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Balraj Khanna - A Journey of His Own 6-16 June 2013

To arrange a private view of the collection at the artist’s studio in London please contact us on:

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Lucie Marchelot Director, The Indian Art Centre

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The Indian Art Centre is delighted to present Balraj Khanna’s first 3D digital exhibition. Two rooms showcasing 22 works have been specially designed to provide a strong and realistic effect of how paintings could be arranged in traditional and modern interiors. The use of cutting-edge technology allows collectors to have a unique 3D experience in the comfort of their homes. As they scroll through a dazzling panoramic display, they can click on each artwork and a window will pop up on the screen with their descriptions, prices and zoomed photographs allowing a closer inspection. The aim is to make this exclusive exhibition accessible to a large number of collectors, sometimes too busy to attend gallery shows. We also want to give the opportunity to keen collectors to meet the artist and visit his studio. The collection features a mixture of works realised by the artist at different stages of his career. We have selected early and late works, small and large formats and included paintings for all budgets. A highly anticipated series of never-before-seen small format pictures executed in the 1960s and 1970s is offered to collectors for the first time. To make this event even more unique we are offering a list of exclusive bonuses to all buyers. We hope to take you on a journey of your own.

“As long as I am doing something with my hands, my head and my heart, I feel alive.� Balraj Khanna

Balraj Khanna

Indian-born artist Balraj Khanna came to England in the Swinging 1960s to study English, but instead he took to painting and became `one of the most distinguished painters living in England’ – Bryan Robertson. Khanna has been leading two highly successful careers as a painter and a prolific author. He is a key character in the art world, being an artist, a keen collector, a leading Indian Art expert, curator and published author. He Lectured on Indian art and personal development at Oxford, Cambridge and Manchester Universities, The Royal College, St Martin`s, the South Bank Centre, The Institute of Education, SOAS, MOMA – Oxford, the Hayward Gallery, the Serpentine Gallery, the V&A, the Bradford Museum, the Brighton Museum and other Venues. Khanna has developed his own unique visual language taking inspiration from nature, spirituality and concepts of creation. His stunning paintings have been sold through the most prestigious galleries and leading auction houses in the world. Khana’s first exhibition took place in London in 1965 and his most recent show at MOMA Wales in Machynlleth was a retrospective celebrating more than 50 years as an artist.

Graces Oil on canvas 1971 9.5 x 15 cm (3.7 x 5.9 in) Including frame: 27.5 x 32.5 (10.8 x 12.8 in) £3,200

Trauma Oil on canvas 1971 11.5 x 14.7 cm (4.5 x 5.8 in) Including frame: 27.5 x 32.5 cm (10.8 x 12.8 in) £3,200

Animal and Friends Acrylic on canvas 1985 112 x 38 cm (44 x 15 in) ÂŁ14,000

High Wire Acrylic on canvas 1996 56 x 89 cm (22 x 35 in) £16,000

Patang Acrylic on canvas 2003 40.6 x 40.6 cm (16 x 16 in) £12,000

Nude into Landscape Oil on canvas 1973 45.7 x 61 cm (18 x 24 in) £17,000

Pele-Mêle Oil on canvas 1979 19.6 x 30 cm (7.2 x 11.8 in) Including frame: 36 x 50 cm (14.2 x 19.7 in) £4,800

The Sacred Thread Oil on canvas laid on board 1968 142 x 104 cm (56 x 41 in) ÂŁ25,000

The Great Tondo Wood and board 2005 Diameter 122 cm Depth 7.6 cm (48 - 3 in) ÂŁ22,000

Monsoon Acrylic on canvas 1996 102 x 152.5 cm (40 x 60 in) £19,000

Diwali Acrylic on canvas 1994 112 x 112 cm (44 x 44 in) £18,000

An Act of Balance Acrylic on canvas 1995 183 x 152.5 cm (72 x 60 in) £21,000

Primordial or Sacred Region Oil on canvas 1965 142 x 142 cm (56 x 56 in) £25,000

Pond in Hampstead Heath in Winter Oil on canvas 1978 118 x 113.5 cm (46.5 x 44.7 in) ÂŁ24,000

Alzeebra Oil on canvas 1978 117 x 116.5 cm (46 x 46.7 in) ÂŁ24,000

Love Letter 1 Watercolour on paper 1970 21.5 x 15.2 cm (8.5 x 6 in) Including frame: 44 x 34 cm (17.3 x 13.4 in) ÂŁ1,800

Love Letter 2 Watercolour on paper 1970 17.6 x 24 cm (7 x 9.4 in) Including frame: 39 x 44.5 cm (15.4 x 16 in) ÂŁ1,800

Four Circles Watercolour on paper 1970 18 x 24.5 cm (7.1 x 9.6 in) Including frame: 38 x 40.5 cm (15 x 16 in) ÂŁ1,800

Autograph Watercolour on paper 1970 23.8 x 17.8 cm (9.4 x 7 in) Including frame: 44 x 34 cm (17.3 x 13.4 in) ÂŁ1,800

Steps Oil on canvas 1972 13.4 x 17 cm (5.3 x 6.7 in) Including frame: 27.5 x 32.5 cm (10.8 x 12.8 in) £3,200

Figural Oil on canvas 1968 8.8 x 18.4 cm (3.5 x 7.2 in) Including frame: 28.5 x 46.5 cm (7.3 x 18.3 in) £3,200

Hectic, Hectic … Watercolour & ink on paper 1980 14.7 x 20.3 cm (5.8 x 8 in) Including frame: 27.5 x 32.5 (10.8 x 12.8 in) £1,800

Balraj Khanna

Exhibition Catalogue  
Exhibition Catalogue  

Balraj Khanna- A Journey of His Own 6-16 June 2013 Acclaimed Indian-born artist's first 3D virtual solo show curated by Lucie Marchelot, di...