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May 31, 2013

Anastasia brings out the most weird, most creative, and most hilarious part of every person. She’s the biggest ray of sunshine and I love her to death. #streamsisters -Zoe Serbin

Senior Issue

JT always knows how to have fun, and he is a really good friend... Sometimes.. -Dalton Smith

Olivia is essentially my other half... I’ve never met someone who plans in the same crazy way I do except for her. I am so incredibly thankful for her and how she always pushes me to be the best I can be. I honestly have no idea what I’m going to do next year without you!

-Jessie Dusebout

One of the smartest guys I know, Eli’s got it all figured out. -Eddie Conk

I’ve known Marla since I was a freshman on the cross country team She’s always been so encouraging and motivating. She’s hilarious and I don’t know what I’ll do without her next year! -Nadia Belton


Senior Issue

May 31, 2013

Owls Fly the Coop


Since beginning kindergarten with Ms. Diebold (now, Ms. Glanville) in a class of 16 students everything has changed— except for, of course, the fact that we’re still at Laguna. The class of 2013 will be graduating with three “Laguna Lifers,” which is smaller than any class for the past four years. But this doesn’t at all diminish what we have taken from our experience at Laguna. Jete Dongieux, Justin Palmer, and I make up the three “Laguna Lifers.” Although we are taking different paths for college: Justin at UC Berkeley for Engineering, Jete at CALArts for dance, and me at USC for Global Health. We agree that without Laguna we wouldn’t be where we are today, and we wouldn’t have loved our schooling as much as we have, if we hadn’t attended Laguna for 13 years. When I think back at my time at school leading up to graduation, all of my memories revolve around Laguna. I, along with the other Lifers, feel extremely privileged to have attended Laguna for 13 years and are grateful for all of the great memories and experiences. We are always reminded to be thankful for having the opportunity to gain such a valuable energy while also fostering relationships with teachers that will last us through college and life. There are small, but significant factors that set apart a small school from larger one, and looking back at my time here, these differences only make me more grateful that my parents chose to enroll me here, but that they also decided to keep me at Laguna. One of these differences is the community at the core of our school. This community of alumni, parents, teachers, and students that encompasses and brings together both campuses has enriched our lives. Although most of our kindergarten class has left, we agree that staying was the best decision for each of us. Spending 13 years with the same group of people is a big deal—especially, when you’ve only been alive for 18 years. At times, it’s hard to remember our lives before Laguna, but it’s even harder to imagine our lives without Laguna.

A Farewell Address to the Class of 2013

Dear Class of 2013,

Nostalgia 101. At this time of year I often feel that I’m enrolled in a class by that name. It seems like yesterday that we commenced our time at Laguna together. Not even four years ago, you were wide-eyed freshmen with interesting fashion choices and your own unique élan. I had returned to Laguna with equal energy and far less gray hair. Since those days in September 2009, we’ve grown, evolved, explored, and learned. From class trips, college acceptances, senior prank, sporting wins and losses, and dances galore we’ve proven resilient in our march towards June 2013. Now we approach a larger, more significant Commencement event in your lives, and I look back with satisfaction upon your years at Laguna. No one can deny your place in the annals of LBS lore. We have worked collectively to enact positive change, build community, and make each day somehow better than the one before. As you begin this exciting new chapter in your lives, I encourage you not only to fix your eyes on the future but also remember not to forget your past because it was here that you were forged. We have fought the good fights, we have nearly finished the race, we have remained faithful to each other and our school. You leave now to enroll in College 101, and I could not be more excited for you and what you will continue to become. I urge you to use these years to continue to form your character, guard your soul, and commit your lives to worthy goals. Respectfully, Tyler Hodges

Chris has it all-brain, brawn, and a heart! Plus the lats are firing! -Brian Miguel

Karinna is one of the sweetest, sassiest, most thoughtful people I know. Her sense of humor is hilarious and she never fails to make me laugh. I’m so excited to go to school in LA with this girl.

Clarissa is a great inspiration to me and her peers. I am going to miss her bubbly laugh and pleasant smile, as well as her daily hugs when she graduates. Love you! -Helena Davila -Morgan Gainey

THE THIRTEENTH YEAR: Laguna Lifers Karinna Carrillo, Jete Dongieux, and Justin Palmer seated together on Ms. McCord’s memorial bench (top) and pose for a picture at the senior dinner before prom held at the Dusebout residence.

Senior Projects Commence

By CAITLIN CONNOR After a year of long hours sitting in classes, college applications, AP exams, senior prank, and prom, seniors venture off campus departing from the conventional school day and enter the real world during Senior Projects. Each senior embarks on a two-week learning experience of his or her choosing. This Laguna tradition is unique and highly anticipated throughout a student’s high school years. This year’s senior projects are as follows . . . Anastasia Antonova- Internship at Santa Barbara Magazine JT Aubrey-Motivational speaking with Jack Canfield Olivia Berci & Jessica Dusebout- Wings of Hope Hearts with Haiti Marla Bonser-Fitness & Nutrition with Jenny Schatzle Eli Bittleston & Eddie Conk- Creating a website and Taking the Treasure House online Chris Burke- Electrical Components of High-End Race Cars Karinna Carrillo- Intern at Cottage Hospital Clarissa Coburn- Assisting with the opening of the Granada Book Store Caitlin Connor- International Recruitment GSR2R (London) Helena Davila- Behind the scenes Horny Toad Active Wear Jete Dongieux-Dance Instructor at Curtis Studio of Dance Joey Eckert- Assistant to Director of Events Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table Tess Elder- Maui and Sons Show Room Intern Daria Etezadi-Reaching Out to Orphanages in Tajikistan Alex Hawker- Computer Based Programing at Procore Chanelle Janssens- Event Planning at Crown Weddings Brian Miguel-Elite Performance Physical Therapy Brendon Nylen- Analyzing Housing Markets for the Department of Defense Courtney O’Donnell- Dream Foundation Intern Justin Palmer- Soft Robotics in Action at UCSB Bryana Schantz-Criminal Forensic Science Duke Schnieder-Interning with Dr. Tubiolo Zoe Serbin-Character Design at Disney Cassidy Shevitz- Save the Jersey Shore Foundation Benji Sorensen-Asset Management Santa Barbara Group Holdings Isabella Taron-Intern at Wendy Foster’s Angel Kyle Van de Kamer-Internship with Concrete & Clay Productions

Eddie is an incredible friend, crazy intelligent, and one of the most competitive people I’ve met. I know he’s going to do some great things.

Caitlin is absolutely one of the cutest people I know. She never forgets anyone’s birthday and always brings the tastiest snacks. I’ll definitely miss this girl next year. -Helena Davila -Eli Bittleston

Senior Issue

May 31, 2013

Remember When...



God went to Laguna We had the Woodstock Festival There were two Zoes Courtney was teen star Brendo talked about South Dakota Ms. Paradis had yoga class in the gym Ms. Burke ruled the library Cassidy dated Jake Bartlein Twilight Sarah Kiefer The computer said no Zoe had a concussion Bryana dated Jack Stegall


The pie eating contest at Field Day Money Shots Green and Tasty We petitioned to get driving privileges The school was flooded and the lockers damaged Mr. Tur arrived Barndollar jumped over a table to chase after Cameron Chris got swole The whale assembly Tess went to prom with Stewart Noah came back...and then left again First field day


Daria tried to start a coffee cart Hawker made an app and sold it Brian and Chris started their bromance The Meaningful Meal Clarissa baked the periodic table The twins moved back to Newport Marla was a wicked runner We got pummeled in dodgeball...again The seniors put a bounce house in the senior quad The Hunger Games Ace woogied Jessie Missy E’s H period JT and Olivia Pickett


Duke wore sunglasses every day WebAssign Ms. Hill sang Madonna in class Karinna worked at In-N-Out Chick-Fil-A Comes to Town Girls Volleyball advanced to the semifinals in CIF Daria went to Tajikistan Senior Prank Wedding Ms. Louie became Ms. Anaya Ms. Hill danced at the Mac Miller concert

As long as I’ve known Helena, she has always been wise beyond her years. I will miss her witty comments, friendship, and most especially, pet-sitting her kitty, the beloved Reggie! -Bryana Schantz

Jessie is the sister I always dreamed of having. Her laughter is contagious, her compassion is inspiring, and her vibrancy is more effective than caffeine. Love you!

-Daria Etezadi

Joey Eckert is an excellent young man; why he walks around saying “shady mon” I’ll never know. -Mr. Angeloff

You can always spot Tess in a crowd because she’ll be wearing something leopard/ fashionable and she’ll be the sassiest one there. - Chanelle Janssens

I love Jete because she is rad and she is just as insane as I am and I love it. -Marla Bonser


May 31, 2013

Senior Issue


Alex is a cleanthinking, constructive problem-solver, who enjoys puzzles and programming. He is also one of the gentlest people I know. -Anastasia Antonova -Mr. Dan Ary

Daria is my Persian princess. She is funny, beautiful, caffeine-fueled and Disney-obsessed. I cannot wait to be East Coast buddies with her next year!

Nelly is the sweetest Brian is one of the girl you will ever meet! best guys I know. We’ve had almost every class together He has the most since ninth grade and heart of anyone I it has been so much know. I just wish he fun going through Laguna with her. I wasn’t leaving! :) love her to death! -Parker Rusack -Bella Taron

An intellectual, a philosopher, and a comedian, Brendon’s an all around pretty cool dude. -Duke Schnieder

Senior Issue

May 31, 2013


Tufts University Anastasia Antonova

Hamilton College Brendon Nylen Pratt Institute Kyle Van de Kamer Johns Hopkins University Olivia Berci University of Virginia Bryana Schantz

University of Oregon Brian Miguel

United States Naval Academy Eli Bittleston

Georgetown University Daria Etezadi University of Colorado Boulder Clarissa Coburn Tess Elder Bella Taron

University of California, Berkeley Jessica Dusebout Justin Palmer Eddie Conk

Miami University Chris Burke

Wake Forest University Caitlin Connor

Brigham Young University Benji Sorensen

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Joey Eckert

College of Charleston Cassidy Shevitz

Santa Barbara City College JT Aubery Chanelle Janssens Marla Bonser University of Southern California Karinna Carrillo Zoe Serbin

Tulane University Courtney O’Donnell

Loyola Marymount University Helena Davila California Institute of the Arts Jete Dongieux

She never ceases to make me laugh. You never know what’s about to come out of her mouth. She is a one of a kind. Love you hunny! -Tess Elder

Justin is a great friend and a wonderful addition to our class, and, of course, he is always prepared. -Clarissa Coburn

ETH Zurich Duke Schnieder

Bryana has been the nicest and most amazing person to me. I’m going to miss her so much, but I know she is going to be amazing in her future wherever she goes.

-Libby Hasse

I’ve admired Zoe since I was a freshman. He’s a supportive She’s an amazing girl guy who can and she’s going to do amazing things. I love help you in any her to pieces and I will situation. always be her baby girl. -Brendon Nylen -Margaret Lazarovits


May 31, 2013

Senior Issue

Senior Issue


May 31, 2013

Most Likely To... ... Direct the next Django Unchained ... Kyle Van de Kamer



... Be the next Nicholas Kristof ... Olivia Berci

... Be profiled in Helena’s magazine for her novel ... Anastasia Antonova

... Catch ‘em All ... Duke Schnieder

... Design the cover ... Zoe Serbin

... Perform at Coachella ... Courtney O’Donnell

... Be a kindergarten teacher in France ... Bella Taron

... Design an eco-friendly line for her ... Chanelle Janssens

... Return to South Dakota and discover a new bacteria ... Brendon Nylen

... Take photos of the runway event ... Tess Elder

... Save the children of Tajikistan ... Daria Etezadi

O :Z



... Become the next Devil Wears Prada ... Helena Davila

... Be the UN ambassador to the UK ... Caitlin Connor


... Run the Iron Man ... Marla Bonser

... Host the halftime show at the SuperBowl ... JT Aubery & Benji Sorensen ... Dance at halftime while getting her MD ... Bryana Schantz ... Be the NYT’s heartless book reviewer ... Clarissa Coburn ... Become TIME’s Man of the Year ... Eddie Conk

... Be her athletic trainer ... Chris Burke

... Be the Chief Officer of NATO ... Eli Bittleston

... Be her physical therapist ... Brian Miguel

... Design computers for NATO ... Alex Hawker

... Be the attending pediatric surgeon at the local clinic in Tajikistan ... Jessie Dusebout ... Become Scoutmaster ... Justin Palmer ... Be a bro for life ... Joey Eckert ... Sail around the world in 80 days... Cassidy Shevitz ... Consult with In-n-Out on their public health standards ... Karinna Carrillo ... Win So You Think You Can Dance ... Jete Dongieux

I’ve known Cassidy since our freshman year at Laguna. She’s one of the craziest people I know and I love her for it. -Karinna Carrillo

Benji is one of my best friends. He’s a really nice kid and easy to hang out with because we have a lot in common and play the same sports. -JT Aubery

Bella is a terrible singer, but she’s an amazing friend and the most down to earth person I know. -Courtney O’Donnell

Kyle is a nice and thoughtful student who has a bright future in media arts. -Mr. James Tur


Senior Issue 2013  
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