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Developing the Natural Capital Protocol The NCP is a standardised framework for business to measure and value its direct and indirect impacts and dependencies on natural capital. The intent is not to invent new methods, but to build on the front runners that already exist, fill the gaps and enable a period of experimentation in the market via different sectors and geographies.

our work

our progress

• Helped develop the NCP

• More than 150 companies committed to the process as Business Engagement Partners

• Supported a wide-reaching consultation process to gain feedback and support • Encouraged companies to pilot the Protocol • Created a framework for progressive businesses to systematically measure and value their impacts and dependencies on natural capital and build it into strategy and decision-making

• More than 50 companies piloted the Protocol • More than 4,000 comments were received from more than 140 organisations in the public consultation • The first ever NCP and accompanying sector guides for business to be launched in July 2016

• Advocated for the NCP through private and public events

Some ways in which we are leading by example Sharing our learnings

After pioneering the Environmental Profit and Loss account (E P&L) at PUMA, Kering took valuing natural capital to the next level in 2015 by open-sourcing their E P&L tools and methodology, along with publishing their group-wide E P&L results. Incorporating social capital into reporting

Safaricom is one of the only companies to use a methodology that monetises both their environmental and socio-economic impacts — and publicly report on results in their True Value Report. Piloting the NCP

Tata Group has committed to undertake a natural and social capital valuation for its businesses as part of its Sustainability Policy. In the last year, seven Tata companies provided inputs as “Business Engagement Partners” toward the development of the draft global framework for measuring and valuing natural capital (the NCP) being developed by the NCC. Tata Steel, Tata Chemicals, Tata Power, Jaguar and Land Rover have successfully worked with the Coalition on a four-month engagement to pilot the Protocol. Going forward, the effort will focus on making the business case for mainstreaming this approach, and building awareness and capacity within companies.

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