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DENMARK'S LEADING BLACK BEAUTY QUEENS For people of colour looking for beauty products that suit your skin tone, hairstyle, and hair types in Denmark can be very difficult. Your prayers have been answered. Here are 2 of Denmark's leading companies who can provide everything you need for hair, makeup and cosmetics.



FOUNDER AND OWNER OF I LOVE NATURAL HAIR Carriene Rendbo is the founder and owner of I love Natural Hair - the curly hair emporium. Born and bred in London, she now lives in Denmark with her Danish husband and two kids. She is an entrepreneur who fell into her line of business as a result of her own hair issues. Many years of struggling with her natural hair, she set up a webshop to cater to people who needed help with managing, accepting and learning about their curls. Carriene is also a European distributor for one of the brands available on the website. As a trained Trichologist, she runs monthly workshops both online and in person, where you can learn how to effectively and practically take care of your curls. It is aimed at all curl types. She offers scientific and practical ways to take care of your hair care routine and offers detailed ways to solve common issues such as dandruff, alopecia and contact dermatitis. Carriene is working on opening up a clinic in Copenhagen, which will be available for all hair types who suffer from these conditions. WWW.ILOVENATURALHAIR.DK INSTAGRAM: ILOVENATURALHAIR.DK

OWNER OF THEBLACBOX Nigerian born, British raised, Abi has been living in Denmark since 2017. Having a background in Law, Primary Education and Sales & M a r ke t i n g . S h e is currently Head of Growth for a small startup in Copenhagen. "After moving to Copenhagen, I was surprised at the lack of variety in stores for black women. Over the last couple of years, brands have become much more inclusive with their product ranges, but those products never seemed to populate the shelves in physical stores in Denmark. I was constantly buying full-sized products (and paying for international shipping) without even knowing if products would suit me. So I created the BlacBox a wallet-friendly and hassle-free way to try different products tailored to your profile'. theBlacBox is a bi-monthly subscription box for black women in Europe. All products are sourced from black-owned businesses around the world and tailor-made to every subscriber based on their hair type, skin type and skin tone. Every other month, you’ll receive 2 products for skin care, 2 products for hair care and 2 products that match your skin tone. Each BlacBox has a minimum total price of 950DKK, which you can subscribe to for 350DKK, shipping included.

BARBARA MENSAH BEAUTY EDITOR & MAKEUP ARTIST Barbara was born in England, London and relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark in 2017. She has been a professional International Makeup Artist for 11 years and a professional Lash Stylist for 3 years. After moving to Copenhagen, Denmark, Barbara became the owner of Barbara Mensah Beauty Studio. Her stylish, cosy and chic studio provides a welcoming, comfortable space for clients to spend their time getting glammed and pampered for those special moments and occasions. All bookings for Lash Extension and Makeup can be made via her social media or tel: +45 53564504 barbaramensah. beauty@gmail.com @barbara.mensah.beauty @barbaramensahbeauty



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The International - January 2020  

Happy New Year and happy birthday! We not only celebrate the start of a new year, but we also celebrate our own milestone at The Internation...

The International - January 2020  

Happy New Year and happy birthday! We not only celebrate the start of a new year, but we also celebrate our own milestone at The Internation...

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