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Re-imagining the workplace To inspire more leaders to change their workplace practices, we shared and amplified the stories of the most innovative companies and researched some of the most exciting new practices.

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• Researched and aggregated insights and new practices from more than 30 companies

• New Ways of Working report highlighted new innovations in management and was read by more than 17,400 people. The Diversity Paradox and The Business Case for Diversity highlighted the benefits of inclusive workplaces and leadership structures; they were read by more than 3,200 people

• Collected insights and anecdotes from 25 leading organisations committed to women’s empowerment and diversity, including BCG, Kering, Vital Voices and MIT Sloan School of Management, to challenge conventional views about cultivating and ensuring diverse workplaces • Authored a three-part thought leadership series aimed at amplifying and encouraging new styles of leadership and approaches to work

Some ways in which we are leading by example Equal pay for equal work

Salesforce assessed the salaries of global employees to close the gender pay gap. The Salesforce salary assessment concluded that the company needed to adjust some salaries — for both men and women. Salesforce spent nearly US$3 million dollars to eliminate any statistically significant differences in pay. Tackling gender based violence

Safaricom recognised that gender-based violence (GBV), whether occurring in the workplace or outside, has detrimental effects on the workplace and society. As a first step towards addressing the issue, they engaged the Gender Violence Recovery Centre to train the senior leadership team and equip them with the skills needed to start addressing GBV-related issues. Flexible leave

To help employees balance work and home life, Virgin Management offers various programmes including an unlimited leave policy that allows employees to take the time that they need while balancing work commitments. Additionally, Virgin Management began its Shared Parental Leave in 2015 offering new birth and adoptive parents (regardless of gender) who have worked at the company for four years 52 weeks of parental leave at full pay.

Towards a Plan B for Business - The B Team Progress Report  

For the past three years, The B Team has worked in partnership with businesses, governments, thought-leaders and civil society advocates to...

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