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There is a tribe within the church. It’s the techies: the sound, lighting and video guys. Guys we rely on each week to ensure the gospel message is seen and heard. Most other areas within the church have a myriad of training and conference options, but these guys mostly miss out. There is another tribe: A group of well respected experts with national and international experience and industry awards. The aim of Frequency is to get these two tribes together. Frequency is not a thinly veiled attempt at selling the latest toys it’s about expanding hearts and minds whilst growing a support network within the production community.

Goff (Paul van’t Hof) Director, the Production Co / Founder, Frequency Conferences

As a producer and engineer I loved hearing from experts who knew what they were doing, to get hands on new gear and simply to hang out with like minded people. As a pastor, to see all this happening within the bigger picture and context of local church is simply incredible. This conference is CUSTOM MADE for local church production and tech people and I’m telling you now it would be simply irresponsible to know about this conference and not attend if you are in church production. I strongly urge you to invest in quality training, input and inspiration.

Wayne Huirua Musician, Producer and Worship Pastor (NZ)

Frequency conference provides a rare opportunity to invest in your church production team. It is a unique forum that equips production teams to return home empowered to raise the bar significantly.

Dave Jacques Engineer, Production Manager, Designer and Grammy Winner

Fantastic to see a conference that encourages production teams to see their roles as part of the ministry of the church and not just ‘support’. More churches need to treat their production teams as co-partners in the worship experiences of their churches. Frequency moves them in that direction.

Mark Pierson Worship Curator

If you are involved in any aspect of your church’s audio, video, music or lighting production, then you should absolutely make an effort to attend the Frequency Conference. I have been a guest speaker for the previous 2 years, and have been utterly amazed at the caliber of training available, and the combined international experience of the speakers.

Dave Fuller Director, Technical Marketing, QSC Audio Products

Frequency is a fantastic opportunity to connect with others passionate about production. This conference was the catalyst for a new wave of creative inspiration in visual media for our church.

Pastor Carlene Managh City Impact Church, Auckland

Whether a techo, media mogul, visual worshipper or worship pastor, hearing from frequency’s industry leaders and creative geniuses will set your flames a flickering. Demonstrating the values of hard work, smart thinking and creative brilliance, all culminating to teach our teams to step up and step out in their talents and giftings for the Glory of God. Your team will love you for making this event a priority in your calendar.

Mark Mortlock Senior Pastor, City Impact Church

Frequency is one of the best experiences a tech artist can have; it’s a time to discover community and connect with the creative tech tribe in the Church. To realise that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Not only will you sharpen your skills and be exposed to new tools and tricks of the trade, but you will leave with a renewed vision and calling to WHY you do what you do, and more importantly, who you are as a child of God.

stephen proctor Worship VJ

Frequency Conference  

CHURCH PRODUCTION CONFERENCE: Frequency is not a thinly veiled attemptat selling the latest toys. It’s aboutexpanding hearts and minds whil...