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business was hit with rapid changes with the advancement of technology. As the internet jumped into the scenario, a website became a more important place for business than a brick and mortar store. Therefore, in order to provide numerous such e-commerce website the prime position in the search results of popular search engines, several such companies have popped up, which provide branding, designing, and digital marketing services and solutions for websites. The Factory is one of those branding agencies in Leeds, which gained massive popularity for providing all of the above services in an efficient way.


The Factory First Floor, Media House, 4-6 Church Lane, Pudsey, Leeds, LS28 7BD Follow us on Twitter: @ FactoryAgency

0113 290 9244 0113 290 9263 They ensure that all their customers enjoy a happy ‘journey’, irrespective of the services. Here is a glossary about the services and solutions provided at this Leeds, West Yorkshire based company –

Branding Services

Appropriate branding is the first and foremost thing a website needs to gain online popularity, and generate huge traffic towards it. Therefore, keeping this fact in mind, the experts at The Factory, a Brand new agency in Leeds, provide effective branding services for a website to gain better results than before. •

Brand Strategy Services

People working at this company strictly believe that the branding strategies, undertaken by a business, should be designed while keeping the marketing strategies in mind. An appropriate linking between marketing and branding can fetch the best results, and boost the sales pipeline. •

Corporate Identity Design

A corporate image should be consistent to make it a flourishing brand. This helps people recognize the corporate communications quite easily, and effectively. Professionals at The Factory offer corporate identity, which is devised to work throughout all communication channels. •

Logo Design

All companies, irrespective of their size, and platform need a logo. In short, a logo stands for a company. Therefore, such an important thing should be treated with proper care. The Factory provides effective logo design services to let the existing, as well as, potential customers easily recognize the company.

Digital Services

The effect of digital services on a website cannot be ignored by people. Effective digital services can provide a website with a never-before platform with huge online traffic for best business ever. The Factory provides following digital services to make a website flourish – •

Website Design

The difference between a website and a ‘beautifully designed’ website is prominent. A website with great design attracts huge traffic and makes most of them stay for a while.

The Factory First Floor, Media House, 4-6 Church Lane, Pudsey, Leeds, LS28 7BD Follow us on Twitter: @ FactoryAgency

0113 290 9244 0113 290 9263 Experts at the company design a website that can easily deliver a customer with whatever he is searching. This ensures that people find the things they are in search of quite easily. •

Search Engine Optimization

This technique can bring life to a website that is, otherwise, appropriate. With proper SEO strategies, a website can acquire the topmost position in search engine results, and, therefore, can thrive for better business than ever. •

Social Media Marketing

Social media websites are according to many, the most happening places around the world. The digital world has its focus on these websites. A word or two about a website in the social media platform, accompanied with media files, can earn great results. •

Email Marketing

Though people hate spam mails, email marketing still remains of great use. However, the email marketing strategies, undertaken by The Factory, are of great value as it is done only in an authentic way. •


This is the best friend digital marketing agencies could have ever. With this popular tool from Google, experts working at the company can track marketing activities and generate detailed reports. This helps in editing the strategies to make enough room for improvement.

Marketing Services

Proper marketing services can be the gateway to massive popularity for a website. The experts working at The Factory know this fact very well, and provide following services – •

Marketing Campaigns

This helps the customer get an insight over the current market conditions, and design their strategies accordingly. It is one of the renowned market research techniques. Several such tools are available to carry out marketing campaigns in an efficient way. •

Promotional Marketing

Without proper promotion, it is almost impossible for a company to attract more customers than before. With the help of this service, The Factory helps increase the awareness of certain products or services while keeping in mind the targeted customer group.

The Factory First Floor, Media House, 4-6 Church Lane, Pudsey, Leeds, LS28 7BD Follow us on Twitter: @ FactoryAgency

0113 290 9244 0113 290 9263


The marketing strategies developed at The Factory are done by professionals, who have vast knowledge regarding the market, and the things that can earn great results.

Design Services

Appropriate design holds the key to success. Therefore, the design services provided at the company are not only beautiful, but also user-convenient. Here are some of the most popular design services – •

Brochure Design

A brochure that comes with a great design can steal the mind of many people at a glance, and can increase the sales. The creative designing team at this factory offers great brochure designs for all customers. •

Leaflet Design

Here, the design team abides by the ‘three second rule’ while designing a leaflet to make it more interesting than ever. Therefore, make no mistake in availing any of the superb online marketing services provided by The Factory, the very best branding agency in Leeds. Boost your website and take a step forward towards better online presence than ever.

The Factory First Floor, Media House, 4-6 Church Lane, Pudsey, Leeds, LS28 7BD Follow us on Twitter: @ FactoryAgency

The factory the finest gateway to effective online presence  

A reputable marketing agency, The Factory in Leeds, deliver an upscale branding and marketing services to boost up your sales value.

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