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"Really Exciting. Makes perfect sense for this to be happening."- Kathy Burke The Milton Rooms At the heart of Malton's historic Market Place, the Milton Rooms has been the centre of community activity for many years. Originally built by Earl Fitzwilliam in 1814 and extended in 1931, the building has hosted many varied activities: Reading Rooms, Library, Dances, Auctions, Theatre, Music and Exhibitions. Sadly, over the last few decades, use of the building has declinedand it has suffered from neglect with a consequent deterioration of it's fabric.

But all is about to change. We will be offering a centre of excellence and spaces for Drama, Music, Visual Arts, Literature and Crafts as well as the traditional and community events we have hosted in the past. Over the next few years we will provide... • • • • • •

Main Theatre Studio Theatre Recording Studio Artist's Studios Rehearsal Studio Cafe Bar

Plans are already in place to begin restoration work, starting with the weatherproofing and repair of parts of The Assembly Rooms, but in the meantime, even whilst this work is going on, our doors are open.

Milton Room With the largest sprung dance floor in North Yorkshire, the Milton Rooms will be turned into a state of the art venue for visiting productions, community events and our own in house productions.

Fitzwilliam Room The Fitzwilliam Room is now a fully equipped, forty seat studio theatre, acoustic music room and bar. Both the Studio Theatre and the Main Hall are available for hire.

The Parish Room The Georgian Parish Rooms will provide resident Artist's studios,.

Assembly Room The beautiful Georgian Assembly Room will become our main rehearsal room and a new exhibition and concert space.

“Oh, my word. Brilliant. When can I come up?" - Imelda Staunton

Kathy Burke talks to Nick Bagnall and Garry Cooper Artistic Directores of the the Milton Rooms. KB: So give me your vision. GC: Well, having found this great building we had an idea that we could make something of it. Something rich and creative and make it work for Malton. NB: Curiously despite the cuts, every single person that we've mentioned it to, every single one, has stressed what great timing it is. After all, the the thing that excited us about theatre in the first place was its immediacy, its imagination, its inventiveness, often created with an imaginative use of space. It wasn't necessarily the big productions in traditional auditorium theatres that inspired us. The possibilities for use of the spaces at the Milton Rooms is endless. KB: And in the present financial climate isn't it difficult to start up a project like this? GC: I think great things have been created in adversity. I know some people might say it was the wrong time to be setting something as dangerous and financially leaky as an arts project, but when is a good time? In times of adversity people are thrown back into using their imagination and ingenuity. NB: I think we have an opportunity to go back to basics and create bare bones theatre, which is always the most exciting thing. And fill the building with creativity. We have an opportunity to do that here. Revolutions are preceded by collapse! GC: But as well as creating our own work in this space, we're also going to be inviting other companies to come and join us here, use the building with us – nationally known companies, touring companies and London based companies. NB: And directors of your calibre Kathy, for instance - we know you're interested in coming up, directing a play for us – exclusively for us, which may well go further, but will start here, rehearse here, and would be a Milton Rooms production, directed by Kathy Burke. That's our aim, to invite quality, creative people like yourself. GC: Over the years we've all three of us worked with the best. Quality actors, quality directors, quality designers. It would be nice to take those people that we've found along the way and create something new together now. And to create something here in Malton, where there's no previous history of professional theatre. KB: You work well together obviously. GC: Our ideas usually correlate. Over the years Nick and I have talked about doing a variety of projects, we could do this, we could do that, and this is our chance to go ahead with some, or all of them. NB: I've always believed that is the people around you that make you stronger. Including yourself Kath. Energy creates energy. Just not sure about Garry's idea of a theatrical production of 2001: A Space Odyssey.... we'll see.

Our aims are high..... create a leading innovative arts venue for North Yorkshire Of course this is going to be a long haul but we have a dedicated team of Committee members determined to make this happen. We are grateful for the support and enthusiasm of our patrons

Kathy Burke

Imelda Staunton

Jools Holland

Bill Nighy

but we can't do it without you.... find out how you can help at: Box Office: 01653 600 048 MRMC, The Milton Rooms, Market Place, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 7LX 01653 696 240

here's how you can help BECOME PART OF OUR TEAM We will be in need of dedicated volunteers to man our various events, especially front of house and bar staff. We are also very interested in finding people with particular skills to help us run the project: fund-raising, legal, administrative, and building. If you feel you can help us with any of the above and can commit the time and energy please get in touch with Garry on 01653 696 240.

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The Milton Rooms is a new venue for theatre, music, dance, comedy and the visual arts in Malton, North Yorkshire