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Top 5 Kids Water Toys 2011 - Best Picks for Kids This Year The list of the top 5 water toys for kids this year contains picks for any age little one - you can find choices which are ideal for very young children and als o children on upwards all the way through teenager years. These toys include the preferred for this particular year, being searched and obtained and rated more highly than the others. Right here are the five best water toys for kids this year: Step2 WaterWheel Table: This toy is a good choice for kids about toddler age - approximately 1 to 5 years old. It's a water table which has a few different components to make playing in the water more enjoyable. The water wheel moves and also turns water along with it, the water goes through alternate parts of the table, taking boats along with other float toys with it. Sunny Patch Sprinkler Toys: These are great water toys for kids around 3 to 6 years old. Basically they are sprinklers that children play in, running across the water sprays. But also, it comes with an appealing twist to these sprinklers - they are in different character forms, also, the squirt areas pop-up out from the sprinkler system after the water is hooked up and started up. Geyser Blast Sprinkler Toys for Kids: Here is a good choice for children between three years old on up. It's turning and switching sprinkler spray waters, making being in the water a constant shocker and plenty of fun. Beach Ball Sprinkler from Little Tikes: This is a wonderful selection in water toys for kids about 1 . 5 years to four years of age. It's a mixture of a beach ball and a sprinkler - connect up the lawn sprinkler and watch it go and spray all over. Max Liquidator Toys for Kids: These toys are a good option for kids three years of age and up. Basically they're water blasters - kids soak the toy in the water, draw back on the pump to load it up and then blast away. There are actually quite a number of these toys in numerous colors and forms. When looking to buy any of the best water toys for kids this year, it is wise to check out the resources online as opposed to try to find them in stores - the costs are usually quite a bit lower than retail cost, making them more affordable and sometimes they might be obtained along with free shipping also. Additional Resource - Visit: Water Toys for Kids 2011

Top 5 Water Toys 2011 - Best Picks for Kids This Year