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Austin Issue #3 Volume #4 Spring 2013


Foxygen On an ON Jesca Hoop St. Lucia The Stone Foxes The Orwells Haerts Bike Thief MS MR AVAN LAVA The Couch Hop Along Dana Falconberry Skaters Whiskey Shivers

The Lone Bellow Stompbox Exhibit March 15 & 16

Clayworks Studio / Gallery (East 6th St. at Waller St.)


best Shows + Bands


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Austin Issue #3 Volume #4 Spring 2013

Note from the Editor


usic Fans and Musicians gathered in Austin, It’s going to be a busy week of music for The Deli (the blog and magazine focused on emerging artists in 12 different U.S. scenes) and Delicious Audio (the blog dedicated to guitar pedals and DIY recording). Here’s the list of all our appointments: Wed. 3/13 (12 - 7pm)

Hangover Hideout Fest (p.22)

Have you ever realized that all the main indie blogs out there tend to highlight the same music news about the same artists? With its focus on 11 US scenes - all covered through separate blogs - thedelimag. com ignores established bands while scouting quality up-and-coming artists before they get picked up by those same sites.

ThuRS. 3/14 (12 - 7pm)

Hangover Hideout Fest (p.22) Fri. 3/15 (12 - 8pm)

StompBox Exhibit (p.48) Fri. 3/15 (8pm - 2am)

UN/OFF Party (p.7) Sat. 3/16 (12 - 7pm)

Hangover Hideout Fest (p.22) Sat. 3/16 (12 - 8pm)

StompBox Exhibit (p.48) Hope to see you at one or more of these events!

FOR MUSICIANS: TheDel iMag.com /Subscribe to play at CMJ + Win Free Gear!

Are you aware that The Deli in 2012 booked 80+ artists for CMJ shows and about 40 this week in Austin? We also organize guitar pedal exhibits in NYC and Austin! A subscription gets you hooked up with our Gear Giveaways!

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the deli Spring 2013 Austin


organized by:


1209 East 6th St @ Waller St. (5 blocks east of highway)

Rusty’s 405 E. 7th St.

Fri. 3/15 8pm The Stone Foxes Pearl & The Beard The Couch Friend Roulette Andre Obin Borrisokane Cultfever Cold Blood Club Fan Tan Heaven + special guests

the deli sonic treatsabout fromthe your everything nycmusic music scene scene

A lot of musicians find themselves in Brooklyn at one time or another, hoping to make it big among the numbers performing psych rock, hip hop, psych-hop and whatever else you’ll find coming out of the venues in Williamsburg. But if there’s one music genre that the borough’s not usually known for, it’s country music. That might change now that The Lone Bellow have begun catching national attention, with their appearance on Conan, performance on NPR’s “All Songs Considered,” and an upcoming nation-wide tour, sparking interest in the group that stretches across states above and below the Mason-Dixon.

The Lone Bellow

So how did Zach Williams, an artist from Georgia, find himself in Brooklyn behind one of the most ( pm ) talked about new country groups? According to Zach, it couldn’t have happened anywhere else. “We all live here and found each other around the neighborhood, so getting this classic American sound together came naturally for us.”


And he didn’t have to look far to find bandmates Kanene Pipkin and Brian Elmquist. Several years ago, Kanene sang “O Happy Day” with Zach at a friend’s wedding. Then years later, they began to perform Zach’s songs out, and pulled Brian onstage to help. The event was magical enough to motivate the guys to work together and change the band’s name (originally “Zach and the Bellow”). “My name being in the band name wasn’t working for the way we play and write music together.” After two years, The Lone Bellow have finally released their debut. However, it wouldn’t have happened without a little help from friends. In the song “Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold,” Williams sings: “We’re broke in New York City, The F train takes us home.” This mass transit ride holds special significance to Zach. Taken back to Brooklyn from the LES, the F is conveniently located next to Rockwood Music Hall, where owner Ken Rockwood took Zach under his wing and eventually became responsible for the recording of the band’s first album. “Ken gave us Rockwood Music Hall stage two for about a week. We recorded 13 tracks, and had eight musicians all on the stage. I feel like NYC’s energy was there in the room with us.” And you can feel it in the recordings too. Tracks like “Two Sides of Lonely” and “You Can Be All Kinds of Emotional” build a bridge to Nashville with their soaring harmonies and expressive songwriting. It’s an energy cutting across usual genre fixtures. Perhaps that’s why it works so well in New York. (MIke Levine)

The Stone Foxes

The Couch Pearl & The Beard Friend Roulette

ROOTSY TIMES 10-12pm The Couch ( 10:10pm )

Voted runner-up in our Austin Best of 2012 Poll for Emerging Artists, The Couch seamlessly blends rootsy influences with electric indie-rock guitars, creating energetic folk ‘n’ roll with quiet/loud/quiet moments reminiscent of the glorious alt bands of the ’90s (think Pixies and Nirvana). Dual female/male vocals add extra interest (and harmonic layers) to this prolific band’s music catalogue.

Friend Roulette ( 10:30pm ) See description on page 34.

Pearl & The Beard ( 11:20pm )

This truly talented acoustic trio comes stacked with strong vocals, a plethora of instruments, lyrics to pull you in and just enough quirkiness to keep you coming back for more. They defy the standards of folk, gospel and Americana, engaging audiences of all tastes and styles with their original sound and truly likeable personalities. If you haven’t been to a Pearl & the Beard show yet, make this the night. You’re bound to return for more music, more soul, more energy and more love.

The Stone Foxes ( 11:50pm )

San Francisco outfit The Stone Foxes will take our night from a wholesome folkiness to a deviant, rootsy rock-’n’-rollness, raising volume and stage dynamics with their tense, bluesy indie rock, that at times sounds a little like Tom Waits on… hallucinogenic performance-enhancing drugs.

indie TIMES 8-10pm You remember “White Boyz,” right? It was the song that tried to make white male timidity into a cool thing, while being picked up for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2012. Indeed, Cold Blood Club (8:00pm) are almost too catchy for their own good. But the guys are not exactly known for being timid, so their presence at The Deli’s UN/OFF party won’t go unnoticed.

Borrisokane (8:30pm) See description on page 35. FAN-TAN’s distinctive “city” sound – dark, mysterious and alluring – probably disoriented their town of origin’s residents (Chapel Hill, N.C.) and sonically clashed with other local musicians. Now based in Brooklyn, FAN-TAN (8:50pm) has been a mainstay of the local post-punk/shoegaze scene for a couple of years now.

TBA (9:20pm) All we can tell you about this band is that they are female-fronted and shoegaze-y… Also! You’ll like them. A new collaboration involving members of The Comas, The Big Sleep and FAN-TAN, Heaven (9:40pm) sounds like a romantic clash between your Dad’s long lost favorite psych record and the soundtrack to a John Hughes film. Heaven ride a big sonic wave to deliver their endearing and dreamy songs.

electro TIMES 12-2am Detached and aloof behind a stack of keyboards, synthpop producer Andre Obin (12:10am) conjures up nightmarish electro-dance atmospheres reminiscent of the more “joy division-y” New Order. A very active remixer, André has been opening for the likes of Matthew Dear and M83.

aVAN LAVA (12:40am) See description on page 32. cultfever (1:00am) The swelling of electronic chaos, motorik rhythm and shoegaze-y backing vocals wrap Tamara Jafar’s lusty, soul leads in a kind of gothic disco whole that is greater than the sum of its many influences.

Dangerous Creatures of the Deep Featuring independent bands such as: Chaos Chaos, Norwegian Arms, TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb, Sydney Wayser and many more... as well as the lovely ladies of Black Widow Burlesque Presented by

Fri, Mar 15th 2013 Noon-10:30pm Live @ The Aquarium on 6th 403 East Sixth St. Austin, TX 21+/FREE For more info & updates go to: facebook.com/events/341458725958126/




Mac DeMarco

SHOWS 2013

Thee Oh Sees

Curated by Lucy Sherman


Lord Huron


ince there’s already a guide for the “badged” shows, we thought that it might be useful to print one listing the best free-for-all events. We organized it by neighborhood, so if your cell’s GPS fails (service is terrible in Austin during the fest), you are still covered. Also, it’s easier to look at a real map when you are drunk, right?

RedGorilla Music Fest


Various venues on E. 6th St. 3/12 - 3/17 (Day+Night) Artists: Check all the info at redgorillamusic.com/schedule. Launched eleven years ago as the DreamScapers Artist Showcase this event grew to become some kind of parallel “no badge required” fest, featuring more than 300 bands, solo artists, and DJs on up to 11 stages, mostly located on E. 6th St.

The Stages On Sixth B The Stages On Sixth (508 E. 6th St.) 3/13 - 3/16 (Day) Artists: The Zombies, Shout Out Louds, Spirit Family Reunion, Foxygen + More! HGTV and Paste present a 4-day event with 11 bands per day, spanning across indie, bluegrass, electronic, and hip hop. Featuring some of our favorite acts, such as Foxygen (on the cover of our fall 2012 issue) and Spirit Family Reunion (on the cover of our upcoming spring NYC issue), this is a party to visit more than once. Whenever you want to go, bear in mind that space is limited, so get there early!

All Together Now Showcase Bayou Lounge (501 E. 6th St.), 3/13 (Day) Artists: The Mowgli’s, Royal Teeth, American Authors, Dinner and a Suit


All Together Now is back with their 9th annual showcase. In five days, they will feature over 60 bands at Bayou Lounge. Free entry for legal drinkers, but admission for those under 21 is only 5 bucks. These folks always make sure to involve charity into their showcases, so any money you do spend/donate is sure to go to a good cause. 13

the deli Spring 2013 Austin

Neches St.

E. 6th St.

W. 5th St.

E. 5th St.

W. 4th St.

E. 4th St.



W. 3rd St.

E. 3rd St.

W. 2nd St.

E. 2nd St.

W. Cesar Chavez St.


E. 7th St.

Sabine St.

Old Pecan St.

E. 8th St.


Red River St.

W. 6th St.


E. 9th St.

Trinity St.


San Jacinto Blvd.

W. 7th St.

E. 10th St.

N. Congress Ave.

Lavaca St.

W 9th St.

Colorado St.

W. 10th St. Downtown

Austin Convention Center

E. Cesar Chavez St.


ince the 1987 festival inauguration, E. 6th in Downtown Austin remains the heart of the annual music conference, bringing the largest crowds in its numerous venues. The area spans from North Congress Ave. to the I-35, and includes the famed venues on Red River St.

CoSigns II


The Parish Underground/ Beale Street Tavern (214 E. 6th St. A-B) 3/13 (Day) Artists: TBA Consequence of Sound is coming back this year for their second CoSigns show. After last year’s amazing lineup you can expect another great showcase this time around. Join them downtown at The Parish Underground and Beale Street Tavern on the 13th.

The Deli’s UN/OFF Party! Artists: The Lone Bellow, The Stone Foxes + More! (See p.7)

The Windish Agency Party


Red 7 (611 E. 7th St.) 3/13 (Night) Artists: Poolside, Klaxons, Obedience, NO CEREMONY + More! If you haven’t (or even if you have) already kicked off your mindless partying by March 13th, The Windish Agency can help you out. Red 7 is hosting the showcase in their dual stage, multi-media event space, so you can jump from one show to the next without having to finish your drink(s) in between breaks.

Insound/OhMyRockness.com Party


Club Deville (900 Red River St.), 3/14 (Day) Artists: Widowspeak, Mac DeMarco, Roomrunner, Marnie Stern, Cheatahs + More!

Everybody’s favorite online record store joins forces again with the most popular indie rock show listing website in NYC, but what’s really important is that $5 will get you unlimited beer. The music, you ask? Ya, that’s awesome too, with acts from many Deli-covered US cities – NYC, Philly, Baltimore, and San Francisco.

Can’t Stop The Bleeding Presents


Beerland (711 1/2 Red River St.), 3/14 (Day) Artists: Spray Paint, Protomartyr, TV Ghost, The Blind Shake A sports blog putting on a punk/psych show? Yep, it’s happening. It’s a bit of a hike from 6th St., but just around the corner from Austin’s up-and-coming musical neighborhood Rainey St. So add this one to your party hopping list. They’ve got a great lineup, so give it a shot. rsvpster.com/sxsw-party-calendar /cant-stop-the-bleeding

FryeDay 2013


Buffalo Billiards (201 E. 6th St.), 3/15 (Day) Artists: Wake Owl, Ivan & Alyosha, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald and Royal Teeth The Frye Company and InGrooves Fontana are responsible for putting together this little event. They can take care of you on Friday, March 15th with a free show, free food, and free drinks. Really, do you need anything else? What? No free joints, sorry...

After The Gold Rush H Red Eyed Fly (715 Red River St.), 3/15 (Day) Artists: Youth Lagoon, Surfer Blood, METZ, Phosphorescent + More! Noise Pop & Another Planet Entertainment bring you their showcase After The Gold Rush. They’ve got a killer lineup, with bands from all over the country such as Boise-based Trevor Powers, a.k.a. Youth Lagoon, and West Palm Beach indie popsters Surfer Blood. Canadians METZ are in for the ripping.

Requiemme MGMT 2013


The Jackalope (404 E. 6th St.), 3/15 (Day) Artists: Creepy Creeps, Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds, Tijuana Panthers More great free music on busy E. 6th St. This party is going on all day Friday at the Jackalope. Of course, they’ve got a great lineup, but FYI they also have free beer from 1-6pm. That’s right, FREE BEER. So, since by Friday you’ll be surely short on dough, you may want to take note.


405 E 7th St Austin, TX 78701

E 1s

t St


Frog Music Licensing

Unofficial Showcase

Bar 96 (96 Rainey St.), 3/12 (Night) Artists: Quiet Company, Frank Smith, T Bird and the Breaks, The Eastern Sea + More! Frog Music Licensing is putting on their third unofficial showcase this year down on Rainey Street. Hosting local acts such as Quiet Company, Frank Smith, and T Bird and the Breaks, this show is sure to give you a good dose of Austin flavor.


ge R d. onta

is S

L N St.



Rain ey


Rainey Street



The A.V. Club partners up with their friends at Flowerbooking to bring you, yet again, their “March Into Softness” showcase. This year they’re holding it at The Mohawk, with two stages: one inside, one outside. This is an all-ages show, with no RSVP required. So if it’s not scheduled in your plans, keep it in your maybe list. Spontaneity is welcome!

Red Rive r

The Mohawk (912 Red River St.) 3/16 (Day) Artists: Frightened Rabbit, Baths, The Thermals, METZ + More!

3rd Annual


N. I -35 Fr


March Into Softness



his is a neighborhood a few blocks south of E. 6th that’s becoming more popular every year. The area’s typical old bungalows have been tastefully renovated and turned into bars with spacious backyards. This is a neighborhood with character – all of its own.

FILTER on Rainey St. M Clive Bar, Lustre Pearl, Bar 96 (Rainey St.) 3/13 - 3/16 Artists: Thee Oh Sees, Lord Huron, Bleached, St. Lucia

FILTER Magazine is at it again; this time invading Rainey St. Teaming up with Dickies, Dr. Martens, Brixton, DTS Listen and Slacker, Tumblr, and others, they’ll be crashing Clive Bar, Bar 96, and Lustre Pearl for several separate showcases. Their afternoon shows are the ones you want to go to, being free and all, but space is very limited, so be sure to RSVP and get more info at filtermagazine.com/sxsw2013.

Find out updates about these parties at thedelimag.com/atx13.


Red Eye Transit Records Day Party Bungalow (92 Rainey St.), 3/13 (Day) Artists: Heyerdahl, Therese Aune, Tomorrow We Move To Hawaii

Red Eye Transit Records has a few gems they found in Oslo that they can’t keep to themselves any longer. Electropop duo Tomorrow We Move To Hawaii, ambient electroindie Heyerdahl, and the acoustic stylings of Therese Aune are only a few of the acts that will be showcased. File away these names in your memory so you can brag about knowing them before they got big in the states.

Find out updates about these parties at thedelimag.com/atx13.

E. 8th St.

Inks Ave.

State Cemetery of Texas

Comal St.

St. Lydia

r St. Walle

arcos San M


E .5th St.

T Onion St.

Navasota St.

E. 6th St.

Attayac St.

Q Waller St.


Medina St.

E. 7th St. San Marcos St.

S Brushy St.


Plaza Saltilla Station


Midcoast Takeover

Navasota St.

panning from 6th Street West of the I-35 to Chicon, the Concho St E. 4th St. “East Side” maintains rising popularity because of its offthe-beaten-path ambiance. Bars with outdoor patios, jukeboxes, and PBR tallboys are commonplace. Bicyclists represent a large portion of the patronage here... San Marcos St.

NYC-based magazine turned blog Impose presents its 4th Imposition party, hosted in the slightly off-center but reachable by foot Longbranch Inn. This year, these guys enrolled some truly exciting indie bands. They also have a day event on Saturday at The Yellow Jacket Social Club (1704 E. 5th St.).

ge Rd. I-35 Fronta


I-35 Frontage Rd.

Longbranch Inn (1133 E. 11th St.) 3/14 & 3/15 (Night) Artists: TBA

E. 8th St.

East Side

E. 9th St.


The Austin Imposition


Shangri-La (1016 E. 6th St.), 3/13 - 3/16 (Day) Artists: Rev Gusto, Rumblejetts, Schwervon! + More! Ever wonder how the music scene in Kansas City, Lawrence, and the Midwest region is? Presented by the Midwest Music Foundation, this event promises to be a definitive Midwestern musical throwdown – complete with mayhem and general debauchery.

SEXBEAT/ Q LANZAROTE Unofficial SX Party Cheer Up Charlies (1104 E. 6th St.) 3/14 (Night) Artists: Kid Congo Powers & The Pink, Monkey Birds, The Soft Moon, Audacity + More! Come on out to this funky little space just west of the interstate, for a great free showcase. SEXBEAT and LANZAROTE are teaming up to bring you a late night of amazing music at Cheer Up Charlie’s, a fun little bar with cheap drinks and local kombucha on tap. Drinkers and health nuts are welcome.

The Beehive


Uncorked (900 E. 7th St.), 3/15 (Day+Night) Artists: Conveyor, Little Tybee, Pree, Fierce Creatures, Eli Mardock + More! With the festivities coming to a close, spend Friday right, with lots and lots of live music. Paper Garden Records can help you out. Along with their friends at The Wild Honey Pie, their showcase is going from noon until 10pm at Uncorked, a snazzy East Austin wine bar. That’s ten whole hours of music in one location.

OnDeck Party


The Eastern (1511 E. 6th St.), 3/15 (Day) Artists: Chuuwee, Dutch Rebelle, Dillon Cooper, I$AID + More! Where’s the hip hop, Austin? Where’s the R&B? Don’t worry, POW-TV.net has it covered. Their OnDeck Party will showcase over 30 hip-hop and R&B artists.These artists are coming from all corners of the country, giving you a taste of every regional flavor.

Pop Montreal Day Party


The Liberty (1618 1/2 E. 6th St.) 3/16 (Day) Artists: Young Galaxy, Sinkane, Bernie Worrell Orchestra + More! Pop Montreal is going to take you on a journey through the genres. Starting with the lo-fi folk of Waxahatchee, moving to the electropop of Young Galaxy and Mozart’s Sister, then transitioning to the ambience of Sinkane, and finally ending at the psych rock of Bernie Worrell Orchestra. So if you want a good show, but aren’t sure what type of music you want to see, then we suggest going to The Liberty on Saturday.

Find out updates about these parties at thedelimag.com/atx13.

Heart of Texas Rockfest


Various Locations, 3/12 - 3/17 (Day) Artists: Memory of a Melody, Cosmic Wolf, Mad Rapture + More! This entire event is free. That’s right, 6 days of music, completely free. And the stages are all over town. There’s one at Shiner’s Saloon (422 Congress Ave.), War Horse (209 W. 5th St.), Tiniest Bar in Texas (817 W. 5th St.), and two outdoor stages on 7th and Neches. Show times and venues are staggered throughout the week. You can see who is playing where and when on their website texasrockfest.com.

THE FUTURE OF V MUSIC SHOWCASE Shiner’s Saloon (422 Congress Ave.) 3/15 & 3/16 (Day+Night) Artists: Shakey Graves, Sorne, Emily Bell + More! Eevzdrop and Eye in the Sky present their third annual unofficial showcase in partnership with T. Cannon Media, Ditto Music, ATX Music Mag, and Push Music. This two-day long showcase will feature 25+ up-andcoming artists such as Megafauna, SORNE, and The Shakey Graves, who won third place in The Deli’s Austin Year End Poll.

Downtown West

W. 4 th









ss A


ca S


Lav a

W. 5 th

Ant onio S

W. 6 th



t. es S Nue c

Gra Rio



W. 7 th


N. C ong re


nde S


W. 3

Wes t



St . Bo wie

N. L a


W. 8 th

Colo rad o

mar Blvd .

W. 9 th




ot as insane as E. 6th and not as “wild” and spread out as the East Side, Downtown West during Music Week is probably the most “balanced” part of town. You’ll still find a lot of live music and other stuff going on there, but all within reason!


Waterloo Records Parties Waterloo Records (600 N. Lamar Blvd.), 3/13 - 3/16 (Day) Artists: Ra Ra Riot, Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Tegan & Sara

A 4-day long, free exhibition of 30+ artists will be showcased at the famous Waterloo Records store, an Austin staple, with shows outside and inside the store. 2012 marks the 30th year for Waterloo Records as an independent music retailer, so you don’t want to miss out on this year’s celebration. Music aficionados will appreciate the store’s vinyl selection.

Guitartown/Conqueroo Block Party Kickoff X 2013 The Dogwood/Molotov (715 W. 6th St./719 W. 6th St.), 3/13 (Day+Night) Artists: Michael Des Barres & Special Guests, The Silos, Jimbo, Mathus & The Tri-State Coalition + More! Two venues, three stages, and a ton of music. This 6th St. block party, hosted by Lil Deb and Cary Baker, is definitely an event worth checking out. The show is free, so use that extra cash to donate and help out the artists at the charity HAAM (Health Alliance For Austin Musicians). Tip jars will be passed around.

The Best Lil’ Y Big Fest in Texas Tiniest Bar in Texas (817 W. 5th St.), 3/13 (Day) Artists: Lovebettie, Trapdoor Social, We The Ghosts + More! Seriously, what are you going to do Wednesday, because I know we can’t decide. Belmez Entertainment brings back The Best Lil’ Big Fest in Texas, with another great lineup, from the “swagger rock” of Lovebettie to the indie pop of Trapdoor Social. Get cozy in the Tiniest Bar in Texas for this cross-country showcase.

GnG and Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie’s W. 6th St. Block Party


Venues on W. 6th St. btw Rio Grande & West Ave., 3/13 - 3/16 (Day+Night) Artists: Shiny Darkly Beach Day, Lovely Bad Things, Tiger Waves, DRGN King, The Loom + Many, Many More! GnG and Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie – with a little help from The Deli – will be throwing a block party within the... city party! Several venues on the block of W. 6th St. will team up to showcase great music from indie rock to acoustic – check out the poster on the right page of this spread for The Deli’s contribution!

Illustration: JP Peer

Splash Artisans AZ Unofficial Showcase Z1 Lucky Lounge (209 W. 5th St.), 3/16 (Day) Artists: Bad Lucy, Field Tripp, The Hourglass Cats, Sundressed + More! Arizona is invading Austin! Presented by Splash Artisans, 11 of AZ’s up-and-coming artists will be taking over Lucky Lounge. There is sure to be plenty of singing, dancing, and southwestern state feuding. So come and see what kind of party these Arizona kids can put on.

Off The Map Parties Jenni Findlay Promotions Day Party Threadgill’s South World HQ (301 W. Riverside Dr.), 3/13 (Day) Artists: Slaid Cleaves, Caitlin Rose, James McMurtry Band

the states. Scandinavia has taken their claim on the festival, hosting a kick-off party at Saxon Pub. Come make some new (blonde) friends and experience an international showcase from a region that has offered to the world some incredible pop and rock artists.

This week you’ll find a ton of upcoming indie artists from all over the place, but let’s not forget that we are all in Austin TX, so a little southern twang is going to sneak it’s way in. Jenni Findlay Promotions is taking full advantage of that, showcasing artists such as Slaid Cleaves, Caitlin Rose, James McMurtry Band, and all who have the southern/ folk vibe going for them.

Burger Records 4th Annual Kickoff Show

Scandinavian Kick-off Party

Cali’s independent record label Burger Records is crashing Rosewood Ave. Wednesday for an entire day of music. Taking over Trailer Space Records, they’re dishing out 13 hours of music and a great lineup with artists such as Vancouver-based punk Nü Sensae, Nashville rockers Natural Child, and even a “special guest.”

Saxon Pub (1320 S. Lamar Blvd.) 3/13 (Day) Artists: Wink Keziah, Lars Albrecht, Peter Lindström Music week isn’t just for artists from

Trailer Spacce Reords (1401 Rosewood Ave.) 3/13 (Day+Night) Artists: Nu Sensae, Pangea, Natural Child, Apache + More!

Find out updates about these parties at thedelimag.com/atx13.

We Listen For You/ sonaBLAST Unofficial Showcase Kenny Dorham’s Backyard (1106 E. 11th St.), 3/14 (Day) Artists: Shugo Tokumaru, Dent May, Conveyor, Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone + More! It’s a bit of a walk from E. 6th St., but it will be worth it. We Listen For You and sonaBLAST have a killer lineup for their (FREE) day party. They’ve booked Japanese singer-songwriter Shugo Tokumaru, indie artist Dent May from Mississippi, Conveyor from Brooklyn (a Deli favorite), and Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone of The Zombies playing an acoustic set. And these are only a few of the acts you’ll see on stage at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard.

Temporary Insanity Party Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th St.), 3/14 & 3/15 (Day) Artists: Bad Indians, Acid Baby Jesus, Unholy Two, Protomartyr + More! Got a craving for some garage rock? Head over to Cherrywood Coffeehouse for a two-day showcase full of this year’s finest gritty, raw rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a bit of a hike (just northeast of UT), but pretty easy to get to by car or taxi. There will be tons

of bands there, so it’s worth the short trip.

Riverboat Party Lonestar Riverboat (Boards at southeast side of S. 1st St. Bridge), 3/15 (Night) Artists: Goat Whore Did you snagged an rsvp for this one? Because this show is going to be one for the record. Rock is going aquatic, with Indie Merch Store taking the music to the river. It’s free, and there’s going to be an open bar, snacks, swag, and music by Goat Whore. If there is still space left, reserve a spot at their website: imsriverboat.eventbrite.com.

CQ Records Showcase & BBQ 2208 E. 18th St., 3/16 (Day) Artists: BRONCHO, Terrible Twos, Bad Indians, OBNOX + More! Hungry? Broke? CQ Records has free burgers, hot dogs, and more for you at their free showcase this year. They’ve got a great lineup too, covering garage, punk, and rock ‘n’ roll bands from the Midwest. So that’s free food, free music, and all they ask of you is to bring your own beverages.

Altercation Records Punk Rock BBQ The Vortex (2307 Manor Rd.), 3/16 (Day)

Artists: Teenage Bottlerocket, Lower Class Brats, Off With Their Heads, Say Hello to the Angels + More! Punk rock showcase? Yes please! Altercation Records Inc. has you covered for all your underground punk. The show is being held at The Vortex, a performance venue on Manor Rd., on the east side of Route 35. Come see these great acts – some local, some traveled – for music you can’t sit down for. y Dr.


South Congress James St. W

Continental The Gibson St. E

Brackenridge St.

Monroe St. E

Milton St. W

Milton St. E

Annie St. W

Annie St. E


Drake Ave.

Eva St.

Newton St.

Roma St.

Monroe St. W


Elizabeth St. E

Nickerson St.

Elizabeth St. W

S Congress Ave.

Gibson St. W

outh Congress is notably wellknown its local restaurants Mary for St. W Mary St. E and clothing boutiques. However, in recent years, food trailers have accelerated the buzz about this quaint area. Although we don’t have any specific show highlighted here, mainstay venue Continental (at #1315) hosts official showcases, while other unconventional outdoors spaces contribute a significant presence to the music festival. We recommend a stroll along South Congress on a weekend afternoon for a non-music only enjoyment of the city.

Find out updates about these parties at thedelimag.com/atx13.

The Deli' s Best Emerging Artists 2013 About This Section

The following pages feature a shortlist of emerging artists based in the 12 US scenes we cover at thedelimag.com through dedicated blogs. Of course, even though there are hundreds of bands mentioned at our site, the limited space associated with print allows us to only show you the tip of this gigantic “iceberg of talent” each scene truly has. If you are interested in exploring

these talent pools in depth, please go to our website: thedelimag.com!

What Are Those Charts?

The charts embedded in the following pages are the Top 20 most popular artists for each genre as they appear on our online “Web Buzz Indie Charts.”

The Deli’s charts are one the most complete and inclusive database of active non-mainstream artists, and are used by musicians, booking agents and music fans to research new music. This database, which updates itself daily, has some rather unique features:

1. The charts rely on a custom web app that gathers info from the internet about each act’s popularity… it works!

2. The charts can be organized by genre and region (including scenes

not covered by The Deli’s blogs).

3. The charts are not just a list of our subscribers, our staff adds the more established acts, while all emerging artists are allowed to add themselves by subscribing. SUBSCRIBE HERE! thedelimag.com/subscribe The Deli’s Staff thedelimag.com the deli Spring 2013 Austin


Best Emerging Artists 2013

Electronica T

he purest of electronic genres – electronica is also the one that feels more abstract and tribal at once, focusing its attention on production tricks, rhythmic elements and effects rather than song structure.

Nick Zanca is a 20-year-old electronic music producer creating nocturnal atmospheric tracks, under the moniker Mister Lies, while attending college, that range from harsh and abrasive to warm and inviting. In 2012, he unveiled his true identity, and signed to wellrespected indie label Lefse Records. Straight up – Lushlife, a.k.a. Raj Haldar, is skilled, innovative and making waves. In 2012, this “bedroom composer” made some serious moves with his adventuresome beats, cerebral content and Nas-like flow on his album Plateau Vision. However, last year was simply a coming out party for Haldar, and soon the rest of the world will know why we can’t help gushing over him! The debut EP by NYC’s Ghost Beach blurs the lines between disparate genres like yacht rock, electrofunk and (quite amazingly) boy-band rubbish. Their music is like an addictive (and completely legal!) aural substance that keeps your party going – it may save you a bunch in drugs! Under the moniker Giraffage, 21-year-old producer Charlie Yin creates wistful sonic landscapes finely constructed from chopped and screwed R&B, soul and disco samples. On his latest release, Needs, 31

the deli Spring 2013 Austin

Ghost Beach Mister Lies Electro nica/D a Top 20 nce

The Deli’s Web Buzz Charts

1. David Guetta 2. AWOLNATION 3. Daft Punk 4. M.I.A. 5. Ratatat 6. Deadmau5 7. Justice 8. Moby 9. Thievery Corporation 10. UNKLE 11. The Chemical Brothers

12. Hot Chip 13. Amon Tobin 14. Shlohmo 15. Burial 16. Tycho 17. emancipator 18. Pretty Lights 19. Lusine 20. Gold Panda 21. Peaking Lights

Check out our self-genera ting online charts: thedelimagazine.com/cha rts

Yin has crafted soundscapes of blissful electronica, laid-back grooves and sped-up vocal samples – the perfect soundtrack for early evening exploits and post-club comedowns. I don’t think that there’s a band in Portland with as much groove and electronic sensibility as Onuinu (a.k.a. Dorian Duvall). His songs are rich with driving rhythms, synthesized melodies and contagious vocal hooks that could bring anyone to dance with a complete loss of inhibition.

Best Emerging Artists 2013

Photo: Tyler Kohlhoff

electroPop AVAN LAVA Photo: Shervin Lainez


his hybrid genre mixes the creative possibilities opened by electronic music with the timeless and catchy melodies of pop.

There are prominent piano chords, wandering guitar riffs and the odd sax solo littered throughout JeanPhilip Grobler’s music, but with programmed drums providing the heartbeat and earthly synths bringing the soul, the NYC-based South African, who releases music under the moniker St. Lucia, does create instrumentals of great electronic beauty. Masters of the buzz in 2012, NYC’s MS MR plays moody and sensual electro-pop, enriched by an interesting, dark soul component. This is a band with superior songwriting chops, and whose comfort zone is found in slower BPMs and sparser atmospheres. After making headlines for arriving on the doorstep of Flaming Lips’ frontman Wayne Coyne with a birthday present and walking away with a single and music video, HOTT MT have proven that they’re more than just a PR stunt with a live show that always delights and songs that are just the right mix of


Electropop/ Rock Top 20

The Deli’s Web Buzz Charts

1. Passion Pit 2. Tegan and Sara 3. Haim 4. Grimes 5. Ellie Goulding 6. Icona Pop 7. Santigold 8. MS MR 9. Youth Lagoon 10. Purity Ring

11. Metric 12. Little Dragon 13. Chairlift 14. Crystal Castles 15. Lykke Li 16. Miike Snow 17. M83 18. Toro Y Moi 19. Robyn 20. How to Destroy Angels Check out our self-generating online charts: thedelimagazine.com/charts

experimental and danceable.

AVAN LAVA, as a whole, is a

mind-blowing spectacle that takes time to behold. Mixing Prince with Rick Astley and Wham!, the band blasts lasers and confetti over the audience, whilst on-stage dancers shake in celebration. However, things never veer into irony, rather the entire affair feels both arty and jubilant. See them live at The Deli’s UN/OFF party! (p.7)

Full of ’90s girl angst and insanely catchy hooks, LA by way of Tennessee transplant, Meg Myers, is making waves with her bold, aggressive and sultry songwriting. With her dark, sinister, electro-leaning EP Daughter in the Choir, Myers is proving that she has something to say, and she’s going to do things her way. the deli Spring 2013 Austin


Best Emerging Artists 2013

indie pop C

atchy melodies and upbeat tempos spring to mind when we use the word “pop.” If a song can lift your mood, there’s surely a pop element in it. A couple of years ago, High Highs came from Australia to the Big Apple with a mission: Get frantic New Yorkers to chillax a little – that is, to their gorgeously lush, mellow tunes. It is happening, and they’re also spreading their gentle and soothing vibes in every corner of the world.

Skaters excitedly pronounce their name repeatedly upon landing on their nondescript website. But once you’ve seen the pizza-loving video for “Schemers,” you’ll get a better idea for the sense of humor the trio is capable of. Shooting toy guns through confetti-soaked backgrounds, it’s obvious that this is a band looking for a party. And with this much energy, there can’t be one far behind. Philly’s DRGN King grew from hours of late night recording sessions with guitarist/singer/songwriter Dominic Angelella and hip-hop pro-

High Highs ducer Brent “Ritz” Reynolds (The Roots, Wale, Mac Miller, etc.) to a full-blown rock band. The group’s debut LP Paragraph Nights is an album’s worth of psychedelic, maximalist indie-pop, with all the attendant touches of pleasure-loving you could hope to hear. Like the infinitely-acclaimed duo Beach House minus the more ethereal side of classic dream pop, SF Bay’s girl Ash Reiter looks to the sunnier side of the genre, steering the group who bares her own name through the brightest regions of her home state with vintage harmonies, catchy pop melodies, sun-kissed instrumentation and Reiter’s chirpy vocals.


Daniel Ellsworth

& the Great Lakes Pop/Indie Pop Top 20

The Deli’s Web Buzz Charts

At times stepping boldly into a space usually exclusive to the imagination of score composers like Danny Elfman, Friend Roulette essentially write baroque pop pieces for an imagined Brechtian musical, casting its talented singers/songwriters Julia Tepper and Matthew Meade as the show’s unlikely protagonists. Hailing from various points throughout the Midwest, now Nashvillebased Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes betrays the eclectic roots in their music, as each song oscillates seamlessly through various genres and stories, anchored by a recurring pop charm.

1. Coldplay 2. Foals 3. Fun. 4. Fleet Foxes 5. Lana Del Rey 6. Florence and the Machine 7. The Kooks 8. Two Door Cinema Club 9. MGMT

10. Local Natives 11. Gorillaz 12. Belle and Sebastian 13. Grouplove 14. Arcade Fire 15. Vampire Weekend 16. The Shins 17. St. Vincent 18. Bat For Lashes 19. Eels 20. High Highs

Check out our self-generating online charts: thedelimagazine.com/charts

Gretta Rochelle is one of those captivating individuals that regardless of what she is doing you want to be present for it. With Jack Armondo (guitar/vocals) and James Andrew (drums), My Gold Mask’s new album, Leave Me Midnight, is dark and experimental at times yet so enjoyable and rewarding.

Best Emerging Artists 2013

Dream pop/ shoegazer

Tashaki Miyaki Photo: RothPhotographic


reaming has always been tied to music through the lullaby “genre.” Dream Pop and Shoegaze refer to chemically induced dreams, but share with the lullabies a very melodic quality.

Femme fatale fronted Tashaki Miyaki have already enjoyed some breakthrough success across the pond. There’s no surprise as to why they’ve garnered wider appeal – the plaintive, early-eighties feedback-drenched, intricate vocal tonality of their sound evokes the golden days of Britpop. Like being exhausted by a hot sun, Ex Cop’s dream pop sways slow and nonchalant. Carelessly, it wraps itself around jangle-pop melodies and vaporous synths, lost in a hazy confusion where layers mingle and melt into one another, and a voice echoes from afar, barely there. You might think the gloomy-titled and lyric-ed EP Disaster Face would dump minor chords all over you, but the six dudes of Borrisokane tear it off with a synth-powered, danceable, smiley grace; planting this collection right down in the must-have set. The San Francisco Bay Area group, DRMS (pronounced Dreams), is a project fronted by Emily Ritz (Honeycomb, Yesway) and led by keyboardist Rob Shelton (The Moanin Dove). Funneling their col35

the deli Spring 2013 Austin

DRMS Dream P Shoeg op/ aze Top 20 r

The Deli’s Web Buzz Charts

1. The XX 2. The Joy Formidable 3. DIIV 4. Wild Nothing 5. Ducktails 6. Caveman 7. Widowspeak 8. Warpaint 9. Real Estate 10. Ex Cops

11. Exitmusic 12. School of Seven Bells 13. Asobi Seksu 14. Frankie Rose 15. Snowmine 16. Trails and Ways 17. Weekend 18. Mimicking Birds 19. Young Prisms 20. Black Books

Check out our self-generating online charts: thedelimagazine.com/charts

lective experiences into luxuriant, spacious pop jams, the band displays their expanding musicianship as they experiment with genres as wide-reaching as clattering Afrobeat, twisted folk and South American jazz, with the occasional flourish of skewered psychedelica.

Child Actor are cousins hailing

from New Haven, CT and Boston, MA. Sedgie Ogilvy sings while Max Heath lays down the beats. Their sound is lyrically mysterious with reverb-y vocals tugging back and forth between the beats that lay on a hip-hop landscape.

Best Emerging Artists 2013

psych/garage Foxygen Zig Zags


odern development of genres originating in the 60s, Psych Rock and Garage Rock share a guitar-centric sound and a fascination for bizarre ideas and antics.

Brooklyn betrayers Foxygen (now based in LA) blew our minds with their debut album Take The Kids Off Broadway. They borrow a lot from the British ’70s, but the way they unfold songs from one brilliant melody to another (with imaginative kaleidoscopic DIY production and Sam France’s vocal flair) transcends influences encompassing the past and present to become timeless.

Spacin’ is a project from Birds of

Maya bassist Jason Killinger, a former punk kid who recently discovered his love for expansive ‘70s Grateful Dead jams. And it shows in his fearless, loose musical explorations. The guy also knows how to write killer hooks, which can be found on his debut sleeper Deep Thuds.

Drenched in fuzz and noise, Zig Zags’ music is the kind that you’d 37

the deli Spring 2013 Austin

ON AN ON blast at a skate park, where they recently released a cassette collection via Burger Records of rare, unreleased tracks and beloved singles (not to mention their recent 7” collaboration with Iggy Pop). Their tunes have all the energy and succinctness of punk, but the color palette of psychedelia, with undercurrents of doom. D.C. rock quartet Shark Week unleashed a 3-track EP over the summer, and has grown from regular gigs at hometown fave the Black Cat, to Inaugural parties, to performing at large festivals (Sweetlife Festival - this coming May). They nailed that beach-y sound so radically that you’d think the Potomac provided rideable waves. See them at our Hangover Hideout (p.22)! Baltimore is known for its outpour-

Psych Roc Garag k/ e Top 20

The Deli’s Web Buzz Charts

Shark Week Spacin'

ing of psychedelic bands, and now Secret Mountains is climbing their way to the top of those lush psych waves. Their debut record Rainer was finally released this past February after years of EPs and singles garnering attention from media outlets like Pitchfork and The New York Times.

A Happy Death’s relentless

gigging, unrestrained energy and vintage style has catapulted them through the past year. Their songs are both catchy and chaotic; their style is dark and riotous with a touch of noir. Keep an eye on these guys!

Post-surf rockers Cotillon, who recently dropped their first EP, Votive Flower, are already set to release their debut full-length. The heartbroken longings of frontman Jordan Corso are tinged with the

1. FIDLAR 2. Jack White 3. Django Django 4. Tame Impala 5. Foxygen 6. Mac DeMarco 7. Kurt Vile 8. The Antlers 9. Harlem 10. The Flaming Lips 11. TV on the Radio 12. The Raveonettes 13. Thee Oh Sees 14. The Horrors 15. Purling Hiss 16. King Tuff 17. Woods 18. Bear In Heaven 19. American Royalty 20. JEFF the Brotherhood Check out our self-gene rating online charts: thedelimagazine.com /charts

kind of teenage angst fit for the soundtrack of a John Hughes movie. What’s unique about the three musicians at the core of ON AN ON - perhaps the biggest buzz band from Chicago in 2012 - is that they decided to work on the project together at SXSW 2012, while still being part of an already successful band, Scattered Trees. The result was their debut album Give In with a sound that is completely of the moment. Though they bow to Captain Beefheart (a.k.a. Don Van Vliet), The Vliets have graduated from their guru, and are now generating their own brand of post-modernistic psych rock on their latest God’s Drug EP. Their release is a confident 4-track master class in cool groove construction. the deli Spring 2013 Austin


Best Emerging Artists 2013

Indie Rock P

robably now over its peak period, Indie rock has turned into an umbrella term over the years. The Deli uses it to describe artists with a darker rock sound who keep their songs edgy and tense.

Following in the footsteps of Smith Westerns, The Orwells are young, fresh and ready to go full throttle. The teenage band burst onto the Chicago and national scenes in 2012 with their debut album Remember When, and have been refining their stage presence by touring relentlessly in support of the release. Baltimore’s Roomrunner have been regularly performing to sold-out crowds, persistently touring nationwide, and released a killer EP Super Vague, which was just the tip of what they were up to in 2012. In fact, they were chosen as one of Spin’s “25 Must-See Acts at CMJ” last year. The Frances Quinlan-fronted trio of Hop Along embraces the raw, unfiltered straight-from-gut-to-thelisteners’-ears approach. It’s that instant reaction, “this isn’t staged, these are my real thoughts and fears” intimacy, which gives the Philly band such authenticity on their official debut LP Get Disowned. The charismatic duo Schwervon! established itself in the NYC scene, performing with groups like The Vaselines and Belle and Sebastian and touring around the U.S. and Europe. The two moved to Kansas City last spring, and have been embraced by the local music commu39

the deli Spring 2013 Austin

The Orwells

Radkey Indie R ock Top 20

The Deli’s Web Buzz Charts

1. Arctic Monkeys 11. Modest Mouse 2. Young the Giant 12. Yeah Yeah Yeahs 3. Death Cab for Cutie 13. Int erpol 4. The National 14. The Kills 5. Bloc Party 15. Cold War Kids 6. Kings of Leon 16. PJ Harvey 7. Kaiser Chiefs 17. Yellow Ostrich 8. The Wombats 18. Japandroids 9. The Vaccines 19. Shout Out Louds 10. The Strokes 20. The Men Check out our self-generating online charts: thedelimagazine.com/charts

nity for their knack of creating hookladen ‘90s pop melodies with some lo-fi garage-punk/indie-rock balls.

Radkey have already found an unbelievable amount of success in their short amount of time as a band. The three teenage brothers have been creating music catchy enough to be received by a broad audience and heavy enough to be affirmed by more experienced rockers and punkers alike.

Best Emerging Artists 2013

Noise/ punk Rock B

oth children of the punk revolution of 1977, Noise Rock and Punk Rock emphasize energy, dissonance and DIY creativity over melody and production values - perfect ingredients for a fun live show.

This Brooklyn bass-less noise-rock duo, Hunters, who toured with APTBS, has a wild, exciting sound comprised of menacing, often atonal guitars, clangy, explosive drums, and vocals that unapologetically speak of our most basic, repressed needs and wishes. Boston-based five-piece Guerilla Toss will not sooth your… anything. Drawing inspiration from the atonal sounds of NYC’s legendary No Wave scene, these guys are a bizarre mix of industrial, dada and various assortments of wails – some of them REALLY high-pitched! Female-fronted (formerly Brooklyn and now) Philly-based quartet Swearin’ released a self-titled

Guerilla Toss

Hunters Noise Punk R / ock Top 20

The Deli’s Web Buzz Charts

1. Matt and Kim 10. Funeral Party 2. Liars 11. Lightning Bolt 3. Metz 12. Touché Amoré 4. Royal Thunder 13. Fucked Up 5. Pissed Jeans 14. Wild Flag 6. We Were 15. Single Mothers Promised Jetpacks 16. Hella 7. Parquet Courts 17. Face to Face 8. Thurston Moore 18. The Unseen 9. A Place to 19. The Orwells Bury Strangers 20. Blank Realm

Check out our self-generating online charts: thedelimagazine.com/charts

LP in 2012 that found its way on multiple “year end” lists. Fueled by loud, noisy guitars with the ability to careen from stripped-down ballads to hardcore tendencies, the band continues to win fans over the old-fashion way throughout the country’s favorite DIY spaces.



INGE COLSEN – CELL: 212-203-5204

Best Emerging Artists 2013

Alt rootsy/ songwriters Jesca Hoop Dana Falconberry


t The Deli, we define “Alt Rootsy” those artists that have a basis in American roots music yet manage to somehow veer off its traditional path.

A songwriter of rare talent and vision who splits her life between LA and Manchester (UK), Jesca Hoop plays music that sounds contemporary and ancient at once. Her melodies and arrangements are so consistently intriguing that it’s obvious shunning banality is one of her compositional rules. If she lived in Brooklyn, Jesca would be as big as St. Vincent – she could be Annie Clark’s stylishly goth sister. See her at our Hangover Hideout (p.22)! Vocalist Brendan Mulvihill wrote

Norwegian Arms’ first full-

length album, Wolf Like A Stray Dog, during his yearlong fellowship in Tomsk, Russia. The record’s rich, 41

the deli Spring 2013 Austin

Deadbeat multilayered sounds are woven together with the help of partner in crime Eric Slick (of Dr. Dog). With percussion as brisk and biting as a Siberian winter cut with mandolin twangs that simultaneously blend and clash with Mulvihill’s vocals, their quick tracks ink together to paint an icy landscape yearning for discovery. See them at our Hangover Hideout (p.22)! Chicago-based singer-songwriter Angel Olsen first appeared on the radar due to her ties with Bonnie “Prince” Billy and The Cairo Gang. However, the shear power and intensity of her multifaceted voice on 2012’s Half Way Home is simply amazing. The critically-acclaimed LP truly deserved all the accolades as it crept its way onto many of last year’s “Best of” lists.

Photo: Matthew Brush

Photo: Aga Debiec

Alt Folk/Son gwriters Top 20

The Deli’s Web Buzz Charts

1939 Ensemble

Norwegian Arms Deadbeat, the project from Absinthe & The Dirty Floors’ Jessica Risker, released the EP My Eyes Are Bleeding Bits of Gold this past summer. With the charm of her lo-fi recordings, hushed vocals and DIY atheistic, Risker has already won over a rowdy fan base. Riding on the wave of only one 10” single and a string of local performances, Luella and the Sun may be one of Nashville’s best-kept secrets. But the band’s combination of blues, soul and jazz with an indie-rock edge is creating a buzz so loud that this mesmerizing fourpiece won’t be a secret for long.

Dana Falconberry’s beguiling

twee vocals instantly captivate as she hums her poetic lyrics with little more than a whisper. The slender plucks of the mandolins, banjos and harps on her latest EP, Leelanau, build soft, delicate instrumentals for her warm words and distinctive voice to float over. See her at our Hangover Hideout (p.22)!

1. Wilco 2. Lord Huron 3. Grouper 4. Wake Owl 5. Regina Spektor 6. Iron & Wine 7. Feist 8. Laura Marling 9. Norah Jones 10. Devendra Banhart 11. CocoRosie 12. Cody ChesnuTT 13. Deer Tick 14. Frank Turner 15. Band of Horses 16. Mikky Ekko 17. Daughter 18. Joshua Radin 19. The Tallest Man on Earth 20. Punch Brothers Check out our self-gene rating online charts: thedelimagazine.com /charts

Lauren O’Connell began writing songs at fifteen in Rochester, New York. Today, at twenty-four, the altcountry artist has completed three full-length albums, one collaborative EP, and a 3000-mile move across the country to San Francisco. Her passionate songwriting and gentle twang have earned her comparisons to Neil Young, Wilco and Neko Case. See her at our Hangover Hideout (p.22)! 1939 Ensemble’s intricate com-

positions and unique arrangement have brought them well-deserved recognition over the past year. Their fluid melodies, dynamic percussion and electronic ambiance entranced listeners with hypnotic performances and the release of Howl and Bite. The debut showcases their distinct style and experimental drive which is seen through volatile vibraphone leads, blistering drum beats and dissonant background noise. the deli Spring 2013 Austin


Best Emerging Artists 2013

americana/ old timey Whiskey Shivers


hat was old is new again. Some brave souls are trying to steal American Traditional Music from Tea Party fanatics, and make it relevant again – with The Deli’s blessing.

Austin local Alejandro Jose-Garcia, a.k.a. Shakey Graves, embodies the perfect country band in one body. Traveling with a “suitcase kick drum” and an acoustic guitar, this man can put on jaw-dropping performances pretty much anywhere he wants to. Do not miss. Though powered by banjo, harmonica, washboard and other acoustically-based instrumentation, Whiskey Shivers bring a new flavor of irrepressible roots music; “trashgrass” is what they call it, and it leaves an aftertaste of punk. Something for everyone, we’d say. See them at our Hangover Hideout (p.22)!

Spirit Family Reunion’s exuberant fiddles and banjos are leading the roots music revival that in the


the deli Spring 2013 Austin

Shakey Graves

Spirit Family Reunion Americ an Top 20 a

The Deli’s Web Buzz Charts

1. Mumford and Sons 11. Brown Bird 2. The Lumineers 12. The Low Anthem 3. First Aid Kit 13. Jace Everett 4. The Civil Wars 14. Whiskeytown 5. Great Lake 15. Loudon Swimmers Wainwright III 6. The Barr Brothers 16. Spirit Family Reunion 7. Greensky Bluegrass 17. Sarah Jarosz 8. Joe Pug 18. Balto 9. Old Crow 19. Scott H. Biram Medicine Show 20. The Avett Brothers 10. The Lone Bellow Check out our self-generating online charts: thedelimagazine.com/charts

past few years has been threatening NYC’s indie rock supremacy. Marked by traditional roots, few New Yorkbased bands can achieve an authentic, banjo-laden country sound while maintaining such an effortless appeal. NYC’s Swear and Shake charmed us inside out at our Rootsy CMJ Stage this past October. Their feel-good, quality alt-country is greatly enhanced by Kari Spieler’s adorable stage presence, which includes (among other things) a stunning voice, lots of smiling and natural curls to die for. See them at our Hangover Hideout (p.22)!

kitchen recording equipment news

Shure GLX-D6 Wireless Receiver + Tuner Chicago-based manufacturer Shure released a new, affordable and really unique wireless system for guitarists, the GLX-D6, which is both a powerful transmitter and a reliable stompbox tuner. The GLX-D6 shares with the other Shure new wireless systems the Automatic Frequency Management technology, which – working on 4 different frequencies – guarantees pristine quality without cuts or interference. The GLX-D6 can be placed directly on the pedal board, and has the same features as the table top receiver GLXD-4. The tuner has adjustable pitch and two visual modes to choose from (strobe

and needle). It can be conveniently recharged via a regular USB connection – 15 minute of charge will give you 1 ½ hours of power. More info at www.shure.com.

PreSonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI

The 32-channel, 14-aux PreSonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI starts with all the strengths of previous StudioLive models – and then pushes the technology further. Active Integration technology adds twice as many internal effects buses as available in previous models and 31-band graphic EQs. 45

the deli Spring 2013 Austin

Also new are the six mute groups and user-assignable Quick Scene buttons. Very useful in particular is the feature that allows creating two complete sets of EQ and dynamics settings for a channel or bus, and then make quick A/B comparisons at the touch of a button. A dedicated USB 2 port and included Wi-Fi LAN adapter lets you control the mixer wirelessly. StudioLive RemoteAI for iPad and QMix-AI for iPhone/iPod touch will both be available free from the Apple App Store.


The #1 best-selling distortion pedal. BossUS.com/SXSW

the deli's Pedal Board Read pedal reviews at delicious-audio.com!

booster/overdrive Enormous Door BSO Overdrive • Can forge an infinite spectrum of sounds; from bluesy crunch to full tilt overdrive. • Features Symmetrical clipping for a more traditional sound, Asymmetrical for more aggressive attack and articulation on leads. • Switchable frequency booster (mid/hi mid).

BearFoot Emerald Green Distortion Machine • Both an AC amp emulator and a booster driver for AC amps. • Distortion and Voice controls are interactive and together will follow the progression of turning up an AC type amp. • Plenty of gain, dynamically driven by volume knob level or even just pick pressure depending on the settings. • You can run it up to 18v.

Don’t forget !

Stompbox Exh ibit


March 15 + 16 12 - 8pm

1209 E. 6th St. Br ing a gu ita r !

Wampler Euphoria Overdrive • Wampler’s take on the elusive tone and feel made famous by Dumble Amplifiers, with lots of added options. • Smooth yet crunchy when needed, very transparent. • Toggle switch allows a variety of tones from smooth to almost fuzz-like. • Like in a good tube amp, the controls affect the response and feel of the pedal.

Mod Kits DIY Persuader • A build-it-yourself vacuum tube pre-amp pedal kit based on a 12AX7 operating in starved plate mode to go from clean warm tone to smooth real tube overdrive. • If you choose to test it with different tubes, you can get a great assortment of tones. • Average reviewers claim to be able to build it in less than 5 hours.

the deli Spring 2013 Austin



VOX Delay Lab • Combines a wide array of modeled delay effects. • Stereo looping and complete expressive control of all the delay parameters. • 30 types of delay effects including echoes, analog, tape, reverse, and ambient delays modeled from a carefully selected set of historically significant delay units.

Boss TE-2 Tera Echo • Employs MultiDimensional Processing (MDP) for a deeper and more spacious sound. • Delivers ambience effects that go beyond traditional reverb and delay processing. • Freeze function can hold the effect sound for lead backing and other unique effects.

Fender Delay • Creates richly resonating echo effects from short slap-back rockabilly sounds to longer repeating echo. • Dedicated delay time, feedback and level controls give you complete command of your sound’s spatial characteristics. • Operates in mono or with stereo outputs for two-amplifier setups.


EarthQuaker Disaster Transport • Delay A: 600ms delay with modulation + Delay B: 300ms Reverb, both with lots of controls. • Individual switching for each channel + master bypass. • Features expression controls for delay A repeats and for bleeding delay A’s output into delay B (post reverb). 49

the deli Spring 2013 Austin

Pigtronix Infinity • Provides instantaneous record, playback, dub, undo and redo, on two stereo loop pairs that can be configured in several ways. • “SYNC MULTI” mode provides a multiplier function allowing the length of Loop 2 to be 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 times the length of Loop 1. • The two loops can also be run out of sync or even in SERIES. • Input split mode allows performers to record and overdub separate instruments on separate loops.

T-Rex Replica • A digital pedal with an analog, warm sound. • Straight forward controls make it simple to use. • Useful toggle-switch tap control allows you to change delay tempo on the fly. • Hi-cut button cuts high frequencies on repeats simulating the tone of a ’60s era tape echo.

Ibanez Echoshifter

Analogman ARDX20

• Combines analog sound quality with digital-like flexibility. • Features tap-tempo footswitch, allowing on-the-fly tempo adjustment. • Offers an infinite variety of sonic possibilities, with features like an oscillation switch, feedback control, modulation, and a depth control function.

• True Analog Delay with 650ms of delay time, no power-robbing digital chips. • Two identical sets of controls (time, feedback and level) for 2 separate delay settings. • Effects Loop jack allows running various effects on the wet delay signal only. Delay time jack allows expression pedal control or use AMAZE0 controller  for tap tempo, presets, and modulation.


TC Electronic Ditto • A “less is more” kind of looper, unique in its simplicity. • Intuitive, tons of fun, and doesn’t break the bank. • True Bypass, AnalogDry-Through, 5 minutes of looping time, Undo/ Redo function to help build songs, unlimited overdubs. • Ultra-small footprint.

Zvex Sonar • A tremolo pedal with a slew of advanced features. • Does weird things, slows the tempo, creates irregular tremolos. • Always useful tap tempo feature. • Too many features to list here, dammit! Come to the exhibit and try it out!

WMD Super Fatman • Versatile and funky filter. • An all analog modern take on that ’70s chic guitar magic. • Responsive and natural envelope, paired with the variable range multimode filter gives a great envelope filter sound with unmatched control.


ZT Extortion • Switches between vintage-style analog overdrive and DSP-enhanced mode that focuses distortion to targeted frequencies, sweepable through Spectral DSP control. • Tone control offers mid-cut (left) or mid-boost (right) with varying bass/treble levels. • Input for expression pedal to control DSP in real-time.

Earthquaker Hoof Reaper • It features EarthQuaker’s Hoof and Tone Reaper fuzz in one enclosure with an added analog octave up. • Allows 7 different switching combos, for a truly wide palette of sounds, ranging from warm overdrive to huge, “octaveup-double-fuzz” madness.

ProCo Limited Edition ’85 Whiteface RAT • Features the original, out of production LM308 Chip - that’s why it’s Limited Edition. • Same components and same circuit board layout as the original.

Fairfield Circuitry Four Eyes Fuzz • A versatile fuzz box that allows frequency control, switchable resonance and the three drive pots. • It can go from extreme to relatively subtle; from super thin to ridiculously fat. • Three parallel JFET fuzz circuits. 51

the deli Spring 2013 Austin

Visual Sound 1 Spot Takes up ONE position on your outlet strip and powers over twenty guitar pedals (1700mA max!).

The Option Knob The Option Knob allows you to control one or more pedal knobs with your foot.

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The Deli SXSW 2013 - The Lone Bellow, Foxygen, Stompbox Exhibit  

Annual SXSW issue. Featuring revival rockers the Lone Bellow on the cover. Also: a complete run-down of free shows happening at SXSW, plus r...

The Deli SXSW 2013 - The Lone Bellow, Foxygen, Stompbox Exhibit  

Annual SXSW issue. Featuring revival rockers the Lone Bellow on the cover. Also: a complete run-down of free shows happening at SXSW, plus r...