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Working with companies to publish their ownership structures With the strategic input of Transparency International, Global Witness, Global Financial Integrity, OpenCorporates, Unilever and Natura, The B Team began working on a solution to end anonymous companies by piloting and advocating the disclosure of ownership structures. In January 2015, led by Mo Ibrahim, The B Team broadened its engagement with other stakeholders by joining the B20 Anti-Corruption Task Force Beneficial Ownership Transparency (BOT) workstream with companies such as Deloitte, Thomson Reuters and the Bank of Montreal.

our work

our progress

• Published a report on the business case for ending anonymous companies

• Reached an audience of more than 1,000 with “The Business Case for Ending Anonymous Companies”

• Piloted a tool for companies to disclose ownership in open, structured data

• Engaged more than 200 businesses in B20 workshops in Paris, Nairobi, Delhi, New York, Beijing and London

• Designed and helped facilitate B20 workshops for companies in six countries

• Natura and Unilever published more of their ownership structures in open, structured data in May 2016

• Published a report for B20 highlighting 15 business-use cases for beneficial ownership information • Amplified the experience of workshop participants through three opinion pieces in the Guardian and Huffington Post

Advocating stronger policy Since 2014 we have been calling for governments to adopt policies and practices that ensure transparency of company ownership and control, including adoption and implementation of consistent and harmonised government policies for beneficial ownership transparency (BOT).

our work

our progress

• B Team Leaders wrote to G20 Heads of State and published a joint opinion in support of G20 action on BOT

• G20 adopted High Level Principles for BOT

• Supported action by the EU as part of its fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD) • With Global Witness, advocated for the Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) board to include BOT in its requirements • Advocated to governments to make new commitments to BOT and open contracting at the London International Anti-Corruption Summit • Co-hosted the Tackling Corruption Together conference, convening 400 business, civil society and government leaders prior to the London Summit; co-published the Leader’s Anti-Corruption Manifesto

• EU 4th AMLD included requirement for implementation of central registries of BOT • EITI board adopted the requirement of disclosing ownership structures from their membership • 40 countries made BOT or open contracting commitments at the London International AntiCorruption Summit

Towards a Plan B for Business - The B Team Progress Report  

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