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About The Factory Who we are The Factory is a ‘joined-up’ branding, marketing and digital services agency based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The secret to successful marketing… Do you want to know a secret?   

Anyone making a purchase goes through a series of stages known as the ‘customer journey’. We all do it every time we buy something, no matter how big or small.

By helping you identify the stages of the ‘customer journey’ your potential customers are going through, we can greatly increase the chances of their buying from you and not your competitors.

The benefits of joining up your branding, marketing and sales… 

These days, the ‘customer journey’ is likely to happen both on and off the internet, so you really need a marketing agency which understands both digital and traditional marketing techniques and can bring them together to get you results.

Because we understand all three disciplines, we provide you with a highly-professional digital and traditional marketing service which is far more effective and far less time-consuming than trying to co-ordinate three separate agencies.

We continually invest in staff development, including CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) and ISMM (Institute of Sales & Marketing Management) Courses, to make sure we are always bringing current ‘best practice’ ways of working, so you can be assured your marketing budget is being invested wisely.

What we do

Branding agency services Digital agency services Marketing services Design services

Branding Agency Services Brand strategy services:We are strong believers that a brand strategy should be intrinsically linked with your marketing activities and your sales pipeline: all three working together to generate awareness, build loyalty and drive sales. We have several proven models for delivering a brand from scratch or developing an existing brand. Remember that, by appointing The Factory to help with your branding strategy, as part of our ‘joined-up approach’, we also consider your marking activities and sales pipeline at the same time, as these are going to be key tools in delivering your brand.

Corporate Identity design services:What is a corporate identity? Well, it’s bigger than ‘just a logo design’, but stops short of a strategic branding project. This is usually for larger companies where the considerations of the branding are far more than just a letterhead and business card or they have done the strategy and now need a company which understands how to interpret that strategy and turn it into something tangible and workable.  We consider the brand communications across all media and can also provide supporting brand guidelines to ensure compliance where multiple suppliers are concerned.

Logo design services:Every company, no matter how big or small, needs a logo to help its customers and potential customers to recognise it. We have designed 100s of logos over the years. As part of the service, we take the time to understand your business plans and how you wish to be perceived before we start to design your logo.

Digital Agency Services Website Design:Anyone can build a website these days. The skill has become building a website that can deliver what a customer is looking for, how and when they are looking for it. That’s where we come in. Everything we do considers a process known as ‘the customer journey’. The customer journey is something every single one of us does when we make a purchase. Sometime it takes a few seconds; sometimes it can stretch to several years; however, the stages we go through are always the same.  By bringing this understanding to our websites, we can work with you to deliver a site that gives your customers what they want, when they want it.

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO):Some websites have a lonely life. They look fantastic, they have all the latest flashy things and shiny buttons but no-one is coming to visit. Statistically (see here for the evidence) less than 4% carry on to page 2 of Google search results. If you are serious about driving traffic to your site, SEO is something you must consider and budget for. We spend a great deal of time reading up on Google and understanding their ‘best practice’ way of building a site so it ranks well on search results.  We are very open about what we are doing with your budget and provide you with a monthly report of activity and a list of how your keywords are performing.

Social Media:Our Social Media services cover everything you need to know for the main platforms: Twitter, Linked In, Facebook and new boy Google +.

Email Marking:The secret to email marketing success is understanding how and when people want to be contacted. Used correctly, email marketing can become a very effective and automated support tool for your sales process.


Digital Agency Services Analytics:Analytics are quite possibly the best tool a marketeer can have access to. They help us build a picture of what is happening with your website, email campaigns, social media and so much more. We even have tools that can tell you who has visited your site.

Getting the most out of analytics:The skill is not only selecting the right analytical tool for the job, but in understanding what all the data is telling you. We have spent more hours than we care to admit poring over analytical data and using it to improve significantly the performance of websites, advertising and email marketing campaigns. If you want us to take a look at your current analytics, or simply find out more about what can be achieved, give us a call on 0113 290 9244.

Marketing Services Marketing Strategy:Our marketing strategy services are ideal for companies which appreciate the importance of having a marketing plan to work to,  but don’t have the resources in-house to create one.  We work with you to gain an understanding of your company goals, your products and services, the people who buy your products and services and your competitors.

Marketing Search:Market Research, or the best way to find out what your customers are thinking is to ask.  Market Research covers a wide range of disciplines, ranging from focus groups and telephone interviews to online surveys and UX testing (User Experience testing, or how easy a website is to use, in case you were wondering), and is a fantastic tool to help companies better communicate with their customers.

Marketing Campaigns:Marketing Campaigns that work always consider the habits of the customer. Customers use so many more tools these days to inform their purchasing decisions. Brochures, Websites, Word of Mouth, Social Media, Exhibitions and Google are just some of the tools companies need to consider these days when delivering marketing campaigns. The Factory offers a ‘joined-up‘ approach to marketing campaigns, helping you deliver effective campaigns both on and off line.

Promotional Marketing:Promotional Marketing is one of the four Ps of the essential marketing mix. Product, price, place and promotion. Attracting more customers is a requirement of all companies, no matter how large or small. Promotional Marketing is all about raising awareness of a product or services in the minds of your target customer group and encouraging them to try it.

Design Services Brochure Design:Good brochure design should turn your brochures into mini sales people. Our creative team, based in our Leeds offices, has been designing effective brochures for a wide range of customers. The skills required for designing an effective brochure are very different from those required for a website or leaflet. To create a truly effective brochure, you need first to understand what its purpose is and atwhat stage in the ‘Customer Journey‘ process the brochures will be used.

Leaflet Design:Leaflet design is an important factor to get right. A well-designed leaflet needs to consider the ‘three second rule’. The three second rule is statistically how long it takes the average person to decide if s/he is sufficiently interested to carry on reading something. When we design leaflets for our clients, we take the time to understand what they want to communicate, and whom we are communicating with.  We offer a full range of services from initial consultation to design, copywriting, photography, print and distribution.

Creative Design:As an agency, we offer from our offices in Leeds a wide range of creative design services, to support our marketing, branding and sales strategy services. Interpreting strategy and turning it into visually stunning and effective sales and marketing literature is a real skill and one we excel at.

Exhibition Design:Exhibitions can be very expensive to attend, so it is important you squeeze every last opportunity out of the event. A well-selected exhibition or event should be full of the kind of people your business is trying to target; because of this, it is essential you make a good first impression Continue

Design Services Corporate Literature:Corporate literature design is something agencies struggle with, but not us. We understand that your corporate literature must work hard to communicate effectively with your target audience AND deliver consistent brand messages. Corporate literature can cover a wide range of items ranging from back-pocket folder containing data sheets and case studies to Health and Safety manuals or legal compliance literature. Each of these items must do a specific job for your company and that is why we take time to understand the implications of each piece of corporate literature we work on.

Newsletter Design:Newsletters are an excellent stakeholder communication tool. Whether they are an internal newsletter for staff relationships or an external newsletter to communicate with customers or potential customers, a well-designed newsletter can be a real asset for any business. Our newsletters have won awards. We have produced all manner of newsletters, ranging from single-page internal documents for companies to multi-page regular publications for schools and local authorities. Because we take the time to understand how your newsletter is intended to work for your organisation, we can give advice on how to improve it so it works hard for you. Many newsletters are dull and unimaginative and, as a result, are seldom read. We make sure your newsletter communicates at the right level for the audience it is intended for. Because the person responsible for producing a company’s newsletter usually has another job to do, we also go out of our way to help you collate the information and supply so that your normal working day is hardly disrupted and you never miss a deadline

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Digital marketing agencies leeds uk  

The Factory is among the most efficientdigital marketing agencies leeds uk that has been helping its clients in branding, marketing & other...

Digital marketing agencies leeds uk  

The Factory is among the most efficientdigital marketing agencies leeds uk that has been helping its clients in branding, marketing & other...