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May 2014


7 Lyyar - 14 Lyyar

What’s happening in Ukraine, and what Federation is doing about it


he Jewish communities in Ukraine are not the specific target of organized violence, according to Ira Forman, U.S. Special Envoy to Monitor & Combat Anti-Semitism. In a teleconference with Federation leaders on May 7, Forman provided an overview of the U.S. government’s policy on the escalating situation in Ukraine as it impacts Jews there, and discussed the intersections of anti-Semitism, extreme nationalism and pro-Russian separatists. Forman stressed the need to remain vigilant to any signs of a general trend of rising nationalism in Ukraine and across Europe, which could result in increased anti-Semitism. He also warned of a targeted Russian propaganda campaign with global reach that seeks to stir up an exaggerated fear of rising anti-Semitism and extremism in Ukraine for political purposes.

PHOTO COURTESY OF JDC. Federation is working in many ways to care for Ukraine’s most vulnerable Jews in the midst of crisis. In the city of Donetsk, at-risk families receive food help from JDC’s Hesed social welfare center.

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The estimated 300,000 Jewish residents in the capital city of Kiev and throughout Ukraine have been profoundly affected by the violence and political and economic instability that have wracked the country since January. Among them are some of the poorest Jews in the world, many of whom depend on Federation-supported services for their survival. Continued on page 12

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The Jewish Journal - May 2014 7 Lyyar - 14 Lyyar



Going Digital

Jewish Roots – Jewish Values

– What’s It All About?

By Danny Goldberg Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of Ocean County

By Rabbi Kim S. Geringer Congregation Sha’arey Ha-Yam Manahawkin, N.J.


t’s been almost 25 years since I bought my first computer. Back in the day, it was a state of the art PC that had a floppy drive, a monitor and some memory, for my fellow gurus, 256K of Ram. Yes, you read right, K, not gigs or even megs. Needless to say, my current phone has multiple times more memory and features than that IBM PC did, and by the way we paid $3000 for it on sale! Since then, computers are common place and have opened up an entire world of opportunities we could not have even imagined 25 years ago. Federation, too, has made great strides in computerization, and by doing so, we have become more efficient and saved our Jewish community a lot of money. At the same time, we have been cognizant of the fact that a large percentage of Ocean County’s Jewish population are older adults, many of whom have been slow to get on the computer band wagon. However, as one of our past presidents is fond of saying, “when they feel enough pain they will come to the table!” And so it is with us. Producing and publishing The Jewish Journal is a big ticket item. No need to bore you with the figures. However, if you call me, I’d be happy to share them with you. Needless to say, in this day and age there are alternatives to spending money on printing and Federation would rather put those dollars to better use serving those in need. So, the Federation Board has made a bold decision to take The Jewish Journal digital. The journal will soon have two formats, an online edition with a website that you can access any time to read the paper. The second format will be an email version that will be delivered to your email address monthly hot of the “digital press.” However, as is the case with many other innovative opportunities in our commuContinued on page 3

Published Monthly In Cooperation With The Jewish Federation Of Ocean County

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“Center Stage for Ex-Mayor’s Jewish Identity. As recipient of first Genesis Prize in Israel this month, Bloomberg expected to show more openness about his heritage.”


read this headline and its related article in a recent issue of The New York Jewish News. The awarding of this new prize, to be bestowed in Israel on May 22, is intended to be an annual event, the result of a project created between the Israeli government and a foundation established by several Russian Jewish oligarchs. The prize’s stated mission is “to honor exceptional people whose values and achievements will inspire the next generation of Jews.” The prize is worth $1 million. The selection committee included such distinguished names as Elie Wiesel, Lord Jonathan Sacks, the former Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom, Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, Yuli Edelstein, and former Israeli Supreme Court Justice, Meir Shamgar. The Jerusalem presentation ceremony expects to welcome 300 prominent guests including leading Jewish business and philanthropic leaders from around


the world. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will personally bestow the award on former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg. The prize comes with the expectation that the recipient will lead a series of outreach meetings in the next year with Jewish young people from around the world and serve as a role model for them. If you’re scratching your head a bit reading this, wondering, “Michael Bloomberg?” you’re not alone. The former mayor has had, to put it charitably, a very low profile when it comes to public Jewish identification. Neither Mr. Bloomberg’s former wife nor his current romantic partner is Jewish, his children were not raised as Jews, and neither has he, to the best of anyone’s recall, spoken about being personally influenced by or engaged with Jewish values. Questioned about the selection, a foundation representative noted, “We’re not celebrating [Mr. Bloomberg’s] wealth but what he is doing with it” as a major philanthropist “seeking to improve the world in the areas of health, innovation and social justice,” and having served as mayor of New York for 12 years at a salary of $1 a year. The representative went on to say, “Although the former mayor is not traditional [in religious observance], he is very proud of his Jewish roots and, most importantly, consistently seeks to become more engaged with those roots. His Jewish heritage is very much a part of his multifaceted identity, and many Jews around the world can relate to that.” For his part, when named the winner of the prize, Mr. Bloomberg said that his parents had instilled Jewish values in him which have guided Continued on page 8

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The Jewish Journal - May 2014 7 Lyyar - 14 Lyyar


Bless the Coach Edited by Rita Sason, LCSW Director of Social Services, Jewish Family and Children’s Service With Permission from Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW


n important part of almost every child’s life is the sports activities in which they participate, and the individual who coaches their team. Be it t-ball, baseball, soccer or hockey, most little league coaches are there for the love of children. For some it’s even more personal, their child is on the team. The value of participation by children in little league sports is manifold. Children get to learn the game, develop physical skills, social skills, sportsmanship, blow off energy after sitting all day in class, and most of all have fun. The attitude with which children enter little league sports

is generally a reflection of their parents. So while most children enter sports with the above values in mind, some are given the impression by their parent(s) that winning is most valued over anything else in the experience. These children lose focus of the other values, instead learning to base the value of their experience on winning alone. With the focus on winning, all other values take a second seat. As a result sportsmanship goes out the window, as do social skills development, not to mention fun. The only experience of value becomes skill development because that can facilitate winning. For these children, the love of play may be lost and their participation can become a job, often to fulfill parental wishes for a winner. Even anti-social skills may be reinforced if the behavior fulfils the pursuit of winning. These

Going Digital Continued from page 2

children are at risk of learning un-sportsmanship behavior. For some, un-sportsmanship behavior is reinforced by parents who reward goals and winning over participation and fun. Pity the coaches who may feel caught in the middle between parents pressuring for the win versus children seeking fun and the opportunity to play. Parental intrusions and demands upon their child can set up a tension not only for the child, but also for the coach, whose attention is now divided, needing to manage the parent(s). In the worst of cases, conflict erupts between parents, whose focus is on winning, versus coaches who focus is on participation and fun. In some cases the conflict turns ugly, and in all circumstances this occurs with the child present. As a result, unsportsmanship behavior is the role modeled by the parents to all

children who witness the event. Fun and participation is spoiled for all. Children have enough on their plate attending to the demands of the game, while trying to have fun. So too coaches. Coaches only concern should be the children and facilitating the joy of the game. As unpaid volunteers, giving up their time for other’s children, they should be left to serve the children, not parental wishes for winners. The pursuit is participation and fun, when those goals are achieved the initiative for skill development and mastery of the game comes naturally to children who want it. If you really want your child to succeed at little league sports, sit back and enjoy the game. Let the coaches manage, and be grateful they stepped up to the plate on behalf of your child.

nity, we can’t do this alone! We need your input and cooperation to work in partnership with us. And this support of Federation will not cost you a cent out of pocket! To bring Federation into the digital age we need you to give us your email address. Federation, in return, promises two things: A. We will not fill your email box with junk mail – Just a monthly The Jewish Journal. B. We will NOT give your email to any third party. Period. So, either forward your mail address to us at Federation@ocjf. org with your name, or see page 13 and mail in the information using the tear sheet. As always, thank you for helping us make our Jewish community better.

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Temple Beth Or is a traditionally oriented egalitarian synagogue affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.


Rabbi Robert B. Rubin 05/14

355 Lakehurst Road Toms River NJ

Dr. Robert D. Ostrove, President

200 Van Zile Road, Brick, NJ 08724 phone: 732-458-4700 email:


The Jewish Journal - May 2014 7 Lyyar - 14 Lyyar


Ecumenical Holocaust Memorial Service at Congregation B’nai Israel By Megina Mittleberg


his year at Congregation B’nai Israel, Toms River, “Holocaust Rembrance Day 2014” was observed by not only synagogue members, but by a gathering of clergy and congregants of all faiths. During the community service, a “Holocaust Menorah” was lit by seven “survivors” who worship at CBI. Candles were lit in memory of “The Six Million” Jews who were murdered by the Nazis and in honor of millions of gypsies, homosexuals, the elderly, the infirm, and righteous Christians who also went to gas chambers and mass graves.

Child,” B’nai Israel member and guest speaker, Ruth Adler, told of her family’s escape from a Belgian detention camp, from which they walked to France, where Ruth was hidden by nuns at a Catholic convent. According to Ruth: “If it hadn’t been for the charity and bravery of righteous Christians, I probably wouldn’t be standing here tonight.” Luckily, Ruth was reunited with her parents at the end of the war. The beautiful Menorah that was used during the ceremony was smuggled out of the Warsaw Ghetto, only because it could be unscrewed into small pieces… it was brought to America by a Holocaust survivor. The ecumenical service took place after the all-day reading of Holocaust victims’ names, which is a yearly Yom HaShoah tradition at Congregation B’nai Israel and, via CBI Men’s Club’s “Yellow Candle Project,” memorial candle packets were hand-delivered to every home in the congregation.

In her presentation, “The Hidden

Guest speaker, Ruth Adler

JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER OF LONG BEACH ISLAND 2411 Long Beach Blvd., Spray Beach, NJ (5 miles south of the Causeway)

Michael S. Jay, Rabbi • Donald Pripstein, President

Shabbat Services: Fri. evenings at 8:00 PM Sat. morning at 9:30 AM

Shavuot Services:

Wed. June 4 & Thurs. June 5 (Yizkor) at 9:30 AM

Please check our website for a listing of activities and classes. For further information: and 609-492-4090

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 

75 Years of Service


2012  

 

 

 

 





 


The Jewish Journal - May 2014 7 Lyyar - 14 Lyyar 5

Yom Hashoah Holocaust Commemoration at Temple Beth Or


Yom Hashoah Holocaust Commemoration was held on April 27 at Temple Beth Or, Brick. The event, “Some Were Saved: The Story of the Kindertransports,” featured Manny Lindenbaum who shared his story of how he was saved as part of the Kindertransport Movement in which about 10,000 children were taken out of Europe to England in 1938-39. Six adults, who were saved as children in different circumstances, lit special memorial candles accompanied by children who are now the approximate age of the survivors when they were saved: Manny Lindenbaum (Kindertransport) with Alexis Hoffman, Bianca Lehman (Kindertransport) with Maxine Erlanger, Ernie Mathias (Shanghai) with Zoey Granit, Eli Feit (Tehran) with Jake Thacke, Erwin Tepper (United States) with Gabriela Forbes and Edie Alster (United States) with Xander Granit.

Survivors lit special memorial candles accompanied by children who are now the approximate age of the survivors when they were saved.

Two poems written by people saved through Kindertransports were read:”Exodus” written by Lotte Kramer was read by Elyse Hoffman and Beatrice

Karron and “The Leather Suitcase” written by Tom Berman was read by Evan Chester. Yellow stars were distributed to be worn as a reminder of what Jews in Nazi Europe were forced to wear and paper clips were distributed as it served as a symbol in Norway of the resistance to Nazi rule. The students of Temple Beth Or led the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, Hatikvah and Oseh Shalom (a prayer for peace). The students also presented their class projects portraying different aspects of the Kindertransport experience. Rabbi Robert Rubin and TBO President, Robert Ostrove, also participated in the event. The event committee chairperson was Sandi Silber.

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The Jewish Journal - May 2014 7 Lyyar - 14 Lyyar

Bar Mitzvah Announcements Marshall Brown On June 14, 2014, Marshall Brown of Cheyenne, WO, will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah at the JCC of LBI. He is the son of Erin and Ilaine Brown and the older brother of Zoey. His grandparents are Harold and Bonnie Farin of Long Beach Island and Holmdel, NJ, who are active in both the JCC of LBI and Temple Beth Ahm of Aberdeen, NJ. Marshall’s other grandparents are Zadick Coffino of NYC, Mark Brown of Idaho, and Lori & John Cooler of Washington and great grandmother “Teddy” Coffino, who lives in Florida. Marshall is an honor student at Carey Middle School. He is a member of Junior National Honor Society. He is active in sports (football, basketball, soccer) and plays several musical instruments and has appeared in various plays at the Cheyenne Little Theatre.

Swab a Cheek, Save a Life


awrence “LJ” Horowitz, a member of the JCC of LBI and a student at Millburn High School, conducted a bone marrow drive as part of a campaign of the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation to expand the ethnic diversity of the bone marrow registry. “Swab a Cheek, Save a Life” was held prior to the JCC of LBI Interfaith service on May 9, 2014. LJ also set up a table the following Sunday at St. Francis Church in Brant Beach, NJ. LJ is pictured with his aunt, Lisa Horowitz, a recipient of a bone marrow transplant (left) and his mother Debra Horowitz (right). For further information contact

He also enjoys outdoor activities such as camping and is a movie fan and ardent reader. Justin Michael Bach On May 24, 2014, Justin Michael Bach will be called to the Torah to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah at the JCC of LBI. Justin is currently a 7th grader at the Russell O. Brackman Middle School. He resides in Barnegat with his parents, Lawrence and Colette, his older sister, Alexia, and his 3 dogs, Nikki, Bentley and Jenna. Justin is an avid baseball and basketball fan. His favorite baseball team is the Philadelphia Phillies. He plays fall and spring baseball every year. In the winter, he participates in basketball as a point guard. When he is not playing sports, he enjoys playing Xbox and watching the Military Channel.


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Pharmacy: 732-270-0900

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Contact the Jewish Federation of Ocean County (732) 363-0530 Fax: (732) 363-2097 Email:


The Jewish Journal - May 2014 7 Lyyar - 14 Lyyar 7

Walk for ORT at Village West

Walk for ORT Chairman, Susan Barnett (standing), with some of the walkers at lunch.

Village West ORT Chapter President, Renee Schertzer, sharing dessert with her granddaughter who walked more than one and a half miles for ORT.


he educational programs of ORT, the world’s largest non-governmental educational organization, educates individuals, impacts communities and improves the world through its schools and programs. As a local chapter, Village West ORT, an active club in Manchester’s Leisure Village West, supports technical and college programs in Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit and New York, and schools internationally.

Village West ORT members “Walk for ORT” from clubhouse to clubhouse.

Obituary –

Milka Meshulam

Fulfilling a Promise


ilka Meshulam, 101, of Toms River, died Friday, May 2, 2014, at Brandywine Senior Living, Toms River. She was born in Bulgaria and later resided in Palestine and New York prior to settling in Toms River. A survivor of WWII, she escaped to Palestine in 1944 and then moved to the U.S. in 1946. Milka is a past member of Sherith Israel Congregation, NY and a member of the Yugoslavian Jewish Community.

Caring for a family member

• Learn how to cope with feeling overwhelmed • Get practical information about Alzheimer's and dementia • Learn about community resources • Benefit from the support of other caregivers

Milka is predeceased by her beloved husband, Joseph (1991) and her daughter, Shelley Keller (2013). She is survived by her son, David, and his wife, Gail of Barnegat, NJ; two grandchildren; seven great grandchildren; and two great-great grandchildren.

Join our FREE monthly support group for anyone caring for an elderly loved one. Fourth (4th) Thursday, 5:30 p.m. Ambassador Medical Day Care Center, 619 River Ave., Lakewood, N.J Refreshments will be served Information: Jewish Family & Children’s Service - (732) 363-8010 Group Facilitator: Rita Sason, LCSW

Facilitated by Jewish Family & Children’s Services/Jewish Federation of Ocean County

Melissa Health Coach 732-710-7513 website: en-us

Funeral services were held at Mount Moriah Cemetery, Fairview, NJ. Memorial contributions in Milka’s honor may be made to the American Cancer Society, P.O. Box 22718, Oklahoma City, OK, 73123-1718. Funeral arrangements were under the direction of Belkoff-Goldstein Funeral Chapel, Lakewood.


The Jewish Journal - May 2014 - 7 Lyyar - 14 Lyyar

Jewish Roots Continued from page 2

him his whole life, in both the private and public service sectors. (It should be noted that Mr. Bloomberg has announced that he will donate the $1 million prize to charity.)

COMFORT, FIT & QUALITY Confortable shoes are part of the good care your feet deserve.

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I read this article and I wondered (for the umpteenth time) – what is it that makes a person Jewish? Is it just saying that you are? Is it synagogue affiliation? Is it public acts – attending worship services, involvement with Jewish communal organizations? How much does it matter – does it matter at all – if you hardly ever, or never, do so? Is “being Jewish” about reading books on Jewish subjects? Having Jewishthemed art in your home? Is it just about being a “good person”? If so, what constitutes a “good person”? And how is your answer associated with Judaism? When people say that their “Jewish values” guide them in living their lives, exactly which “values” do they mean? Perhaps, at some point, you have mulled over some of these questions yourself. I’m a congregational rabbi, and I teach future rabbis and cantors, so I do believe in synagogues – very much, actually. I like to quote Barry Schrage, President of the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Boston, who says, “The spiritual, ethical and moral transformation of everyone who walks into our congregations is our job.” I believe that synagogues (and churches and mosques) are sacred locations where deeply intimate, awe-inspiring and transformational encounters have the potential to occur on a regular basis. I believe that human beings are at their most inspired and effective when they join together to harness their energy, passion and intellect in the service of making this a better world. I think that the synagogue is the best Jewish place for this to happen. But I also recognize that this can happen in a variety of ways and in a multiplicity of venues. Eight years ago, two former mayors, Bloomberg of New York and Thomas Menino of Boston, founded Mayors Against Illegal Guns as a coalition of 15 mayors. Since then, the bipartisan group has grown




105 River Ave. Lakewood, NJ 732-905-4049 OPEN SUNDAY: 11 am - 5pm

Worldwide Shipping MON-THURS: 10 am – 7 pm

FRI: 10 am – 3 pm


to more than 1,000 current and former mayors from nearly every state who are all fighting for common-sense gun laws. Last month the former mayor announced that he will continue to work against gun violence with a personal contribution of $50 million. His goal, he said, is simple: to fight for the passage of sensible firearms laws which will save lives. His original coalition has now joined with another, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, the biggest grassroots organization of mothers working together to reduce gun violence. Together they have formed Everytown for Gun Safety whose simple and nonpartisan aim is, again, to save innocent lives. Personal political opinions aside, is not working to save lives (and putting your own money to work in service of this goal) a profoundly Jewish act? I would never claim that it is solely or exclusively a Jewish act. But it is, for sure, Jewish. I recently wrote my monthly “Message From the Rabbi” article for my congregation, Sha’aray Ha Yam’s, newsletter. In it, I quoted a colleague of mine who likes to say, “Passover really begins the day it’s over.” I wrote about the fact that human slavery didn’t end with the Exodus, that it is a terrible reality today, the recent kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls only the most recent example. Specifically, I asked, “Do you recall reading in your haggadah, ‘Avadim hayinu, ata b’nai chorin,’ (‘Once we were slaves, but now we are free’)? Or this: ‘B’chol dor va-dor, chayavim anu lirot et-atzmeinu k’ilu yatzanu miMitzrayim,’ (‘In every generation, we are obligated to see ourselves as having come of Egypt.’)? [These words] are there to impart and impress some profound truths and responsibilities on us. Do they? How many of us get up from the seder table, full of good food and pleased with our evening’s experience, pack up the holiday dishes, throw out the leftover matzo and forget about the message of Pesach until next year?... The holiday of Passover was never meant to become what it too often is - merely a self-satisfied celebration of our own freedom…” Continued on page 16

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The Jewish Journal - May 2014 - 7 Lyyar - 14 Lyyar 9

Culture and the Arts are very much alive at Lions Gate! Sure we have plenty of trips to Philadelphia’s famed orchestra, ballet, theatres and museums, but there’s plenty to see and do right on campus - concerts, Israeli dancing and tap dancing, resident art shows, Lions Gate University, the Lions Gate’s Spielers theater group, films, short story and book clubs and so much more.

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10 The Jewish Journal - May 2014 - 7 Lyyar - 14 Lyyar

The Place to Be

“Repairing the World - A Global Perspective on Sustainability� May 8, 2014

Keynote speaker, Erin Schrode, discussed and promoted global sustainability utilizing Jewish environmental values.

For his Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project, Kyle Doctor is building a Jewish Community Garden.

Left to right: Teri Abramson, Barbara Schulman, Erin Schrode, Kyle Doctor, Pam Ligorski, Randi Rozovsky and Lauren Rosen.

Daughters and granddaughters were welcome to attend.

The Place to Be Co-Chairs, Pam Ligorski (left) and Teri Abramson.

Barbara Schulman, Executive Leadership Team member, addresses the crowd.

Boutique Vendor Fair


More than 90 people attended The Place to Be.

The event was at Beth Am Shalom, in Lakewood.

The Jewish Journal - May 2014 - 7 Lyyar - 14 Lyyar 11

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As economic instability throughout the country has grown, even those in the middle class have been affected. In Crimea, 17,000 Jews remain unsure of their future amid Russian territorial occupation, and many more are worried by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine and deepening divisions within the country. Federation partner agencies the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), the Jewish Agency for Israel and World ORT, as well as NCSJ (National Conference on Soviet Jewry), have been working tirelessly to ensure the safety of Ukraine’s Jewish communities and their institutions. Our partners on the ground in Ukraine report that most Jews are not considering a mass exodus from their homes, but reinforced the importance of their critical services during this traumatic time.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF JDC. Elizaveta Rojovskaya, a Russian native, is a former teacher who is still visited by her students. An asthmatic, she receives financial help from Hesed to purchase medicines.

Here’s what our partners agencies are doing: • JDC activated its emergency response network, including

In contrast to the clashes and protests elsewhere in the city, Donetsk’s Hesed ran a master class in Jewish dancing

English classes are available for children at the Hesed.

a specific plan for Crimea, to ensure uninterrupted home deliveries of food, medicine, heating and cooking fuel, and sustained life-saving care at home for the elderly. It has increased security at select Jewish communal institutions and Hesed social welfare centers. JDC has brought Israeli psychologists and trauma specialists to Ukraine to provide intensive emotional support to Jews and the general public. But due to a nationwide economic crisis, JDC is now

facing increasing operational costs for basics like fuel and transportation, and a 100 percent increase in the price of medicines. • The Jewish Agency has tapped its Emergency Assistance Fund, started in 2012, to bolster security at Ukraine’s many Jewish institutions, including synagogues, yeshivas and community centers. A total of 375 new immigrants have come to Israel from UkraiContinued on page 16



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A Cultural History of Jewish Dress



Our Israeli Connection

by Eric Silverman Book Review by Rabbi Deborah Miller


ric Silverman’s scholarly credentials are on full display in his latest book, “A Cultural History of Jewish Dress.” From biblical times to the age of the internet, this work provides an overview of the ways in which clothing has shaped and reflected Jewish identity, both from within the community and as mandated by the surrounding gentile world. As an ethnographer and anthropologist, Silverman’s attention to detail is striking. This book is a perfect opportunity to delve into the verses of the book of Leviticus describing the vestments of the High Priest, and to explore the science and politics behind the search for techelet, the specific blue dye mandated for the fringes of a tallit. The relationship between clothing and gender identity, anti-Semitism, and the search for the new “Jewish cool” are all painstakingly described.

Unfortunately, Silverman’s writing style also betrays his years of addressing an academic audience. The result is a book with rather sluggish pacing. Happily, he did include multiple photographs, and these images constitute the real gems of his dedicated research.

BOB MILNE AT THE PIANO Wednesday, May 28 • 8pm

OCC’s Repertory Theatre Company “SWEENEY TODD The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” Thursday, July 10 • 7:30pm Fridays, July 11 & 18 • 7:30pm Saturdays, July 12 & 19 • 8pm Sundays, July 13 & 20 • 2pm

Exit 82 Theatre

“LEGALLY BLONDE - The Musical” Fridays, August 1 & 8 • 8pm Saturday, August 2 • 2pm & 8pm Sundays, August 3 & 10 • 2pm Saturday, August 9 • 8pm

The Jewish Journal has arranged with Mr. Matan Hodorov, Senior Economic Correspondent of News 10 in Israel, to reply to your questions.

A reader of “A Cultural History of Jewish Dress” must make a serious effort to engage with this book, but will be rewarded with a wealth of historical, cultural, and religious knowledge. Take it slowly, and enjoy the pictures.

Send your written question to our Editor and we will expedite it.

Rabbi Deborah Miller was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary in 2011 and is a member of the National Association of Jewish Chaplains.

Send your question by email to: or by mail to: P.O. Box 1082, Jackson, NJ 08527.


Midweek Jazz

Do you have questions concerning economic events that are taking place in Israel?

With your permission, your question and Mr. Hodorov’s answer will appear in The Jewish Journal.

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ONLINE TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE! JewishJournal_10x5'53_May_2014.indd 1 4/24/2014 2:29:51 PM

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Jewish Roots


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ne in January-March of this year, on board Jewish Agency flights, 70% more than in the same months last year (221). These new olims’ Passover seders in Israel were especially poignant. The Jewish Agency is prepping for program closures during summer camp season, and even considering sending Ukrainian Jews to camp in Israel. • World ORT has launched a campaign to raise $200,000 to fund increased security at four of its schools in Ukraine. Each school has several hundred students, many of whom travel to class through now-dangerous areas. Programs have been canceled, and the Odessa school has seen a more than 50 percent drop in attendance. The father of a student at the Chernovtsy school was killed during clashes in Kiev on February 20. World ORT’s plans include hiring additional security guards and installing closed-circuit TV and alarm systems on school grounds.

I wrote specifically about human enslavement, but the message applies to so heartbreakingly many of the world’s problems, so much unfinished Creation.

Hesed also features a cooking class.

Parents and teachers at World ORT schools have expressed their gratitude to supporters in a thank-you note. • Additionally, NCSJ sends out frequent communication briefs informed by various governmental, non-governmental and Jewish communal sources. To view the latest information, please visit NCSJ's Ukraine update page (ncsj. org/content/ncsj-latest-updates-ukraine).

Jewish Federations are committed to working with our partners at home and abroad throughout this crisis. Sustained financial support from Federations enables our partners to continue funding much-needed programming and develop new initiatives to meet immediate needs amid violence, economic stagnation and severe inflation. We are continuing to collect donations to our overseas partners through our Ukraine mailbox, the fastest, most efficient way to do this. Please fill out our online form at: https://secure-fedweb.jewishfederations. org/page/contribute/ukraine-assistance.

So I like to think that Michael Bloomberg and others like him are remembering, and acting on, the message of Passover – not just for one, or two or seven or eight days – but every day. I hope that when he accepts the Genesis Prize in Jerusalem in a few weeks he’ll speak eloquently about being a Jew, what that means to him, and what he understands his obligations, as a Jew, to be in the world. I hope he becomes an active synagogue member some day! I hope that his children become first curious and then passionate about Judaism. I hope that you, too, are inspired to live the message of Passover every day. I hope that you, we, all of us continue to grapple with what it means to be Jewish, and, more importantly, how to take our conclusions out into a passionate engagement with our stilltroubled world. Bo, neilech! Let’s go! Rabbi Kim Geringer is the spiritual leader of Congregation Sha’aray HaYam in Manahawkin and a member of the faculty at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in New York City. The Jewish Journal is pleased to host a monthly Rabbi Column, rotating among our community’s pulpit rabbis. The views and opinions expressed are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of The Jewish Journal, the Jewish Federation of Ocean County or the author’s Congregation.

Jewish Family & Children’s Service/ Jewish Federation of Ocean County with Congregation B’nai Israel

“Grief After Loss” You don’t have to face it alone. 03/14

Monday, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm, Congregation B’nai Israel 1488 Old Freehold Road, Toms River, NJ For more information, or to register, contact: Jewish Family & Children’s Service 732 363 8010

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SYNAGOGUES CHABAD CHABAD JEWISH CENTER 2001 Church Road Toms River, NJ 08753 Rabbi Moshe Gourarie 732-349-4199 Email: Services: Fri: 6:30 PM, Sat: 9:15 AM Kiddush after morning service

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Email: Worship: Erev Shabbat:1st Friday each month 7:00 PM all others 7:30 PM Select Shabbat mornings 10:00 AM (call) CONGREGATION SHA'AREY HA-YAM 333 N. Main Street (Route 9) Manahawkin, NJ 08050 Rabbi Kim Geringer Philip Miller President 609-242-2390

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TRIBUTES MAY 2014 To Charlotte Krupnick Happy 85th Birthday Charlotte From Ida Peskin Wollack To Lynn Evenchik and Family In Memory of her Beloved Mother From Frada and Irwin Roseff

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The Jewish Family & Children’s Service speakers include: clinical social workers, retired educators, attorneys and business advisors. Speakers are available to come to your meeting.

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