Miller Lite Ladies Night. Every Saturday, the Tap House teams up with Miller Lite. Bartenders will be serving up $2.50 Miller Lites while DJ Also Starring spins dance tracks all night long.

Tap House – Wing Night



Day of the Ninja

Ira Gershwin was born today

Little Richard was born today

Iglesia en espanol 7 AM @ Steamboat Christian Center



West African dance & drum with master teacher Moustapha Bangoura, star of les Ballets Africains. 5:30-7 pm mixed-levels drum class. 7-8:30 pm mixed-levels dance class


10 Years! YVMC’s Anniversary

Boathouse Pub – Bloody Sunday $4 Bloody Mary’s, $4 Mimosas. Sunday NFL Ticket in HD with drink specials.

Steamboat Orchestra 8 pm. Holiday Concert featuring the Steamboat Springs Orchestra, the Youth Orchestra, Mountain Madrigal Singers and the Yampa Valley Singers. Mozart Symphony #40, Christmas Feast and Holiday Favorites. Steamboat Christian Center. 870-3223


BABYTIME 10-10:30 AM @ Bud Werner Memorial Library.Visit or call 879.0240 for more information. Holiday Concert featuring the Steamboat Springs Orchestra, the Youth Orchestra, Mountain Madrigal Singers and the Yampa Valley Singers. Mozart Symphony #40, Christmas Feast and Holiday Favorites. Steamboat Christian Center. 870-3223

Free docent-led tours for the art exhibits. 2 PM @ The Art Depot. Steamboat Orchestra 3 pm. lmathews@Steamboat-

“I like children - fried.”- W. C. Fields

The Depot $15/class. Info: Steamboat African Dance & Drum Ensemble online at

Boathouse Pub Live music and Rock, Paper, Scissors for Free Drinks Starts at 9PM


wednesday DECEMBER

John Malkovich was born today ASTROLOGY CLASS for beginners is starting to be held once a week for five weeks in the KFMU-building on Village drive and Walton Creek road. $125-. Please contact Lena Franzen, 970-8792444 or Tread of Pioneers Museum’s Film Showing of: “I Never Looked Back” The Buddy Werner Story. Noon and again at 5:30 pm (two show-

ings) Centennial Hall: 10th and Oak Streets, Tap House- Live Trivia Boathouse. Irish night: Live Music starts at 9PM. Drinks and Food Specials all Night


thursday DECEMBER

Nobel Prize Day Emily Dickinson was born today Tap House – Karaoke Boathouse Pub Martini Night: Starts at 9PM Live Music and $4 House Martinis and $6.50 Top Shelf Martinis



Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was born today Business Outlook Breakfast 7:30 a.m. at Rex’s American Grill & Bar. Coffee and pastries provided. $10 for members, $15 for non members. Please or 875-7000. Rosh Hashanah Services 7pm, conducted by Steamboat Springs Jewish Congregation, Har Mishpacha. All members of the Jewish community and their guests are invited. For location and more information about joining Har Mishpacha, please call 879-2082 or visit


saturday DECEMBER

Edvard Munch was born today Tashlich service 10am, 3pm. Conducted by Steamboat Springs Jewish Congregation, Har Mishpacha. All members of the Jewish community and their guests are invited. For location and more information about joining Har Mishpacha, please call 879-2082 or visit BABYTIME 10-10:30 AM @ Bud Werner Memorial Library.Visit or call 879.0240 for more information Merry MainStreet 4 P.M.-8 P.M. Lincoln Avenue is closed to traffic from 5th Street

D to 11th Street from Carolers, activities, music and more for a fun evening. For more information, N S contact MainStreet Steamboat Springs, Tracy Barnett. 970-846- 1 a 1800. mainstreetsteamboat@ a

F Tap house- Miller Lite Ladies t Night. c Every Saturday, the Tap House teams up with Miller Lite. Bartend-a ers will be serving up $2.50 Miller O Lites while DJ Also Starring spins S dance tracks all night long. q



Ted Nugent was born today Iglesia en espanol 7 AM @ Steamboat Christian Center


Free docent-led tours for the art exhibits. 2 PM @ The Art Depot

B Chanukah Party 5:30pm. Riggio’s Ristorante 1106 Lincoln Ave. Paula Salky, 819- B 5 2170 J f Kundalini Yoga Workshop e Practice a kriya, (set of specific S movements), mudras & chants, C to support the body, mind, & spirit, especially needed during the s holiday season. Clear the mind, S relieve stress, and allow awareness & peace to help awaken your T ultimate potential. $20 in advance by Dec. 6th. $25 after that. Yoga I Center of Steamboat, 701 Yampa 9 St. Call Alli for resv. & info: 970- N 227-7297. Boathouse Pub – Bloody Sunday $4 Bloody Marys, $4 Mimosas. Sunday NFL Ticket in HD with drink specials. monday


S M 14 R o DECEMBER N Nostradamus predicted his own T f birth today C S Boathouse Open Mike Night: Starts at 8PM, Everyone Welcome P

2 Tap House Live Poker TOURNIE. Free entry, U play for points and prizes. o a tuesday 15 T DECEMBER m S h Bill of Rights Day T

The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009

out in the boat

• events • theater

• sports • entertainment

Email all listings to: Don Johnson was born today Northwest Ballet Fall Classes September 8- December 10. 13 week session. Beginning to advanced Ballet classes offered for ages 7 through adult.

For more information & registration visit www.northwest-ballet. com or call 871-1880. Classes held -at Northwest Ballet Studio, 326 Oak St. Speed Networking. RSVP Required: alli@steamboatchamber. com or 875-7000. Members: $10, Non-Members: $25. 3:30-4:30p.m. @ The Boathouse, Dec. 1st. Tap House – Wing Night Boathouse Pub: Live music and Rock, Paper, Scissors for Free Drinks Starts at 9PM


wednesday DECEMBER

Boston Tea Party Business After Hours Mixer 5:00-7:00 P.M. Join your fellow chamber members for FREE food, FREE drinks, and excellent business connections. Start at the NEW Kids Vacation Center, venture through gondola square, and end at 3 Saddles at The Sheraton. Free parking!

Tap House- Live Trivia e Irish night: Live Music starts at 9PM. Drinks and Food Specials all Night

Up and Coming Saturday, December 19 Mini Yoga Retreat Relax & renew with this afternoon of Yoga, Herbal Sweat Lodge,Yoga Nidra and nutritious Dinner. Time is 3 - 6pm. $75 or bring a friend and both save 10%! Yoga Center of Steamboat, 701 Yampa St. Reservations are required. Call Patty Zimmer 970-870-9985.

2010 U.S. Olympic Team Trails - Freestyle skiing U.S Freestyle athletes will get a one-shot, winner-takes-all chance at making the 2010 U.S. Olympic Team as the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) and U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) host the 2010 U.S. Olympic Team Trials in Steamboat Springs Dec.

23rd and 24th. A total of five U.S. Olympic Team spots in aerials will be up for grabs in Steamboat-Ski Town, U.S.A. ®Scheduled to air on NBC at 2:30 p.m. ET on Dec. 26, the 2010 U.S. Steamboat Ski Area 970-879-6111 info@steamboat. com

Ongoing Basic Mat Pilates: Mondays & Wednesdays 11:15am-12:15pm This class provides an introduction to the underlying principles of Pilates movement. Find safety, fun, strength, flexibility & awareness in a beautiful setting over looking the Yampa River. Intermediate Mat Pilates : Monday & Wednesdays 12:30-1:30pm. NEW - now offered twice a week! Challenge your body in multiple planes of movement to gain strength & flexibility, as well as balance & coordination. Improve your sports & daily activities injury prevention as well as overall improved body tone are great benefits! Ongoing classes at the Yoga Center of Steamboat 701 Yampa St. in Steamboat (12 person maximum). Drop-ins & punch card welcome. Pamela Turner, MSPT: 819-3570 or Beginning Modern Dance for Adults! WED. 4:45 - 5:45 pm @ Northwest Ballet Studio, 326 Oak St. Drop Ins $14/class, SDT Members $12/class. For more info: visit or call Wendy @ 736-1005 or 846-4450.

Hot springs class is $10 for members and $15 for non members. FRI. at 1pm-2pm at Steamboat Pilates Yoga and Fitness

to uninsured, low income adult smokers or asthmatics. Come to 940 Central Park Dr., Suite 101 or call 879-1632.

Please call 970.390.1150 for more info. $10/class. Steamboat Writers Group meets every THURS at the Depot from 12:00 to 2:00. Everyone welcome for reading and critiques: beginners, published writers; fiction, non-fiction, poetry. www.steamboatwriters. com info@steamboatwriters. com .Susan, 879-8138, or Harriet, 879-8079

Tuesdays-VNA offers drop in clinic 12-4 PM FREE to uninsured, low income adults needing vaccination against hepatitis, HPV, tetanus, measles, chicken pox, shingles, pneumonia and influenza. Any adult with risk factors may qualify for hepatitis vaccination at $0-$14/ shot. Come to 940 Central Park Dr, Suite 101 or call 879-1632

ASTROLOGY CLASS for beginners is starting to be held once a week for five weeks in the KFMU-building on Village drive and Walton Creek road. $125-. Please contact Lena Franzen, 970-8792444 or Life Drawing Class from 9-Noon Every 2nd and 4th Friday (each month) at The Artists’ Gallery of Steamboat, 1009 Lincoln Av. Drawing from the human form from live studio model. Class Fee: $12. Critique and Instruction upon request. Tables, light, & model provided, BYO supplies.RSVP to Mondays-VNA offers drop in clinic 12-4 PM for FREE Pneumonia Vaccine and FREE health consultations

Ball formats for anyone interested. Contact Michelle for more information,

Thursdays-VNA offers drop in clinic 2-4 PM for adolescents ages11-18 years, for any recommended vaccine at $0-$14/shot. Come to 940 Central Park Dr, Suite 101 or call 879-1632. Parents must be present for children under 18 years and should bring vaccine records. WOMEN’S EVENING CLIMBING with Jen Lowe. Every Wednesday 5:15-8:15pm $20 cash/check only. Practice climbing and belaying under the supervision of a guide in these evening clinics. Women only. Prereq: belaying experience. Sign up by noon Tuesday before. www., 970-8708440 VFW POOL LEAGUE: Leagues 3 nights a week there - both 8 and 9

Children’s Danceworks Fall Session. Runs through December 18. Some openings left in classes in Creative Dance for Parent/Toddler and ages 3 - 9, Boys Hip Hop & Girls Hip Hop for 6 - 9 years, Modern Jazz for Pre-Teen - Teen, and a Boys Only! Workshop with guest teachers for 8 - 12 years including African Drumming, Hip Hop, Fitness & Agility and more! All classes held at Northwest Ballet Studio, 326 Oak St. For more info: or call Wendy @ 736-1005 or 846-4450. LATE REGISTRATION ACCEPTED. ZUMBA Classes: MON. at 5:156:15 pm Steamboat Pilates Yoga and Fitness. TUES. at 8:30-9:30 am Northwest Ballet Studio THURS. at 8:30-9:30 am Northwest Ballet Studio. THURS. at 5:306:30 pm at Old Town Hot Springs. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no point in being a damn fool about it.”-W. C. Fields


The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009


Thurs Dec. 03

Tugboat Taphouse


Night Life

Fri Dec. 04

Sat Dec. 05



DJ Also Starring

Game Night


The Luv Brothers

Thurs Dec. 10


Fri Dec. 11

Danny Shafer w/ Unknown Americans

Sat Dec. 12





DJ Also Starring

Trouble or Nothing Live Music

Gondola Pub & Grill

Trevor Potter 3:30-5:30

Sam Ayer 3:30-5:30

Dave Harlan 3:30-5:30

Me and Ed’s Music Machine

Pat Waters


happyhourspecials Potters Wheel BYOB happy hour Friday’s 5pm-8pm. Snacks provided. Cheaper than therapy and just as effective!

Rex’s American Grill & Bar - 3190 S. Lincoln Ave. (next to Holiday Inn) 4:20 to 6 p.m. daily. $1 off all drinks and half-price appetizers

Big House Burgers and Bottle Cap Bar 4:20 to 6 p.m. daily. $1 off bottled beers; half-price appetizers

Riggio’s -1106 Lincoln Ave. 5 to 6 p.m. daily. $2 Stella and Newcastle drafts, half-price martinis and selected specialty drinks, half-price appetizers

The Boathouse Pub- 609 Yampa St. 3 to 6 p.m. Everyday. Buy one drink, get one free; $1 off appetizers (the bar runs specials nightly, including half-price appetizers on Mondays)

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant- Bario Menu Drinks- $5 Rio Margarita. $2 Pint Draws (you call it)$1 off Riojito, Matador or Sangria.$3 Cuervo Silver Kami Shots. Food-$4 Mini Queso Deluxe. $4 Botano Taco (steak, grilled or smoked chicken, mahi mahi) $4 Side Salad. $5 Mini Nacho (steak, chix or cheese).$5 Mini Quesadilla (steak, grilled or smoked chicken, veggie). $5 Flautitas. $5 Bowl of Soup (homemade green chile or tortilla soup)

The Epicurean- 3 to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday get a glass of wine for half price with the purchase of an appetizer Mahogany Ridge Brewery & Grill 4 to 6 p.m. daily. Half-price drinks and $1 tapas. Late night happy 9-11. Mazzola’s Italian Diner- 5 to 6 p.m. daily. $1 off all drinks, half-price pizzas and appetizers at the bar Old Town Pub- 4 to 6 p.m. daily. $2 Bud and Bud Light drafts, 50 cents off other beers and well drinks. Over the Hump Happy Hour on Wednesdays from 4pm-6pm with free apps & snacks (while supplies last) and $1 Bud & Bud Light drafts. happy hour in the bar with Megan - 11:30am-6pm M-F happy hour prices on beer, wine & wells. Bottomless bloody mary’s on the weekends

The Tap House Sports Grill- 3 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. $1 off all draft beer pints, $2 off all draft beer pitchers. $2-Drafts and Well drinks from 9-11 seven days a week The Tugboat- 3-6 pm. $1 drafts & selected half price appetizers Yacht Club- Happy Hour on the lawn/deck, Everyday 3-6p.m., discounted drinks, margaritas, beer & wine, with food all day. Bocce Ball anytime. Some Happy Hours compiled by the Steamboat Pilot.


Sun Dec. 06

Mon Dec. 07

Tues Dec. 08

wed Dec. 09

KFMU Monday Night Football Promo

Wing Night

Live Trivia

Open Mic

Trevor Potter

Sam Ayer

Dave Harlan 3:30-5:30

Gondola Pub & Grill

Venue (970) 367-7117

“If I had to live my life over, I’d live over a saloon.”- W. C. Fields

Sun Dec. 13

Mon Dec.14

Tues Dec. 15

wed Dec. 16 Tijerina

KFMU Monday Night Football Promo

Wing Night

Live Trivia

Open Mic

Trevor Potter

Sam Ayer

The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009


Film Reviews

Trouble or nothing

Just in case you’re wondering, Chuck Norris has transcended the ethereal plane. He is now orbiting the earth controlling our fate. Each film that is created now must receive his stamp of approval. If it does not, then it receives a deadly roundhouse kick to the face.

tap house saturday december 12th Trouble or Nothing=Chris Walsh: Yowls, howls and screams as well as songwriter and guitar, Andy Pratt thumps on the bass and sings back up vocals, Pete Heitz slaps and bangs on the drums, while Joe Carney twangs a pelvic thrusting lead guitar. Their fun mix of neurotic, nerdy punk and jumpy ska, will be making the Tap House a happening place on Saturday the 12th of December. Walsh’s bizarre but wholly entertaining approach to songwriting lends to plenty of shenanigans coming from the stage. Trouble or Nothing is influenced by everything under the sun and some stuff that was inspired by howling at the moon for no apparent reason as well. The monkey face logo is based on a bandoriginal called “Super Monkey” (Who doesn’t love

monkeys?) and the fact that Walsh will sometimes imitate tree swinging primates and their mating calls.

Band spotlight

Tijerina Tugboat december 16th & 17th Wednesday & Thursday, December 16 & 17, Tijerina will showcase its command of a fierce brand of original blues-rock at The Tugboat in Steamboat Springs as they expand promotion efforts for their newest album, Walk This Road, released in February. Rootstime (Belgium) declares that Todd Tijerina “creates his own style and sound. His manner of guitar playing, singing and songwriting is refreshing and inspiring.” Putnay Thomas of Blues on Stage magazine states, “His music is distinctive… his guitar playing has as much power and expression as any guitarist I’ve heard…It’s just a matter of time before he gets a major label release.” The Promised Land Entertainment Magazine says, “His newest release, The Lowdown, is a perfect example of how to take the old and mix in the new to get a feeling of something very special; from the opening instrumental you can tell you’re in for a ride you won’t forget.” Todd’s unique sound is a result of his own take on songwriting. “I try to sound like me and no one else,” he says. “Generally I build around a bass line that I’ve written and try to invent a melody for the top, incorporating funk, rock and jazz ideas,“ which helps explain his contribution’s relevancy to blues as an evolving art form. “We’re excited about the growing support from our fans and the kind notoriety from regional media outlets.” Tijerina added, “We hope the new original cuts and exposure can lead to additional financial support from the investment community in the music industry.”

HHHHH = Chuck Norris Worthy HIIII = Roundhouse Kick to the Face

Twilight: New Moon.

One word: Painful. This film, although oversaturated with horribly placed Romeo and Juliet overtones, still fails to encapsulate any form of tragic metaphor. It also manages to fail at elaborating on the mythos of the ancient struggle between the Native American werewolves and emo vampires. With very little action sequences to make up for the snivelling, drivelling would-be heroines melancholy, this film has almost no redeeming features. Count Dracula is rolling in his grave and even the robotic Bela Lugosi had more personality than pasty Edward. Not only was this film tragically unwatchable, but the entire audience was comprised of squirming, squealing teeny boppers, who are apparently incapable of shutting off their damn cell phones! The two thirteen year old girls next to me obviously didn’t get any memos about

the technological apocalypse that is upon us. These two big thinkers actually sat there and texted each other during the entire film. Even after a kind old woman in the row behind us asked kindly “young lady could please turn off your phone, it is blinding me.” The sadistic adolescent grumbled something to herself in noncompliance and continued to write her OMGs and ISALs (I suck at life) to her friend next to her. Chuck Norris will eat your soul and your parents don’t love you! The A-Team refrain played over and over in my head and vigilante justice seemed absolutely necessary until the terms “assault” and “he broke my $200 cell phone” echoed through my mind. So I sat their shaking like a mighty aspen tree until the pointless cinematic abomination ended. HIIII

- Love Carney 505/610-7025

“If there’s a will, prosperity can’t be far behind.”- W. C. Fields


The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009 (970) 367-7117

Stupid Hard Sudoku

Aimee Kimmey


“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull.” - W. C. Fields

The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009

Walks like a Duck

The ?



“Initial Reaction”--letters, not words. by Matt Jones


1 Numerical classification of some World War II U-boats 8 Necklace pieces 13 Butt 14 Person who keeps count 16 The U.S., in Mexican slang 17 Valentine sentiment to the 80-89% crowd? 18 Actor Delon 19 “What ___ mind reader?” 21 “___ Tu” (hit 1973 song in Spanish) 22 Football, abroad 24 Mork’s home planet 25 John Irving’s “The World According to ___” 26 Thankful thought toward a universal blood type? 29 TV “Science Guy” Bill 30 Play the part 31 Mrs., in Madrid 32 Cloud shaped like a small Roman numeral? 36 Key on a PC 37 St. with many keys 38 Cross-country travelers 41 Tagline of a rap-oriented cologne slogan? 46 Pitcher Hershiser 47 Fair-hiring abbr. 48 Thing of little imporance 49 Skylab launcher 50 Hit for the Kinks 52 Current capital of Nigeria 53 Hassle at the local community gym? 55 Destroyer 57 Leaves stranded 58 Like some sea bass 59 ___ firma 60 Makes melancholy


What is more useful when it is broken? (Answers to Sudoko, Riddle and Crossword can be found on page 28)

1 Crime against one’s country 2 Like old newspaper, color-wise 3 Grand style 4 Strong nickname for Beethoven’s Third Symphony 5 Surname of four generations of French painters in the Louvre

6 Savings acct. figure 7 Brainchild 8 Capital city of Mali 9 TV Tarzan and game show host Ron 10 Lesson taught through symbolism 11 Class project in a box 12 Harsh 14 Car in the Beach Boys’ “Fun, Fun, Fun” 15 Bodily system that includes the lungs: abbr. 20 Term used in taste-testing 23 “Seacrest out” speaker 27 Columbus Day mo. 28 “For shame!” noise 32 It sets things apart 33 Critical hosp. wing 34 Right angle-shaped pipe 35 Winter spread? 36 Ugly statue, e.g. 38 Runaway from another country, perhaps 39 “Les Miserables” surname 40 Bear ___ (company in 2008 economic news) 41 Reach for42 1997 biopic about a late Tejano singer 43 North Africans disputed in a “Seinfeld” Trivial Pursuit question 44 Pregnant 45 Like vulgar humor 46 Ender for “pseud-” 51 Rainbow shapes 54 Opposite of vert., on old TVs 56 “I get it now!”

“It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.”- W. C. Fields


The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009 (970) 367-7117

Captain Carburetor’s shop talk

Scopes to Eat with a Spork

Clutchless in Seattle


The Local • Steamboat Springs Charlie Holthausen is the former owner and operator of Black Diamond Automotive in Steamboat, he is Master ASE certified with advanced L1 certifications, please send your comments and car questions to: CaptainCarburetor@Gmail.Com. Dear Captain Carburetor, My name is Nolan and I met you in Seattle when you were in town for Thanksgiving. I was the little guy at Matt’s house. Here is my question: My Dad and I have a 1991 Mazda B-2200 pick-up truck. Whenwe are going up hills, the engine revs but the speed stays the same. We think it needs a clutch, what do you think? Signed, Clutch-less in Seattle. Dear Clutch-less, It does sound like you might need a

clutch, but just to make sure it isn’t a simple adjustment you might want to get a second opinion from a local mechanic. The 2-wheel drive Mazda truck is a well made vehicle and the clutch job is straight forward. I tell people it ONLY takes time and patience. If you and another person wanted to tackle this job, plan on a whole day and purchase your parts ahead of time. For a clutch job I always get the whole “kit” from Napa or Carquest. The kit consists of all the parts needed to do the job right the first time. A clutch disk, pressure plate, throwout bearing, pilot bearing and an alignment tool. You will also need to remove the flywheel

for resurfacing at a local machine shop. This Mazda has a special 2-step flywheel and needs more attention than the usual cut and spin machine shop service. When I was younger and did not have my own shop yet, we did many a clutch job on my Dad’s driveway. You will need a floor jack, some jack stands, and a basic assortment of metric hand tools. The cliff notes for this job are as follows: • J ACK UP THE TRUCK, PLACE JACK STANDS UNDER THE FRONT. • DISCONNECT NEGATIVE BATTERY TERMINAL. • MARK AND REMOVE DRIVE SHAFT. • REMOVE STARTER MOTOR. • TAKE OUT THE SHIFT LEVER AND BOOT. • TAKE OUT TRANS CROSS MEMBER. • REMOVE BELL HOUSING BOLTS. • REMOVE TRANSMISSION. • TAKE OFF PRESSURE PLATE AND CLUTCH DISK. • REMOVE FLYWHEEL AND SEND OUT FOR RESURFACING. • REPLACE THE THROW-OUT BEARING AND PILOT BEARING. • REINSTALL IN REVERSE ORDER. You can find some pictures and specific details for the Mazda on the Internet. Once you have tackled a job like this you can get a better appreciation for how a mechanic makes a living. The only thing a mechanic can sell is his time and experience. After a mechanic pays for his rent, tools, equipment, insurance, utilities, training, employees, advertising and environmental costs, whatever is left over he can keep. Just like any small business owner, he gets paid last. Nolan, you and your Dad will enjoy this project together and learn a lot in the process. In my book, everyone should have a basic knowledge of how things work and how to fix them. Everything you learn as you grow will be another tool in your vast tool box of life. Thanks for writing to me and please keep in touch. -Grandpa Carburetor.

ChelseaYepello • The Local • Steamboat Springs Aries

There really isn’t anything worse than getting pepper spray in your eyes. Maybe this is a good time to stop mugging people, or at least buy a pair of goggles.


It’s funny that you were pretending for so long that you have ended up actually enjoying what you were acting like... huh... imagine that...

March 21- April 19

April 20 - May 20


May 21-June 20

This fortnight, you will get a pot of gold, ride on a unicorn, befriend a pixie and have rainbows float out of your ears followed by pretty, pretty butterflies! No... just kidding. That won’t really happen.


This fortnight you will revert back to baby food convinced that the less you use your teeth (for chewing) and you organs (for digesting) the longer they will last. Good thinking lazypants.


Your past is a conquest to unveil. Maybe it’s the sense of surprise that keeps it so interesting and fun to dissect.


Aug. 23 - Sept. 22

It’s hard to break old habits and desires. Especially if they are bred into you and you believe that it’s the only way. Then the race begins; will your habits be rewarded or will you learn to live with what you excepted?


Sometimes no matter how rebellious and edgy it seems, it’s actually just disrespectful and rude. Just a thought.


This fortnight you will try to earn your fortune by inventing a time machine that is guaranteed to zap you into the... present... Oh clever, clever you.

June 21 - July 22

July 23 - Aug. 22

Sept. 23 - Oct. 23

Oct. 24 - Nov. 21

Sagittarius Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

capricorn Dec. 22 - Jan. 19

aquarius Jan. 20 - Feb. 18


Feb. 19 - March 20

And just like that, the balloon you have been inflating for so long finally reaches it’s breaking point and explodes. Next time, it might be a good idea to keep your face a little bit further from the pop. You got a taste of the next step. Just for a moment, you have been given a small glimpse what you will experience again but in some distant future. One day it will be with you forever, but for now, enjoy the sudden blink of fortune. On the contrary, there is a Santa Claus. You saw him last week at the mall next to the clearance Halloween costumes and across from the Easter display.... remember? They will never know all of your secrets and you will never know all of theirs. Even if you take a spoon and scrape the brain clean of all the hidden darkness, there will always be one little secret that escapes the threat of being revealed and judged.

Answer to Riddle: An Egg!


“It was a woman who drove me to drink, and I never had the courtesy to thank her for it.”- W. C. Fields


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The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009

Free section 20 word limit please!

or 970-736-1198, also chairs $10/ea and beautiful couch $80 2000 Dodge Dakota SLT 4WD, 4.7L, automatic, A/C, AM/FM/CD, clean interior, strong, dependable, $3000/offer. 846-2950 Riedell Silver Star 355 figure skates – Size 8. Base of boot: 2A 8 C4 - 10 2/3 MK Sheffield Steel blade. $85 - steamboatvicki@ – 870.6171 Car Bra (prevent stone chips on hood). Came off Subaru Legacy - $20 -steamboatvicki@hotmail. com – 870.6171 Mobile Home for Sale. 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom on Steamboat bus route. Fenced yard and shed. Only $15000 for quick sale. Great potential. 879 7197 1991 Subaru Legacy. Run Wells - High Miles - Will need tires soon Some dents and interior wear and tear. $500.00. 819-7722

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For rent Roommate(s) desired in Oak Creek. Funky old house with private location and great views. 4wd is desirable Call Mike 819-3940. Housemate wanted: Seeking nonsmoker, 35 + years old, to share home in Elk River Estates. Furnished bedroom with private bath . Snowplowing, washer/ dryer, hot tub, gym membership included. Small pets considered. $500 + 1/2 utilities. Available immediately. 846-9119 Office space to share in busy Healing Arts office. Willing to consider from 1 to 5 day’s a week or split day’s depending on your schedule. Call Neil at 819-2835 BLACK DIAMOND MINI-STORAGE HAS 2 SPACES AVAILABLE. 10 X 8 PREMIUM UNITS. NEW PHONE NUMBER !!! 846-5300, 846-5300. $80.00 PER MONTH.

Scarpa T-1 telemark boots. Unisex. Will fit a woman size 7.5-8 and men 6.5. $150. 846-6268 Bowflex TC 3000. Get in shape on this awesome treadclimber. $700.00/OBO 846-6557 Wolf Range, with extras Base - 5 ft. wide, 6 burners, double oven, griddle, warming shelf. Comes w/ side grill, deep fryer, and hood. Must take all.You haul. $2,500.00/OBO 846-6557 Peach/Cherry Hardwood. Reasonable prices on the best firewood you can buy. $170/Facecord $220/Half-Cord. $400/Cord. Includes delivery. Stacking costs $20/hr. Call David at 970-201-6839 Viking Hot tub, $800 obo, excellent condition, 970-819-8178


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and a kit for you to play on. Email and I will email a recording to see if the style is your cup of tea The Local is looking for interns interested in learning all the fascinating secrets of the newspaper business! Must commit to two 4-hour shifts/week for 3 months. Fun and excitement will be your pay! 970-367-7117

message board HPV is the most common sexually transmitted virus and is important because it can cause cervical cancer in women. The VNA provides the vaccine for FREE to eligible low income, uninsured women age 19-26 years old. Please call the VNA for more information in Steamboat at 879-1632, 940 Central Park Drive, Suite 101 Information is also available at www. If you do not speak English, call 871-7637.

10% off all Parts & service! (including tune-ups, overhauls, suspension service, wheel building, custom bike builds, disc brake work, and labor)

We service all brands and styles of bicycles! exclusive Yeti cycles Dealer! Now offering 10% off all preseason orders with a deposit.

970-870-1974 • 970-846-RIDE 2052 Snow Bowl Plaza West side of town behind the bowling alley.

Hepatitis Vaccinations are available to adults with certain risk factors for $0-$14 sliding fee scale. Completing the Hepatitis vaccination series provides protection from this sexually transmitted disease. For more information, call the VNA at 879-1632. VNA Services Offered • Your child can receive vaccinations at VNA (0-$14):VNA, 940 Central Park Dr., Suite 101, Steamboat 879-1632 or call 871-7637 if you do not speak English. • Spanish/English Interpreter available for clinics. VNA Servicios Disponibles • Su niño (a) puede recibir vacunas en ($0 y $14):VNA, 940 Central Park Dr., Suite 101, Steamboat 879-1632, pero llame al 871-7637 para hacer cita si no habla inglés. Intérprete disponible para clients que hablan español.

help wanted Talented original band looking for drummer. We even have a studio

“It’s morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money.”- W. C. Fields


The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009

$ 21,975.00

2009 Ford Explorer XLT 4door 4x4 Only 18k miles! Stock #P1612

$ 6,900.00 (970) 367-7117

$ 27,975.00

2006 Ford Focus SE

2009 Toyota 4Runner SR5

Stock #P1617

Stock #P1624

$ 31,875.00

$ 19,575.00


2006 Toyota Tundra SR5 Stock #P1634

$ 27,995 No Picture Available: Like the Northern Lights, this must be seen in person to be truly appreciated

2000 Mercedes-Benz-Class Basic Stock #P1596A

$ 14,975.00

2003 Audi A4 1.8T Stock #P1641

2006 Subaru Legacy Wagon Outback 2.5i Ltd Stock #P1637

2008 Jeep Commander Sport Stock #P1652

2006 Volkswagon Jetta Sedan VEStock #F5503B

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Stock #P1622

2009 Jeep Wrngler Rubicon Stock #D5490C

$ 9,995.00

2008 Ford Expedition EL Eddie Bauer Stock #P1646

$ 19,975.00

Stock #D5512A


$ 12,975.00

$ 32,975.00


2009 Toyota Tundra 4WD Truck SR5

2001 Subaru Legacy AWD Wagon Great Shape! Stock #P1666

$ 9,995.00

2006 Ram 2500 SLT Laramie 4x4

Cummins Diesel w/Boss Plow #F5519A

$ 17,975.00

2008 Kia Sportage LX Stock #P1653

$ 20,595.00

2005 F-150 SuperCrew Lariat 4x4 Stock #P1663

Laura Dickerson Star Salesman

2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Stock #P1657

2310 Lincoln Avenue Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 970-879-8880 1-800-577-8789 30

“Marry an outdoors woman. Then if you throw her out into the yard on a cold night, she can still survive.”- W. C. Fields

The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009

Impossible to Find!

Only $11,987

2006 Chevrolet trailblazer eXt 4x4

2003 Chevrolet express van g2500

2003 Chevrolet astro aWD passenger

2002 4x4 Jeep Wrangler Sport

2008 toyota 4runner 4x4

4WD 6C 4D SUV 4.2L LS. Mileage 56,567. Stock# 52507

V8, AWD, 104k mi., 4spd. auto with OD. Stock#19448A.

6 Cyl.4 Spd. OD, AWD Stock No. 52431 Mileage 76,091

62,928 Mileage

6 Cyl. 5 Speed Automatic w/ Electronic Overdrive. 4 wd - rear. Mileage 31,486 Stock No. 52523

1999 Chevy Silverado 1500

2008 Honda ridgeline rtL

2006 Dodge ram 1500 truck 4x4 Quad Cab

2007 Hyundai Sante Fe aWD

Burgandy, 66k miles. # 52643

Mileage 45,095

Truck, 23k mi., silver, V8, 4WD rear, 4 door. Stock# 52445.

Silver 62k miles, 3.3L # 52531A

2004 gmC Safari aWD

2006 Subaru Forester 2.5 Xt Limited

2009 nissan Xterra 4x4

2007 Subaru Forester 2.5 X

Silver, 111k miles, Automatic, 6 cyl, # 52539A

Silver, 41k, 2.5 turbo, automatic AWD, # 40086A

SUV, 33k mi., V6, 4WD rear, 4 door. Stock# 52547.

SUV, 56k mi., silver, 4 cylinder, 4 spd. auto with OD, AWD, 4 door. Stock# 52545M.

2004 toyota tundra Double Cab

2008 Subaru impreza 2.5i Sedan

2009 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Special edition

White, Automatic, 55k miles, V8, # 52637

Sedan, gray, 4 cylinder, 4spd. auto with OD, AWD, 4 door. Stock# 52617.

Sedan, 6800k mi., green, 4 cylinder, 4spd. shiftable automatic, AWD, 4 door.

2008 toyota rav4 4x4

Subaru impreza 2.5i Sedan

2007 Chevrolet avalanche 4x4

Ford explorer 4x4 eddie bauer edition

4 Cyl.4 Speed, Automatic with Electronic Overdrive. 4 wheel drive - front Mileage 38,252. Stock No. 52553

Mileage 25,825

8 Cyl. 4 Speed Automatic with Overdrive 4 wheel drive - rear. Mileage 48,796. Stock No. 52537

Mileage 38,874

2008 Ford escape 4x4 XLt 6 Cyl.4 Speed Automatic w/Electronic Overdrive 4 wheel drive - front. Mileage 15,805 Stock No. 52555

2009 Subaru outback 2.5i Special edition Mileage: 19,108

2006 Honda Civic eX Sedan

2006 nissan murano aWD

4 Cylinder Gasoline.5 Speed Automatic 2 wheel drive - front. Mileage 28,655 Stock No. 49368B

6 Cyl. Automatic. All wheel drive. Mileage 38,773. Stock No. 52551

Featured Salesman

DaviD Wren

all prices plus sales tax, delivery and handling.

Toy Drive for Boys & Girls Club of Steamboat & Food Drive for Lift Up! Drop off your toys and food at Cook until the 23rd of December Call 879-3900 with any questions

1955 Curve Court • Steamboat SpringS, Co 80487 1776 W viCtory Way • Craig, Co 81625

(970) 879-3900 (970) 824-2100

“Never cry over spilt milk, because it may have been poisoned.”-W. C. Fields


The Local • Vol 9 issue 25• december 03 - december 16, 2009

32 (970) 367-7117

“Never try to impress a woman, because if you do she’ll expect you to keep up the standard for the rest of your life.”- W. C. Fields

Issue 9.25  

The Local Issue 9.25 (December 3-16, 2009)

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