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Who is going to Work for you in the Next 10 Years


hen you were in school, you were most likely asked “what do you want to be when you grow up”. How did you answer? More importantly, did you have an understanding of the various career options available to you? I would not hesitate to say that you probably didn’t. You most likely received your career advice from your Dad or Mom or perhaps your guidance teacher at your school. Did you feel that you had enough information? Did you have the knowledge and experience to jump into a career with both feet? Simply put, did you feel that you had the necessary resources to make an informed decision about your future? Fast forward 10 years. Did you make the right career decision? If you could do it all over again, what would you choose? Let’s face it; many of us will have four or even five different careers within our lifetime. We continue to navigate our careers based on our interests and talents.

How many of us can honestly say that we are doing something entirely different than what we went to school for? Do you think you would have benefitted from career mentorship to aide you in your career discovery?

Invest Today, Benefit Tomorrow, Be a Mentor!

Building a Brighter Future


ow, let’s think about the implications of not offering students the opportunity to explore careers within our City. How does that impact our future and more importantly your future economy? If students are not aware of your business or economic sector – how can your business grow and sustain itself for years to come? Where will you find your future staff? Is it possible to increase awareness of your organization while at the same time contributing to the success of both our youth and our community? Yes! Volunteer your time by providing students with the opportunity to learn from you. You can inspire them; guide them; train them - open their eyes to the various occupations within your organization. You can connect with your future workforce today by becoming a mentor.


Did you know that over 3,000 Hamilton businesses annually provide hands-on co-op placements to students?


any businesses in Hamilton, and across the province, have made a commitment to develop and train our future workforce by participating in experiential learning activities (Speakers Bureau, co-op, etc.). This employer-led initiative essentially links ‘learning to earning’ for students and is a strategy to ensure that our future workforce has the educational requirements for a prosperous future. How are they doing this? By visiting classrooms and discussing their career journey with students; participating in career fairs; and by offering students the opportunity to develop their work skills and habits through work experience and cooperative education placements.

Invest Today, Benefit Tomorrow, Be a Mentor!

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We clearly see the student benefits


hey receive an amazing opportunity to learn about careers and explore their choices by interacting with individuals who are experts in their own field, and are right here in our community. When students ask the question “why do I need to learn trigonometry�, an architect, a crime scene investigator, a machinist or an engineer, can inform the student that without having an understanding of trigonometry they will not have the opportunity to become the next Frank Lloyd Wright, Billy Bishop or Roberta Lynn Bondar.

Invest Today, Benefit Tomorrow, Be a Mentor!

Your participation in career mentorship activities provides students with tangible links between learning and earning and a better understanding of why we learn what we do at school and how they connect to the ‘real world’. But what’s in it for the employer? Why are thousands participating in career mentoring activities? Well, our experience tells us that individuals and businesses that actively contribute to the development of our future workforce make their decision based on their heart or their mind.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? We believe that both the heart and the mind can agree that even in challenging economic times, great organizations still want to be socially responsible.

Why should you consider making a commitment to our future workforce and your economic prosperity?

“I will be retiring some day. If we don’t let students learn, how can they take over for us?” Barb Snyder, St. Josephs Villa, Dundas

If you work straight from the heart  You remember your first mentor; they inspired you and

helped you navigate your own career path. You are now in a position where you can be the mentor.  You have a family member who had the opportunity to receive career mentorship by a member of our community. You would now like to give back and help someone else’s family member.  You understand that career mentorship can make a significant impact on poverty reduction and are therefore very committed to working with our future workforce.  You recognize the importance of knowledge transfer and feel it is important to share information about your business to ensure your future human resource requirements are met.

Invest Today, Benefit Tomorrow, Be a Mentor!

WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? Participating in career mentorship activities is a great way to continue to work within the community with no financial commitment.

"It is a win-win situation and worth the venture. More employers should be involved if they want to get the guys that will grow with them." Robert Besseling, Besseling Mechanicals

If you are a no-nonsense individual  You can improve the flow of young people into your economic

sector and cut recruitment costs through nurturing the interests of talented young people.  You can position your organization as an employer of choice. Employees highly value the time they spend as volunteer career mentors, and with increased job satisfaction comes better staff retention and improved productivity.  You can develop your staff in real life management scenarios in a cost effective way by helping them to build the skills and competencies that they need to get ahead while they are mentoring a student.  You can build brand awareness, understanding and reputation of your business, brand or product, and then turn awareness into advocacy.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED There are a range of activities that allow you to get involved. It is important to note that these activities are flexible in nature and at any time you can choose to increase or decrease your involvement.

Short-term commitment: one hour to one day

Speakers Bureau You can visit a classroom and share practical information about your career and your personal career journey. This is a great way to create interest in your organization while potentially inspiring future employees!

"The kids were extremely interested and engaging." Sunni Genesco, K-Lite FM

Invest Today, Benefit Tomorrow, Be a Mentor!

Workplace Tours You can open your doors and allow classes the opportunity to tour your facility. This allows students the opportunity to learn about the wide variety of potential careers within your organization in a more hands-on and visual format.

Career Fairs You can promote your career and business to a wider audience by participating in career fairs. These events provide students with the opportunity to explore careers in a booth style format. Who knows, you may meet your future site supervisor or public relations manager!

HOW TO GET INVOLVED... Medium-term commitment: one to four weeks

Work Experience If you could use some help to complete a large project, offering a work experience placement may be beneficial to your organization. You would be in a position to provide a student with a hands-on learning experience, at no cost, while you complete the project or initiative. “It's really helping the student find what they want to do in the future. Keep the students coming!� John Dick, Dundas Community Physiotherapy

Invest Today, Benefit Tomorrow, Be a Mentor!

HOW TO GET INVOLVED... Long-term commitment: four months

Cooperative Education (Co-op)

“We have to look after our future apprentices and this is the best way I know.’” Graham Wale, Kelowna Flightcraft Ltd

You can add to your team without adding a financial strain to your overall operations by taking a co-op student. You can benefit from student’s fresh insights, new and innovative ideas, not to mention their extensive knowledge of computers, social media and the frequent changes in technology. An added benefit...your staff will gain cost-effective professional development opportunities through supervisory and management experience.



y participating in career mentorship activities, you will contribute to the growth of your organization, the growth of our community and play a key role in making Hamilton the best place to raise a child. Contact IEC of Hamilton and get involved today! We will help you customize your level of involvement, make the appropriate connections on your behalf with our education partners and register you at, the provincial online community dedicated to connecting local employers with tomorrow’s workforce. The service and registration are both free.



stablished in 1980, the Industry Education Council of Hamilton (IEC) is a not-for-profit organization that is your unique partner of choice in aligning business, education and community in an effort to help the youth of Hamilton make career choices that are best suited to their individual interests and strengths, resulting in the future prosperity of this city.

“The process is simple, and the people at the Industry Education Council are great and very efficient in what they do.” Justin Policarpio, Campus Helper

Invest Today, Benefit Tomorrow, Be a Mentor!



e are in a unique position to be the catalyst to help you find your future workforce. We are devoted to advancing cooperation between business, education and government for the benefit of youth and of our community. In 2010, the IEC celebrated its 30th anniversary having served Hamilton with innovative ideas and enthusiasm since 1980.

Our mission has always been to help young people transition from “learning to earning�. Following the Ministry of Education's mandate to enhance the quality and availability of experiential learning opportunities in Ontario, we champion the Passport to Prosperity initiative which is delivered in 26 communities across the province.

We create awareness of experiential learning in fulfilling the short and long term workforce development needs not only in our community but of the province. CONTACT Beth Gibson, School-Work Transition Manager Passport to Prosperity Tel: 905.529.4483 Email:

Our partners are

Industry Education Council of Hamilton

Who is going to work for you in 10 years?  

Passport to Prosperity: Who is going to work for you in 10 years?