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nnamdi ogBonnaya Nnamdi ogbonnaya’s Drool is an avant-hip-hop experience. It’s an intelligent experiment in synthesizing a self-reflexive earnestness with hyphy energy, a spectrum reflected in ogbonnaya’s own vocal range. Though experimental, the record is extremely addictive and feels like what hip-hop should be evolving towards, echoing ogbonnaya’s own maturation as an artist. (AMANDA oGEA)

Drool is an electronic record. what are synths that were instrumental in its making? I used the Native Instruments Maschine software and hardware along with a midi keyboard to do the majority of this album, and it comes with a few awesome synths. This Massive synth and Reaktor both have great sounds—I’m honestly just beginning to tap into their abilities.

You’ve been a one-man band, recording and producing your music, since 2013, does it ever get lonely? I don’t usually think of it as lonely at all! I think the whole process is very therapeutic for me and has proven to be a good way for me to get things done. I’m definitely interested in doing more collaborative songs and recordings to expand my perspective and hopefully create more interesting things with other people.

Your vocals are very effected, do you have a specific set of effects you employ to get those sounds? A lot of the effects on the vocals just come from several layers of vocal tracks. Most tracks are layered twice and sometimes I will record octaves up and/or down of the same melody, and try to blend them all into one voice and also panning them to get different stereo spreads. occasionally I do use the Kerovee pitch alteration plugin on background vocals to throw in some weird robotic sounding voices. I also am a fan of the Sh-1 effects by Sweetboy. The reverb especially!

Your latest album Drool is a rare example of avant-hip-hop, what inspires your experimentations? life, people, randomness, other records? ...Gear? I think it’s just an amalgamation of all of my influences. All my likes, dislikes, fears and desires usually come out in whatever I’m making. I’ve always been intrigued by things, music and musicians, especially, that weren’t necessarily in the norm or necessarily popular. Anyone that has taken a risk to create something new or unique is inspiring. 20

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is there a person that’s been important in perfecting your recorded sound? Almost everything I’ve learned about recording has been from youtube videos and random online forums I stumble across when trying to get to the bottom of a problem! hahaha. The internet is the best teacher sometimes!