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UOSA creates new way to help

Syrian expert leads class

Program made to improve group communication RACHAEL CERVENKA Campus Reporter

UOSA administrators have implemented a program to facilitate conversation between student government and registered student organizations on campus.

The Registered Student Organizations Ambassador program was launched in January, Student Organizations Director Andi Atkin said. The program enables UOSA to reach out to student organizations rather than having the groups come to them, Atkin said. UOSA members recruited 10 ambassadors to serve in the program, Atkin said. The ambassadors were


required to complete an application before they could be considered for the position, she said. OU has more than 490 registered student organizations on campus, so each ambassador will oversee 50 organizations or more, she said. The student organizations were classified by their mission statements into 10 categories, Atkin said. Each ambassador contacted the

presidents of his or her assigned organizations at the start of the semester. The main job of the ambassadors is to inform UOSA of what the organizations are doing and, in turn, let the organizations know what UOSA is doing, Atkin said. The ambassadors notify the organizations about UOSA deadlines, events and resources SEE UOSA PAGE 2


Other nations mimic holiday


When Joshua Landis earned a European history and French bachelor’s degree in 1979, he never foresaw becoming a leading expert on a Middle Eastern country currently in turmoil. He knew he wasn’t going to be a doctor, a lawyer or a banker like his father, so he waved goodbye to his upbringing and decided to pursue an adventure. His hunger for adventure motivated Landis to travel to a civil war zone – Lebanon – to teach history and English literature at a college in Beirut. 30 minutes into his first lesson at the blackboard, a military shell disturbed Landis’ class. Despite the dangers, Landis returned to the Middle East again and again as a student, teacher and expert. That thirst for adventure became a career, and today Landis is recognized as a leading expert on the

Chocolates have two meanings in Japanese culture CORENTIN COURTOIS Campus Reporter

Roses and teddy bears may be the tangible exp re s s i o n s o f l ov e f o r Americans celebrating Valentine’s day, but in other countries a very different set of expectations and traditions exist. “In Japan, it’s basically chocolate day,” Japanese business student Yuki Nakatsuka said. Japanese people don’t traditionally go to the movies, a restaurant or other romantic settings, he said. Instead, women offer chocolate to men, but never the other way around, Nakatsuka said. Women can offer two types of chocolate, he said. Gir i-choco, or “obligation chocolate” in Japanese, are small pieces of chocolate or cookies usually offered to male coworkers, friends and acquaintances. H o n m e i - c h o c o, o r “true feeling chocolate” in Japanese, are of higher quality, more expensive and are usually given to boyfriends, prospective boyfriends and husbands. “It’s a tough day for girls because it’s often the day where they will confess their love to the guys depending on the type of chocolate they give,” Nakatsuka said. Though the distinction between chocolates may put the emphasis on women, but White Day, which takes place exactly SEE SWEETS PAGE 3 The Daily’s multimedia staff picks a few local date destinations.


BIO BOX Josh Landis


University College freshmen Corrie DeGraffenreid (left) and Brennan Curtis build a snowman Monday in front of Couch Restaurants. Oklahoma received one to two inches of snow Sunday night, causing university officials to cancel early-Monday classes. OU resumed its normal schedule at 10 a.m. Visit to see how other students on campus responded to Monday’s snow.

Landis is OU’s director of the Center for Middle East Studies and a professor of Middle Eastern Studies.


Finding home depends on wants, necessities Exchange students seek appropriate campus living CORENTIN COURTOIS Campus Reporter

Coming to a new house is one thing, but finding a home is another for international students. Exchange students are usually afraid to be isolated from the other exchange students, which explains why only 1 to 2 percent of exchange students live in residence halls or off campus, International Housing Coordinator Luis Salvatierra said. Yet all the housing options

have pros and cons. Many students chose the OU Traditions Square apartments for the comfort and services, but for others, like Juliette Faraggi, these were not a priority. Faraggi, a French foreign language student, came to the U.S. to travel, and she needed cheap rent to accomplish that, so she decided to live in OU’s Kraettli Apartments, she said. “We arrived in this beautiful campus where everything was amazing, but then AUSTIN VAUGHN/THE DAILY they brought us to this dreary looking place and said, ‘OK, University College freshmen Jiyoung Moon (right) and Christiana Vipay talk in their dorm room Thursday. SEE HOUSING PAGE 3

Moon, an international student, chose to live with an American roommate instead of surrounding herself with other international students in Kraettli Apartments.

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OU professor studied, taught at Syrian college

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Oklahoma hosts Texas on Tuesday. The Longhorns are riding a three-game winning streak. (Page 5)

Cleveland County Health Department inspection reports of private food service groups that serve the 22 OU greek houses — To ensure private food service contractors are complying with state food service codes.



Current contracts between OU and all food franchises on campus — To learn more about the terms and conditions of those contracts.


OU Police Department call records from last semester to present — To learn more about the number of phone calls OUPD fields and the reasons people call.


OU students to compete Love it or hate it, but for $100,000 investment Valentine’s Day is here Two Venture for America Fellows will work at start-up companies in low-income cities after graduation. (Campus)

The Daily’s open record requests

Sooner men’s hoops to face red-hot ’Horns

If the day of love snuck up on you this year, the life & arts staff has some last-minute ideas to save the day. (Page 7)


Junior guard Whitney Hand (left) struggles to shoot as a Connecticut defender prepares to block the shot. The Sooners lost to UConn, 73-55, for the fourth straight year on Monday in Norman. (Page 5)


• Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CAMPUS ›› An anthropology professor from the University of Texas will lecture about resources in Papua New Guinea at 7 p.m. Feb. 21 at the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History.

Laney Ellisor, campus editor Kathleen Evans, assistant campus editor Chris Miller, assistant campus editor • phone: 405-325-3666

CULTURE: Landis’ newsletter gaining reputation Continued from page 1


TODAY AROUND CAMPUS Free valentine cookies will be available for students to decorate from 11:30 a.m. to noon in Oklahoma Memorial Union’s first floor lobby. The Art from the Heart Show and Sale will take place from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in Fred Jones Art Center’s LIghtwell Gallery. The show will be selling all-youcan-eat soup and sandwiches and an original piece of art for $15. Without the original piece of art, the food is $10. A lecture titled “15 Years of ‘One Country, Two Systems’ in Hong Kong� will be given by Donald Tong from 3:15 to 4:15 p.m. in Hester Hall 160.

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current uprising in Syria. Landis said his interest in Syria began as a student looking for adventure. “ It w a s a n a c c i d e nt,� Landis said. “It’s because it was where I ended up getting my Fulbright [scholarship], nobody was doing Syria.� During that time, the civil wars and conflicts in the Middle East made it a dangerous place to go to, Landis said. “Nobody was going to Syria,� Landis said. “It was terra incognita – unknown territory.� Landis said he studied in Turkey in 1985 and considered becoming an Ottoman expert but was drawn back to Syria. “I concentrated on Syria after that, then I married a Syrian wife, and I’m stuck in

Visit to read the full story


Joshua Landis, director of the Center for Middle East Studies, stands outside his office Monday by a picture of a mosque. Landis specializes in the Middle Eastern country of Syria.

Syria,� Landis said.

politics and history called Syria Comment. Syria Comment Landis updates the newsand the Media letter daily, a routine he said In 2004, Landis created took a lot of discipline. a Web newsletter on Syrian He gets information about

UOSA: Organizer hopes program keeps growing Continued from page 1 available. The goal of the program is to increase UOSA’s presence in these organizations and have students know UOSA is there to help, Atkin said. “It’s something we are trying to do to make UOSA a real force in the community and make it really applicable to the lives of the individuals that are in these student organizations,� Atkin said. Morgan Pinkerton,

political science junior, is the ambassador for the largest group of organizations — which includes nearly 150 campus groups. Pinkerton is the Political Science Club’s treasurer and is responsible for creating the club’s budget and submitting it to UOSA for approval. She said making the budget can be overwhelming and frustrating, so when she heard about the ambassador program she thought it sounded like a good opportunity to assist other student leaders.

Pinkerton said since reaching out to organizations, almost half have responded and most have provided her with positive feedback. “I have had people invite me to meetings, ask me questions and people just seem thankful to have someone,� she said. The idea for this program came from one of UOSA President Hannah Morris and Vice President Laura Bock’s campaign platforms, program coordinator Lorenzo Alferos said.

The Earth

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As coordinator, Alferos was responsible for building the program and selecting the ambassadors, he said. Alferos said he hopes this program can continue to grow when the next UOSA executive board members take their seats and to expand the program to include more than 10 ambassadors, he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think sometimes UOSA is perceived on campus as a very exclusive group, so we are trying to break that,â&#x20AC;? Alferos said.

Nancyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cupcakery NEW LOCATION AT Cookies â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Cards

breakfast lunch dinner espresso juice bar smoothies patio seating

Student Special

Syria from Syrian friends, reporters and other contacts in the country. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I was really able to keep my finger on the pulse of what was happening in Syria,â&#x20AC;? he said. Syria Comment gets referenced by widely recognized news sources like New York Times, Washington Post and Times Magazine. I t â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s r e a d b y g o v e r n ment officials and analysts in Washington D.C. And European capitals, Landis said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It gets quoted and picked up by other news and blogs,â&#x20AC;? Landis said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;So thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a giant echo. It travels.â&#x20AC;?

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CALL FOR RESEARCH PROPOSALS The Joe C. and Carole Kerr McClendon Honors College invites applications for the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) for the 2012 Spring and Fall semesters This is a competitive program open to ALL undergraduate students at the University of Oklahoma main campus and the Health Sciences Center. Projects can be in any discipline; for example, allied health, architecture, business, education, fine arts, engineering, the humanities, journalism, natural sciences, and social sciences. These awards are intended to support individual projects designed and undertaken by undergraduate students. Winners receive research grants of up to $1000 to be used for the projects.

The deadline for submission is March 27, 2012. Applications and details are available on the Honors College website:



Tuesday, February 14, 2012 •


SWEETS: Traditions differ from culture to culture HOUSING: Some enjoy Continued from page 1 staying on campus one month later, is a chance for men to offer something back, Nakatsuka said. If men receive giri-choco they are not obligated to offer a return gift, but if they receive honmei-choco, they are expected to offer a gift at least as expensive of as the chocolate they received, Nakatsuka said. “For me it’s pretty annoying,” Nakatsuka said. “You have to go to the store and buy some stuff, especially when you have a girlfriend.” Which also means receiving a gift is not without consequences, he said. “If a girl offers you a honmei-choco but you don’t want to give her back a more expensive gift, you can refuse the chocolates in the first place,” Nakatsuka said. “It happens a lot.” Japanese women even send chocolate to show their feelings toward their idols, even though they know they won’t receive anything in return, Nakatsuka said. “You cannot just ignore it, even though it’s not Japanese culture. They just copied Americans and created their own thing,” Nakatsuka said. “But basically, it’s just a marketing strategy for the chocolate companies.” For Mexican dance major Brenda Zaizar, Día del Amor y la Amistad, or “Love and Friendship Day” in Spanish, is a good opportunity to spend time with a boyfriend or family and friends, she said. “True, it’s commercial, but it’s like Christmas — it’s like all celebrations,” she said. “I don’t mind. It’s a really nice excuse to celebrate friendship and love.” Though the typical Valentine’s Day clichés exist in Mexico, Zaizar said she prefers a more personal experience. “It’s usually guys who offer, but I don’t like receiving teddy bears or roses. It’s an easy way to say, ‘Yeah,


Continued from page 1


Brenda Zaizar, dance junior and exchange student from Mexico, makes a Valentine’s Day gift on Monday. Zaizar and her significant other plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the typical American fashion.

AT A GLANCE Japanese Valentine’s Day On Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, Japanese women give two kinds of chocolates: • “Giri-choco,” obligation chocolates — Given to male friends, coworkers and acquaintances • “Honmei-choco,” true feeling chocolates — Given to boyfriends, prospective boyfriends and husbands

yeah, OK, I love you, take these,’” she said. “It’s so impersonal.” The sentimental value of the gifts exchanged is what helps Zaizar continue to enjoy the day, she said. “I have a boyfriend here, and I’m going to give him a cute mug filled with chocolates and a note,” she said. “If he doesn’t give me anything, I don’t care. If he spends time with me and tells me happy Valentine’s day, it’s a good day.” Environmental engineering graduate student Jordi Botella may be in America

On March 14, White Day, Japanese men give chocolates back. • If they received giri-choco, they don’t have to return the chocolate gift. • If they received honmeichoco, they are expected to give a gift at least as expensive as the one they received. Source: Yuki Nakatsuka, Japanese business student

this Valentine’s Day, but his heart remains home in France. Botella will celebrate Valentine’s Day abroad for the first time this year, thousands of miles from his girlfriend. “I don’t need a special date to want to do something great for this girl,” Botella said. “But it’s still an occasion to show how nice you can be.” Botella can’t offer a romantic dinner this year, but he did his best to cope with the distance, he said. “I have sent her a bouquet

of roses, and we’ll probably talk on Skype,” Botella said. “I hope she’ll be home for the delivery.” Like a lot of Americans, Marja van der Werff, a science and innovation Dutch student, thinks Valentine’s day is too commercial, she said. “I don’t like this feeling that you have to do something this day because everyone else does it,” van der Werff said. “When you’re given a gift, it’s awkward to not at least give something back, but if you do, you play the game and you establish the bond. It really makes everything more complicated.” A day about love is often more appropriately described by another word because of the mountains of presents. “It’s materialistic,” van der Werff said. “It kind of defeats the purpose of the day, which is about love, caring and friendship, and not about buying stuff.”

this is your place,’” Faraggi said. The problems were not just in the appearance of the room — the ceiling leaked, the oven did not work, light bulbs exploded and a cupboard door came off in her hand as she was opening it, Faraggi said. “The whole apartment was falling to pieces,” she said. “Let’s say I understood why it was cheap.” After two months, Faraggi and her roommates moved to a new, nicer apartment in Kraettli, she said. The best part about Kraettli for Faraggi is getting along with her roommate and having a strong feeling of SEE MORE ONLINE community, she said. To live the American colVisit lege experience, though, to read the full story Salvatierra said he mends the residence halls because they are close to campus and having an American roommate would help improve international students’ English. That’s exactly what happened for Jiyoung Moon , a Korean business and economics student. Since moving into the dorms, Moon said she is good friends with her American roommate and a floormate she met in class. But the dorm system doesn’t work for everyone. “The very first day, we had a party in Kraettli, and I came back to sleep to the dorms. But the second day, I was already sleeping on [a friend’s] couch,” said Sara Gil, a Spanish engineering of industrial design student. After three weeks, Gil said she wanted to move to Traditions, but she had to wait until the second semester for spots to open. Until then, she crashed on her friend’s couch and moved into that apartment months later. “I have met more Americans in Tradition parties or in my classes than I did in the dorms,” Gil said. “If you want to meet Americans, it doesn’t matter where you live — you just meet them.”

tues thurs open play

budget bowl 5 p.m. to Midnight $12 + shoes/2 hrs. glow bowl 9 p.m. to Midnight ALL U CAN BOWL! $16/person available all times except M/W/F 6:30-9:30 due to leagues

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Undergraduate Research Day 2012

Saturday, March 31, 2012 OCCE Thurman J. White Forum Building, 1704 Asp Avenue Deadline for submission is February 27, 2012 Apply online at hp:// Undergraduate Research Day is an annual event for undergraduate students to present their papers and creave works. Topics include the natural sciences, performance art, life sciences, business, engineering, social sciences, crical studies in ancient or modern literature, and the humanies. Prose and poetry submissions and other forms of creave acvity are also encouraged. Parcipants will have a 10-15 minute period to give their presentaons.

watching the game after disciplining fido and writing one check.


Prizes are awarded to the best presentaons in various categories. All undergraduate students at OU are eligible to apply and do not need to be a member of the Honors College to parcipate. Students who have received undergraduate Research Opportunity Program grants are required to present before they graduate. Sponsored by The Joe C. and Carole Kerr McClendon Honors College

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• Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reader comment on ›› “No mater the topic of joke, do you find a comedian offense? change the channel. nobody forces us to consume; we voluntarily consume. if you dislike it, stop consuming.” (kdbp123, RE: ‘EDITORIAL: When you joke about rape you protect, enable rapists’)


Lovers don’t want STDs as a gift Condoms • Store condoms in a cool dry place out of sunlight. • Note the condom’s expiration date. The week surrounding Valentine’s Day has been • Use a new condom before each sex act, use it for named National Condom Week, and with love in the the entire duration of the act and use it for all manair — and no shortage of blunt commercials remind- ners of sex — oral sex still poses a serious STD threat. ing us what the day is really about — we’ve got con• Ensure that adequate lubrication is used to predoms on the brain. vent the condom from breaking. More specifically, we’re thinking about • Use only water-based lubricants with The Our View the important role contraception plays and latex condoms. Oil-based lubricants, such is the majority opinion of the serious lack of education about safe sex as body lotions, massage oil or baby oil, can The Daily’s in America. Despite the scare tactics used in damage latex condoms. nine-member abstinence-only education, the Centers for • If you feel a condom break during any editorial board Disease Control and Prevention have found sex act, stop immediately and replace it. male condoms to be 98-percent effective in preventing pregnancy when used perfectly. Birth control pills It also found they create an “essentially imperme• Oral contraceptives are most effective when able barrier to particles the size of STD pathogens.” taken every day. Missing a day lowers efficacy. And birth control pills were found to be 99.7-percent • They should be taken at the same time every day. effective in preventing pregnancy with perfect use. Try to sync it with another everyday activity. Notice that “perfect use” caveat. There are a lot of • Certain medicines, particularly antibiotics, also things you can do to ensure more effective contracan lower the pills efficacy. ceptive use. But the first, and most important, is sim• If you’re concerned about effectiveness and the ply to use it consistently. pill doesn’t work for you, consider contraceptive inGuys, don’t just trust that a woman is on birth con- jections, a vaginal ring or an intrauterine device. trol. Even if she is, the pills are easy to use imperfectly. And they don’t protect against STDs. Other tips Ladies, don’t rely on the guy to have a condom. • A female condom also can be used to prevent Consider it your responsibility as much as his and pregnancy and STDs, but it is only 95-percent effecmake sure you have access to proper contraceptive tive with perfect use and 79-percent effective with measures at any time. typical use. And to anyone outside that heteronormative • Spermicides, sponges and fertility awareness can equation, contraceptive use is just as important for be helpful back-up measures in case your primary you. Certain kinds of sex may not cause pregnancy, method fails. But on their own, they have significantbut all sex acts include possible exposure to STDs. Be ly higher failure rates than condoms and the pill. sure to stay up to date on the kinds of contraceptives • It’s not just traditional intercourse that involves that are right for your situation. STD risks. Using a condom on shared sex toys, using After ensuring consistent use of contraception, it’s a condom for oral sex and using a “dental dam” for important to use it effectively. The efficacy of male oral sex on a woman reduces your risk of exposure. condoms drops to 85 percent when considering • Know your status. Only when you and your part“typical” use. The pill drops to 92 percent. ner are fully, currently tested can sex truly be safe. Here are tips for perfect contraception use, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention : Comment on this at Our View: This Valentine’s Day, give your sweetheart — and yourself — the gift of safe sex.

Did you and your significant other choose to observe and celebrate Valentine’s Day? To cast your vote, log on to COLUMN

High school fling not likely to last during college


and mass incarceration and keeps the death tolls of organized crime on the rise. Not only has Paul been more explicit and detailed about these harms, he has given a fundamentally different view of how to solve social problems. While the dominant forces in both major parties have seen the government as the major driving force behind positive social change, Paul and libertarians see you as the major driving force behind social change. Considering that government has a tendency to be controlled by those with vested interests in maintaining the old order, it seems obvious which is a better strategy. This is why, even without yet winning a single state in the Republican primaries and caucuses, Paul has helped bring about a major paradigm shift in American politics — a turn toward the death of politics itself to be brought about by those who would benefit most. With Paul’s capture of many traditionally leftist demographics, a strong socially conscious libertarian movement has risen with him. Blogs like and the Alliance of the Libertarian Left ( have voiced, along with numerous academics such as Auburn University philosophy professor Roderick Long and George Mason University economist Steve Horwitz, a view of serious social justice and free markets that holds them not in conflict, but in need of each other. While this rapidly developing alliance might seem counterintuitive — with libertarians traditionally viewed closer to conservatives — it’s actually the necessary correction of that long-held mistake. In the 20th century, the mutual fear of state socialism led many libertarians and conservatives to find common ground — or, at least, for conservatives to adopt the rhetoric of libertarians, regardless of their policy provisions to the contrary. In the 21st century, there seems to be not much more reason for the libertarian-conservative bond. With conservatives flocking toward candidates like Rick Santorum, who has literally said the “pursuit of happiness is America,” and Newt Gingrich, who once called for the death penalty for possessing certain quantities of marijuana — and with Ron Paul finding his strongest appeal with the socially tolerant and independent-minded — the path for libertarians seems clear. Furthermore, with President Obama expanding American military presence, supporting the consolidation of wealth by political means and doing nothing to stop civil liberties abuses at home, the path for anyone who actually cares about peace, individual liberty or rectifying social inequality also becomes clear. Jason Byas is a philosophy junior.

Tom Taylor is a political science graduate student.

Youth in charge of social change



» Poll question of the day

ince it is OPINION COLUMNIST Valentine’s Day, I suspect many of you — at least you underclassmen — will be spending today with your high school sweethearts. For those of you who are, I sincerely hope the day is Tom Taylor a special one, because it could be the last one you share with the person who accompanied you to prom. I write this not to be overly cynical, but rather to prepare you for the truth that high school relationships rarely last “’til death do us part” in this modern era. There are multiple reasons for this, but here are just a couple. The first reason high school relationships rarely survive the tests of time has to do with compatibility. Most teens date other teens from their high school. This means the dating pool is very limited. For example, assume your high school had 1,600 students. If you choose to limit yourself to any particular gender, the dating pool shrinks to 800 students. Let’s assume half of those students fall within the category of what you find physically attractive, now you have narrowed your list to 400 students. Let’s assume half of these are people whose personalities you find attractive, now you are down to 200 students. As it is difficult to know everyone within a school this large, we’ll assume you only know half these students, narrowing the pool down to 100 students. Lastly, as your potential partner has a choice in whether or not to date you, we’ll assume half of these students find you have both an attractive personality and an attractive body, thus narrowing your selection options to about 50 students. Compatibility with any of these students will rely on shared religious beliefs, personal beliefs, conflict resolution preferences, the compatibility of future goals, etc. Unless you date all 50 of these students, the odds of finding the person from this group who is the most compatible with you are stacked against you. The romantic relationship you leave high school with is most likely going to be with the person from that school you were able to identify as being the most compatible with you — this is not the same thing as finding a person who is highly compatible with you. To make the survival of your high school relationship even more difficult, people’s personalities are not static. In fact, your brain will not be fully mature until your midtwenties. This change is a good thing, as the world would be a strange place if everyone acted the same way at 30 as they did when they were 18. Perhaps you and your high school sweetie will grow together, as opposed to apart, during the brain’s transition to adulthood. It is always possible, but such successes are rare in modern times. Since college students still have immature brains, they too might be doomed in starting relationships. But the odds of a relationship surviving are higher with the larger dating pool in college. Combined with the fact they face fewer limitations about dating someone from outside the school, the possibilities are nearly endless. This isn’t to say that every college relationship will last for eternity, but the odds are far greater than for those with high school relationships. I know many of you probably are thinking your relationship is special, and I must be writing about those other people who don’t have the special type of relationship you do. To be honest, I would have thought the same thing if someone said this to me when I was 19. Heck, I would have even thought this when I was 23. Unfortunately, such thinking does little to change the truth. One last fact to bear in mind: A 2006 Harris Interactive survey asked respondents where they met their current partner. Only 14 percent reported meeting their partner in school. This 14 percent figure includes both high school and college. The relationships you have now may last for quite a while, but if they do, they are an exception to the rule and not the rule itself. To the people who still are dating their high school sweetheart: I wish you all the best. To the single people who feel like all the good ones are taken: Take solace in the knowledge that, as more relationships end, there will be more single people in the dating pool from which to choose. To my beautiful wife of nearly eight years, the mother of my two amazing daughters and the incubator of my unborn son, happy Valentine’s Day.


f there’s any OPINION COLUMNIST Republican college students support, it’s Ron Paul. The 12-term Texas Congressman has dominated the 17-24 age group, capturing 48 percent of it in Iowa, 46 percent in New Jason Byas Hampshire and 41 percent in Nevada. That phenomenon of support among young voters includes OU. Aerospace engineering junior Austin Jones said he supports Paul. This support for Paul is shared by various other demographics. In Iowa, Paul received 37 percent of the vote from voters with less than $30,000 incomes, 40 percent of selfidentified liberals and, in New Hampshire, 47 percent of voters who identified their religion as “none.” Support from these areas is notable because these demographics traditionally opt for more left-leaning candidates. Have college students and these other groups forgotten their forward-thinking values or commitments to social justice? Have they suddenly turned reactionary, opting for the oldest candidate due to suddenly adopting older values? No. They have come to realize that real, substantial social progress cannot be counted on to come from government. They have plenty of reason to feel that way after the past several years, too. They’ve witnessed a president who campaigned on peace expand the war in Afghanistan and launch a new mission in Libya. They’ve witnessed a president who campaigned as a champion of the poor against the elite continue bailouts and massive corporate subsidies, as well as instituting a mandate that all citizens buy health insurance. They’ve witnessed a president who had spoken about the devastating impact of the federal war on drugs continue that policy at full steam. In President Obama’s defense, though, there weren’t many specific promises he’s gone back on, having always opted to speak in vague generalities. Congressman Paul, however, has been quite specific. He has preached to anyone who would listen for more than 30 years how our interventions overseas create security risks in the form of blowback. He has emphatically tried to bring attention to how the inflationary policies of the federal reserve and general collusion between corporate and government power systematically benefit the politically wellconnected and already-wealthy at the expense of the poor and middle-class. Since the 1980s, he’s been one of the few in Congress willing to detail how the war on drugs perpetuates structural racism through disproportionate sentencing

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The 15th-ranked OU baseball team held its annual media day Monday in preparation for its season opener Friday against Pepperdine.




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Oklahoma falls to Huskies No. 3 UConn beats Sooners for fourth straight season

OU hopes to ruin Texas’ win streak Sooner hoops looking to get back in win column after losing four straight GREG FEWELL Sports Editor

KEDRIC KITCHENS Assistant Sports Editor

The OU women’s basketball team made a game of it but couldn’t quite get over the hump as it fell to the UConn Huskies, 73-55. The Sooners were led for the third straight game by junior guard Whitney Hand, who scored 18 points, pulled down six rebounds and dished out three assists. The performance did not go unnoticed by Sooner coach Sherri Coale. “If there’s a tougher player in America than Whitney Hand, I don’t know who it is,” Coale said. “I wouldn’t trade her for anybody in the country.” The Huskies were led by a tandem of guards, senior Tiffany Hayes and sophomore Bria Hartley, combined for 43 of their team’s 73 points. The teams were just about even statistically, both shooting right around 35 percent from the field — UConn with a slight edge of 39.4 to 34.5. The Huskies did beat out the Sooners beyond the arc, though, making seven to the Sooners’ three. The Sooners got another big performance from backup center senior Jelena Cerina, who scored seven



Freshman guard Sharane Campbell, left, pushes past a UConn defender as she tries to drive into the lane Monday night during the Sooners’ 73-55 loss to the Huskies in Norman. UConn extended its dominance over Oklahoma, winning its fourth straight against the Sooners.

points and grabbed nine rebounds in 24 minutes — 15 more than starter Nicole Griffin. UConn got off to an absolutely scorching start, leading the Sooners, 21-4, after just four minutes of play. The outburst had more than just Coale concerned, Hand said. However, the Sooners didn’t give up after such a lopsided start. “We fought, we fought,” Coale said. “We looked

help is just a phone call away



stunned in the first four minutes, and they’ll do that to you. Last year, at their place, they stunned us, and we got in the fetal position for the next 36 minutes. We didn’t do that tonight — we woke up and swung back at them.” With OU fighting back time and again, the game was a physical one. Hand got some of the worst of it, playing the full 40 minutes. “It’s just exhausting,” Hand said. “You try and run a set, and you’re being held the


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whole time. (UConn junior guard) Kelly Faris is a really good defender. I just remember anytime I got any breath and I did have a shot, you didn’t have any legs under you.” OU was plagued once again with a poor shooting performance, something the Sooners can’t do against quality opponents, Coale said. “When you’re playing a top-five team in the country, you gotta knock down open shots,” Coale said. “We had open 3s, open jump shots, we missed a lot and you can’t do that against a team as volatile as Connecticut.”

The OU men’s basketball team will try to end its fourgame losing streak tonight when the Sooners host the Texas Longhorns. While Oklahoma is going through its worst losing streak of the season, Texas has been on a hot streak lately, winning its last three games. Most recently, the Longhorns mounted an OPPONENT PROFILE impressive come-fromJ’Covan Brown behind victory against Kansas State on Saturday. Year: Junior “They had a 27-point Position: swing,” OU coach Lon Guard Kruger said. “They were Hometown: down by 15 in the second Port Arthur, half and then went up by Texas 12. That’s a pretty impresSeason stats: sive run.” Brown leads the Big 12 in Junior guard J’Covan scoring, averaging 19.8 Brown, the Big 12’s leadpoints per game. ing scorer, has played a huge part in the 16-9 Longhorns’ success this season. The Port Arthur, Texas, native has dished out 99 assists — second-most on the team — to go along with his 19.8 points per game. Slowing down the guard play of the Longhorns will be key for Oklahoma if it hopes to find the win column again, junior forward Romero Osby said. However, Texas’ big men are equally dangerous, especially off the glass. Texas has outrebounded its opponents, 926-824, this season. “If we bring that intensity and effort on defense, we’ve got a good chance to win this game,” Osby said. Oklahoma has shown the intensity Osby talked about during the last two weeks but has not been consistent. Junior guard Sam Grooms said the Sooners have to find a way to fix the consistency problem to keep opponents’ offenses under control so OU can have chances to win. “We do well in the first half, and the second half, it seems like everybody (else) shoots over 55 percent,” Grooms said. “We can’t win like that in this league.” With only six games remaining before the Big 12 Championship and two of those games being against Texas, Tuesday’s game should set the tone for how Oklahoma finishes out this season.


• Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012 •

For more last-minute suggestions, visit the multimedia page to see some ofthe most romantic spots in Norman.


Lindsey Ruta, life & arts editor Mariah Webb, assistant life & arts editor • phone: 405-325-3666


Labors of W

hether you are swooning over roses, singing rock ballads to your beloved, or bashing exes with your best friends, Valentine’s Day has a little bit of significance to everyone. You may be a lover or hater of this holiday, either way you celebrate in some form or fashion. To help with all your last-minute

holiday needs, we bring you your one-stop spot for festivities. If you need a quick date idea or gift suggestion, we’ve got you covered. Need the perfect haters playlist? Look no further. The Daily’s life & arts staff has compiled the best anitValentine’s Day jams. Love it or hate it, let us help you celebrate — or rebel — today in style.

AT A GLANCE Valentine’s Day movies For the lovers • “Casablanca” • “The Notebook” • “Sixteen Candles” • “Up” • “It Happened One Night”

Coupons good for love (Pictured above) Make homemade love coupons for your date, friends or family. These can range from free hugs and movie nights to massages and dinner for two. These thoughtful IOUs show you care, even if you didn’t have money to break the bank this Valentine’s Day. You’re still thinking of that special someone.

For the haters • “The Break-Up” • “(500) Days of Summer” • “He’s Just Not That Into You” • “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” • “Chasing Amy” Compiled by Westlee Parsons

AT A GLANCE Valentine’s Day playlists For the lovers • “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness • “Love is Strange” by Mickey & Sylvia • “Oklahoma Breakdown” by Mike Hosty • “She is Beautiful” by Andrew W. K. • “Loving You” by Paolo Nutini • “Kiss With a Fist” by Florence + The Machine • “Catch My Disease” by Ben Lee • “You’re my Thrill” by Billie Holiday • “Beating Hearts Baby” by Head Automatica • “Cool Whip” by Katy Rose For the haters • “F*** You” by Cee-Lo Green • “I Don’t Love You Anymore” by Bomb The Music Industry! • “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” by Beyonce • “Goodbye Earl” by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes • “The Bi*** Song” by Bowling For Soup • “I Will Survive” by Cake • “Hate on Me” by Jill Scott • “Goodnight Goodnight” by Hot Hot Heat • “Everyday I Love You Less and Less” by Kaiser Chiefs • “Taper Jeans Girl” by Kings of Leon

Crimson and Whipped Cream (Cupcake pictured left) This Campus Corner bakery is great for a gift idea or to take your date. They have special Valentine’s Day boxes so you can treat your sweetie to some local sweets. Or why not stop by for dessert after a romantic dinner?

Humor your date (Boxers pictured above) Instead of going overboard on the romance, think of creative and funny gifts that let them know you care but also show off your personality. Affordable, themed boxers with silly sayings are a great last minute gift for anyone.

Stay inside for the night (Movie pictured right) Why not surprise your date by turning your home into the ultimate date spot? Cook a romantic dinner for two and then curl up with their favorite dessert and a romantic movie. They’ll be impressed with this thoughtful gesture. Check out more last-minute gift and date ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special someone.

Compiled by Westlee Parsons



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• Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Valentine’s Day has history Simple Valentine’s Day faux pas to avoid V V alentine’s Day. The day of love, where couples dote on each other in various forms or fashion; be it candy, flowers, cards, etc. Whether you’re a lover or hater of this holiday, there are a few things that are no longer socially acceptable for the college age range. These faux pas start in high school, where hormones are raging and the smell of overly sweet perfume from Pac Sun or Abercrombie infiltrates the halls. Now that you’ve left the classrooms of primary education, you should know what not to do this Valentine’s Day.

1. Singing grams You all know them. You pay someone to publicly sing a valentine to your sweetheart. Need I say more? They are awful, tacky and not sexy, at all. There are other song options you might explore. For example, make them a CD or playlist of all the songs that remind you of them with little notes next to each song. This is a cuter than some strange guy in a suit singing a generic valentine.


Westlee Parson

2. Oversized affection Ladies, it no longer is acceptable to carry around giant teddy bears all day from class to class. Not that it ever should have been acceptable to begin with, but now that you’re in college it is definitely off limits. While we’re on the topic of oversized bears, gentleman, try to think a little more outside of the box. 3. Cupid’s choke hold Avoid purchasing anything with a cupid in a diaper on it. But it is the symbol of Valentine’s Day, right? Well, I don’t want a pudgy, flying man with a bow on anything, period. A little mystery and symbolism is sexier than a man in a diaper, trust me.

love their honey or what an awesome Valentine’s Day they’re having. Likewise, whiners also are annoying. If you don’t have a date, hang out with friends who don’t have dates — don’t moan all day about how alone you are.

5. The awkward ex Speaking of relationships, if you are going to be alone on Valentine’s Day, do not call your ex. Remember, there is a reason why he or she is your ex, and nothing could be more awkward than trying to spark old flames, especially if they’re celebrating the day with a new sweetheart. Play it safe and avoid being or encountering the awkward ex. 6. Goin’ to the chapel… This may not be a high school faux pas, but it’s definitely relevant to our age group. Please, do not get engaged or married on Valentine’s Day. It’s the day of love, we know, but it is just so cliché. Spontaneity or surprise is more romantic and personal, so make your own day of love on another day.

4. Broadcasting your relationship status No one likes people who update Facebook and Twitter Westlee Parsons is an English all day about how much they literature senior.

TODAY is Valentine’s Day It’s not too late to pick up some delicious treats!


European countries adapted the festivals, and by the 1400s physical valentines began to become part of the custom. Handwritten notes became common practice by middle 18th century. In the 1840s, Esther Howland Dusti Gasparovic began the first tion of Valentine’s Day cards, which began replacing the themselves to battle. handwritten valentines. So he outlawed all According to the Greeting marriages. Card Association, around No one knows which Valentine is the origin of the one billion Valentine’s Day cards are sold each year, holiday, but one of the stomaking it second only to ries describes Valentine as Christmas cards. a priest who would marry This holiday was not alyoung lovers in secret. When this was discovered, ways the flashy commercial custom it is today. Claudius had him arrested As enjoyable as it is to and ordered his death unless Valentine denounced his re- share our cards and candy, it’s important we know and ligion and the sacrament of appreciate the history and marriage. mystery behind this popular When Valentine did holiday. not, the emperor had him executed. Other origins of the holiday include the pagan fertil- Dusti Gasparovic is a University College freshman. ity festival, Lupercalia.

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1100 E. Constitution, Suite 120 Norman, OK 73072 405-579-8856

alentine’s Day is a holiday filled with romance, candies, cards, flowers, and an over use of the words “be my valentine.” These stereotypes are common in our society, and the commercialization of the holiday often is joked about. However, there is history behind all cards and candies. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the actual origins of Valentine’s Day, according to the History Channel. The holiday takes root back in A.D. 270, a year when three men, all ironically by the name of Valentine, were martyred. In A.D. 270 the Roman Empire was under the rule of Emperor Claudius II. He prized masculine strength and believed married men were too emotionally attached to their families to devote

Come celebrate with us in our romantic atmosphere! 405.579.5600 580 Ed Noble Parkway Across from Barnes & Noble

Expires on May 31, 2012

OU will be tobacco-free in July! It’s never too early to quit.

Make a commitment to quit smoking or using tobacco forever by enrolling in a free class based on the QuitSmart program. Open to all OU students, faculty and staff. The class is designed to help smokers and tobacco users break the addiction while making healthy, long-term lifestyle changes.

We’re offering 4 sessions to choose from! Session 1 February 20, March 5, March 7, March 12 ‫ݘ‬12-1 p.m.

Session 2 February 20, March 5, March 7, March 12 ‫ݘ‬5-6 p.m.

Session 3 February 21, March 6, March 8, March 13 ‫ݘ‬12-1 p.m.

Session 4 February 21, March 6, March 8, March 13 ‫ݘ‬5-6 p.m.

Please call to register. Health Promotion 325-4611 Ext. 41777 The University of Oklahoma is an Equal Opportunity Institution. For accommodations on the basis of disability, call 325-4611.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012