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Lucky,oh Lucky, the Johnsonsare here topi ck outapuppy tol ove and hol d dear. Theyl ooked atyourmom and yourfather,Ol d Bl ue, and now theywi l lmeet wi th yoursi bl i ngsand you. 2

Lucky,oh Lucky, yousi l l yyoungpup yourwhol el i tterpl ayed, butyoucan‛ tgetenough. Yourbrothersand si sters are al ltaki ngnaps, and sti l lyouare runni ng l ap afterl ap. 3

Lucky,sweetLucky, we‛ re taki ngyouhome, we came forapuppy and youstood al one. Yourjoyi scontagi ous and we l ove youso. You‛ re ourpuppynow, come onboy,l et‛ sgo! 6

Lucky,youngLucky, you‛ ve beenki nd ofbad, youstol e al loursocks and youjumped up onDad. Youhave tobe good whenyoul i ve i nourhouse, and youhave tobe sti l l l i ke abi gyel l ow mouse. 7

Lucky,oh Lucky, oh nonotagai n! Youneed tobe good, butyoumade such adi n. The nei ghborstheytol d me youbarked al ldayl ong, youbarked and youbarked and that‛ sreal l ywrong. 9

Lucky,oh Lucky, i t‛ shard buti t‛ sgood. You‛ re goi ngtol i ve onafarm i nthe woods where apuppycanrun ti l lhe i swornout wi th si x doggi e fri ends, afunpl ace,nodoubt! 13

Lucky,yesLucky, yourunthe farm now, from the end ofthe l ane tothe barnwi th the cow, butyouneversi tdown, orgetti red,i t‛ strue. Youcan‛ tgetenough, whatare we todo? 16

Lucky,oh Lucky, you‛ ve grownl i ke aweed. It‛ smanymonthsl ater and yousti l ll ove tospeed. W e‛ re goi ngtoDurham tomeetwi th some men atthe bal l park downtown. I thi nk I‛ ve apl an. 17

Durham Bul l sLucky, that‛ swhoyouare now! W henyourunthe bases the chi l drenscream W OW ! Theyl ove yousomuch and youl ove them too. W hatawonderfull i fe forarunnerl i ke you! 20

Lucky,dearLucky, i t‛ sodd buti t‛ strue. W hatused tocause troubl e worked outwel lforyou. The thi ngsthatseemed bad whenyouwere apup, turned outtobe great, now thatyou‛ re grownup. 21

Lucky,good Lucky, tel lthem pl ease do, Thatwhat‛ strue forpups i strue forki dstoo. Someti mesbei ngyou i shard whenyou‛ re young, butgrow up and you‛ l lsee youwere astaral lal ong. 24

Lucky Oh Lucky - The Puppy Who Loved To Run  
Lucky Oh Lucky - The Puppy Who Loved To Run  

The true life story of the Durham Bulls canine mascot Lucky The Wonderdog