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Volume 102 Issue 1 Sept. 20, 2013

@SouthOptimist Bloomington South Optimist Newspaper

Teachers just wanna have fun

Julia Herrmann Co-editor-in-chief

The students in Lucas Schroeder’s third period Spanish class were in for a surprise when their teacher took his seat. As he sat, a deafening sound startled him and the rest of the class; an air horn had been taped to the bottom of his chair. When the noise blared out, Schroeder was holding a pair of scissors. “I almost put my eye out,” he said. “It was quite a dangerous time.” The blame—or credit—for the prank has fallen upon social sciences teacher Jerry Farrar, who initially denied it. Farrar later listed five past victims of the air horn prank, saying this was Schroeder’s first involvement. Although he did not disclose any names, Farrar said he was “definitely not working alone.” “[Schroeder’s] name was suggested,” Farrar said. He did not know why and wouldn’t say by whom. Schroeder, too, could only guess at the motive. “I can only assume jealousy,” he said. “You know, I have a lot more hair than [Farrar]. I’ve certainly never wished him ill until now.” Schroeder declined to comment on plans for retaliation.

COURTESY PHOTO Teacher Dustin Carver reacts to the noise of an air horn. See our website for the full video. “[The pranks] are all welldeserved,” Farrar said, citing one example of history teacher Phil Kluesner making fun of Farrar’s hair. Kluesner was later on the receiving end of an air horn. Joel McKay was also in on the air horn pranks. “Someone got me last year,” he said. “I got hit by the horn.” Last May, he and Farrar targeted teacher Dustin Carver. Video of the incident can be found on the Optimist website. The air horns started around six years ago, according to math teacher Drew Frey. “[Farrar] probably found an air horn and saw

something on YouTube.” Farrar said he’d heard about the prank and thought it would be fun. “I might have had my wife go out and buy a couple air horns,” he said. Seemingly separate from the string of air horn pranks is a nearly 12 year long prank war between Farrar and Frey. Guidance counselor John Livingston is also occasionally involved, though Frey said “he’s not very good at it.” “It all started when [Frey] purchased eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies without realizing it,” Farrar said, laughing. “My clock went

missing, his chair was somehow disassembled…” “The car prank was the most memorable for me,” Frey said. He and Farrar coached football together during one summer, and Frey left his car unlocked. It ended up parked near a dumpster. “It somehow rolled away,” Farrar said. Frey described how a picture message suddenly showed up on his phone that didn’t receive pictures. “I had to go online and make this long account just to see it. When I did, I was like, ‘Is that my car?!’” The air horn incident was the most recent in the string of attacks, though Farrar was recently subject to a failed attempt at the same prank. Junior Hannah Shirley was in Farrar’s class at the time. “There was an air horn really badly taped to his chair,” she said. “He saw it right away.” “It was a meager attempt to prank me,” Farrar said, adding that he thought it was Schroeder at first. He is now aware that it was the work of a few students. It’s the first time students have been involved. “They shouldn’t be directly involved,” Farrar said. “Although indirectly is another matter.” Is he planning anything else in the near future? “Possibly... probably.”

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