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Biography The Medizine is a online magazine written in spanish, that is based out of Spain. A new media platform showcasing hiphop, R&B and Fashion. The Medizine was originally introduced in 2010, but it relaunched in January 2011. Now the Medizine is the hottest Hip Hop and R&B online platform in Spain. The Medizine has 70000 monthly readers in Spain alone. The numbers are vastly growing of unique visitors amongst the other South American country. The online magazine has become a point of reference for its readers. With a sleek and easy to read design, modern appeal, and informal content. The Medi-

zine will revolutionize the music scene as we know it. Linking different cultures, and ethic backgrounds through the love for music and fashion. From a total impartial and purely informative perspective, the Medizine updates it web contents daily. Featuring Audiovisiuals and media content covering news thats not only national but international. The Medizine works closey with all social networking sites as a source of information. Establishing a better connect from the reader to the content they are reading.







DJ Jooz

Drumma Boy

Vigo (Spain)

Memphis (USA)

In 2011, The Medizine Magazine was born and DJ Jooz aka The Spanish Mixtape King became the first to grace the cover of Medizine. The prestigious producer from Madrid, JC Moreno, granting us a interesting interview. We also had coffee with Duddi Wallace to get to know him a little bit more. The section Al Habba is provided by the veteran Trade Montana. You can also find an article on Bently Contiential GT and fads and fashion sections.

Memphis own, drummer boy graces the front of our second issue. He is a established producer whos worked with some heavy hitters. We discuss current matters existing in the world of music today. He also gave us some insight on his future projects. We also caught up with Spanish Hip Hop artist Darmo, from Madrid. He talks with us about his new upcoming album. We also spoke exclusively with one of the most solid, polished R&B cats in the game, Bryan J.




Youg Jeezy/ U.S.D.A. Atlanta (USA)

Our third cover featured American Hiphop Arist Young Jeezy and his crew U.S.D.A. Who talked with us exclusively about their upcoming album, and future projects. This issue also includes an interview with Spanish producer Brainiac Beats. Who tells us how he sees the current state of the music industry, and more importantly the Rap community. This issue finally ends with a very personal interview with Rap artsit Don Clemensa.



First class interviews A great interview makes greaqt a media. And that’s why The Medizine always bets on contrasted artists when it comes to cover the Magazine of each month. Big names have passed and will continue passing for this Magazine: from the States such as Young Jeezy/ USDA, Drumma Boy, Travis Porter or Bryan J and some National artists as Mitsuruggy, Wase, Christian Crisis, JC Moreno or DJ Jooz have already left their mark in these digital pages.

But the name of the interviewed artist is not the only thing that matters in The Medizine, because the thing is that its witty questions generate juicy answers in wich you can find some or other confession, a little detail of what the artists are preparing for the future and, of course, the reason why they have deserved being interviewed. The connection is clear: it is to engage a lively and open dialogue between music lovers and its creators.



Specials Every month, The Medizine launches an extense and detailed feature about several matters. The subject is assorted, although is always connected to music. Among others, you can find articles about rapper’s cars, known to be regular in the big stars videoclips, such as happens with the Bentley Continental GT. A rapper’s death was also a reason to carry out an special issue in The Medizine, which was

Nate Dogg’s this time. The artists pass out, but their music does not and that’s why it’s more than worth to review their career and remember their achievements and hits, not forgetting the small details of their private life or who was behind them. Musical fineries, such as the Grammy Awards, capture in a special way The Medizine attention because of its big importance and its direct influence in the outlook.





Contrasted opinions The reader is the main character in the Magazine. That’s why there’s a section to their disposal, in which they could send their own letter to give an opinion about whatever. It’s a blank space where the reader can express its point of view and share its ideas freely with the rest of the readers. Therefore, our opinion sections are useful for the collaborators and guests of The Medizine so they can express their thoughts through the

magazine monthly. In the section “Al Habla”, reserved for a contrasted artist of the National scene, the artist puts down some lines about any subject with total freedom. On the other hand, The Medizine owns other different sections in which some contributors provide their grain of sand: El Cirujano with “Terapia de choque”, kC with “Efectos secundarios” or the respected and very-well-known Rebo with “En replay”.



Our ranking In this new era, where the digital is taking the paper format to an end and at the revolution that this has meant in the rap scene, The Medizine couldn’t fall behind. Times have changed and nowadays we speak about “the most downloaded album” instead of “the biggest selling album”. And it’s there where come the mixtapes, a brand new format in which the artists offer their piece of work for free and direct download via Internet.

Each month arise a flood of new albums, many of them of contrasted quality, and that’s why The Medizine offers its own monthly chart with the ten most outstanding albums. This chart includes acclaimed and revelation artists who are beginning to hit hard in the market, specifically in the States. It’s worth stressing that the majority of the mixtapes in this top can be free downloaded in the section “Mixtapes” of





We love R&B Unfortunately, the Rhythm and Blues, such a powerful genre in the States, doesn’t enjoy a good health in Spain. However, The Medizine bets heavily for this music genre and, each month, devotes its place in its Magazine. You can find interesting stories about some of the most notable artists on the international scene as in the case of R. Kelly and Bobby Valentino. The interviews are also a big part of this section. In this regard, it is


noteworthy the one with Bryan J, recent signing of Def Jam, in the past month of March. The R&B young promise answered a few questions for his fans in Spain and many others were able to got to know him a little more apart from his big hit “Let me take you out� with the also interviewed group Travis Porter. So, The Medizine covers a genre that is still not very explored here in Spain but that certainly predicts it a great future.




At the forefront But The Medizine is not only fed with music because the world of fashion has a very close relationship with urban music and its artists. Being pioneers in applying fashion to music side through the websi-

te and our monthly online magazine, The Medizine offers news of the most exclusive garments wearing by the stars of music as well as a wide range of trends and treats for the upcoming seasons.



All the latest news The basis of any media are the news and in The Medizine this could not be an exception. The reader can find daily updated information of all the latest news in the world of urban music in an international level and of course the latest arising in Spain. In addition, The Medizine has exclusive arrangements with panorama po-

inters artists within the current Spanish scene so that both the news and the latest jobs come first to The Medizine before any other means. Is also noteworthy that the web has a wide agenda that shows both the schedule of festivals and concerts such as significant dates of releases or birthdays of the most prominent artists.



Know your idol The Medizine understands the dream of every fan and brings them a little closer to realising it. Who wouldn’t like to have a brief conversation with their favourite artist? The Medizine affords the opportunity to hold digital ‘meet and greets’ with some of the most well known artists on a national scale, as was the case with Flavio Rodríguez in April of this year.

The operating system of these meetings is very simple: the registered members of the website pose their questions and the artist himself will answer them. The members have a period of three days to ask the artist whatever they want. Naturally, The Medizine moderates all the questions posed and in the case of inappropriate or offensive questions, they are deleted automatically.



Singles, mixtapes and music videos of the moment The Medizine does a thorough tracking of all the new and emerging music. Proof of this is in the extensive audiovisual archive of the website; from the music video section to the mixtapes, not forgetting the music player sounding out the latest hits.



Your favourite videos, translated At times, the language barrier can be a problem for many people. With The Medizine we strive to eliminate this obstacle and offer our readers the opportunity to understand the message being communicated in songs by their favourite artists. From the most recent music videos to the great classics of all time, putting special emphasis on the suggestions

and requests of the public, at least two videos subtitled and translated into Spanish are published on the website for all those who have trouble with English and would like to know what their favourite song is about. At present, The Medizine owns a large archive of subtitled music videos and the majority of which are in high definition.



The best singles One of the strengths of The Medizine is that since the beginning their monthly compilations with new singles that are hitting the music scene in the U.S. with a bang. Every month The Medizine, at the hands

of DJ Ryan Shelter, takes twenty-five singles from different genres of music like Club, Rap or RnB etc. in mixtape form and whose download is available for free in the website.

Ya es Agosto

Ya es 2011

Welcome Back

Launched 1-1-2011

Launched 2-3-2011

Ya es Marzo

Ya es Abril

Ya es Mayo

Launched 8-1-2010

Launched 3-8-2011

Launched 4-9-2011


Launched 5-9-2011


Slash Major Launched 3-15-2011 The Medizine and Racks Religion with DJ Fletch and DJ Dyce released this mixtape from the Madrid producer Slash Major in an exclusive for Spain. Its dowload is exclusively available in The Medizine web:

Built-in hosting The hosting service of The Medizine has the main issue the promotion of the artist and his/her work to the members. This is done via the website, magazine, a personalised mailing service and, naturally, social networks. There is the possibility to sign-up for a series of built-in services on www.,which aim to promote

new artists in an official manner through the various packages that The Medizine offers to the artists based on the needs of the individual: from a basic package that includes the promotion necessary to encourage the downloading of their work, to other services aimed at bringing the artist to the public through interviews, reports and even advertising.




The Medizine PRESS KIT (English)  

The Medizine Press Kit English version. Download here: