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Volume 49 Issue No. 2 November 22, 2010

Pictured in Longhorn: Eleven Past One performing at lunch on November 5.

Limewire gets squeezed 2000

Limewire is founded


Legal battle with US music intrustry begins


Limewire reaches 50 million users prior to losing its legal battle

May 2010

Limewire is found guilty of copyright infringement

October 2010

Limewire website is disabled Annie Jung Editor-in-Chief On Wednesday, Oct. 26, the omnipresent blaze of download streams quieted a bit. The air seemed to stagnate as WiFi’s workload relaxed. Anguished cries came from downloaders hankering after the new T-Swift CD. Yes, that was the day that Limewire got shut down. It was the day that, after a four year legal suit from the Recording Industry Association of America, the free file-sharing site where blatant copyright infringement has run rampant met its end. Now, one Leigh student is faced with his own Limewire lawsuit. “My brother and I downloaded from Limewire and Torrents a lot,” he explained. “One day we got a letter in the mail, saying that the company (a movie company because we downloaded movies, too) was suing Comcast to get our names to sue us directly. So now we have a lawyer in D.C. fighting so Comcast doesn’t give this company our names. They could sue us for upwards of 200 grand.” The company has since lowered its request, but the amount remains “a

know it’s illegal,” he said. hefty fee.” “My parents knew that it was il In regards to alternative sources of free entertaiment, he said, “Since legal, and that we were downloading, Limewire has recently been shut down, but they didn’t think twice about it. people have been going to Frostwire. And they were pretty pissed at me and You can get caught pretty easily. They my brother when they found out. But track you by your IP they they understood that a lot of people do it and that it was by chance that tracked down our we got caught,” he IP address and admitted. found us out I definitely de The consequencthat way, so serve it because es, aside from the anyone can get steep fine and his caught pretty it’s so wrong and parents’ frustraeasily.” it’s so stupid, and tion, are still un Although I uninstalled evclear and the legal he protests the journey ahead is fairness of beerything and it’s murky because ing sued for usjust not a good “’s such a new ing such a perlaw that lawyers vasive program, thing to do. don’t know how to he admits that - Anonymous student take it. It’s a brand “I definitely defacing a Limewire lawsuit new thing to apserve it because proach,” he said. it’s so wrong The case will resume in Januand it’s so stupid, and I uninstalled ev- erything and it’s just not a good thing ary to assess damages, with the statutory minimum for music copyto do.” “But there are a lot of people out right infringement being $150k per there who don’t get caught and it’s a infringement. Although the total is expected to good lesson to learn for other people to stop downloading because it is bad surpass $1 billion, it seems fair, conand every single person I know does sidering that US recorded music sales it. I would say 99 percent of people fell from $14.5 billion in 1999 to $7.7

billion in 2009. The ubiquitousness of Limewire is the result of a why-pay-rich-people attitude, aptly described by sophomore Allie Neef. “If you get a Lady Gaga song off Limewire, it’s not hurting her at all like an up-and-coming band.” However, most people do compassionately open their wallets for the underdogs. “I actually do buy from smaller bands. I buy their stuff on iTunes to support them. But honestly I’m not going to buy Lady Gaga’s new single, when she’s made so much money, anyway,” said another anonymous student. After Limewire shut down, she “turned to Frostwire. Honestly, I don’t think about it (the consequences) at all. But it does kind of worry me, but then again, so many people use it, and I don’t think about it.” But with a possible lawsuit and a newfound unwillingness to engage in piracy, how will one anonymous Longhorn get his music fix now? “iTunes, at $1.29 a song, which is ridiculous, but whatever, as long as I can get it. Or borrow CDs from people, because burning CDs is not illegal.”

“Our Town” comes to our town

Actors excel despite lackadaisical plot Jenna Goeke Staff Writer

Photo by Kylie Brown

Sophmore Jeremy Pack and senior Alex Kozintsev sit down for a serious chat while a church choir performs in the background.

“Life goes by so fast; we don’t even have time to look at one another. We can’t see all that is going on in the world…Life just goes on. We don’t realize how precious every day is.” With these closing lines, the Leigh Drama Department’s performance of “Our Town” concludes, exemplifying this message of life’s preciousness, meant to persuade people to appreciate each and every day of their lives. The opening act consisted of a

representation of the ‘Daily Life’ of those living in Grover’s Corner, a small and peaceful town of 2,642. Although intertwined with comical quirks from the stage director and narrator Dustin Szuszitzky and many of the supporting characters, the first act was rather uneventful and dull. The second act highlighted the ‘Love and Marriage’ aspect of the town. Leads Hydie Pavick and Alex Kozintsev portrayed convincing young teenagers caught up in love, as well as the typical nerve-driven bride and groom on their wedding day. Act three was perhaps the most important part of the play, which ad-

Your Events Calendar Novemder 22: Ke$ha album release (Cannibal) November 22: Girls Basketball scrimmage against Granada November 24: November SAT scores released online November 24 -28: Thanksgiving Holiday November 30: Girls basketball tournment at Fremont November 30: UC application deadline November 30: Black Eyed Peas album release (The Beginning) December 1-2: Collaboration days December 2: Literaleigh’s open mic night December 4: Leo’s Club party for the blind December 4: December SAT date December 4: Los Gatos holiday parade (11 am) December 5: San Jose holiday parade (8:30 am) December 7: Girls basketball tournament at Santa Clara December 7: Plain White T’s album release (Wonders of the Younger) Decmber 7: T.I. album release (No Mercy) December 10: The Chronicles of Narnia 3 release December 10-11: Winter Drama Showcase December 15: Early decision results released December 20: Winter break begins

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“Where’s Pratt?” - p. 16

dressed the significance of life and death, the overall message of the performance. As many of the supporting characters appear dead, they watch as wife and mother Emily Webb (played by Hydie Pavick) learns the true preciousness of life, a lesson that none of them learned while alive. The final scene rendered an emotionally powerful message: only after death do we truly see how precious life is. Plays are meant to entertain and provide applicable lessons, and “Our Town” successfully presented key warnings to always appreciate life, and CONTINUED on Entertainment 13, Fall Play.


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The Plus Side to Facebooking Rebekah Hassen Staff Writer Cyberbullying is statistically shown to be one of the top forms of bullying, especially with the rise of the Internet in the 21st century. With no help from social networking and “truth box” sites such as Myspace and Formspring the bully rates have nowhere to go but up. Luckily, some users of the top social networking site, Facebook, have been trying to change this for the better by creating a positive wall post day. This worldwide “event” was created by Leland art teacher, Stacy Rapoport and Leland students, senior Alex Temple and senior Chris Hanson. “Positive wall post day is a day where you go on your friends and other peoples walls and just post positive things about them. A lot of people will keep this between them and a close friend but if people branched

out to other people they may not talk to as much then it would mean much more,” ventured Temple. “Being positive is something people should already do without an event but if this day will get more people to be positive then we are accomplishing what we aimed for. Positive wall post day is November 17th and you can RSVP for the event on Facebook,” said Temple. This started out as just a thought for school-wide campaign against bullying but turned out to be some much more. “Well, we are starting an antibullying campaign thing for our art class and we were just looking into the different types of bullying, and cyber bullying is more prevalent than ever so it seemed like something we needed to address,” Temple said before going into a more personal territory of explanation. “A friend of mine [experienced] relentless cyber bullying, so even if

it doesn’t affect you there are people out there dealing with it every day. So we decided to make positive wall post day, something easy to do, but at the same time something that has the potential to make a difference in the lives of those who need it,” said Temple, explaining some personal dealings with cyberbullying and emphasized motives for creating the event. With 8,396 people who “attended” Positive Post Day it was sure to help bring encouragement, positive energy, and brighten peoples day. “I think it was definitely a success, as more posts were seen in the newsfeeds, more people participated,” said junior Amanda Cendejas. Senior Amber Cortland agreed, “Yeah I think it was [successful]. Some people took it as a joke but overall yes.” All in all, Positive Post Day was successful and made an impact for not only the receivers of the wall posts but, also the senders.

Visual by Roya Askari

Three film makers and one goal The Key Club of Leigh shows their support to the Invisible Children Organization Alex Sainez Staff Writer Tires screech as the car slowly comes to a stop in front of the road block ahead. Gravel crunches as footsteps approach the car. Suddenly a small voice screams, “Papers?!” and the driver hands the group’s documents to a small, frail, Ugandan boy holding an automatic rifle. The rifle itself seems to almost throw his whole balance off. He can’t be a day over ten years old. Ten years old – barely old enough to peer into the driver seat – and a child soldier loyal to a war torn nation. This was the life of former child soldiers, Leo and Papito, growing up in the war torn nation of Uganda, terrorized by one man, Joseph Kony. With the help of the Invisible Children, Inc. and the Schools for Schools organization, Leo and Papito have been able to get their story out and able to attract the attention of millions of people from all corners of the world. The Invisible Children organization is a non-profit organization that was started by three young film makers from Southern California, in the

ed States and various contributions to the donation fund set up by the organization, Schools for Schools has been able to finance many education centers in Uganda; schools ranging from elementary schools to high schools specifically designed to meet the needs of the Ugandan people. Even our beloved community has acknowledged this tragic issue. With the help of dedicated individuals such as Hannah Kim, Jun Cha, and various members of the youth group from the San Jose Onnuri Church, as well as the Key Club here on Leigh’s campus, the local community now has various opportunities to contribute to the cause. The San Jose Onnuri Church has joined the ranks of the various schools and churches that have helped make this issue more widely known by hosting a documentary Visual by Roya Askari screening stressing the issue and the various soSchools for Schools to help rebuild the nation from the battle hardened lutions that the community can possibly partake in. state that it is today. “The purpose of it was to The Schools for Schools program specifically targets edu- raise more awareness to different cation in Uganda. With the help people in our community, and to of high schools across the Unit- be a motivator in helping out the spring of 2003. The three young men traveled to Uganda in search of interesting film material, only to find an extremely disturbing humanitarian issue: child soldiers. As millions of people became aware of the Uganda’s horrific state, they founded organizations such as

Schools for Schools program,” stated Kim when asked what the purpose of the screening was.

I’m trying my best to involve Leigh High School as a whole to support this organization and this program. - Hannah Kim

The local Schools for Schools branch is run by our Key Club

here on campus and meets every Wednesday in room 77. The club is brainstorming ways to fundraise and advertise this issue and is looking for supporters to help fight the situation, starting from the local community. “I’m trying my best to involve Leigh High School as a whole to support this organization and this program,” Kim expressed, extremely passionate about this issue. The status of Uganda and the tragic story of the child soldiers of that war torn nation have moved millions of people, and there are various ways to help. If you’d like to help, contacting the Leigh High Key Club or any of the organizations involved are a few ways to get involved.




Wrap-up And they take the win Leigh marching band excels in competition Nicole Hamilton Staff Writer On the Saturday before Halloween, most children should be preparing for the exciting day they plan on having. For Leigh’s band students, however, the day was full of fierce competition as they went up against seven other high schools at Fresno State. Although they were awarded first place in two sub-categories, one for their show idea, which was a jazz theme, and one for their colorguard performance, the band only won fourth place overall. Instead, Oak Grove managed to win the gold. Overall, the performers aren’t

too disappointed with the way they performed at the competition. “We did good,” said sophomore Eiji Shoda, “But we still have many things to improve on [for next show].” On the other hand, some students were disappointed with the show, while others tried to shift the blame onto the judges. A few have accused the judges of judging Leigh on a different scale than the other schools, while others have blatantly accused the judges themselves of just not judging the school fairly. In the end, though, Leigh did not disappoint at October’s competition, and hopes to do even better during their matches this month. 

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Election results: Leigh vs. the State Kim Foote Staff Writer On Tuesday, Nov. 2, voters of all ages traveled to their nearest polling stations to cast their votes. Jerry Brown, who is forever eliminating the “governator” jokes that we have grown so accustomed to in the Arnold Swarzzeneger era, won the majority with 54 percent, while Meg Whitman was not far behind with 41 percent. But how did Leigh’s election results compare? Here, Jerry Brown was the definite win with 49 percent, while Meg Whitman was a mere blip on the

radar at 26 percent. Barbara Boxer was the clear winner for senator at 54 percent, while Carly Fiorina was defeated at 21 percent. Although the majority of Leigh seems to lean towards Democratic canidates, the results of the propositions suggest a somewhat more conservative demographic exists. Proposition 19, which was a major topic of discussion this year between stoners and straight-edged students alike, won with a slim margin of 51 percent to 49 percent. Despite the win, the slim margin reveals that the two sides, liberal and conservative, are competitively matched.

Furthermore, Leigh voted for Proposition 23 at 54 percent to 46 percent, which would have suspended pollution protection laws for small businesses. In reality, it was voted no at 61 percent, proving that the real world values the environment more than our own campus. The main similarity between Leigh’s election and the real California primary was their nearly equal turnout. Leigh’s turnout was at 32 percent, which is a typical percentage in primary elections. (Primaries typically reel in fewer voters than presidential elections.)

Saving lives one pint at a time Jennifer Park Staff Writer On Oct. 25, Leigh had its biannual blood drive, run by the Stanford Blood Center. A rough estimate of 200 students had volunteered to donate blood, and of those about 149, who had proper medical history and iron levels, were determined eligible to do so. Students were also given the

ble that. Activities Director Gina Nicoletta’s opinion, the biannual event was a big success. After donating, students were escorted from their chairs by Leadership waiters and were free to relax at the refreshments table to chat and eat cookies and popcorn. Photo courtesy of Hydie Pavick For students who are interested in donating blood in the future, choice of donating the regular they must be at least 17 years of age amount, which is one pint, or dou- and weigh 110 lbs.

Longhorn trend watch: early acceptance Christopher Wyman Business Manager With December quickly approaching, college application season has arrived. However, a large number of Leigh students have gotten ahead of the game by applying early decision or early action. Early decision allows seniors to express their desire to go to a school by applying much earlier than regular applicants; early decision is legally binding in that if you apply and are accepted, you must withdraw all other applications. By applying early decision, students can express to the admissions representatives that the school is their top choice. “The early deadline did stress me out a bit because I had to have

everything done by Nov. 1,” said se- because it can allow the applicant to cember. “Even thought the deadnior Jamie Ricklin. have the peace of mind of knowing line was stressful, I think that it Early dewas worth cision is a very it because it true name begave me an cause early opportunity decision apto show my plications are college of Facts about Early entrance into college typically due at choice that I the beginning am commitEarly decision applications are typically due at the beginning of of November ted to wantNovember meaning the time they have to prepare their applicameaning that ing to go tion is much shorter than those applying regularly. the timeframe there next that applicants fall,” said Early decision is legally binding in that if you apply and are achad to prepare Ricklin. cepted, you MUST withdraw all other applications. their application On top is much shorter of potentialUniversities typically look favorably upon early decision applicathan those that ly knowing are applying tions because it allows them to have a pool of students that are where you regularly. will go next committed to their school early in the admissions process. Although fall, accordthe deadline can ing to the cause stress, many students find that whether or not they will be going to College Board, universities typically applying early decision is worth it their dream school around mid De- look favorably upon early decision


applications because it allows them to have a pool of students that are committed to their school early in the admissions process. “I’ve been talking to some students, and they’ve been telling me that they think that applying early decision will improve their chances of getting into the college. So that might be the reason why,” said Jon Pratt. The college admissions game is highly competitive, and year after year admissions representatives are scrutinizing applications more and more to find the best matches for their university. In an effort to get ahead in this process, a number of Leigh students applied early decision this fall. Hopefully their hard work will pay off and they will be accepted early decision to the college of their choice.


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Shake, rattle, and toll of the globe

Indonesia disaster sheds light on relief efforts around the world The cholera outbreak is another disaster that has hit the hearts and homes of those in Chile. Directly after the Chilean miners were rescued and “Maybe that’s what happens reunited with friends and family, this when a tornado meets a volcano,” sung virus spread through their country, derap artist, Eminem. molishing all of the joy that the release The truth is that natural disas- temporarily brought. ters such as these have been occurring Sixty-eight percent of the conmore frequently than they used to 25 firmed cases of cholera were found years ago. in vegetables, 10 percent in water, 5 The most recent examples are percent in seafood, and 17 percent rethe earthquake, volcano, and tsunami mains unknown. This outbreak mainthat hit in Indonesia and Sri Lanka on ly affects farmers’ profits and living Monday Oct. 29. standards, but also the well being of All of local Chileans. these events oc “Locurred due to a cal authorities massive quake are blaming a just off the garbage disposal coast. The tsucompany which nami reached allowed some a height of 10 1,100 waste feet (3 meters) containers to and caused go unburied hundreds of near the city of people to go Antofagasta , almissing. The legedly causing volcano that the spread of the erupted on Mt. infection,” said Merapi was also Beatriz Leon M. one of the most to The Santiago destructive diTimes. sasters that has ever taken place Not only have Photo courtesy of in Indonesia. these disasters It wiped affected people out everything in its path, including physically, but also emotionally. The homes, natural life, and  49 lives.Res- devastation that hit in Indonesia occue officals began arriving within the curred all at once, leaving people in a next couple of days in order to help chaotic frenzy. save the injured and desperately look Relief efforts are helping the for those who were missing. people affected by these disasters just Rescue teams are not only help- like they were for Hurricane Katrina. ing out in Indonesia, they are still However the emotional effects continuing to help those in New Or- will never decrease. The thoughts and leans. The most devastating hurricane, feelings that hit a person when his or Hurricane Katrina, hit New Orleans her life is turned upside-down are nevon August 29, 2005 and disrupted er forgotten. people’s daily lives. “I’m more afraid than ever,” said One relief system called HOPE Prapto Wiyono, a 60-year-old farmer continues to give aid to those in New from the mountain village of PanOrleans who are still trying to get back gukrejo, [Indonesia],” said Slamet Rion their feet. yadi to The Huffington Post. Shannon Keener Features Editor

Photo by Abel Mariam

Livin’ la vida Loko Alcoholic energy drink presents a new kind of substance abuse Arman Alam Staff Writer Four Loko is an alcoholic energy drink that was originally manufactured in Chicago, Illinois by the Phusion Projects, a group of college students who wanted to capitalize the popularity of alcohol mixed with energy drinks. This caffeinated booze is causing young people to black out and has been getting the attention of the Food and Drug Administration. One can of Four Loko contains 12 percent alcohol plus caffeine and taurine. It is a depressant and a stimulant mixed together and packaged as “legalized liquid cocaine”. Why drink Four Loko if it’s

that bad for your health? An anonymous student said, “I like the Four Loko because it’s cheap and it gets me drunk.” The FDA wants this beverage taken away from liquor stores and banned completely. The drink has caused random deaths and sickened many youth. Ni n e st u d e n ts were h os p i t a li ze d a ft e r a n Oct . 8 p ar t y i n Ro sly n , w h e re a b out 50 p eop le h a d b e e n d r i n k i n g. St u d e n t s h a d blood alco h o l le ve ls va r y i n g from 0.12 p e rc e n t t o 0 3 5 p ercent aft er c o n su m i n g c a n s of t h e dri nk. Ot h e r s t u d e n t s mixed the drink w i t h a d d i t i o n a l alcoh ol, mak i n g i t e ve n m o re h armful. Attorneys say it’s time to bring an end to alcoholic energy

drinks. Manufacturers have appealed to kids by using fruit flavors that mask the taste of alcohol, but the drinks have such high levels of stimulants that people have no idea that they’re putting themselves in a death trap.      Four Loko comes in several varieties including fruit punch, blue raspberry, lemonade, grape and orange. The “fruit flavored,” 23.5 ounce blend of caffeine and alcohol is nicknamed “blackout in a can.” The drink is equivalent of drinking four beers and a cup of coffee.      Four Loko is extremely cheap, usually only $3.

Four Facts The kick of alcohol in Four Loko is three times greater than that of a regular beer. The beverage is often considered the “legalized liquid cocaine” or “blackout in a can.” The company that owns the brand donated approximately $300,000 to charitable organizations last year Michigan, New York, Oklahoma, Utah and Washington have all banned Four Loko thus far.

11.22.10 Editors-in-Chief Annie Jung, Maddy Kirsch

opinion page 05 Teen discrimination issues

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We are a bit tired from attending the midnight premiere of Harry Potter. We appreciate your understanding. If ye be wanting to deliver some feedback or express any concerns, please e-mail us at Enjoy the fruit of our labors. Thank you, Annie Jung and Maddy Kirsch P.S. - Go watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part I.

Maddy Kirsch Editor-in-Chief On November 2 2010, in the shadow of Election Day, a number of young students gathered on the steps of the United States Supreme Court. On top of their minds was the ongoing Schwarzenegger v. EMA case, the gaming industry’s challenge to the constitutionality of restricting video game sale to minors.  The protesters, organized by The National Youth Rights Association (NYRA), later claimed that they were not only rallying for their right to purchase violent and sexual video games, but for a broad range of minors’ rights, including the right to vote. On one front, it’s about time that someone brought attention to the issue of youth rights. Young people, those under 18, are without a doubt the most oppressed group in America. By law and tradition they are slaves to the jurisdiction of their parents. They are restricted in almost every commercial market from video gaming to movies and alcoholic beverages. They cannot own property, get married or open bank accounts without a cosignatory adult. On public school campuses, where most of them spend about 30 hours per week, their constitutional rights to free speech and privacy are completely suspended. (Deans and officials can punish them for any behavior they judge inappropriate, and their cars and lockers are subject to unwar-

ranted search at any given moment.)            There seems to be consensus on Leigh’s campus that adults unfairly place all teens in one oversimplified category:  untrustworthy, irresponsible rebels. “I think that [age discrimination] is obnoxious because only a small percent of teenagers are actually crimi-

are mature; we are able to reason and generate ideas like adults. However, ability to reason without a complimentary ability to judge the potential outcomes of said reasoning sounds like a fatal formula. Teens are creatures of “the now” and only “the now”; they are masters of the cause but not the effect. They impulsively post risqué pictures on Facebook without thinking about how future employers, spouses, or officials can easily retrieve them. They have sex for immediate gratification, without contemplating the potential pregnancies or STDS. Young people might have a fighting chance asking for greater leeway on privacy or more personal freedom in school, but when it comes to issues like violent gaming, R-rated movies, and especially voting, science proves that their brains aren’t mature enough to properly handle those stimuli. For the most part, the NYRA’s platform is way too radical. The following is part of their mission statement posted on their public website: “The organization believes that such concepts as driving, education, emancipation, entertainment and free speech should be structured to treat youth fairly and not to discriminate against them with prejudice.” NYRA, your ideological and farreaching agenda only highlights your inability as young people to make appropriate judgments and look past yourselves and your immediate gratification.

[ ] There seems to be consensus...that adults unfairly place all teens in one oversimplified category: untrustworthy, irresponsible rebels

nals,” said senior Brianna Chrisman. Senior Cyrus Sadeghi agreed: “Its not fair [that adults discriminate against us] because they judge us on a level which they have no evidence for.” But that’s where our logic is flawed, the adults do have evidence against us and their facts are pretty reputable. Laws discriminating against youth, the major ones at least, are supported by solid evidence that the brain is not fully developed before 18 years of age. New studies even suggest that the prefrontal cortex, the most essential portion of the brain for weighing consequences, making judgments and resisting impulses, is not fully developed in most people until the mid-twenties. By age 12, most sections of the brain aside from the prefrontal cortex

Reverse racism exists

Majorities being discriminated against Sydney Black Staff Writer Reverse racism. It seems that we’ve gone from one extreme to the other, but still not close to equality. It used to be really difficult for minorities to get into colleges. But now, if you come from the stereotypical white, two-parent, middle class home, it’s going to be a pain in the butt just to get into college, let alone get a scholarship.           A friend of mine is a senior at Pioneer High School and is one-quarter Native American. Over the summer, he was given the opportunity to go to a camp specifically for ethnic minorities that was targeted at giving them the ‘inside scoop’ on how to get into college. Fair? I think not. We have about the same GPA, but my ACT score was higher than his. Our families have about the same level of income and all in all, he’s had the same opportunities that I’ve had. His heritage has not put him at a disadvantage at all. Now, if he had been forced to learn English as a second language or had to adapt to the American culture, then ok, he would deserve extra help. But getting the college essay prompts early simply because he lucked out genetically doesn’t seem very ‘equal’ to me.             To be clear, I’m not complaining that we’re giving the minorities an extra advantage. If there are unequal opportunities, then there absolutely should be a chance for minorities to get more help. But it’s a flawed system. Advantages should be given to students like

Michael Oher from the movie “The Blind Side”, no doubt about it. However, colleges should have the attitude of “Okay, you had a pretty tough time because of your race and circumstances beyond your control so we’ll help you out” rather than just saying “Well, despite your 4.6 GPA, you’re half African-American, so we’ll help you out.”            Students shouldn’t be penalized because of extenuating circumstances.

talents. Why should majorities be excluded from that? “[Clubs] are all designed to provide insight into a culture, history, or experience that is different from the ‘norm’. Clubs exist so that members of that group have one place where they can discuss life as it pertains to them…” World History teacher Holly Royaltey stated.             Sometimes, the ‘majority’ clubs are looked down upon. This year, senior Brianna Baxter wanted to start Leigh Live Action - a pro-life club. She found that the reception from the student body was not nearly as welcome as she might Affirmative action was initiated by the adhave hoped it would ministration of President Johnson. be and the approval of the club was deInstitutions attempt to compensate ethnic layed longer than she would have minorities via affirmative action. liked.             “There have Reverse racism refers to discrimination been a few times against whites. where individuals were impolite and even mean. But that just ‘comes with the territory’. It’s a very controversial Everyone has a right to an education. issue and some people will have an inEducation opens a lot of doors and formed, pleasant discussion with you; those doors shouldn’t remain locked and other people just want to call you simply because of ethnicity or fam- names and be impolite,” said Baxter. ily circumstances. Students who over-             Maybe we shouldn’t start to pride come cultural boundaries or financial ourselves on how we are so much more difficulties deserve extra help regardless tolerant than our parents or grandparents were. If we’ve learned anything of race. Clubs are good to have on a from the past, isn’t it truly that “all men campus. They provide a place for stu- are created equal”? Jefferson didn’t say dents to connect with other students ‘all men are created equal’ - except for who have similar ideals, hobbies, and the conservative white population.


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The beauty of waiting Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. (I like my clock noises with “c”’s, Ke$ha.) If you take out your earbuds and quiet down, you can hear the omnipresent heartbeat of time. Even for those of you whose rooms have a solitary digital alarm clock, there’s at least a couple places in your house where your mother has hung charming/quaint/whimsical analog clocks. Sitting back in my chair with closed eyes to take a breather from my three-hour Scrabble session, I listen to time pass and realize just how long a minute can be. Normally, I fully appreciate the longevity of time - it allows for easier breathing during an SAT administration and a bit more scrambling in a bomb of a test in AP Calculus. Lots of time and time that feels long allows for a productive publications deadline, time to pull an all-nighter, and a twohour nap before school starts. Beyond the realms of academics and work, stretched-out time enhances a two-second embrace, a slow dance at prom, and But right now, my life is about waiting, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. There are two major imminent events that I currently await. Firstly, the obvious - the midnight premiere of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” part one. Waiting time: 4 years Anticipation: Ten lightning bolts As you’re reading these words, ask yourself just how epic the movie was. If you don’t know the answer, then you had better Fandango some tickets since it’s finally here! Be sure to wear some Potter apparel. Ask me for some if you’re lacking in the department of wizarding attire. I’ve been devouring interviews and watched the live stream of the London premiere. But I’ve been abstaining from watching or listening to any parts of the film itself. For over three years have I awaited the arrival of this film, the one that heralds the beginning of the end. I’ve had the countdown widget since day 526. Dumbledore’s Army and I have been planning for the midnight premiere since T-minus 70 days. As I write these words, I’m wearing my Hogwarts robe and my Gryffindor tie (although I am a Slytherin - the HBIC house of the school represent!). My Fred wig sits in my Potter bag. I have seven wands to pass out. I should be excited. I should be doing a veritable jig. I’ve been buzzing for weeks. I should be tapdancing up and down the walls of the Journalism room. Yet, the buzzing has died down. The time is 3:22, there are eight and a half hours until showtime, and I am not doing cartwheels. I sit here, busting ass at deadline, pondering. I don’t want it to happen yet. It’s too soon. Having it just hours away means that it’ll be over soon. The anticipation of something is often more meaningful, joyous, epic, and memorable than the actual event itself. It’s why parties and weddings take months and even years to plan, though the event is over in but a few fleeting, harried, rushed hours. You still love the event, but the experience of waiting...that’s what’s cherished forever. How can sitting before a screen, albeit surrounded by a group of thirtyeight friends, all dressed up, buzzing, and laughing, compare to the experience of planning and speculating and dreaming and squealing and rushing with friends as you plan out costumes, arrange waiting groups and shifts, as

Freedom of speech goes too far

Should the first amendment allow “hate speech?”

signs that read, “Thank God for dead soldiers,” and “God killed your sons.” “I had one chance to bury my son in peace,” said Matthew Snyder’s Freedom of speech: our most bafather, Albert Snyder, to the Washingsic and powerful right promised to us ton Post, “and they took it away from in the First Amendment. This amendme.” ment gives us the power to Snyder was helpspeak out against injustices less in his attempts to and potentially to change cope with the repercuspeople’s views and opinions. sions of Phelps’ actions But all powers can be at his son’s funeral. Sixabused and the first amendteen members of the exment is no exception. Protended Phelps family are tected under the first amendpracticed lawyers and are ment is a form of speech always sure to stay within called “Hate Speech.” As the legal limits when protestname implies, “Hate Speech” ing. is outwardly communicating Should these achate to someone or a group tions be legal? Should of people. Unless the hate we be allowed to openly speech is considered libel, oband purposefully offend scenity, or “fighting words,” Photo courtesy of someone in such a way? it is completely legal. People protesting at a soldiers’ funeral “I believe that Sure, we might have even though the amendcertain unwritten rules as a society telling us what is or is not ap- tactfulness when it comes to spreading ments on the Bill of Rights are the most powerful laws we have in Ameripropriate or politically correct, but their message of hate. “The Phelps’s went too far with ca, they too have moral limits on them, under the law, most of those things are fair game. And no one knows this their protest,” said senior, Jaycin Oka. and this is one of them,” said Oka. If the law can’t protect us from better than “The Most Hated Family in “No one should ever invade the privacy of a funeral.” discrimination, then the law is in need America,” the Phelps family. In 2006, Matthew Snyder, a sol- of reform. When someone’s freedom of The family earned this title from the documentary by British broadcast- dier who died in a vehicle accident out- speech interferes with another person’s er, Louis Theroux. The film showed the side of combat, became a target of the right to mourn the death of a loved family protesting US soldier’s funerals, Phelps family. At his funeral in Mary- one, or anything of the sort, that’s claiming God was punishing America land, the family was seen outside with when it should not apply. Josh Vasquez Entertainment Editor

A look through the pensieve you lie prone on garage floor, making lists, and type statuses and post links on Facebook, quoting Dumbledore and watching videos of past epic Potter moments? As much as we may wait until we turn 18, eager to taste “freedom” and do as “we please,” we lament the loss of our own rent-free room, homemade meals, and time for watching “Big Bang Theory” rather than filling out W-4 forms for the IRS. As much as one may wait half a decade for the next installment in a beloved decade-long book franchise, one loves the waiting in mile-long lines, absorbed in discussions with fellow fans, more than reading the actual book. And as you slowly die while waiting to touch the covers, you dread finishing the book. The excitement the lead-up to an event generates is greater than the awaited event. There is no doubt that seven hours from now, I will resume jigging and shouting at the top of my lungs. There will be wand duels, there will be performances of A Very Potter Musical, there will be massive theatreround sing-alongs to The Mysterious Ticking Noise. There will be joy in its purest form. There is an inexplicable camaraderie between the midnight premiere people of the world, you see. Enmity melts. Acrimony is diluted. Friction is smoothed in the light of Potter. At the midnight premiere of Half-Blood Prince, my chum Bianca and I went to fetch a bit of supper. I was a dollar short, and I had let someone else borrow my wallet. Then, a Death Eater came up from behind me, seized my money, and paid for my dinner. Beneath the silver mask of Dark Lord servitude, a grizzled biker’s face growled at me. In retrospect, I think it was his way of beaming. “Here you go - Ron?” he asked, pointing at my orange wig. “Fred, actually,” I said smiling, nodding at my friend who was George. He laughed heartily and roughly, and we engaged in a spirited debate about Voldemort, how excited we were, and Deathly Hallows, the novel. Ah. An hour until the pre-party with Dumbledore’s Army. The buzz will thrum once more. The second thing, that happens in a month, is the arrival of early decision acceptances and rejections. Waiting time: 3 years Anticipation: Eight lightning bolts Pomona is a highly selective school. It’s a top-ten liberal arts college. Its acceptance rate rivals those of the Ivy League universities. If I am rejected, it shall not be a shocking blow. My GPA is not the highest in the senior class, my SAT score is 120 points short of a perfect 2400, and I am not Native American. If I am accepted, it will be a beautifully shocking letter that arrives in the mail on Dec.15. It will be time to smash open a bottle of fine Dom Perignon and toast to the future, gazing at sun-dappled hills.


for its tolerance of homosexuality. Of all places that might be deemed inappropriate to exercise your freedom of hate speech, certainly a person’s funeral is at the top of the list. But the Phelps family has no regard for

We are not invincible Rash decisions can lead to more than just a bruised ankle Jenna Goeke Opinion Editor Locked out and stuck on the balcony nine stories up, you think, ‘Sure, I can climb up a few stories to get back inside, the top window is open.’ Halfway up, you lose your footing. And fall. A seemingly normal situation: getting locked out. Yet when you are nine stories up and attempt climbing along the edge, the immense risk of falling and dying is surely something that should stop you. Unfortunately, such a realization came too late for 18-year-old Barbara Comey. After falling those nine stories, she died due to internal bleeding in the hospital several hours later. “The police had investigated and determined that she had walked out of the apartment without her key. She had somewhere to go and was in a rush…She felt like she didn’t have any other option but to climb. She was so independent, but when you’re a teen and independent, you just don’t think. They are just stupid decisions that you don’t think through…it can

overcomes what you believe to be important,” said Ann Comey, Barbara’s mother. Such simple decisions, such silly trials that seem trivial to most, the sorts of choices that could never possibly change your life. Time and time again,

people tell you that stupid decisions mean bad outcomes and bad consequences. But usually those people don’t tell you that being brave or adventurous or even silly can get others hurt, get yourself hurt, or even end your life. Teenagers are known for their impulsive choices, usually very risky ones. Many people attribute this to the fact that we are young and stupid. This is only half true. We are young, which means that our brains cannot fully grasp consequences and outcomes at our age. “Your brain doesn’t fully mature until you’re about 24. Teens are more impulsive in Photos by Danielle Baldelomar general because their brains Driving distracted and without a seatbelt; a haven’t developed yet and so deadly combination they have less capacity to acknowledge full consequences of [their] achappen to anyone. She made a big tions,” stated psychologist and doctor deal out of something that would not Amy Blanchard. When we go out to ride our have mattered one week later, and it cost her her life. The finality of death bikes, we would never even consider

the fact that a helmet could save our lives. It just doesn’t usually cross our minds. Plus, everyone knows that helmets look terrible on your head. Yet the truth is that a helmet can and will save your life if a crash or collision occurs. Sadly, most of us don’t stop to consider this fact. This lack of proper decision-making occurs regularly, some with inconsequential outcomes and others with potentially deadly ones. Taking that eighth shot of alcohol, getting in a drunk drivers’ car, not wearing your seatbelt, unprotected sex, or even just standing too high on a ladder. According to psychology professor Meg Gerrard, teens often do not think at all when making a split decision. “What’s novel about this research is that we’ve demonstrated that quite a bit of adolescent decision-making is not reasoned on -- on any level. It’s not because it’s motivated behavior, or they’ve thought about how much they want to do it. It’s because they just do it,” confirmed Gerrard at a convention in 2007, who has studied adolescent behavior and decision-making for the past 12 years. The point of thinking over your actions is not to make every situation appear risky. The point is to fully consider any and all negative outcomes that could potentially cause tears, broken bones, or even death. If and when such an uncertain situation arises, stopping to think is far less cliché than one may think. This contemplative pause may save your life. Sometimes we just need to realize that we aren’t indestructible. Because if we were, risks would no longer be exciting. And no longer lethal.



Anecdotes from the kid’s table

Senior Moments Thanksgiving: the single day of the year where we Americans embrace our obesity problem with open arms. The only physical activity of the day comes when the manly men of the family gather in the leaf covered yards for halfdonkeyed games of football, searching desperately for something to distract them from the heavenly smells of turkey in the oven and the pies the womenfolk are slaving over in the kitchen. But as soon as the food is done, the real game is on. Everyone makes a mad dash for the bathroom to wash up. It’s brother against sister, grandma against grandson, and father against mother as the Ultimate Thanksgiving Wrestling Match goes down in the hallway. Darwinism wins out. The strongest survive to have dibs on the seats at the dinner table. The weak losers are left being crammed onto any seat possible: piano benches, highchairs, bar stools, etc. Arrive late, and you may be stuck in the corner by the nasty cranberry sauce that Aunt Louise makes every year---everyone hates it but no one has the heart to tell her, so every year you take the mandatory scoop and force it down with as few grimaces as possible. The religious families pray. The non-religious families might say a few words on the origin of Thanksgiving. But nobody is truly listening. All eyes are focused on the nearest dish, calculating the velocity a hand must travel in order to beat neighboring hands to the same dish. Silence falls over the table. The annual Scarfing of the Food commences. Fill plate. Scarf food. Repeat. Several minutes (and several pounds later), the hunger has subsided. Waistbands are now uncomfortably tight. The rock-paper-scissor losers stumble into the kitchen for dish duty. The victors collapse onto sofas, loveseats, Lay-Z-Boys, and any other padded seat, lulled into a hypnotic food coma. A deathly calm steals over the house. “PIE!” With this declaration from the kitchen workers, the spell of the food coma is broken. Somehow, previously stuffed stomachs find room to fit one, two - sometimes three pieces of pie (whipped cream included). Dishes are done. The family visits but soon turn in early - determined to get up early and be the first in line at Toys R Us for Black Friday. Such are the stereotypical Thanksgiving festivities. But for me, Thanksgiving is about way more than food or Black Friday or any of that. Thanksgiving, for me, is all about family.            Coming from a great big Mormon family, family is very important and Thanksgiving is a big ordeal. Dad’s side of the family is

small. We all fit around one table in relative comfort in my aunt’s small trailer house.   But Mom’s side of the family is much larger. The extended family consists of fourteen adults (parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles) and thirty cousins (including my sisters and myself ). That calculates to a whopping total of forty-four people in one house! And that’s not including the spouses/children of cousins. Thankfully, I can’t remember when the last time was that all fortyfour family members got together. There’s always somebody missing.. I fall on the young side of the cousin spectrum. And so, every year, I get the honor of being the oldest one at the kiddy table. And when I say ‘honor’, fellow Longhorns, I mean it in the most sarcastic way possible. Being the oldest at the kiddy table, I get the privilege of helping the little ones fill their plates, cut up their turkey, and make sure they don’t slop all down the front of them. It’s like premature motherhood. No gracias. I’ll pass on that. I’m too young to start eating cold meals because I’m feeding the children! Admittedly, there are some perks to the kiddy table. For one, the adults aren’t there to harp on you about ‘appropriate table etiquette’. And last year, the kiddy table was in the family room. The family room has a TV. On Thanksgiving Day, the USA channel was having a House marathon. My cousin Derek is obsessed with that show. I don’t watch it much, but I have nothing against it. And considering that the episodes that were played all featured a very attractive blonde doctor with a British accent, I had no complaints. So yes, while we ate Thanksgiving dinner, we watched House on television. As glorious as it is to have very lax table manners and watch hot British men, I feel like I’ve outgrown those days. I’m older and more mature now. This is my senior year. I’ve applied to college. I can feel the inklings of senioritis starting to creep in. I’m ready to be an adult! I’m ready to have all of the freedoms that come with higher education! And yet… Right when I feel my head start to swell with the indignation of being treated like a child, reality sets in. Adulthood means I’d have to pay my own bills. No more flattering Dad into handing out $20 for the next mall escapade. I’d have to be self-reliant. And that’s just no bueno. This is my last Thanksgiving as a minor. If I were going to go commit a felony, this would be the year to do it. My days of getting away with things are numbered. There’s going to be a time when I’m considered ‘too old’ to go jump on the cousin’s trampoline in the snow. There’s going to be a time when I’m too old to have sleepovers on that same trampoline during the summer. And supposedly there will come a time, heaven forbid, when I’m no longer interested in playing Mario Kart in the basement with my cousin. My days of immaturity are fast drawing to a close. I guess I better live it up while I can. So trampoline, here I come. I don’t care if the weather forecast says that it’s snowing in Wendell, Idaho. Some things in life are uncertain. But Thanksgiving fun on the Idaho farm is never questioned. I guess I can stomach one more year of childish immaturity if you really twist my arm. Kiddy games and playing in the snow? Count me in. There will be room for me at the big kid table next year.

The satirical ‘perfect’ college applicant Maddy Kirsch Editor-in-Cheif Christopher Wyman Staff Writer Confused about Cornell requirements? Distraught about Dartmouth? The Eleight clears up Ivy League confusions. Engineering majors:             First of all, if you are a girl read no more, as a female going into engineering, you are the college world equivalent of a rational Twilight supporter: a rarity. You are already accepted. Guys, you may need to step it up a notch. As part of your required extracurriculars, you must own several web domains and upkeep the websites associated with them, but this will hardly get your application into the “maybe” pile. The recommended amount of iPhone apps designed is 6. Be sure to mention in your application the number of hours you spend advancing nanotechnology. To really make your personal statement stand out, include the link to the major social networking/file sharing website you’ve created, regardless of whether the activities were legal, (college is more important than copyright infringement or invasion of privacy). If you are applying to architectural engineering, send in your drafting notebook, but only if it contains

a minimum of 300 pages. Anything under the aforementioned number will be instantly deemed too thin to open and tossed into the reject pile. It is not a bad idea to include photos of the latest bridge or skyscraper you designed. If this project was in conjunction with a non-profit organization or a charity, be sure to include this information; colleges love to see community service. Bonus points are given to people who build things in Africa. Africa is chic. English majors: All English majors should have at least four years of schooling in two or more foreign languages, for it is widely understood among colleges that fluency in other languages is absolutely essential for developing a strong grammatical and structural understanding of English. One of these two languages must be Latin. Although not Romance languages, Korean and Arabic are also strong choices; colleges love an ability to write in the languages of our political entanglements.              Aspiring writers should send in manuscripts of their most recent novel, but refrain from choosing a one based in fantasy or science fiction. You are safe with non-fiction, realistic fiction or philosophical works. If at all possible, write a sequel to the Odyssey. For extra brownie points, send the manuscript in a different language. For the creme de la creme, carry

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What colleges deem to be the ideal college applicant...that doesn’t exist

out your interview in strict iambic pentameter. If you are feeling particular chemistry with your interviewer, try conversing in Shakespearean sonnet. Art Majors:             Colleges do not like to accept art applications from students who they have never heard of. For this reason, to compete in the application pool you should have at least seven million YouTube hits or a prominent display at the Louvre. If you are less technologically advanced, a picture of the church ceiling that you painted will do just fine. To really impress admissions officers, cite the artistic movement that you are named after somewhere within your personal statement. Particular attention will be paid to those who have artistically challenged social norms and swayed public opinion. Preference will be given to anything pro whale. Stay away from depictions of pop culture unless they are satirical in nature; colleges hate mainstream society’s unoriginality. If applying to film, send the college tickets to the next film festival playing your indie movie. However, their definition of “indie” is not synonymous with cheap; if the total budget of your movie was under 2 million dollars, your film application will not go through.

Scheduling Disasters

Constant scheduling conflicts leave activities and sports at a loss Jordan Boomsliter News Editor Jenna Goeke Opinion Editor Ask any P.E. student; Leigh’s bowl is anything but a luxurious hang out spot. But during the fall it seems to be the place every activity flocks to for a little face time with the green turf and brick red track. With multiple fall sports such as football, field hockey and marching band wrapping up their competitive seasons, winter seasons starting, and performing arts kicking off with the fall play, facilities such as the bowl, cafeteria, gym, quad, and upper field are in high demand. Leigh’s activities’ director Gina Nicoletta’s plate has been full balancing the practice schedules of so many activities. “Everybody wants more time. At some point, we have to make time limits. We are totally maxed out. Unless someone is going to build us a new gym, there’s nothing to be done,” she added. But despite all of Nicoletta’s hard work and the cooperation of the various activities’ directors and coaches, there simply isn’t enough space for every group to function without imposing on one another’s allotted time. “Not getting enough time to function,” said football coach Shawn Thomas.

These impositions on practice times are causing tension to sprout up amongst each program, some of which are not Leigh studentbased. On Monday Nov. 3 at 6:45 p.m. the marching band

What, then, is the solution to our space and time related conflicts?

Photos by Kelly Grogan and Danielle Baldelomar

w a s well u n derw a y a n d nearly done with their 5-7 p.m. rehearsal. They were rehearsing their field show music in the quad, when a teacher identified as being a representative from West Valley College, present on campus for the night-school program, approached marching band director Suzanne Royer and asked her to have the band cease playing, as classes were beginning and the music would cause a disturbance. Royer then addressed the band and told them to pack up early and that they were being kicked off their own campus during their allotted rehearsal time. So the question is posed, why is the bowl and the campus so crowded? Simply put, our campus does not offer the facilities and resources necessary to host each program productively.

“This is a very, very large campus and everybody wants 100 percent of what they feel is their space. Everyone wants [the] facilities all of the time. There is never enough space and never enough time…If somebody is unhappy, then they need to let me know or Mr. Perry or Mrs. Nicoletta. Otherwise, it can’t be fixed,” said Principal Donna Hope. One of the major sources of conflict has been the absence of the stadium lights in the bowl, a shortcoming that has significantly limited the time available to various groups. “Having the lights back would give everyone more time, and support from the district in our coping would be great,” said a student who wished to remain anonymous. Whatever the reasons, the fact remains that Leigh cannot physically support so many programs in its current state and with its available facilities. “We’re like one big, happy family— we all have to share. Does everyone get what they want? No,” concluded Hope.

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There are a variety of crews in every city dedicated to street art and graffiti. One of the most prominent crews in the Bay Area is The Lords, who have been around for more than a couple decades. The Eleight’s Jordan Weinberg had the opportunity to speak to one of their writers,

Msngr (Mes). How old were you when you first started getting interested in urban/street art? 1986, my parents were artists so I always loved it and my dad was a caligraphist so that’s when I started to learn hand styles. Where do you draw your inspirations from? Everything I see! From people to buildings. What is your favorite medium: walls, freights, or canvas?

We see it everywhere. Spray paint on walls, th all over the city. Most people don’t stop to take no it as simply vandalism. Many assume that graffiti ing better to do than deface public property. Tho good majority of street art is just as impressive, i and artists such as Banksy, Basquiat, Mr. Brainw world through their pieces. People preach about while, but the same goes for our urban surround the beauty of street art. - Varija Yelagalawad

Walls, then freights is a close second. Graffiti was a big part of the early hip-hop movement. Does music influence you at all? Yes! Of course! How do you feel when you see bad pieces thrown up on walls? Has urban art been misinterpreted because too many people try it thus lessoning its impact? It depends. If it’s real bad I don’t even trip, I kind of like it. If its trying to be good and it’s someone else’s art, I hate it. Originality is the key. What are your feelings towards painted/classical art (like  Picasso, Monet,  Van Gogh, etc)? Do you attempt to learn from them or is urban/street art a whole different [form]? I respect them as artists, but I don’t learn from them. How did you choose the name Msngr? I saw a documentary on Jean-Michel Basquiat. He was a great artist from NY but not a graffiti artist. He would pick up a spray can and leave a message on the streets, so I started doing that and that’s how I got my name. For you, how is graffiti a means of self-expression? Everything I’m thinking and seeing and I enjoy going out and hitting up the streets when I’m mad.

Phot os b y

“I’m hoping we can transform a dark, forg into an oasis of beautiful art – in a dark, forgo

said illusive graffiti artist Banksy in an

There is a strong majority of people who view graffiti to be an act of unforgivable vandalism which will further spiral our communities into dreadful situations. Because of this, and laws against general vandalism and any malicious damage to property, law enforcement is able to charge anyone “caught in the act” of graffiti writing with a misdemeanor. The sale or attempted sale of spray paint to minors is also considered to be a legal offense. But regardless of these consequences, writers and street artists continue with their mission. For most, the sense of danger and threat from law enforcement is just another reason to continue with their actions. There are a wide variety of sites and blogs dedicated to the cause of preventing graffiti such as and They provide insight into graffiti awareness and offer their perception on why graffiti can never be anything more than vandalism. However, there are even more sites dedicated to the cause of proving anti-graffiti sites wrong. The list of legal issues surrounding graffiti is lengthy, and not to be taken lightly. Though it can be said that it is possible to get away with the act without getting caught by authorities, many communities have taken up policing their neighborhoods for vandalism as well. There are some public walls designated to any form of street art, and several other legal outlets can be found around the city. Many serious graffiti writers ignore these legal canvasses and stick to their regular routine of writing on walls at odd hours of the day. Though street art is highly influential, and some writers and artists have a strong positive impact on their communities, the legalities of graffiti must be taken into account before engaging in any of these acts.

Graffiti has been exactly that - making something beautiful ou Graffiti has existed since ancient times with examples dating Forgotten, graffiti made its resurgence through hip-hop. Hip-Hop ing, B-Boying, and tagging (Graffiti writing), originated in New inscribed in stone in Ancient Greece, to being spray painted on wa In recent times, graffiti has risen to prominence with street ar pulted into stardom. Banksy’s works are very political and stylistic Often conveying social or political messages, his works have captur on a trip to Palestine, Banksy made 9 new images on the Israeli We The stylistic custom of graffiti is often large lettering with b recent times with artists who create more dynamic pieces. For exam artist is known for his eclectic pieces that host numerous graphics. Graffiti’s name is often spoiled due to its association with va during the punk era, where graffiti became another source of rebe gangs. Gangs use graffiti as a way of marking their territory or indi What sets graffiti apart from any other art form is its informa play host to graffiti. From the walls of a bathroom stall to a stop si graffiti. - Abel Mariam, Staff Writer/Visuals

In-Depth created by Kylie Brown, Danielle Baldelomar, Roya Askari, Abel Mariam, Jordan Weinberg, Anthony Duran, and Varija Yelagalawadi

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“The word s of the p rophets we the subwa re written y walls an on d the ten ement hal ls...”

he occasional inappropriate image, and words thrown up otice of the graffiti, because we’ve been made to perceive writers are just gangsters, or rowdy teenagers with nothough a certain amount of graffiti isn’t much to praise, a influential, meaningful as any other form of art. Writers wash, and many others have their say about state of the how we need to stop and notice nature every once in a dings. Just once, we need to go into the city and revel in

di, In Depth Editor

“Aerosol art is one of the only American-born art forms, yet it is the most misunderstood.” - A total of 72,169 incidents of graffiti and vandalism to property were reported from January 2001 to December 2008.

- The number of malicious damage incidents related to graffiti has increased by 5.5 percent over the past 9 years. - The Graffiti Control Act of 2008 allows for a stricter way for police to charge graffiti vandals. - The number of cases where a person was prosecuted against for graffiti increased from 1,184 in 2005 to 1,913 in 2008. - In 2008, 1,250 males under the age of 18 were proceeded against, representing 65% of the total. 1,672 or 87% of graffiti offenders proceeded against were male. 1,459 or 76% of offenders were under the age of 18. - The most number of graffiti or street art incidents occur in October, with the lowest recorded average in February. Abe l Ma riam

gotten filth pit otten filth pit,”

n interview with Daily Mail.

ut of a not-so-beautiful wall. back to Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. culture, consisting of four elements- DJing, MCYork house parties in the seventies. From being alls, graffiti has evolved from its ancient origins. rtists like Banksy and Kaws essentially being catacally detached from a majority of modern graffiti. red the attention of many. For example, in 2005, West Bank barrier. bright, bold colors. This however has changed in mple, Barry McGee, a San Francisco based graffiti .    andalism and crime. This became most prevalent ellion. Graffiti is also commonly associated with icating their presence or activity. ality and accessibility. Any surface imaginable can ign to a billboard, the possibilities are endless for


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Let us be thankful Students stereotype styles Your choice in clothing may be stealing your lime light Let us love, and be loved Blayke Leach Staff Writer

Two words five letters Let us be thankful. Let us be thankful for the people whose voices have disappeared but whose legacies remain today. Let us be thankful for the people who at the Stonewall Inn made their voices heard by the world. Let us be thankful for the 6,246,463 people who on Nov. 4, 2008 tried to protect the rights of a minority from the will of the majority. Let us be thankful, let us rejoice, and let us stand strong and know that we are special, we are unique. The only sin we could commit would be for us to not realize our full potential. So let us be thankful. It is the imperfections in our world, the chips in the marble, which give contrast to the beauty of life. Although there still are, have been, and will likely continue to be people whose ignorance leads them to form completely wrong stereotypes and judgments about gay people, let us be thankful for this ignorance because it is the true test of a person’s character to stand in the face of ignorance and know in their heart that what they believe is right, and know that they are special. Let us be thankful, because we may not see it, but there are friends who will stand with us. They may be the person in your math class or the woman who works at the grocery store, but all around us there are people who will regardless of their sexual orientation, will stand with us. Let us be thankful for the people who on Nov. 4, 2008 chose to do what they knew was right, they chose to vote no on Prop 8. So let us be thankful, let us rejoice, and let us stand strong because in the toughest of times the strongest of allies will stand by us. Let us be thankful for the people who shout, who scream, who stand and make their voices heard. Let us be thankful for the riots in Greenwich Village during the summer of 1969 in response to the police raid on the Stonewall Inn. Let us be thankful, and let us remem-

ber the early morning of June 28, 1969. Let us be thankful who stood and knew that it is not a crime to be gay. Let us be thankful because they knew that the time to be silent had passed. Let us be thankful for their courage. Let us be thankful for their solidarity. It was those people who so courageously and selflessly stood and would not let their rights be taken away. It was those people who gave the silent a voice. It was those people who started a movement, a movement of change. Let us be thankful, let us rejoice, and let us stand and make our voice heard, shout upon the rooftops and at the street corner until we have the rights we deserve. Let us be thankful for our families, our mothers, our fathers, our brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Let us be thankful and remember that although we may have our differences with our family, they are still family. Let us be thankful for family, let us love even if we feel no love returned, let us love like there is no tomorrow because frankly there might not be a tomorrow to love someone. Let us be thankful for the things our family gives us, and let us give in return our love. Let us be thankful, let us love, and let us tell our families how much they mean to us. Let us be thankful for the people that we choose to part of our lives whether they are our best friend or our boyfriend. Let us be thankful for the friends that we are blessed to have, because it is their company that makes the bad times bearable, and the good times memorable. These people share with us the ups and the downs of life, the highs and the lows, they give us someone to share the good memories with, and give a shoulder to cry on. Let us be thankful, let us love, and be loved. This year I am thankful for the people who chose to be an ally and stand up to discrimination and hate. This year I am thankful for the people who have come before me who have given the LGBT community a voice. This year I am thankful for the people at the Stonewall Inn, as well as prominent people in the LGBT community that will be forever missed and remembered. This year I am thankful for my family whose continual support makes me tremendously happy. This year I am thankful for my friends who I know are always here for me, as well as my terrific boyfriend Rusty, who always makes me smile.

You see a guy who looks a tad different from the normal crowd and realize that he is about to walk into a world of put-downs. All of a sudden, nearly everybody around you is either snickering, making a remark under their breath, or not holding anything back as they shout verbal jabs at the person. This type of stereotyping happens everyday all over the world, and it is not based on race, sexuality, or any other common factors. Instead, what constitutes this behavior is a mix of the person’s clothes, hair, or other pieces of their “style.” While it happens everywhere, it is commonly seen in the high school environment, where students pick on their peers, whether friend or not. While some people do not really care about how different their style may be, many others change their outlook based others’ judgments, especially if their friends are the ones picking on them.  If you don’t look like you should be in your group, many times you’ll be told so, making how you dress or what you enjoy wearing something that can even threaten friendships. But the most common type of

Photo by Abel Mariam

Senior Chris Martin sport’s skater apparel.

this stereotyping and judging doesn’t happen inside a group. It instead comes from how that group acts towards outsiders. Whether or not someone owns a pair of Vans, or wears LRG t-shirts, dresses in all black, with some sort of hardcore band t-shirt, or wears a “cutoff” with flip-flops and a backwards hat, dressed like a “bro,” that does not mean they appreciate the labels that are attached to them. They may act just like the person judging them, but have a different style. Because they don’t see things eye to eye, one or both people end up being put down. But teens are not the only ones who tend to stereotype based on appearance.  Many adults in both the high school environment and in everyday communities judge and feel differently towards those who dress differently. “I would be lying to say that a first impression doesn’t make a difference. They do make a difference, but it’s important to get to know someone before making judgements based on appearance or anything else,” said Dean Rick Hayashi. A parent may not want their child hang ing out with a kid who is commonly seen as a “goth” just based on the way they dress, even

Photo by Abel Mariam

Senior Erika Lee rockin’ the jock style.

The Art of Slacking:

Based on your style of clothing, how would you stereotype yourself? Professional 7% Stoner 23%

Preppy 20%

Jock 23%

Girly/Bro 27%

if they are just as “normal” as everyone else. A teenager with large, baggy clothes might be avoided by people walking down the street. These types of stereotyping are not based on personality or race, but solely based on appearance. Just because someone dresses differently or looks a bit out of the ordinary does not mean that they are less average as everyone else. And for all you know, the next time you make a rude style remark at a person walking by, they may be looking at you and saying the exact same things.

Photo by Kylie Brown

Graduate Phil Benson casually flashes his hipster look.

Students find a professional career in procrastinating

intense. I teach five different English classes. AP and Honors classes are particularly laden with writing assignments, so I get buried in paperwork, You have two choices Monespecially when it comes time to write day morning: bite the bullet and letters of recommendation for collegstart working immediately, or es,” said English teacher Mike White. continue relaxing and hope that Students at Leigh are the homework just goes away. quick to complain about teachSome students try to get some work done ers not posting grades on Schoolon the way to school or during lunch, Loop, or neglecting to grade tests. but others are bold enough to show up “[My English teacher last to class without having their work done. year] procrastinated [on] grading as The students who don’t signments and essays, and even try—they are pure slackers. then eventually didn’t Some say that procrastinating and even grade them. slacking are the same thing. But othIt really didn’t ers believe that procrastination still affect my gets the job done, while slacklearning, ing doesn’t submit work—or but it did afsubmits sub-par work—at all. fect my grade “I think slacking and proand moral crastinating are in essence the for the class,” same, although procrastinatsaid an anonying is more of putting somemous student. thing off, while slacking It seems that is more being lazy,” said habits such as junior Susie Caldwell. slacking and On the other procrastinatside, some students ing are universal believe they are comPhoto by Kelley Grogan among teachers, pletely different things. Even with homework piling up, students still focus on their students, and re “No, I don’t [think social network more than school work. ally anyone with responthey are the same thing]. sibilities. It may seem Slacking can result with less productivity in which a person know- swamped with more paperwork. harmless, but the next time you debate “The reality is, I have forty-five finishing that assignment or replying to ingly lets an assignment expire, where as procrastination is just putting the as- more students this year than last year, that SchoolLoop message, think about signment off,” said junior Danny Rose. [and] the paper grading load is pretty how your actions will affect others. Marissa Rodriguez Staff Writer

“I procrastinate on almost everything I can get away with, such as doing chores and listening to my sister. I think [it’s] okay in moderation. As long as it doesn’t affect your life or work, it’s fine,” said Rose With finals week looming near, teachers have been piling on the weekend homework. But with larger freshmen English classes this year, teachers are finding themselves



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Are we just advertisement? Mississippi Queen T-Shirt logos walking around campus Andy Simionas Staff Writer Let’s face it; we live in a consumer world. With all of the brand names, wild designs and logos, when you wear a t-shirt y o u are ess e n tially a walking advertisement. B u t the sad thing is that while companies pay money to advertise their product, you’re paying the company to be the advertisement. It’s become common occurrence for stores to sell plain shirts that simply have the brand logo on them, but at ridiculous prices. For example, a plain black Hanes Tshirt is probably at the very most five dollars. But when a shirt of the same quality has the monster energy drink logo on it, its price is five times as much. “Certain shirts are more expensive because the company is selling their name or logo. They try to trick people into thinking that their name/logo on your chestle or booty area will elevate your

status and that their clothes are worth all your birthday money,” said junior Adam Soret when asked why certain brands are more expensive than others. For others, brand names don’t have as much of an effect on whether they buy a shirt or not. “I look for shirts that I like; it doesn’t matter where there from as

long as I like it. Brand names aren’t a big deal for me,” said senior Jessica Duncan. It’s truly a shame that people spend way too much money on something as simple as a shirt just for the name brand, but there are some instances where the shirt is worth it. If the design is more than just the brand name in plain font, and suits ones personal style, then it wouldn’t be foolish to shell out the extra money for it. Espesially in high school, group of friends that form clicks tend to shop at the same store, buy the same clothes, and have the same look. If you were to lookin one of their closets, there would only be name brand clothes and logo t-shirts. People who

may see you wearing a LRG tshirt may think it’s the new hip thing and then they will go out and spoend 35 dollars on a plain t-shirt. “I definitely went for popular brands. Now I look for something that has a cool design or is original. Sometimes when I’m in the m o o d I’ll go for something not too f l a s h y, but very c l a s s y,” Soret explained, giving some valuable advice for those lost among the sheer number of choices of clothes to buy. Senior Kris Garcia had a differing view, stating that, “You need to see what shirt elevates your steez to the highest caliber...the brand name doesn’t matter but more of the connotation of the name in an essence. If it’s well known but in the underground fashion, then it is the illest.” So instead of buying big brand names, shop for something that is original and unique to your own personal tastes; because if you pay to advertise a brand name on yourself, it should be worth your money. And it should most definitely “elevate your steez”.

Bad doctors end up wasting more than just your money Jacob Parker Staff Writer Pale blue walls filled with paintings of balloons and clowns surround you on each side. A thin blue mattress with a translucent sallow sheet pulled over it crunches beneath your shifting body. It’s half an hour until your appointment; time for a simple checkup… Where is your doctor? Five more minutes stretch out to an eternity as your restless eyes observe the open trashcan labeled “HAZARDOUS WASTE” when she finally arrives. The doctor introduces herself and the normal procedure is carried out: she takes your temperature, weight, height, and blood pressure. You hope everything is fine… “My doctor is rarely on time…. I’m usually waiting for 30 minutes after my scheduled appointment,” said junior Rachel Robel. Robel is a hypochondriac and often has to make visits to the doctor about concerns for her health. “I feel like doctors pressure people to take vaccinations that don’t have enough study. For example my doctor was really pushing me to get the chicken pox vaccination, when my mom didn’t want me to,” said Robel. According to a pediatric nurse, the average cost of the chicken pox, or varicella, vaccine is 80 to 120

dollars depending on the organization administering it. The reason for urging patients to receive treatments seems quite simple now. Soon, you realize that all your doctors love you. They tend to love all their patients – from scratching your name down on the clipboard to having friendly chats, it’s evident they want to see you again soon. Well, that is, if you give a copayment and your insurance company shells out big money for the exam. “I felt cheated by my eye doc-

“make an appointment for next week” are a few ways they can rake in the payments. Obviously, our last drops of money and time can be siphoned off just like the gas used for frequent doctor trips. The slow and steady decline of the effort to maintain a pleasant perspective on visits takes its toll. The nametag on your nutritionist might as well say, “I’m going to make you feel like something is wrong with you that you are ashamed to admit to” because wait in the room for 30 mins

Somewhere deep in the heart of SEC land lies a beautiful little town filled with the nicest people and the prettiest buildings on earth. Often regarded by its inhabitants as the “best kept secret of the south,” it has an undeservingly bad reputation by those who have never been there, but is considered heaven on earth by those who have. In this teeny little town lies one of the most underrated universities in the United States, a school that is only recognized by many for its mediocre football team, and by its starring role in the popular movie “The Blind Side.” And last month, this little town of Oxford, Mississippi stole my heart. Ole Miss is a school that I would never in a million years have imagined myself wanting to go to. Granted, I’m a southern girl at heart, despite having spent all of my sixteen years in California. But Mississippi has never been a state that I’ve been interested in visiting, let alone living in.   Oxford may be charming and adorable, but it is extremely hard to get to. I had to take a red-eye flight to Atlanta, where I met my Dad who was on a buisness trip there. From Atlanta we flew to Memphis, Tennesse. In Memphis, we rented a car and drove the last hour of our trip to Oxford, Mississippi. Memphis is the closest large city to Oxford, so unfortunately, you have to rent a car and drive, no matter what.   Once you get into town, it’s evident that Oxford is a place that can’t seem to decide if it’s 1860 or 2010. But just to be clear, Mississippi isn’t racist like how it’s often percieved to be; there were people of all race and color walking around the campus, and it seemed as if that really was the norm. (Trust me, I would NOT be interested in going to a school that condones racism. I’m one-eighth black, thankyouverymuch.)   I love everything about Ole Miss. I love the buisness

The Pursuit of Happiness

school, and all the opportunities I will have once I enroll there. I love the southern accents. I love the town of Oxford, and all the cute little shops and restaurants surrounding it.   I love  the general obsession with football that consumes the town every fall. I love the loud country music that can be heard from every pickup truck passing through the streets at any given time during the day. I love the southern hospitality that is ever-present in people from age 3 to 93.     Coming back from Mississippi, it feel like everyone I know has been questioning my life decisions, as if it’s ridiculous that anyone would ever actually want to go to school outside of California. Oh the horror! Part of me doesn’t want to go to Ole Miss, because I know that I’m going to have to explain my decisons to people for the rest of my life. But at the same time, this is my decision. I’m the one who is going to be spending four years going to school here. I’m the one who is going to be making life-long friends here. Where to go to college is the one of the most important decisons a person can make, and this is a decison I need to make. And I’ve decided that this where I’m going to college.   Why is it so crazy that I want to branch out of my comfort zone? In reality, I’m probably never going to live in the south ever again in my life, so going to Ole Miss will give me an opportunity to see an entire new way of life. And plus, fried chicken ain’t so bad.

Doctor perscribes you depression medication

arrive at doctor office at 3:30

Nurse finally relieves you from the waiting room at 4:15

you tell the doctor you have the flu

pay $75 for medications Visual created by Shannon Keener

tor. He suggested that I take three tests: one for each eye plus simple checkup. I did not need to take the tests and it ended up costing $300,” said one Anonymous patient. Regular appointments aren’t the only way doctors can get money: prescriptions, referrals to other doctors, and just shooing you out of the office with the request to

that’s all their recycled questions will do. Their apparent lack of experience may contribute to the futility of your visits – you might not have a problem and no evidence might be remotely close to suggesting you will develop one. Each “Get on the scale” and “Are you sure?” could eventually force you to realize that your doctor is

getting paid for their nonsensical blabbering. “I went to the eye doctor for a simple surgery; however, he insisted that I take a test beforehand. The test was of an image of my retina. After just glancing at the results, he proclaimed that I either had cancer or a brain disease. After going through three

doctors, it turned out I needed new glasses,” said one Anonymous patient. Doctors’ concern for making money seems to generate all their actions. Each “Hi, how are you doing?” is just the sugarcoating that precedes the steady flow of money and, in some cases, your dependence.



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Braving the hamburger hangover Tackling the monster burger combination in this month’s food challenge Blayke Leach Staff Writer Andy Simionas Staff Writer

staff, Salazar was eager to join Leach and Simionas in a battle against this meaty mammoth. And now to set the ground rules. All competitors had to not only finish every aspect of the burger, but also each french fry and every piece of crumb. With relatively the same approach, all

Water, aspirin, and little bit of rest are the normal remedies for a bad hangover. But this hangover is not the result of partying too hard. Instead, we speak of the aftermath of a crazy burger combination created by Rookie’s Sports Lodge in San Jose. Stepping in at God knows how much with a helping heap of fries stands The Hangover, a mixture of two of Rookie’s most popular dishes, the Cuban and the Pork Awesomeness. The competitors devour their meal with relish. With two ¼ pound patties, seared ham, two pork three men took to the burger piece by cutlets, several pieces of bacon, ched- piece. dar cheese, and topped They all with an egg and a healthy started out dose of onion rings, all at about the between two large pieces same pace, of toast, this monstrosbut what ity was packed a meaty made Salapunch. zar’s experi The contestants for ence differthis challenge were staff ent was the writers Blayke Leach, nonchalant Andy Simionas and spen a t u r e cial guest Danny Salazar. The monstronsity, still in its pure form. about his Although not on the Eleight writing eating. While Simionas and Leach

corrected this mistake from their first challenge, Salazar found himself easily distracted by the wonders of the myriad televisions at the bar. Leach and Simionas quickly found themselves pulling ahead, knocking out the burger meat by meat. But Simionas hit a road block at the first pork cutlet and, it being not of his fancy, he found it hard to work through. O n the other hand, the pork did not faze Leach, and he pushed on through to the rest of the meat, leaving aside the two patties and the pieces of bacon for later. After being stuck on the cutlet, Simionas was feeling defeat before the Photos by Kelley Grogan hidden bacon and the plops of ketchup helped him push forward. Salazar on the other hand was still mesmerized, and ate at a snails pace. “I just got really distracted by watching T.V., which gave it time to settle in my stomach,” Salazar explained. Leach moved on to the patties and bacon and put them between the toast to create the closest thing to an actually burger that had been seen in a long time. He was already on his fries by the time Salazar realized he was far behind and kicked it into high gear, but

Unconventional dates

Great ways to sweep your date off their feet Danielle Baldelomar Staff Writer

their feet, then take them skydiving. place to do the scavenger hunt, wheth#2: Take your date on a scavenger er that be the beach, or the coffee shop hunt. Make up your own list of twen- down the street. It is a great way to see #1: Take your date ty to thirty how well you guys can work together as to I-Fly, or indoor things, and a team, as well as good bonding time. skydiving. Indoor go around So if you really want to impress your skydiving offers town togeth- date, take your date on a cute scavenendless exciteer looking for ger hunt that your date will remember ment, adrenaline, them. Make for a lifetime, and who knows you may and adventure. it meaning- find something really valuable. You’ll be escorted ful and fun; into the flight if you really #3: If you’re in a competitive mood, take chamber, where want to be ro- your date paintballing. There’s nothing you’ll lean into mantic, take like bruises and ruined clothing in the photo courtesy of the wind and iFly is about as exciting as dates come, world of romance. Coverlift off a net. The as this advertisment shows. ing up exposed skin is defiI-Fly experience nitely key. Dress appropriis a fun and safe ate for the weather and try way to experience huto cover the most skin posman body flight. Any sible. Don’t use your date child under the age of as a target, like you would 18 that wants to fly if you were playing Call of without a parent presDuty with your friends. ent must get a waiver There are probably a lot signed by their parof girls that would enjoy ents, with a photocopy taking a couple of shots at photo by Danielle Baldelomar of the parent’s ID. It is their guy, especially if it’d Adventure is only a few faux great for all ages, and their first time. A good field guns away! a very exciting expewill provide a day of excitephoto by Danielle Baldelomar rience. I-Fly SF Bay Win your sweetheart’s heart ment, challenges and fun. is centrally located in with this creative little game. your date to Vasona Take your date to Santa Clara Paintthe San Francisco Bay Park and have them ball at the Fairgrounds. They are open Area, in Union City just off 880 be- search for all the items around the lake. Wednesday and Fridays from 4pm-10tween the Dumbarton and San Mateo Your date will know that you planned pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from bridges. Flight times are often booked ahead and didn’t think of it last min- 8am-4pm. So, if your date has a fun in advance, so if you plan to fly, you are ute. Have them find cute things, like a and an adventurous personality, take encouraged to make a reservation. So, rose, not rocks or a banana slug, so not them paintballing; it will be a fun and if you’re trying to sweep your date off cute. Or take your date to their favorite competitive experience.

it was far too late as Leach was scooping up his crumbs and Andy moved onto his fries. The contest is long over and it is time to tally the results. Coming in as the first to conquer the giant is Blayke Leach, with Andy Simionas close behind. Finishing last, with nearly all his burger eaten, is guest challenger, Danny Salazar. With the day over, and the food hangover survived, all that’s left to ask is one question: do you have the cure for The Hangover? To our readers: Anyone with any local food challenges, legit or just extremely big, hot, or just weird, or for anyone who wants to join for our next issue’s challenge, email us at





Is one burger not enough for this competitor?

The interior of the bar and restaurant is casual and welcoming.

The ELEIGHT recommends... Josh Vasquez Entertainment Editor

photo courtesy of

Band: I the Mighty Genre: Indie Rock Hometown: San Francisco, CA Sounds like: Say Anything, Circa Survive, Envy on the Coast Indie rockers, I the Mighty have been making themselves known around the Bay Area with the release of their debut EP, “Hearts and Spades.” The band even landed themselves a spot on the Local Band Stage at Live 105’s BFD 2010 alongside hometown heroes, The Holdup.

Their debut album, “We Speak,” received rave reviews from multiple music websites. claims, “From start to finish, what I The Mighty have done here is made a debut album that’s so accomplished and well thought out, it’s outstanding.”

11.19.10 Fall play, continued from front page to never take it for granted. However, the key lesson of the play was overshadowed by the lackluster plot and atmosphere. While the play offered such an imperative message, the plot was overly simplistic and much of the dialogue was predictable. The first two acts were the typical ‘girl and boy fall in love’ scenario, a common and overused situation. This fairly run-of-the-mill type of storyline caused much discrepancy compared to the contemporary and universal message of the play. Had the play itself presented a more interesting and dynamic plot, audiences may have been more engaged. Despite such a seemingly difficult plot to work with, the actors must be given a considerable amount of commendation for their great dedication and enthusiasm towards making the play more appealing. Much of the play focused on leads Pavick and Kozintsev’s characters, who were able to successfully act out young teens and later mature adults. Pavick played the young Emily Webb, and later a mature mother who dies in childbirth. In the final act, Pavick successfully transforms the atmosphere into a gloomy one as she realizes how humans foolishly take life for granted. Emma Canepa, who portrayed Mrs. Gibbs, also gave a praiseworthy performance. Her depiction of a worrisome mother and omnipotent spirit

entertainment Call of Duty: Black Ops

earned her a tip of the hat from critics and audience members alike. Her pantomiming was even experienced, a difficult acting device that requires the motioning of actions, such as using hand movements to describe sweep- XBox 360, Playstation 3 ing. Zack Galou Nathan Laird, who played the Staff Writer eccentric Professor Willard and alcoholic Simon Stimson, craftily shifted It seems that Infinity Ward’s sister from an unconventional doctor to a troubled and dismal spirit, excelling company Treyarch was able to contend in each performance. Such a versatile with their big brother’s gaming monactor presents pertinent talent in per- ster, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Call of Duty: Black Ops is no formances. However, the actors were diffi- World at War—though it does have cult to understand at times, partly due some leftovers from it, Black Ops to the actors’ faltered enunciation and didn’t become as much as a repetition lack of microphones. The sound system as skeptics thought.. Black Ops took a gamble in and acoustics of the cafeteria must also be taken into account, as they are less many ways: first off, the than desirable and require an overhaul. campaign is by far the But thanks to the new amphitheater most innovative out of being built, these hard-working actors the other stories. Though will finally receive an improved stage it does carry a “save-theworld” motif, the game and sound system. Despite the shortcomings of the presents it in an extraorshow, the actors gave immense effort dinary, yet at times, unand all presented convincing and es- satisfying way. timable performances. The directing SWEThe ET! player takes ME CUS IM achievements were also noticeable, as role as Alex Mason, is their leadership, the tech crew volun- being interrogated by an h dy Kirscvoice. unknown It asks teering, and devoted actors are all re- Mad er Writ Staff quired in order to create an successful him to recall various missions, then liqua a flashback entire play. t prat. iriusci iustisim Tislpleasoccurs, and thealisplayer is “Our Town” had an overall at, ver reet dunt lobo into the augi Sustisim world. ant effect, with a gripping message on immersed sit nos augait, sum vulla augueraes In short, theio interrogalife. Nevertheui elit nost do cortio bla facid qui tryingsequ to issolve less, future plays tors are volo nullaa r dit eliquisonnostrud world-threateningmod puzzle should focus iam at, com feum non henis enormously immore feu modern throughrosto duis atum etue eliquam quis portant memories that plot lines and secte eum inibh nost m nit elit erat, have been mechanically settings, dunt which it dolortie verit am, nos auga sealed into Mason’s head would make the lore con velenim am, voloborer sit by the enemies. Not the perform a n c e it, auga verit adit num quipit velissame old “kill bad guy save more relevant min laore et uisi veliq elisse verostio ditworld” style anymore. and relatable um ecte dolore tem zzrit volorem quat Explosions do not wane in Black to audiences. A num nim doluptat nismolo ad ero odioOps. They are all good and fun, but change in plot or summy nulput ut velis to odol reros nearly every level utilizes some kind of would nullu change diate essis adip tetue dolummoand more than uthalf of the this from ea min sim- elisexplosion, vulp nis dolore venim ply average play eeilissectem qi el in eCor to a vibrant exer tummyOboremNos performance. tin auta ea ex s iscili iniss sim ­Grade:heni C+bhIm exerit at. Ut la facilis ad dolobor eraesse quisim voloborer sum nit praes



Photo by Kylie Brown

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Directed by David Yates Annie Jung Editor-in-Chief It was tense. It was paced well. It was not overtly gloomy. It had laughs. It made auditoriumfuls of devotees and newbies alike feel and act. Some have worried that, due to its being divided in two parts, the film would drag on. However, that is not the case Deathly Hallows never feels as though it’s dragging. It does not rely on fastpaced and adrenaline-fueled action sequences to give the feeling of the plot being carried. Even in somber times, which comprises most of the film, it sails steadily on. And speaking of somber times many speculated that the film would be an entirely gloomy affair. Why bother going to something guaranteed to leave you feeling depressed? Aye, ‘tis true that it’s marked with a somber tone for the majority of the film. That’s to be expected when the hero is on a journey to find horcruxes to destroy the Dark Lord, who is busily

executing a new wizarding world order and genocide of non-purebloods. However, there were many times that the entire theatre broke out into hearty laughter. “What am I doing to do? My wife’s down there all alone!” laments Ron during a nervewracking Polyjuice Potion-fueled traipse through the Voldemort-run Ministry of Magic, before being comforted by Harry who reminds him that he does not actually have a wife. During tense scenes, something would strike the crowd as amusing and nervous titters would break out. Sometimes, a heart-warming scene of normality and innocence, such as the beloved “Engorgio. Reducio!” scene where Harry tries out a new wand had the whole auditorium beaming with laughter. Aside from the darkness that is pervasive, there are still moments of innocence and growing up for the characters.

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levels have too many. At times, I felt as if I was watching a Schwarzenegger movie. There is a significant increase in vehicle usage, which is bittersweet. Sweet, because they are an exciting and major upgrade from Modern Warfare 2; bitter, because they feel like someone else is truly controlling them, you just push down the accelerator. Also, the AI still aren’t up-to-date, leaving critics disappointed again. Don’t make your decision on buying this game yet, for multiplayer is another whole aspect. Multiplayer is always something to look forward to in recent Call of Duty games. Think of Black Ops multiplayer as Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer jacked up on steroids. The game succeeds in covering nearly all aspects of the previous game and evolves a few. Just a few things removed and a few things added.

COD points because lots of amusement came from trying to unlock the specific attachments, kill streaks, and perks. For the most part, game types have been unchanged except the removal of a few types. Wager matches have been added, where players bet their points and play a specific game type for a roundup of all the points. The specific Wager games are completely unseen to Call of Duty and extremely fun. There is Gun Game, where players receive a new weapon for each kill, and are demoted for every time they are knifed. Another type is One in the Chamber, where players have 1 shot. Each kill gives an extra bullet. When they are out, they must use their knife. The level designs have been noticeably worked on: heavy detail, lack of ridiculous camping spots, mix of large and small, indoor, outdoor, jungle and urban environments prove the skill of the designers. Y o u may be wondering whether Tr e y a r c h brought back Zombies. It was almost inevitable because of World at War’s Nazi Zombie popularity. The original charPhoto courtesy of acters have been brought The most noticeable change is back through a time machine in one the addition of COD points, which are map; the second map makes comedic earned through contracts (challenges use of the political officials from the you buy low, complete, then get more main storyline: JFK, Richard Nixon, money), gaining levels, and gained after Robert McNamara, and Fidel Castro. each game. The player uses these to buy There is also a purely hilarious zombie weapons they have unlocked, attach- mode called Dead Ops Arcade, where ments, perks, kill streaks, gear, the player takes a bird’s-eye-view of a and player customizations. little red, green, blue, or yellow soldier This is a step forwards, but a armed with infinite ammo, superhuvery awkwardly man power ups, timed weapons and placed step. Some more. It is essentially the same idea as f u n is lost by normal zombie mode, but with a more comedic twist. Grade: A-

“Zip me up, Harry,” a decidedly womanly-looking Ginny

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says quietly, turning around to reveal a bare backside before a wedding. Harry silently complies, and as a wave of “oohs” and “awws” swept across the theatre, giggles and laughter erupted as the moment of young sensuality was broken by the appearance

of an amused older brother. And tension! Merlin’s beard, there was a great deal of it. In one encounter with Nagini, Lord Voldemort’s snake, I noticed the whole theater’s occupants shrinking back in their seats. We all knew very well that she’d pop back out of the hole in the ceiling. We knew it was coming in three, two, one...a half...a quarter... ROAR! Several hundred people collectively screamed and leapt back in their seats. Amusingly, I noticed that half the attendees, like me, were clutching their neighbors’ wrists or holding friends’ hands. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson (whom I often rib for acting with her eyebrows) are not the best thespians. Their acting is sometimes lacking, wooden, exaggerated, or disconnected. They have noticeably matured in Deathly Hallows, however, both physically and skill-wise. The romance was also pleasantly and surprisingly well-portrayed. Rather than a series of annoying flirtatious encounters, the long-standing attraction between Ron and Hermione was very natural. And of course, tears dripped onto

Gryffindor ties and Hogwarts robes. The first bout of sniffles were heard when Hedwig, Harry’s beloved owl of many years, was killed while protecting him from Death Eaters. But the real sobfest occured at the very end of the film... Dobby’s death was very welldone. He was honored and he died in the arms of his true friends. He had been so adorably heroic, and to see him die was one of the most heart-wrenching scenes someone who has read Potter could ever experience. The soft wails rang out, and I saw people in front of me cry hard into their neighbor’s shoulder. If this review seemed particularly incoherent, please forgive me my babbling. The movie ended not three and a half hours ago, and I have not slept. I am lacking that beloved stimulant, caffeine. As disjointed as this review, written in a not-so-excellent state of consciousness, may be, just take away this simple fact: This movie is, as many of you colloquially call it, “the shizz,” and you should go watch it. Bring tissues. Grade: B+


Rage in the cage

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Mixed Martial Arts rises in popularity Shayna James Staff Writer

Two lions are brought into the cage, their faces contorted into terrifying glares aimed straight at their opponents. They pace the length of their corners, each step counting down to the brutal event that is just minutes away from taking place. They will use precision; they will use each and every weapon in their arsenal to take down that piece of meat on the other side. Once the referee moves aside, there will be no stopping them. This is a war. Mixed martial arts, abbreviated as MMA, is a competitive, full contact sport that allows a wide variety of fighting styles to meet toe to toe. It allows both striking and grappling techniques, and is therefore commonly won by either knockout or submission. Hi s t o r i cally, MMA has been around since 648 BCE at which time the Greeks introduced the sport of Pankration. The word Pankration is the combination of two different Greek words: Pan, meaning “all,” and kratos, translated as “powers.” This sport was a combination of Greek style boxing and wrestling. MMA re-

appears in history during the 1900s by which time these vicious contests had become popular in Europe, Japan, and the Pacific Rim. Today, MMA has grown to be one of the most watched sports in America. Thanks to shows such as Strikeforce and Ultimate Fighting Championship, abbreviated as UFC, MMA is now a widely known and widely practiced fighting style across the nation. “[MMA] is really influencial in the world today. It’s given us a whole new kind of entertainment.” Explains Ben Hoeber, a UFC fan and former akido student. All MMA fighters train to improve several aspects of their fighting technique. Although not all fighters

Traditional (martial arts style) is great for learning a specific art, but MMA is good for i f you want a broad view or to learn self defense. train in the same way, all work on striking, takedowns, grappling techniques, and conditioning. Striking includes kicking, punching, and elbowing to either the body or the head. Fighters usually practice with

pads to improve this area. The word “take down” is self explanitory; it is the act of taking the opponent down to the floor and soon thereafter begin the next phase of the fight; grappling. Grappling techniques manipulate the bodies joints and muscle structure in order to inflict pain upon certain areas of the body. Lastly, fighters must condition themselves regularly in order to maintain energy, strength, and precision during the match. They do this through large amounts of cardio with emphasis on interval training in order to simulate shifts in pacing throughout the fight. “Traditional (martial arts style) is great for learning a specific art, but MMA is good for if you want a broad view or to learn self defense” explains blue belt Katie Schmid, who has been training in the traditional art of Bok Fu Do for seven years. Mixed martial arts continues to grow in popularity because of it’s violent nature and attention to detail. I’ts going strong, and shows no sign of slowing down. For more information regarding Mixed Martial Arts, please go to the following websites: www. or

Brazil: Capoeira) This Brazillian fighting style can be described as a martial art dance because it is characterized by acrobatic fighting maneuvers and athletic dance steps. Spain: Keysi) Keysi is a type of Spanish street fighting style. It was used in the fighting choreography of the movies Batman Begins and it’s sequel, The Dark Knight. Philippines: Eskrima Weapons Fighting) This martial art emphasizes weapon-based fighting with sticks, blades, and improvised weapons.

Japan: Aikido) A japanese martial art that incorperates locks and holds that assist in using an opponents strength against them. Actor, Steven Seagal is a seventh dan in this martial art.

Photo by: Kelley Grogan

Alex Shearin Spencer Thresh Staff Writer November’s athlete of the month is senior Alex Shearin. Because he plays no sports for Leigh, not many people know about his incredible talent on the rink and his passion for hockey. Shearin started playing hockey when he turned 10 and has been a standout player at every level. Now in his seventh year, he plays varsity ice hockey for the Cambrian Park Longhorns, a team with loose relations to Leigh seeing most of the team is

comprised of Leigh students. Alex was second in the league in scoring and led the team with his senior poise. In roller hockey, he represented the United States southwest team in the junior Olympics and took home the silver. When asked what his favorite part of his game is, he stated that “I love the feeling of having the puck on a string.” For Alex, the magic of lacing up his boots and taping up his stick before each game has never been lost; now, he finds himself playing on a semi-pro team where many of his team mates have been skating for 15 years. As he skates off, the sound

of his skates carving the ice provide the rhythm to which he lives his life. Shearin left with a hockey player’s credo: “I skate because it is possible to skate so fast you leave your worries behind”. * If you would like to nominate

the next athlete of the month, please contact our sports editor at

Hockey began during the 1800s and is based off of a game called hurley. Photo by Spencer Thresh



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Dread the

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darkness New “12th” man tradition makes its start at girls varsity volleyball games Terra Steadman Staff Writer A blackout is in effect. The Stampede is here and it’s running through the gymnasium in the form of enthusiastic and supportive fans dressed in all black. At the varsity girls volleyball game on Thursday, Oct. 28, the gym was packed with students dressed for the occasion, with about half the

bleachers filled, the game commenced along with the tradition of the stampede. Developed by Leadership in a brainstorm, the stampede has come to be a large student fan base open to anyone interested in cheering on Leigh’s teams. “[The Stampede] creates a controlled chaotic atmosphere to the competition that both enthuses the players and boosts the effectiveness of the fans,” said junior Danny Davis. From the first serve to the last

spike, the team played a shut-out, winning three games in a row bringing them a victory over Mt. Pleasant. Chants for the team and for individual players rang through the gym with booming intensity, contributing to an immense support boost for the team. “[The cheering is] freaking amazing; I feel like I’m a superstar. I makes me feel confident and loved.” said junior Jackie Jensen. The Stampede is on an all out

sprint and won’t stop at the end of the girls varity volleyball season on Nov. 4, but will continue to make appearances at varsity girl’s and boys basketball games and varsity boys volleyball matches. “We are starting the stampede this year in hopes that it will become a tradition at Leigh and be here for a long time,” said senior Emily Hannigan. The stampede is getting students

involved supporting not just the team, but also the players. The program allows students to get a firsthand look at what their fellow student-athletes work so hard at on a daily basis. The stampede is not just another “Sixth Man” but a black charge running through boys and girls volleyball, and basketball games. The stampede is a new tradition that will , hopefully be continued at Leigh in later years.

Volleyball takes their curtain call Caitlyn Nurnberg Staff Writer As the girl’s volleyball season comes to a close, the team says goodbye to six seniors, and hello to six new freshmen. On the senior end, the varsity team is losing Ciera Lindsay, Kady Newby, Julie Nguyen, Monique Barrera, Elyse Eitel, and Kaitlyn Dickey. The ladies finished their last season here at Leigh with a win against Leland in three games. “I’ll definitely miss all the girls the most, and all of the fun practices,” says Lindsay. On the freshman end, the Junior Varsity team acquired seven new players: six freshmen and one sophomore, alongside five returning sophomores.

“I feel like I integrated myself well with both the JV and Varsity teams and of course our coach!” says freshman Paulina Nack. As always, the last home game of the season was senior night. As the seniors prepared themselves for their last game, all underclassmen worked to make the night as special as possible. At 6:00 p.m. on Thursday Nov. 4, fifteen minutes before the varsity game started, the seniors were honored by their teammates with speeches, posters, and flowers. With their teammates by their sides, the ladies began their final game here at Leigh. Although this season had a rough start the ladies still pulled through and achieved a winning season with varsity’s stats 7-7 and JV’s 9-5.

“I hope for next year we will be able to have a good start to the season because this year the gym was closed all summer and we weren’t able to get practice time,” says sophomore Rachel Davis. The last game of the season against Leland High School was the game that determined whether or not Leigh’s varsity team would go to CCS. The team swept Leland in the first three games and made their way into the CCS championships. The first CCS game was played on Nov. 10, and although the girls played their hardest, they lost to Los Altos in three games. Despite the CCS dissapointment, the ladies still held their heads high and walked away from this season with a feeling of contentment.


Photo by Kylie Brown



1. Coach Hermsmeier instructs players during tennis practice. 2. The Girl’s Basketball team practices in gym. Photos by Zack Galou

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Where’s Pratt? 4. Who was the “Roi du Soleil”? a) Louis XIV b) Charles I c) Henry III 1. Who was the first Hispanic Surgeon General? a) Dr. C. Everett Koop b) Dra. Antonia Novella c) Dra. Eliza

5. Which person is a famous French Rock and Roll star? a) Mc Solar b) Jonnie Haliday c) Chantal Goya

2. Who was the first rock and roll star to first record the “La Bamba”? a) Los Lonely Boys b) Richie Valens c) Los Lobos

6. Which city was once the seat of the Catholic Church? a) Marseille b) Strasbourg c) Lyon d) Avignon

3. Name the Hispanic astronaut who first spoke Spanish from a space shuttle. a) John Glenn b) Tom Hanks c) Rita Moreno

7. In which Spanish speaking countries is rugby played? a) Argentina b) Costa Rica c) Colombia d) All of the above

I Andy Simionas Staff Writer

Sarah Palin, a real housewife of Alaska. I dislike Sarah Palin. A lot. But I do like Alaska and the outdoors. So when I heard that TLC would have a TV series entitled, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” I wasn’t too thrilled. On the TLC website it describes the show saying “Sarah Pa-

lin’s Alaska takes viewers into the country’s ‘final frontier’ through the eyes of one of its most famous citizens - Sarah Palin”. On the site I watched a couple clips and the show does a good job of showing Alaska, with scenes of mamma bear Palin and the cubs fishing, skeet shooting,

and having a grand old time in Alaska. But the problem with that show is just how ridiculous the fact is that Sarah Palin got a TV show to begin with. Sarah Palin isn’t famous for the usual, reasons that bring someone fame. She’s famous because of the fact that she is generally perceived as crazy and also for how people like Tina Fey and Matt Damon have made fun of and criticized her from her political stances to her accent. This show can be seen as a good way to learn more about the former governor of Alaska and her home state, but for me I just see it as a show one step below Jersey Shore. Boom, Roasted.

Answers: 1. b 2. b 3. c 4. c 5. a 6. a 7. c 8. d

Thanksgiving dinner



By Jennifer Park, Staff Writer

The Eleight November 2010 Edition  

Leigh High School newspaper

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