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Best Play Tents for Kids - 2011 Top Picks A single name brand continues to come up over and over among the list of best play tents for kids 2011 Pacific Play Tents. Probably for the reason that these tents for kids are well known for their good quality design and inventive styles, this appears to be the company to look for with this category of merchandise for little ones. Even though this is true, some of the best kids play tents in 2011 are more popular and well thought of than others - here are the top 5 choices based on consumer popularity and higher than average rankings: One Touch Tents from Pacific Play Tents: As one might guess with the title, these tents are quite easily set up and broken down for storage. There are a few distinct versions of such tents but all have the same general style. The differing kinds I came across accessible include the One Touch Cabana (apparently the most popular), the Pastel version as well as the Beach Tent. Pacific Little Nursery Tents: Particularly created for little ones between approximately six months to two years old, these seem to be the most common kids tents of all this year. These are excellent for offering shaded places and offer a cozy area for babies to play. Fairy Princess Castle Tents: In this particular list of top kids tents, one specific brand name is not being mentioned due to the fact that it seems that Fairy Princess tents are all quite popular. There are a few with Disney Fairy designs and others having a more common fairy theme, yet they all are cute and a good gift for a young lady that enjoys this sort of playing. Safari Tent and Tunnel from Pacific Play Tents: An additional good pick coming from Pacific, this version includes a safari jungle theme and comes with a climb-through tube that may both be used with the tent or without it. A slight variance on this tent is the African Adventure Tent and Tunnel from the same exact brand name. Pacific Play Tents Me Too Tent: This kids' tent is made of materials in primary colors and is built to be a good option for outdoor or indoor play. The point that seems to stand out the most with this specific tent is it was created to be combined with other sorts of tents and tunnels from Pacific. Various other choices amid the best play tents for kids 2011 consist of additional fun choices from Pacific and others that young girls will likely delight in from the Disney series.

Best Play Tents for Kids - 2011 Top Picks