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WELCOME TO THE HIDEOUT! We know you are probably incredibly busy so we will keep this brief. We all know that we have an obligation to educate the children of today about our planet of tomorrow and you as a school can play a big part in this. How Can We Help You? We produce innovative, creative, educational and unique products for schools but always with the environment in mind. Our products are designed to help schools to adapt techniques and environmental policies in order to help lead the transition to a low carbon economy. We have 15 years worth of experience selling playground products to the educational sector. How Do We Do It? We work with supply partners who are the industry’s best within their relevant product category. Best can be defined as quality of product, positive attitude and customer care. What Happens Next? Please have a look through our gallery of imaginative eco product ideas. This brochure really is only intended to give you a flavour of what we sell and do. So if you want a quote, require any further information or would like us to come and see you, then we will happily oblige. Can We Help on Funding? We all know we are working in a difficult financial climate but we see this as an opportunity to work with you to help you find ways to raise money. If you so need assistance in this matter, please do not hesitate to call us and we shall tell you how.

Want To Get In Touch? If you spot anything in our brochure that you would like to know more about or if you would like to place and order, please get in touch with us today...

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Outdoor Classrooms

Like its cousin the Green Room, the Eco Centre offers shade and shelter at playtime but it can also be used as an outdoor teaching area. Children are able to relax and learn in a shaded environment within the school grounds whilst at the same time learning about the creation of clean energy, water harvesting, biodiversity, planting and healthy living.


• Available in different sizes and shapes – octagonal, square and rectangular so that you can match your class size and space to the building • Manufactured either out of cedar wood which requires very little on-going maintenance or treatment and typically lasts a lot longer than traditional timbers or Grade 4 tanalised Scandinavian redwood pine • Standard specification includes full cedar or felt shingle tile roof, solid bevel siding lower panels, internal benching and boarded decked floor • Five choices of roof - high quality marine PU coated canvas, felt shingle tile, cedar shingle tile, close board roofing or a living sedum roof • Building options such as opening/closing upper louvre panels (to enclose the building if so required), solid infill wall panels, roll-down canvas panels and upper trellis panels • Vertical balustrading option (as opposed to the standard solid bevel siding) • "Floorless and sideless" versions also available • Atrium roof to allow in lots of natural daylight from above • Full eco option pack to include water butt and guttering, eco pond and surround, wind turbine, solar panel and monitoring unit pack (displays wind and solar charge currents, load current and battery voltage), weather vane, bird box, insect nest and 3 x planters


5000mm X 5000mm

4000mm X 4000mm

Our outdoor classrooms are both functional and educational buildings all rolled into one. Outdoor classrooms offer shade and shelter at playtime but they can also be used as an outdoor teaching and learning area. Children are able to relax and learn in a shaded environment within the school grounds.

Enclosed Outdoor Classrooms


Play & Enjoy!

Our Enclosed Outdoor Classrooms provide for a variety of options for outdoor learning. These types of buildings can be used in all weathers and all year round for aspects of outdoor leaning, study and play. Alternatively they can be used for parent waiting shelters, staff rooms, studios, community buildings etc. Available in different shapes and sizes, these buildings offer the attractive design features common to all our range of buildings but in a slightly larger building. As with the entire range, every aspect of the building can be selected and chosen by the customer, be it choice of floor, roof, insulation, doors, windows and bi-fold doors.


• Available in different sizes and shapes (as above) - square 3m, 3.5m and 4m; rectangular 4m x 3m, 5m x 3m, 5m x 4m, 6m x 4m, 7m x 4m • Available in octagonal sizes from 3m up to 6m with attractive French doors • Manufactured out of cedar wood which requires very little on-going maintenance and typically lasts a lot longer than traditional timbers such as pine • Option for insulation to roof and walls • For square and rectangular buildings, option to have either a hipped or mono pitch roof style • Option to have an atrium style glazed roof to allow in lots of extra daylight • For square and rectangular versions, bi-fold doors are available to allow you to fully open up one side of the building (good for free flow education)


Eco Outdoor Classroom

Eco Outdoor Classrooms are both a functional and educational building all rolled into one. The Eco Classroom offers shade and shelter at playtime but it can also be used as an outdoor teaching area. Children are able to learn about the core principles of the Eco Schools programme including the creation of clean energy, water harvesting, biodiversity, planting, recycling and healthy living.


• Available in four different sizes - octagonal 3m, 4m, 5m & 6m (also square and rectangular if so required) • Manufactured out of cedar wood which requires very little on-going maintenance or treatment and typically lasts a lot longer than traditional timber such as pine • Four choices of roof - high quality marine PU coated canvas, close board roofing, cedar shingle tiles or a living sedum roof • Building options such as opening/closing upper louvre panels (to enclose the building if so required), solid infill wall panels and upper trellis panels • "Floorless and sideless" versions also available • Full eco option pack to include water butt and guttering, eco pond and surround, wind turbine, solar panel and monitoring unit pack (meter display wind and solar charge currents, load current and battery voltage), weather vane, bird box, insect nest and 3 x planters • Unique electric dynamo bikes which the children have to pedal in order to create power package to include A Frame Generator bike, power supply unit including speaker, amplifier, portable energy board with embedded LED display, cable set, disco ball and You Watt? poster showing the amount of kws required for certain household items


The Living Wall Tipi

A Tipi With A Difference! By means of stainless steel mesh side panels, you can grow climbing plants up the side walls of this product to create the ultimate hideaway playhouse or quiet area courtesy of Mother Nature. We also supply to you 5 large climbing plants to get you going and growing. The children can have great fun watching the plants gradually grow up the sides until it is completely covered. Naturally fun!

Features • • • • •

Solid 100mm rounded pole sections Stainless steel wire mesh Comes complete with internal benching Full delivery and installation services 5 growing plants included plus advice


Approx. 1800mm X 2680mm

The Grow Boat

Role Play, Quiet Area & Planting Facility – All In One! Perfect for garden pirates of all ages. The Grow Boat is an educational garden fantasy with planters arranged to resemble a ship. With the bow end having a large triangular planter with bowsprit and two separate planters either side of the mast. For those who are waiting to get their green fingers going or just want to relax and enjoy the passage, we have added a seating area complete with portholes to encourage role play.

Features • Product comprises one triangular planter and two rectangular planters • "Stern" seating area with coloured polycarbonate domes as portholes • Can personalise sail with the school's name (for extra nominal charge) • Two removable linking benches to allow for extra seating area • Approx five metres long • Full delivery and installation services


The Planter Bed

The fact that it's a planter that looks like a bed together with the added feature of having it personalised with your own school name will surely make a unique mark in your garden. This fun and unique design of planter could be used to encourage the children to be creative why not create a duvet design in flowers or plants for example? A flower bed, literally! Buy a few of them and have your own dormitory! Get a local company to sponsor them and we could put their name on the planter beds.

Features • Dimension: L 1800 mm X W 750mm • Option to have a name routed into the timber


Mini Greenhouse & Storage Unit

Two products combined into one offering both a greenhouse and a storage facility for items such as garden tools, plant pots and compost bags. Can easily be placed anywhere in the school and is ideal for those budding garden enthusiasts!

Features • Double doors on mini greenhouse to allow for easy access • Timber clad side storage facility unit • Toughened glass with fixed top glazing panels • Two tier timber slatted storage shelves


1800mm X 600mm X 900mm

Bespoke Playgrounds

We are able to create bespoke climbing structures, ramps and slides, trim trails and adventure playgrounds to suit all spaces and budgets. All structures are created with imaginative play in mind as well as considering challenges and an element of risk taking.

With so much emphasis nowadays on children being active and staying healthy and fit, we feel that our playground equipment offers a unique dimension to physical activity and play and helps develop children's strength, balance and co-ordination skills.

Please have a look at the gallery section to see some examples of previous work and then give us a call to discuss your particular project.


Outdoor Shelters and Canopies

Whether you are looking to provide shade from the hot weather, shelter from the elements or perhaps even a parent waiting area then we are able to offer a unique and creative solution for your school outdoor shelters and shade needs. Or you may want to double up on the application by using our products as an outdoor classroom and teaching facility or as a canopy to cover an existing play area or secluded space. Our natural timber product range covers various roof styles including thatch, cedar shingle tiles, closeboard timber, canvas and polycarbonate. We can even supply "pop up" outdoor playground shelters which you can personalise with digital printing. Our attractive outdoor shelters come in a comprehensive range of different sizes (octagonal, rectangular and square) with a suite of options but we are also able to manufacture something bespoke if this suits your particular requirements. These type of shelters are becoming ever popular in schools who have a Forest Schools setting or environment as they are very much an extension to the outdoor classroom. It is possible therefore to add on some of our interesting eco options such as the educational wind turbine and solar panel package with energy monitoring board & power supply.


School Nature Play Areas

We are able to create bespoke school nature areas and natural play environments. Using natural materials and creative thinking, we offer the best possible playground solution tailored to your site, age range of children and budget parameters. Our products are designed to teach children to respect and handle sensitive wildlife and to observe wildlife within the confines of any setting. These nature areas can typically include: • • • • • • • • • • •

Bug hotel Composter wormery Mud kitchen Mini eco dipping pond Living wall tipi with climbing plants Rustic bench seating Nature inspired outdoor seating set of cushions Mini beast examination tables with magnifying glass Mini greenhouse and storage unit Outdoor classrooms and shelters Insect nests and bird boxes

But if you had something else in mind for your school nature area, then please let us know.


The School Shop

Save The Environment, Recycle & Earn Money For Your School!

1500mm X 900mm X 1800mm

Sell your home-grown product (or any product for that matter!) to the parents of the school and the local community. You can therefore generate some income for your school as well as engaging the children in understanding the basic principles of commerce. Ideal also for bring and buy activities or selling product from at school fund raising events.

Features • Unit has front display shelves and serving table • Castors allow for easy manoeuvrability • Lower panel chalkboard to write up "offers of the day" • Back storage facility with open and closing doors and inner storage shelf • School shop sign as standard but it is possible to have your school's name here as long as it is no longer than 16 letters long


Eco Garden Fencing

Create your own designated school garden area and brighten it up with our unique panel fencing system which includes for "vegetable" posts, bird feeders and an entrance sign. Or you can buy the vegetables on posts separately and have them as free-standing items. Also helps your staff keep certain ages of children in a confined and controlled area.

Features • Attractive arched fencing panels • Posts 75mm square • Can personalise vegetables and sign for extra nominal charge • Can cater for any size area • Each fence panel measures 1850mm and includes for one long post (for vegetables or bird feeder) and one short post. See prices below for vegetable and bird feeder • Vegetable signs made out of re-cycled HDPE panels • Fence mounted garden tub planter and 3-pot planter • Entrance sign - POA


Garden Signs

Brighten up any playground or garden area with our bright and colourful vegetable signs on posts. Available individually or as a whole set.

Features • Four vegetable designs available - carrot, beetroot, tomato and pepper • Mounted on rounded timber posts with post-sleeve for in-ground fixing • Signs made out of 19mm HDPE panels • Can add school logo or text for an extra charge of £20 • Recommend setting poles to a height of 1.8m


The Hideout House Shop - Delivery Only Items


Allotment Gardening Beds

Bug Hotel


Grass Covered Seating Animals

Grass Covered Sofa

Mud Kitchen

Outdoor Drum Panel

Rope and Pulley

All Products seen here can be viewed in more detail online at

Rustic Seating

Self Creation Den

SEN Cube

Sensory Panels

Story Tellers Chair

Table with HDPE Top

Water Well



Mobile Classrooms

If you are wanting to have a mobile classroom building, then we have the solution. We wanted to make sure that not only was the building manufactured to a high quality standard but that is also looked attractive and was something you could be proud of. The buildings are all pre-manufactured at our partner's factory in the north of England including all internal partitioning, sanitary ware, kitchen equipment, electrics, heating and lighting. Each unit is then delivered to site, fully assembled, on the back of a low loader truck and positioned onto existing baseworks. These buildings can be up to 40ft in length and 20ft in width. We are able to offer standard classroom packages which are already fully Building Regulation compliant or we can manufacture to your own individual specification and internal layouts.


Eco Classrooms

A Building and Educational Resource Combined Into One! Our Green Rooms are environment-friendly buildings which can be used for a whole host of applications. Every facet of their design and manufacture has been with sustainability in mind but where the Green Room is different in this respect is that its secondary purpose is just as important as its primary one in that children can actually learn from the building so it therefore becomes both a functional and didactic product combined into one. Children can see how the sedum on the roof changes colour and texture and how it attracts wildlife, they can plant and grow their own food, they can harvest rainwater, they can monitor the energy created by the wind turbine or solar panel and they can see how good insulation is more energy efficient.

Features • • • • • • •

Extensive range of eco options Children can actually be part of the sustainability knowledge process Manufactured from eco friendly materials and fully insulated Different sizes available Internal partitioning to form kitchen, toilet and storage areas also available Delivery, installation, planning, ground works and funding advice services available Can be used for a wide range of applications including outdoor classroom, staff room, library and resources centre, music/dance room, extended services facility and nursery building



Working alongside one of our partners, we are able to create bespoke play environments for schools and nurseries. Using natural materials and creative thinking we offer the best possible playground solution tailored to your site, children and budget parameters. Have a look at some of the pictures below of past installs.


The Dipping Pond

Ponds are a fascinating habitat (in the UK two thirds of freshwater animals and plants live within our ponds) and they provide a very practical way to learn the principles of ecology and the relationship between man and his environment. They are also a major asset to teaching the primary curriculum concepts within life processes and living things. If you have not already got a pond in your grounds, don't worry as we will make you one!

Features • Two level dipping pond platform with opening and closing gate to allow for easy and safe access to the water • Platform made entirely from 100% HDPE recycled plastic so not only is it kind to the environment but it will not rot and is therefore ideal for dipping ponds • As it is made from recycled plastic it requires very little ongoing maintenance • Comes complete with chalkboard (600mm x 900mm framed), 3 x pond dipping kits (each kit comprises of a medium sized net, 3 x 60ml sampling pots, bug box magnifying pot, small white sampling tray, plastic pipette and waterproof freshwater name trail identification chart) and a fence mounted storage unit


| 1200mm |




Our treehouses for schools are really gaining in popularity but remember you don't necessarily need a tree to have one! The Hideout House is a new and unique “treehouse” concept where the building is raised up on stilts to give the impression that you are living amongst the trees way up in the sky. Attractively designed, our treehouses can let school and children's imaginations run wild and offer an exciting alternative to outdoor classrooms and learning. There is a range of external claddings to choose from and all internal designs, including fittings and fixtures, are bespokely supplied in consultation with you the client so that you get what you want rather than what is sold to you. For school environments, the Hideout House treehouse can also be adapted to include for play items such as lower level dens, tube slides, rock walls, rotating tyre swings and fireman’s poles.


Fire Pit Shelter

This unique fire pit shelter and outdoor classroom combines two functions - firstly it can act both as a shelter for your forest school or outdoor learning area plus you can use it as an outdoor classroom and teaching facility. But it has a fire-pit built in the middle which the children can either conduct their outdoor cooking on or use it as a means to warm up by! The fire pit shelter, with its in-built benches, will provide natural protection from the wind and will create a cozy, enclosed area for a relaxed time around the fire area. A Forest School practitioner will need to carry out the daily site risk assessments and provide for adequate safety. If a fire pit is going to be sited in the middle of the shelter, then we allow for a hole or vent to be cut into the apex of the roof to allow for the smoke to adequately exhaust. And we also allow for the application of a fire retardant intumescent varnish to be applied to the underside of the roof.

Benefits & Features • Manufactured out of quality cedar wood which requires very little or no maintenance • Hole in the roof to allow for the smoke to naturally ventilate and exhaust - this hole can also be covered with our two tier capping roof system which stops rainwater coming through but still allows for adequate smoke ventilation • Roof made from attractive cedar shingle tiles • Available in three sizes - namely 3m, 4m and 5m • Blends into any natural wood or forest setting • Cedar-made high back benching to as many sides as you like dependent upon class sizes • A coat of intumescent varnish is applied to the underside of the roof and the leg support posts


Amphitheatres and Seating

Available in a different range of styles and sizes our amphitheatres and staging products add a different and creative dimension to your playground in instances when you are wanting to seat a large group of children to either meet or perform. Please give us a call to discuss your individual requirements as the majority of products are bespokely manufactured to suit your individual circumstances, budget and site.


Funding & Grants

Does Your Head Spin When It Comes To Sourcing Grant Funding? This is the page where usually everyone lists a plethora of websites but offers a paucity of assistance. A sea of weblink connections literally swims in front of your eyes and it must be a daunting task just to shift through this lot. We should know because we did it ourselves as a point of exercise. So we have researched and compiled our own list of grant providers and from the information we gleaned on their websites, they are still relevant and active*. The good news is that there are quite a few grants which are specifically related to promoting sustainability and safeguarding the environment. E-mail for a copy of our funding guide and we will send it to you straight away. However in our view the single most important factor for a successful school application is to aptly demonstrate imagination and innovation. You really do need to stand out from the crowd. Be different. Devise high quality project ideas which will attract attention.

What About My Time Commitment? Know how you feel! No-one said this was going to be easy so you will have to commit some time to this but where there is a will, there is a way. Or we can help out as we have partnered up with funding advice companies who can both offer advice and point you very much in the right direction. Contact us for further details on this scheme.


The Funding Mix But we believe that seeking grant funding should maybe just be part of your overall funding strategy. Here are some of our ideas to wet your appetite: • Take a leaf out of Richard Branson’s book and be entrepreneurial. Make money through your site and school – such as hiring out rooms and making the most of extended services. • Generate income from recycling schemes. Some of our products are designed to help you do just this – the Revenue Recycling Bin where you can collect disused mobile phones, CDs and DVDs etc from parents and then get the children to sell them onto companies who pay good money for these items. Also our School Shop which the school can use to sell goods to parents and the local community. • Our loyalty programme offers discounts for repeat purchases and if you recommend us and this referral turns into an order, we can offer you credit notes against future purchases. You scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours! • Look at renewable energy and income generation. Through its revolutionary glazing technology, our Solar PV Greenhouse for example allows you to generate an income via the Feed-in-Tariffs. So whilst you watch the tomatoes grow, you are earning money at the same time. • Work creatively with your PTA for new and innovative fundraising ideas. We are currently researching an idea where share a commission with you for us placing bookings on behalf of parents of the school for selected holidays in the UK. So to raise money for the school, you simply go on holiday or enjoy a week-end break! • Local Authority Support – talk to the environment and planning divisions within your LEA. As part of their programmes, they may even offer grants for renewable energy schemes including wind and solar power. Or at least offer you advice on your eligibility for grants. The E.ON Sustainability Energy Fund, which used to be open to direct school applications, is now operated through LAs. • Involve the local community as a lot of grants available are community based. What about starting a local community gardening club and use our greenhouses. An eco club and use our Green Rooms or eco centres. • Talk to your local supermarkets as a lot of them have school support schemes e.g. Morrisons Let’s Grow programme. As well as asking for grant funds, why not get these companies to sponsor some of our products? We can work with you on this. For example, we could put their logo on the canvas roof of our eco centres. * At the time of writing


Eco We are all aware of our ever increasing need to ensure that everything we do is sustainable and kind to the environment. Schools must adapt techniques and environmental policies in order to help lead the transition to a low carbon economy and by implementing more meaningful learning from outside classroom experiences, this will lead to the development of more positive and inclusive attitudes to learning. As a business therefore, we have implemented the following initiatives:

Our products are very much designed with the emphasis on teaching children about the environment and feature extensively eco features such as sedum roofs, wind turbines, solar panels, water butts and planters The timber we use is FSC accredited which ensures that it is harvested only from sustainable sources Timber is the most sustainable building material available, benefiting from low embedded energy. This means using materials that are closest to their natural state. Timber can also be re-used or reduced to wood chip for other building products Our HDPE panels are fully recyclable Our buildings are fully insulated throughout thereby enhancing thermal efficiencies and reducing energy waste Clean energy created by air and ground source heat pumps Our Soft bond product is made from 100% recyclable rubber All timber off cuts and production waste is recycled

Where applicable we use low energy lighting and ozone friendly materials

• •

• •

Did You Know? Schools currently represent approximately 15% of public sector greenhouse gas emissions and 2% of the UK total with five million tonnes of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere each year. Another five million tonnes is attributed to the school run and the manufacture of school equipment and consumables.


Terms and Conditions 1. Production lead times are calculated from the date of receipt of your signed order acknowledgement and deposit cheque. Lead times can change on a daily basis dependent upon our order book. 2. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to provide us with a site survey plan including a plan of all routes of pipes, wires, conduits etc on the customer’s property. If the customer fails to provide plans by the agreed date, we will not be liable for any loss or damage perceived to have arisen as a result of our actions. The customer agrees to indemnify us against any claims made against us. 3. If, having agreed an installation start date, our operatives are unable to commence work on the agreed day due to the site not being prepared as specified, poor or inadequate access for machinery, delays caused by other trades or delays outside our responsibility, we reserve the right to levy a wasted day charge of £350 per installation team per day. 4. We will not be liable or responsible to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under a contract that is caused by events outside our reasonable control (Force Majeure event). A Force Majeure event includes any act, event, non-happening, omission or accident beyond our reasonable control. 5. All HideOut House Company Ltd products (excluding HideOut House Garden accessories) carry a one-year guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship. However, timber will continue to adapt to atmospheric conditions and it is perfectly natural that some cracks, shakes and knots will occur. These do not affect the structural strength of the timber and are not, therefore, covered under the terms of this warranty. Damage due to vandalism, abuse, Acts of God, severe weather conditions, abnormal usage and unauthorized third parties is also not warranted. This warranty will be made null and void if the proper maintenance schedules have not been adhered to. HideOut House Company Ltd’s recommended maintenance schedule will be dispatched to the customer after installation/upon request. 6. HideOut House Company Ltd reserve the right to change product specification without notice. 7. The products shall be at your risk from the time of delivery and/or installation. 8. Goods supplied by the company to the purchaser shall remain the sole and absolute property of the company as legal and equitable owner until such time as the purchaser shall have paid the full price of the goods set in the invoice. The company reserves the right to enter any of the purchaser’s premises for the purposes of searching for, examining, marking or removing any goods which have been supplied by the company but which have not been paid for. 9. Deposits paid are non-refundable. 10. Payment terms are strictly 30 days from the date of the invoice unless otherwise specified on your Order Acknowledgement.


11. Orders placed through third party contractors will require full payment prior to installation. 12. Where digging in of play/garden equipment is required and, whilst we take care to ensure that minimum damage is caused, we are not responsible for any reinstatement unless otherwise specified. 13. For planters or any ground based equipment we recommend a damp proof course if the product is to be on grass/soil, or better still – a series of level flagstones. 14. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure no planning consent is required for any equipment or buildings, prior to installation. 15. We reserve the right, at any time, to increase the price of our goods and/or services in the event of any variation in the cost to ourselves in supplying the same, or any part thereof, caused by any reason whatsoever beyond our control. 16. Errors and Omissions excepted “E&OE”. 17. Except where indicated, our prices do not include for delivery and installation on the UK mainland unless otherwise stated. Pieces of equipment that require non-standard in-ground fixing may carry an additional charge. Please enquire for a quote for delivery or delivery and installation. 18. Order changes and cancellations. Please note that upon receipt of your signed order acknowledgment, purchase order or written order confirmation your order is immediately put into production. Should you wish to change your order in any way (excluding adding additional items), or cancel your order after this time the following additional charges will apply: 20% of the new order value (exc VAT) will be charged to change an existing order (this includes removing items and changes to colours and surfaces where applicable.) 30% of order value (exc VAT) will be charged for cancellation of an order – an invoice for this amount will be issued to you upon cancellation. 19. HideOut House Company Ltd maintains its prices to be competitive. HideOut House Company aims to be open and honest; we will not set high prices in order to set up a lower artificial “Sale” price at a later date. Please note that we are based in the UK and our site shows all prices exclusive of VAT at the current rate. 20. All website design, text, graphics, the selection and arrangement thereof and all software complications, underlying source code, software (including applets) and all other material on this website are the copyright of HideOut House Company Ltd and its affliates or their content and technology providers. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Any use of materials on this web site, including reproduction for purposes other than those noted above, modification, distribution, or re publication without the prior written permission of HideOut House Company Ltd is strictly prohibited.


The Hideout House Company Limited Brochure 2017  
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