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Senior Rally Bids Class of 2018 Hearfelt Farewell By Bianca Flores To mark the last rally for the class of 2018, the LAHS gym was converted into the city of Los Angeles on Monday, April 30. ASB organized the rally to bid farewell to the senior class whose time at Los Altos has come to an end. Every year a Senior Rally has been put together by ASB, and this year was no different. They decided to celebrate the graduating class by using an LA theme. The emcees of the rally, Seniors Josie Osborn, Melissa Chadwick, and Maira Rodriguez, took the audience on an adventure around Los Angeles for one last trip before the end of the year. Another special guest was along for the ride and very useful for navigation, Siri. A pre-recorded voice that sounded like Siri was used to take the emcees from location to location, and also to add a bit of humor to the rally. Along the way, the emcees bumped into a few special performances that show-

Emcees Rodriguez, Osborn, and Chadwick, lead the emotional senior class in their final Conquer Chant at the 2018 Senior Rally. Photo by Nicolás Hernández cased senior talent. The seniors brought back their first-place winning dance from this year’s Clash of the Classes rally. They also brought out some seniors from Production Choir to sing “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child.

There were also multiple entertaining videos throughout the rally to reflect senior life, like the Senioritis video, which followed the story of a senior who struggles with the tiredness and lack of motivation that comes at the end of senior year.

There was also a video that featured various seniors and their senior quotes. Some were inspirational, and others were very comedic. Finally, of course, the rally ended with the annual senior slideshow, featuring pictures of seniors through-

out the last four years of high school. The slide show created an emotional atmosphere to the rally, bringing many who were in attendance to tears. The rally ended on a bittersweet note as the class of 2018 performed

the Conqueror Chant for the last time. Soon all the seniors will be graduating and heading on to their new paths in life, but this final Senior Rally reminded them of the well-known phrase: “Once a Conqueror, always a Conqueror.”

dwindled down to its last few days, the May AP testing session included two weeks of on campus AP tests. As the school year ended, many AP students were in a rush to cram in any last minute information to prepare for their AP tests. A passing grade on AP tests can help students acquire college credits which is the reason many work hard

to do so well. In preparation, many teachers have held study sessions for their students, others have held mock AP tests for students to practice for the real AP test. Some of these practices have been during the weekend, meaning both students and teachers have had to come during the weekend to practice for their test.

Senior and AP student Aileen Hernandez commented, “I am thankful our teachers are willing to help us after-hours and hold tutoring sessions to help us out.” Other students have begun reviewing on their own. Senior and AP students Jeremy Tao said, “To prepare I have been doing my homework every single night and

reviewing my AP practice book.” AP practice books are a handy tool for many because they contain information that is easy to follow. Review books also contain tests which make great practice tools. Reviewing for the tests is very important as many AP tests are notoriously difficult—certain tests such as AP European History and

AP Physics 1—have been made famous for their low pass rates and exceptionally low scores. Kevin Ku commented, “I think that students should realize that AP classes and the tests are not for the faint of heart. On that same note, it is always important to push oneself by also taking these types of classes.” The premise for these tests and Advanced Placement programs in general, are for the academically inclined students who strive to push themselves and work hard. Junior Alvin Chen is taking a multitude of challenging AP classes, most noticeably Todd Hedell’s AP Language and Composition and Winnie Gilbert’s AP Calculus AB. Chen said, “These classes made me reevaluate my life and made me manage my time better to get things done on time.” Tao provided some advice for those students who plan to take AP exams, “Take the AP test even if you don’t feel ready, and remember to get plenty of sleep and study.”

Advanced Placement Testing Challenged Stressed Students By Karla Galaviz Douglas Lin It is the nightmares of all Advanced Placement students, yet the one thing they had been preparing for this whole year: the dreaded AP tests. There are 38 AP tests offered by CollegeBoard with our school offering a majority of them here on campus. As the month


May 2018

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LA FOCUS Senior Votes Select Senior Breakfast & Graduation Speakers By Aaron Kim As the time draws near for the class of 2018, the seniors have many exciting events taking place such as the Senior Breakfast at the House of Blues, Senior Honors Night, Grad Night and finally their high school graduation. This year, the seniors were granted the opportunity to vote on which teacher they would like to speak at their senior breakfast, and

also which four teachers they would want to read names at their graduation. Voting was split into two days from the hours of 1 pm to 3 pm for seniors to vote before or after their senior presentation. Many votes were received for numerous amounts of teachers, however in the end, it was English teacher Nicole Meylor who got the most votes to be the Senior Breakfast speaker. Senior Carlos Zelaya

shared his thoughts on Meylor becoming the senior breakfast speaker as, “I’m so happy that Ms. Meylor is speaking at our senior breakfast.” Zelaya goes on in more detail to add, “She is such a positive and fun teacher, and is a very good AVID teacher that I’m glad I got the chance to know personally.” In addition, not only was Meylor voted for senior breakfast speaker, but Meylor is also one of the four

graduation name readers. After a close vote, the other three graduation name readers are Todd Hedell, Geb Fisher, and Michael Shaw. The end of the year may be near, but there are still quite a few key events for the class of 2018. These four teachers, having being voted by the senior class, will have the chance to be a part of these memorable experiences.

Over Sixty Seniors Sign Letters of Intent During First Ever Sign on the Line By Kaitlyn Orozco The stages in the quad were lined with tables where the first ever Sign on the Line event was taking place. Over sixty seniors from the graduating class of 2018 signed their academic letter of intent to four year colleges and universities on Thursday, May 10. Those attending community college, like Mt. SAC or Rio Hondo, were encouraged to sign their names on a poster in the front stage. This is the first year Renaissance hosted Sign on the Line for seniors. The event is meant to be an alternative to athletic college signings where those signing are focusing more on their academic achievements in high school.

Those who communicated their college commitments to their counselors before May 4, were admitted for this event. Individuals met in the ASB room to pick up their letters and rushed to the quad to find a seat with their friends. Many signed to a variety of UC’s, Cal States, and private colleges. “I will be attending the California State University of Fullerton next fall,” stated Senior Brittney Delgado, “This was such a great experience and I’m happy I got to sign my letter of intent with all of my closest friends.” It is clear that the large amount of seniors that participated and the positive reaction to the event, that this is a Renaissance event that is going to last. Journalism proudly contributes with LA Conqueror Athletics


Seniors who have committed to a college ot university sit on the quad signing letters of intent.

Photo by Aaron Pimentel

May 2018



Renaissance Organizes Golden Joes Rally, Recognizing Student Achievements By Alexis Cardenas The fourth Annual Golden Joes took place to recognize students and teachers for all their hard work throughout this year. The event was held by Renaissance on April 16 at the gym. The changes made this year were having only one rally instead of two and being after second period with each class lasting only 39 minutes. The Golden Joes rally was not mandatory but was highly suggested for students and teachers to attend. Opening the Golden Joes, sophomore Amara Overmyer performed “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” to fit the 30s old school ambiance. After asking Overmyer about how she feels about performing in front of this sort of crowd, she responded saying, “I am really excited but also really scared to sing at the Golden Joes. When singing by myself, I get the feeling of pure adrenaline but also complete fear because I feel like I am not good at performing in front of a lot of people.” Overmyer then opened up about her having to perform in front of such a big crowd and says, “This performance is going to challenge me mentally because I have the tendency to believe that people won’t like my singing and having to sing

Production Choir provides a wonderful performance during Renaissance hosted Golden Joes rally. Photo by Kessia Cisneros in front of a big crowd is already scary enough for me, so this is definitely going to be an interesting experience.” The nominees for Most Spirited Teacher were Todd Hedell, Pati Higgins, Sean Holbrook, and Eric Palmer. Although all the nominees were great choices, Holbrook was rightfully honored with this award. The nominees for Support Staffulty Member were Tina Banes, Jessica Bernal, and Carmen Ruiz. Tina Banes

was presented this award and although she was not there at the rally, parts of the staff spoke in her place when she was given this award. The nominees for the Most Spirited Student award were Britney Arnold, Bailey Chavez, Anna Maria De La Torre, Damian Hernandez, and Blake Rozsa. Freshman De La Torre was honored with her first ever Golden Joe award at her first Golden Joes rally. The nominees for the Scholar Athlete of

the Year were Bailey Chavez, Savannah Deiderich, Tiffany Liao, Julian Lopez, and Camryn Verduzco. Liao was presented with this award and felt so fulfilled. The nominees for Performing Arts Scholar were Pearl Escobar, Julio Guzman-Garcia, Raina Lee, Analise Pacheco, and Carlos Zelaya. Zelaya received this award with great excitement and a memorable speech. Nominee Jasmine Pahimna was very excited to be included in such an honorable

event and was really hoping to get her first Golden Joe award. Pahimna expressed, “It was a surprise that I got nominated for a Golden Joe because I never really get nominated for anything.” Pahimna got the letter informing her she was nominated on Wednesday, April 11 and that formal attire was required. Pahimna was also informed that she had to prepare a speech to say if she got the award. Although she was very nervous having to

say a speech in front of the big crowd, she was honored to even be thought of to accept this award. Pahimna then shared, “Getting nominated for a Golden Joe was actually one of my goals for last year because I have always wanted to get nominated for an award.” Pahimna also adds, “I would also like to win this award because as class president, getting nominated for an award will show the people in my class that I am trustworthy and deserve to be their class president.” Working behind the scenes, Camryn Verduzco worked on the stage pieces which were two papier-mache Golden Joe statues for Renaissance. After being asked about this year’s Golden Joes, prior to the event, she stated, “I think the Golden Joes is going to be very good this year. We have a lot of people nominated that have not been nominated before which is super exciting. I think this event is a really great way to end off the year and bring people together while reflecting on the year we have had.” Overall, Renaissance made this year’s Golden Joes rally very memorable for not only the students and teachers that were awarded, but for the students and teachers who attended it as well.

Spanish Honors Society Welcomes New Members, Says Goodbye to Old By Karla Galaviz Students gathered in rows and ignited a candle that was slowly blown out

representing the initiation of the newest members who have become members of the Spanish Honors Society. Spanish Honors Society, or

SHS welcomed their newest members and said goodbye to seniors in their annual initiation ceremony. The initiation ceremony

is memorable to many students. It is led by the current president, Valeria Valadez, and other lead cabinet member, this year it was treasurer

Hacienda lit by candlelight as Spanish Honors Society celebrates welcoming and departimg members. Photo by Lauren Perez

Katherine Banuelos. During the initiation the newest members gather together and go through a speech on behalf of the president and the treasurer recites a poem, both demonstrating the beauty of the Spanish language and demonstrating the pride students should have for becoming members. Senior Aileen Hernandez said, being a member of SHS was “being part of a group that you can relate to.” The society is dedicated to promoting the Spanish language. The ceremony is a new experience for everyone involved. Students feel honored being able to walk with their other classmates and share the moment together. During the ceremony the new members recite an oath that symbolizes their promise to promote the Spanish language. The entire event

is very intimate and special. Members who have already been initiated also feel a sense of joy seeing new members. Senior Saraith Kreslake stated, “It felt like a great sense of accomplishment being initiated because of the work we had done in order to be able to be initiated.” The initiation is a day of festivity for incoming members. However it is also a memorable event for the graduating seniors. They are recognized for their membership and rewarded with stoles and cords. Hernandez goes on to say, “being recognized as a senior was very honorable, especially knowing that I have come this far.” Saraith said, “Being recognized as a senior felt very nice because they recognized the hard work were had done all four years of high school.”


May 2018


HOSA & NAMI Host Mental Health Awareness Spirit Week By Britney Cundiff In order to make students aware of the importance of mental health, HOSA and NAMI came together last month to host

Mental Health Awareness Week from April 23 to April 27. As mental health continues to be an issue, students in HOSA and NAMI strive to shed light on the prob-

lem. Senior Nacala Mitchell, HOSA member, explained, “Not many people speak up about this topic and others don’t know where to reach for help, so we want to make

a change by spreading that awareness every year to let our peers know.” On Make it Count Monday, students took a pledge and received a mental health awareness ribbon.

On Thrive Together Tuesday, bracelets were handed out to spread awareness. On We Matter Wednesday, students took a picture in front of the poster on the upper stage and posted it on

Senior Meilen Gutierrez receives a green wrist band symbolizing support for mental health awarness on Trhive Together Tuesday. Photo by Danielle Porras

social media. On Thoughtful Thursday, students wrote positive messages to their friends, teachers, and faculty members. On Fight the Stigma Friday, students wore green to show support for mental health and came to the front of the stage to pop the stigma balloon. Junior Jackeline Sandoval, HOSA member, expressed, “My favorite day was Fight the Stigma Friday because it showed how many people were interested in fighting the stigma and were willing to learn the importance of taking care of your own mental health.” Sandoval continued, “This spirit week meant a lot to me because I am the type of person that can willingly talk about mental health and illnesses without it bothering me. This week really brought it out in people to see that it’s okay to talk about it and if they do struggle from a mental illness that they are not alone.” Mitchell shared, “Well to me it means togetherness because we all came together to help one another out by letting them know we are there and how important each and every one is.”

Water Babies Teach Anatomy & Physiology Class Parental Responsibility

Anatomy & Physi By Kessia Cisneros

For many Anatomy and Physiology students, the last couple weeks of the year have included an additional responsibility other than finals: parenthood. They have had to carry a sealed bag filled with water and take care of a virtual baby on an app. This final project is aimed to demonstrate how much responsibility taking care of a child takes. The assignment consists of students pairing up as a couple or staying single in order to raise a water baby for two weeks and manage the health and care for the child through an app called MyBabySim. The added responsibility has not been received well by some students. Junior Alex Martinez, a father of a water baby says, “I understand the project and it seems fun, but carrying a heavy bag filled with water really isn’t fun at all. Walking with the baby when I have it and sharing the baby with my partner really is troublesome. The app is probably the worst part; the baby always cries in class and both-

ers the focus of the teachers.” However, there are other students who really enjoy the project and seem to take full action in the app and process of taking photos every 2 hours if their student in Jeffery Perez’s class. Junior Jennifer Rosas says, “I like this project. I like getting to dress up the child even though I know its fake, the enjoyment still real. I wouldn’t mind keeping the child for a bit longer too.” Martinez says, “Even though the project does bug me a bit, I still enjoy the nature of the project and understand the reason for the water baby.” Only students of anatomy know the stress of taking care of a water baby during and after school hours, hopefully the system of the baby’s changes in order make the experience more enjoyable. Rosas completes her statement by saying, “The experience is fun and I’m a bit sad that the project will end next week. I hope that other students will enjoy the water baby the next time the project gets out.”

Jeffrey Perez and his Anatomy class pose with their water babies the last day of their baby project. Photo by Aaron Pimentel

May 2018



Europe Trip: 10 Students, 10 Days, 5 Cities, 4 Countries, All Fun By Bianca Flores Over Spring Break, ten lucky students flew across the Atlantic to visit a total of five cities across Europe. Over the ten-day trip, they experienced different cultures, heard various languages, saw the touristy sights, ate the traditional food, and conversed with the locals: a trip of a lifetime. The Europe trip is organized by EF Tours and chaperoned by English teacher, Todd Hedell, this year being the fourth time he’s chaperoned the student trip. The trip this year was slightly different compared to last year’s. Instead of Barcelona, students went to Dublin, Ireland, a small town in Wales called Beaumaris, and Stratford-upon-Avon in England, which is William Shakespeare’s birthplace. Then, as usual, they visited London and Paris to finish off the trip. Three juniors and seven seniors made up this year’s group, but they were also met with three other groups. Two were from Indiana and one was from San Jose, California. All four groups travelled together in planes, buses, and trains, and they also stayed at the same hotels. The conductor of the entire journey was the brilliant tour guide named Miriam. Originally from Czechoslovakia, but currently living in London, she guides groups all

Students who attended the Europe trip pose for a picture with the Eye of London in the background. Photo by Bianca Flores across Europe and knows various languages so she could navigate everyone to where they needed to go. Each destination had its own unique highlight. Dublin had its upbeat, charming Irish people singing along to traditional songs in each pub along Temple Bar. Beaumaris was home to an old Welsh castle, where you

could walk down to the shore and eat some “fish and chips.” Stratford-upon-Avon featured Anne Hathaway’s (Shakespeare’s wife) Cottage, the very place Shakespeare allured his wife in his teenage years. London had all the traditional tourist sights like the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey,

and Big Ben (which was sadly under construction), but it also blessed the students with real London experiences like watching shows on the West End and admiring at the art at the Tate. Paris was a dream with its gorgeous collection of art at the Louvre, its astonishing gothic architecture in the Notre Dame Cathedral,

and its magical views of the glimmering Eiffel Tower (just the sight of it brought some students to tears), not to mention the mouth-watering crepes. Senior Miguel Balderamma admited his favor city was London, “It was a fast paced city with a lot of fast paced people, and there was a vibe in the air that was like

no other,” Junior Carolina Elizarraras on the other hand opinionated, “The town Beaumaris in Wales was my favorite because of the small town atmosphere and it being right next to the ocean.” Although the students were able to see some incredible sights, some of their fondest memories they shared with one another were more intimate. “One memory was when we were all wandering around London on our free day and just chilled at some benches in front of a bookstore,” Elizarraras remembers. Balderamma reveals, “I will always look back on those late night tube rides together, after a full day in the city. I definitely would want to go back, there is nowhere like it.” It is obvious that the group grew very close and shared some memories that will last a lifetime. They returned on Monday, April 9, and dealt with some pretty severe jet lag for the first couple days back, and probably some minor post-Europe depression. All the students agree that the jet lag, sore feet, and sleep deprivation was all worth it for this once in a lifetime experience. Hedell is planning to chaperone the trip again next year and even possibly adding a trip to Amsterdam to the itinerary.

HLPUSD Pin Ceremony Congratulates Classified District Employees By Nicolás Hernández Last month, the Hacienda La Puente Unified School district hosted a ceremony in the Hacienda Heights Community Center for classified district employees. More specifically, the ceremony celebrated those employees that had been part of the district for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years, Personnel Technician for the district, Jeanette Raygoza, explained, “Classified employees are non teaching staff. From the chief business officer to cafeteria worker, it’s a huge range of job classifications.” This marked the 30th annual ceremony in which classified employees were recognized for their long time efforts in the district. Raygoza commented on why it is important for these employees to be recognized, “It’s important because this is the only event that we hold that acknowledges their service to

the district and the district wouldn’t be the district without classified employees.” One of Los Altos’ very own custodians, Juan Carlos, was recognized at the event for the hard work he has put into the district during the 20 years he has been a part of it. When asked about how he felt about being recognized at

the event Carlos responded, “Good, good of course, being recognized for working these twenty years, it makes one feel great.” Carlos commented about his work in Los Altos as a whole, “It is a great school and it’s an honor to be able to help the people here, the teachers and everyone, it’s a great service.”

The event consisted of classified employees having their names read, receiving their award, and taking their place up on the stage in order to take a group picture with all those classified employees who had been working for the same period of time. The names were read by newly hired person-

nel director Israel Cobos who also presented the recipients with their awards. Cobos commented on why he felt it was important for these district staff to be appreciated, “I think it’s always important to commemorate and give appreciation, show appreciation for the hard work they put in. So when people work for a place for

Custodian Juan Carlos hugging superintendent after his name is called up during the ceremony. Photo by Nicolás Hernández

10 years, 15 years, all the way up to 35 years that’s pretty amazing especially nowadays that you don’t see people stay with an organization or a company for that long.” Cobos also expressed what it is about the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District that makes people stay with the district for so long, “I think it’s the community. I myself have been part of this community for 18 years, I’ve lived her since 2000 and I love the community myself, I think many people feel connected to the community, feel connected to the schools, they want to be a part of it and just in the few short weeks I’ve been working with the district you can see that in people’s faces. Cobos continued, “You can see that people are happy, you can see that people enjoy doing what they do, whether they’re working at the schools or at the district office, they seem to really like it.


May 2018


Improv Night Ends Entertaining Drama Year By Karla Galaviz Students and adults alike laughed as the drama students starred in scenes and improvised their way throughout different scenarios. The annual Improv Night of the drama department was a success as drama students completed their last show of the year. Improv Night is held every year. Junior Alejandro Ramirez described Improv Night “as a chance to throw caution to the wind and think and act on the spot.” During Improv Night the actors take part in different skits and games. Throughout the show, the players have an idea of what they're supposed but they come up with the dialogue and movement in the moment. The actors in the show are from the advanced drama class on campus and other students who decided to audition to be in it. Several games are played. Ranging from Sentences, Sit Lean Stand, Scenes from a Hat, to the Dating Game. A crowd favor-

ite is the Dating Game. In this game, the actors must portray a famous character and another individual must try and goes whom they are acting as. Ramirez states, “My favorite game is Sit/Lean/Stand. It gets funny once people mess up and get confused on which action they should be doing while they should be doing all while trying to act out the scene.” Junior, Gabriela Guevara said, “Improv night is very exciting because it brings the actors closer together, it’s also a fun night for the audience.” Guevara added that Improv Night is a good opportunity for the actors to “show off their quick thinking and acting skills to the audience, hopefully with a funny outcome.” When asked about what she was most excited for, Guevara added, “To be honest, I was really excited about the whole thing, to see all the people.” Ramirez stated, “I was really excited for it because I knew it would be the last show with my favorite seniors.

English teacher Nicole Meylor and senior Josie Osborn posing during their winning dance.

Photo by Nicolás Hernández

ASB & Dance Host Eventful Dancing with the Staff Event By Brianna Arellano The spotlight shined on the gym floor, the audience roared with cheer and laughter, the music boomed through the speakers the time had come for the second annual Dancing with the Staff event hosted by the Los Altos High School Dance team and ASB where Nicole Meylor’s team took home the trophy. On May 11, Dancing with the Staff was held in the gym at night to resemble a similarity to reenact ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Favorited staff members who danced with selected dancers were Todd Hedell, Eric Contreras, Inez Roum, Nicole Meylor, Esteban

Hernandez, Barbara Crowther, Jeffrey Fahey, Eva Munoz-Franco, Peter Luna, Sean Holbrook, Juliet Gilek, and Carmen Ruiz. Junior dance team member Mariah Ruiz explained the nature of the event, “This event is a fundraiser for both dance and ASB. Many enjoyed last year’s DWTS as we get to see many teachers out of their normal scenery.” Dancing with the Staff was also set up as the true television show setting with a panel of judges including counselor Patti Higgins, Assistant Principal Jamila Vorise, and Principal Jeffrey Hess. As well as a similar set up and an online voting poll that determined the final

winner at the end of the night. Junior dancer Amy Cortes expressed, “This year my partner and I will be dancing with Mr. Hedell. Each pair has around three weeks to schedule practices to train their staff member, select a music mix, and plan costuming and lighting. Last year the event was very successful and I’m sure this year will be as well.” For the past three weeks, dancers and staff members will be prepared for a night of competition, however each participant has claimed that the event will be fun and light-hearted. Ruiz added on, “What is pretty exciting is that this year ASB’s

tech-crew has made introduction videos for each staff member and is played before each performance.” With that being said, Cortes expressed, “The main purpose of Dancing with the Stars was to show everyone how diverse the conqueror staff really is. Although we are fundraising for future events, we are all promoting the talent of our great staffulty here at LAHS.” The night resulted in success as all staff members were champions at heart. However, Meylor and her partner, senior Josie Osborn, were the ones who won the disco ball trophy and title of 2018 Dancing with the Staff winners.

End of the Year Concert Concludes Los Altos Choir Season Successfully By Aaron Kim As the end of the school approached, the Los Altos Choir program showcased all of their work and songs from the school year for one last final concert. Tuesday, May 1, all choirs in the program sang their hearts out on stage at the Hacienda Heights Community Center, through the times of 6 and 8.

LA Harmony, the beginning choir, kicked off the concert, performing concert choir pieces which also featured percussion. Men’s Choir also performed selections from their fall repertoire and also two new songs for the well engaged audience. After, Women’s Ensemble and Production Choir both performed songs they sang at fall concert, showing their

growth from the beginning of the year until now. Both of these choirs also competed as show choirs this season, going to competitions against different schools, and being awarded with trophies and plaques. Concert choir and classical pieces filled up the first half of the concert, as the two award winning show choirs performed their

shows during the second half. With their swift moves and smooth vocals, both LA Rhythm and Production Choir proved to everyone just how important show choir was to them. Emotions roared on and off stage as it was the class of 2018’s last choir concert. There was no surprise that feelings of joy and sadness filled

the hearts of the senior class. Senior Kevin Garcia described the moment, “It was great, and the energy just flowed through us all. Everyone felt proud, excited, and accomplished as a choir.” Sophomore Amara Overmyer had been out for the past 4 performances due to a foot injury and performed at this competition while finally recovering, “It

felt incredible to be onstage! I’ve never felt so happy performing than I did that night. We were all exhausted but the atmosphere was electric with excitement.” Garcia concluded, “I believe we worked as a group and I’m just excited to end my year knowing how well we did this whole year.”


May 2018

Avengers: Infinity War Delivers Most Ambitious & Marvelous MCU Film Yet By Nicolás Hernández For the past ten years, Marvel Studios has been releasing cinematic hit after hit much to the praise of critics and fans alike. Their newest release, Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of a decade long story that successfully juggles an ambitious story, a wide array of characters from different movie franchises, and the best villain in any Marvel Cinematic Universe movie resulting in the most emotionally sophisticated film the studio has ever produced and a movie that has viewers begging for more. Avengers: Infinity War tells the story of the Avengers as they attempt to stop their greatest enemy yet: Thanos (portrayed by Josh Brolin). Thanos is attempting to gather six Infinity Stones in order to change the course of reality and erase half of all life in the universe to combat the issue of overpopulation. Directing duo, Joe and Anthony Russo, returned to direct this movie after being praised for the sophistication they brought to the Marvel universe after Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. The Russos should be praised for the talent and ability that allowed them to direct a compelling story that gave appropriate service to over two dozen characters, as well as fix one of the largest issues with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the MCU has been

receiving mostly universal praise for the last decade, one of their most apparent and widely commented on flaws has been the villains in their movies. Infinity War remedies this problem excellently. The combination of understandable motivations and an earnest performance from Josh Brolin results in Thanos being not only the best Marvel villain to date, but also easily being the most developed character in the movie. Thanos was certainly a welcome addition to the film and resulted in a unique movie experience. Senior Millie Suthasri opinionated, “The movie delivered a new ending that has never been brought to other superhero movies, leaving the audience wanting more.” The character of Thanos is complemented marvelously by the Avengers themselves, who even though take a secondary role in the movie, are responsible for the funnest parts of the film. Hero highlights include Marvel veterans such as Tony Stark/Iron Man (played by Robert Downey Jr.), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), and Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), as well as relative newcomers like Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Peter Parker/Spiderman (Tom Holland). The movie also benefits from the difference in tone from different characters interacting making the movie seem fresh and exciting at all times. An

example of this is how the more carefree characters from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies interact with more serious Earth based Avengers. Senior Christine Castrellon commented on the movie, “My favorite part about the movie was the decision that the creators made of not focusing on one specific group or one specific planet but instead the audience were on the edge of their seats to see what planet or galaxy theu were going to introduce next and which group of Avengers they were going to follow. Not only was it an adventure for the Avengers, but for the audience as well.” While the movie is certainly one of Marvel’s best, it is not without its flaws. The film is the longest MCU movie to date and while this might be a positive for devoted fans, for casual moviegoers, this could be a daunting movie to watch. Also, while all the Avengers are handled well and some characters definitely shine, it really is Thanos’ movie so unlike previous entries in the Avengers franchise, the heroes could feel underrepresented for some. Castellon commented, “One critique I have on the movie is how long it was. Although the movie needed to be long to answer any questions and hook Marvel fans into watching the next movie, it could have cut certain scenes without disrupting the flow it had going on and in turn make the movie shorter.” Suthasri also found some

problems with the film commenting that the movie did not feel like a complete movie since it ended with a cliffhanger. She commented that they essentially, “split the movie into two parts.” She continued, “It felt like there was never going to be a final ending because there

was so much going on.” Despite these minor flaws, it is safe to say that the movie’s critical success and its historic $257.8 million opening weekend cement Marvel Studios’ most ambitious movie yet as another success for the studio and fans alike.

Castrellon concluded, “Overall, I would recommend this movie to everyone because it appeals to thrill seekers, action movie followers, and hopeless romantics alike with comedy tying everything together.”

Ready Player One Provides Pop Culture Fans Nostalgic & Adventurous Movie Experience By Albert Sarkissian The movie Ready Player One is about a futuristic society in which extreme poverty plagued the citizens of the United States. However, there is only one thing keeping these citizens happy, and that is the Oasis. The movie poses a great deal of action, keeping the audience thrilled and barely able to keep up with the action. The digital

effects used enhance this feeling, with beautiful and extravagant architecture and wildlife throughout the movie. The acting also contributes to this, as the main protagonists are played by Tye Sheridan and Sophie Turner, who both act out their roles as if they are really in the situations that are portrayed. The Oasis is a virtual reality world in which players are realistically placed in a

virtual circumstance, as if they are really in that battle or race. This is what draws people in, and what keeps them there is the progression system, in which money is used to purchase in game items. This is where the conflict in the story comes in. Teenager Wade plays in the Oasis every day, and one day a competition is announced. Whoever can find three keys that are hidden throughout the Oasis

claims its ownership. This inspires many companies to try and solve the mystery, in order to win the trillion dollar company. Wade and his group of friends set on a mission to protect the Oasis from industrialization by winning the Oasis for themselves, and on the way encounter real world loss, gain, and relationships. The movie uses the dire circumstances to create an

intricate mood, keeping the audience interested with close encounters with industrialists known as Sixers, and meetings with online friends in real life. Overall, the movie provides a fun experience for all groups of people, but especially caters to those who lived in the 90’s as it has a huge amount of references to pop culture from the time, evident through the final challenge being the

game “Adventure”. However, the movie also caters to modern day pop culture fanatics because it has many references to shows, movies, and video games from the two thousands, evident through Superman’s glasses being an identity hiding device, and a Super Mario sticker on an Oasis device.


May 2018


Teacher’s Choice Awards Celebrates Students By Nicolás Hernández Earlier this month, the Los Altos Hacienda was filled with congratulatory spirit as teachers and other staff members recognized certain students at the Teacher’s Choice Awards. This was the first ever Teacher’s Choice Award in which staff members were provided with the opportunity to present an award to a Los Altos student who deserved to be recognized for whatever reason. The event commenced after the students being honored and their guests got a chance to help themselves to light refreshments and find their seat. The Hacienda was decorated with many posters, centerpieces at all the tables, and overall the organization by Renaissance helped establish the formal atmosphere for what would be a great night for those present. After an introduction by Christopher Reeder, the event was underway and the evening of recognition and celebration began. Each teacher that had picked a student to recognize was called up to the stage and delivered a speech before presenting their

Senior Joshua Chia receives a Teacher’s Choice Awards and an embrace from Anatomy and Physiology teacher, Jeffrey Perez. Photo by Nicolás Hernández awards to their nominee and then they both went to take a photo. The highlight of the evening was, without a doubt, the speeches delivered by the faculty members, many of which drew both laughs and tears from the attentive audience.

One of the students recognized, by Reeder, was Damian Hernandez who expressed what it felt like to be given this award by Reeder, “I felt a sense of belonging, and also a sense of happiness. Such an influential person in my life who has impacted me greatly as also

been touched by me and it just made me so happy to know that he had selected me to be part of such a momentous occasion.” It was safe to say after the event had wrapped up that this new event was a success for all those honored, all those honoring, and

the guests who were there to watch it all happen. This new event is sure to be a new Los Altos tradition. Hernandez demonstrated this sentiment by going on to say, “I thought [the event] was great. Seeing all the teachers and the students together to celebrate the

impact they’ve had on each other. Each story I heard touched me and it showed me that events like this truly impact the surroundings and culture on this campus. So I’d personally like to thank everyone for participating because it can impact a person’s life greatly.”

Successful Competitions Bond Students Honor Teachers During Talented Los Altos Jazz Band Teacher Appreciation Week

Jazz Band playing at Taste of LA. Photo by Christine Castrellon jazz band has been worked By Caley Asbee on whether it is dynamics or The smooth sound of articulation. Jazz band has jazz follows Los Altos’ very performed better this year own Jazz Band wherever than we did last year. From they perform. This year, the bassist, guitarist, pianist, Jazz Band competed in two and drummer working competitions, obtaining together to the winds playing in unison, this year second place in both. Their successful year was a was remarkable.” This year Jazz Band was result of the companionship that all the members share even able to arrange a jazz and the talent which unites combo. This means that they were successfully able them. Senior Justin Gonzalez to reconceptualize a piece said, “We had much praise of music. Senior Rajat Tak states, from different band directors and judges. Every aspect of “My favorite part [of being

a part of Jazz Band] was just jamming with my best friends.” All of the members of Jazz Band are now reflecting at this time of year on the good times they have had playing together and how they have grown together. Gonzalez added, “Jazz Band has improved on our friendships hand down. Without a doubt, the chemistry within the band supports the music that we are trying to make.” All great groups, whether it’s a sports team, club, or band, on campus have an advisor who helps support the program and lead them to success throughout the year. In Jazz Band’s case Mr. Jay Laging has helped lead the band to success and help get them to become the band they are today. Gonzalez concluded, “Mr. Laging pushed each of us to explore the outside of said comfort zone which made us greater musicians than ever.”

By Britney Cundiff

As the school year came to an end, students were given the chance to recognize teachers and staff during Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week. The week of May 7 to May 11 was dedicated to giving back to those who provide students with education and recognize all their hard work. Students were encouraged

to take different actions for the different days of the week in order to express their gratitude towards teachers. Students brought an apple to teachers and staff on Monday and then gave candy to teachers and staff on Tuesday. Students brought flowers to place on teachers and staff member’s desk on Wednesday and high fives were given on Thursday. Finally, on Friday, students wrote notes or brought a card to their teachers and staff. Principal Jeffrey Hess even had a special surprise for teachers on campus in the form of going around to different classes and giving teachers the chance to pick out a candy from a basket during second period on Tuesday May 8. Teachers were also provided coffee, donuts, and special Bucca di Beppo gift certificates on Friday to

show appreciation. Senior Nacala Mitchell shares, “It’s important to have this appreciation week because the teachers and staff we have do so much for us students, some even go above and beyond and influence us or help us out when needed.” This Appreciation Week gave students, who do not usually get the chance to show their appreciation for teachers the opportunity to do so. Mitchell expresses, “I would appreciate Mrs. Munoz and Mr. Hernandez because they have both helped me grow through my entire time at high school, without them, I probably would still be the shy freshman I was before.” Although teachers and staff are appreciated all year round, this week emphasizes how much students care about those that work so hard to educate them.

May 2018



Class of 2018 Finishes Senior Project, Relief Ensues By Briana Muñoz Aaron Pimentel As the Class of 2018 started the school year, many had the fear of one thing: the Senior Project. Stress, anxiety, and anger filled the minds of seniors as they were explained that it was required to graduate. All the seniors have presented and are ready to finish off the school year, and now there is an atmosphere of relief for the senior class who has completed this dreaded assignment. The senior project consists of 4 major parts and small check-ups in between. 15 hours of community service, a 6-10 page essay, a portfolio, and a presentation to finish it all off. Seniors were informed of all the incoming assignments in early October, but many students displayed symptoms of senioritis. Fast forward to this month, the essays were graded, portfolios turned in, and presentations done with. The class of 2018 were relieved of their last major assignment, other than finals. Andres Ramos explains, “Now that the senior project is over with,

Seniors, dressed formally, crowd near poster readying to take pictures after successfully getting through their presentations. I am ready for graduation and I will feel like all of my hard work paid off.” Ramos adds on, “The senior project helped me become more responsible and a better person overall. I had to work hard because nothing was handed to me.” There exists

procrastination that can affect everyone, and it is important to not fall too behind. For that sole reason, English teachers created check-ups that were also worth points for the class. Senior Briza Escobar shared her motivation, “The fact that graduation is a big deal,

I wanted to end successfully and strong for the year to show the lower classmen that it is a lot of work. It is definitely not impossible.” Senior year revolves around the senior project, which came with pros and cons. Senior Jadon Rocha explains, “It was really hard

to make time for all of the community service. My life is pretty busy and I had to really map out my schedule. Although it was stressful, it helped me better my time management.” The senior project is very traditional here at Los Altos and although every class

Photo by Aaron Pimentel dreads it at first, it is here to stay. Senior Antonio Botello concludes, “At first it was a hassle and I thought it was really pointless. Overtime it grew on me and I realized that it benefited me more than anything. Now I really am ready to graduate.”

Los Altos Football Brings Home New Head Coach: Travis Brown

New football coach and Los Altos alumni, Travis Brown, runs alongside the football team during offseason practice at the stadium. Photo by Aaron Pimentel

By Damien Alvarado

After weeks of extensive training and preparation for the season, the Los Altos Athletic Department fired Head Coach Hector Spathias, in order to bring in Los Altos alumni Travis Brown. The Conquerors were forced to search for a new coach early in 2017 when Dale Ziola stepped down after going 13-1 in the 2016 season. This led to a search with 27 candidates, and the Conquerors settled on

Spathias. It was almost certain that Spathias would retain his job after leading the team to a 7-3 regular season record, and losing to 2017 Division 5 runner up Moorpark. Spathias and his staff have been holding 2 practices a week in order for the Conquerors to get ready for the new year. “You know it was shocking when I found out. I thought we did good, we

went 7-4. I feel bad for the kids, because we have been working since December” added Spathias. On Wednesday April 11th Principal Jeffrey Hess sent a message regarding the reason why the school and Spathias parted away, “We have made a mutual decision with Coach Hector Spathias that results in him stepping down as the Los Altos Football Coach to better support the program as a whole.

This change has nothing to do with wins or losses, it has more to do with the expectations of the great Los Altos Football Program.” This move came late in the year which left many wondering why it did not happen sooner especially coach Spathias and his staff. “It sucks that it happen so late. You know, we all still want to coach. If they were going to do this they should have done it earlier. I had

calls from other schools.” On April 20th Los Altos stand out wide receiver alumni Travis Brown was named Head Coach. Brown was a former Los Altos receiver and was a part of two CIF Championship teams before graduating in 2004. He later played at The University of New Mexico and had a brief stint with the St. Louis Rams. Brown has Head Coaching experience from Duarte as well as Cantwell. It was a blessing for him to be able to return home and bring the Los Altos Football Tradition back. “First of all, I want the parents to know everything we are doing is for the kids, and an open communication between coaches and parents will allow success for the kids” states Brown. The Championship tradition is looking to be brought back by the coach, and parents as well as alumni are excited for the future. Brown will start spring ball April 30. The Conquerors first game will be against Covina High School on August 17th.


May 2018

Diego Arcadia Jocelin Narbaez


Christine Castrellon Joshua Celis Emilie Fernandez Nicolas Hernandez Alejandra Martinez Lauren Perez Gabriel Ramos

Joshua Chia Emily Jin

Jonathan Chang Bianca Flores Jella Lu

Jason Soo Hoo

Tiffany Liao Caley Asbee Camryn Verduzco

Melody Leñero

Kaitlyn Orozco

MeiLen Gutierrez Lucía Preciado

May 2018



HIGHLANDERS Saraith Kreslake Xin Wang

Briza Escobar Victoria Mejia

Zenrick Banawa Brittney Delgado Jazmin Flores Michael Sierra Ikmanpreet Singh

Ariana Bautista

Damian Hernandez

Miguel Balderrama Marissa SareĂąana Ulani Wells

Maira Rodriguez

Efren Aparicio Eric Heng

Jeffrey Ho Goldwin Tang Century Yang


May 2018

Senior Wills are a way for the Class of 2018 to express gratitude to all those who helped them on their high school journey and to leave behind a legacy for those who look up to them... I, Brianna Chang, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following: First of all I would like to thank my parents for always supporting me in times of hardship and for motivating me to do my best in academics. Without their wisdom and love, I would surely be lost. Next, I would like to I, Alyssa Armstrong, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following: Leslie Alaniz: I leave you my spirit at volleyball games and practices... don’t let ANYONE get to your head. Just do you boo, let the others fall on their own. I leave you our sassy remarks, dancing, laughs, and sweaty bear hugs that we’ve had throughout the three years of Volleyball, building our friendship together. I leave you our memories that turned us into sisters instead of friends. I can’t believe that I’m graduating and you won’t be there with me because we have gone through so much together. It’s okay, you be there for my graduation and I’ll be there for you next year. I also leave you our pep talks and a stress ball for all those hard times on and off the court. I leave you our insiders on the court when we wouldn’t be paying attention... ahh fun times. I also leave you the confidence to wear what you want and be

thank all my teachers, especially Mr. Hedell and Mrs. Banda, for devoting so much time to my education and improving my skills for college. All of my teachers have helped me transition to the school well so that I feel comfortable here. Also, I would like to thank Jason Chang, Jonathan Chang, Century Yang, and Tiffany comfortable with your body. Girl, you are so beautiful you don’t see it but I do. You glow everyday, whether there is sunshine or clouds, your smile lights up my day when I see you. I leave you the ability to clean out the toxic people on your life. It helps you find yourself and tour worth. You should NOT be treated badly; I won’t tolerate it, not under my watch. I am always a call or text away if you need a quick break from everything and need some Lyss. I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you graduate next year! I know you can do it Les. <3 Soledad Sibal: Honey where do I start with you... I’ve known you for two years and I feel like I’ve known for more. I will miss your last two years of high school, but tour half way there! You can do it, I know you can. Save me a ticket for graduation. Anyway, I leave you our hugs, laughs, smiles, and mini dances we’d have on the court. I leave you my will to

I, Valerie Valadez, graduate of the class of 2028, hereby will the following:

I would like to thank my family for being the biggest supporters and always believing in me in the most difficult times. Never once doubting my abilities. In addition, I’d like to acknowledge Liao for making me my friends for continfeel like I belong since uously motivating me I arrived at this school. throughout my high I especially am grateful school years. for Drake Huffman and the confidence, love, Also I would like to exand support he gave me presss gratitude for the throughout the year and when I most needed it. I, Millie Suthasri, They all have made my graduate of the class time at Los Altos so of 2018, hereby will the valuable and I hope we following: can continue to make My endearment to all more memories. of my truest friends, my position as the American Red Cross Presi-

teachers who inspired me most and helped me aspire my goals. That would be Ms. Andrade, Ms. Crowther, Ms. Precido, and Mr. Ambriz. These teachers have really outdone themselves by working extremely hard everyday. The best part of my high school experience was being the President of the Spanish National Honor Society as it taught me about leadership, professionalism, and teamwork. I was able to connect with a

diversity of students and help them grow within their community. Now to my fellow underclassmen, never give up on your dreams. Set yourself goals and work hard to achieve them. Take rigorous courses and stay involved in extra curricular a because those activities will get you out of your comfort zone. The whole point is to outgrow yourselves. And last but not least, have fun!

dent of the Rio Hondo/ Commerce Youth to Carolina Elizarraras, my creativity and sisterly love to Jasmine Pahimna, my gratitude to the lunch lady who always remembered my

name and my breakfast food choice, and my good luck wishes to all the underclassmen and to all 2018 graduates as everyone ventures off into their own paths.

I'd like to thank all of my friends, family, and teachers for making my 4 years of high school enjoyable. There were ups and downs but at the end of the day, you just have to keep mov-

ing forward. To Caley: I wish I would have met you sooner. We have spent half of high school together and you never fail to put a smile on my face. I still stutter and choke up on my words when talking to you because I get so damn nervous still. Every morning it's like I'm seeing you for

the first time, taking my breath away and not being able to take my eyes off you. I was lucky to have met such a smart, beautiful, funny, generous, caring, and selfless angel. I will eventually split off with many of my high school friends, but you are a forever kind of thing.

“I, Jeffrey Ho, graduate of the class of Angie Rodriguez: I am 2018, hereby will the sorry I couldn’t spend following.: my last year with you as much as I wanted to. I To the Class of 2018, will make it up to you. I will you the achieveI leave you our laughs ments and memories and fun times during that no other class will practice on the court make through our past or on the track. I leave four years. you our tight hugs, we To Mom and Dad, always hug like it’s our thank you for supportlast. I leave you our ing me through these friendship that I know tough 18 years of life, will last just as long as for keeping me motimy friendship with your vated in pursuing acbrother. I will be there ademics and through to have a late night talk. scouting, I won’t be the I am a call or text away person I am today withand I’ll come by to pick out you guys. you up after school if To Patrick Akarapiyou need a quick get- mand, Jonathan Huang, away. I love you so Century Yang, I will much and I can wait to you my ability to be totally the best at chinese, see you graduate. <3 it was a fun four years

through Chinese class shenanigans. To my fellow scouts, Jacob Francis, Junior Lerma, Blake Rosa, Jason Soo Hoo, I hope we all become great Eagle Scouts, and (hopefully) live our code for the rest of our lives. To Tiffany Liao, I will you my ability to make crappy jokes through any circumstances. To my tennis teammates, I will you the ability to beat Walnut for once. Albert Sarkissian, David Beltran, Joshua Marquez, may you all be great anchors and bring the team to victory. To Mock Trial, I will you the best title ever called Head of Pre-Trial. Jonathan Tang, may

you cherish this totally real title next year :) To my juniors, I will you the antidote to senioritis, and hopefully it will cure you all. To Mr. Giang, I will you my motivation so you can keep on teaching. Good luck on your next year of freshman students and a new Computer Science Class. To all my other teachers, I will you my perseverance in class, and hope that the students will always learn something new from you guys. And lastly, to all my other friends, I’m sorry if I didn’t mention you guys, but you all mean the world to me <3

scream at anyone who isn’t giving you a good pass, you need to be assertive girl! Get out of your shell, it’s one thing being off the court but say what you need to in order to win! From your Mama Lyss, I can’t wait to see you thrive and grow a beautiful young lady. I am always a call or text away, never forget that. I love you so much Sol, words can’t explain it. <3

I, Aaron Pimentel, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following:


May 2018 I, Caley Asbee, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following. To Jessie Shook, all of our memories we’ve made. From Disneyland, to shopping, to getting our nails done, to more shopping, to food. This past Senior year has helped me gain my best friend. Thank you for being someone I can rely on to talk to about anything, someone to listen to Danielle Bregoli, Elijah Daniel, and Tana Mongeau with, someone to gossip with, and most importantly someone to eat with. To Aaron Pimentel, where do I start. Thank you for being the cliche high school sweetheart people talk about. To Shelby Argabright, our lame jokes. From 6th grade to senior year thank you for always

being someone to laugh with. To Analise Pacheco, our similarity. Thank you for always being a realist with me and for making fun of everything with me. To Alyssa EstradaBraden, for supporting me. Thank you for always hyping me up. To Audrey Ochoa, our time at the vet. Thanks for making that experience variable and continuing to do so in boring classes. To Melody Leñero, for knowing stuff. Thanks for being informed and being a “social justice worker” with me. To Nicolas Hernandez, your lame puns. I am willing something you do back to you because nobody wants to hear them. To Nick Alvarez, our poking fun at Aaron. Thanks for always helping me blame Aaron for stuff.

To James Valeanu, our style. I think of Nick, Aaron, You and I, we both agree we have better knowledge on fashion. To Alondra Gutierrez, your kindness has forever impacted me. To meme kid, for pointing out that cutting all your hair off is a bad idea. To Gabriel Gonzalez, for being the brother I don’t have. Thank you for late night talks and helping me get through anything thing and everything. To Claire Rizo, vine culture will always carry on because of you. To Carlos Zelaya, thanks for annoying me freshmen and eventually becoming a close friend by senior year. To Ismael Oneida, we never took that picture we vowed to recreate by senior year.

“I, Jonathan Cortez, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following... My throwers have to carry on where I left off for track and continue to

grow. I leave to the varsity team a new chance and a fresh start to a great season and get to CIF. And any and all upcoming AP students to not be discouraged

and rely on the family around you as I along with the other seniors leave our impact and thoughts for you all to follow.

I, Justin Gonzalez, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following...first off, big shoutout to the bois who have been there since day one. Another shoutout to Ms. Kim

for pushing me to do better in AP Psychology. Shoutout to Fortnite for showing me how to dance better. As soon as I leave Los Altos, I will start my journey on graduating from a

I, Damian Hernandez, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following to all current, and future members of Renaissance. It’s been an amazing journey for me here at Los Altos, and it’s hard for me to believe that my journey here is almost at it’s

end, though I’d like to leave you all with some advice that I believe will set you on the path to happiness. I ask that you all, live a life that matters. The most powerful currency we have is the ability to impact another person’s life. So live a life that

I, Isabel Ivy, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following compassion, love, strength, and loyalty to my best friend, Thomas Bardsley. 12 years of friendship, family, and love. Make your senior year great. You already make me so proud. To Sam and Kenny Bardsley, I will patience, courage, confidence,

and strength. You guys have a long ways to go, but being able to see you grow up has been a pleasure. I will always see you as my siblings. To Eric Lozano, I will patience. You are an amazing musician and person. I'm honored to have had the opportunity to play with you. Try not to get overwhelmed by the pit.

4-year university. It will be tough but know this, the thought of Los Altos and knowing where I, Marissa Sareñana, I came from will never graduate of the class leave my mind. of 2018, hereby will the following; It feels uncanny to be the one is fulfilling, live a life leaving. I've watched that is meaningful, and so many of my friends lastly live a life that you graduate and leave, I are proud to call your thought my time would own. Thank you all, never come. As exand remember Once A cited as I am to leave, Conqueror, Always A there's a great deal that I'll miss. I'll miss the Conqueror. enticing, spontaneous conversations with my favorite janitor, Juan Carlos. I'll miss the Be confident in your community center staff abilites. Last but not blasting Closing Time least, to Panagos, I will by Semisonic to try and strength and patience. I get everyone to leave know this year was hard after choir concerts. I'll for you, but you are an miss Fishers witty, fulamazing teacher who filling lectures and conhas, and will always versations. I'll miss the have, a positive impact way the school looked on the kids that you during early morning teach. Thank you all for set ups. I'll miss my an amazing senior year. Friday sessions with Mr. DeBellis. I'll miss

I, Nicolás Hernández, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following: First of all I would like to will my achievements of my high school experience to my parents and to my sister who serve as an inspiration to me and push me to be the best person I could be. I would be remiss if I did not mention Christine Castrellon and demonstrate the sincerest of gratitude for giving me the love and willpower necessary to deal with the challenges of every day. As much as we annoy each other every day, there is never a time that I do not regret taking that fortune cookie’s advice. She has brought joy to my life like no other person has and every second that we are together is better than the last. I am so proud of you for everything that you have been able to accomplish in water polo, engineering, academics, college and everything in between. There is no doubt in my mind that you are

going to be successuful in what ever you do and you have made me a very proud and happy boyfriend. Thank you. Secondly, I would like to thank my teachers who invested so much of their time and hard work into the advancement of my education. These especially include Ms. Guzman, Mr. Nares, Monty, and Mrs. Banda. Ms. Guzman and Mr. Nares especially who have both made the most impact when deciding what career path I would pursue. I will never forget the time and energy you invested in my education. Thank you so much The highlight of my high school achievements would definitely be my time as Editor-in-Chief of the Journalism program and therefore I would like to will the achievements in that program to the staff that made it possible. Specifically, I would like to will my position as Editor-in-Chief to Brianna Arellano and Kessia Cisneros

who I believe have the potential to achieve greatness and are more than capable to lead this program. I would also like to will the position as head of layout to Andrew Kodous who I hope in his great talents will find the humbleness to achieve true greatness. To Kimberly Castrellon I would like to wish her the best in her senior year and to be a good an influence to Stephanie as Chrisitne was to her. Finally, I would like to will to my friends gratitude for making the sometimes overwhelming and stressful high school experience a tolerable part of my life. Specifically, Xin Wang who ever since he threw that stick in my eye, has managed to repay me for that pain with his friendship and Millie Suthasri who has been someone that I have been able to rely on in the worst of times and who I know has the capacity and willpowe to persevere despite the hardships she faces. I believe in you.

Reeder's passion for leadership and growth. I'll miss being in Production Choir. Choir has taught me to appreciate people and music the way they come. Thank you to my PC family for allowing me to live out my dream of being your president. Please find fulfillment in yourself and never stop singing. To my renaissance family, never forget your own significance and importance to this campus. Thank you for always lighting up my day. I wouldn't change a thing about this group. Thank you for always showing me unconditional love and respect. I'll miss every single one of you. To any underclassmen, please set time aside to love and take care of your needs and wants. I

know it's hard but don't worry too much about where you do and don't get into college. People will still be proud of you. Just do things that make you happy not what will "look good" on college applications. Know your surroundings, say thank you, hug your family, go out as much as possible, don't waste time on drama, fall in love with something or someone, and enjoy your adolescence. Because soon enough we'll be old and shriveled reminiscing on these weird and confusing years. I'll miss high school and the connections I've made but I can't wait to go to college and become my own person. See ya in Monterey Bay. Go Otters!


May 2018

I, Karla Galaviz, a graduate of the class of 20118 hereby will the following: To Aileen Hernandez, a planner.After twelve years of schooling together, we are finally going our separate paths. The planner is to remind you of all the things you have to do, since I won't be there. (BTW, thanks for the help on the math homework;) To Emandra Garavito, my nonexistent singing abilities and sacrasm, continue making people smile. To Diego Arcadia, my respect and appreciation. You've made it one amazing year, thank you for the memories and

fun times. To Alex Wong, my cup of coffee, so that your spirits remains high. To Alejandra Martinez, my cup of tea, so that you remain calm. Continue offering words of wisdom. To Breeze Hernandez, real coffee, no more lame caffine pills. To Joshua Chia, my gratitude. To Xin Wang, my ability to be in class everyday. To Illiana Acosta, my patience and laughter. You made those Wendesday meetings bareable. To the Advanced Drama class, success and happiness on all future endeavors. to Sariah sriracha, to Jordan free

chips, to Joceyln knowledge, to Britney Cundiff better lying skills, to Brittney Delagdo success, to Jackie power, to Freddy humor, to Gaby worlock powers, to Kat killer writing, to Julio sass, to Alejandro a new adventure. To the underclassmen, my ability to laugh in times of crisis and my will to continue learning. To the next Journalism staff, good luck and success on future issues. Lastely, to whomever I have offended in the past four years of highschool, my sincerest apologies. I will to you my kindness and ability to move on.

I, Jadon Rocha, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following want to thank my family and all my friends who have al-

ways believed in me. Everyone who encouraged me to do my best as well as everyone I met throughout the years who made me so

happy to meet and be able to be friends with. Thank you guys for always being there.

I, Century Yang, graduate of the class of 2018 hereby will the following to the mentioned individuals. To Douglas Lin, I leave the well-being of Mock Trial to you, hopefully you guys can do well next year! To Vicky Zhai, I would leave you Patrick, but unfortunately he’s coming with us seniors. To Justin Tran, I leave a positions in KIWINS (maybe?) to you. KIWINS>Key Club! To the juniors and other underclassmen in yearbook, I will you all the yearbook programs and equipment that you guys will use next year to produce a banging yearbook. You guys can do it, I believe in you! It’s been a wild ride these past 4 years, but it’s all paid off. Got into my top school (UCSD Go Tritons) so there’s that.

First off, I’d just like to thank my friends because without you guys I would have never survived high school. Jason Chang, we had a lot of great adventures in high school and I can’t wait to experience college with you my boy. Tiffany Liao, you deserve everything coming to you and are the smartest person I know, don’t stress yourself at Yale. Brianna Chang, it has been a fun couple of years and you’re probably tired of me by now but we get 4 more years together in San Diego, see you there banana. Maira Rodriguez, we don’t talk as much anymore but anytime you need me I’m here my dude. Emily Jin, I’m not taking care of you ever again. Isaac Ibarra, my man, it’s nice how much we talked this

year especially about... your problems. Nicolas Hernandez, I hate your puns with a passion, never change. To all my yearbook editors thank you all for your help during the year creating the book, couldn’t have done it without you guys. Emma Ruelas, you wanna fight or something? Jonathan Huang, 肯定! Jason Soo Hoo, Motel 6. Also, shoutout to Jenna and Michelle from Garden Grove HS. Even though you guys don’t go to our school you put me in your newspaper so now you’re in ours! Now to get on to the actual willing part of my senior will. I probably did this entire senior will thing wrong, but that basically sums up my high school experience. Peace everyone.

I, Bianca Flores, a graduate of the class of 20118 hereby will the following: I would first like to thank all the teachers, administrators, and staff for maintaining a positive atmosphere at Los Altos. Thank you Hedell for teaching me to be fearless and adventurous, thank you Mr. Fahey for teaching me that good is never good enough, and thank you Mr. Reeder for teaching me how to find my why. You all have made an impact on my life, and I will definitely be using these important lessons in the future. Now, I would first like to give my brother a bit of advice. Ernie, slow down, enjoy, and take advantage. Now that my time at Los Altos is coming to an end, I realize that there was so much available to me as a student, so get involved, meet new people, and don’t be afraid to pursue your own path. The scariest choices you make will always be the ones you remember. I’m so happy you made ASB, so make me proud and be a good little tech boi. And don’t drive Matt too crazy. Speaking of Shozylhead, I bless you with relaxation for this next senior year... you made it through junior year woo! And you absolutely crushed that AP Lang class. Matt you are a genius and one heck of a Tech Commissioner and I know you will continue to thrive in that position. Take it easy on my bro and don’t get too lazy during your senior year. Senioritis is real. To Carolina, Jasmine, and Jessica, I give you my last bit of energy and

passion for ASB. You guys have an awesome amount of potential to lead this group to success. Remember that although you guys will have a tremendous amount of responsibility, have fun. Make stupid decisions, follow your heart, and joke around. It’s okay to not take everything seriously. I know you girls will do great in your new leadership positions! To my jumps squad, don’t give up like I did this year. Modivate yourselves and each other to improve and reach your goals, and don’t drive coach crazy like I did. Adrian, you’re the leader now, good luck! My beloved choir familia, I give you my never ending passion and dedication to this ridiculous world of song and dance. Like I said before, I can never truly express how much this choir did for me. Singing and dancing with you all on stage was bliss, and I don’t think I will ever experience anything so joyful ever again. It’s sad, but if you guys continue to work hard and perform your hearts out it will make me feel better! Altos, this section was so special. I couldn’t wait to come to class and show off how amazing our voices sounded together. Brittney and Amara, you two made this section what it is and I want to thank you for that. You girls have so much talent and leadership within you, so I hope you continue to share that with the rest of the group! And finally, to the two remaining copy editors, Aaron and Alexis, you two never failed to brighten my morning. Zero period could be

a pain in the butt, but I could always look forward to seeing your faces and joking around with you guys. I hate that I only got to know you guys this past year and that I have to leave already, but please stay in touch and keep extra newspapers for me so I can read your articles next year! Alexis, I can honestly say that I have never met someone as friendly, welcoming, and bubbly as you. Your laughter is infectious and it is impossible to have a conversation with you and not smile. Thank you for you warmth and laughter, it was very much needed at seven in the morning. I warn you, junior year will be tough and I know you’re probably already stressing, but remember to breathe and take one thing at a time. You can call me or text me whenever you need a girl to help you out. Also, I hope you don’t get in trouble for losing your retainer. Aaron! My choir/journalism/ASB bud! I don’t even feel the need to give you any advice or anything because I know you will be just fine. You are incredibly hardworking, intelligent, kind, and super talented. I will admit, every time I watch yours and Amara’s duet for Cabaret I can’t stop the tears. Continue to be your hilarious, charismatic, bubbly self and you’ll go far. P.S. Wong is Thanos and I don’t look like Emma Watson. Thank you Los Altos, I will take all the memories and experiences this campus has blessed me with and leave you my everlasting love. It’s been fun, see you later.

I, Isaac Ibarra of the class of 2018, hereby will Jared Ibarra academic success and growth this upcoming school year.

I, Darren Lim, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following... Alec Fuentevilla, he made me seriously consider going to South Hills.

I, Justin Ochoa, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will my parking spot to my girlfriend, Brittney Arnold. I will all the ASB tech skills to Matthew Shozuya to get through his senior year like a boss.

"I, Diego Arcadia, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following of giving my calculator to my dog


May 2018 I, Junior Lerma, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following: Four score and seven years ago…No, THANKFULLY, I only mean 4 years ago haha. I still remember the first day of freshman year. It seems as though it was only yesterday. However, if I really do think back, I realize these four years have been filled with many fulfilling memories and these will last our entire lifetime. I am extremely thankful for every opportunity Los Altos has given me. Even more than this, I am beyond blessed to have met some of the greatest human beings in the universe- from staff members to friends, the people here are truly extraordinary. I have to give a shout out to my water polo family (Coach Coleman, Coach Brian, Blakaay, John Wong, Jason Changey, Phil Naz, Danny Ivan Padilla, Soo Hoo Sea Bass, Rack ATak, etc.). These years of non-stop polo since middle school have truly been amazing because of you guys, so thank you! From 5:30am practices to playing polo in Oregon and freezing ourselves off in Shaver Lake, you all made my high school career worth it. Thank you so much especially to Mr. Laging and Mr. Fahey in the band and choir programs. Each one of you are so dedicated and passionate about your job and it is so inspiring. You have taught me wonderful things about music, life, and everything in genI, Maya Serrano, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following: To my Yearbook staff, I leave you the memories during 5th period and all the spreads we created. To the underclassman YB leaders for the 2018-2019 edition, I leave you yearbook

eral and I will never forget this, so thank you so much! If you haven’t got to meet them or have a class with them, join band and choir! You won’t regret it, I promise. Also, a very special shout out to Angel Ojeda. Dude, we’ve been great friends since middle school, and I remember how much it hurt you and us to see you living with epilepsy on a daily basis. But you know what, you never let it stop you. You had faith, hope, and love surrounding you. You always kept pushing. It makes me so happy… so so happy to see you here now, living life the way you deserve to: as a varsity track star, a marching band percussion master, and very smart student. #4yrsseizurefree. Thank you so much to the most amazing HOSA advisors in the world- Mr. Hernandez and Mrs. Munoz! Since 9th grade you have been here to offer me advice for life, school, and HOSA- no words are capable of expressing the thanks and appreciation I have for you two, both of you are truly like my second father and mother. Thank you Mr. Ackerman, Mrs. Gilek, and Mrs. Mann. I am so thankful for your dedication and kindness expressed as my Key Club and Conquerors for Christ advisors. These clubs impacted my life greatly and shaped me into who I’ve become so far. (Best of luck to you Jonathan Tang and team, God will continue to do amazing things here at Los Altos because of you, so thank leadership. I know you guys are going to do great things with the 60th edition and good luck! To my friends that I love dearly, I leave all the good times we had and I will cherish those moments together. To Emma, I leave you our times at nutrition and lunch when we were the only ones at our

you (= I’m here rooting for you as well!). Mr. Hess, you work so hard to make Los Altos the special place that it is. The community you created this year and have created since you attended Los Altos yourself is just indescribably positive, so thank you for everything. Lauren and Melody, it’s been awesome getting to know you both more over the years. Thank you for being such amazing people and I know we still have many great memories ahead of us. Last but certainly not least, thank you so much to each and everyone one of my teachers, you have all truly impacted my life positively and I will always remember you. Everyone that I met, meet, and will meet, I will continue to work hard with you on my mind hoping to make you proud. Advice for all my wonderful underclassmen: find what you love and once you do, run with it. Life is too short to live your life trying to satisfy others. Once you do this, your life will gain purpose and everything will slowly start falling into place. Be selfless, but take care of yourself. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, so keep your head up when difficulties come and stay humble when life seems to lift you up high. I love every single one of you. Even if I didn’t name you, but we’ve met, I mean this for you as well. Please keep in touch. Best of luck in life always (= spot. You truly are the coolest person I know. To Emilie, thank you for being an amazing friend. I remember that day in Spanish class when you first came up to me, I’m glad you did. Knowing you made my life easier. I will always be there for you and will always listen to you. You are truly one

I, Tiffany Liao, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following… To the Class of 2018, I will you the memories that we made together through the past four years. To my family and friends, I will you all my achievements. Mom and Dad, If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Same goes for Jonathan Chang, Jason Chang, Century Yang, Jeffrey Ho, Patrick Akarapimand, Alex Wong, and my fellow Wild Conqueror Brianna Chang. If it weren’t for you, my 2 and a half years at Los Altos would not have been as memorable or enjoyable as it was. I would like to will my limited basketball skills to my teammates Kiara, Maddie, Alexa, Christina, Danielle, Jenica, Austin, Emily, and Christina. Continue to ball out on the court and support each other when Mark yells at you I, Kaitlyn Orozco, a graduate of the class of 20118 hereby will the following: First I would like to thank all of my teachers for pushing me to achieve academic success. All those sleepless nights landed me a diploma and a lifetime of knowledge. To Alexis Cardenas I will the academic strength for your next two years of high school (because I know Senioritis hit you you earlier than expected), as well as the physically strength to wake up for Journalism. I also will you my sunglasses and my heart ever Valof the most incredible individuals that I could ever hope to meet. To Alyssa, you are one of a kind. I hope you know that no one can speak your voice, no one can smile your smile, or shine your light. You are so worthy and anyone is lucky to know you. To Century, Alexa, Emilie, and Shelby

all. To my fellow captains Brenda and Ulani, thank you for leading the team with me this year. Oh, and to Strycula, I will you the patience to deal with these little ones for the next few years ;) To my Mock Trial family, I will you all the ability to be FEISTY in the courtroom and MERCILESS on those cross examinations. To Zoe, Shaleia, Leslie, I will you the strength to keep the club going strong and remember, the “White House” will still be open to your use on the weekends :) To Monty, I will you my energy because I know how much of a pain students can be. And I will you the power to continue being the creative and unconventional person you are! Thank you for being like a mother to me and for guiding me these past three years. To Mr. Giang, Mrs. Mann and entine’s Day. To Brittney Arnold I will my position of NAMI President and the title of Godmother to my first born (water) child. To Alexis Mendoza I will you the ability to take your time and breath because I worry one day you will pass out from speaking too fast. As well as my Conqueror Crazy flower crown. To Aaron Kim I will the aux in my car any time I come back home to visit so we can jam out to Sam Smith and sing to our heart’s content. To Mia Heredia I will you my soccer sweat(who was there in spirit), I leave you our times at Pepperdine. Working with you guys on the book in Malibu was truly the best. Also, Century get some sleep. Mrs. Banda, I leave you my appreciation, your love for puns, chocolate, coffee, cookies, and no more beach balls of death. You are one of

Mrs. Gilbert, I will you the ability to continue making students’ lives easier by teaching them a strong math foundation. To Mr. Nares, I will you the ability to one day understand Alex’s memes and to continue spurring passion for government in your students. To my juniors, Amy, Vicky, Tiffany, Elaine, Matt, Kevin and Douglas, I will you the motivation to continue being the hard working and talented students you are. And lastly, to my little one, Christina Liao, I will you my guidance. Spread your wings and fly your own path, in your own direction. Soar high -- I know you will. Keep pushing yourself to your limits, keep failing so you can succeed, and keep being the genuine (and annoying) little sister and friend you are. And remember, you’ll always be my mei-mei. shirt where you can proudly wear my last name. I know it’s not like hiding in my cozy car from water polo practice but it will at least keep you warm. To Josh Sanchez I will my parking spot, since I know you are a new driver. Please stay safe To Mr. Debelis and Mrs. Munoz I will you the continued patience, guidance and understanding that I recived throughout the year as advisors to NAMI. Thank you for everything you’ve done, I love you both! the most hardworking individuals I know and I truly appreciate all the things you do for Yearbook. To the underclassmen, time really does fly by fast. Take advantage of every opportunity. The experience is what you make of it, so make it good. Adventure Awaits.


May 2018

I, Christine Castrellon, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following: Kimberly, my dear sister, I love you. Thank you for being my emotional support when we had bad games and when I was stressed. Thank you for your craziness for if it weren't for your dumb shenanigans there will never be any laughter, thank you for being my competition and someone I can look up to in water polo, thank you for sharing my senior year with me. I leave you to uphold the "Castrellon legacy." Continue being the great Captain that you are in water polo for you have not only inspired and motivated me, but Coleman and all the other girls on the team. Continue blossoming to the great woman you are becoming for you have the purest heart and the most contagious smile, you exude happiness and positivity. Continue having the work ethic that you have and being a leader. Please, don't ever give up on your goals for you will do great things later in life. Dream big and work hard little sister. I love you. Stephanie, my beloved baby sister, I love you. You are going to enter new territory this year but do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and ask questions if you get lost. High school is a place where whatever you want to achieve is attainable but you have to work hard to accomplish them. You are have a dependable guide that will help you through your classes and through the school and if she refuses to help you, don't worry just tell me and I'll make sure Kimberly

is nice to you. Transfer the aggressiveness you have on the basketball court to your studies and trust me, you will be unstoppable. I know you have struggled the most in school but you have proven through perseverance the results are rewarding so, carry that mentality and work ethic you have now into high school. Baby sister, you inspire and motivate me to never back down from a challenge and to get back up when I have fallen. I, also, leave you to uphold the "Castrellon legacy." Genny, I am still mad at you for not doing Swim but, I love you. Your sarcasm always made me laugh even when I was having a bad day. I expect you to make more goals than Kimberly next year, be more involved because the team needs you. Don't be afraid to step up because you have the potential to do great things. Also, take it easy on the jokes about Kimberly because I won't be there to laugh with you. I hope I didn't spell anything wrong on yours because I know you won't let me hear the end of it... Nicolas, my best friend and biggest supporter, I love you. I want to thank you for getting mad at me junior year when I was discouraged from going to college. If it weren't for you, I would not be going to Cal Poly Pomona (yes this is the big reveal). Thank you for the endless laughter and for the late nights studying for AP Gov. Thank you for always being patient when I don't get a concept and for always going out of your way to tutor me before a test. Rain or shine, thank you for going to my wa-

ter polo games and putting up with me after we lost. Thank you for making me go watch Avengers: Infinity War when I was very reluctant to go. You have shown me that there are no limitations to pursue our goals in life. You have shown me endless support, love, and dedication. I am so proud of you in your involvement in academics and how smoothly you ran the role of Editor-in-Chief despite the doubts you had of being able to fulfill that position. You will continue to achieve great things after high school. Esme Garcia, the fiercest water polo player I have ever met, I love you. You are an inspiration. After only being in water polo for a few months, you made the Varsity team, you are the embodiment of how hard work and dedication should be. I leave you to inspire others around you like you have inspired me. Your fiery personality and your tenacity is what the team needs, encourage them, and show them that hard work does pay off. I saw you come out of your shell this year, and it was truly a blessing, don't ever stop saying the comments you had. Your letter sits on my desk because people like you are the ones who instill the passion I have for any programs I am. You are the reason why I do what I do. Thank you Esme for allowing me to teach you, it truly was an honor. Xin Wang, the most annoying person I have ever met, I hate you. Just kidding, I love you. Although Nicolas got mad at us, thank you for making the movies we were forced to watch bearable with your stupid commentary. Xin,

I, Xin Wang, graduate class of 2018, hereby will the following. I would like to will all my success and ac-

complishments in high school to my parents, my friends, and especially my sister. My sister has helped me great-

ly throughout the four years that I’ve been here. She helped me combat my stress and helped me persevere

I, Raina Lee, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following... To my all my family, friends, and teachers, I will you my gratitude. Thank you for making me into the person I am today. I am forever grateful for those of you who have put up with me. I love you guys. I’d try to shout everyone out but it would take too long so hopefully you know who you are. To the following I will my thankfulness. I’m thankful for Tiff for sticking by my side since we were little ballerinas and making me a better person overall. I’m thankful for Bri for being my day one and understanding me. I’m thankful for David and Belle for always making me laugh and supporting me unconditionally. I’m thankful for Kayla and Anthony for our adventures and constant encouragement. I’m thankful for Jared and Chris for always being there for me. I’m thankful for Kiara and Daniella for always cheering me up. I’m thankful for all the underclassmen that I was able to get to know and I wish I could shoutout every single one of you. To my beloved dance team and beautiful Mrs. B and Maddie, I will you my memories,

dance skills, and thanks. I love you all so much. Thank you for all the laughs, love, and life lessons. These past four years have impacted me in more ways than you guys know. You guys are my family and have allowed me to be myself with no judgement. I am forever blessed to have been part of this team full of beautiful and talented people. To Renaissance and Reeder, I will you my memories and appreciation. Thank you for teaching me to find my why. This group has allowed me to grow so much in just one year and I’m sad it has to come to an end so soon. I’m glad I had the privilege to be part of this group and to have met such genuine and inspiring individuals. I love you guys. I know everyone will go far in life and I’m eager to see where you all end up.

I, Goldwin Tang, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following: my last name to Jonathan Tang, my luck to Kimberly Castrellon because of her absence of a crew next year, my main Engineering project to the electrical team (mostly

Jacob Santana or Gabriel Estrada), my waterpolo number to whoever gets it, and my best wishes to all the juniors for graduating next year (Issac Santana, Angel Caudillo, Genovieve Castillo, Kimberly Castrellon, etc.)

I, Illiana Acosta, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the through my difficulties. following. That the Without her, I would be Classes of 2019, 2020, and 2021 have coma different person. mitment to pursue their dreams. That they continue to work hard

to achieve their goals. That they become more involved and supportive of school activities. Always strive to do your best, because it will pay off in the end. I wish you good luck in all your future endeavors.

I believe you will accomplish so much in college. It is your time to start over and begin a new chapter in your life. I am proud of what you accomplished and, although with some complaints, how strong you finessed, I mean finished, the school year. A big thank you for listening to me rant and giving me advice. Millie Suthasri, the person with the kindest heart, I love you. I wish you the best in college. Your fighting spirit will allow you to learn new things, meet new people, and broaden your world. I am proud for what you have accomplished and what you will accomplish later on. You were a blessing of a friend and I couldn't be more thankful to have shared many memories with you. Jianna Martinez, my baby freshie, I love you. I also expect you to step up next year in water polo. You have the potential to do great things, I need you to know that and be able to execute. You have a special place in my heart little one and I can't wait to see you grow to an amazing woman. To my water polo girls: Kimberly, Adrianna, Arizha, Destiny, Jianna, Maggie, Genny, Lauren, Erika, Bella (bella bella bella dance-arilla), Mia, Priscilla, Rachel, Scarlett, Allie, and Vivian, I love you. I leave you all to make me and Coleman proud. You are the next generation and I hope you have honor and pride while playing for LAHS Girls Water Polo team. I love you all and thank you for making my senior year special.

To the class of 2018 and Los Altos High School, I will you these last four years. We made it! I’m proud of all of us and what we’ve done and I’m excited to see all my friends and classmates succeed in life. Don’t forget me and I wish you all the best of luck as we start the next chapter of our lives. Thank you for all the memories that will last a lifetime.

May 2018 I, Lauren Perez, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following: I would like to will all of my accomplishments and achievements to my family, closest friends and teachers. More specifically my grandparents. From an early age, they instilled in me the importance of hard work; and I owe my accomplishments to none I Alyssa EstradaBraden, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following: All my achievements I have succeeded within my years here at Los Altos I’d like to thank my friends, family and especially my colorguard family. You I, Breeze Hernandez, graduate class of 2018, hereby will the following: I will my high school accolades to my Mom and nina who are frankly the only reason why I received any. Their love and support is what helped me push myself harder everyday. To my niece, Gardenia, I will my UCLA acceptance letter. I know very well that in a couple of years you too will receive one. To my best friend, Ale, I will her with all of our memories from being my best friend since freshman year, when I for some reason called her on the phone. Thank you for always encouraging me to do my best in all I attempted to do and for sticking by my side even after the fallthrough with our previous group of friends sophomore year. Have fun at Cal Poly with all those boys!;) To Sabrinna I will many more sleepless nights

other than my family. I would like to express my gratitude for Mr. Hernandez and Mrs. Muñoz for pushing me far enough to see that the sky was the limit. High school is an experience I will certainly remember forever, but my senior year only made me eager for my future. I'll never forget what I got out of my high school experience; my accomplishall are what influences me to do what I love while staying on top of my work no matter what I’d hope for the best for my future as well as my peers whom I believe who will succeed in all of our future I’d like to leave a mark to any underclassmen who are stressed or struggling where we talk endlessly about life. It's been forever since I last saw you, but you never stopped being my best friend. To Gabriel I will any future math homework. Although I only met you last year, you have been one of my biggest supporters since day one. Thank you for dealing with my craziness. You mean the world to me. To Chia and Aileen I will my Subway attire. You two were awesome friends and I know how amusing you found my attire (I know you always wanted it) To Karla I will from the bottom of my heart, “You are okay” To Xin and Edgar I will any jokes made about my height. Thanks for making Calculus a bit less stressful and becoming some of my closest friends this year. Party hard at UCSB Edgar and change your major Xin! To Amy Tam I will all the hugs in the world. You were my favor-

WILLS ments, my successes... but most importantly, my setbacks, my losses, my failures. So make the most out of high school. Go to games, join clubs, go to dances, be conqueror crazy. One day you'll leave this school behind, so make your experience one you will remember. Once a conqueror, always a conqueror.


I, Jason Soo Hoo, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following:

so many more. Also, I would like to thank Coach Christopher Coleman and Coach Edgar Villa for their First and foremost, I contributions to my exwould like to will all perience in water polo, of the accomplish- their impact cannot be ments and successes overstated. I’ve had in life to my family, friends, coaches, In addition, I would like and anyone else who to thank the teachers helped me out. A spe- for their support and cial thanks to my par- dedication to not only ents, my brother Ryan, me, but the whole class my friends Jonathan of 2018. Some of these Huang, Blake Rozsa, teachers are Ms. MontDanny Padilla, Century gomery, Mr. Ho, Mr. and I know this is Yang, Raina Lee, Josie Reeder, Mr. Park, and cheesy but things will Osborn, Bailey Chavez, many more. eventually get better Maggie Moreno, and you just have to remain optimistic! I love you all I, Philip Nazaroff, also physically, without who helped impact me graduate of the class there help I would not as well as being proud of 2018, hereby will the be the same person I of my last year being the following: am today. These people Los Altos colorguard helped me through not 1st lieutenant, as well All of my success and only the best of times as having loving people achievements to my but also the worst and around me parents Nick and Jenni- for that o am eternally ite underclassmen and one of my best friends. Don't forget about me when you become a CEO. Finally I want to thank all my teachers for always being ready to lend a helping hand in the times I struggled most. A special thanks to Mr. Becker who was an amazing teacher to me since my first day of sophomore year. Thank you for helping me through the college admissions process and always listening to my rants about work. And to Los Altos High School, I leave you with all of my memories both good and bad. I have lived some of my happiest memories in high school, some even were a result of bad ones. Never forget to surround yourself with the right people who will push you to your greatest ability. Don't be sad over friends you lose along the way, the right ones are just around the corner. Congrats class of 2018!

fer Nazaroff, for always giving me the tools I needed to succeed and for all of the support and drive that they gave me, so that I can achieve my goals. Also I would like mention my water polo team for they have not only assisted me emotionally but


Secondly, I would like to thank that my teacher and the staff of Los Altos High School, for never giving up on me and letting me get away with all of the late assignments I have turned in.

The highlight of my high school career was attending CIF as one of the captains of the water polo team; through water polo I made a second family of brothers who I will never forget. To the underclassmen, it may seem a long ways away, but graduation is going to come in a flash, so be sure to make the most of the time you have with your friends, and keep striving to be the best person you can be. Thank you Los Altos High School. Lastly, I would like to thank my friends for always being there for me and making a my high school experience the greatest I could be. Thank you Blake Rozsa, Ivan Padilla, Jason Soohoo, Jonathan Huang, Steven Mendez, Carlos Gonzales, Kaitlyn Orozco, Jason Chang, Junior Lerma, and everyone else that impacted me, you guys all have a special place in my heart.

I, Ikman Singh, graduate of the class of 2018, hereby will the following... that I will be giving my Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Calculator to my brother. I, Jeremy Chen, grad- have made my time at stellar people you are. uate of the class 2018, Los Altos High School Don’t let adversity get hereby will the follow- a memorable one, with the better of you and ing: each all of your encour- persist without fail (you aging words and phe- may even become as To my outstanding nomenal patience for innovative as me LOL) family, teachers, and me( being me that’s an because I’ll be there if friends, I must express accomplishment of its you ever need a helping my utmost and sincere own). hand. gesture of appreciation and respect because, To all the underclass- Thank you everyone, without all of you, I men, whom I know and for simply being there would wander my 4 love (you know who you for me and making me years of high school are), I hope that you all proud to say that I, Jeraloof, without prog- walk a path delineated emy Chen, graduated ress. Every single one only by yourselves and from Los Altos High of you has shaped the continue with stead- School. fabric of my being and fast conviction like the


May 2018

CAST Test Forced Upon Reluctant Senior Class By Karla Galaviz Keyboards clattered across the computer labs as twelfth graders took the annual CAST. Returning from spring break, seniors were required to take an exam that tested them on concepts many had not been covered in a long time. The test, formally known as the California Science Test (CAST) is mandated by the state of California, therefore all students are required to take it once during their high school career. Assistant principal Daniel Monarrez comments, “The science test is mandated by the state every year. It tests a variety of sciences; biology, chemistry, physics, environmental.” These particular subjects are all taught throughout high school at some point. A test usually administered to tenth graders, was given to seniors this 20172018 school year. Monarrez commented, “Every year the test is always given to tenth graders. This year it switched to seniors.” The change was a state decision that administrators themselves were not aware of. Monarrez stated,

“The state has the choice to choose to who the test is given to. It makes more sense if it’s given to seniors, most tenth graders haven’t taken much science courses.” However, Monarrez does not completely agree with the switch, “having seniors take the test interrupts them from their work, they have more important exams, like the AP Tests.” Many seniors held the same belief, claiming it interrupted the schedule they had for the year. Senior Saraith Kreslake comments, “I don't think the switch is fair because sophomore year is only one year after learning the material so we would have remembered most of what was on there. Some seniors aren't even taking science anymore so, it’s pretty difficult to remember something we learned three years ago.” Regardless of the switch, most of the seniors tried the best they could as Kreslake responds, “I tried to answer to the best of my abilities but, I didn't even know most of what was on there, so I had to guess.”

OPINION Zero Period AP Classes Hurt Student Potential & Learning By Nicolás Hernández As the 2017-2018 school year commenced, a schedule change made the school day begin at 8 AM. The change allowed students to arrive to school later and therefore have more time to sleep, eat breakfast, and overall have a more positive morning before coming to school. However, this positive change has been canceled out by the extended use of the zero period for AP classes. AP classes, for the first time in a while, have been placed during zero period. This is troubling as the earlier start time and broken up class schedule have resulted in students feeling unmotivated in these challenging classes. Zero period takes place from Tuesdays-Fridays at 6:48 AM. This is a full hour before most of the school begins classes. This year both AP Calculus AB and AP United States History were placed during zero period. Senior Erika Galvan takes AP Calculus during zero period and she opinionated,

“I believe zero period starts at an awkward time and starts way too early in the morning that no one’s brain really functions at that time, you have it start at 6:48 and majority of people in my class, if not all the people in my class, have been late to it. I can attest that I have been late to zero period maybe 64 times this semester.” Galvan’s opinions are echoed by Senior Xin Wang, another student taking AP Calculus during zero period, “Zero period starts way too early for a person to wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed, take a shower, brush your teeth, and get dressed, because I can’t do it.” However, Principal Jeffrey Hess believes that zero period is beneficial to students, especially those who want to be more involved in school. Hess commented, “We have so many AP classes, we offer more AP classes than pretty much any school in the San Gabriel Valley, and because we have so many AP classes there are conflicts that come up.” Hess elaborated, “There

could be conflicts in a World History class and AP [Chemistry] for sophomores. There could be conflicts with AP U.S History and AP Biology for juniors. There are conflicts that come up and by creating an extra period in the day, you actually have less conflict in the schedule and students are able to take those instead of having to make a choice.” AVID advisor Barbara Crowther advocated for the use of zero period, “For me, as the AVID coordinator, I will take myself back to high school, I was highly involved, I was in ASB, I was in sports, I was in AP classes and I couldn’t have fit them all without zero period. As the AVID coordinator at Los Altos I have been a huge advocate for zero period, because if we don’t have it, our kids in programs have to drop something .” Both Galvan and Wang believe that a solution to the issues plaguing zero period could be solved if AP classes were moved to seventh period demonstrating that the main problem students have with zero period AP classes is the early start time.

Hess, however, disagrees with the option of using seventh period more, citing leadership programs such as Renaissance and ASB where students have to work after school. Crowther also dismisses the idea of moving AP classes to seventh period echoing Hess’ reasoning, “It can’t go seventh period because most of our AP kids are in athletics, band, choir, things that have practices.” Crowther however does concede that ideally it would be better if less AP classes were scheduled for zero period but that is simply not realistic for students who want to be involved in a variety of classes and programs. The increased use of zero period for AP classes this year seemed to contradict the seemingly understanding philosophy of a later general schedule. However, given the inevitability of conflicting schedules, students may have to choose between starting difficult classes very early in the day or dropping a program they want to join.

Grades App Creator Shuts Down App, Annoying Students Conqueror, Joe



By Briana Muñoz Many students use the Grades app to check their grades and calculate upcoming scores on tests, quizzes, and homework, however the app sadly came to an end. The Grades app was unavailable for download starting April 30. This has caused frustration for fans of the colorful app. The Grades app allowed students to check their Aeries grades on their phone without having to open the full website on their phone. The most popular feature was that the app allowed students to calculate grades. In the latest update to the app, the developer of the app, Adrien Truong wrote, “This will be the last update to the grades app. Regretfully, the Grades app is shutting down on April 30th, 2018. Truong also writes, “If you wish, Aeries has an official app that you can search for and download.” The new official

Aeries Mobile Portal app, developed by Eagle Software, is an imperfect solution for many. The new app is somewhat similar to the Grades app, but students are not pleased with the results. Junior Leslie Alaniz said, “When I was updating the Grades app I read the review, and it made me upset because I depended on this app to help me calculate my grades properly, it really is a bummer.” The new aeries app includes some similar features, but was not all there. Junior Gabriella Murillo stated, “The reason I liked the grades app is because it alerts me whenever a new assignment is in so I can track what I got on any new assignment which was very beneficial to me.” This statement made many students confused as to why it will be shutting down. Murillo also commented, “I was more than sure that the app would be doing well, I am sort of

shocked because I never thought this app would be shutting down.” It is still unclear as to the specific reason Truong decided to kill the app, however with over a hundred thousand downloads and support for the app in over 350 school districts, lack of interest in the app would be hard to believe. There is hope that the new Aeries app will develop some of the features through future updates that made the Truong developed app so cherished among students. As for now, it is recommended that you do not uninstall the Grades app as it is still functional, but is no longer appearing for users in the App Store or in the Google Play Store. Changes to the new official app might come about if enough students leave reviews under the Aeries app and contact Eagle Software to make the changes that students will miss.

May 2018



Seniors & Staff Face Off During Intense Basketball Match By Kaitlyn Orozco Renaissance hosted their first Senior vs Staff Basketball Game on Friday, April 27 in the gym, where many eager spectators came to witness the match and see the staff team’s victory. The senior line up consisted of the following: Anyssa Aguilar, Bianca Flores, Bryant, Howing, Camryn Verduzco, Carlos Gonzalez, Damian Hernandez, Danny Placencia, Domenic Miceli, Efren Aparicio, James Valeanu, Jason Chang, Jonathan Chang, Jason Soohoo, Jonathan Huang, Jordan Ramirez, Julian Lopez, Melissa Chadwick, Miguel Baldarrama, Nick Ruiz, Tiffany Liao, and Vincent Ciffa. The staff players included Christopher. Reeder, Sean Holbrook, Jamila Vorise, Ignacio Hernandez, Adam Panagos, Seam Vangundy, Samuel Peña, Eric Palmer, Hal Evans, Ernesto Hernandez, Juliet Gilek, Jibib Park, and Daniel Monarrez. Junior Kiarah Moreno, Junior Isaiah Barcelo, and Sophomore Madelyn Roel refereed the game. At the end of each quarter, the teams had time to devise a strategy while selected members of the audience were given the opportunity to win prizes if they won the game they were competing in. These games consisted of the One on One Shoot Out, the Half-Court Shot Challenge, and a game of Around the World. An abundant amount of light humor was exchanged between players from both teams. “We played for ten minutes, which is a very long time to play basketball. I was tired after the first minute. I was going to break people’s ankles but I was too tired to break people’s ankles,” joked Jason Chang, “Over-

all, I would do it again.” The seniors started the game with a five point lead, since they won against the teachers in a shooting game at the Golden Joes. Both teams came out with a great deal of energy and endurance, and proved they were a force to be reckoned with. From dribbling to passing, from juking to shooting, both teams showed their eagerness to win. By the end of the first quarter, the teachers were trailing behind the seniors by two points. The intensity between both teams only amplified with each passing minute of every quarter. A number of teachers were shooting three pointers while the students were earning their points through lay ups. By half time the teachers had 29 points while the seniors were leading with 30. Some seniors such as Ciffa and Placencia, flaunted their athletic abilities by making a basket from half court line during the third and fourth quarter. The teams were tied by the end of the third quarter, making the time in the fourth quarter all the more valuable, in winning the match. Through their restless efforts in the fourth quarter, the staff prospered in the final minutes of the game. With a tied score and less than a minute left on the clock, Reeder made the final three pointer of the night from the corner of the court, and cost the seniors their victory. The final score was 73 to 70. Despite the outcome of the game, many seniors verbalized their pleasure for participating in the event. “It was a really fun experience,” explained Ruiz, “It was a great bonding moment with my friends and the teachers as well.”

Counselor Sean Van Gundy dribbling alone up the court before scoring a basket for staff team. Photo by Nicolás Hernández

Captains of staff and senior team, Christopher Reeder & Julian Lopez, meet before the game. Photo by Nicolás Hernámdez

Baseball Team Advancing Towards Playoffs After Enthralling Season By Damien Alvarado The Conqueror baseball team season finale versus Diamond Ranch was a success for the Los Altos team. The baseball team started off hot taking league by storm, however in a turn of events, the baseball team struggled to make playoffs and be a .500 win team. The teams start-

ed off the year with a win over Bonita in the Frozen Ropes Classic, only to later hole a 2-4 record going into league. A spark ignited in all the players which boosted them to a 6-0 start in league and an 11-6 overall record. All players were dominating and Senior Sam Gomez pitched a perfect game. All League Short

Stop, Senior Nico Santiago commented on the team’s hot start, “We started off hot 6-0 to start league, but once we lost the team went downhill. After such an impressive start, the team seemed to have fallen apart which led to a 2-8 record over a 10 game span as well as a 7 game losing streak in league. The team’s record was

12-14. Santiago commented, “We were able to end the losing streak due to team chemistry and a great team effort.” The team knew that in order to make playoffs they had to win out so that is what they did. They finished off the year with a series win vs. Diamond Ranch, to advance to the playoffs.

Senior Mario Castro commented about the team’s performance this year, “The team has come a long way this season. We started off strong then got into a small slump but we battle which allowed us to make playoffs.” The series win advanced the Conquerors into CIF playoffs which is yet to be scheduled. Castro commented on

the team’s preparation for this year’s playoffs, “The team is working hard during practice in order to get ready for playoffs.” This season, the baseball team had a bit of an inconsistent season, however they were able to work hard and now have playoffs in their sights.


May 2018


Los Altos Boys Tennis Closes Off Strong Season, Triumphing Over Diamond Ranch By Albert Sarkissian The boy’s tennis team at Los Altos High School has had a strong season, which ended on Thursday, April 26, with a win over Diamond Ranch High School. The team had one of their strongest seasons ever, finishing the season at an outstanding eight and two record, with the only losses both coming from Walnut High School. The team started the season off strong with big wins over Charter Oak and Chino high school, two of the closest matches for them in their league. Varsity tennis player Jorge Salcedo states, “Last year we tied for second in the league with Charter Oak High School, but this year since we beat them twice we locked down second in

Tennis co-captain Century Yang practicing his serves before the match against Diamond Ranch. Photo by Nicolás Hernández the league, so all our hard work left us satisfied.” This was a common view shared

among the team, with Junior David Beltran stating, “Charter Oak is always

fun to play against because we are so evenly matched, making the wins against

them this season even more satisfying.” The season did not

only revolve around the two teams however, with Chino High School and others also posing challenges for the team, although the varsity team beat them all. Salcedo states, “I am happy that we did so well, because now we are confident going into league finals”. Beltran stated prior to advancing to League Finals, “This is my first year going to league finals, and it is very exciting. The team tells me that it is a good time, and that it takes all day.” As the varsity tennis team neared league finals, they also had their eyes on a bigger challenge, CIF. As the team placed second in their league, they will all be playing in the CIF bracket during May against schools tougher than they have ever played before.

Captain of Los Altos Softball team, senior Savannah Diederich, who was commited to the University of Michigan, readies a pitch during a home game on the field. Photo by Lauren Perez

Softball Dominates Division 1 Making History Along the Way By Damien Alvarado Softball has taken Division 1 by storm, the lady Conquerors have proved their worth by dominating regular season and League games. The team made a jump from Division 3 to Division 1 which came as a shocker to many, since the team lost to Ayala 1-0 in the quarterfinals. The team just finished off the best regular season in school history with a final record of 26-2. The Con-

querors were also crowned back to back undefeated Hacienda League Champions. Junior Laila Arditto commented about the team’s success, “This year the team did amazing. We had the best record in school history...we made history. People doubted us when we played against some of the top teams in the country and we showed them what we were made of.” The dominance comes along with great coaching, Head Coach Lydell Mc-

Cullough has a combined record of 50-9 over the last two seasons. Junior Haley Jacobo commented about Coach McCullough’s impact on the team, “Our coach honestly impacted us in the best way. It’s the same team as my freshman year, and he came in and brought the real athletes out of us.” To start off the year, the Conquerors moved from CIF Southern Section Division 3 to Division 1. This did not phase the team as

they have showed up in big games. The team is led by senior Savannah Diederich, a University of Mississippi signee, and others key players such as, seniors Bailey Chavez, Brianna Santos and junior Jocelyn Vidal. The girls showed out in their first game of the year as they beat Carter 15-0. Over the span of ten games the Conquerors boasted a 9-1 record rolling through opponents. The team’s two losses came early, one against Norco, and the other

vs Orange Lutheran. Beating Mater Dei 7-4 in the Alan Dugard Championship; helped open the eyes of teams throughout California. Arditto reflects about the team’s chemistry,” This team is family, sometimes we argue, but if we had to stand up for one another, we would. On the field, were sisters, we fight for one another and we fight together.” A powerhouse has developed in the city of Hacienda Heights; the team fin-

ished off the year with a 17 game win streak, a Hacienda League title, ranked 7th in the state, and ranked 27th in the nation. The Conquerors will have home field advantage in the playoffs, and are determined to bring home a Division 1 championship. “The team is honestly just working every day, conditioning, working out on our own time. We expect to go far, and into the finals,” stated Jacobo.

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The Conqueror | Volume LVII, Issue VII | May 2018  

Los Altos High School's student newspaper, The Conqueror, is finally making its way to digital print.

The Conqueror | Volume LVII, Issue VII | May 2018  

Los Altos High School's student newspaper, The Conqueror, is finally making its way to digital print.