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News “¿Qué es el club de español?” - Fiesta in room 205, pg. 2


“The “E,” in that sense, stands for evil!” - MyFace: Mr. Eichelberger, pg. 3


“No way, they’re Facebook official.” - Learn the love lingo, pp. 6-7

Around Town

“At one point in time, Jim Thorpe was only second to Niagara Falls as a premiere wedding destination.” - First annual Jim Thorpe wedding expo, pg. 10


“It is an unplanned wave of laziness...” - Proceed cautiously, pg. 8


“Why are the seniors serving food rather than watching the game?” - Canteen, pg. 11

October 2010

Books of hope help children in Haiti By: Emily Sigley

Books of Hope. She explains, “As a teacher, I wanted to add a service aspect to my curriculum while my s t u d e n t s gained a deeper understanding of the current topic of study.” There are many topics for ccording to, “Books of Hope is a service-learning the books. English, for example, can consist program where a U.S. school chooses a school of an alphabet book for ages three-eight, a from another country and makes books to story students can read on their own for ages meet the other students’ educational needs.” nine-thirteen, and either poetry, literature, Schools participating in the “...we often forget or philosophy books for ages fourteen-eighteen. Other topics program write, illustrate, how much we include music, math, science, and bind each of the books social studies, health, and that they make. However, really have.” recreational activities. the program does not solely “Any student in the school focus on making books. - Mrs. Oswald can write a book,” said Mrs. Schools also have the Oswald. “In a few of my classes, option to raise funds, or send other supplies I am requiring that students write a book as an to their “sister school,” or the school that will assignment. In the first lesson, I give a lot of be receiving the handcrafted books. Mrs. Oswald, College Algebra and detail and direction to help them get started. Trigonometry teacher, took an interest in After that, I allow the students to have more Students work together to help educate the children in Haiti.


Prepare with the PSATs By: Kathryn Jones


freedom in choosing their [math] topics.” The first books will be sent in the spring of 2011. Books that are not being written for assignment purposes can be about any of the topics earlier stated. Mrs. Oswald says, “I feel that this program is important because we often forget how much we really have. Many of the children in Uganda have nothing, and this program is a way for us to do our part.” Books of Hope is a wonderful program to help children around the world.

If interested in sending your own Books of Hope, here are some other fun subject ideas: Recreational books: animals Music: rhythm, song lyrics, song

and folk dance, etc. Science: environment, archaelogy, geology, etc. Health: basic hygiene, sexuality, disease, etc.

n order to apply to most colleges, high school students must take guidance counselor, Mrs. Bianculli explains. “We usually have about a standardized test called the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). forty students signed up to take the PSATs.”
 The SAT challenges This test can be a major help for students a young student’s who may not be studying enough in the right mind. It opens their areas. By taking the test, they can pinpoint eyes to strengths and certain sections they need to focus on and weaknesses they may put more effort into mastering those subjects.
 have in certain subjects. “I believe that anyone who is planning on Their results also help going to a college that requires SAT scores colleges to get an idea should prepare as best as they can for the SAT. of who their applicants, Taking the PSAT is one aspect of preparation,” are and what their guidance counselor, Ms. El Turky said. “If a academic abilities entail. student is unsure about what to do, they should In preparation for this talk to their school counselor. Together, they test, the PSAT (Practice can select the best option.”
 Scholastic Aptitude The PSATs are a simple way to start Test) is available to all developing a successful future. Although some students who would like students may not take the SATs seriously, they a preview of what to are essential to every student who that plans A high school student struggles to cram for the SATs. expect for the real test.
 on attending college. All one needs to do is make a trip to “It is recommended that any tenth or eleventh grader take the the high school guidance office to obtain all the information necessary, PSATs to become familiar with how the SAT test will be administered, and the guidance counselors will help out as much as possible. Getting the test’s format, and to become aware of the expectations of the test. a head start now will prepare students for the college classroom, as well Another advantage of taking the PSAT is that a student may be eligible as the rest of their career. for the National Merit Scholarship based on program requirements,”

. News


Dressing down for a good cause

Many students wore yellow shirts to support the fight against cancer. By: Emily Jones

High school students participated in a dress down day to support cancer research.

Fiesta in room 205


im Thorpe High School took part in a nation wide fight for cancer. Livestrong Day, which was supported on Friday, October 1, 2010, took place to support the fight against cancer, and to honor the lives of those who have won their battle against cancer. Students Nicole Maturin, Alexis Gorman, and Synthya Reese turned the Jim Thorpe dress code yellow in the fight against cancer for their senior project. Having a son who participated in the “Livestrong Challenge,” Mrs. Adams decided to volunteer as the advisor for this event. “I think everyone has at least one person in his/her life that has been affected by cancer, and it is an easy way to help out,” said Mrs. Adams. The students helped by selling yellow Livestrong bracelets for two dollars, and allowed students to pay one dollar to wear a yellow shirt for the day. The results show that they did in fact help the cause.

Student and teacher form new Spanish club By: James Denny


ué es el club de español? The start of Spanish Club began after some students expressed ideas about a new club involving the lessons they learned in Spanish classes. Soon after hearing about this interest, Señora Hoffert and junior Matt Sanchez jo in e d t ogethe r and formed the Spanish Club. So far, over seventy-five students have signed up, and thirty participated in the first meeting. Throughout the school year, the Spanish Club will be putting together different fundraisers to raise money for the club. Some of the ideas they have come up with are dress down days and lollipop sales. If all goes well, the club would like to collect money to visit Spanish cultural sites such as the Harlem Museum and possibly

wants to give back to Carbon County. The members and advisors hope to educate the community about the Spanish culture and how it differs from American culture. The Spanish club will meet every first and third Monday of the month. With strong leaders and officers being elected, one can easily see Junior Matt Sanchez and Senora Hoffert have been working together Spanish club will be to make Spanish Club a success. a blast! Advisor Señora New York City. When Hoffert stated, “I hope asked about the club, Junior Matt Sanchez said, the club will be a fun and “I hope a lot of students educational experience.” Students may sign up will participate in the fundraiser. Also, anyone in room 205 or participate is more than welcome in the next meeting. If one to come to our next is looking for a fiesta then join the Spanish Club meeting.” The Spanish club also today!

Thank you The Jim Thorpe High School Guidance Department would like to thank the following for their prize donations for the 2010 Carbon County College & Technical Education Night:

Jim Thorpe National Bank: $50.00 U.S. Savings Bond Valley Athletic Supply: Under Armour Duffle Bag Jim Thorpe School Store: Jim Thorpe School Logo Shirt Carbon County Guidance Counselors: $50.00 U.S. Savings Bond

All together the event made a total of $228.00. $200.00 was made by selling bracelets, while twenty-eight students wore yellow shirts. Everyone helped for his/her own reasons. It could be because someone they love suffered from cancer, or just out of the kindness of their hearts. “I participated in the Livestrong event because my brother was diagnosed with cancer,” sophomore, Sierra Hunsicker said, sharing how much she cares to help find a cure. Mrs. Adams plans on holding another event for Livestrong Day, and she would like to have a better outcome next year than they had this year. This sort of event is a good way to get involved and raise money for a great cause. Now that more people are informed about the event, a better knowledge of cancer was spread and a good amount of money was raised for the cause.

Homecoming results

By:Virginia Rivera


im Thorpe’s Homecoming game this year was played against Shenandoah High School on Friday, October 1 . While Jim Thorpe’s football team mentally and physically prepared themselves for their big game against Shenandoah, homecoming candidates were also priming themselves. They prepared themselves not only for the outcome of the game, but also for the announcing of King and Queen at half time. The 2010 ladies’ Homecoming Court consisted of seniors Christina Gibson, Julia Lauren Mason, Brittany Holland, Arielle Harleman, Samantha Harlan, and Allison Porembo. The candidates nominated for the position of king were James Denny, Terry Moll II, Wes Hurley, Jon Fritz, Shane Edwards, and Justin Mazzella. At half time, Jim Thorpe was celebrating a victorious beginning to the game with a score of 14-0. As the candidates circled the field, they patiently waited for the heavily anticipated results. The student awarded Jim Thorpe’s 2010 Homecoming Queen was Allison Porembo. Alongside of her was Jim Thorpe’s 2010 Homecoming King, Justin Mazzella. Allison is ecstatic about her win: “I was very excited and proud to be the homecoming queen!” Before she was able to take her crown, Allison had many preparations in order to get ready for the big night. “Preparing for homecoming consisted of making lots of signs to hang around school and shopping for a new outfit for the both the football game and dance. My mom, dad, and friends helped me out the most with all of the homecoming preparations.” Along with Allison, Justin also had some preparations of his own.“I had to make and put up posters, but I could not have done it without my friends.” Allison and Justin had many emotions before, during and after homecoming. “Once I heard I was

nominated, I was very excited [on] the night of it, I was really nervous. Once I won, it was the greatest feeling ever, and I could not be happier.” Justin recalls. Allison also enjoyed the entire experience: “Before homecoming I was definitely very excited to be nominated alongside some of my best friends, but as the day of the game came closer I just became more nervous. After it was all over, I was so happy and excited that I won the title of Homecoming Queen!” The pair most definitely will never forget the experience of winning King and Queen. “I will never forget all of the fun I had during this experience with my king Justin!” Allison said. Justin had mutual feelings towards

Justin Mazzella and Allison Porembo walk proudly as Homecoming King and Queen.

Allison, “I will never forget that I felt like I was famous, and I will never forget my Queen Allison,” he exclaimed. Congratulations to Allison Porembo and Justin Mazz el la on winning Jim Thorpe’s 2010 Homecoming Queen and King. Also, thanks to the student body on behalf of Justin and Allison.



Myface: Mr. E

Mr. E currently washing his hair!

The Madagascar hissing cockroach got scared when I put it on my head and it pooped on me!


About Me:

My name is Mr. Eichelberger, or Mr. E. for short. The “E,” in that sense, stands for evil! I am older than dirt (well not really, but I feel like it sometimes) and became a biology teacher as a second career. Before teaching, I was a computer engineer under contract to the government for eighteen years. I cannot say what I worked on, or I will get thrown in jail. The National Security Agency has NO sense of humor! I like dogs, cats, reptiles, insects (especially when covered in chocolate or deep-fried), running, biking, swimming, scuba diving, sky-diving, snowboarding, reading, motorcycles, and sweats. There is nothing better than

coming home after a long day at school and relaxing in a pair of sweatpants. I dislike squash (for that matter, any of the gourdlike vegetables), brussel sprouts, liver, global warming, flying (which makes sky-diving kind of hard though), and professional basketball. I am addicted to caffeine and drink way too much tea in the morning and coke in the afternoons. I drink tea, of course, because I grew up in merry olde England. My favorite day is one where I can get up early, run five miles, bike fifty to eighty miles, and then have a barbecue in the afternoon.

Who I’d Like to Meet:

I would like meet Sean Connery, because I love his movies and he is way cool!

Wall Posts

Top Friends


Running triathlons and reading.


Any comic book hero movies such as Fantastic Four and Iron Man.

“180 yards off the tee is not long as it is straight.”


The Flash


Classic 1970’s rock; Pink Floyd, The Who, YES, Billy Joel

The Hobbit and The Lord of the RingsTrilogy, Watership Down. I abhor vampire books; I am so sick of them.

“Would you please make sure your speedometer works correctly?”

Mr. Pascoe & Mr. Donaue


– Mr. Pascoe

Mr. Schwartz

Mr. Larizzio

By: Alyssa Dachowicz

Best friends forever S By: Caitlin Henninger

tudents walking down the halls of Jim Thorpe High School can see many people who seem to be ‘attached at the hip.’ These are the people we see as “best friends forever.” They play sports together, hang out together,

– Mr. Donahue

and of course, play Call of Duty together. One will rarely catch them apart. These are the stories of some of the most inseperable pairs of Jim Thorpe:

Junior Darren Gehres and Sophomore Bob Taylor

1. They met one day when they were both hanging out with Christian Gavornik. 2. They have been friends for four years. 3. Their best time together was track season. 4. The one time we stayed at Christian’s house, and that is all you have to know. 5. They enjoy playing xbox, doing random stuff, not spending time together, cross country, and track. 6. Darren - “Bob, you are my best friend.” Bob - “Darren, I hate you.”


1. How did you meet? 2. How long have you been friends? 3. What was the best time they had together? 4. What is the funniest thing you have done together? 5. What do you enjoy doing together? 6. What do you have to say to each other?

Seniors Cody Baier and Terry Moll

1. We met playing football in knee-high. 2. We have been friends since we were ten. 3. The best time we have ever had together was when we stayed on Terry’s grandparents land in upstate New York. 5. We enjoy fighting each other in slow motion, and playing football together 6. Cody - “Sorry for eating all your mom’s food.” Terry - No comment.

Juniors Kayla Susko and Erin Bucci

1. They met in band class freshman year, all the band did was play marching band music so, they just sat alone and talked. 2. Since their freshman year, two years. 3. Cross country camp sophomore summer. 4. The funniest thing that has ever happened was when they found the dead squirrel. 5. They enjoy running together. 6. Erin – “Peace, love, and crab balls.” Kayla – “Oh, okay.”


. Features

Almost famous feasts By: Virginia Rivera


rom the kitchen to the stands, peanut butter potato candy has been popping up at Jim Thorpe high school events. What many people may not know is that Jeanna McElmoyle’s mother is the master chef behind this crowd favorite. Mrs. McElmoyle has been making her peanut butter and potato candy for twenty-five


First, cook the potatoes and mash them. Add vanilla and cream cheese to mashed potatoes. Then add powdered sugar to the mixture, until you are able to roll it out like dough. Next, spread peanut butter on top of it and roll it

years. She learned the recipe from her grandmother. Luckily, now you do not have to go to the high school events to get some of this candy, because we have the recipe right here. Now you can make peanut butter potato candy at your very own home. 

up lengthwise. Refrigerate for about an hour. Slice into small pieces, and serve.

Ingredients: -Two small potatoes (mashed) -One teaspoon of vanilla -2 pounds of confectioner’s sugar -Four ounces of cream cheese -As much peanut butter as is desired

The search for the dream college is still underway for many students.

Sweet and salty - a delicious contradiction.

College search season

By: Kathryn Jones


very year when fall rolls around, young adults all Campus and Lehigh University,” senior Anna Domingo over the country prepare themselves for their next explains. “Both, however, maintain qualities in a university biggest step in life - college. To many students, it is easy that I feel are critical. Penn State is very welcoming to decide which college is the best fit for them, but to and aware of its student life, despite the amount of some it takes a little more thought. It people that attend the university. “There are endless Lehigh University is in good is always important that students look into colleges that will support a good competition with PSU because educational education and ensure bright futures.
 they are a top-ranked school for “I am definitely still looking. possibilities for new engineering.” One of the 

Playing sports is also c o l l e ge s I graduates to go and important to many students in was looking high school, so when they think into was way of college, it is also in a sports explore.” too close to opportunistic way. Participating home, and the other was in sports in college is beneficial for those who are way too far away and really thinking about pursuing an active career in a certain expensive,” says senior Taylor sport, while still fulfilling educational dreams. 
 Kennedy. “I am looking into “I am thinking about Kings College,” states senior going to West Chester. It Tyler Mangold. “I would like to continue playing is the right distance away football in college, and see where it takes me. While from Jim Thorpe, and I love in college I want to earn my teaching degree so that I Philadelphia.” 
 can pursue being an elementary teacher, which is what Some students have I would like to do.” 
 already decided on what While preparing for college, students should colleges they are sure they base where they want to go on what they want to do would like to attend, but have come to split decisions. and be when they grow older. There is a wide array of Students research colleges so that they can view the colleges everywhere, and there are endless educational campus, explore major opportunities, and form a distinct possibilities for new graduates to go and explore. There view of what a college has to offer for them to learn.
 is a perfect college out there for everyone, if one looks “I am currently torn between Penn State Main hard enough.

Fall traditions

Students celebrate autumn with family and friends.

By: Virginia Rivera


all is the season of cool nights, warm fires, and cozy blankets. It is also the time to spend with friends and family. The arrival of fall brings age-old traditions and great memories. Whether one hunts down a turkey or enjoys jumping in a pile of leaves, fall is a fun time for everyone. The students of Jim Thorpe High School come from a variety of different backgrounds, all with different personal stories and traditions from autumn. “I usually watch football with my dad, while the girls of the family cook dinner. Then we eat Thanksgiving dinner as a family. We finish the night off by going to see a Christmas movie,” said senior Chuck Gagliano. An anonymous source stated, “My mom has to bake more than seven pies on Thanksgiving Day each year, because fall in my house revolves around pie! My mom is a funny woman. If you ever met her, you would understand!” Pie is only one of the many sweets baking in the kitchens of Jim Thorpe this season. Another anonymous student tells of a mishap also involving her mom: “One

time, during Thanksgiving, my mom was cooking dinner in the kitchen with my aunts, and a small grease fire started in the oven. Everyone was screaming. The sound and smoke from the disaster filled my aunt’s house. Thankfully, my dad came to the rescue and shut the oven, cutting off the oxygen to the flame.” A stomach full of pie and a burnt turkey did not stop junior Richie Buell, from celebrating his favorite fall tradition. “Every fall, my family and I carve pumpkins and make jack-o-lanterns. Usually, we place the jack-o-lanterns in the center of our dining room table, but last year, I suggested we put them outside for our neighbors to see as well. A few days later, I woke up in the middle of the night to some strange sounds in front of my house. A bear was eating the jack-o-lanterns”. Richie recalls. Richie goes on to say that his family’s jack-o-lanterns will be returning to the dining room table this season. All in all, fall is a great time to celebrate with family. Whatever you choose to do this autumn season, make sure that making memories is on the list.


I want to be a superhero October horoscopes

By: April Francia By: Elizabeth Johnson


ome of us know exactly who we want to be when we grow up. Some of us will be engineers, scientists, and astronauts. Some of us will be lawyers, doctors, and Nobel Prize winners. Some of us will be mothers and fathers. Some of us will travel the world, spending our entire lives looking for love and searching for happiness. Some of us will make irrevocable mistakes and spend our entire lives paying the price. Some of us simply know where we’re headed and what we’re bound to do…but not me. All I know about my future is that when I am eighty years old and begin to look back on the story of my life, I want to be the hero. However, I do not feel as though my heroic acts will take place in a burning building or an emergency room. I cannot see myself swinging from building to building on a spider web or wearing a cape with an “S” plastered on my chest. I just want to save people and be their voice when they are too afraid to speak. Would it make any sense if I were to tell you that I believe in a “greater good?” I think that there really are two kinds of people in the world – people who do bad things, and people who watch bad things being done but do nothing to stop them. I notice such terrible things going on in today’s world, and I cannot wrap my mind around as to why no one is doing anything to defend the victims of these crimes. I strongly believe that the privileged are obligated to defend the less fortunate. When I grow up, I want to be the people’s voice. I want to come running to the defense of those who cannot even stand up for themselves. I want to be a leader, a speaker, and a hero. Editor-in-Chief

( July 2

3 - Au gust 22 )
   You w i l l be ver busy th y is will be month, and expect p ing a l eople you. B ot from e sure not to more t bite off ha not ge n you can c he td proble istracted by w. Do ms; sta little yf things that m ocused on t he atter.

    c n a C - July

ng e 22 ienci r e ( Jun p x e is ay be les th You m ily troub ourself fam let y some . Do not ged. s a th mon e discour ill alway w m u beco r, yo help embe riends to m e R f your have t. u you o

Aquariu s


(September 23 - October 23) This month is all about friends. You will gain new friends, but you might lose a few in the process. One of these friends may have the potential to be your new boyfriend/girlfriend!

( Januar y 20 – F ebruary Be forgiv 18) in g this mo Things w nth. il bonds o l happen where f tr and emo ust are broken, tio overflow ns of all kinds ar ing. Do not brea e down; ju k st It is not slow down and a bad th relax. in break fr om reali g to take a ty ever y a while. once in


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(Nov embe r 22 - De Rece been ntly, you cember 21 )
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Under pressure By: Alyssa Dachowicz


(August 23 - Sept ember 22 This mo )
   nth you may bec ver y frus o me tra your tem ted, so do not le t per get t he you. Har sh words best of will not you anyw get he keep you re, so be sure to r words sweet ju in case y st ou have to swallo them lat w er on.

s Tauruay 20)


(M Love ay 21- Ju n i your s in the a e 21) 
 ir! K heart ee speci o al pe pen for p t r hat do no son. Th t your be afraid is month heart t on yo o wear ur sle eve.



ressure. We have all been under it. We have all felt that stress, and we have all had our stress levels pushed to the max. But who is doing the pushing? The generic answer is friends, family, teachers, etc. But from what I have come to understand, the one doing the most significant amount of pushing is myself. Constantly feeling the pressure to do better and t o b e b e t t e r, I realized that I push myself way past my limits, and almost ne ver settle for Copy Editor & anything less than Business Manager

io ber 21)
 p r o c S - Novem

is er 24 ide th . Go s (Octob r u o e y is on th lov Luck pecially wi son you l per ; h, es mont that specia n recently r.
 o o e t y bette talk your e ge for the d a h have may chan s thing

perfection without putting up a fight. However, I am not perfect. No one is, and no one can be. Putting pressure on oneself to be better can be highly beneficial, but an undying attempt at perfection is, in most cases, detrimental. Too much pressure to be perfect can damage one’s self-confidence, among other things. I know from experience that when you are always attempting perfection, mental breakdowns are a constant thing. This is one lesson I am still trying to learn myself, but every day I try to be a little less harsh and critical of myself and what I do. I encourage others to try and do the same.


. Focus: Teen Relationships

Break-up therapy

Learn the love lingo

Ten tips to keep you out of the dumps after a break-up.

By: Phil Schron

Accept the break-up as it is. The past is concrete. Do not r ush into another r e l a t i o n s h i p. Ta k e t i m e to meet ne w people, and be open to different personalities.

Tr y t o a v o i d a l l communications with the person. Constant reminders of what happened could interrupt the healing process.

Get out! Do not isolate yourself from social gatherings. Being with friends will make a world of a difference.

Learn from this relationship. Even though it ended, the lessons you take away could help to improve future relationships.

Just breathe. Breaking up does not mean it is the end of the world, although it may feel like it.

Do not blame the break-up on the other person. Take responsibility for your own words and actions.

Focus on goals that could have been forgotten, like wanting to join a club or being in the school play.


Say yes to loyalty


1.How long have you been together, including years spent dating and being married? 2. Did you think you would end up getting married? 3. Who did better academically in high school? 4. Who was more athletic and popular in high school? 5. Who asked whom out?

1. We have had seventeen happy years of an amazing marriage. We also dated for less than a year when we were seniors. 2. No, we never thought that we would get married. It worked out very well; we have four wonderful children, and it was all worth it. 3. Mr. Pope: I had the better grades in high school. 4. Mr. Pope: Again, I was more athletic and more popular. 5. Mr. Pope: Mrs. Pope was the one who asked me out.

By: Ben Moore

Boo - (n.)- Another word for a boyfriend or girlfriend, often mistaken for a noise a ghost makes. Ex. “That is my boo over there.” Cheating- (v.)- To be unfaithful to your partner. Cheating can be any one of a variety of activities (emotional or physical) with someone who is not your boyfriend or girlfriend. Ex. “She is cheating on him!” Dumping- (v.)- To completely break off all connections with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Ex. “He complains too much, so I am dumping him.” Facebook official- (adj.)- The changing of a relationship status to “in a relationship” on Facebook. Since it is being seen by the world, it usually means a relationship is more serious than a “fling.” Ex. “I thought they were just talking?” “No way, they are Facebook official.” Flame- (n.)- A strong love that lasts only a short time; usually happens in teenagers due to hormones-at least, that is what most parents will say. Ex. “It is more than a flame. I swear I love him.”


ove and marriage is something that many people look forward to in life. Some are so lucky in this sense that they find their soul mates in high school. Some of the teachers at Jim Thorpe were lucky enough to have this happen to them.

Mr. and Mrs. Pope


eens use many words to describe their relationships. This dictionary is a teenager’s guide for the most common relationship lingo.

Remember, there can always be a positive outcome from this decision. Everything happens for a reason.

In serious cases, be sure to talk to family, friends, and possibly a professional to avoid depression. It is important to keep yourself healthy and positive.

High school sweethearts By: James Denny

By: Alexis Gorman

Mr. and Mrs. Strubinger

1. We have had twenty-two years of an awesome marriage and dated for four years. We went to different colleges, but once we realized we missed each other too much, we got together and decided to go to the same college. 2. Senior year, we both sort of knew we would get married after college. 3. Mr. Strubinger: Mrs. Strubinger had the better grades. 4. Mr. Strubinger: I, however, was more athletic and more popular. 5. It was a mutual thing after going on a date to the The first time in public, Mr. and Mrs. Pope . drive-in movie theater. Mr. and Mrs. Strubinger pose for a picture before their prom.

All the single ladies

oy meets girl. Girl meets boy. The guy really likes this girl and the girl feels the same. The boy and girl are now in a relationship. Things are going great and both the boy and girl are happy. By: Alexandria Ventrella However, after months of dating, one of them decides to cheat. After the other finds out about hile walking through the halls of any high school, gossip can what happened, they are left to wonder what went wrong. be heard flying in all directions. On most occasions, this gossip “When I found out that my girlfriend cheated on me, I did not know how to accept or handle rotates around the subject of who is dating whom. the entire situation,” states one anonymous student. For teens, it is common to crave the sense of closeness and security The question of why teens cheat is not that hard to answer. For today’s teenagers, it is easy for that comes with dating. Often, however, teens can get caught up in a them to get “bored” of their partner and want someone new to keep them interested. It is a matter constant need to have a partner. Junior Celeste Robinson explains, “I of whether or not one decides to tell their partner before they make that choice. see girls and boys that change who they are dating like they change “I cheated on my girlfriend due to poor decision making. I really did like her, but all it took their clothes.” This constant need to be with someone can be unhealthy was one stupid move for me to lose her,” admits an anonymous student. and stressful. Teens in general have a bad reputation for poor decision-making. However, this should not However, the teens who be an excuse. Cheating is a serious issue and comes with many consequences. Depending on the “ Being single should are not in a vigorous cycle of strength of feelings the couple had for each other, break-ups and make-ups can be the least of a teen’s one can be left with a very negative mind-set. possibly get the feeling that “I tend not to get into a relationship at this worries.” they are not good enough. “I point in my life. High school is an important time see certain people with their for me and I do not need the stress of somebody boyfriend or girlfriend and wonder why I am not dating and if it is cheating on me to cause me to lose focus on my something wrong with me,” states an anonymous student. goals,” states an anonymous student. Being single should be the least of a teen’s worries. Not having A relationship ended because of cheating can a significant other opens up many doors for a teen. They are more also put teens in a slump for weeks. It can throw likely to have extra time for family, friends, and themselves. Without them off academically and athletically as well. A having the drama that could come from dating, teens will find fewer long lasting effect could be trust issues in future distractions from sports and schoolwork. relationships. A relationship in the teenage years In the end, being single is not something a teen should worry about. should not be conceived as a bad thing. Instead, The key to teen relationships is not to become obsessed or pressured teens should be more cautious when starting new to always have a partner. relationships and choosing who to trust.


Focus: Teen Relationships Times are changing By: Mary Slack

Player- (n.)- A person (usually a male) who dates multiple people. A player does not want a committed relationship. Because they are so popular for their unfaithfulness, everyone knows about their poor dating habits. Ex. “You know he is a player because he dated every girl in our the last month!” Sexting- (v.)- To send provocative pictures or messages to another person over a cell phone. Ex. “Sexting is illegal. You should not do it.” Talking- (v.)- This could simply mean talking between two people, who are attracted to each other or something more. Definition may vary from person to person. Ex. “We are not dating, just talking.” Whipped- (adj.)- Refers to the person in a relationship who has the least control and say in the relationship. Usually this person will do anything the other person asks, which usually leads to abandoning old friends. Ex. “He used to be cool, until he got whipped by his girlfriend.” 143-(abbr.)- Stands for “I Love You.” Started because there is one letter in “I”, four letters in “love”, and three letters in “you”. Invented for people who are too lazy to text the phrase “I love you.” Ex. “143 very much.”

Powerful pressure

By: Samantha Harlan

Fifty students were polled on when they have felt pressure in a relationship.


25 “I have felt pressure from my boyfriend in 16 previous relationships and it was no fun. With my current 11 boyfriend though, we are super respectful of each other and I feel no pressure.” 6 -Anonymous

Love and pain By: Dana Mills


Photo by Kelly Taylor

ow could you do that to me? If you ever find yourself asking this question of your significant other, chances are, things are not going so well. If you are the one being questioned, you may have an even bigger problem. Since the beginning of time, abuse has existed in relationships. Decades ago, this abuse was usually physical, used by the man in the relationship to exert power over the woman, and was not taken very seriously by society. However, times have changed, and so have relationships. In the United States, one in three teenagers report knowing a friend or peer who has been hit, kicked, punched, slapped, choked, or physically hurt by their partners, according to a 2005 study by Liz Claiborne, Inc. and Teen Research Unlimited. This number is quite shocking, but considering that, of those teens, only thirty-three percent actually tell someone about it, i t is no wonder why most people do not realize how many people are trapped in abusive relationships. Of course, physical abuse is not the only sign of being in an abusive relationship. Verbal and sexual abuse are just as serious. According to the above study, one in four teenage girls in a relationship reported repeated verbal abuse by their partner. Also, twenty-six Managing Editor & percent of teenage girls said that they had Photo Editor


s the saying goes, time changes everything. From how one travels from place to place, to how people communicate, nothing remains untouched, including love. Sex on television is more common now than it ever has been before. According to a USA Today article, sex-filled television is the leading cause of teenagers having sex earlier than before. A study done by psychologist, Rebecca Collins, showed that teens who watched more sex oriented programs on television or shows that had sexual scenes were more likely to have sex than teenagers who did not watch these shows. One anonymous student says, “When you turn on the television, there is sex. When you flip through a magazine, there is at least one article pertaining to sex. It is simply, monkey see, monkey do.” In the cartoon, The Flintstones, Wilma and Fred can be seen sleeping in separate beds, a common theme in the “old days.” However, in today’s shows, such as Degrassi and Secret Life of the American Teenager, teenagers can be seen rolling around in between the sheets together. Also, in the past, dating was considered a serious commitment between two people. Before dating, the couple would court each other; meaning they wrote each other notes, went to dances together, or went out for dinner. Now, courting is “talking,” and dating is known as “going out.” “We talk on the phone or go to football games together. Other than that, we just hang out,” an anonymous girl says about her relationship.



Dating has become much more relaxed today. It is not unusual for teenagers to have a different boyfriend or girlfriend every two weeks. Surprisingly, open relationships have also become a more common recurrence, with people having two or more partners at once. Communication before and during a relationship has also gone through major changes. In the past, a blind date was when a friend introduced a person to someone he/she felt was compatible with that person. Now, with the use of the internet and dating sites such as eHarmony and, a blind date is usually someone whom a person has never seen before, only talked to online. Love notes have gone from being written on paper, to being sent electronically via text messaging or e-mail. Ms. Miller says, “Texting seems less personal to me. You do not see the person’s face or hear their voice when texting.” Within the past twenty or thirty years, things have changed vastly. Teenagers are having sex at a younger age, dating has gone from a serious commitment to an obligation that is not taken seriously, and communicating no longer means talking face to face, but rather sending messages over the phone. Times sure are “a-changing.”

A healthy relationship

By: Alice Holland


ne of the key developmental jobs during adolescence is to develop self-identity, particularly in personal and intimate relationships. A discussion on healthy relationships is beneficial to help teens recognize positive relationships so they are protected from being harmed. Ask yourself the following questions to assess your relationship and focus on health: • Who is your partner? A relationship involves many feelings and emotions. How do each of you handle emotions and feelings? • Do you feel safe? Think about your partner, the situation, and the location. Can you talk and listen to each other? • Is it consensual? No one has the right to do something to another person without that person’s permission. Are you and your partner respectful of each other? • What is your motivation? Be honest with yourself. • Is it non-exploitive? Are you being used or using someone for selfish reasons? Be interested in each other’s well being. • Are you being honest? Talk about what you want to do and what you do not want to do. Be truthful. • Is it pleasurable? Does being together make both of you feel good about yourselves? • Is it protected? Some behaviors carry risks. Discuss avoiding certain behaviors to eliminate risks, or use of protection to reduce risks. • What does your instinct say? If it feels wrong, listen to your gut instinct. Remember, you always have the right and the ability to change your mind. If you have concerns after you distinguish between a healthy relationship and a harmful relationship, please speak with an adult for guidance and assistance.

been pressured into some form of sexual activity. Any kind of abuse in a relationship is, by no means, acceptable. A common misconception about abuse is that women are the only victims. However, many men are abused by their significant others, as well. On MTV’s Teen Mom, for instance, Amber is shown repeatedly hitting, punching, and kicking the father of her baby. If you ever have any doubts about whether or not your relationship is abusive, talk to a trusted friend or adult. Even if you are the one causing the abuse, there is still hope. Being in a relationship should make both partners happy, and enrich their lives, not tear them apart. No one deserves to be abused. There is a thin line between love and pain. It is up to you to know the difference.

Alice Holland MSN, CRNP

Alice is the Director of Health Services at Penn State Berks and teaches undergraduate courses in human sexuality. She sits on the Academic Advisory Board for McGraw Hill’s Clashing Views in Human Sexuality and has studied sexual information among streetdwelling youth in Kenya.


. Opinion

But everyone does it...

By: Aindrea Williams


By: Kathryn Jones

Senioritis se·nior·i·tis

By: Erin Bucci


hat the heck is going on? I am a cheat off the paper of the person next to me, and if junior! When did this happen? they do, then I have to put more effort into cheating.” I feel like, just yesterday, I was sitting Another anonymous student commented, “I at eighth grade graduation, wondering usually just write the answers on my wrist what “big, bad” high school had in and roll up my sleeves to cheat. store for me. I suppose time really Sometimes I will even type does fly when you are having fun. the answers up in small font In all honesty, I love school. It is and print them out, or just extremely weird to think that next school type them in my phone and year will be my last here at good, old Jim save them as a note or a draft.” Thorpe High. In two short years, I In essence, the amount will not have to wake at the crack of of cheating found among dawn to jump into a uniform and high school students is greatly chase down the bus. No longer increasing. Students with will I need to starve until lunch perfect grades are cheating their is t i way to the top. Unfortunately, , yet gh D, or sign out in my agenda ys off ong hi a book to use the restroom. Life p lessons will only be learned if m er nev mon a . g n s i m is going to take a drastic ‘next stronger consequences are enforced. co at nt Che bingly ol stude r step.’ Underclassmen, live it up down u scho dist there. Soon, you too will be wondering how in the world you became so old, so quickly. When high school comes to an end, I am going to go to college. After college, I will probably want to make some money, so I am going to need a job. Depending on how long I am at college, and how long it takes me to get settled into a real job, I might be in my midtwenties! When will I ever be able to do all the things I dream about doing such as, traveling However, some students manage to stay on track, the world, or even the country for that matter? even when not doing so seems appealing. “I am staying I am noticing, but not particularly liking, the on track with my work just fine. I try to keep a clear fact that life moves at some serious speed. mind when I do my work so I do not fall behind,” senior When I am an old woman, I hope I can still Samantha Rimbey explains. “I just want to make sure remember all the fun I had in my youth, from my grades look good so colleges see that I am not falling when Mrs. Seiwell was the Crocodile Hunter, to senioritis, and that I know how to stay on track and to when Mr. Miller went for a town run with have good time management skills.” distance. Until then, I want Students may struggle because they have little to to have a blast every day. no interest in learning what they feel is unnecessary. Time flies when you are Lack of interest is a major symptom of senioritis. having fun, but if you are not “I think I sometimes feel [senioritis] because I feel having fun, well, you will end like I do not need to be in class because what I up like Dunbar from Catch want to do after high school does not need math or 22; pretty darn miserable. Features Editor science or anything like that,” senior Taylor Turchick states. “I still always get my work done, but I notice myself not really putting in full effort.” The effects of senoritis vary from student to student. Whether a student is immune to senioritis or majorly affected, some believe that a student’s opinion and thoughts may lead to the onset of this disease. The true cause of senioritis may never be known. Where it came from, and how it is caught, still remains unknown.

heating. Lots of teens have done it at least once in their lives. Whether it was because they simply forgot to study for a test, or they just slacked off the previous night and did not study. Copying someone’s worksheet, plagiarizing a paper, and purchasing an upperclassmen’s old test or quiz, are all considered cheating. According to, statistics show that, in the past fifty years, the amount of cheating among high school students has dramatically increased. The site further notes, “The struggling students used to be the only ones who would cheat, but now it is mostly the above-average students cheating in pressure to keep their grades at perfection. Cheaters are rarely caught; and when they are they are only served a mild punishment.” When asked about what methods they use, an anonymous student said, “It honestly depends on the type of test. It also depends on what type of teacher it is. If they do not pay attention enough, then I can just

Proceed cautiously

All grown up

noun a crippling disease that strikes high school seniors, usually leading to procrastination, lowered grades, and truancy.


enioritis- this simple, four-syllable word has resulted in the academic downfall of countless high school seniors. It is a captivating, mind-boggling occurrence that requires enormous amounts of effort to escape. The true definition of senioritis often varies, but essentially it “So...when is graduation?” is an unplanned wave of laziness that strikes when schoolwork and responsibilities are most important. Some seniors do not realize that they are slipping, and fall victim to this. Once one is afflicted with senioritis, they must then battle their way back to success before it is too late. “I have it, and it is bad. I either wait until last minute to do my homework, or I am rushing to do it in the morning. I hit the snooze button about fifteen times before I finally get up in the morning,” says senior Melissa Young. The Raconteurs

AC/DC The Bravery Jackson Five

The Doors

Music that will never die By: Lauren Zurn


Led Zepplin

“I think that Beyonce will be a legend in fifty years. She has been creating music for so long, and a lot of people love her work. Beyonce has a wide variety of music.” – Celeste Robinson, junior Ma don

Kiss Aerosmith Owl City

““[Lady Gaga’s] style is crazy. ” “I think that Lady Gaga will be a legendary artist fifty years from now. Her style is crazy, and, since it has never been seen before, she will definitely be remembered for it. Plus, many teens like her music. – Chris DeMarco, senior

Stevie Wonder “I think that Bruno Mars will be a legend fifty years from now because his [Beyonce]has music is so unique from other artists been creating and he features many famous artists, making him a legend in my opinion.” music for so long. - Dylan Bradley, sophomore

Fifty years from now, who will you remember?

““ [ E m i n e m ]

raps about real problems. ”


[Bruno Mars’] music is so unique.

“I think Eminem will be a legendar y artist because he raps about things other than gir ls and money. He raps about real problems that people can relate to.” – Brian Ohl, sophomore

Bon Jovi Chicago Cher Bruce Springsteen Dolly Parton The Rolling Stones Pink Floyd Lady Gaga Paul McCartney


S ank



Opinion A new future in technology

By: Catherine Condly


eachers within the Jim Thorpe Area School District are continuing to work towards new technolog y in order to enhance students’ education. When asked about his feelings on having so much technology in school and if he thinks that having this new technology actually helps enhance students’ learning, science teacher, Mr. Pascoe said, “I think we are very lucky with the amount of technology we have in our school district. There are some districts that do not have DVD players, let alone computers. I feel that the technology does make a difference in the education of today’s students to learn things through a different manner, but they still have to put forth the effort.” S ome of the new technolog y being introduced in schools include Smartboards, iPod touches, and iPhones. Teachers are experimenting with these products to see if they will benefit the students’ education. Technology has become such a huge aspect in young people’s lives that computer classes are required in elementary through high school. Mr. Schwartz, high school computer teacher, said, “I think it is great to have all of this technology in the school. It can be very challenging at times keeping up with it! However, the technology helps the teachers and the students. It gives the

teachers different methods to present t h e material and it g i v e s For Mr. Conrad’s Physics 2 class, iPods are the norm. students the opportunity to work with c u t t i n g e d g e t e c h n o l o g y. ” Mr. Conrad, physics teacher, even uses iPod touches in his physics classes, his students use their iPod touches to complete their work. When Mr. Conrad was asked about technology in school and what the purpose of using iPod touches is, he replied, “I feel that technology is one of many great tools for teaching and learning, however I am still an advocate for pencil, paper, and using one’s brain. When it comes to education, I seem to take a pragmatic approach. Technology should be used where it is appropriate and sensible.” The new technology that teachers are introducing will only prepare students more for the rest of their high school careers and for college. The direct result of learning new technology at a younger age will benefit students as they prepare for adulthood.

Ignorance is bliss T

e e n a ge r s a l l o ve r Am e r i c a a re b e g i n n i n g t o s h ow an apparent lack of interest concerning the outside world and the issues its people are facing in today’s society. The world faces all sorts of problems. They range from the malnutrition of small children to excessive drug abuse. An unimpressive number of teens just do not care for some of these problems. Many teenagers do not even know what is going on beyond the walls of their own lives. Even though the information is put out in front of them on television and newspapers, they decide to ignore it.“I think we do not have the money to spend [solving problems] in other countries. We should be using that money to fix our own economy, here in America,” states sophomore, Kurt Dyer. A majority of his peers agree with this statement. Many believe the United States’ issues are the only important Some students do not even know that problems this world faces, but they are not looking at the bigger there is a country named Georgia. picture. What is good for the world is good for America as well.

Close to home A

ttending college comes with a lot of big decisions: W hich major to choose? Co-ed or single sexed? Public or private? However, the most important question is whether to go to an in-state or out-of-state college. One of the most popular reasons students go to an instate college is that, depending on whether or not it is a public college, it has a much cheaper price range than that of an out-of-state college. English teacher Mr. Ward says, “I went Cornell’s rural setting offers a unique college experience. to an in-state college because it was less expensive.” In-state public schools are generally cheaper than out-of-state schools because they receive government funding for in-state students. When attending an in-state college, students have the ability to go home at their convenience as they do not have to fly or drive for hours. Senior Arielle Harleman says, “When a college is close to home, it may help you to warm up to the area more easily.” When a student is more familiar with a place, they may have an easier time focusing, which could lead to better grades. Some in-state schools have the benefits of living in a new environment without the outrageous traveling prices. “I attended Gannon University,” says math teacher Ms. Horvat. “Gannon is located in Lake Erie, PA. The university buildings are mixed in with regular city buildings, so it is not a traditional college campus setting.” The truth of it is, as senior Anna Domingo says, “It all comes down to the facts: whether or not the school provides what you are Temple is close to home, yet a offers whole new environment. looking for, whether or not the school fits your preferred distance away, and whether or not the school is within your price range.” Photo credits to :

Where do we go now?

By: Kayla Susko



t is unbelievable what motivation can do for us. No matter our age,we are all striving to hear those positive comments, and without them, I believe we would be left in a stupor. Parents play a huge role in this motivation process. Recognition from our parents means a lot to us. The things your parents say are never taken “with a grain of salt;” they are taken to heart and are tremendously important. We push and push to hear the words, “I am proud of you,” and when we do, it is a great feeling. Our parents’ motivation is so important that I believe without it, we would start to question what good we are to the world. In athletics, a simple “good job” from a coach can go a long way. We, as athletes, push day after day to get better and stronger for our sport. We do not work hard for nothing. We work hard for the satisfaction of reaching our goals and being recognized. However, how can we enjoy ourselves and keep improving if we are flooded with negative comments? Nothing hurts more than being pushed down by a coach, the most influential person during the season. In my opinion, being physically trained is only half the battle; it is the mental preparation that is most important. Of course, negative criticism has to be put on the table in order to improve, however it cannot overpower the positive. We all need a pat on the back and an approving smile every now and then, because this simple motivation is what keeps us going. I personally challenge everyone to put more of it out there. Focus Editor

By: Emily Jones

By: Emily Sigley

Stay positive


Sophomore Amanda Hogg states, “I think it is selfish for teens to think about themselves before [thinking about] problems like starving, sick children all over the world. The children need help; it could save their lives.” Some teens do care about the less fortunate in other countries, but unfortunately, they are not the majority. While some teens may be deeply moved by international current events, others may simply have an air of indifference. Whether students choose to open their eyes or not, the issues looming on foreign soil will always be there. Ignoring other countries and their problems is always an option, but helping and supporting others gives one a feeling of not only accomplishment, but of happiness as well. Many of today’s teens will not understand that until they are adults; unfortunately some teens may never care at all.

Far, far away W By: Samantha Harlan

hether it is moving to a neighboring state or halfway across the country, some students consider an out-of-state college to be their path to success. Senior Katherine Bond explains why attending an out-of-state college could be beneficial, “You have a little more freedom and you get to see how different it is living elsewhere, rather than Jim Thorpe.” The adventure of exploring new places, while also furthering an education, allows students to pull more toward an out-ofstate decision. Attending an out-of-state college allows the person to venture out into the world while still remaining in a relatively safe environment. “Experiencing different cities and new environments,” is what senior Amelia Herman believes draws students to the out-of-state college choice. Taking the next step in life and discovering oneself is what college is all about. To do this, students need to be in an environment that is most comfortable for them. This is a major factor in a student’s decision. Senior Quinn Boswell voices his opinion saying: “You do not have to see your parents. You can make new friends, and start a new life.” College should be a memorable experience with priceless moments. Out-of-state colleges offer many things that a person may not be able to get from attending a college in their home state. Choosing a college may be difficult and whether a graduate is leaning toward in-state or out-of-state, complete confidence in their choice is necessary. So, if one is looking for adventure, as well as a good education, an out-of-state college might be the best choice.



10 A r o u n d T o w n

First annual Jim Thorpe wedding expo By: Catherine Condly


he first annual Jim Thorpe Wedding Expo, on Saturday, November 13 , 2010, promotions. Many local businesses have already confirmed they are attending. is calling all future brides and grooms. Admission is free for the expo. The The event will also be broadcasted live on the Oldies 1410 WLSH, event will be held at the Mauch Chunk ballroom from 10a.m. to 4p.m. Magic 105.5 WMGH FM. It can also be found on of: tesy le.c r When asked how she came up with the idea of presenting a wedding expo, the internet at www., u om o ec // W Tara Banniniger-Kubas, one of the creators of the wedding expo, said, “The idea or Facebook. ag originated with Dorie Perdie of “Through the Looking Glass” caterers. She has M a n y m ay be wondering been in Jim Thorpe for over twelve years and catering weddings in the area for just what the main purpose or the as long. We came together when I had started my wedding planning business, m a i n g o a l of having the Jim Thorpe Weddings & Events. After she witnessed what I had done as a co- wedding expo is, and Tara had producer of the First Jim Thorpe Barlesque Festival, she asked me to come an answer for join and help put the expo together. Of course, I was very excited about that as well. w or . the possibility, and, without hesitation, I ran with it.” s n sig e d According to in the past, “when Jim “ T h e o ve r a l l e Thorpe was known as Mauch Chunk, the town was known as the purpose of the second most popular wedding location.” Tara Banniniger-Kubas expo is to bring and Doren Perdie are determined to put Jim Thorpe back on top our beautiful town for wedding destinations. to the attention of One of their main purposes for having a wedding expo brides, both locally and in is to boost local businesses and prosper. “I believe that this will neighboring counties, and even most definitely benefit the town. Jim Thorpe is often the romantic from New York and New Jersey. I want the expo getaway for many couples, and many have vacationed here, were to showcase that the wedding of their dreams, in proposed to, and have gotten engaged while visiting here. It is the town they love, can happen here. At one point a beautiful town for a wedding. There are many local shops and in time, Jim Thorpe was only second to Niagara Falls businesses, such as LaMia Torta (cakes) of Lehighton, Best Buds as a premiere wedding destination. Ultimately, I would Florist of Slatington, Anne Margaret’s Bridals by Victoria of Palmerton, like to bring this town back to that status and put it on and many more that would benefit from more weddings occurring here in the map as a much sought after wedding destination. It is town. I believe it would also help the local hotels and bed and breakfasts. Any poised to be just that with all the beauty of the nature that surrounds business that is brought in town, for any reason, is always a benefit.” it, along with its sophistication and Victorian charm.” There will be food and cake tasting provided by “Through the Looking Tara and Doren feel the wedding expo could have a positive effect on the Glass,” live entertainment, a bridal gown show, and giveaways and special town, and bring a lot of benefits for couples, as well as for Jim Thorpe as a whole. g din ed



re -D


p: / htt


d di

ng c ak

d sses-Bri al-Dresses. com

Imag e c our tes y

Fall favorites

By: Aindrea Williams

“ I love haunted houses because I love the thrill of not knowing what to expect when you go in one.” - Adam Dachowicz, senior

Forty students were asked what their favorite Fall activities were.

“Every year, my family and I go to the pumpkin patch and pick the biggest pumpkins. It’s like a family tradition that we do.” - TJ Prontnicki, senior

“I never have a boring Friday when I attend the football games and support the team.”

- Brittany Holland, senior

Split Rock explosion

By: Amanda Crandall


n the morning of October 1st, the Split Rock Resort at Lake Harmony suffered major damage from a gas explosion. Officials at Split Rock are still trying to figure out what exactly caused the explosion, but they theorize that it is the result of a ruptured gas line near the sports complex. Thankfully, the damage did not affect the hotel area; only the sports complex was affected.When the explosion occurred, one resort employee was injured. The employee was treated at the scene and again at the hospital for some minor burns. He or she was working on bowling equipment at the time, which lucky for him or her, was not in the direct fire of the powerful blast. Through the investigation of the hotel, Split Rock Resort will remain open. The resorts structural engineer will be examining the building to ensure its safety. The complex contained a bowling alley, basketball courts, tennis courts and the resort’s massage center. “I was not there during the explosion, but I saw the damage the next day and Image Courtesy of: it was pretty bad,” stated resort employee, Sara Kimborowicz, j u n i o r . Throughout the area, enough damage was incurred that it will be out of use for quite some Split Rock Resort remains open, even after the damaging explosion. time.


. 11

Successful season for girls’ soccer Football team bonding

By: Amanda Crandall

What turns a football team into a family? By: Alexandria Ventrella



The girls’ soccer team eagerly begins their warm-up so the game can get underway.

fter much hard work and dedication, the girls’ soccer team has made the transition to the AAA division and is coming very close to moving into districts. In order for the girls to be where they are today, they had to overcome obstacles such as working together, dedication to the team, and striving to do their best. The team has been working hard to succeed since camp in July. “It would be an awesome feeling for the girls’ soccer program to make it to districts with this only being the third year since its inception,” states the girls’ head soccer coach, Richard Emmert. The team practices “We have fun with together six days per week, on average for two and a our practices, but half hours a day. As far as working out goes, the girls currently run an average of stay serious.” three miles a day plus forty sit-ups and forty push-ups. Also, during practices, -Celeste Mariano they practice ball handling, which is a great skill to have on the soccer field. “We have fun with our practices, but stay serious,” says team member, Celeste Mariano. After all of the hard hours practicing, the dedication, and the obstacles overcome, the girls have come very far. All of the effort they have been putting into their performance is showing. They work together as a team and it is beginning to pay off. Hopefully, the success of the team continues and brings them all the way to districts.

riday night lights are what make a team into brothers and a game into a war. Brotherhood means standing together and always being there for each other when times get hard. A great symbol of brotherhood is the Jim Thorpe football team. When the stadium lights go on, the team starts their preparations for the game by stretching and pumping each other up in the locker room. When asked what games are like, senior Sean Green states, “Games are indescribable. There is no other feeling in the world like playing under those Friday night lights. We rarely go against each other, but sometimes, in the heat of the moment, it happens.” The football team, other than being coached by amazing coaches, is well rounded and has fantastic chemistry, but like every other team, they have their arguments as well. Regardless of the sport, there will always be disagreements; what counts is whether or not the team knows how to get through them together. For the fans, games are more than entertainment. Games act as an exhibition for the fans to see all the qualities that the football team has. Before all the glory of the cheering fans and walking onto the field for a game, there comes a hard week of practices. After being asked about practices, Senior Terry Moll II says, “There is always high intensity at practices everyday. If everything runs smoothly, it is a great day. This is not always the case, but the hard days are the ones that count.” What makes this team as great as they are is teamwork. They work together and push each other to the best of their abilities. The team has close relationships on and off of the field. The team makes sure they spend time together with their pads off. Senior Steven Hayes says, “The team goes out on Wednesdays for wings, and after Thursday night dinners the guys go to home volleyball games.” Most of them show respect for others and display gentleman-like qualities, even though many people just see them as a bunch of jocks. Between growing up together, and spending so much time on the field with each other, the football team has definitely grown into a family.


Select golf team members have qualified for Districts. By: Mary Slack


n Wednesday, September 29th, two members of the Jim Thorpe varsity golf team headed to the Hidden Valley golf course in Friedensburg, PA in order to compete in the Schuylkill Leagues Golf tournament. Mr. Spirk, coach of the golf team said, “All the 2010 golf team members worked hard at improving their games this fall. All of the golfers showed a downswing in their scores this year compared to last year.”
Originally, the tournament was set for September 27th, but was postponed to September 29th, due to inclement weather. 
 Both senior Dean DiBonifazio, and junior Mitch Hoffman, were able to swing low enough scores to qualify themselves for leagues. There, they were joined by the other top golfers from the area. “I think it was a great experience,” Mitch said. “I was able to golf with a group of golfers from other schools similar to my calibur.”
Dean scored an eighty-five at the tournament, which is only ten over the par for the course. Dean also placed eleventh overall in the tournament out of thirty-four golfers. With this score, he was also able to advance to the District eleven golf qualifiers at the Schuylkill Country Club.


Program benefits seniors and hungry football fans.

By: Elizabeth Johnson


t is about seven o’clock on a Friday night. As students swarm into the Olympian stadium, some of their stomachs begin to rumble. They make their way to the concession stand and Every senior who they realize that it looks like high school seniors are serving was interviewed the food. One wonders, why are the seniors ser ving food rather about their than watching the game? Those seniors are participating in the experiences in Canteen program. This program allows Canteen said the the seniors to raise money for their prom and other events same thing: “It is so by working the food stand at the home football games. They much fun!” serve a variety of foods on the menu, from nachos and burgers to cotton candy and snow cones. Every senior who was interviewed about their experiences in Canteen said the same thing: “It is so much fun!”

Senior golfer Dean DiBonifazio practices dilligently to perfect his swing.

Canteen’s main goal is to raise money for the senior prom. However, it also helps the seniors bond with their fellow classmates during their last year of high school. “Being part of Canteen allows you to spend time with your senior class and make the games seem even more fun,” says senior Shanea Mertz. Many seniors take part in the program just because they like being able to help their graduating class. “It gets crazy sometimes because there are so many people at the window, but we usually manage since there is a lot of teamwork going on,” says senior Arielle Harleman. Canteen requires the seniors to push themselves. They need to be committed and responsible. The program is about teamwork and self-sacrifice. In the end, all of the hard work and effort pays off , with all the money that has been raised for the senior class.


. Sports Tyler Mangold By: Lauren Zurn


“Tyler is a successful athlete because he has put in the hard work.” - Coach Albert

leader on the field, wrestling mat, and court, senior Tyler Mangold gives a 110 percent to everything that he does. “Tyler sets the bar for what is expected when it comes to the work ethic of a team. I recall his first wrestling practice last year, when he came in and just outworked all of his teammates. I know that his teammates in wrestling, and certainly in football, look up to him. He is a student athlete you can count on,” said wrestling coach, Mr. Albert. Since Tyler Mangold has been a part of Jim Thorpe High School, he has been determined to succeed both as a student and an athlete. Tyler is an influential teammate who leads by example. He has been a starter for football since he was a freshman, from which he has received First Team Offense and Defense Lineman Awards. He also has received the Carbon County Lineman of the Year Award for the last two years in a row - something that has never been done before. He also had the privilege of his coach telling local newspapers that he was the best lineman that he has ever coached in Jim Thorpe history. “In all of my years of coaching, I have never come across an athlete who has worked as hard as Tyler. His dedication has elevated his ability on the football field,” stated the head football coach, Mr. Rosenberger. Tyler is also a member of the power-lifting team. Tyler has been power-lifting since the seventh grade, but had actually started long before that in his grandparents’ basement. He has been able to receive awards that only the best power-lifters in the state can receive, such as the Most Outstanding Lifter Trophy. “My best memory of Tyler was when he benched 385 pounds. It not only amazed me, because of his great strength, but it also motivated me and inspired me to do better and push myself,” stated power-lifting teammate, senior Konnor Herman.

Lauren Mason

   Wrestling is another sport that Tyler has been able to execute with supreme skill. After his first year of wrestling, he shows willingness to learn and possesses the self-drive to push himself for the better. “Tyler is a successful athlete because he has put in the hard work.  His success is seen by everyone in his performance on the field and on the mat. He is successful because he knows what the right things are and makes sure he follows them.  What separates Tyler from other athletes is his ability to be coached. Coach Rosenberger and Coach McGowan have spent a great amount of time with him, and because he responds to his coaches positively, he succeeds,” said Coach Albert. Tyler has also joined the co-ed cheerleading squad this past year. Since Tyler has such great strength, he has been able to contribute to the team in many ways. During his first practice, he was able to complete a single stunt called a “chair,” which has taken other male cheerleaders almost three years to achieve. Commenting on Tyler’s hard work, teammate, Bridget McFadden, sophomore, stated, “Tyler is very supportive of his fellow teammates. Halfway through the season, he got hurt and could not compete with us. He still came to the practices and the competition to cheer the rest of us on.” Tyler will also be joining the track and field team in the spring, but aside from being a star athlete, Tyler also has many other hobbies. He is a member of the Stage Crew and enjoys playing the piano, guitar, and drums. Tyler is also a member of a band named “Free Vengeance.” After high school, he will attend college and hopes to play football, but he would also like to be an elementary school teacher, in which he already has gained experience by teaching in a Sunday School program for preschool students. Tyler Mangold is a great example of what a student-athlete should be. He strives to work hard and never gives in when times get tough. Wherever Tyler goes, he will show his hard work, leadership, and determination.

s ’ r e n n i e l rc W i C

By: Phil Schron


Football, Cheerleading, Wrestling, Powerlifting

enior Lauren Mason lives by the quote, “Believe deep down in your heart that you are destined to do great things.”This quote inspires Lauren to always give one hundred percent in her sports and academics. Lauren plays and excels at two sports: volleyball and softball. In volleyball Lauren is a setter. For softball, she is an all-around infield player. Lauren has been playing volleyball for two years and playing softball for nine years. Senior Brittany Holland, her teammate in both sports, comments about Lauren’s great enthusiasm as an athlete, “Lauren’s ability to always make the team laugh makes her an awesome teammate.” Lauren takes her volleyball career very seriously; she is constantly working on her skills at practice and focusing on improving her performance. She starts at center for the girls’ varsity volleyball team. The head volleyball coach, Ms. Horvat, said, “Lauren has been a crucial back-row player for us since the beginning of the season. She is very focused and is a consistent server. She is also a very powerful back-row attacker.” Many of Lauren’s teammates share the same opinion on how excellent Lauren is at being both a teammate and a friend. Lauren says, “My family, coaches, and the other amazing athletes I play with make me excel at my sports.” Going into her fourth year of high school softball, Lauren is excited to try to turn around the girls’ softball team record. Lauren’s favorite softball moment, she stated, “Throwing a girl from a different school out at third base for a crucial out

Volleyball, Softball

in a game.” Many impressive things can be said about Lauren’s kindness and role as a good friend. Her best friend and teammate for both volleyball and softball, senior Christina Gibson said, “Having your best friend as your teammate cannot always be the best thing for a friendship, but for Lauren and I, it has only made our bond stronger. During softball season, we are constantly pushing one another to work harder. She makes me laugh when I am down, and she is always ready to join me in a cheer to help pump up the team.” Besides sports, Lauren also focuses on her schoolwork and is involved in extracurricular activities. She is an honor roll student and a member of student council and chorus. Lauren also attended rival school, Marian Catholic. While at Marian, she played basketball. She absolutely enjoys singing, hanging out with her friends, and always being active. In the future, Lauren would like to attend the University of Scranton or Penn State University. She wants to major in physical therapy and pursue a minor in athletic training. Lauren plans to continue playing volleyball and softball in intramural clubs while in college. Lauren Mason is a sight to see, on the court and on the field. She is definitely a talented athlete and hard working student who should be commended for her outstanding achievements.

“Lauren’s ability to always make the team laugh makes her an awesome teammate.” - Brittany Holland, senior

The Olympiad - October 2010  

The second issue of The Olympiad, published in October 2010.

The Olympiad - October 2010  

The second issue of The Olympiad, published in October 2010.